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REVIEWS OF Winchester Aquarium & Pet Center IN Virginia

Betty Lucas

They never seem to have what I need for my dogs and parrot. Employees were standing around the front door, smoking. I can't tolerate cigarette smoke and had to hold my breath going in and coming out. For this reason, I will avoid this place.

Patricia Bridges

Always a great experience there

Vicki DePalma

Awesome place! Nice people. Fun to visit! Has what I need every time.

Zac Shanholtz

Super love this place.

Kim Salyards

The animals here are really well taken care of. Just bought three bunnies at two different times. I bought them off of two different salesman and I assured the second that I had all the bedding and proper food and cage space for the two rabbits I had bought the next day. He went over several times just to make sure I had everything I needed to care for them.

skye bee

The people that work there are so helpful and always tend to all my pets needs, they have helped me for 4 years with all 6 of my pets, I would go here over any other pet supplies store, they know what they are talking about!

Mark Goode

Great customer service, Extremely knowledgeable staff and the variety ;just overwhelming.

Erin Ritchey

Always helpful and knowledgeable!


Family owned and operated pet store. This is the best pet shop in Winchester, good selection of products and pets. The employees are always available for answering questions and giving knowledgeable advice and answers. If I had one complaint, that would be that the store could really use a professional cleaning service to come in regularly.

E Marie Sobien

Knowledgeable people. Clean.

Rita Tigerman

LOVE this place!! Lots of animals that you can pick up and pet, which is GREAT for kids! And they have A suuuper knowledgable staff! Plus I love supporting a local business.

Christopher Lee

I went there for aquarium supplies. Everything I wanted was out of stock. They had a ton of fish that Petsmart doesn't carry. Unfortunately, a lot of them were dead. The staff seemed nice, if not rushed. I'll come back for the hard to find fish. I'm not a mind blowing experience, though.

Jeff Robertson

Clean store and courteous staff. Animals looked to be in good health with clean living quarters.

Kayla Mathews

Best place for pets and great staff!

Crystal kirkbrideflood

Great staff and happy critters

Demetria Castano

I take my Husky there to be groomed, and she comes out GORGEOUS and HAPPY every single time!!! Everyone is so kind, and they do a thorough, loving job!! Nicole truly CARES about my girl, as I'm sure she loves ALL of her clients!!

Stephen Whitney

Great place with knowledgeable and friendly staff. Clean and lots of equipment.

Tom Putty

Very nice staff, fantastic selection, and the fish & other pets all seemed very healthy. Been too long since I've been to a family owned pet store. Well done, APC!

Alexander Juarez

Great place to shop. The atmosphere here is wonderful. Very helpful employees especially the bearded fellow. Great employees.

Matt Ferrell

Great staff, nice selection of fish, mammals, and especially snake morphs. Definitely not your corporate pet shop, and it shows.

B. Garkow

Excellent place and friendly, helpful staff. They are happy to educate you about your purchase and discuss options. I love that they had dog birthday cake bones. Be sure to grab a military bone at the register for your canine friend and to support a great cause.

Chanie Coomes

Everything here has a good price and the pets are very healthy


Been shopping here for over 40 years. Always a good experience.

AJ Corum

Hands down best pet store!!

Amanda Tibbetts

The staff are so knowledgeable and genuinely enjoy their jobs. They helped us so much with our daughter's new fish tank. Plus I love supporting a local business!

Tamra Conard

The people that work there seem like they know what they are talking about

Michael H

This is a great family owned pet shop. They have recently been reorganizing the store and it is looking great. Great staff and great selection of products.

Laura Loomis

lThe employees we're very knowledgeable but the store the cages for the animals were dirty if they need somebody to clean them I'm available. I felt bad for the animals that were there and the ones that had been stored there while owners are on vacation..

Ashley Cherry

great selection, prices and staff. staff are always informative and helpful. this place is out of our way, but we prefer to come here over the other stores because of the great selection. once i bought a cage for my hamster, and the size stressed him out. i needed something bigger and they were able to take back the cage with a full refund and help me find something better. when my rats chewed through their cage, i needed something already put together and the nice employees helped carry the assembled cage to my car.

P. Michael Atkins

Very helpful staff

Nancy Garner

Friendly knowledgeable staff. They go out of there way to accomadate me.I have been dealing with them for years. Highly recommend.

Samantha Thompson

The employees are super knowledgeable and helpful. If you ask nicely they let you hold the hedgehogs and the other fun critters they have.

Kaitlyn Nasatka

Really cool fish and reptiles!

