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Where is Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits?

REVIEWS OF Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits IN Virginia

Felicia Hairston

Love the food

Matthew Howard

Great chicken Supremes and honey mustard

Adam Cole

Standard Bojangles! Senior citizens relaxing at long tables in the morning. Drive through packed from 6 to 8. Delicious chicken and biscuits. What's not to love?

Ron Sykes

Have been to better Bojangles leave their biscuits under the heat lamp too long need to change their Grease

Jared Grodensky

This food at this location was very fresh

Cheryl Collins

Food was good, service was great.

Jill Swan

They have the best managers. Service is real good

matt Osterhout

Sodium overload. Had sausauge bisquits and all you can taste is salt and grease. Good service though.

William Bailey

Employees are extremely nice every time I've been and they have decent food.

katherine shepard

Best Bojangles we've ever been too, everything was quick and cooked perfect with no mistakes even though they were very busy. Had had Bojangles food taste so good

Cynthia Misttetta

We stopped in for a quick lunch and the staff was very friendly. We were greeted with a smile and we received our food fresh, hot and very quick. It was an over all amazing experience.

Tom Clements

Love the food. The iced tea is the best. All restaurants serve quality food. I wish they would have fried shrimp. That Cajun breading would be great on fish or shrimp.

William Pace

I want to give this place a higher rating, but I get so sick and tired of hearing the same horrendous music every 40 minutes.

Scott Price

Usually really good, got 3 stars because their boberry biscuits a consistently undercooked.

Nancy Marlowe

Great food,friendly folks!

Randale Cline

People there were very polite best one ive been too !




Roast chicken bites are great!

Nick Wintersteiger

Clean, and fast!

Kathy Webb

Good was great. However Kathy the manager is so rude to her staff. It's sad when people really need there jobs, but have to deal with rude, hateful people like her. I will contact corporate.

Bill Carter

Tried the chicken tenders very good. First time I had them. Always good tea and biscuit.

Faith Wilt

Good food, fast friendly service, and clean facilities

Tammy Byrd

I just got tea but it was very good.

Amanda C

Nice place... clean... friendly... great service


Friendly staff, Barbara even offered a quarter so I would not have to use my card for the order.

fergus robertson

Fair. A few flies. Chicken was overcooked and biscuits were flat. Fries were good.

ytyih hhkyvj

It aint popeyes but its second best

david leach

Not a bad place if you really want chicken however they do have a pretty good pulled pork sandwich

James Angel

Always good food and good service

Heidi Kopczenski

food is good. workers at night slow and not very responsive. Got order wrong twice and waited at the window to tell them, they look at you and walk on by

Nicholas Gay

Bojangles is by far one of the best fast food restaurants out there! The serving sizes are massive and the quality is there. I would recommend the Cajun filet biscuit and there delicious seasoned fries!!

Jim Bell

It's fast-food, it's chicken not much else to say.

Ken Dawson

The food was not as good as most Bojangles' stores. And, the service was definitely subpar.

Shelley Johnson

Busy but fast

William Boyd

Convenient stopping place.

Cody Mummau

We called ahead to let Bojangles know that we would be arriving with 20+ people. I was impressed with their readiness and definitely the smiles. The food was hot and served quickly. We will definitely be back the next time through!

Donna Kaye

Did not like the bbq sandwich.. Was small for the price and it was thru together with a half a teaspoon of slaw that was mostly on the paper..

Jeffrey Dickey

Very friendly service and food was hot and tasty.

Kameron Urquhart

LOVE!!!! Great food. My order is always right

ronald schutte

Didn't like the spicy chicken they need a non spicey chicken

Liz Lewis

Didn't Hate. Service bad...

Brandon Morris

Best Bojangles I've ever been to its locally owned not by a big franchise, so thinking that's why real clean and really nice workers

Jim Moon

Good stuff

Kyle Taylor

Bad coffee and food

Hannah Pannell

Good bo. Berry biscuits

Rhonda Phelps

Food was great...Staff was friendly and great....clean ....very nice ...will tell others to eat there and we will return!!!!

