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REVIEWS OF Founding Farmers Tysons IN Virginia

Renee Fontenot

Love this restaurant. Food never disappoints.


My first time in the Virginia side of the DC area. My cousin took me out to this fancy looking place I never heard of. First impressions: beautiful decor, diverse crowd, good mix of young and old patrons. Super busy on a Sunday, the service was still pretty good. Price was not too bad for fine dinning. FFT had a nice menu but the problem is that when I see certain things on a menu, I can't resist ordering. That would be their chicken fried steak...I know...the pork chop dish looked awesome but I could not resist. At any rate the menu was a nice selection of down home country cooking comfort food all locally sourced. Great atmosphere, decent cocktails and good service.

Tanisha B.

Great place for Sunday brunch! Huge selection of breakfast, entree, and dessert items (the fried French toast is a must). Quick seating if you choose to sit at the bar. Everything was delicious and I definitely plan to return the next time I'm in the area.

Frances Gatlin

The brunch is amazing. Staff is friendly. Easy parking. Definitely make a reservation if you go because it's packed but they are very consistent.

Sarha Mavrakis

Brunch has so many options. Plan to linger and enjoy it. I do wish brunch included espresso drinks though.

Robert Swindle

Great food good service

Fernando Gomez

Spicy fried chicken and Jefferson donut is amazing and great value. to get all white meat is ideal. They will validate your parking for you so don't pay the garage! Do not go to any location without a reservation - you will more than likely be waiting for an hour plus. Great service, execution, and flavor.

David Mathes

The chicken pot pie was super small. 70% was a light flake crust. Hardly any chicken. Atmosphere was nice on the plus side. I sat at the bar. Service was prompt - 5 ☆'s.

Arianna Vranas

Great food and great service ! We came at 10:57 when breakfast ends at 11 however they made sure that we could order breakfast which is always an A+ ! Their biscuits are suuuuuper good so make sure to snag one ! Also make sure to ask your server about the numbers that are one the forks, knives and spoons ; pretty neat.

Jessie E

The weekend brunch was phenomenal! Had such a variety of sweet and savory offers. My favorites were the biscuits and gravy, the crab dip, the strawberry truffle dessert, and the cornbread. They had a variety of breakfast foods, desserts, salad, lunch/dinner items like roast beef with gravy, shrimp and grits, many things. They have coffee and tea included but it would be nice if they had ice tea or even mimosas included. I will definitely be going back sometime to have more. It was very busy so reservations might be a good idea.

Daryn Purvis

Food is one of the tastiest restaurant around Excellent all you can eat buffet it's a must try you won't regret it

Lorna B

Great concept, usually great food...I pop in here for lunch with a friend, its 'our spot' and my only complaint is that sometimes the staff seems a bit disinterested in being there and our favorite dessert is more miss than hit. Who knew you could run out of dessert at noon before the lunch rush. The cookie dough brownie should be plentiful and never run out!!! Its so good we usually take one to go! Can't go wrong with the salmon, trout or the salads!

Stacey Lenoir

First time we visited we went for lunch without a reservation and we had phenomenal service and our food was fresh, hot and amazing so we decided to go back! Second time we went for dinner WITH a reservation and after 50 minutes AFTER our reservation time and seeing people being pulled before us who walked in after, we asked and we were completely forgotten. No apology. Service was nice, the waiter pretty much saved the night, but our food wasn't prepared the same (husband ordered the same thing and it was plated differently with different proportions of food.) So the second experience kind of overshadowed our first experience. I will give 4 stars until we are able to go back again. Kind of bummed, this place had great food for lunch so maybe we should stick to that. Waaay too busy for dinner.

Yannick & Nikki Fayolle

I’m not sure if we came on an off night or what, but man was the food TERRIBLE! Server never checked on us once after apps were dropped or the entrees! Fish was extremely dry, veggies were so over cooked the lack of green in them was sad... the butternut squash ravioli was underdone and beyond flavorless.. we were extremely disappointed. The only plus side was the manager. She came to the table because she could see that we weren’t eating our food and was beyond apologetic. She was the only good part of the entire experience!! I would like to say we would come back to try, but the chances are... not so much!

abdo kaabi

The food was good but for a high end dinner it should have special dishes that distinguish it from the others.... No surprises just the usual

Mike Anderson

The best place to eat in Tyson’s Corner. Bread pudding is out of this world.

