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REVIEWS OF Green Top Hunt Fish IN Virginia

James Fairman

Almost every sales associate does anything to help you with a friendly demeanor. Prices are VERY competitive, specials notwithstanding.


A great place for allllllll your hunting, fishing and outdoor sportsman needs. The employees here are very friendly and don’t mind helping you!

Terry S.

Lots of good stuff. Could spend hours going through it all.

Britt King

We've stopped going to Green Top. If we want an experience obviously this isn't the place(that's bass pro) but even getting information on a bow was difficult. Bass pro helped tremendously. My husband buys guns all the time, many from Green Top but the last few times the people there were so unhelpful and the prices could be beat by HUNDREDS at a local store anyway. Do your research and buy your stuff elsewhere.

bob walker

Great store. Prices a little high.

Timm Morris

Freaking phenomenal place! First time visiting here and it won't be my last. Place was recommended to me by several of my friends and colleagues. Great store with a wide selection. Plenty of subject matter experts on the staff. To be honest, I played stupid with a couple of the Associates to test them. And they knew the right answers (or contacted someone on the Staff that knew). I only had a short time to stay before I had to get back on the road. The store is huge. It would take half a day to see everything. Great job Green Top! Thank you!

Steve N

This place makes America great again.

Scott Fowler

Great store and friendly staff.

Yael Olson

Clean, a lot of guns, a lot of knives, great customer service, great selection.

Gerald Vaughan

Best men's toy store , best selection of fire arms.


Great place for the outdoorsman. Lot and lots of outdoor stuff! Visited during the Outdoor Expose October 5th 2019

Robert Price

I HAVE BEEN TO ABOUT EVERY SPORTING GOOD/ Gun store and never have I been welcomed like Green Top / Hunting Fishing. The staff so knowledgeable. Helpful not Pushy . Green Top You have The Spirit and a new Life Time customer. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Janice Mckinney

Always a pleasure, great service!

Ricky Rice

Great locally owned hunting and fishing store. Tons of options. A little pricey

Lucipurr Nope

Bought my first firearm from here. Wonderful staff, excellent selection and just an all round good experience. Will definitely buy more from here

Billy Simpkins

Had my rifle worked on today by Joe... His service was AWESOME... He made me feel like the only person in the store... I will be using this store again and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone needing what they sell...

Keisha Walker-Williams

I liked walking in the door and being greeted by a friendly face. Several staff were helpful in answering questions and although still undecided, I'm certain I'll be back for a purchase in the near future. Thanks for your help and giving me a few things to think about. See you soon!

Eric Hansen

Green Top is one of the best places to shop for hunting and fishing gear. They have a great selection and pretty good prices.

David Hinton

Lots of selections on just about anything you need, or want. Been friends with the owners since high school.

Seth Anderson

Great fishing selection, knowledgeable and helpful staff

Dave Bowrin

Good hunting/fishing/shooting/clothing/outdoor store. Used to be a Gander Mountain store. Fair Prices,Sales staff is EXTREMELY knowledgeable. Gunsmiths onsite.

Young Gun

Great store to browse with something for everyone!

Alisha Manies

Great place and had awesome deals on all new firearms. The staff had great insight on which firearm would be best for me. I was able to have all my questions answered by the staff even with it being black Friday.

Julio Chavez

Convenient location, employees are real experts in their field too. Greentop has it all for the outdoors person. It is amazing at all the available accessories for individuals primary hobby. Anything electronic... You need to ask for Steve, the man is an expert on how to, and explaining details, whether tracking systems for hounds, or the most advanced fish finding technology .

Michael Hodges

They have anything there for your hunting needs and wonderful people too.

Terrence Pate

Have good prices and knowledgeable employees.

Kim Nyguen

Good people the help me very much

Roy Schneider

Superior service and selection. My wife knows that if we are in the area I will start to mention Green Top as a place we need to stop. Very knowledgeable staff, always pleasant, and fantastic deals abound, this is the place in Central Virginia that you want to stop for all of your outdoor needs.

