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REVIEWS OF Supreme Reefs IN Virginia

David Mankin

Friendly staff, knowledgeable, and beautiful coral.

Andrew Gayne

Cristian Jasso

Store contains a great selection a good prices


Solid store, Awesome Corals. Not many people actually spend the time to collect Nicer a colored stuff, like these guys have done.Who wants basic green and Brown corals anyways? If you want colorful stuff, go here. And yes,Colorful things cost more than regular boring Stuff. You wouldn't walk into a jewelry store, and ask for the top of line stuff for cheap prices, would you? The same applies For the aquarium industry.

Dalton leonard

Great place! Just walked out with a beautiful mandarin goby.

Terry Mayes

I am a big fan of Supreme Reefs. They have a huge selection of everything needed to fill my reef tank. There is so much value in being able to see frags in person, get advice from Ben on site, and make the right selection. Everything that I have purchased has been packaged for successful transport and has thrived in my tank. I try to get by every time I am in the area.

Ed Tillman

I was so glad to find out about Supreme Reefs it was one of the best finds yet. Ben is very helpful and knowledgeable about the hobby. I would recommend Supreme Reef to everyone.

Joseph Mihalo

This store is AMAZING!! I recommend all saltwater hobbyists go to this store regularly, store is hard to find but they make you look for treasures! Biggest coral selection I have seen in a store and all the tanks are very clean, and no sick fish in sight! Great prices and helpful staff. I have no complaints about the store.

Carlyn F

Clean, friendly and knowledgeable! Definitely my go to place in the DMV for my tank. Always willing to take questions and problem solve through issues with my tank. Quality fish and accessories!

Jeff Conley

Great place!

Sport blue sky

Manuel Diaz

Atanu Ghoshal

This is my third time taking coral (a lot) and travel back hime..all stuff are amazing and most importantly, special care taken for packing and health. Thanks much for everything Ben.

Tia C.

Hidden treasure! Beautiful corals and fish with a very helpful and friendly owner to boot. I'm looking forward to visiting again.

Kathy Hatton

Very helpful and knowledgeable . Plenty of things to look at.

Billy Lariscy

By far the best saltwater supplier in the area! The owner is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! He even gave me a cooler with a thermal blanket to transport my fish. The best selection and variety.They even have sea horses! The tanks here are in prestine condition. This store is just amazing , it would be even worth a trip just to see if your not in the hobby. Don't waste your time going anywhere else. Five stars is not enough for this establishment and the owners customer service!

Lizzie Broussard

Dr. Fish and Ben were super helpful with all of my questions. This is the best reef store around!! Thank you so much!

Kevin Rodriguez

As soon as me and my little cousin walked in we were greeted and asked if we needed anything specific, and throughout our visit every so often we were asked if we were alright, if we needed help, overall great service. On top of everything is was really warming to see a young man, Bryson I believe was his name, help people and answer customers questions. Very nice place, a hidden gem!!

M Bradshaw

Great team! The guys are very knowledgeable, and the selection at the shop is amazing. With hands-on service and quick response time on just about any question I might have, they've made my first experience with salt water aquariums very easy. Highly recommend them.

Kyle Beaumont

Eric Aguiniga

Awesome corals and the staff knows their stuff. You can find a lot of stuff here that not a lot of other places carry. The best reef shop in the DMV.


If you have not been here and you're missing out. Do yourself a favor and buy here before this rare gem disappears. Forget online orders elsewhere. You're not going to find a better place for a reasonable price.

Kavoos Kashi

Finis White

Prices are slightly high but staff is extremely knowledgeable

Scott Dellinger

The best reef shop in the DMV. Great location, right off the beltway. Top notch corals. Super knowledgeable folks running the place. Go right now... you will not be disappointed.

Nerfer 217

Arleene DeHart

Ben is super nice and professional! He is knowledgeable and really cares about each coral and fish like they are his own. Every time I have a question about anything, Ben is always helpful. I recommend him and his work to anyone who wants a mesmerizing addition to their life.

Monica B.

This guy is super helpful and knowledgeable! He has a great set up and beautiful fish.

Joe Liu

Great selection and well organized, this is the store that has everything a reefer needs. The staff was very knowledgable and helpful in getting me back into the hobby. Check it out, you will be amazed!

Karlo Desierto

This place is awesome! The owner Ben is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. The shop recently opened up and looks great! They have a pretty good selection of all things aquatic and at a reasonable price and would recommend to anyone looking for it. 10/10 would visit again.

Omar Yacuoby

Selection is extensive, owners are very informative and kind. This is now my go to place. Thanks guys

Maranda Cote

Always love coming here! We spend hours looking at all the awesome corals and the young guy that works there is awesome and super knowledgeable. We buy all of our aquarium stuff from here and my husband loves it. There are a ton of options to chose from no matter what your budget is. He even has a TV and lounge area to keep the kids occupied while their parents shop! We actually live about 30 min away with several closer reef stores, but we faithfully travel to this one based on the service and options.

