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REVIEWS OF Quantum Reefs IN Virginia

Tracy Garvin

Amazing livestock, and service. A must go for any fish lover.

Walter Bowman

So very fortunate to have a top quality local aquarium store in my community. Vince is the best! He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of marine life, latest products and the multiplicity of different problems that come along with this hobby. His prices are fair and very competitive. This is a great store with a good variety of saltwater fish and products. I highly, highly, highly recommend Quantum Reefs to all! And to all a wonderful experience as aquarists!! Doc

Docter Moo Faceford

I just bought clownfish the other day, which was worth a lot of money, and they died the very next day. Now I know everyone's probably thinking that it's because I didn't cycle my tank, I don't know what I'm doing, blah blah blah. Well, I did cycle my tank. I had perfect levels of absolutely everything possible for them and they still died. I had everything that was the proper environment for them and everything, too. This place puts their saltwater fish in freshwater. How do I know? I checked the salinity levels of the water in the bag and it was that of freshwater. I spent nearly 3 hours drip acclamating them so that they wouldn't be shocked by the change in salinity levels (and made sure ammonia was 0 the whole time). They were doing absolutely fine until the afternoon of the second day. In addition, I'm pretty certain they came with Brookynella hostilis because they had all of the symptoms and looks of it, too. I did the best that I could with treating them and doing what I could to save them, but alas they didn't make it. So unfortunate that this happened and I really suspect this place of fish abuse...


best store for Saltwater fish and corals in the area. Vince & Steve are probably the best people to deal with in the area. Excellent Service.

Andy Le

I usually don't write reviews but what the customer below wrote is totally different from what I and a lot of other people around the area experienced. The store is remodeling and expanding to store more fish so things are a little crowded recently. This is one of the more busier store in the area and because of diligently helping each customer, they sometime will miss one or two customers who walks in and walks out without asking. Usually there is only one person at the store on the weekdays and 2 - 3 people on the weekends. I've been a customer for 3 years and have always come back due to their service, honesty, and passion to support the hobbyist. I had a bad experience at incredible corals before too that's why although I live in Herndon, I rather drive the extra 20 mins to go to Quantum reefs.

Phillip Baker

Excellent staff! Went to another marine fish store in the area and got advice that contradicted what I had read on the internet but still followed their advice with sad consequences. Andy at Quantum Reefs did a tremendous job of patiently walking us through all the steps to get our new tank back on track. A few weeks later and our tank couldn't look happier. Looking forward to the next additions which will definitely be bought here.

Josh Miller

Great store with clean tanks and great selection.

aggie art

Great selection of corals


Ed Tillman

Kumar Patel

Not a very pleasent experience


Ryan Matney

The best people. Selection is limited but they often offer ordering it for you! Great guys, great place.

Sport blue sky

Nalene Ruffin

Bradford Harris

Robert Burton

Has everything a hobbyist needs

Ray Zhang

Nice small little store. They specialize in salt water products and have only a few freshwater plants and fish. They had some good spider Driftwood and a nice selection of crayfish and shrimp.

edentang Tang

Jawad M

Great selection of coral, fish and supplies. Vince is very knowledgeable and provides excellent customer service. I've been coming here for years and it's always a great experience. Highly recommend!

Thomas Blackwell

Great selection, with a lot of products that are hard to find elsewhere. The store is definitely saltwater focused, but you can find decent freshwater stuff too.

Ting Tang Tong

The selections are overpriced. The owner was not constructively guiding care for the animals (corals, fish, plants, etc..). He himself was lacking in some very basic marine care products which we asked him but he did not say anything.

John S

Nice coral but very expensive and nothing has prices marked on it . Annoying to have to ask over and Over again what things cost .

Ummn Lala

Great little fish and coral spot. Quality is high for this hidden gem. Friendly helpful staff and a wide variety to select from.

Haywood Hughes

Cactus Jackie

Beautiful select of fish and coral. They are always working to improve the store. Great, friendly customer service, will answer your questions honestly.

Luis Alejandro Prieto

Great prices, awesome selection! Highly recommended.

Nick Ho

Very nice setup. I like the arrangements of corals and fish.