Sandesh Gade

Amazing brunch! Particularly loved the French toast with vanilla cream on the day I ate there. Everything else was brilliant too!

Ajith Joseph

This place is awesome. Food was fresh as how fresh it could be and customer service is outstanding.

Samantha Fischer

Amazing southern style farm to table food. The weekend brunch buffet is truly out of this world. All the bread is baked fresh in house and there is a wide variety of excellent cocktails and housemade sodas. The price is very good for the quality of food and service. Highly recommend!

Brenda W

Delicious farm to table restaurant. Enjoyed the Lobster Mac & Cheese and actually had a lobster tail served in top of the noodles. Very tasty. Enjoyed the "farmers" (sweet) iced tea too. Was here for a group business lunch, and would like to visit again with my husband for dinner!


I can't say enough good things about this restaurant. The service, food and drinks were all the highlight of my trip to Tyson's Corner. Prime Rib was cooked perfect. They have an extensive drink menu with anything you can think of. Our Waitress gave us great recommendations and service! A must visit.

Tim Delaney

The service was spot on. Our server was on point. She was very knowledgeable about the menu and she was very attentive to our needs. This was also during the dinner rush at one of their busiest times. They really did a great job and provided excellent service.

Cheng Shao

Decided to give this place a second chance. What a mistake. Reservation clearly means nothing to these people. Had a reservation for 7:30pm and still waiting for my table 47 minutes later. Avoid at all cost. This place was a total disaster. The cornbread came out cold and was very salty. Rack of lamb was overcooked. I asked for rare and got well done instead.

Grady Tripp

Food is really, really good. Being from the South, I'm critical of cornbread not made right. Their cornbread is amazing - definitely order it as an appetizer, WITH the butter please (just workout to offset it your tastebuds will thank you). Everyone on my team enjoyed their meals. I had the shrimp and grits which were pretty good. They have fresh juices which are absolutely fantastic. Worth the visit.

Jun Li

The corn bread here is the absolute best. I wouldn't say they have best food here but what you get is definitely worth or over what you paid for. Be sure to reserve prior to your dining tho.

Ammar Nahari

We tried the brunch buffet, and it was really good. Lot of savory and sweet choices. But the espresso machine and juices were not available.

Dana Johnson

Enjoyed brunch here this morning. WONDERFUL! The staff asked if it was my first there and then told me all about the restaurant and what is offered. I ordered the brunch. My waitress walked me down to the brunch area where I filled my plate with a tasty variety of brunch items. As I was enjoying my meal, there was staff going around offering samples of various items like fried green tomates and fried shrimp. Of course I said yes. Both were tasty. I am a tea person so had the house blend of tea and it did not disappoint. Even as I requested my check I was still offered some items included in the brunch - so I order the little chicken pot pie. I rolled out of there with a smile on my face and a bulging belly. Delicious food and great customer service means I'll be back for more!

birmingham player

Coming from England. Reminds me a lot of our gastropubs. But a more high end one with great service and a fantastic steak with some nice char. Tip generously and enjoy the service

Matt Longley

An absolutely amazing place! The concept of the restaurant is to use locally grown/raised foods, and the taste of the food exemplifies this concept. On the pricey side, but the food is well worth it. They also have a bakery so you can grab dessert for the road. Try the Virginia Peanut Butter Mousse pie.

Jon-Christian Wright

Great food and service, but their desserts are secretly delicious!

Tajh Phifer

Absolutely try the cornbread if you go! Literally everything is good though. Price is about ~$15 per person

Rebeca Moya

Food was delicious, service was great. Not particularly toddler friendly (no kid's menu) but we made do. Everyone loved their meals and the lemonade was delicious. Busier than anticipated on a weekday but we're not from the area.

Fred Moreno

Food and service were fantastic. Although our server's section was extremely busy, it was like we were her only table. The valet parking was also very convenient.