Mark Roszel

Love the chicken and rice bowl

Shirley Morganthal

Everybody loves Bojangles!!!

Clarence Stewart

I enjoy Bojangles immensely I wish there was one in Columbus Ohio but I wish there was more of them at the truck stops. I would recommend them to anybody

Robert Brown

When chicken is on sale it's worth it, otherwise other places offer better deals..dirty rice and fries are best sides around.

Reginald Adams

Good food excellent service

Melanie Pride

Great chicken and friendly service!

Wanda Yeatts

Best chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy around!!!

Kailyn Wray

The food was OKAY, kinda dry, got there around 2 and you could tell it wasn’t fresh, but the service.... TERRIBLE!! Stood at the counter for over 5 mins waiting for bbq sauce while all of the employees laughed and talked to each other, many made eye contact knowing I was waiting and continued to have their own personal conversations, one guy was even rubbing down the females back at the front counter asking her to go to the back room with him so he could “make her back feel better”.... not even kidding. I grabbed my own sauce and we left, Completely inappropriate for what is supposed to be a family friendly restaurant. I will never and I mean NEVER go back....

Amy Perry

Never a disappointment. Great chicken biscuit!

Priscila Crisanto

Great chicken!!!

Scott Taul

Very clean place and pretty good service. Food was good as well

April Steele

The fried chicken was way over cooked and dry! Extremely dissatisfied

Tiffany Zacarias Munoz

Always have a great experience here!

David Brumbeloe, Jr.

Great food. Excellent service. Love the music selected & played.

Nicacio Rios Martinez

Very good

Kevin Kroll

Not all Bojangles are equal. By far the best one I've eaten at.

Linda Busby

They have good hot food.

LaMarr Hess

Fast and friendly service. Chicken is quite tasty.

Kenny Evans

Absolutely love bojangles

Anthony Amburn

Love the food

Dovie Hodgin

Usually great. Dining room tea was mediocre at best.

James Oates

Tierra just super smile and very friendly thank you for the smile


Good chicken I love this place. Every time I get around Virginia and North Carolina I stop and get me some chicken with a sweet tea.

Brian Tummons

Good chicken. Really good pulled pork.

Michael coffey

Great food, fast and very friendly service. They have tractor trailer parking (a real plus). Love stopping here on my way through.

Cynthia Fisher

My favorite Bojangles in this area. Clean, very nice staff, and good food.

Geneva Stephens-Fitzgersld

It's No time love eating here.

Melissa Montoya

Bought $30 worth of chicken. Mgr and cashier. couldnt decide whether to charge me for a lg cup of ice or not. Also wanted to charge me $7 for to sub 2 breasts for thighs.Will never compare to the Bojangles in Selma NC! Bojangles in Selma is a MILLION DOLLAR in sales store!! The best !!

Pamela Dickerson

Pretty clean great food on 29 north

Mae Phillips

food was great. especially the service

Carolyn Wright

Wonderful friend chicken and biscuits. Chicken Club sandwich good, too.

Peggy Watson

One of the best Bojangles I have ever eaten in. Stop here when traveling from NC to visit grandson and family in

Kenny Perkins

This location is just ok. Kind of slow.

Jeff Martin

Super friendly staff and well run Bojangles

Denise Greene

Good food. Great service

citylink M

I just love there biscuits

Caleb Reed

Normally just grab coffee and a biscuit and they haven't failed me yet.

Susan Woodson

Really good chicken!

Lester Hall

Chicken was done perfectly. They had had a run on legs and were out but got two piece thigh dinner. I used to be a kfc fan but bo'time is winning me over. I don't care for the spiciness"heat" but I guess in time I will adjust.

Nicholas Carroll

Pretty good Bojangles'. I recommend the chicken.