Stephen Klawa

Really nice pet store. They let their parrots out of their cages to roam the store. The parrots and parakeets are really friendly and will come up to you. The employees really try to sell you stuff though. I went in just to look at the pets, and every few minutes someone would ask "Do you need help getting something?" or something like that. I didn't really mind it though because it showed that someone always would be available if you needed anything.

Connie Whitacre

The staff was friendly and the animals seemed well cared for.


I am supposed to go in and ask somewhat silly or hard to answer questions and on multiple occasions they have provided me with great answers and kind responses. The store is always clean, and they offer a great range of products. At the time I went I was looking for a product out of stock and they let me know when it would be available again without having to search for answers. Great staff very knowledgeable on animals and their store highly recommend!

Samantha Craun

My husband and I love animals, and have our fair share. The staff is so wonderful. It doesn't matter if we go in to buy something we need or just go in to ask questions about one of our pets, we always get what we're looking for. They are so helpful and nice. I never got service like that when I went to Petsmart.

Nikki A

Awesome people, selection and prices!!

Charles Wells

Really like this place. Staff is very knowledgable and always have great deals running and staff is helpful

Mike schollian

I bought fish. Decent selection and knowledgeable staff.

Gina Kenney

Very helpful. Much better than the chain stores. Especially PetSmart by the mall that acts like they don't want to sell fish. I'm purchasing a fish not adopting a child.

K. Jerome Ray

People work here are great! Really like being able to hold the pet before taking it home.

Shawna Cochran

Lots of fish and great advice.

Jackie Richards

Very nice store. Will definitely go back. The staff is very friendly also. Animals look great and well cared for. I feel comfortable about buying my future fish from them.

Adam Solomon

Best pet store

Russell Annis Jr

Very knowledgeable sales person i talked to. Helped guide me on getting a turtle aquarium very well

Callan Weir

Definitely my go-to pet store when I can make the hike from Martinsburg. Highly recommended for your exotic pet supplies. I can find foods here for my rodents that isnt available anywhere else, and you can't beat their prices for frozen mice. Animals are well taken care of with clean enclosures. Make sure to check out the reptile wall!

Melissa Willison

I love this store. U can touch the birds

David Truitt

Haven't been in awhile. Took our almost 6 month old. She absolutely enjoyed it here. Every staff member is helpful and friendly. Great to see this place thriving after so many years. When I was a little we got many a fish here and that's been 30 odd years ago.

Matt Moore

Superb selection, friendly staff, awesome atmosphere!!!

Tony Vigil

Super friendly people and nice products.

Chris Lowe

This place is AWESOME !!! The poor animals are handled too much though . The kids dont give the bunnies a break

Eric Isble

Very disappointed on the selection of anything saltwater related.

Wade McDaniel

Even if your just window shopping it's a cool place to go


Overall it is decent. Good selection of products but way over priced when it comes to accessories.

Jessica Parker

I love it here. The animals look very well taken care of and the staff is so knowledgeable.

Howard Matthews

My all-time best dental experience ever.

Kimberly Barrett

Very helpful staff...answered all my concerns regarding my yellow belly slider!!

Kevin Roose W8BRY

My kids love the store with all the animals. The aquarium and fish selection is great. Highly recommend.

Snapper and Shelldon Best Tortoises Ever!

This place is super awesome to adopt animals from. The workers are very friendly and will go the mile to help the customer. The pets are treated very nicely, except one thing I don't like. We got our frog from this store, and he is happy and healthy! The only issue is the little container we got him in.. It seemed too small. He had nowhere to move, and it seemed his back was a little squished when he was in the small container. Please make the frog containers a little big larger. Other than that, I highly recommend this store! The crickets seem healthy, and are a delicious meal for our frog. We got our Russian Tortoise here, named Snapper. We've had him for five years, and he his happily munching lettuce in his terrarium today.

Stephen Thompson

We shop here because they carry the top brands of dry dog food for our babies. Acana is our brand of choice, we can alternate between the different flavors without upsetting anybody's tummy. My review was helpful please give me a thumbs up, thank you.

Kevin Ferrell

Don't buy your reptiles here. Most of them have bad mites or bone rot. We got two birds here as well and they died within two weeks from being sick, they did however replace the birds. Beyond the live animals, good selection of aquarium, reptile, and small mammal products.

Destiny Evy

Recent improvements to animal husbandry have made the store better. Awesome, friendly staff and a great variety of animals.

Steve Norris

The staff here is super friendly and knowledgeable. They have a huge selection of pet products for just about every pet you can think of. Also huge selection of pets.