Caroline Garland

Amazing food -ethical, humane, and, most importantly, delicious!

Kathy W

We tried the Sunday brunch buffet. Ingredients were fresh and dishes well made. Food was tasty and not overly seasoned (except the chilies too salty). Desserts were great. There were a lot of people waiting for a table but we decided to skip the line and sat at the bar.

David Patterson

Since I am from DMV area, my friends and relatives recommended this place so many times. The food was yummy!! GREAT service and staff.. Highly recommended!

Amber Abbitt

Loved this place. Tons of food and good service.

TOG Traveler

Good meal. Interesting menu options of classic Amer. comfort foods. Short ribs were were great. Desserts were kind of blah. Good cocktails. Staff was friendly and helpful. Overall, a bit on the pricey side.

Jennifer Halvaksz

Excellent food, fun atmosphere. We ate before the Cirque du Soliel show and were glad we went early. The buzz was much louder as the typical dinner hour arrived.


We got there a little early figuring it would be busy for a Friday night. We made reservations in advance, checked in, and we were seated right on time even with the crowd. It was a little noisy but got quieter later in the evening. Eric was a fantastic waiter for our party of 8. We couldn't have asked for someone more attentive. He knew exactly how often to check in on us and nailed all of our orders. This was my first experience, and I had a great time!

Ruth Ebinama

This was my family's 3rd time at the restaurant for brunch. This time we came for our wedding anniversary. The food was amazing as always!

Phil Jackson

Way over rated. Had dinner with Apps and a drink. Crab dip was literally swimming in oil. Tuna was way over cooked Extremely poor crab dip given the DC metro area is known for blue crab. Breakfast was a sad sad disappointment. biscuits dry and crumbly, also the cook doesn't know what a soft scrambled egg is and over easy eggs were requested by what was delivered was an egg white with 'hard boiled' yolk.

Erica Bruton

Amazing experience. Excellent food. Great environment.

Stephanie Davis

The food is really tasty, however, I have a funny story from my visit today. My co-workers and I went for lunch to welcome and new team member. One of my co-workers ordered the beet by j juice . Five minutes later the waitress comes back and says I'm so sorry but we are out of that juice but I have a surprise for you. The same co-worker and another co-worker asked for Green day juice and the waitress said I'm so sorry we don't have that either, what about Like Dem Apples? So they settled. We all ordered our food. Same co-worker order the Impossible Burger. We are all talking and another co-worker jokingly says what if they don't have your Impossible Burger and soon as he finished his sentence comes the Manager apologizes saying we don't have anymore impossible burgers. We all bust out laughing . We could not believe this was happening. They made it up by giving him a rain check on the beet juice and brought 4 different desserts for us all to try. We were thankful for the good customer service.

Sai CH

Love the pancakes , donut . Pancakes was so light & fluffy. Would love to go back to this place. Service & ambience was good

Arpan Munier

Good takeaway coffee from the coffee/dessert bar and a really kind lady serving them!

Kaire Caballero

The server and host were amazing to my boyfriend and I. We both enjoyed our meals and the carrot cake.

Michael Van Houten

I love the atmosphere, the fact they're owned by a farmer co-op, and their farm to table freshness. Everything about the Farmer's Restaurant Group restaurants, bakeries and fish markets are amazing and inspiring to those who are looking for well prepared, quality food. I strongly encourage everyone to make their rounds not just to Finding Farmer's Tyson's Corner, but to all of their properties in and around the DC area. Enjoy!

Hector Bezares

Great service, amazing food. From the drinks to the desert, you can’t go wrong. Simply delicious.

Patt Go

Amazing place! Portion sizes are slightly bigger and the wait is slightly more than average. The crepe cake was excellent. I could taste the strawberry, cream, and pastry of the cake. The drinks were good, but the Roger Rabbits (the drink) was like bland carrot juice. All in all, an amazing family restaurant.

Rekha Patel

Great customer yand great food.

Janis Kim

The Mac and cheese is so delicious I have passing dreams about it still haha Definitely would come here for pasta rather than Olive Garden.

