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REVIEWS OF Pet & Aquatic Warehouse IN Virginia

starr cittie

Best pet store in the state!

Charlie Lollis

I get my crickets here all the time, they have a good selection and sometimes they'll give me a few crickets for free

joy mendoza

Cashier was rude, made unnecessary comments towards my daughter concerning pig ear dog treats. Stood at counter for a couplw.minutes long employees talked

Ava Huffman

Always a great place to shop. Employees always so helpful, friendly and polite!!

Jason Jones

Sold my fiance a sick guinea pig. Tried to return the same hour, and they refused to give her money back. Do not buy animals from this location

Jessica Powers

Amazing assortment. the person who helped me choose fish for my tank was awesome and very informative

Beau Robb

Perfect place for fish! Got a 55gal tank there. Worth the hour drive. Will return when getting ready for salt water tank.

Phoebe B

PAW is a great place to buy fish or animals! The staff knows their stuff :)

Justin Saunders

People are very helpful and prices are reasonable. This is probably one of the best pet stores in the area and surrounding areas.

Slim Shady

Love this place , very helpful and knowledgeable staff , I get all my aquatic supplies here and a large variety of fish

Cody A

Holy cow what a store! My girlfriend and I visited today and every staff member was incredibly friendly and willing to help and they had SO MANY THINGS. We were running around to petsmart and petco hoping to find some good bettas and aquarium supplies, they had way more than petco or petsmart. My gf is planning to start a koi pond and they had those too! We went ahead and took the 30 seconds to sign up for their advantage card during checkout. We will be going there from now on, forget the expensive chain pet stores, give this place a shot, you wont forget it! :)

Judy Smullen

Shop for my fish here. Love the variety.

Chris Yeatts

Great local pet store.

Bradley Broskie

Great variety and most of the staff is helpful and patient. Twice I have been rushed to choose fish with the same impatient staff member...but now I make it a point not to get help from them and it goes swimmingly! Really great source for your pet's needs!

David Brown

The stores appears to be clean and the tanks look good but after being there twice now I have yet to have anyone speak to me while shopping there. Don't plan to waste the drive there again!!!!!


They take poor care of the animals in the store. The dogs sleep/eat/live in small cages and dont get near the attention levels that they deserve. The feeder rats are sick most of the time and the management is horrible

Kathleen Hudson

This place was really high, it stunk like poop an the people working there are not friendly at all. I will be taking my business to pet smart from now on for sure. One customer lost.

Michael Alley

Very friendly staff and they will work with on getting anything from pets to supplies very delighted with my experience

Randy Minnix

Bought a puppy there and everyone was very nice.

Chris Garrett

It is q great place for pet supplies and has very knowledgeable people.

Lisa Byrd

Lots to pick from, clean and prices seemed only complaint...i got lost inside!

Jennifer Patterson

I absolutely love going and getting all my pet supplies here. And the staff is absolutely great. I have a dog. Three cats and a bearded dragon and they also give me great advice

ValorProJared YT

Awesome place to take the family and kids. They have a variety of dogs, herbals, ferrits and reptiles, spiders snakes etc. As well the downstairs basement area has an amazing selection of coral and fish for sale. Check them out! Post script: a lot of the animals and pets they have for sale are over priced.

Rachel Cocke

I love this place. Very helpful staff and always has the best selection of healthy fish.


Very wide selection of pets and pet supplies. Best in Lynchburg! Customer service is awesome!

Crazy kid

It was amazing


Very helpful and informative staff

Robert Dietrich

Used to work there all friends and healthy life for the animals

Sandra Pruitt


Jerry and Judy Hanson

Awesome, the employees were very pleasant, carried my dog food out to the car.

Frances Moose

Clean, offering large variety of products. More on the expensive side. Do not believe in purchasing animals. RESCUE. RESCUE. RESCUE.

Genevieve Moore

I am extremely disappointed with PAWS fish floor. My husband and I brought our daughter in there 2 days ago so we could let her pick 2 more fish for her fish tank. After bashing the fact we bought our original fish from Pet Smart the lady showed us exactly which fish to get and said their fish are so much better then Pet Smarts fish. So we went ahead and bought 2 fish and a snail. 2 days later the fish we bought from PAWS are dead and the fish from Pet Smart are thriving. I understand fish die but come on 2 days. At least Pet Smart has a “return” policy in place of the fish passes away within a week of having them you can get new ones. The 2 fish we bought weren’t cheap. After bashing Pet Smart you would have thought the fish from PAWS would live to be 100. Don’t bash someone else’s store when your “products” don’t last longer then 72 hrs.

