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3001 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Located in: Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront

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REVIEWS OF Catch 31 Fish House & Bar IN Virginia

Mike McCabe

Great food in a enjoyable atmosphere

I’m the Stuff

It's very classy here, nicest ambiance and best food on the beach.

Bob Franklin

Loved it. One of the best dinners I've had in a long time. The Rockfish was wonderful.

Yale Maloney

My brother and I recently dined at Catch 31. I was indecisive about my order, but my server Elyse made superb recommendations. We split a pound of steamed shrimp and the oysters Rockefeller, both were wonderful. She again guided me towards the Branzino dish for entree, which was fantastic. The meal and service was wonderful through and through. We will definitely be going back.

Nelson S

Me and my girlfriend went for lunch and we very content and delighted with our experience. First and foremost, I want to give a shutout to our server, Machayla, who was absolutely phenomenal and even gave us suggestions and her own personal opinion on menu items which helped us narrow down our choices. She was very personable and friendly which made the experience that much better. The menu wasn't too overwhelming but does give a great selection of surf and turf options. I'm not sure if there is a more extensive menu for dinner/late night options. The food was fantastic, we ordered the Flash Fried "Hot" Calamari and Shrimp Cocktail and we were not disappointed. The presentation matched the quality of the food, which was amazing. For our entrees we had the Seafood Flatbread and the Steakhouse Burger. I definitely recommend both as they were equally delicious. The flatbread can easily feed two people, unless you're truly hungry. (We had to take half home.) I would also recommend you try their Equal Opportunity cocktail, absolutely delicious! I also had a chance to try the Boysenberry Gose they have on tap, it's a must try! Overall, a great experience from start to finish. Even better when you have a great server to solidify the whole experience! Will definitely go again soon!

Rustum Rivera

Nice place, great food, and it's by the beach and King Neptune Park where they have live music.

Maria Mashenka

I absolutely love this place for many reasons, but the biggest one is due to my absolute favorite bartender, Nacho! This guy makes delicious drinks and have a talent to make you smile the entire time you are there. I will keep coming back there as long as he around! P.S., I also like that on the weekends they have DJs later on in the evinings for those who like to dance (like myself). So if you are looking for a place to have fun, Catch 31 is a great place to be!

Crystal Corker

Good foodbgood people

Michelle Walker

Unfortunately, our experience was so disappointing, again. I just wanted a small salad and a seafood flatbread. Took an 1 hour. Other guest came in and they received their meals before us, I am talking big meals. When I did receive the flatbread it was a margherita flatbread. Waiter told me I ordered margherita flat. I would never come to a seafood restaurant and order a margherita flatbread. My thing is my husband and planned to come today specifically for th e seafood flatbread. Oh well.

Eric Falletta

Rhiana our server was amazing kind and handled antabel with a lot of us 15 plus! Food was delicious and is our go to spot on VB! Highly recommend!

Oldskooldigger Me

Love catch. Nice decor. Good food. Nice outside patio with fire pits.

ilya barankevich

This place looked good and I looked it up on yelp it said number 4 place, decided to try it. Got 2 appetizers : baked oysters- disappointment and Shrimp stuffed hush puppie - this was very good. Dinner: Soup and Fish and chips. Soup was good fish and chips were ok - breading was sloppy and very think in some places. Entire meal was just above average for me. The bathrooms both men’s and women’s were destroyed. From sand in the sinks and floor to broken faucets and clogged bathrooms. If this place has such high traffic why don’t you clean the bathrooms on an hourly basis.

Shelaine Grese

Very disappointed - we waited 15 minutes for ice tea, 20 minutes for appetizers and they came and apologized stating they took our appetizers to the wrong table. We waited for 45 minutes for nothing.

Nancy Wilcox

My husband and I have been patrons of your establishment for over 10 yrs, always telling others how great it is the food & atmosphere! This summer we were very disappointed in our meal. There were four of us, the service was mediocre & the fish meals were dry & very salty. We were very disappointed in the menu change. Also one evening at the outside bar we ordered drinks & appetizers & had to give server our credit card to run a tab. The evening was over & our tab was 80.00 dollars minus the tip. My husband paid in cash. Much to our dismay they charged our credit card also, so someone forged my husbands signature, whether it was the server or bartender who knows. Upon several attempts in discussing the issue with the manager, she said it was out of her hands. Not good to rip off vacationers that make your business successful!!!!!

jibs bury

My wife and I took a trip out and our server (elyse I believe) was so accommodating. Suggested places to go and things to see and do. Successful and romantic trip! Great food, I recommend the crab cakes

Samlp Leclp

The view in that restaurant is splendid. The service is excellent as well. Our choice in the menu in contrary was disappointing. Coming from outside US gave us a different standard of food and this is not so good. We got a burger and fish and chips. We definitely tried at many occasions something nicer than this for the same kind of food anywherelse .