Kathryn Stegemann

Totally bummed out. Been here a few times and had great experiences. This time we went with my in laws, husband and brother. Great service, love the valet, but please dont serve food that isnt fully cooked. My very sweet and completely non confrontational mother in law ordered the pot roast. We should have known when they delivered our food and said hers was delayed. As an aside, I never like it when they deliver at separate times. It makes it very uncomfortable to eat before and in front of the matriarch of our family. When it arrived several minutes later I could tell something was wrong even though she would never ever say anything. The carrots and potatoes were so crunchy and very undercooked and the meat was so tough. I was surprised she was served this meal. We have all chosen this meal before with complete success but as everyone knows pot roast takes time. The restaurant should have taken it off the menu until it was ready to be served. What was once my go to place for satisfying my in laws is now a place of no return. Pot roast should not be crunchy.

Shelley Costantini

I really enjoyed my brunch today. We were greeted by a man named Joe and found him to be very knowledgeable about the restaurant and its philosophies on the sustainable food options. Everything was delicious and well-presented.

Raj Etta

Fresh ingredients ( I think ?) and great service. Only had breakfast, so time to go back and check-out other options. They have a decent selection of vegetarian entrees though it's an American restaurant

Sage Russell

Good, but not worth the hype. Drinks seem to come in whatever glass they could find at the time and the food was good. Not great, not bad. Just average. I'd go again.

Metilda Benedict

We have ordered take out before and the food was good so we tried it out in person. The staff are super friendly and the place is super crowded, we went on a Wednesday at 8pm! We ordered some delivish eggs, chicken pot pie and stuffed pork tenderloin which were all really good. Only thing was there were a couple of veggies in the potpie that were super overcooked and tasted weird. But overall we really loved and would definitely go back!

Constantine Thomas

EXCELLENT customer service! Quality food. Hopefully the bathroom will be finished soon before the holidays.

Barry Jones

Great service. I love the location and the decor. The waiters and waitresses even have cool uniforms. The chicken had a great flavor (I think I could win a fried chicken battle with FF though). The mac n cheese was good and the green beans were crunch and well seasoned. Whatever the sauce was I did not enjoy it much, I thought it was gravy but as I type this maybe it was some kind of sauce for the donut. I also had a pilsner jalisco which was good too.

Frank DiPerna

Had brunch at Tyson's yesterday. The decor is very good and the service was fine. But all the hot dishes were cold, cold eggs, cold sausage, cold ham, cold beef, cold home fries, cold pancakes all of it was cold. the deserts were average. For 32 dollar a head I was expecting a lot more. will never do the brunch again.

Mitch Baker

Loved this place! While the wait was a bit long the food was definitely worth it. Share the fried chicken dish cornbread mashed potatoes and meatloaf. Wow!

Sean Leibold

Great restaurant... Service is a little slow during peak times

Marcus Walther

Helpful staff. Great food. Reservations are helpful, but can also walk in.

Ruffy Z

What can I say. I want to like this place more. Food is delicious and price isn't horrible. Service is good, but always way too slow and way too little, which I don't mind actually. But what is really bad is that and they can't hold a reservation if their life depended on it.

Ryan Jones

Very good! The food tasted very fresh! Both appetizers and entrees we got were delicious!


Can never go wrong with founding farmers. I always get the goat cheese burger at this location and it’s very good. One thing I would say is to get ranch in the store, even homemade ranch would be amazing with the fries.

Eunkyu Lee

I was here for my father's birthday. We had a great time together with amazing foods, dru ks and service. Make sure you make a reservation at least a day ahead. Atmosphere is also great!

Sankit Gupta

Everything is made from scratch. People might find it pretty good but also it takes a lot of time, so some might feel it over hyped. Vegetarian friendly.

angela mcconnell

Great food. So fresh! The one in Tyson's has great service and they also have a bakery too! Cocktails are the best!

Benjamin Wolfe

This is incredible. If we were local this would be our spot. This could have been the best food I've ever had. You have to check it out.