Anita Chambers

Sabrina and Crystal were very helpful with out family of 6 order. Food was good and service kind and quick.

Tammie Klawitter

Food was good. I feel that the chicken is a bit too crispy. Bo-rounds are delicious.

Kaleb Miller

Good food

Asher Bradley

Delicious. This was my first time and it was easy fast and scrumptious. Will definitely be back.

Tina Bowyer

Best cajun chicken biscuit around!!

Mike Keesee

Very slow nothing ready to serve the public, must have changed recipe, biscuits were not fluffy and soft, biscuits hard as a rock.

Mary Fleming

Very friendly staff! Got a chicken biscuit; too dry; chicken & the biscuit.

Gail Adkins

Bojangles on 29 going towards Chatham is off the chain. The food is always good and fresh. Biscuits are awesome!!

Joy Garcia

This place is great for the money. The chicken is just like I like it. Some people say it's spicy but it's perfect for me. The sweet tea is always phenomenal along with the fries and the sweet potato pies are to die for.

Ned Croughan

Always good food need bigger bags folded on take out orders

michael wall

Food is good with fast and friendly service

Steven Witt

Good food a lil slow on the drive thru speed but overall good

Lynn VanSkiver

Yikes, greasy. Only word I can use to describe it. Thankful it stays in the South.

Thomas Hall

Great food, clean restaurant, reasonable prices. BEST chicken in town.

allyson stitt

Great chicken the best, always HOT!!

Terri Covington

My new biscuit choice...Grill Chicken Biscuif

Bruce Hicks

Chicken was good and the price was right!

Dovie Adkins

Good food.

Kevin Dawson

Great food and great service

Josh Hodnett

Always great food and friendly staff!

Ryan Anderson

It's a bojangles #itsbotime

Uwe Koopmann

The best friend chicken and the boberry biscuits OMG!

Mark Powell

Just saying.

Robin Shelton

Worse biscuit ever!! About choked me too death. Dry & chicken was hard & dry. The tea was decent. Wasted money!!

Jordan Wood

Have never been able to successfully order food from here. The drive thru is painfully slow so don’t try here for a quick bite on your lunch break. The one time I actually made it up to order they couldn’t make sandwiches because they didn’t have any buns.

Linda Miller

Good food, good prices.

David Hogue

They need a manger to oversee whoever is putting scrambled eggs on the biscuits. This should never be done unless requested.

Beth Bailey

Best bojangles been too. Soft fresh bisquits, friendly people, fast food! Excellent place.

Carrie Moore

Food is always delicious! But what keeps us coming back isnt necessarily the food, its the customer service! This is my 4yr olds favorite place to eat. The employees go above and beyond to conversate with him, andnare extra friendly. One VERY lady, on her lunch break, even shared her brownie with him one day! We will always return to this location. Sometimes the smallest gestures truly make all the difference!

Dr. Joey Faucette

Nothing finer! We took friends from AZ and they want a Bo there!

Brenda Kirks

Love the Cajun filet biscuits and seasoned fries

Candace Wimbish

Friendly service with a smile even when the lines out the door... My fav bojangles

Barbara Mills

The restaurant was clean, employees were friendly. Love their cinnamon biscuits.

Rita Marsh

It is a good place to eat we eat there at least 8 to 10 times a week

stella gauldin

Weren't there for food

Shaun Robinson

Love Bojangles!!! Great chicken, great prices and fast service. You cannot beat the kids 2-piece strip meal!!! 2 chicken strips, a biscuit and plenty of fries for less than $5. Upside to a large drink and it's still less than $5.

Frank Wirt

Love the biscuits!

Pearline Stephens

Great biscuits for breakfast


I love there chicken. It is the best! I always get good, hot food here.

Jason M

Not much for vegan options obviously but the fries are seasoned to perfection.