Jeanne Rogers

Nice store and nice employees. Mix between Bass Pro, Cabela's and Gander Mountain. They do have a fly fishing section!!

Chic Burcham

I went to Green top on a Monday and had a super experience purchasing a rod and reel. The salesman's name was Ned and he was absolutely fantastic. I have enjoyed shopping at greentop for many years now and plan to continue.

Stephen Rodgers

Green Top has cost me so much time and money, I just can't help but stop when I drive by and check out their huge selection. I end up leaving with something new more than I care to admit. These guys are top notch.

Karoo D-Dog

I started visiting green top before I moved to the US the new huge location is awesome. If you hunt shot or fish they will have what you are looking for.

Amy Alford

They have Absolutely any and everything you could possibly need or want in hunting/ fishing/ shooting/ outdoors. They are SUPER helpful and friendly there, you don't have to wait or go "find" someone to help you. They are a little higher on some things as opposed to Walmart but, the selection service and atmosphere is well worth it. I prefer GreenTop over Cabela's. Sometimes Cabela's can have a "higher class'' feel and as a TN country girl, I don't like that. I like the down home friendly people at GreenTop MUCH better! Not to mention their used gun selection is outta this world! I'm amazed at everything they have in used firearms AND, What I absolutely love...they have several Master gunsmiths on the premises to do any n everything you'd possibly need! Love it! GreenTop is a 11 out of 10.

david fowler

Great service/ great people thanks

wes miller

Love it great place to find fishing an hunting things

Gregg Weber

Excellent prices. Good selection of outdoor gear and firearms. Knowledgeable staff.

Harbinger Fishing

Good inventory of outdoors equipment. The only reason I am rating it as OK is I had a question about a kayak that was leaning against the wall outside the front door and the employee seated at the door inside the building was quite rude and brushed me off. He did not attempt to answer my question about price all he said is "those are not for sale, they are our demo kayaks" and then ignored me. The price for the kayak was not posted anywhere even though they were clearly for sale and another one inside was marked with a "hold for customer" tag. No further effort was made by the employee so I googled the kayak in question.

Martin Carrington

If there ever was a store that has everything you need this is it ,great prices and very helpful sales people

Ty French

Great store! Got my first pocket knife here. Very friendly staff.

Tad Cardwell

Always liked greentop. The larger store is much easier to navigate. Appreciate the ability to browse w/o being bothered.

Tom Pisarek

Great selection of all things hunting and fishing. Stop there on the way to a Turkey hunt in North Carolina and it was worth it.


I love this place. Excited to see a family owned business thriving. I love that they also support local. The variety of products and manufacturers is wonderful. Great deals too. The women's section is also improving.

Carolyn Rice

This place is a Mecca for outdoors enthusiasts! Their gun selection was incredible, and we found the staff to be highly knowledgeable and friendly.

Chip Blackburn

Very busy as usual, always get outstanding customer service regardless. Would recommend this store for any and all outdoorsman activities.

Matt Tate

Best ever. Period. I literally could not say enough nice things about everyone In the building. Products they carry are top notch. As a tournament bass angler I also go to Bass Pro but I actually feel at home at Green Top, not just another dollar bill walking in the door and am always glad to come see the family. Thank You guys. So much. Reel people, reel awesome, every time.

Andrew Stanley

Came into Green Top today to finally get a new bow and walked out a happy customer. I was helped by Edmund, who is a great and patient fella that knows his stuff about bows. He never tried to just sell me stuff. He helped and explained a lot. Took his time and help me pick out what I need. If I hear of anyone needing work done on a bow or looking for a new one I'll be sending them straight to Edmund. Thanks again for your help.

Teresa Reynolds

I love going in green top

james regal

Nice sporting goods store..