Chantelle Mendoza

Brunch was delicious and I love the atmosphere! However, service was mediocre. Our server was James and he not attentive or friendly with our group. We waited forever for waters multiple times, he was never around to help clear our table or help with anything we needed, nor was he friendly. We saw him maybe twice during the two hours we were seated and one of those times was only because we asked another waiter or manager to go get him. We are a friendly group and we understand that weekend brunch is a busy time, but it was truly that bad. No friendliness on James’s part, and most definitely didn’t get an apology or explanation for his lack of service. Not acceptable for this kind of restaurant!

Jennifer Wood

I was there for the buffet. The food was amazing. There was quite a variety of food, and was all hot. The servers offered eggs Benedict and pancakes to be made fresh. These were included with the buffet price. The bathrooms were clean. The only thing I wish is that they offered a menu. (Someone in our party has trouble walking. While we got him food from the buffet, he would have preferred to order from a menu.)

Gema Souto Adeva

Love this place! They have the Impossible burger which is amazing!! Great vegetarian options! The weekend brunch is awesome! A bit pricey but given it's all you can eat as long as you wear something loose you'll be fine

pelumi olaleye

Good food good people. I booked a table for 20 people using the email I was given when I called because they can only take up to a certain amount over the phone. It was easy to communicate via email & servers were ready to serve us upon arrival. Great experience every time.

Pamela McCaster

We had brunch here and it was AMAZING! A large variety of items to choose from.Everything was so delicious and freshly made. Staff was very professional and accommodating.I would advise you to make reservations or be prepared to wait I highly recommended this place

Trung Tran

I could not have had a better dining experience. We came in for brunch no realizing that they only serve the buffet. My father has a heart condition and is on a very strict low sodium diet. When we found out that we could not order a la carte, our hear dropped because we really wanted to try out founding farmers. Joe, our waiter could not have been nicer though. He found out what dishes my dad could eat on the buffet and keep checking back to see if my father was okay. Joe's service was amazing. Also amazing was the fried chicken, the eggs benedict, and the cherry compote. Highly recommend this place and if you go ask for Joe.

Hiwot Yohannes

I just love everything about FFs. Their menu caters for everyone and tasty too. The convenience of a parking garage is something important to someone like me who hates the hustle of parking especially when you’re simply trying to have some good time.

Steven Mitchell

Food is not very adventuresome. For some, that's okay, but we like a little more exotic.

Bryan Clark

Great service and excellent food. I had the trout with spinach and mashed potatoes it was delicious, the tomatoes that were served with it were amazing

David Messam

Food is super good and high quality. I generally am not a fan of food this upscale but FF is liget

Terrell Grooms

Great for all crowds and the food is great with many choices

Kelay Wasthere

In love with their cornbread and shrimp and grits! Food is always fresh and delicious. Service is great.

Manish Lal

Really nice vibe and great service. The food choices were of unique combinations (which I liked) and were cooked good. Most of the staff was really friendly and there's a parking deck nearby.

Nathaniel Edwards

This is an outpost of the restaurant in DC and it's every bit as good. It's right by the parking garage so it's very easy to get to. The brunch buffet is fantastic and has everything you could want. The drinks are solid basics from bloody mary's to mimosas. All of the ingredients are from farmers that the restaurant partners with, so you can be sure where it's coming from.

Damola Shomoye

Prepare for huge portions. I haven’t explored the entire menu yet but the chicken pot pie gets a

Ghost Hin

Great food, great service. The brunch is amazing. But this isn't your regular pub brunch. It is on the pricey side. Around $40 per person after taxes and tips. If you looking to impress your date or bring your in-laws, then this is perfect.

John Farrell

Just an average dining experience in a theme based chain. Also somewhat dysfunctional. Upon arrival with 3 people on a Wednesday evening, 06:30PM with no reservation, we were told there was a 45 minute wait. Reluctantly we went to the bar to discover the only beer they served was not available as the tap was broken. Fortunately one of the members of our party had immediately jumped on Open Table and secured a reservation that had us seated in 15 minutes. The exception this evening was the skillet cornbread which was delicious.

Brian Adams

Always love to come here. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Founding Farmers has got you covered. Great coffee and juices for breakfast. Great cocktails for dinner. Well made entrees with plenty of options. Just go, you won't be disappointed

Carla Ferguson

Founding Farmers is another one of my "go to" restaurants. It's a choice restaurant where you will never go wrong. The food is always great and the drinks are even better. Our hostess was rude, but our bartender and waiter tonight were both excellent! I'm never disappointed with this family of restaurants.