Jude Campbell

Good selection of fish and coral. Prices are comparable to other stores in the area

Brian Robinson

A nice hidden gem. They are a little tucked away, but the shop is really nice. Lots of good corals, the right dry goods, even had clams.


Great selection! Staff extremely knowledgeable.

National Reefing

Great customer service with clean /modern looking store recently remodeled layout!

Christopher Ramos

Pretty good prices.

Jaxson Vayro

They drilled my tank and everything went fine love this store can’t wait to come back

Smiles Chosen for All Good Humble at the Seat

2.5 star at best due to price, quality and customer treatment. The owner can accuse you based on his perception. I asked him the very basic care package of minerals for marine care, he did not know and could not answer when the store first opened. We helped his business 'cause he was congenial. But still the prices are about 20% higher than at other places, whether mortar or online. The corals pieces on the disks are unsightly looking and yet expensive.

Jeff Keenen

Great little place with a nice selection of saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates. The place is small.

Imran Zia

Casey Warner

Good selection, decent prices, and helpful staff. Cant ask for anything more!


Kevin spacey

Good prices on products like t5 bulbs gfo and stuff like that but there fish prices are almost 2x more then other stores. And they do no QT on fish, right from the owners mouth.

Beck Larson

Very friendly and helpful.

Keenan Gibbs

Great place for fish enthusiast. The gentleman that assisted me with my questions about starting a reef tank was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Cory Slocum

Tamira Levsey

Seemed ok, but a bit unkept.

Robert Francis

David Ballantine

No guarantees on freshwater fish. After buying several fish at Quantum, all of the new purchases were dead in 3 days and then in the days following, everyone of my established fish also died. Needless to say, I won't be back.


Great shop


This store deserves 0 stars! They sell sick fish and have poor customer service! When I contacted the owner regarding the infected fish the lack of customer service was appalling!! I purchased several fish for my brand new freshwater aquarium and the fish had ick and mouth rot!!! I now have a tank full of infected fish. I would not recommend purchasing fish from this location!

Jaeda Mohr

I'm new to the saltwater tank setup but have been in many aquarium stores over my lifetime and have had freshwater fish since birth. This place is nice and the two guys were very nice. Andy offered great advice to me about how to proceed with my unique situation. He was very helpful and I appreciate that. I've been to pet stores at least 8 times this week b/c it's a new used half ass set up tank that I'm dealing with and have needed to get everything, this was the only place that offered advice (I was at big chains and independent places). Not sure how all of his stuff is priced but I did see an CO2 kit much cheaper than petco. Nice big selection of reef, rock, fish and fresh water fish including cichlids.

Rickardo Mendez

Greg Bevan

Matthew Rappold

Thomas Privette

Alex Condor Vidaurre

Excelente variedad de peces y arrecifes...muy agradable experiencia...aunque es un poco estrecho los pasillos y necesita más orden...el lugar está oculto...

Nick Foster

Charles Bailey

They have little to no freshwater fish, invertebrates and plants. I would say about 4 small tanks at the most. Maybe 3 - 4 plants. The decor is very limited (I probably saw two kinds of rocks and one type of expensive wood). Would not recommend going here for anything freshwater.

Dean Tsantes

Excellent service. The store is a little unorganized and not meeting its full Potential. They have piles of used equipment and aquariums everywhere. Other than that very knowledgeable staff and good products

Knk knk

Crazy over priced and extremely pushy staff. The only saving grace is their corals but thoes are still over priced and you can find all the same stuff for cheaper.

Andrew Strutt

Christopher Garrett

The staff is extremely helpful and attentive, and has helped me do a mostly DIY 72 gallon bowfront saltwater tank. Highly recommend this store.

Long Nguyen

Hunton Fletcher

This place is awesome what a great find. Andy goes above and beyond to make sure your happy with your purchase. Highly recommend this place.