Ian Garrett

Kevin spacey

Ive been in the aquarium hobby for 20 years.. but its all been fresh water. I recently setup a 27g hex i had since i was a kid and i intended to make it a reef tank my first salt water tank.. I went to a few shops including this one. I went with my girlfriend the first time a few weeks ago and the minute we walked in a heavy marijunana smell was billowing from the building. The younger skinny white guy was smoking pot. Not that i have anything against it but that isnt something i want to see or smell when im shopping for fish or corals. Or hell anything for that matter.. Im 32 now not 22 so smoking pot or being around drug users isnt something im game for these days anymore.. They are lucky im laid back what if I was completetly intolerant of it and reported this to his landlords at that building or the police ? Ben was nice and informative the first time i went but there was a vibe about this place i didnt like. I went back a few weeks later to buy some ATI bulbs and look at the coral. no weed this time. But the same weird vibe was in the room both of the employees BEN and that one skinny white guy who was smoking weed were too busy cutting frags to really help me.. It seemed like my questions about which coral this is and so forth were annoying both of them. Ben did stop to help but when i asked how much this or that coral was he just kept saying expensive.. Maybe because i mentioned i didnt want to spend 40-50$ on a coral ? But him not answering me on how much and just saying expensive was rude.. Like he assumed i couldnt afford it.. That isnt it all i just didnt want to spend too much on the basic corals in those expensive tubs every coral i was inquiring about were the expensive ones it seemed. I dont like business that assume i cant afford something.. My classic car i drove up there with for example is worth more then his entire little shop 10x over. When i asked about the 10% discount on the coral i did buy he hesitated but gave it to me and the skinny dude who rung me up gave me an attitude saying i saved a whopping 1.50$.. Dude thats a 1.50$ more in my pocket so whats his problem. Wouldnt you want to save as much as you can ? That comment and the attitude in the room was so bad my girlfriend walked out i turned around and she was gone. Im not coming back to this place and i suggest no one else come here.. They have nice looking coral but they are expensive.. 3 or 4 polyp zoanthids are 30+ dollars.. alot of montiporas are 50+.. Ive seen cheaper. Im sticking with Capital Aquarium the staff there is extremely nice.. attentive to customers and willing to help with all questions without an attitude. The only reason i give 2 stars is because Ben knows his stuff but he still needs to maybe improve his overall demeanor its like i dont feel welcome when im around him.. He was like this in Petland as well. Maybe thats just his normal personality but it bugs me.. I called back and told him my complaint when my girlfriend mentioned why she walked out, and he didnt seem to care.. Thats cool.. I mean maybe when hundreds of people read my review and decide not to visit he will care then ? Good luck with your shop. Edit: Based on your reply.. Listen bud my standards have nothing to with anything. A place of business shouldnt have illegal drugs in on or used on its property.. Its called illegal for a reason.. This wasnt a smell from a customer walking by me it was a billowing smell blowing out of the garage from the fans you had going on. Maybe i should report you guys to your landlord afterall. And who cares if i only wanted to spend 20$.. Are you only in the business to sell 800$ bubble corals and nothing else ? So youre saying that you DONT want 20$ from someone right ? Just because i say i only wanna spend 20$ doesnt mean you should say " oh thats too much" when i ask a price of something.. what if i like it enough to buy it ? I WONT buy something if you think i cant afford just because i said i didnt wanna spend more then 20$ earlier.. Learn better business practice

Jasmine Vializ

Ben & Mo are super friendly, passionate and knowledgeable about the saltwater world. Their passion is contagious and even has my 13 year old daughter falling in love with the reef world, begging to volunteer with them to learn all she can. Their work is absolutely breathtaking! I highly recommend them, you will NOT be disappointed!

Beck Larson

Michael Sullivan

Fredy Hernandez

Great staff and knowledgeable.

Dr. Mo Komaily

Ben has installed a cube tank in my office and it is beautiful. He also maintains it for me. I can’t be anymore satisfied. I love it! My patients really enjoyed it. I would recommend Ben to anyone interested in saltwater tanks.

Kenneth Allwine II

Staff was helpful, store and tanks were very clean. Livestock purchased was great when I got them home, and everything seems to be healthy and doing well! Would visit and get livestock again!


Very knowledgeable staff small but large inventory of corals. Great deals on used tanks well worth a visit if you are local. I learned a lot from them in a short visit! Will definitely do business with them and makes me want a bigger and better tank!

Ali Ehsani

The staff at Supreme reefs was very knowledgeable and helpful. We got everything we needed to get our first tank up and running. It’s a nice addition to our home.

Zoltan Torrico

Been here more than a few times and Ben def has some of the more hard to find corals out there! Killer service, very helpful and super knowledgeable!

Dennis Villeda

This place is absolutely awesome! I’m new to salt water, and Ben has been extremely helpful in setting me up with my first tank. They’re very knowledgeable, have great selection of aquatic hardware, and amazing selection of livestock. I would definitely recommend Supreme Reefs to new and experienced reefers.

Nader komaily

Great place to purchase fish tank! They come to you and set up everything great prices also!