Leah Leivestad

Excellent customer service! You don't find a knowledgeable staff like this at the big box stores. From water testing and building your aquarium's community to proper diet and care for your more exotic reptiles these folks know their stuff. Well worth the stop.

Donald Wirfs

This place is amazing and the staff is always super helpful!

Paige Ulevich

Great service and they can special order items for you. They have a good selection of high quality dog foods.

Christopher Manich

Great employees, wonderful service, good prices and wonderful selection!

Michael Cuthrell

Great pet store! Owned by a Winchester local family witch is something I like to support

Dennis Zarger

My wife wanted a Betta fish. The staff here guided us in the right direction: how big a tank, which water to use, which good plants/toys are good, temp/environment control and warned us of the nitrogen cycle. Lots of places will let you walk out with a fish on the same day you purchase the tank, clueless that poor fishie might be doomed. The people here let us take the betta home same-day, but also guided us on how to get the nitrogen cycle started in the tank so he could live a long and happy life! A+, I learned something today!

Sebastian Davis

All of the workers here really care about the animals. You can tell the animals are well taken care of. This is a great place to buy a variety of animals that you cannot find many other places. This includes animals such as Chinchillas, Sugar Gliders, and Hedgehogs. The variety of reptiles is also very large.


Very informative sales associates, gave us all the advice needed to care for our fish. Warned us against getting certain items even though they'd be making more money in sales so they do truly care.

Crystal Gardner

Love this place, staff always friendly and helpful.

Aaron Autry

This place is awesome! So are the employees!

Janis Siegfried

This is the only place that we can get living feeder mice and rats for our snake.

Heather Motley

Excellent place to buy a pet!! Love this store and they take such good care of their animals.

Lyle Seigel

Awesome aquarium store with excellent service and convenient location near I-81!

John Fortune

We always shop there for our needs. The staff is knowledgeable on a variety of animals. Service is always prompt and friendly.

Robert Willis

Knowledgeable associates, they dont give the feeling that they are just there for a check. Nice mixture of salt amd fresh to scaly, fury and feathery


I love their store, a little pricey, but they have good quality stuff so. I live being able to pet all the birds there and to be able to hold them. Great place to shop for bird stuff. And all animals. Five stars.

Dawn Yurescko

The people that work there are awesome, super friendly and knowledgeable! They have a nice variety of small pets (reptiles, birds, fish, as well as small fuzzies) and pet supplies. Everything is clean and the animals all look well cared for. They have a very large selection of quality dog foods, even raw, which is what brought me in in the first place.

Jennifer Jacob

This is my favorite pet shop,very clean and animals all well taken care of,staff is always friendly and ready to help..They have a great selection of pets with pretty decent pricing on most items needed for them..I rarely walk out without what I went to pick up,they carry things that other shops dont have also..If your thinking of visiting this shop,you wont be disappointed in your trip..Its fun just to take my kids to look at everything when I'm picking up pet supplies

Katelynn Delgado

It was huge and there were a lot of cute animals.

Sabrina Lam

I absolutely LOVE this place! It has a huge selection of animals & they have all of the supplies you need for each & every animal. The staff is super friendly, attentive, & very knowledgeable about everything. I have purchased several Arachnids from there & I am never disappointed with any of them.

Dianna Bankson

One of the only places in Winchester to purchase aquarium & pond fish. Employees are friendly and helpful and don't try to pressure you into purchasing items other than what you are looking for.

john habeck

Very good selection and grooming.

Neal Jacob

It reminds me of the pet store I used to go to all the time at home. :)

April Hoyle-Carney

Great place. Knowable staff. Friendly and helpful

Ryan Arnold

Awesome array of animals and friendly staff

Robin Buckley

Very nice workers and a very clean pet store

Nichole Arnold

Beautiful clean healthy animals i love coming here for all my needs and yhe fish omg so man beautiful fish.

Catie Hope

Love this small town shop!

Gary Knickerbocker

Well it's a good place but the people there have issues differentiating between truth and lies. Again, nice place but the people there are all pretty much blind.

Chris Ubben

Friendly and helpful service with very reasonable prices on a wide variety of pets and products. They are also a supporter of the military and I have a lot of respect for them for doing so.

Tiffany Ford

Awesome store. Loads if variety & access to handle pets you won't find in your big box pet store. The owners are super knowledgeable & helpful.

Kat Bush

I love them. Friendly. Helpful. Affordable. Cutie animals.


Great place to go for your beloved pets! These guys know much more than Petsmart. They they actually care that your pet will live long and not trying to sell it to you to make a quick buck. Plus they have amazing creatures!!!