Skid Mark

Mike Ariante

What a joke. Never written a review for anything, ever but this story needs to be heard. These people just want you to buy something and get you out of their way. They sold us a betta fish along with 4 cardinal tetras claiming they can live autonomously in a 5 gallon tank. Oh boy, were they wrong. The fish did well for a day. Then the next day, a tetra was attacked by the betta and killed. The next day another tetra was killed. We looked it up to see why this was happening and most people said the tetras need big spaces as they are school fish they like to just swim around all day. So to save the rest of the tetra's from dying, we returned them. Also in hopes for a refund since they sold us fish that clearly weren't able to live together. Instead, the grumpy owner, just stared at us until we left the store. What a joke. "They don't do refunds on small fish" How about you don't sell fish that are eventually gonna be murdered?? If they don't care about fish dying, why would they care about satisfying you as a customer. The only reason I don't completely ream these guys out is because of their variety and "knowledge" on saltwater fish. Would not recommend buying freshwater fish from here. Hey guys, either learn what you're talking about or don't sell freshwater fish! Just a thought.

Ben Freudenberg

Very good experience. The livestock here is very healthy and thriving. The staff is very knowledgable and polite. Would recommend to any salt water enthusiast in the area or just passing by.

Jason LeVick

Shevon Osborne

Not only are the fish beautiful, but you get educated on fish, tanks, and maintenance.

john barrier

We came from Baltimore with the intent on spending money from somewhere new. Unfortunately we were met with being ignored and maybe trying and steal something. Then to asking questions that unfortunately went ignored or we were bothering or interrupting him. We will never come back to this store. I am happy the dog got some attention maybe the dog had money too spend..


Very knowledgeable and welcoming. Truly sticks with the aquarium hobbyist perspective and gave me sound advice for my project, not just to sell me on something. I loved the shop and theres so many cool creatures and aquarium supplies to check out!

מדר w ffc Zip אביעד

The WORST place ever. If you really care about your fish and corals don't come to this store. Very expensive and the owner is very greedy and cheap. ( one of the employees said that) Find other places or order online

Natascha Pratt

My husband and I are new to the hobby and have more than a million questions. Andy was knowledgeable and answered our questions and gave us a great starting point. From lights to coral, fish, filtration and tanks he was helpful. We live in MD and the trip was worth it. Thank you. I'm excited to see what's next. We will be back once our tank is ready for the next phase.

Ray Ray

Great place and fair price for your saltwater needs

Darrell Lewis

Andrew Adrian

Great LFS with quality livestock and dry goods. Pricey corals and it is a bit haphazardly organized.

Sterling Smith

George Leamon

Nice shop, found rare and oddities.

Adiljan Muhammad

Nathan Corbridge

Decided to try my hand at saltwater after a decade in freshwater, and came here. Tank, rock, sand, and water from the same location. They even helped me haul it all back to my house. Been back to pick up testing kits and accessories multiple times, very helpful and knowledgeable. Will continue to use them going forward for all my needs.

SayMyName SayMyName

The one guy who walks in when its busy and totally writes the worst review ever, Diva style. #1 this place is the best Reef store i have ever seen in the DC area. #2 Fish are healthy and its been 2 months since i got them zero ich, #3 Guy cares about the image of his store and its nice to see him fixing up the place #4 Corals look fantastic and he has all sorts of frags. 5# He's a nice guy, i was there when he was busy so i looked around a bit and he then helped me out. 6# prices are reasonable

Mike McDonald

Vidit Agarwal

Nathan Shutze

I won’t buy fish anywhere else. The owner is honest, knowledgeable and has been nothing but nice to me since I’ve started going here. I’ve also never seen an unhealthy fish and the aquariums are well taken care of.

Michael Glassman

Warrior Fusion

I'm new to saltwater but done my time with tropical fish. So i was super excited to start something new! Made all the FNG mistakes and needed help. So went to the "other" reef store and was not helped. No one likes the new guy! Feeling frustrated i stopped by Quantum Reef. The owner welcomed me in and gave me the hard truths about the hobby. He was patient and helpful! I love that he would not sell me animals until i made some changes in my equipment! Prices are fare and he gave me has number if i had any questions.

Cj Hargrove

David Van Houten

Knowledgeable staff reasonable pricing and always have pretty good stock


Great selection of fish no doubt.. but extremely over priced

Kyle Pollock

My new favorite Aquarium Store. Great advice, nice people, along with a strong variety of corals and fish. By far the best selection/display of corals I have seen in the area. I never get shocked with prices either, always seems fair.

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