Ferdinand Pilgrim

I chose Catch 31 to plan my engagement surprise dinner for my then girlfriend, now fiancé. Carlene, the manager was extremely amazing and accommodating throughout my planning and the actual night of the proposal. Another manager, Emily, was very helpful that night as well! Evan, our waiter, told me that he'll do his best to make the night as special and smooth as he could and he did just that! His service skills are topnotch and he played a huge role for everyone at the dinner(party of 30+guest).Evan did have help,however, I can not remember the young lady's name but she was just as important as well! I definitely recommend Catch 31 to anyone who loves great seafood,amazing ambiance,and attentive service!

Kelli Spayd

Busy mid afternoon on Saturday. The server did have to be reminded to wipe the table again after asking. The crab cocktail was delicious. The she crab soup was good, but lacked some salt. I would eat here again.

Barb Foertsch

Food was good. But we waited at the bar till our table was ready I told the hostess who we were as my husband was paying bar bill. Hostess yelled out at me did u pay ur bar bill i said my husband is doing that now rude person number one. We finished our meal and decided to go to the bar. There were 3 bar stools rude bartender says these are taken. Now it was clear to me he was saving the stools for friends. I should've went to a manager. I work retail you can't treat people that way rude rude rude

Ewa S

Crazy expensive! Restaurant is nice, spacious, you can eat outside and in. Many entrance door that make people confused where to find a host. We were waiting for a table for 15 min while empty tables were all around. Fresh fish cost $45 - $60 per dish! Not coming back.

Michail Sweeny

So I can't believe I haven't done a review for this restaurant when I've been here well over a dozen times and they Deserve and have earned FIVE STARS. The Pros: location -at VB Oceanfront on the waterfront, clean and modern decor (think blues and beiges like the ocean and sand indoors), lively atmosphere and quality seafood! Live music or a DJ usually during peak summer months on Fridays and Saturday nights.

Wesley Reaves

Fantastic happy hour deals and try to grab a seat outside. Well worth it.

Contessa Nowacki

Beautiful restaurant with great food. Nice place for couples or groups to hang out. The outdoor eating area is beautiful at night.

Edward O'Beirne

After eating out in VB many times, this is arguably the best restaurant we’ve visited, but be advised, it is a splurge. Service by Ryan, a PT teacher by day and an impeccable waiter in our visit, was flawless. All dishes were expertly prepared, with the yellowtail being the best of four entrees. No fault could be found in the food. Patio seating was perfect and comfortable. $250 for four including a $70 bottle of wine was totally worth it for a 14-year anniversary. I would recommend and will return.

Randal Anthony

We stopped in the Catch 31 bar for a mid day drink, and the place is very stunning. The ambiance is very impressive. A Coca Cola starts at $4 and it goes up from there. But we really enjoyed it being so upscale we felt it being a real treat to stop in. We walked to the restaurant as parking is pricey.

Vincent Duran

Good food, Expensive. Best place to eat and drink at sunset.

Sara Metz

We arrived at noon. Ate an appetizer in the window seats bar area looking out at the boardwalk. The minute we sat down, in walked a female pan handler , well dressed , white female hitting us up for cash. The bartender looked st her like she was a regular, gave her a free drink, didn’t tell her to leave. We were in shock. I said nope, and this woman went around to all the tables begging for money. Then after about 10 minutes she went out to a sidewalk bench, sat down. She waited for us to finish our meal, followed us to our car, and had the audacity to reach into our car window as we tried pull away begging, putting on a good show. That scene ruined our feeling about the restaurant. It obviously was an ongoing activity for tourists eating lunch.

Patricia Fedoryk

They have happy hour everyday 3-6 pm. They wouldn’t tell you unless you ask. This evening came over and told us no happy hour today. HUH? Make things up to unsuspecting people? I asked and they said no. Meanwhile the bartender doesn’t know and gave us a drink each. You should tell ALL of your staff to lie not just one or two of them! Good food and drinks tho. Hip and trendy place.