Suzanne Gowen

I like shopping there for my pets the people are always nice I get a 10% discount for senior citizen on Tuesday and I try out there free samples on my cat and see if they like them I like that cuz this way I see you my cat's will eat it or not without wasting a lot of money on cat food they have some great prices and sales that go on in the store

Caitlin Butler

Extremely knowledgeable staff, very friendly and will stick with you until your done if you need help.

Porter Douglas

Odor strong caught me totally off guard but extensive line of products for carpets. Helpful, friendly staff! I recommend this store.

Barbara Thacker

Pet Aquatic actually have fish that live everywhere else I have been they die in about a week.

Melissa Turbyfill

This is a very nice place. Alot of different types of pets, very clean. The animals are very well taken care of. I only have one complaint....the people who work here are very rude, snooty and are not help. Change your staff or educate them and you would have the perfect pet store.

ginny bailes

Per usual, paws is always shining through for me! Adam is always super helpful, and knows me by name at this point. The staff is super patient with not only me, but my kids as well. Always go above and beyond. And offered me a cooling pack for my fish as well as supplied a styrofoam box to help ensure the safest ride home. Definitely worth the hour and a half trip there. Will definitely be back.

ClockWorx Orange

Great local pet shop

Courtnie Thompson

Fish tanks were beautiful. Staff was very helpful. Loved how every "animal selection" had it's own personal space. Will def be going again!

Harry Bare

It was good


Associates very helpful

ytyih hhkyvj

Be prepared to walk out broke !! Very expensive!! Petco and petsmart r cheaper but I still love going in here

Nathan Haefer

Great, friendly staff. Large selection.

Sharon Grey

It's a lovely shop. All the animals look to be in great shape with excellent environments. But their reptiles are insanely overpriced. I can always find them elsewhere much less expensive.

Bron Tharpe

I really enjoy this pet store. They have a great selection of items for a variety of animals. Their staff is knowledgeable and helpful. We dealt with Haley the last time we were in and she is friendly and loves the animals she cares for. She had very good information and recommendations.

Ryan Coon

The staff is very helpful and very well-versed. I won a green iguana at a fair so I was suddenly in need of an iguana habitat and iguana knowledge. My wife and I went to the Pet and Aquatic Warehouse where we got both of those. The man who helped us, I think his name was Chip, was very intelligent and helped us pick out everything we needed to care for the newest member of our family. He knows everything one could possibly know about owning an iguana and shared many helpful tips with us. We definitely would not have gotten this insight and assistance at one of the big chain pet stores. I highly recommend PAW!

Mary Pugh

Best pet shop I've seen in a very long time. I'd give 5 stars, but they sell puppies. I'm not too happy about that, but otherwise it's great. The staff are wonderful and knowledgeable.

Jo Myers

Very knowledgeable

Grayson Cox

Very helpful and knowledgeable! Will definitely shop with them again!

Helen Pannell

We shop here alot for most our pet needs food, toys, bedding, other needed supplies, a good supply of Rosie fish for our turtles, we just purchased Cockatiel and he a joy !

William epperly

I shop here because I'm in love with the cashier with the big eyes that are so beautiful. Also, another team member recommended a new dog food to me, it is Super Premium, 5 Star Reviewed, and has truly made a difference in my pets life. They have the best toys, treats, food, and pet accessories around.

Anne Irby

Great place! My furbabies love visiting and seeing all the fish and animals they sell beautiful reptiles, puppies and birds if you're ever interested in growing your family

Jackson Barrow

Excellent resource for your fish tank needs! The staff are helpful and have really helped me with getting my aquarium straight! I've been a customer for a year and am really happy with the assistance I receive!


Huge selection of aquarium supplies down stairs. Very nice.

Sarah Johnson

I actually haven't been here in about 2 years. I went there all the time as a college student though, and was so happy that I had an awesome store to go to for advice as I was starting my aquarium hobby. I actually still have a handful of the fish I bought there, nearly 5 years ago. The employees were always super helpful and truly care about the fish there, as they would require me to bring in water samples for them to test before selling me any fish (which was frustrating then as a beginner but now having a little more experience, I truly appreciate). Now I am back in Ohio and can't find a pet store that comes close to this place. I really, really miss it.