This place is fairly new but they are awesome. The staff (owners)Moe and Ben are extremely helpful and genuinely care about the customers and their new pets (family members). I live in Spotsylvania and will make the 1 hour + drive because of the customer service first and product second. I am new to this hobby and they are helping me learn and keep me on track.

Greg Bevan

Harmain Rafi

Recently discovered this place and it is amazing! The owner is very knowledgeable, very helpful, and fun to talk to. They have coral here that I've never seen in any store, and I visited a lot, from Pennsylvania to New Jersey down to North Carolina. Sometimes I'll find some amazing deals and other times I just get advice on how to take care of my new 29G tank. The display tank is mesmerizing and I really enjoye coming here just to look at all the beautiful coral. Attached are pics of 2 pieces I just bought!

Momentum Chiropractic & Rehab

frank fernandez

Manriquez rivera

my kids love the fishes! easy to deal with and I got a good deal for 2 fish tanks so many options to choose from

Rashawn Washington

Christopher Ramos

Great staff

Cereese Wills

Kolo Flako

Hunter Black

Ben knows his stuff! I stopped by to check out his store and didn’t realize it was by appointment only, he was nice enough to show me around. I Purchased a yellow tang and chaetomorpha and couldn’t be happier. Ben took the time to show me his shop and I must say I was impressed! He even helped me out with a styrafoam container because I had a long drive back to WV. Would recommend 100 times over.

Jennifer Dang

Absolutely in love with this place! Ben does such a good job keeping the place clean and a welcoming to his customers. Reasonable price and so many to choose from! Would definitely come back.

Knk knk

OH. MY GOD. One of my regulars at the store I work at told me about this store. They have an unbalivable selection and amazing prices. Makes quantum and Centerville look like a joke



Mia Phillips

#awesome saltwater fun


Supreme Reefs, what can I say but AMAZING!!! Beni knows everything there is to know about corals. My favorite saltwater/ coral store! Large selection, beautiful corals. I never knew some of these corals existed! Very knowledgeable about all aspects of saltwater aquariums. If your looking for corals or info about corals THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO!! Thanks Beni you have a loyal customer for life! This place deserves 6 stars!!!

Justin Scher

Great service and top quality merchandise. Owners are great to work with and have amazing ideas for your setup.

Norman Meador

Jennifer Thai

I love this place! Mo is awesome

Brenda Merino

love the employees they helped me out a lot and gave me a lot of information in regards to my new pets :) great customer service

Courtney Kasprzyk

mike Rhea

Elizabeth Torrez

This place is fantastic, Ben is extremely knowledgeable, informative, has an incredible selection of corals and can get any fish in as well, he even managed to get in a Flaming Prawn Goby for me. I'm just starting with corals, and totally clueless, he's been so kind in helping me choose beautiful, but low maintenance corals that I'm prepared for, and making sure I have the best foods for all of my tank inhabitants. I'm already making it nearly a weekly habit to stop in, and I don't plan to change that! He's easily got the best reef store in the area.

Michelle Vu

This place is amazing!! It has the prettiest selection of corals at great prices. Will be back for sure!

Arbin Ghising

Great selection. If you are a collector, trip is worth it.

Ray Ray

Great place for all your saltwater needs staff is very knowledgeable and courteous too

Thomas Grudberg

Supreme Reef is by far the best saltwater/reef aquarium store I have ever seen. With an amazing selection of hundreds aqua-cultured corals, fish, invertebrates, food, RO/DI water, live rock, and dry good supplies it’s truly a one stop shop for all your aquarium needs. It’s owner Ben is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to answer any questions you have. He prides himself on his appointment based visits so that he can fully understand your needs and provide you quality one on one assistance. He will also compile an entire reef setup from start to finish for you so that you have an entire package with everything you need and even conduct routine maintenance. With quality selection, amazing service, and great prices it has and will continue to be my go to LFS.

An Nguyen

Tommy Perrell

Picked up a new tank and fish for my kid. Everyone was very professional and prices were competitive. Will definitely go back!!!

Robert Paulini

Supreme reefs is hands down the best reef shop in the area. Very helpful and friendly crew. They helped me set up my 40 breeder. Everything from helping me pick out my rocks for aquascaping to lighting and wave makers. They have a huge selection of amazing corals to pick from. They have coral sections from $5 to $75 and colonies priced out. They have a lot of really nice high end pieces as well. I highly recommended anyone who is into this hobby to check them out!

Jason Butler

Amazing place with great owners!

Chris Miller

I've been in the hobby for ~25 years but since I recently had kids I didn't have a reef set up for the last few years. Prior to that I was so into reefing I got a degree in marine aquaculture and worked for the oyster recovery partnership in the Chesapeake Bay. With those credentials in mind I feel confident saying this is a great reef shop, probably THE best I've ever been to. The knowledge, passion, stock, and service here just outclass anything in the area. They have great coral at any price point and I can't say enough good things about the staff. Having said that there are common issues with anyalocal fish store, I've a few small hitchhikers like filter feeding worms from here, so as always quarintine and check your new livestock.

Mike Smith

Great selection of coral and very easy on the wallet


GREAT PRICES!! very flexible and they do a great job setting up the tank.

Andrew Ladner

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