Rick Willis

So far so good really good. It's a great location. Nice Happy hour and on the boardwalk. Great service (thanks Teige). And just adding the live music sitting on the patio is the really great

Derrick Stultz

Disappointed with my visit to this restaurant. She crab soup was barely warm and lacked flavor. Ordered the fish and chips entree and the catfish was extremely greasy and mushy. The batter on the fish lacked flavor and completely separated from the fish. Ordered the crab cake sandwich as well and the flavor was lacking. The french fries were the best item of my meal...Not worth the price paid for the meal. The waitress was great but the kitchen staff should do better. m8t

Seriously the best food we've had in a long time! Every single thing we ordered was best on the menu! Highly recommend: -Oysters Rockefeller -She crab soup -Tuna blackened with pineapple rice -And the cobb salad was the best! Wish we could give it more than five stars.

Steven Jurca

Did not enjoy my experience at all at this place. Ordered a water and it had a pinkish tint with something floating in it. Then I ordered the fish tacos and got a huge piece of plastic inside one of the tacos. The manager came out and apologized (why they got 2 stars instead of 1). For the price of the 2 tacos, I would expect better care in the production, especially since the food does take awhile to get to the table. I also wish I would have taken pictures to be able to post, but I wasn't expecting I needed photographic evidence of my meal. All in all, I would never recommend this place nor would I ever want to go back.

Daniel Farnsworth

Sunday brunch.....VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Been coming here for dinner for years and never a bad experience. Finally tried the brunch service....quite a different story, unfortunately. All started off wrong from the minute we arrived. Got there about 10:45am, second party in line for brunch. The hostess said they didn't start seating until 11 and asked us to have a seat in the lobby. Didn't ask for a name or make any note of the fact that we were there waiting. While we sat, 3 more groups showed up and were seated. I returned to the front desk and was asked for the name we were listed under. I reminded the hostess that she didn't ask us for a name. Gave her our name and was asked to go sit back down. Another 10 min or so goes by....still not called. Go back up to the front only to be given some BS explanation about seating people in order. I reminded them that we were the 2nd group in line and that at least 3 had been seated who arrived after us. She started to contradict me, but then just rolled her eyes and said, "my apologies." We were seated shortly thereafter. Explained the debacle to the server who seemed eager to rectify the situation. Sadly, that didn't happen either Waited about 20 min for coffee. Then about another 30 min for food. When the food came, it was literally cold. Not lukewarm....cold, served on cold plates. Complained to the server once again, who offered to bring the food back and have the meals re-prepared fresh. Manager came out and apologized. Didn't offer much opportunity for us to provide feedback but at least seemed concerned. Said he would "take a look at the bill" and see if there were something he could do. Apparently he was only planning to give a 50% discount until the replacement meals ended up taking another 30 min to come out. At that point, he told the server to let us know the meals were being comp'd. The replacement meals were slightly warmer, but nowhere near as warm as they should have been. By this point, I was tired of complaining and the food was already free so we just ate it. Had already been there almost 2 hours. I asked the server about it when she came back and she said they had received numerous complaints about cold food. Apparently the short-order cooking staff was under performing big time. But at the same time, part of the server's job is quality control. Why would you allow a cold meal to make it to the table? Especially in an upscale restaurant like Catch 31? To say the least, I won't be returning for brunch any time soon. Hopefully the quality of service hasn't gone down in other meals as I would hate to give up on the restaurant altogether. I appreciate that the meal was taken care of....but I would much rather pay $$ for a quality experience than be comp'd for a miserable one.

Jennifer Dawn Real Estate

Absolutely fabulous! This waterfront restaurant has a great selection of food and drinks. It has a Modern, upscale ambiance with attentive servers. The seafood I have had has been outstanding. The outdoor fire pits are the best!! The bar area can be crowded in the evening and on weekends. You can see the boardwalk and ocean from most tables, and it’s amazing in warm weather. It is located in the Hilton, so there is valet parking for convenience. Overall it’s a great spot to experience the VB oceanfront.

O'Conner White

i have been coming here last 8 years every summer, these guys are the best at the beach front! From servers to decor and the taste. l got it at busy hours they really get busy but i think quality of the service is still the same. what l love the best is that you can see the food been cooked right by you. Great job guys, be proud of your service.

Nobiana Dodi

Waiter was very slow. But would probably go again.

