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REVIEWS OF Ford's Fish Shack - South Riding IN Virginia

Kaine Peter

Great place for sea food. Local favorite and well deserved distinction.

Paul Cress

Let me start by saying "I don't even like seafood." It's true but I went because my sister and her BF were in town and wanted oysters so we went and we were so impressed that we ordered almost everything on the menu. Not joking, we kinda caused a scene (in a good way). We were there for hours just trying stuff out and everything was so good!! Absolutely the best fish tacos ever!!! Again, I don't even like fish so however they cook it convinces my taste buds that it's delicious! Also, the french toast they offer at brunch will change your life!! SO GOOD!

Ronnie Anderson

The food was very good and the waitress bartender was very helpful where's a good place to eat

Karishma Kibria

Overall environment and food were good. Ordered fish and chips. It was soft inside and crispy outside. French fries were extra thin which i didnt like. Their menu was very diverse so even a picky eater will find soemthing to eat. good place for happy hour/friends hangout.

Pavla Kovats

Everything we've had here is sooo good, I could eat there all the time. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere too. Great job, keep it up and thank you!

Anand Kumar

Food was excellent. Service was great.

Kim Regan

Food was great but our service was less than great. Our server rarely came by and then dropped the check and took 20 minutes to come back to run the cards. Very frustrating

Angad Saini

Great happy hour menu and daily specials!

Andy F

Very good food

Candy Urdahl

We go to Ford's at least five times a year for birthdays or to take family and friends out for a good meal. The service is usually very good. The seafood and accompanying side dishes are always perfectly cooked. For those who don't eat seafood, the other entree options are also well-prepared. I've been impressed by the freshness of the ingredients & the kitchen's ability to deliver consistently good results. The desserts are delicious and the right size... not too much, not too little, made with first rate ingredients. My two most recent dinners at Ford's in May were exceedingly good. A sea bass with roasted fingerling potatoes was one of the best fish dishes I've ever eaten.

Michael Tran

Soooooo good... will definitely return

isaiah gilbert

Awesome food without breaking the bank!!

s salik

Food and service was great!

Tom Marsh

Meh. I got the lobster roll, $25. The lobster was very chewy. And although the roll was over seasoned, the filling was bland. It's hard to mess up lobster, but they did.

Tony Licalzi

The best place, bar none, to enjoy fresh fish in the area. We typically come here when we want grilled fish steaks, they do it perfectly and there is always a good variety on the fresh fish menu. We almost always get fresh oysters or spicy mussels as an appetizer as well. Highly recommended!

Ashley Habibi

They have a very slippery floor. Their Salmon is very salty

Stella Harsh

Never disappointing. Delicious food, great service and you don't have to break the bank to take your family out for a decent dinner. Love, love Ford's fish shack

Tounde Emery Djohi

5 stars is a fair grade for the service that was provided. I did not particularly enjoyed my food because have a hard time dealing with starch, but that is not their fault. So, my honest review is that the service was great. meal I had was super flavorful. The crab cake benedict. I liked it. Next time I go, I will ask for extra vegetables and less starch, and I think all will be perfect. People in there were caring. The manager was just stopping by checking on people regularly. It was refreshing. Plus the fish shop atmosphere was a unique experience for me .

John Knorr

Decent fish and chips, liked the lobstah bisque. Ok beer selection.

Grayson Cochran

My wife and I had a great dinner this evening. The food was excellent and so was the service. Esmar took great care of us and made us laugh all night. Looking forward to our next visit.

Haley James

Everything I have ever gotten here is amazing and the service is great! We always stop here when we're in the area. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

jin noh

Food was soso... but good service.

Alexander Rivas

Great food. Reasonable prices.

Jon Saxon

Great food. Good service. Worth a visit.