Patrick Fitzgibbon

Fried chicken and donut is the best option on the menu. Very filling food big portions kinda pricey but can make 2 meals basically so it's worth it.

Cassandra Collins

Weekend buffet brunch is soooo good! Fresh food, good variety of both meat and non-meat dishes. Great service as always. Save room for dessert! Scratch sodas are so tasty!!

Ptahlifah Diggs

Went for Saturday brunch and was told a two hour wait so we went elsewhere. Second attempt made a reservation and was glad that we did. Brunch buffet was very delicious and offered a variety of options. Parking was free with validation. Valet is $3. Would definitely go again with a reservation.


After hearing friends and co-workers alike fuss over Founding Farmers for months I decided to go get dinner there with a few friends. The atmosphere was quite comfortable and refreshing (spacious and open) but the food was not impressive. I order the NY strip, it was respectable, but it was no better than a cheaper chain restaurant like Outback - go figure. The baked potato had about a teaspoons worth of pimento cheese and the seasonal greens were not evenly cooked. Friend ordered the pot "pie". You should have seen the look on his face when he got a bowl of soup and an oversized dinner roll. For a relatively quiet Monday night the service was average. To be frank Founding Farmers is overpriced for what it is (I guess it all goes to rent). I won't be back unless someone else is footing the bill.

Monica Munevar

Finally a place in Tysons without a stick up its butt. An actual down to earth type eatery, food very filling and taste great. Came here with some buds for a bday and it went very well, service top notch

jheury Moran

Very Disappointed!! My wife and I came to have dinner with my 6 year old and my 10 month old they set us down and after waiting about 30-35 minutes for the waiter to come to out table we decided to walk over to the palms he/she never came we decided to walk out . We told the lady in the front desk and her words were “really wow” . This have never happen to us ever hopefully this is not how they treat their customer .

Matt Calhoun

This place is good but not everything is a hit. The shrimp pasta was kind of water but the vegetarian Reuben is pretty good. Would like to explore the menu some more.

Kevin Hensley

So many 5 star reviews? I'm always skeptical of so many opinions; especially when you (Yes You) most often are not substantive enough in your review. We've been to the DC location and I'm glad to report this location is not a carbon copy. Like the DC location; this location provides you with a unique environment in which sets the ambiance to more thoroughly enjoy your meal, see pics. We arrived for breakfast hoping for fresh farm-to-table ingredients/offerings. As the receipt cites; we ordered one of the "scrambles" and the lemon/strawberry curd pancakes, side of thick cut beacon, fruit, and coffee. Overall the food was clean tasting, hearty, fresh, and special mention to the lightness and savor of the lemon/strawberry pancakes was a pleasure. The coffee was of very good quality but lacked the deep roasted tones I like in a darker roast. Obviously to please the greater majority, a lighter roast is served. The value to portion size is good and is under-pinned by the overall quality. The service was adequately reserved and attentive enough. In fairness, the restaurant was not busy. The bathroom at this location is much more substantial and there are paper towels as you are required to negotiate two handles on the way out. Our parking was validated and convenient. Overall, this visit rates in the (reality) range of 4.2-4.4 stars out of 5. Enjoy!

Frederick Streszoff

Super friendly staff, ridiculously delicious food, and great overall atmosphere! I love this place!

Brian Grady

This is a great standby for business lunches and/or a nice cocktail or dinner. The service is always great, the menu is diverse and interesting, and everything they serve is pretty good. Its not "wow" gourmet or anything like that, but its a really solid option at any time in this area.

Laura Grady

Don’t get the ribeye, it’s about 1/2” thick and overcooked. The cornbread was delicious and the drinks were ok - but that’s about all the positive I have. It has a fun vibe, but the food was seriously underwhelming.

Virdie Hawkins

Wonderful wait staff. Food and beverage is great

Sean Austin

Staple for great breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a wide variety of comfort food and healthy/vegan options. Space is stylish and fits the rustic farmhouse motifs they're going for. Free parking in the garage next door.