Nick Chavchanidze

This place has amazing food, exacting e chef is making this place shine in Virginia Beach, food is exquisite, my suggestion would be to make entrees more uniquely tasteful, visually food looks amazing. With expected price tag :)

Josh Tanner

Seated quick but no waiter/waitress for 10 minutes during a time they were not busy. Not many selections. Waitress eventually told me the fish I chose was not being served after ordering it. We left. In the past, the clam chowder was the best I've had. Which is the only reason for the 3 star review.

Debra Brown

Breana was an awesome waitress today and very good with suggestions for good meals.

Oliver S

Went here while on honeymoon with my husband. On the surface, the atmosphere is sleek and classy, but we quickly realized that it felt forced. The food was plated and cooked well by technical standards, however it didn't actually taste special and the prices are absurd for the portions you get. Our waitress was polite and did everything that a waitress is supposed to do, but very impersonal and mannequin-like. She left the impression that she didn't really care about us. I wouldn't recommend going here unless you care about being seen in a high class place more than about eating good food.

Andrea Sampson

Still one of my favorite places for lunch at the beach. Excellent food and service

Sanjay Gangal

Not much food for the price. Quality did not make up for it.

Kaitlyn Miller

The oysters were incredible! I ordered the shrimp and grits which were to die for! It's been quite a long time since I've had such delicious seafood. The server was very friendly and made an excellent choice on our oyster selection. The atmosphere and decor was beautiful and the location couldn't be better! I would definitely come back!

J Danger

I’ve been here twice. Once for lunch and the second for dinner. Lunch was AMAZING! Service was awesome and so was the atmosphere (we sat outside). Dinner was a bit less amazing, but they were also super busy. The best things about Catch31: Super strong drinks (if you sit at the bar) ,tasty appetizers, and , their catch 31 crab cake and delicious bread. Our server, Phillip was also AMAZING and helped us with everything. I would recommend coming here when it’s less busy. They definitely dropped the ball in terms of service during dinner. There was a weird happy hour menu that advertised drinks specials that were only specific to hotel guests (which wasn’t stated) and none of the staff knew the true answer, only the manager. There was definitely a lag in receiving our food . I ordered a shrimp Caesar salad and my first batch of shrimp came out inedible (and gray) because they were over smoked. The rest of my party did enjoy their meal. And the catch 31 crab cake is the best crab cake I’ve ever had!

Robert Kita

Just had dinner there. It was excellent. Steven our waiter was very knowledgeable and a perfect waiter. We had many great laughs..enjoyed the atmosphere and especially the meal. Would highly recommend

Keisha Goff

Waiter was awesome and the steak was the best I have ever had...

Robert Rogers

Get the crab legs. The food here is always good, great location on the boardwalk. I love sitting outside by the fire pits over looking Neptune Park.

Jessica Williams

The service was good and the ambiance is nice. We ordered the hush puppy which was really good but a little pricey. The seafood flatbread and she crab soup lacked flavor. The ceasar dressing on the ceasar salad was watery so I sent it back. Overall i was disappointed,I feel the food lacked flavor and I won't be returning.

Ben Fouts

Took my spouse out to eat here as a pre-Christmas dinner, and had high hopes since from the outside it looked very classy. From the inside it still looks classy, but you can also tell that it's not as high-quality as it would like you to believe. Nothing was overtly incorrect, mind you. The atmosphere was consistent, our server was attentive, and our food was well-presented and made without error. The problem lies beneath the surface, when you realize that the atmosphere is consistent, but consistently bland. The servers are attentive, but uncaring. The food is well-presented and without error, but you can actually *taste* the lack of enjoyment for their work that the chef must have had. My assessment is that Catch 31 is run solely for profits, and not in the slightest for love of food or of the patrons eating there. If you want to see how something can be without describable flaw and still unenjoyable, then I'd suggest nowhere else. Otherwise, stay away.