Lisa Keys

Natasha in the fish department was very friendly and helpful. Very knowledgeable and confident.

Jessi Michelle

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly people, and tons of animals and products. If I lived closer I would never buy from anywhere else.

Denese Smith

Picked up 'teddy bear' hamster and everything he needed, for my daughter's birthday present. His name is Ramsey Hammurabi. Cordial and informative staff, reptile section was awesome, puppies were too cute!

Barbara Rappleyea

They are so helpful.

Gary Jones

Love this pet store!

Andreas Vu

One of the best, if not the best aquarium store i've ever been to, the staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable on their subject matter.

Jacki Horn

Great variety of snakes

Bailing Out Benji

This pet store buys from some of the worst puppy mills in the Midwest. The most notorious being the "Kruse" family. One quick google search will show you what kind of operations the Kruse family run. Please do your research before you support this pet store. For more information, google "Virginia Pet Store / Puppy Mill Connection "

Heather Clark

Absolutely the best place to go for all your fish needs! The entire lower floor is a fish emporium with fresh water, salt water, plants, coral, tanks, anything you could ever need. Very knowledgeable staff is eager to help. Upstairs they have puppies, hamsters, birds, hermit crabs, reptiles, and a variety of other animals depending on the day - ranging from kittens to ferrets to bunnies. They have tons of supplies for any animal needs and it's awesome that they allow you to bring your dog into the store!

Adam Gregorin

I didn't see any cats and they only had one bunny the time we went, but the fish are incredible. Largest and most well done pet store I have ever been in.

Jessikah Lawson

Very large pet store. Friendly staff and lots of pets. As well as pet supplies. Will be back.

Shannon Karnes

PAW has the best selection of pet care needs at a reasonable price. They carry "traditional" pets, as well as exotic and "rare" pets. Staff knowledge can be hit or miss, but when compared to other Big Box pet retailers, their knowledge is far more extensive.

Salty John's

Friendly, knowledgeable staff! Good lay out, easily find what you are looking for. Excilant selection for pets of all kinds. Fish department is always stocked with healthy and vibrant choices. Salt water side has a nice sized coral frag tank with plenty to choose from. All in all a great place to shop for all your pet and aquarium needs!

Ian Mayhew

Great place to get a ton of different meds, food and fish for your aquatic hobby. Staff is very knowledgeable and have helped in saving my aquarium several times from having a fallout.

Doug Albrecht

I drive an hour or so from Roanoke to get freshwater fish from PAW. They have a great fish department.

NickandJes Austin

Great selection of pets and knowledgeable staff!

Liza Knepper

I absolutely love this place! The customer service is always absolutely on top! The girls and guys their farther out of the way to help you then any other store we go in. They stop and take you to what you need! They do not just point their fingers and send you in a direction. They always take customer service to the next level! They always have your pet needs and when they don't, they go out of their way to look it up in the catalog to see if they can get it. Remember Pet & Aquatic pet Center in Lynchburg Virginia is the place to go for All your pets needs!

Craig Beaulieu

Wow. What a pet store. Clean, well organized, large selection. The employees were friendly and helpful. If you are a fish lover this is the spot. If I had to find a complaint I was unable to find anyway to contact the store other then by phone. I would love to be able to Facebook message or email questions.

Noah J

Despite being very busy the staff was attentive and kind. All of their animals seem reasonably happy and well cared for. Store is well stocked and has more variety than chain stores.


Wish I could leave no stars. Went in today with a family member and we were ignored for over 30 minutes. Employees were polite to other customers and walked right past us multiple times as we waited to hold a puppy. Asked other customers if they needed help and not one of them asked us. We finally found one to ask as they were finishing up with someone else and we were told they would assist us after grabbing some items from the back —but we were still not helped. Took three different employees before someone finally helped us and then that employee left and had another one watch us while we held the puppy, that I understand but she was very rude the entire time we held the puppy and when we smiled and returned the puppy along with a thank you, all she said was “mhm” and walked away. Felt very unwelcome and no one was polite. Seems like all the employees hate it there and it was a very unpleasant experience.

Anthony Hubbard

Plenty of merchandise and pets. I wouldn't pay $1500 for any dog. No dog in the world worth that. But nice place if that's what you're into.

Ava Lewis

This is the cleanest pet store I have ever seen. From fish tanks to dog enclosures, everything was super clean! Staff was attentive and ready to assist. Will definitely be going back!

kaley moon

i got a hedgehog for my sweet 16th birthday and it was sick when i got it and it passed away after 6 days of having her.