Dimitry Solomatin

Fantastic food and our waiter was very nice and patient

Christopher Gray

Delicious food. Great service.

David Carol

After complaining to the management via a non-google review, they do not respond. Because they have too many high reviews, now, Founding Farmers is unresponsive to any negative/constructive feedback. I can only think of one other company that may deserve a lower rating and that's my trash company.

Richa Bhatt

I went here for Sunday brunch and I was expecting to pick an item off the menu but to my surprise it was a buffet. My favorite thing about this place was the variety of foods that they had. There truly was something for everyone. However, I think because the food is for everyone, the food ended up being a little bland and plain. For that reason, the price of the brunch at $32 plus tip, just wasn’t that worth it. This is a place I wish I could give 3.5 stars for the reasons above but because the place has great customer service and a very relaxed, beautiful atmosphere, I’ll leave it at 4 stars but I’m not so sure if I would return again.

Kevin Shaw

Seriously amazing food - the bacon at the buffet can't be beat. Crowd control on buffet day could be a little better but overall great experience

Richard McMunn

Delicious cocktails and food. Happy to know they validated parking. Would be 5 stars if it wasn't such an adventure trying to find the restrooms.

Zain Qazi

Founding Farmers is generally a pretty good restaurant when ordering a la carte, but the real value in eating there comes on Sundays for there Sunday Brunch Buffet. The food is delicious - they have a variety of desserts, breakfast meats, a french toast bar, they come around with this incredible breaded shrimp that the waiters serve, and eggs benedict. HIGHLY recommend the Sunday Brunch!

Sara P

Wonderful, delicious food! Crafted sodas & drinks refreshing! Well worth the prices and the long wait. I would suggest reserving your table ahead through their website. Wait staff very attentive.


I've tried risotto at their other location and tried a burger here. The burger was pretty good, but the fries it came with were not—they seemed overcooked, and I was able to stomach just a few. At the premium price this food comes at, not too impressed. For such a spacious venue, I wouldn't mind if seating was more spaced out; My friend and I felt a bit drowned out by the chatter of the other parties seated around us.

Melissa Troncoso

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Northern Virginia. Always make a reservation! I love the farm to table quality. The brunch is phenomenal, but it's way too much food, so we mostly stick to dinner. Once I did not like my fish and the waitress and chef prepared a different plate for me. The excellent food and service keep me coming back.

Brynn Johnson

One of the best dining experiences I have had! Breakfast on Friday, 9/6/19, will go down in the history of my life as a standout moment and meal! I had the Spinach and Tomato Benedict - the eggs were poached perfectly, the tomatoes were ripe and the spinach was fresh- with a side of fresh fruit and the thickest, smokiest bacon I have ever had. The fruit was sweet and juicy- not a lesser piece in the bowl. And the main course was so light and delicious with just the right amount of Hollandaise sauce. Oh! And the hash browns were spiced and crispy! So hard to find good crispy hash browns! The coffee was bold- shout out to Compass Coffee! - and flowing. Our server even got me a cup to go at the end as we were about to leave. Excellent service and excellent food. I have had dinner here before but this was absolutely the best meal here thus far.

bryan b

This is one of my absolute favorite places to eat. The service is great. The food is amazing as well. Weekend brunch is a way to try lots of items. Be sure to make a reservation to faster service.

Noyan Aktug

I had high expectations going here, but I was a bit disappointed, honestly. Our waitress was less than welcoming and had quite an attitude. I can overlook that if the food compensates for it, but the entree I ordered, Sausage and Mushroom Gnocchi, a dish one would expect to be savory, was actually sweet, and was swimming in liquid. I couldn't finish it. My wife's trout came skin side up with a layer of spinach on top, an odd presentation, though she said it wasn't terrible. We did order a tartare appetizer that was quite good, so it's unfortunate the entrees didn't match it.


Exceptional restaurant experience. Unbelievable food. Highly recommend

Doris Sweatt

My Birthday celebration was here when visiting from Dallas. This place is soooo good. The brunch was awesomely splattered with an amazing variety of tasty choices.