I’m not sure I would ever trust any advice these people tell you. And if they regularly carry Ball Pythons I feel so bad for them. Some Idiot there sold a Ball Payton to a friend who has never had a baby python before and told him that they would eat crickets. What kinda idiots do you have working with your reptiles? Lizards and Geckos eat crickets. Snakes need mice. At that size they should be just about done with fuzzies and moving to hoppers. I’m so glad he asked people with actual snake knowledge about what to feed her after she failed to eat crickets for 2 weeks. This poor think could’ve become sick and died because of your ignorance. Train your damn employees or hire someone who knows how to work with the animals you sell.

Matthew McCarthy

Great place with friendly staff!

Shannon Miller

I used to go to this place about 3 years ago and it was never this dirty. The smell is awful and their animals dont look that great. They need to clean up in there not to be rude, but truly hopefully they take my advice and the next time I come in I will rate 5 stars because I love their location. Super friendly and knowledgable staff just the smell was never like the way it was the other day.


Winchester Aquarium is a 5 Star all the way..... Large Salt Water Selection ... Zach and Staff was very helpful with every question or concern I had... I would definitely recommend Winchester Aquarium for your Pet Needs....

David Coomes

The staff has always been top notch for me. The products are quite diverse ranging through standard household pets and other more exotic mammals and reptiles.

Haley Crosby

Great local folks outfitting the town in needed supplies. Also offers active military discounts on everything except pet foods, I believe.


Great clean place aquariums are clean, and reptile cages are clean, does not smell inside and good staff!! decent prices and very helpful...

amber dawn

Staff friendly and helpful! Groomer, amazing! And great prices

Morgan Mills

Super helpful staff! Best selection of pet supplies in the area.

Shiloh Paul

The staff here are very knowledgeable and friendly! This is one of the only places I can buy Verus pet foods. They also do special orders.

Mariah Perez

Took a while to get customer service and the fish we bought already died.

Denis Kaufman

Great service, knowledgeable staff, great products in stock.


Great selection of pets and supplies, fair pricing, and everyone is always friendly and helpful.

jeremy states

Love the selection, thanks for the help! Our hermit crabs enjoy the addition.

Billy C

Great place. Nice staff and cool animals

jerod hiltbrunner

Great customer service and a huge selection of supplies and pets

Danyale Guiliani

I loved how the staff where nice and polite. They new the animals very well and answered any questions I had. Definitely recommend this place. It was clean and the animals are happy and most are friendly just don't mess with Fabio I think was his name but a must see.

Sean McCarthy

Great place, well stocked. Lots of choices. Staff very knowledgeable about different animals needs. IMHO much better than the large corporate box stores.

Rick Egress

I was suspicious upon reading other reviews about the lower quality fish, I decided to go anyway and I am glad I did. Any store with over 150 fresh tanks is bound to have some dead loss; I noticed maybe 5-8 individually sick/ dead fish. The prices were fair, the staff was knowledgeable and available, and the store was much cleaner than most other pets stores of that size. I will certainly be returning.

William Kern

My family loves this place! We come from martinsburg to go here, it's the best pet shop in our area! Great prices. And great people. We have Gotten many of our animals from here! They where all healthy, and cared for. It's a open concept where you can interact with the animals. And they don't just carry the average animals. Love this place!

Donna Nemuras

Staff is excellent

Kerry White

This place is really neat! They have lots of pets.

Alyson Lipscomb

Great pet shop. It's the only place within 2 hours of my house where I can find small enough feeder mice for my snake. Great selection of reptiles and invertebrates. My pink toed tarantula is still doing great.

Adell Shilova

I got my beta here and I love him. Almont went for a salt water tank, if I ever do. These are the people I want to help me with it.

Kerri Lane

Friendly knowledgeable and great selection of items. The staff are easy to talk to, love to answer questions. They carry salt water fish, corals, fresh water, turtles, beta fish, birds, snakes, lizards, rabbits, hamsters and of course all supplies.

Tiffany Miller

After calling ahead, discussing the fish options, and talking to two associates about recommendations, I was told my purchases would not be warrantied because I purchased an additional type of fish that might not fare as well. I accepted the exclusion of warranty on that fish, but they nullified it for the entire purchase, despite all the other fish being purchased at their associates recommendation! Update: my fish are all still alive, so despite the customer service, I recommend the aquarium.

adam whetzel

I believe Zack was the person who helped my wife an I this evening. The whole experience was enjoyable. I've been told a lot of different opinions about my cichlids tank but Zack confirmed what I had going on was right. I bought way to much but it was a super happy with the quality of fish. I will be back for a 150 gal tank and some more fish soon!