Judith Schaier

I was so happy to find the cement covered perches I need for my bird. I can find them nowhere in Southern Virginia except at Pet and Aquatic. I rehab wild birds and release them. Occasionally I will have a bird that can't be released and it's very difficult to trim their beaks without them bleeding excessively . The cement perches really really help. This is a great place and great service.

Suicide Bonger

Heard they buy from puppy mills and they give horrible prices for puppies if you're a breeder but I got a ferret from them and shes pretty cool. Cant find her but I'm sure shes chillin


The staff here are very informative and actively engage in finding what works best for you. ♡ A very helpful employee by the name of Shane answered each question I had and even offered a more economical solution for me in my situation. He was very personable and in my opinion went far beyond what he had to do to ensure there was another happy customer at PAW. Employees like these are what makes a pet store less than a pet store, and more of a haven for you and your pets. Some commercial pet stores leave you with a poor experience, but I can assure you that the local pet store PAW will not leave you confused or misinformed. PAW employees will do whatever they need to do to make sure you leave knowing your animals have the proper care they need for the right price. ♡ I simply cannot reccomend this store enough! Shop here for all your pets!

Stephanie Sibig

Great place, friendly and knowledgeable staff are always welcoming. Great assortment of both animals and accessories, and all animals seem well cared for. My young daughter has a passion for reptiles, we go for simple visits all the time, the staff in that particular department,(I wish I knew names) are super friendly, as well as patient with her many inquiries!

Dharma Solstice

Nice selection of pets and supplies

Meg Simms Smith

This store has an excellent selection of many different kinds of animals, including birds, rodents, puppies, reptiles, and fresh/salt water fish. I've gotten two puppies and 5 fish from this pet store. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Sometimes we go to the store just to see the adorable animals!

John Kania

My wife loved what I bought, price is a little more than I like great products.

Anna Rose

This evening my family and I went into P.A.W. planning on purchasing a Golden Retriever puppy. It was 30 min. before closing and I asked the associate to hold the Golden Retriever puppy that I had ever intent on purchasing the puppy tonight, which was for a birthday present. The employee stated very rudely that “we are short staffed, closing, and you can only hold it if you are planning on buying it” (with an eye roll). I stated “well that was the plan”. They obviously didn’t want our business with attitudes like that. After being loyal customers and already purchasing multiple dogs from them, as well as, other toys/food and such. I will be taking my business elsewhere from now on. Thanks for your help!

Kris F

Horrible management. They do not care about their customers at all and act like you are bothering them. Employees do a much better job and are always friendly. Management needs a serious overhaul.

Kellie Moore

I drive an hour to come to PAW for my fish - everyone is very knowledgable and I learn something new every time I visit. Love them!!

lakeshia grant

I go at least once a week and i enjoy the friendly staff.and great service

Linda Redman

Great staff! Helpful

Selena Bage

The fish department is great I have never had an issue with them. However I can't say the same about the top floor. They will lie about anything just to make a dollar. Their bird cages break very easily that they provide in their sugar glider kit which isn't meant for a sugar glider. 3 of the cage bars broke in less than 2 months (one bar same day as purchase) sugar gliders are not very big or weigh much at all especially when under a year old yet the bars snap. They don't care all we get is a shrug. They will sell you whichever gender you want by saying that's what it is knowing it is difficult to tell at first. We wanted a female and they sold us a male but said it was a female (not the first time this has happened). They don't care about that all we get is another shrug. They will also lie about their easypay program all I got was a shrug and basically an oh well even though we were told something different. Half of the staff just want to stand around and talk to each other and talk about the customers. I wish we had a better pet store in Lynchburg.

Johanna H

I really like the selection of both pets and supplies available. The sales people are both knowledgeable and helpful, which I really appreciate! The store is kept clean, as are the animals.

P Carr

Really nice set up. They have some puppies but thwy are extremely well cared for and in super clean kennels. Most places just put them all in a cage with shredded news paper. The selection of exotic snakes and lizards was zoo quality and variety was insane. The fish were also awesome.