Patrick Young

Amazing service and excellent food. First time here and I cannot say enough great things about this place!! Especially thanks to our server Dari for making this experience a total package. her recommendation and guidance was excellent and the perfect amount. The Farmers salad was a great start finished with- my wife had Scallops as she told me “Best in Tysons!!” My Ribeye was perfectly cooked and seasoned well just how I like it. We will definitely Return!!

Jacqueline Howard

I arrived at opening 9am, Sunday morning, and the bathrooms appeared not to have been cleaned the night before. The service was fantastic and the food was okay. I prefer the one in Tyson's corner for atmosphere.

Thomas Dodson

Food is always really good. Haven't had a bad dish. Definitely try the farmer smash, great whiskey cocktail.

Claire Cooper

Farm to table, stunning food, taste is amazing and staff was impeccable!

Jazz Weller

Always good food and nice staff. I brought a birthday cake for my father in law but forgot candles and they didn't even hesitate to add a few for us free of charge (though there is a charge to have them slice and plate the cake for you). Its a pricey restraunt but worth it for any special occasion

dellene deweese

Sat @ the bar. Fun evening. Good food.

Martin Warr

Outstanding!!! Been here about 4 times and it is always fresh and flavorful.


Always a pleasure to dine in. When we arrived there was a 35 min wait. They swiftly got us in prior to the 35 min wait. Our server Rob was a pleasure. We got the crab dip which was delicious as apptitizer. As our meal we got their well know Spicy fried Chicken with the Jefferson donut and the Center cut ribeye which was cooked correctly. A place worth trying and wonderful staff.

Roman Sayed Mahmood

Love this place!!! The sunday brunch is awesome you can taste the freshness in their food... good job guys!!!!!


The brunch is soooooo delicious with many options and varieties of everything! But save room for the vast array of delectable desserts! A little pricey for brunch (32.95) includes beverage but is absolutely worth it if you are very hungry and can eat your monies worth. Food is freshly made and locally sourced from my understanding. Lots of nice looking alcoholic beverage options for brunch and otherwise!


Excellent experience here! Food was so very delicious. Cooked with heart & just for me. Didn't taste like the generic, mass produced/microwaved


Great Sunday Brunch. We went ~12 on Sunday and they said we would have to wait more than 1 hour. However the bar had seating available without the wait. Great brunch buffet. Not cheap but the selection is great.

su mon

Without a doubt the best place to go for dinner.My husband and I both enjoyed our dinner and so did my little one

Frank Monsen

Had lunch today with our really good friends. Great restaurant & really great service. Our lunch was fast and efficient from our server. She was in total control from start to finish. Food was hot and fresh. Desserts and coffee was a solid finish. I could not ask for a better experience. Thank you we will be back.

Stephanie Belk

Love this place. I'm so happy they have a location in Mclean.

hpau yam

Delicious breakfast! Tasty and fresh. Parking available. Service is really good and fast. Will try lunch menu next time.

Brenda Bryant

The food is good and plenty of everything


First time eating at Founding Farmers. Nice setting, we had a very attentive & polite waiter who was very helpful with helping us decide. I had the cornbread for an appetizer, the Shrimp/lobster Risotto & my husband had the Ribeye Steak dinner. The food was "DELISH". We were too full therefore we couldn't partake in the mouthwatering desserts. However, we will definitely be back and I will get dessert! The spicey chicken was very popular so I will give it a try next. The food was certainly worth every dime..

Fishin' In Scrubs

Nice atmosphere... Great location... Spicy chicken is not spicy... Country fired steak is pretty mediocre... Spicy crab dip was awesome...

Jessica Brownlow

I will always recommend this place to everyone, but make a reservation! It's popular for a reason! Everything on their menu is amazing, I go every time I'm in the DC area and I've never been disappointed. Service can be a little slow but it's understandable when they're so busy.

Frederick E Stidam Jr

First time eating food(lunch) here other breakfast. I must say was not disappointed. I had medium cooked chop lamb . Oh so flavorful and tender. Most of the other dishes and appetizers had by other party was quite enjoyable. Excellent customer service from time of our arrival and until our departure. Definitely recommend this location. Looking forward to a return trip.

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