Patrick Kasilag

This is my third time at this location. I was very pleased with the service every time until my most recent visit with my family. Our server (Brenda) was great, but somehow felt unwelcome by the other waitresses. Maybe it’s the fact we had children with us? We had a simple question about our bill, but had a very rude response from someone we stopped (older blonde woman.) To keeps things short: I recommend trying: - angry mussels - shrimp and fish tacos (my favorite) - fish and chips (not overly battered, like most places) - Lobstah rolls - Billy’s lobstah tails I DON’T recommend: - pecan crusted trout - popcorn scallops

Eric Thompson

Brunch was very good.

alan connelly

Best sea food in Virginia. Awesome friendly staff and excellent service. Trout is awesome, Lobstah broiled and deep fried is awesome. Mussels are the best ever, dollar clams rock. Fish and chips are the best. Casual friendly atmosphere. Can be crowded and can be difficult to find parking on prime dinner hours and days, to be expected with great quality tasty food at reasonable prices.

Ricky Hoybach

Delicious food & great service

Heba Elshourbagy

Nice place, nice food & good price.

Xin Xie

Great seafood, and very friendly servers !


Always satisfied with a visit to FFS at any location!

Michael Milazzo

The pecan crusted trout is delicious. Ask for extra brown butter sauce because it's so good you'll want more.

Robert Bernier

Fried oyster sandwich was awesome, only negative was it took a while to place our order but the place was packed for lunch. Will definitely go back and try more of the menu.

Jenise Coleman

Great place with great managers. Birthday dinner, Friday evening(6/1), the place was packed and the manager meet our needs with a party of 16. As our party arrived they made adjustments for us. Could not have chosen a better place to dine. Our server, MOLLY was the best! She was very welcoming and knowledgeable about the menu. She was very patient with us and she laughed with us. Molly took interest to assure u that our checks were all correct. We plan to dine there again and diffidently ask for Molly, Great experience!

Cindy DeOms

Good visit here, wait staff is excellent. Food is quite good, short of fabulous but appreciate the management correction with our issues.


Not much to say, it was just bad all around. No redeeming qualities to speak of. But really, they should do a better on the fish course since this is a fish restaurant. 2nd try, still bad! I wont be back!

Waqar Mufti

Server were the worst had ever experienced the service after put up dinner had to call bring napkins, water send message by 2 different waiter never showed to refill,or curtsey to see if needed anything waited trough half way my meal for shrimp cocktails never seen until she bring bill Receipt desk well service only

Corey Callihan

Ford's is fantastic, great food, great bar and service. My one ding would be (and not worth removing a star) they are popular enough that it's tough to get a seat in the bar area during peak hours. Love their fish tacos and fish 'n chips.

Jordan Medina

Stopped in for a beer just to check it out. While I cant speak of the food, the staff working the bar and front door on Saturday, June 15th around 5pm were certainly on their a-game. Will go back.

Katie Hosaflook

This was my first visit to Ford's Fish Shack and let me tell you that it definitely won't be the last! The blackened sea scallops over penne pasta in a tequila lime sauce was delicious, the lobster roll was beyond delicious and the crab legs were very sweet! I can't wait to go back again!

Eric Williamson

Boston’s Lobster Roll has nothing on Fords Fish Shack. Best I’ve had in years, just as good as anything out of New England.

lisa ackerman

First time there. Our server Nicole was awesome! Food was good and beer selection was great. Will definitely go back again!

Lesley Negri

We held a farewell party for an office worker. There were 14 of us. First, the food was super as usual; however, one person had a hair in her salmon salad. They were quick to replace and the manager personally offered his sincere apologies. It was very, very cold inside the restaurant. I asked about it, and they said that they had turned it up sometime ago and that it was taking a long time to warm up. She said they were all cold too. Yes, it is 20 degrees out, but they should have accounted for that.

Mark Krutz

This place is a mecca in South Riding. Great happy hour every day, service is amazing (especially the bartenders!) And food is always top notch.

Jessica Drollette

The strong fish smell as you walk in is over powering. Food is good but the smell... can’t handle it.

Deborah henning

The absolute best fish/ dessert place to eat in South Riding. No one beats there huge selection.