Emily Walker

I just visited Catch 31 last night and I would NEVER come back. We are a party of 5 and upon walking to the hostess we saw a booth table that could seat six. I mentioned it to her and she said the wait would be 35 minutes, despite the clearly open table. We were hot and ready to sit down so we waited and then after that, she said it would be another 10 minutes. After 45 minutes of waiting they sat us down RIGHT at the booth I mentioned when we walked in!! After all this wait and frustration, I ordered the fish and chips and was also very unimpressed. We were sitting right near the bar, with no ocean view, and the music was so loud we couldn’t even talk across the table. The coleslaw with the fish and chips was easily the most disgusting I’ve ever eaten. It tasted like eating vinegar. The fish coating was dark and dense, meaning I could barely even taste the fish. For $20 I could’ve gotten a better meal at my hotel’s restaurant!!! Our server, Nash, was very kind and provided great service, but it could not make up for our already bad experience. With five people eating, the bill is always large and that would be justifiable if the food and service were good, but Catch 31 did not provide anything close to what we were expecting. Despite its prime location, this place is not worth your time and money!


Always a great time at the Catch!

Dawn G

We dined here last year and it was amazing! I gave it 5 stars. How things change... my family was so excited to go to Catch 31. We ordered, and our salads came out with moldy slimy lettuce. We informed our server and he apologized and brought us new salads. The new salads came out with the same slimy, moldy lettuce. My husband ordered crab legs. They were not crisp enough to use the shell cracker and were served cold. The kids meals were not correct and when the waiter felt like coming by, we had to ask him for the correct food or forgotten items. NOT WORTH IT!!!

Dawn McSeveney Gash

The atmosphere had a relaxed and positive vibe. Our server EVAN was amazing! He was upbeat, funny and made great food and drink recommendations. The food was excellent and we had a great time.

Hugo Contreras

Quite possibly the quickest seafood takeout at 10pm ever. Do not fret. It was delicious. Took it back upstairs to the room and it is vouched for by our official taster...she's 6 yo.

Erin Maisch

I have sat at the inside and outside bars and on the patio and have received excellent service and good appetizers. The drinks are cold and the live music/view is on point. With that being said, I'm local and have stayed at this hotel many times but never had a good breakfast here, never even had good luck when ordering food periodt. It's always a long wait in between server visits, the food has come out cold and the bacon was limp. To top that off it was overpriced for how bad every visit was. I avoid this place like the plague when im hungry which is so sad because they have such a prime location. If I could rate inside and outside separately I would. Outside and bar areas are 5 stars, inside is a 3 at best.

Tom Thomas

Over cooked peel and eat shrimp like rubber and same with calamari except extraordinary small pieces and rings. They were busy due to an event but that's no excuse. Great drinks though

Manos Diakoumakis

Good food and good vibe. I always eat here when i'm in VA Beach

Jonathan Corpuz

Amazed by both service and food. We were checking out the menu and the manager Trudy happen to come by and convince us that Catch would not disappoint, and it didn’t. Seafood selection was phenomenal. The service was great. The staff was extremely friendly. We would highly recommend and will be back soon!

Roberta Lataille

Young servers are fine in the lower end places but at these prices the servers should be more mature. Then the food was brought out by random kitchen staff who called out the dishes. At these prices, you should know what I ordered and place it in front of me. Cocktail was good. Food menu was boring. They also plate all the dishes with the same sides. Again, that is fine at a family place but this place purports to be fine dining. At these prices, each dish should have sides that complement the fish ordered. They even put Mediterranean vegetables with my co-diner's bbq chicken. That makes no culinary sense. Obviously corn, greens, okra etc... would match the bbq flavor but they did not offer that. Italian style zucchini makes no sense with bbq chicken. The immature waiter was also not allowed to switch the bland rice in my dish to fries. Why? I agree that customers should not overtamper with chef recipes but you could have swapped the rice for fries. It would not have spoiled my fish order. The fans on the outdoor patio were broken so we were hot and inundated with flies. Nice view of King Neptune statue. My rockfish tasted earthy. By asking for mesquite style, I was able to get potatoes instead of rice (but not fries!) but the potatoes were ice cold. The kimchi is just shredded cabbage. It has no traditional Korean hot sauce. For suggested tip they only listed 20% and 22%. That is rude. 15%, 18% and 20% only should be offered on the suggestions list. I think this is an overpriced tourist trap. Read all my reviews. I am rarely this harsh. Avoid this place.

wendy finn

Our server was awesome!! The meal was wonderful! We each had a different dish. After sharing, they were all incredible!! I had the blackened swordfish. It was perfectly cooked!! We had only one problem with our meal. The oysters weren't properly shucked. Half of the oysters were stuck in the shell and the other half had shell pieces in the oyster. Other than that the meal was perfect.