David Atkins

Good place to get your fishing and hunting supplies

Jayson Stevens

Awesome as always! Everybody is so knowledgeable friendly and helpful no one else compares

Thumpers R C

Awesome event had a great time with my grandson he had a blast thank you for having it

laneil holden

Good people! I used to work here. If you are looking for a decent gig for part time or full-time, its a good place to start. I only left because I graduated from college and my family deserve to have better financial freedom.

Kenneth Murray

Best tackle and hunt store in state of Virginia!

G Payne

I was blown away by their selection! The staff were knowledgeable of every product in the store and true fans of their own product. They gave excellent service and the store was like a dang walmart for hunters.

Jaden Jeong

Two things I liked: the place itself and the staff. Lots of great selection of guns, and friendly/helpful staff. Everyone in there was nice and were knowledgable in the products. Definitely coming back here for my next gun purchase.

Joshua Masters

Always a wide variety of ammo, optics, magazines, and more. Better outfitted than the Bass Pro Shops WRT firearms.


Love this place!!!!!! If you aren't buying your firearm at a gun show, you better go here. Even if you are, you should probably go here. Great selection, prices and very knowledgeable staff.

gilbert fernandez jr

Love this place! Always great service

Luis Garcia

Green Top is by far one of the best outdoor sports stores I've ever been to. If you can't find it at Bass Pro Shops or they're out of it, more than likely Green Top has it. Knowledgeable and friendly staff as well.

Jean Treusch

We always stop here when we travel north. Great selection of hunting and fishing equipment.

Pete/Sue Wilson

Greentop made the right move buying the Gander Mountain location! Parking is better and merchandise layout in great! One stop shopping for your outdoor needs

B. Enson

After being disappointed by another FFL dealer , I decided to give Green Top another look. Despite being a customer since 1974, I had strayed away from Green Top over time because of the newer big box store feel, but now realize that the building is large for a reason.... to allow for a wide selection! Although sometimes the pricing seems a little higher than other sources, the service, selection and convenience far out weigh it.

Clarence Jackson

They had the firearm that I wanted & didn't hesitate to help me as well as give me some knowledge about it.

Adam Pickett

Great place for hunting and fishing equipment.

Debbie Schneider

Excellent , everything very well stocked. Fly tying materials were a great find

Steve Steve

I attempted to order an archery product over the phone with little to no success. The employee claimed he to my order and stated that it should be at the store in a couple of weeks. I called back a week and a half later and I was told the order was never placed because they couldn’t get ahold of the manufacturer. They are an authorized dealer for hoyt, and I find it difficult to believe that they were unable to contact the manufacturer in a week and a half’s time frame. They also wouldn’t take my information or payment leading me to think that they just weren’t going to do it anyway. Disappointing to say the least.

Ryan Whitehead

Decent selection of hunting and fishing equipment. Great selection of used guns and equipment. Generally higher priced than online and BassPro/Cabelas.

Pink Brain

If you dont know a lot about guns I wouldn't ask anyone who works here. I was looking at a WASR10 which is an imported ak and when I asked the guy at the counter if I could field strip it he said "its a new gun sir" imported ak style rifles have manufacturer defects all the time. This specific rifle actually has a canted front sight post and you could tell from 5 feet away because of how significant it was. This was almost a 800$ rifle that probably had poor riveting in the receiver and metal fragments in the gas tube. These are things anyone who takes AK rifles seriously would know about imports. Also this guy gave me the wrong ar15 receiver I bought so now I've got to go back and get the correct one

James Layman

Great store,great selection, very helpful staff.

mike stronach

A favorite place for a pitstop while traveling and to shop for hunting and fishing gear. Always a good visit.


Great sporting goods store, just north of Richmond

Joseph Molnar

Tour website is terrible. You can't put in what you're looking for.

Kimberly Monaghan

SO IMPRESSED with this place. Great selection, easy in and out location, near one of those BIG chain outdoor stores. The customer service was AMAZING! These guys are the real deal. Their prices are competitive but their attention to detail and going above and beyond with customer service sets them miles apart from the rest. Great experience!