John Walker

The food was excellent and the service was top notch. We ask for additional food to take home. The server asked if we wanted the food now or just before leaving so it wouldn't be sitting there getting cold. Kudos to her for at least asking. The jumbo shrimp were delicious. The white wine sangria was good enough to order a 2nd. Be careful though, they are $32 per pitcher. The shrimp tacos tasted very good and recommended. I did order a crab cake side, for the price, it wasn't worth it. I personally could not recommend it.

Kevin Padron

Excellent service and the food was delicious. Great times.

Chemere Hill

It was good...I enjoyed it

darleen collins

Fresh and delicious food! Wait staff very attentive. Thoroughly enjoyed

Skye Burns

Meh. It's ok. The service is mediocre. Some of the food has a great taste and some is just ok. Not worth the price

Robert Lane

Great atmosphere, perfect service and awesome food. Best New England style seafood in the DMV, no question.


Ordered the oysters.They were fantastic. Ordered the lobster roll. Not good. All meat was from claws and chewy. No tail meat. At $22.00, not worth it. I will go back to try other selections.

Ashley Betchar

Food is always great and I love this place BUT. They have their Ashburn locations phone number listed with their South Riding location page. Manager didn’t seem to care that they had their numbers switched and we were put at the bottom of the list.

Anthony Wooddell

Really good food and service

Elle Bellanca

Great food, good service, could have better wait set up.

William Hoyt

If you are from the Northeast (Mainah here), then this place is a taste of home. At least, as far as seafood is concerned. They do lobstah the correct way, make a pretty good chowdah, and even have steamahs (though their popularity will occasionally leave them out of stock if you get there late)! Be mindful that if you go on the weekend, expect it to be rather busy.

Chris Lutyk

Angry Mussels are always awesome!

Greg Wagner

Service, menu selection and Maytag Chips make it Top 10 go to in East LoCo. Something for everyone, great specials, too. Try shrimp cocktail and go huge for a shareable meal. Bar, beer and wine selections rock the food pairings.

Ajit Datey

Excellent food and service

Jonathan Culpepper

Salmon is excellent. Great atmosphere.

Martin Oliver

OMG. Unbelievable food. Don't let the retail space fool you. This place is the real deal for outstanding seafood.

Kati Lunceford

Great food and wonderful customer service!

Katie Taylor

Really pleased with the quality and quantity of the food! $22 for 6 shrimp and fish tacos is pretty decent - see pictured. Heaping mound of food for a good price. Our service was pretty decent as well.

Tom K

Good service and the food is delicious. A little light on the quantity of lobster on my roll but otherwise very good.

Celine B

Amazing lobster rolls

Ezz Mac

Food was fine. Big manager is just as can be.

Hugh Walser

Had the appetizers for our meal. With the exception of the spinach/crab dip, everything was awesome. Waitress was attentive and offered great recommendations.

Ashley Mcmahon

Got the crab cake and it was basicly just crabmeat tossed in sauce scooped on a plate with bread crumbs on top, it wasnt even hot, i was disapointed. I ate it because i was hungry and didnt want to have to wait. But it just seamed like a lazy dish.

Bite TheBait

Went to eat here on Saturday and the food is great. Had the fish tacos and was pleasantly surprised. They were really good and great price as well. Only reason I give 4 stars is the bathroom. Not the cleanest which can ruin an appetite but thankfully this was at the end of my meal. Overall experience was great though, waiter was 5 star and the food superb. Will go again.

Amy Barnett

Maine chips are excellent. Enormous portion of Fish and chips. Shrimp tacos were awesome!

Wil Bell

Not so great this evening which is not the norm. We normally come in on a Friday or Saturday night, food is great, great service but actually had to wait 18 mina's to be seated and a line behind us too. Not a good night dining out...

Karen Olive

Great food and service

Mischa Pizarro

I saw this online for places to eat in Chantilly,VA. Plenty of parking and seating. The food was delicious, enjoyed it. Will go back next trip.

Brian Robinson

Is fine them 4.5 of it was possible. Great food and good beer selection. Highly trained staff.