Steven Miller

Freshly cooked chicken that was juicy, crunchy and just a little spicy, just like i like it. The sides of dirty rice and taters and gravy were good as well as the fluffy biscuit. Friendly service and clean. I will gladly drive 20 miles to get there and have an overall great experience again.

Fred S.

The food and service was good except for the fries. They put way too much seasoning. It burned my lips.

Diane Cox

Friendly employees, clean, food always delicious and completely great atmosphere!

Jenna Gammon

Best chicken

Daniel Amos

Every time we eat here, the service is great, the staff is friendly, and the food is delicious!

Bryan Carwile

Nice clean and friendly

Amber Evans

Bojangles always has the most delicious food! Second shift could definitely be improved. There is one worker there who is so quiet you can barely understand her, and she won't even reach out the drive thru window to give you your food. I had to literally reach in the window to get my drink and food and that's pretty obnoxious.

Felix Whitfield

Must have been a bad day today. Chicken Supremes was okay what the fries were cold and hard. I've had food a whole lot better from here before.

Nicole W

Stopped in here on the way to the lake. Lots of people stopped here to get breakfast, probably because it's in a great location. My food came out quickly and was hot. I like how they serve breakfast platters, because these are great for children to share! The dining room was super clean and there was an employee constantly straightening things up!

Donald Shepherd

Like the chicken tenders salad

Bob Zerunkel

Pretty good cajun on a biscuit. Hits the spot.

Kimberly Phelps

Service friendly and food was good.

Richard Ward

Very good and clean. Easy truck access.

E Daniels

Bos knows chicken. Until about 6 months ago, I would not have stopped by a Bojangles. Now, unless I can find a local family owned place to try, I stop by Bos. Our field team also askes for their chicken when we are on the road. Meaty and tasty chicken. Oh, and the slaw is pretty good too. I really wish they would do away with styrofoam or no compostable containers. It's the least they could do for the children of tomorrow, once we introduce them to fried chicken!!!

Aniya Russell

This Bojangles is off the chain! Every time I come the food is always hot and the service is great! Keep up the good work , I will always be coming to this one.

James P.

Lot better than the others. And you get real honey for your biscuits. Not honey flavored corn syrup. People are nice, quick service.

Jacqueline Kirby


Toño Sotelo

Good lonch

Jeff Barratt

Delicious breakfast on a biscuit. Make sure you try the Boberry! Fast and friendly service.

Elizabeth Parnell

Always friendly! Clean and who can resist a Cheddar Bo biscuit. Hahaha


Excellent food and service

Karl Fisher

Bojangles is the best. I always get the two piece white meat dinner with the cajun pinto beans on the side. The chicken is moist, tender and flavorful! The beans are a relatively healthy option, at least compared to fries! Wash it down with unsweetened tea for a great meal.

Eddie Burks

Great fried chicken and biscuits!

Amanda Mitcham

Clean,fast,food cooked done,,Fry's could use some help..either cold or too much seasoning

Wilhelm Sauer

Good breakfast

John Chaney

Great service and food.

Robert McBride III

Good fried chicken. . Really good biscuits. Another trip to Bojangles .. good food good service.

Tom Cobbs

Best fast food fried chicken you can get!

crystal benton

Great service, food, and staff!!! I stop here occasionally and order a barbecue biscuit and they always make sure that I said a biscuit and not a sandwich. They don't advertise the barbecue biscuit or have it on their menu so that's why they double and triple check to make sure that's what I want. Today my husband's cajun/cheese biscuit and my barbecue biscuit was great! Keep up the Great Work!!! We went through the drive thru at 1:15

Glenn Taylor

Great service

Frederick Checke

Great service went out of the way to provide exceptional customer service

Rae Neal

This location was my 2nd experience with Bojangle's and it definitely made up for my 1st elsewhere. Very polite & knowledgeable staff, clean restrooms and store and the food was what I hear everyone rave about. I'd definitely come back to this little gem when in the area, as my entire experience was a great one.

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