We come here several times a year. While food quality is typically good. VALUE is slipping significantly as several items are gone on menu and new surcharges are showing. For example a $10 surcharges for Saimon BLT . Really! Also lunch appetizer option have declindes to a few underwhelming choices compared to previous visits. If management is not meeting guest goals. This value/menu problem maybe the reason why! Frequent visit customers are taking notice.

Ace 123

I stopped for lunch to watch the World Cup game in the bar area. I had to wait just more than 20 minutes for fish and chips, but I wasn't in a rush so that was alright. The quality of the food was above average and the dining area is quite nice. They also have plenty of outdoor seating overlooking all of the action on the boardwalk. I appreciated the great service from the lovely young ladies working there.

Faith Stepp

Amazing, will definitely be back here again

Sylvia Franks

Nice atmosphere. Beautiful inside and out. My complaint is the Fish and hush puppies were almost burnt. Asked waitress what mixed vegetables do they have and she said zucchini and squash mixed, but I got green beans and carrots only and it was hard. Not sure if i will dine here again.

Megan Martin

This place is super nice very upscale atmosphere but you don't have to go out of your way to dress up! My boyfriend and I are from out of town and decided to order 6 steamed oysters which were steamed to perfection and very flavorful, he had the swordfish and I had the lobster linguine with Caesar salads for both, everything came out very quickly and it tasted great! The service was PHENOMENAL Michaela P. was our server and I couldn't have asked for any better the owners should really consider giving her a raise because her politeness, positive attitude, and attentivness made the experience that much more rewarding. Keep up the great work, we will be back!

Dustin Potter

Fantastic. Seafood cooked perfectly. Not cheap...but it was worth it. Staff was courteous. My new VB favorite.

Faith Shepherd

I have been coming here for years because this was one of my favorite restaurants. I came here for my birthday dinner and me as well as my guest were highly disappointed in the menu. IT WAS NOT GOOD. The chef definitely needs to go back to its original menu or make better changes, I honestly don’t see myself coming back here which is unfortunate because I have been a regular...

Katherine Heatwole

Coming here every summer has always been a family favorite. For years we have enjoyed the seafood tower and being blown away by the quality and quantity offered. This year was disappointing. Our service started out great but as the restaurant got busier, our waiter never came back to our table after giving us food to ask if we needed anything else. We were given a seafood tower that was filled with about half as much seafood as prior years. We weren’t asked if we would like old bay or butter which is usually a staple when given shrimp and lobster. After coming here for the past 7 years, this will be our last.

Hansiain Rumsey

The oysters were delicious and fresh, so definitely order those! Then we got the flash fried calamari which were very greasy and the sauce didn't have a ton of flavor. My husband ordered the blackened tuna and I ordered the blackened rockfish. Both fish dishes were cooked perfectly and was definitely fresh, but the blackening seasoning was overloaded on salt, same with the potatoes they came with.

Adriana Valverde

Second time having Scottie has a server. He's amazing as usual! Five star customer service. Food was amazing also. Attention to detail with the little ones.

Justin Evans

Nice and attentive server, loved the mission of locally sourced food when possible, loved the tacos and reasonably priced. Definitely one of the better places on the oceanfront. Surprised it had a 3.8 rating on google.

Oscar Ramirez

The outdoor sitting area is great to people watch while you have a drink. The food menu is limited but tasty. Great service.

Newton Guerrero

The best food and desserts had in all Virginia wendy is the best

Persian Priestess

Great food and drinks and staff..

mark edwards

Wonderful dinner experience at Catch31. Our server Kaylin G was top notch, polite and knowledgeable. Will definitely be back. Ask for Kaylin!!!!

Bray Slays

Very beautiful hotel. The bar is nice and the outdoor sitting area by the fire is very nice

John Seymour

Good food good service

N 1711

Visited the restaurant while staying at the Hilton. Seafood selection was good and had a good dinner experience. Sat on the patio with concert playing next door at the park - good atmosphere. Later, sitting at the bar, found it to be very pretentious and trying to be something it is not.. Feels like a place trying to extend beyond skill set.

Jeffrey kearney

Mixed results. Girlfriends tuna arrived to our table cold and her green beans seemed undercooked. For the price, the portions are small. My Mahi was served hot, back lacked flavor and of course the portion is small. The waitress Nikki was very personable and nice.

Ennio Mercuri

Great food and the staff is really friendly and competent!! Very enjoyable.