Robert Luedeman

Good food good service I will go back for more

Bill Sullivan

Good food, good service with hometown feel

Ervin Waters

Good and decor are amazing.

John Thurman

Hot food nice place would go there again and couldn't ask for better service

Tony Sutphin

This was a great find..great menu and services. Highly recommend

Tye L

Great service and food. Salmon was on point. Place looked clean also. Unfortunately, we were chowing down quick because we got sat under a vent that was icing us out. Manger tried to turn the vent down but that only lasted 5 min. Overall it was a good experience. We would go back.

Playa Venao Adventures

The fish tacos were amazing. Very good service and value for money. Will visit again.

Daniel Segall

Great seafood joint. I've been going to the original Ashburn location for years since it opened. Always great food and service. Reasonable prices and decent beer. This was my first visit to the South Riding location, and it did not disappoint. Love the fish tacos, angry mussels, chowder, and fried lobster tails. You really can't go wrong here.

wasim khan

6 of us went there to have lunch. One of us had Salmon and it was over cooked. Otherwise food was good. I will go there again.

Meg Pike

Our waiter Donald was amazing!!! It was my first time there and he truly helped it be a lovely experience! He reccomend the special and we also got the tacos and everything was delicious! Plus the manager Jeff was checking up on people to make sure we were having a good time. My family and I will definitely be coming back to such a fabulous establishment.

Arshad Haque

Among the best seafood restaurants. The bread rolls are delicious. Highly recommended.

Monique B

Food is fresh, sauces are homemade. Cocktail sauce is perfect! Our server was friendly & could answer anything about the menu. Just wish I had room for the berry shortcake!

J&S Rexrode

The happy hours deals are really good.

Alexander Machuca

Good food , excellent service , good atmosphere.

Wendy Shipton

Wow! I am impressed & I my tastebuds are homegrown-Alaskan! The appetizers are amazing and a little too filling, I barely had room for my tacos! So fresh, so good, loved the blueberry soda!

Jeff Klioze

I've been to Ford's twice. First time I had the fish and chips. Too greasy for my liking. Second time the crab cakes. Too seasoned for my taste, couldn't taste the crab. The drinks were good.

Kathleen Miller

Great lobster roll and fish and chips. The burger was excellent

Shantala Shenoy Nayak

We are regulars here since we live only a few miles away. And every single time we've visited this place, we've had a great experience. For starters, the food is good - we've tried quite a few dishes here, and they were all great. Moreover whenever something doesn't turn out right, the staff has been super helpful to sort the issue out. Highly recommend the crispy fried calamari (ask for their buttermilk ranch dip along with it) and the shrimp and fish tacos, but honestly we've liked everything we've tried here, so suit your fancy!

Mark Bonatucci

Loved it! Great food, super service. Interesting menu!

Jim Khoury

Pretty good food for a small chain. I like the Monday's happy hour... special on oysters

Stumper 00

Good service. Good food. Bisque soup tasted frozen and reheated.

Gone 3D

Great seafood place. The mussel appetizer is fabulous and worth going back for.

Chris Marchetti

Their food is delicious. I had the crabcakes and they were phenomenal! My friend had the fish and chips and said they were as excellent. Both were as outstanding as advertised. We will definitely be back again.


Oh where to start I had a good experience but when I told them it was my birthday they weren’t the best singers

jecadros .


Stephanie Walker

Delicious food, fast service.

Marta M. Roman

I loved the grill scallops and sweet potatoe fries.


What happened to this restaurant? This is the second time I had a bad experience here Food and service are horrible

cleaveland delande

This is my first time eating there and the food was wonderful the manager was superb have no regrets really enjoyed my evening


Great Oysters! Fantastic atmosphere!

Jedi Starwalker

Recommended by a friend, well worth the visit! Going back to work my way through the menu.