Shenanigans with Scheena

Great experience in and out lots of choices friendly staff you must go prices unbelievable

mpl91 v

Good customer service, lots of selection. Didn't seem to be overpriced. Definitely a fun place to look around ans buy gear!

Roberta Lipford

Everyone was very helpful and nice. The young man at the counter was very knowledgeable about the products

Anjum SMith

My husband favorite place

Paul Zaidel

Originally Green Mountain/ good selection of hunting and fishing stuff.

Ehrich Creekmore

Very broad selection. Very organized and have tons of products and brands

Mary Jo Davis

Nice place wanted to checked out selection of pistols

Andrew Franklin

Best outdoors store for anything from guns tk fishing to clothes and accessories for anything outdoors they have it or know about it


Needed a set of gunsmithing punches and the staff was helpful in explaining the uses of the different punches. This means a lot to keeping you from marring the finish of an expensive firearm. Lots of sporting equipment too numerous to name. If you hunt or fish, or camp, this is where you need to go.

Jen Elaine

We saw Santa- he was great! When I called beforehand though someone gave me incorrect info and when we got there the lady in charge of the line was a bit rude. There was another employee who was kind and helpful though. Never bought anything from here- just came for Santa.

Mark Reibsome

A great new exciting experience


Always great shopping their. Knowledgeable associates and great prices.

Karen Baber

Very helpful staff. Local company has all that you need!!

Rev. Richard D Tuttle

Wow! Went on Green Top Expo day. Wow!

Gustavo Ranklin

Massive selection! They have all of your hunting and fishing needs. One thing that separates them from the competition is that every department is staffed with employees who are both extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the items that they sell. If you’re in the Ashland area do yourself a favor and stop on by.

Wilson Reyes

Great for archers, fun for the NASP program

Reginald Wilburn

I was very pleased with my experience in Green Top. They had a much larger selection then Bass Pro and Cabela's. The staff was very helpful

Aaron Brame

Ryan in the grilling section was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Barry Moore

One of my favorite outdoor equipment places on the East Coast. Great value.

Chaz Fillion

Amazing store. Insanely wide variety of everything you need, guns ammo knives clothing.

John Ciccone

Great place for hunting, fishing, reloading equipment. Good prices, helpful staff. On occasion I have driven oner 100 miles round trip to shop there.

Black President2017

Very helpful/knowledgeable staff

Brett Adams

Would not sell to me because I was stationed in Fort Bragg, NC, even tho I maintained resident status in my home state VA. In the military you have temporary residency where you are stationed, but you may choose to keep your home of record as your primary residency which is what I’m through. They did not understand the laws on dual residency and therefore. Crazy, I pay taxes to Virginia and they don’t think I don’t fall under resident status. It’s ok though, I went to war store and they sold to me no issues due to their competence.

Geoff Young

Great variety of fishing and hunting products.

Matt Cole

The best hunting / fishing store I have ever been too. Bass Pro, Cabelas, Field and Stream, etc. have nothing on this place!!!

Chuck Sadler

Great place. They have everything for the shooting sports. Employees are very knowledgeable, ask for Joe.

Q Jay Duu

Great customer service, weapons and outdoor gear.

Kenneth Grogan

Just love this store. Get to do a lot of dreaming and making my Christmas list

Kirk C

Best selection hands down for firearms. They have great sales and are knowledgable


Great selection and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Casey Harris

This store has always been a go to for me in the past, bought and sold many firearms from this store. I drove over an hour earlier this week to specifically bring a collectors rifle down to see what they would offer to purchase it from me. The associate I dealt with made me a very low and unreasonable offer before he knew what the rifle was. I was sure greentop was the place to go. I am now regretting the time and gas I wasted. Keep this in mind before you make a trip.