Kevin Hess

Very helpful staff nice selections

Erin Vera

Love this place. I don’t go to any big name pet stores anymore. They may not always have everything you want in the store but they’re willing to order anything you may need if it’s on their list of brands they order from. I’ve ordered cat litter and food that aren’t carried in store and they got there in a week or so. The staff is helpful. Could use more cat food variety and cat trees are way overpriced but I still prefer this place over any other

Marquet Payne

Excellent customer service

Victoria Richardson

They have a huge assortment of koi/fish pond water plants! & everything else you might need for it.

Andrew Lilly

Pet and Aquatic Warehouse or PAWS for short is a fantastic place to find everything you need for a pet. And I don't just mean dogs and cats. They have birds, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, fish, reptiles, snakes and spiders. Plus all of the things you will eventually need to accommodate them. The store is crammed with a ton of items but PAWS staff are plentiful and around every corner. You needn't go far for help. This place is great even just for a short visit with the kids and is open 7 days a week. The only pitfalls is that the store is very old and would do wonders in a newer location. Also the lot in which it sits is very tight and has room for only one way traffic. But aside from that everything else is great.

elite aquarium services

Great selection for all hobbyist. Great staff, amazing selection and healthy livestock

Shannon Brown

Wonderful staff and prompt. Answer questions asked.

Bonnie Silvester

Nice friendly place good service and found everything we needed

Daniel Donovan

This is an awesome place to pick up fish or invertebrates. I always come here for medicine, food, copepods or anything I might need for my reef tank. They often times get little gems "stunning fish or coral" and I have to swing by for a nice addition to my reef.

melissa vickers

My 11 year old lab has become a vegetarian by doctor orders. They are wonderful and order me some every month with no problems.

Cathy Pearce

Wonderful staff and owners!!

Jared Covington

I went in today to get some plants for my classroom. They had a great sale, I felt like I stole the plants, and Raven was a HUGE help! Very knowledgeable and helpful. I always regret it when I set foot in other pet stores. Thank you guys!!

Zachary Thomas

Huge selection of freshwater and saltwater fish to choose from.

Julia Hullings

They are always helpful and I find everything I need usually

Super Daddio

Love going here. Staff is courteous and friendly. Always very clean and well kept inside and out. Both floors are very easy to navigate around.

Thad Decker

The prices are fair, nothing over the top and nothing super great either. The place itself just feels a little dirty, but it might just be that there is so much shoved into the little building. The staff has always been very helpful though. Great place, especially if you have questions or need help.

Timmy Songer

Has all kinds of pets and supplies. Reptiles, mammals, fish (salt and fresh), coral, ect. Decent prices. Constant problems in the saltwater fish department but every other department seems pretty good.

Mackenzie Latimer

This pet store has the best selection and is devoted to taking care of it's pets. We visited here to learn more about getting a pet snake and every though we admitted that we couldn't buy from them, they spent an hour informing us about best practices.

0utdoor Fr3ak

Always helpful, great and friendly staff. Very knowledable and willing to help any way they can. My one and only pet shop stop.

Mike Landry

Awesome service. Do not bring your wife or kids that love animals. You will walk out with a critter for sure, lol. Very happy with the purchase of my Bugg puppy. Say hello to Gator Snot Landry

Eric Haab

The staff are always very nice and informative wont go anywhere for my babies.

J.R. Mink

When my dog was sick, they had just what we needed to help her through recovery. With a knowledgeable staff and huge selection of pretty much anything your pet needs, why go anywhere else?

Lauren Myers

My new favorite place to shop ALL of my aquatic needs! Such professional and friendly employees! The tanks are clean, and I didn't even spot a dead fish! Great prices and I cannot wait to go back. It was worth the drive!

Brennan Lee

This a very nice pet store. They have puppies , reptiles and a lot of cool fish. We have visited many times and they always take time to let us hold a puppy. They have pet supplies for just about every animal. The staff is super friendly and prices are reasonable

Angie Laughlin

Got my precious babies at this place! Love them! Sales people here are very nice. Great pet store!

William Ricketts

Great selection of reptiles and accessories for all items

Keegan Downey

I like the store a lot but they could use more selection in the accessories dept

Telly F

Love the fish section. So many varieties at decent prices

Richard Winand Jr

Love this place has almost anything you need pet wise

Jeff and Jane Abbett

Friendly staff and great selection

Caleb Clark

Great service

Darren Wheelock

Compared to most pet stores this place is amazing! They always have a fun, interesting selection, the staff are typically very knowledgeable, the fish I've purchased have all been healthy, and the store is very well maintained and lacks the typical moldy animal poo smell found in most other exotic pet stores. A clean, fun place to bring the kids to see some cool animals, and also buy some cool animals... Or get some cool animal supplies. Highly recommend!!!