Most of this visit was a bust. The table was dirty, the food was mediocre, environment uncomfortable, and the attitude of staff not very positive overall (our waitress was the most positive individual during our visit). The condiments served with the meal were not sufficient and refills of said condiments were also abysmal. I will try the other Ford's Fish Shack location to see if it is better.

Luce Sale

Good food and drinks. Shelly was our server, she was wonderful. Excellent service!

Mike Marrinan

My wife and I have been coming to three different Ford's locations for the past 5-6 years. Their food is consistently great, and I'm always happy with their beer selection. Their daily special entree usually piques my interest, and gets me to try something a little different. However, I felt the need to post a review after our visit today to the South Riding location. As we sat at the bar, the manager was speaking with the bartender about a new, limited release beer that was just tapped. The bartender realized we were interested, and provided us free tasters of the beer (a limited release Harpoon stout) without us even asking. How thoughtful! When paying, we had some difficulties with gift cards we had purchased through CostCo several months ago - one card had a $0 value, when it should have been $25. Without batting an eye, the manager, Jeff swooped in and offered us a replacement gift card. I will happily keep coming back to the South Riding location for their food, drinks, and understanding of customer service .

Eric Johnson

Good food. The lobster rolls, fish tacos, and blackened pasta are tasty. Nice outdoor seating. Great place to take kids.

Jay Park

Ok my first review for thi place was all five stars.. but after trying out many different times I am changing my mind. Their seafood in general are below standard. Grill shrimps constantly come out cold and they really need more servers their. Their signature mussel app. Not same as before. I haven't tried it after last two times being dissatisfied. Only thing that is consistent is their kids meals and chicken sandwiches and the salmon salad.

Faren Jones-Alonzo

The food was not bad but they brought all of our food including muffins, appetizers, and entrees out at the same time so by the time we ate our appetizers our meals they were cold. They also forgot to bring out someone's entree until we reminded them.

Grace Hadouken

Loved the corn bread muffins... to die for. Other than that the service was very friendly and attentive, the food was fast and yummy. Would definitely recommend.

Benjamin VanEvery

Nice "at the beach / docks" feel inside. Friendly staff. Tasty muffins and everything else.

CW Harvey

Good service. Fair price. Large quantity. Great local place

Barb Morris

This was our 1st visit and we were WOWED by the flavorful food and drinks! While we were waiting for our table, we ordered drinks from the bar and enjoyed the friendly environment around us. The staff was friendly and the manager came over and introduced himself and checked on us to see how we were doing. Thank you Jeff ! Your restaurant was fabulous! We will definitely tell our friends and family about Ford's. We can't wait to come back and try other dishes!

James Schlup

Pretty solid food, but really don't like the pictures in the men's restrooms

Min Park

Can't believe I have never been to this place until today. Nice ambience. Slightly saltier than my taste, but great foods nonetheless

Esin Sarioglu

Delicious food - and drinks!

Christopher Bowen

Great place for some local seafood. Definitely ask them about their specials and about the catch of the day is. Great atmosphere and kid friendly too.

Josie Gem

Went in with family, was seated pretty quickly. My mother went to the restroom and immediately came out saying she saw a waiter leave the stall and NOT wash her hands. We decided to leave after that because of a lack of sanitation. Please be aware this is utterly against any restaurant's policy. ALWAYS wash your hands if you work in the food industry!!!

Dee Newman

Delicious! Friendly staff and management..we can't wait to return!

Gold Dragon

First time came this location, seafood & service are as fresh & good as the other one! Two Thumbs Up!

Ashley Frye

Very good deal if you get the fish sandwich. The other seafood, in my opinion, is overpriced. But still very good.

Michael Murray

Good food and friendly staff. My daughter and her family are regulars. This was my first visit.

Jeremy .

Great food and glad I found it now that I live just around the corner.

LaNae R

I ordered the penne with shrimp, asked them to hold the bell peppers & extra red onions. There was some mix up or something... But our waiter Donald was very polite & awesome the entire time. The manager Amy came over to speak with me. She made sure I got my pasta with extra red onions just like I asked. It was delicious!! Great atmosphere & service! If I'm in thks area again I'll stop by

Janelle Hazell

Always tasty and satisfied.