Alfred Shapiro

Venerable old tackle shop just over Hanover County line has everything you might need for hunting and fishing in Central Virginia

Sarah Lovell

Beautiful store, prices on clothes are too high

Stephen Welch

Had help from a young guy named Garren, who was very informative, helpful , and personable. Helped me out with getting a new shotgun and my father with an AR.optics for He was very knowledgeable and made the process very easy

Zoltan Teleki

Great store, better then bass pro/cabelas, you can handle many hunting implements Without having to ask a sales person and then get an annoyed look when you want to see another

Obdnanr smith

Good customer service. I had a lot of fishing questions and they were knowledgeable and friendly.

Cindy Clark

I want to like this place and you should try it out for yourself. It is a superstore for everything outdoors, a toys are us for outdoor stuff, if you will. Green Top offers layaway on guns and most of the bigger price point items so that you don't have to raid your savings or load up your credit card. Many of the employees are pleasant and helpful. They must be commission salesmen, because they usually seem like they are in a hurry to move on. I'm put off by that, I like to feel a warmth like they are enjoying their customer ... as if they find me important. Call me sensitive, but that is why I am on the fence about this place.

Maurice Snead

Green Top is awesome I went too buy a new fish reel and the salesman went outta his way too show me how too use it really appreciate him taking time out too show me how too operate it.

Daniel Mancini

The archery department is great! Super nice and helpful staff.

Wallace Bryant

Best outdoor shop in the world!

Carolyn Stow

Recently purchased sporting equipment. Excellent staff, lots of variety. Staff really knowledgeable.

Pamela Tures

If you are into any kind of hunting, fishing, outdoor adventuring, this is your place. With a wide range of gun sales, hunting and fishing gear, outdoor wear and supplies, boots and shoes. They even have a strong dog and pet section. There is something for everyone to look at. There are taxidermy animals to look at. There is plenty of parking in a safe parking lot. We found the restrooms to be clean. The numerous employees are friendly and helpful. We have never had a bad experience. Even when having to return merchandise, they were more than accommodating.

Michael Staniszewski

Great store to visit and shop not so much to order on line. My issue was resolved.

Karin Morgan

Fun place, not much different then bass pro, a few dollars cheaper here and there. Does give abetter military discount. Employees were super helpful and friendly :)

Michael Van Herpe

They have a good selection of merchandise but the prices are high. I stop in periodically but usually buy elsewhere.

Fred Hicks

Their employeees know their stuff. Came to buy minnows and left with minnows and some really good fishing tips.

Joe Daff

Great staff. Very informative on products and services offered.

Tony Rose

If you are looking for any type of outdoor equipment this is the place to go. If they don't have it it's because it hasn't been invented yet.

Eddie Kiplinger

Knowledgeable and courteous staff! Excellent selection of everything hunting and outdoor. Only place I purchase firearms because of the great prices!

Martin Porter

Very courteous employee's

John Tomlin

Great selection that updates per season well, and also frequently has good bargain bin and clearance sales going on. A true Virginia staple for all outdoor enthusiasts

Tommy Russell

Green top is outstanding as always. Great service, excellent prices, & a pleasant atmosphere

Nancy C

Great service. Lots of items in stock. Very knowledgeable and helpful employees!

Dennis Tate

I used to love going here. Never again.

Nathan Glenn

Good staff happy to help anyone

Tobias Maul

Lots of cool stuff. Gave this place a 2nd chance but no go. Good chunk of employees just don’t care.

John Doe

Hands down the best gun store in VA... Selection amazing, so much more everything you want from an outdoor/gun store etc. Staff is super top notch.

Chris Powell

Best place for all your hunting and fishing needs. Also great for all of us gun enthusiasts

paul seal

Best retail hunting and fishing store in the world as far as I'm concerned. It's not flashy like some other stores, but it doesn't need too. Staff thats knowledgeable and been there so long that I recognize them since I was a kid going to the old store. Highly recommended. They've earned my trust for over two decades.

Dean Powell

I like to go there and look but they will not deal. I have found most of my firearms cheaper at a local dealer.

Teresa Davis

Good place ! Really dusty tho. Prices are to high! For me! Purchased two fishing poles but didn't have my grubs I was wanting.