Chloe Ledesma

I love this place so much, specially if I'm craving for Seafood's this is just a perfect place to be with, I have been here for a couple of time and really enjoy the service and food..


Food was great and service was fantastic. Overall a nice experience until we used the restroom and encountered an attendant...she was very sweet but how and why is this an actual position in your restaurant? This is an extremely demeaning job in my opinion and frankly pretty depressing. It made us feel very uncomfortable and immediately changed our positive experience. This position really should be eliminated and the attendant(s) given other opportunities in your restaurant.

Delisha Taylor

Nice experience dining at this restaurant. Waitress was awesome. Food was good. Loved the toss salad with house vinegarette dressing. She crab soup good, but needed more crab meat. Fish taco was good topped with fresh ingredients.

donald glover

Menu was a bit pricey. Just as good quality food at Captain Dee's. The service was poor. Felt like the waitress forgot about us. We expected much more by the looks of the restaurant.

Dharini Jivrajani

This place never disappoints. Perfect location, Live band and good drinks ! A star less as the patio serves only food from the raw bar, so my veg and non fish eating friends had no option but to have some fries. We could have hung out longer if there were more food options.

Amy Lafferty

I thoroughly enjoyed lunch today! I ordered the Salacia burger and it was THE juiciest, tastiest burger I've had in a long time. My husband ordered the $99 tower and it was insane! My children enjoyed their meals as well, all of the food was delicious and presented well. The staff was excellent and our waiter was super awesome and friendly. Highly recommend.

Stephanie Mojica

Pricey... seafood was flavorless. Service was slow... never going there again.

Firas Khoury

Great experience here as always, for a starter get the seafood flatbread. For the main course we always get the fresh whole fish. The fish is very tasty, get it blackened or grilled. Staff is very courteous and if there's any issue, they'll take care of you.

Katie Mcleary

Service was good and the seafood was fresh .

George Solis

Over priced for sure but great staff

Richard Ambrose

Wife had Alaskan Salmon and I had the most expensive hamburger on the menu. Mine was a very large and very good sandwich. Toppings make it slippery, ask for a toothpick to hold it together or eat with a fork. The best part was the appetizer, a giant shrimp and cheese hushpuppy. Sounds unusual but it was great. Service was very nice but it did take too long as they forgot to get the order started at first. But they deducted a little off the bill before we even asked why there was a delay.

John Browne

We had dinner there Labor day Week while on Vacation and the Food and the Service were exceptional. There were 6 of us and everything we ate was prepared perfectly with the exact amount of flavor needed. I used to be a Chef and I would highly recommend this Restaurant. I am looking to my next vacation. Might just be in Virginia Beach again. Thank you Hurricane Dorian so that we didn't make it to Myrtle Beach where we supposed to be.

Sonya Mack

The customer service is terrible. The delivery of telling someone there is a 3 hour wait for 4 people, yes 3 hours, was terrible. The hostess was smirking when she advised us of the ridiculous wait time. Honestly, its not worth the wait. We ended up sitting at the little area by the kitchen, which really is awkward, you should consider removing it. Our server was just too casual for that type of establishment. You are in the HILTON!!!! I don’t think Hilton would be too fond of these reviews being associated with their brand. The food is mediocre, calamari was very oily, nobody refilled my water, but the hostess was sure to ask everyone if they needed a new alcoholic beverage. Customer service is key!

Lisa Tannler

We enjoyed our food but the waiter was mediocre. He brought out the appetizers, salads and dinner all at same time. Also we are on patio and the bugs were awful. I would suggest you eat inside.

Jamie Cook

Stopping here for some appetizers and drinks. Was not disappointed. The bartender kept our glasses full and the food was very good. The atmosphere was more upscale than other places along the boardwalk which is good. The prices are a little high but worth it to avoid more rowdy crowds.

Ellen Abbott

This place is amazing!!! We started off with a wonderful waiter that new all about the menu and the fare. He gave us some good suggestions. We had the calamari, and some oysters to start, then for the main meal, swordfish, crab cakes, and filet. Every single bite of food was delicious. I will definitely be coming back and also recommending this place to friends and family.

Shawn Reynolds

It was pretty good. Signature boardwalk fries are basically frozen...not very original. Oysters were excellent as were drinks and service. Good food and service was great but fries, which were supposed to have feta and be original, were just so-so.