Nanette Johnson

Be sure to ask for all salads with dressing on the side, if you need to avoid sugar. The champagne vinigarette was so sweet it ruined my otherwise wonderful lobster Cobb. The manager comped it, the waitress offered to replace it, but such a waste. Salmon was great as were potatoes and beans.

Carson Munchel

Love it! We go every Thursday because it's so good! Some waiters are slow but the average work age there is about 40 so understandable. The food is so good and it makes my day getting to go there!

Thierry Palmer

Great food, good service. I was happy

Marcela Nunez

Great atmosphere! The service was good and quick. Staff is nice and attentive. Prices are fair for seafood. The calamari appetizer was delicious and so all of the entrées. The food portions were just right. This was our first time here, but definetly is a restaurant worthy of visiting regularly.

brad wymbs

Go to place in south riding. Always friendly staff and the food is amazing

Sam Diggs

Great seafood, great service


Every time I go here I am never disappointed. Food is always a good size portion and staff is always friendly.

Michael Cheney

Delicious food and friendly service. No joke, my new favorite seafood place! Best crab cakes ever!


We love the food. It is getting too busy and the service is stretched thin. I know they are trying their best but there are times where things slip through the cracks and it gets frustrating as a customer

Tracey Springer

The service was amazing!! Food was too!!

Stephen Bosanko

Amazing happy hour! The staff is awesome, very helpful and professional!

Jenifer Pickens

Great atmosphere, reasonable prices for seafood. Not what I expected in a strip mall.

Eric Payne

Delicious seafood and friendly staff! Highly recommend the oysters on the half she'll and the fried calamari! One of my favorite restaurants! I will return again and again!

Jason Hilger

Great food with good pricing. Manager was incredibly accomidating for our 12 person group.

Sarah Rana

The appetizers and the food were both excellent! I got the salmon and it was cooked perfectly. The service was excellent as well. Definitely worth going back!!

Jousie Alpha

Great place and the food was delicious. The waitstaff was amazing. The seafood was very fresh.

Dena Ciepley

Great atmosphere but horrible front desk customer service and mediocre waiter. Angry mussels were scrumptious. I almost feel that Fords know they are going to thrive and do the business so they have become a little cocky

Robert Sacchi

It has interesting menu choices. It's different than the usual choices in seafood restaurants. Food is of good quality in a casual atmosphere.

Jack Frost

This was our first visit to Ford's and it was a BIG success. We had tried several times before but the lines were too long. This time, 530 on rainy Tuesday night we got right in, had quick attentive service, the oysters we're great, their frozen blueberry lemonade was awesome, their selection of drafts was extensive (15 or so), the fish tacos with radish exceptional, and hadock special entre was really really good. No complaints here. Can't wait to try it again.

Michael Pleasant

Very expensive but worth it. Amazing food and service

neon brad

Good food good staff

Lisa Peters

Understaffed. Never cleaned table. Food arrived after others were finished.

Odis Nagel

We received excellent service here. I loved my scallops and linguine, perfectly seared, the scallops.

Naïde Obiang

The food was great. Friendly service

Kevin Moore

Had a great time there last night. Met the manager Jeff, wonderful dude! Introduced me to the Blue Point oysters, the best! Calamari and Rocket shrimp, delicious! Thanks Jeff, see you all this weekend!

Joe Morris

Great fresh seafood. Nice local ambiance.

Kashaf Raja

My go to place for fish and chips. They have a great selection of seafood. Service is wonderful. They have 2 locations in NOVA.

Ryan Warfield

Great fresh seafood as you'd probably expect. Take my advice though and order the Ribeye. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!

Gregory Reed

Friendly bartenders with an unusually high quality beer selection. This spot isn't huge but it's well-built, and it's in a good spot for a quick happy hour on one's way home from the office. Food, as always, is an A+ at Ford's.

Kimberly Vardy Rice

Always good food and good atmosphere!

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