Kat Alexander

Maybe it's just been a long time since I've been in a legit, non-big box pet store but they were seriously pricey. They have a lot of fish, but aside from that it wasnt a very impressive selection of pets. Their bettas also were all on the verge of death. I used to work for a wholesale breeder and there are just so many more things they could be doing to really make that place a 5 star shop.

Thomas Reap

Good pet store

Troll Face

Large supplies of fish, birds and small mamels

Eva Creswell

The folks I talked to we're very helpful. I was at the shop to get some new plants for my aquarium, and they really helped me pick what would be best with my aquarium setup. They also have a huge variety of fish available, both freshwater and marine. The shop is clean, and offers supplies for a wide variety of pets.

Josh Triggs

Amazing store ran by great people!! My 2 dogs have gone through several brands of food before we started going to Winchester Aquarium & Pet Center, the staff helped us pick the right food and we have had no problems ever sense. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ANYONE WITH FUR BABIES

Mary Springer

The salesman was very knowledgeable and caring. Explained everything really well. This is a nice store.

Juan Regalado

Fantastic store for everything except saltwater fish. I drove 1.5 hours to check their stock and I’m sad to say it’s a huge disappointment. All their tanks have nothing but sick fish and red algae. Their frag tank was nothing but coral skeletons which means nobody is taking care of the fish or coral. Here’s to hoping they see this and fix these issue since I loved the helpful staff and would love to come back here instead of having to drive to Maryland for all my fish needs.

michael easterday

Staff and store are great. Wide sellection of supplies and pets. Perfect place to find what you need or just stop in to see the animals. And the best part is most of the time you can even handle the animals.

Tiffany Cuttill

Knowledgeable employees


This is a great pet store. All kinds of animals that you would never see in the chain stores. Also, the fish are really healthy and everything is clean. Total opposite of what you find at most of the big brand stores.

E.P. McDonough

This place is great. It's located across the street from Costco and close to the veterinarian. Everything you need for dogs, cats, reptiles, your aquarium, your terrarium, or any pet really. Even the pugs out there. Super convenient location and friendly staff with great customer service. I like tuttles.

Penny Tucker

Very unprofessional staff !

Abigail Carter

They keep a good inventory of supplies and you can tell the animals are cared for and played with.


This place is amazing great fish variety and great staff

S. Candido

Great local and family friendly environment. I was able to find a aquarium part here, that I could not find anywhere else In Winchester. Also they have a great assortment of fish and animals that you won't find at other places. I also like the fact that the staff will take time to help you, instead of let you wonder around the store, as if you are a fish expert, or more knowledgeable than the staff working there. My tank is set, I'm definately going back there to support them, and get me some really great fish!!!!

Julie Sours

Always clean. The associates are always helpful and knowledgeable

Randy Vance

So many great fish.

Magan Buhan

Amazing place

Brianna Watson

Employees are ready to help, but do not always give accurate advice when it comes to pet care. Animals sold within the store are often not cared for as well as they should be. Reptiles especially show many signs of tail/ mouth rot and are not kept at the correct temperatures. On one occasion, I witnessed a crested gecko which had passed away and was left in the tank for who knows how long. His eyeballs were gone and his skin had turned a very dark color.

Dave Buhan

Great staff.

Zorina S

I'm always extremely pleased with the knowledge of the associates as well as their overall friendliness. All the pets there are well-cared-for and have good personalities because of that.

Michelle Johnson

Customer service is awesome! The quality of animals, fish, and products is awesome!

Jennifer Leach

I wouldn’t even give them a star I walked in asking about a fish and the guy wouldn’t even look at me to talk he was to busy writing something down. Then I asked for advice to lower my ph and he flat out said your not meant to have fish! Will never step foot in there again! Plus the store smelt bad and was very dirty..

Road LessTraveled

Great shop for your pets. Family run very friendly

Christopher Peffer

Staff is always helpfull in do ding what you need or in answering questions. They have a wide selection of products. They just seem to care.

James Whiteside

I often travel over an hour to visit this pet store. Hands down the best in our area.

Stephanie Whitney

Awesome fish

Brittney Smallwood

My fur kids love this place for all their needs


Cool place. Lots of fresh and marine fish. Supplies for all pets.

Luis Villahermosa

Wonderful selection of fish and other pets


The folks here are always helpful. We buy frozen rodents for snakes here.

Nicki Payne

I love this place. Everytime I have an issue with my fish tank or my other small critters they help in every way they know how. And if you have a water issue in your aquarium, just bring them a sample and they can diagnose the problem right on the spot. They also dont talk down to you like large chain pet stores tend to do! Keep up the good work guys!

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