James M

It was ok but the Rottweiler puppy was much too expensive! Guess I'll have to go to the pound.

LeAnna Presley

The Reptile guy was amazing. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Patrick Kellett

Everyone was helpful and friendly. Took their time to assist and answer any questions.

JJ scott

Best options.

Lisa Patterson

We went in the store on 1/20 and Zoe helped us. She was amazing! She answered all of her questions and made sure we understood her answers. She was so forthcoming with information and her knowledgebase was phenomenal! We really appreciate her helping us!

Matthew Knighting

Very nice store, the fish room is huge! The staff are awesome people, nice and knowledgeable. Will definitely be coming back!(I'll be back for a pistol shrimp dang it! Lol) keep being great guys

Justin Patten

Not your typical big box store. PAW offers everything the big box stores offer, but at a better price. With a lower price guarantee who can go wrong. The staff here is always friendly and ready to help everyone from the novice to the most advanced. It is also conveniently located on Wards Rd so it is easy to get to.

Janet Preas

Great place to get things for your pets. Great people too.

Cheryl Mays

always friendly staff, lots to choose from for my bird and dog

Ryan Badger

The people in the aquatics section are amazing. I needed help setting up a tank, and the employee got an entire setup for a reasonable cost. When I went back and got fish for the tank, the person helping me was very knowledgeable and got fish that would be happy together. I will be coming back.

fred crawford

Really nice people to deal with and had everything your looking for.

Haaris C.

Allot of animals clean shop friendly staff.

Aqua Beast

Nice staff, many ferrats. No dogs when we went through, but very clean store and helpful staff.

T. Shalabi

Horrible staff rude and treat u bad if ur only their to buy treats and keep kids busy.

Tia Kellerhall

Always a great experience. Best pet store in the area!

Michelle Faronea

Love them they saved my little snek

boymom of3

Awesome place. Clean friendly and knowledgeable staff

Elizabeth Parnell

well always the best place to buy pond plants and fish. and now we have a ferret named mabel. thanks guys! ughh. but please consider shelters for dogs and cats simply cause they need it. but.these folks are super nice and helpful!

Justin Dalton

My family has bought many fish related things from here and they have a great selection. We enjoy just walking around and seeing all of the fish and reptiles and dogs and cats too. This is a great place for the family to visit.

Jonny Hostile

Best pet store in Lynchburg. They have pretty much any animal you may want from dogs to fish and reptiles. The staff is knowledgeable and usually very friendly.

Sarah Hubbard

The staff was friendly and answered my questions easily. Great selection of healthy fish.

April Roberts

Nice selection of pet products and animals, great prices, very helpful and knowledgeable staff

Sarah Abigail Ibanez

It’s a little stuffy and I am not sure where they take their animals out to walk. It does not have a animal pin out back. They have the most intense foods for pets though.

Brandon Fleshman

Great selection of pets

Scott Moore

Lotsa cool stuff here for lotsa different kinds of pets. Good selection of aquatic & reptiles.

Michael Petrosino

Best pet store in Lynchburg! They stock a wide variety of pet products and have stuff that other pet stores do not. If you've never stopped in, you are definitely missing out! The place is huge and they have everything from pet supplies, dogs, reptiles and fish!

Bradley Metcalf

Great store clean and friendly

Kate Bakker

Best pet shop in the city

Don s

Asked about fish was told rudely by one employee he didn’t work on that department even though that’s where he was standing . Then went and asked another person was told had to ask the reptile person . Asked the reptile person about buying the few fish that were in the pond outside and she rudely replied no and nothing else . No explanation or anything!! Won’t be back looks like a puppy mill with a bunch of rude employees! Can’t even buy what I wanted and came there for .

Dean Sepe

Paws is easily the best pet and supplies store in the area. The staff has always been very friendly to me every time I come in, and they are well knowledgeable of all their animals and supplies. What sets them apart is their big family mentality, and that they are inviting every time you walk in the door. From personal experience, every time I walk in the store I learn a lot about animals because of the vast knowledge of the employees. They are always willing to talk to you and teach you anything you want to know! Three thumbs way up for these guys!

Vicki Clark

Pretty decent store. Personnel not as friendly as other pet stores. Love the puppies they sell but very pricey.

Alex Rand

Supper informative about the animals

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