Slow service from both bar and kitchen. Food quality was poor. (Burnt). Was disappointed overall. Waiter was good, despite having way too tables.

steven sonday

Wow...great food. We are the filet mignon, shrimp and scallops and the Beachcomber and Salacia Burger. Great tasting food. Indoor and outdoor seating. Bit of a wait, but that was okay...they text you when your table is ready. Spent time in the cooler evening breeze in the sandy beach while waiting. Great environment to relax.

S Van

Fast friendly service and reasonably priced.

Brian Grimwood

A coworker who recently lived in Virginia Beach told me if this place as being a bit pricey, but worth it for a good seafood dish. Truth be told, I was not disappointed. The location is fantastic, filled with open spaces, lots of upscale restaurant decorations (e.g. beautiful chandeliers, gorgeous sculptures), and pleasant but unobtrusive music playing over the speakers. This particular week they were having a music fest in the park right next to the restaurant, so lots of local bands we're playing the to classic rock tunes of the past 50 years. Sitting outside we got a nice seat in the middle of the dining deck with a good view of the Neptune statue and the performing band. Our server, Sam, was extremely attentive, making sure we were comfortable, or glasses filled, and ensuring we were week taken care of. Our only hiccup came when time to deliver it food, as Sam had put our son's order in first to make sure we needn't wait. As can occur at times, something happens and our plates come out before our son's; his arrived 2 minutes later, with copious apologies from Sam. Tucking in, the food was expectedly great, but the coleslaw was unexpectedly delicious! I made sure to let them know because, as I've learned from experience, good coleslaw is a rare thing. The manager came out to make sure we were doing well and informed us that due to our son's plate coming out later that it would be comped, and offered us each a drink from the bar (I have to say, they make a great Sidecar). As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Catch 31 provided everything you expect at this price point and more! Give then a try for some good food, good times, and great service!

Sunshine Widgeon

Located right on the boardwalk and they have bands. You can dine in the bar, outside patio or in a more secluded area. The food is decent if a bit pricey for what you get but then location is everything.

Dayreezi Dias

Really not great at all. Service was slow and inattentive. Shrimp was over cooked. The Caesar wasn’t good. The server gave us blue cheese dressing for the Caesar salad... I would skip this place. It was super slow when we came and it was bad. Couldn’t imagine what happens when they’re busy.

Olga Torres

Awful service!!! I gave 2 stars only because we had a good waitress. Went there for my birthday dinner:) Waited 45 minutes for a table, which is ok, understandable it was a very busy night. Got drinks, wine, ordered appetizers and dinner. My daughters and I ordered salads and calamari, Hubs a 26$ Rockfish meal. First roll of calamari came! Finally...nope, it was barely warm. Thinking ok, no big deal. 1hr later, still no food...1:20 minutes later, we left the table and went straight to the hostess to close out our bill, explaining how long we had to wait..and lol, asked for a bag to put our unfinished bottle of wine. Hostess disappeared, came back to tell us OUR waitress will get us a bag and ignored us completely as we ended up standing there for another 15 minutes! Seriously!!! Least to say, we left very disappointed and hungry! Very bad management of a busy night!! Not going back!!

Paul Regal

Its a great place to eat. Kids love the huge chocolate chip pancakes!!

Joe McGraw

We ended up enjoying two great meals at Catch 31 on our recent visit. The food was awesome and the service was excellent. Nash was our waiter on our first visit and he was terrific. What made our 2nd visit special was Nash went out of his way to welcome us back and to thank us for returning. His upbeat attitude makes you feel uplifted. Kudos to Catch 31. My petite filet could be cut with a butter knife it was so tender. I will be back.

Sabrina L

I went in this nice restaurant to get a beverage on the 4th of July. I used the restroom first, when coming out of the stall there was a man in there (female bathroom) that seemed to be cleaning it and he just looked at me. He didn't apologize or say anything, just looked at me and made me have such a strange feeling. I walked out quickly and went to the hostess stand and told them to tell a manager. After I walked away I just saw them giggling so I wasnt sure they did. I ordered my drink but was still put off so I told the bartender. She seemed a bit more concerned and said she would get a manager. I waited and finished my drink but no manager arrived yet and the fireworks were almost done at this point so I went to find my husband instead. I would not feel comfortable going back there especially with my children after that.

Alexandra Paul

Really great bar! Really great setting! Nice feeling of being by the beach! I love this restaurants concepts! Really unique place. I'd reccomend this Catch 31 to my friends and family! I enjoy the drinks and the meals!

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