Jon Fields

Came in over the weekend to look for my first handgun and had a great experience. Hunter took the time to walk me through everything and I found out we had a similar service record. He got me all set up to come back in a few days and pick it up. This review would be 5 stars if the young man who helped me when I picked it up had not been so rude. I won’t mention his name but he asked me twice if I had the money, he improved his customer service until he informed me his shift was up and had to leave. I’ll come back for the customer service I received from Hunter.

Karen Hughes

Was a lot better before they moved.not friendly anymore.

Richard Lucente

Great place to browse around. Awesome large,extensive selection of guns and accessories including ammo. Good selection in other departments as well. To me it a bit to expensive but it's great to be able to physically see and touch the items of interest.

Aaron Brown

Tons and tons and tons of fishing, boating, kayak gear and accessories. Staff can be a little hard to find from time to time. I usually know what I'm after though so I'm not as impacted as someone who may need help or have questions about things.

Phil Rhodes

Great for fishing, had everything but the fish

jay cooke

Best fly selection in the Virginia tidewater region!

Edward Janik

My number one place for firearms and outdoor equipment. The firearms staff are fair and friendly. There is a huge selection of everything. I live one and a half hours away and make the trip because of the value, selection and staff. I had a great purchase today which was handled by Randy. Thanks.

Justin Robertson

Bought some backing for a 5 wt fly reel and the backing they sold me couldnt even fill a 1 wt. For $15 I expect better.

Frank Rodriguez

Enjoyed my shopping today, but some staff are on Hi Alert or something? Not very personal today. I still walked out with what I went there to purchase. Great place to spend a rainy day rather than the zoo.

John Ryan

Picked up a vortex red dot today and had excellent service putting on my rifle Awesome store MAGA

Beth Wade

My husband loves this store more than Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's! We love supporting a local company. Great selection, very well stocked. A little expensive, but for a local company we don't mind.

Matt Craig

Great service, excellent selection.. Best Sporting Goods store there is! They sell live eels, minnows, and all other bait too.

Lucas Miller

Great place to shop, browse. People in there are amazing!!


Whenever i buy a gun im always coming back here. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, their prices are fair, and I've never had a bad experience.

Chris Patterson

Always great service and selection I have been shopping there for years and have never had a bad experience.

Bryan Sklar

If you're from Richmond and enjoy the outdoors how do you not love this place.

David Foster

We really love this store! Found a couple great deals for my wife.

Koi B

I definitely can say that I do not look like the typical customer, but I was treated respectfully and felt comfortable during my visit. I wanted to get fishing gear and a firearm, the staff were attentive and professional; absolute golden definition of southern hospitality. I learned so much and look forward to visiting again soon.

Clarence Whitley

After reading so many negative reviews about other gun stores I decided to try them out. I was really pleased with the customer service I experienced there. That was very important to me being a person of color. The other stores had a lot of negative reviews about how people of color were treated. I loved the prices and selections and the overall experience I received. I will be back.

Gayle Kirkland

The best Sorting Goods store anywhere in the area. Outstanding and knowledgeable staff. Great selection of the top names in sporting goods. If I am ever close, I always stop in.

Joseph Ryan

Green Top has become my go-to gun store in central VA!!! Great selection of firearms. I had never even heard of American Defense, out of Wisconsin, and ended up buying two of their ARs at Green Top, one 9mm and one 5.56mm, because they include lots of great features and were being sold at a generous discount. A smaller gun store wouldn't have that same level of selection as Green Top. In addition, they have armorers on-hand to help customize your purchase with lights, grips and optics. Finally, with Winding Brook Indoor Range right down the road from Green Top, you can "buy and try" on the same day.

David Pearce

Great selection on everything outdoors and home defense.

Jane ONeil

Great place. 1st time visit & will go back because of the helpful employees. So much to see.

Tim Jackson

Great selection of guns, ammo, and shooting equipment. Any shooting accessory you can need or want. The staff is top notch. Specialist for whatever you do.

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