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3103 Graham Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042

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REVIEWS OF Banh Mi DC Sandwich IN Virginia

Eric Huynh

Great authentic Vietnamese food, drinks, and service

Shania Davila

Food is really good


I went here at the suggestion of a Vietnamese acquaintance, who said this was a very good place for authentic banh mi. First, there is NO SEATING. It's more of a short-list ethnic (Vietnamese) market, selling prepared and ready to eat dishes, snacks, etc., and of course, banh mi. Second, there is a large selection of banh mi. I've had banh mi in many places in the US and in Asia (unfortunately, not in Vietnam), but very few places had this number of options. Not sure if authentic banh mi comes in these flavors but understandable considering the diversity of patrons. Third, the employees spoke very little English, so I couldn't get many of my questions about what I was ordering answered. The person behind the counter had a great smile but couldn't understand my questions. Lastly, about the banh mi. The bread was WAY TOO HARD/DRY. It took me awhile to get my hands/mouth on my banh mi because I had to eat it at home - no seating, remember?! And though it was nicely wrapped, which should have allowed the veggies to release the moisture to soften the bread, the bread was ROCK HARD. The roast beef was fine and the pickled carrots and raddish flavorful, but the lack of the traditional sauce lightened the experience. In a nutshell, is was ok but nothing to write home about. Would I ever go back? Not really.

Nicole Prince

I love the number one bahn mi combo sandwich It really awesome!!

An Le

Good sandwich.

Thinh Nguyen

My favorite place to get banh mi.

Brian Reinoehl

I eat here at least twice a month a get the same thing every time. Pork BBQ sub with double meat and then add Hoisin sauce that i keep in my car for this occasion. The cost is silly cheap and the flavor is amazing.

ByAsa Photography

Delicious food. Fast and friendly service.

Aarti Bansal

While the unassuming shop doesn't look inviting, it has truly authentic Banh Mi subs and pastries. I can easily see why people flock here and earns a shout-out from DC Eater as one of the most iconic local spots with over a dozen 10 inch Banh Mi subs under $5. It's a steal! Bring cash or debit cards, they don't take credit cards. The vegetarian banh mi is underwhelming and disappointing. The #12 Tofu veggie Banh Mi was dry and bland with fried tofu and pickled carrots/radishes, cilantro, cucumber stuffed in fluffy bread. While the pickles veggies and herbs are fresh, I wish there was more mayo and wasn't a fan of the fried tofu. The sandwich didn't seem complete and the flavors weren't quite balanced out. The bread was a bit too soft and didn't have the crispy shell that I was hoping for. Although the rolls at Roll Play may not be the freshest, they ave a nice crispy shell. I prefer their Tofu Banh Mi with more flavor. The decadent round Sesame bun was filled with dry custard, fun to try! I made it through 1/2 the chewy round ball! If you're in the area, recommend trying it. Not worth it for vegetarians or a 1/2 hour trek.

cody tarr

Absolutely delicious. I go here any time I'm in nova. I highly recomend

Boran Pek

Very nice and clean shop. It has delicious Asian sandwiches and fresh bread.

Amar Kulkarni

Awesome cheap banh mi. Can't find a better lunch spot.

Wendy Gao

Really good banh mi place for a great price! There is always a lot of filling and tastes freshly made! If you order a lot, you can get one free I believe. They are always busy and you can call ahead to have them make it. The area inside is large and they also offer other foods such as buns, but I only have eyes for the banh mi. Although best eaten fresh, it doesn't taste too bad if you eat it a few hours later either.

Sun Lee

The prices for sandwiches have steadily risen over the years sorry to report. Also still have yet to try their meatball, every time I go, they’re out. Still awesome pate chaud and other offerings. This place is closer to 3.5 stars

Jenny Smoth

Some of the best banh mi in northern va. Only wish some of the staff could smile a little bit more....

Kimberly Gushikuma

So good. My favorite is the BBQ pork sandwich. The filling is delicious but it's really the perfect crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside rolls that make the sandwich. At less than $5, you can't go wrong. According to sign, cash and debit preferred, paying with credit will incur a fee.

Charley Varipapa

This is a very good, very fresh Banh mi sandwich at a super low price. While not even close to the delicious taste and flavor of Pho Wheels food truck and Balo Kitchen(the best banh mi in the DMV) it is not bad and a good value. Buy five and get one free too.

Brandi Anderson

Always the best. Cheap and easy. They prefer cash.

Shalom M.

Quick and efficient. The place is nice and the people friendly

Roberto Tamara

So good!

Christine Keating

LOVE IT. I like the vegetarian "meat" and the #1 combo. Crunchy veggies, i ask for extra jalapeno. Great bread..and the pork pate pastry is VERY good!

John Lease

Best Banh Mi in Northern Virginia. Don't miss it!

Quang Vu

Great banh mi sandwiches! Whenever we drive to VA from NC, we have to stop by this place to get our banh-mi fix! Just writing this makes me crave for it!! AHH! The actual banh mi is very fresh. We really like the Combo and Chicken Banh Mi.

Lisa Sheets

My mom bought 1 sandwich meat and she gave me them $100 dollars and they changed her $90 dollars and a few change . They still owe her $5 dollars and they did not refund her the full amount and they claimed that they're busy and have other customers and that they do not owed her $5 dollars . Please someone look into this situation and get back to me obviously it's a crime to steal money from others, but it's not right to take money from customers and claimed you're busy this is a nonsenses excuses . My name is Lisa ,

Barka Tessera-Worq Shimelis

Time and time again, I find myself driving all the way out here for the Banh Mi! The freshly baked mini baguette makes all the difference. I always get five or six of them. Favorite is the pate banh mi!

mort junger

Great sandwiches.

Ariel Lader

My all-time favorite Banh Mi place

Vincent Chung

The prices online are not what are advertised. Can get a way better sandwich down the street at Eden Center. Friggin cheats.....

Javier X

Bah min is good, bread is superb, selection on meats is lacking, very fast and efficient operation. Need like a place where to stand and quickly eat the sandwich. We ended up using the trunk of the car as table.

Tony Dunsworth

The food is top notch. Service is friendly. Great value for the money

Hannah Min

Our vietnese friend recommended to us. Authentic and home-made flavor. And it is sooo cheap! We got 6 bahn mi. In total, it is around 24 dollars. Highly recommend!


Glorious! This small, unassuming market cranks out some of the best Bánh mì sandwiches in the area and for CHEAP! I thought with the price being $4.85 that these would be half loafs and I would need to order two. I was wrong. My coworker and I decided to split the Buy 5 Get One Free deal and we were completely blind sided as the worker handed us a bag of six 10 inch subs. We ordered two combo, two grilled pork, one chicken, and one pulled pork. Each and every one was delicious. I will be frequenting this restaurant from here on out. Some of the best bang for your buck you can get in NoVA.

Joshua Bennee

First time visiting. BBQ sandwich was amazing! I didn't like the cash/debit discount

Peter Kalis

Love the Pate and the Grilled Pork Sandwiches, they're so amazing

Cory Laws

First time. I was between a job site visit in Falls Church and an estimate in Springfield. I needed lunch, and had really enjoyed a banh mi in Lancaster PA two days before. The prices are low, the bread is fresh, and the ingredients crisp and delicious. I told my wife about it immediately, and we're planning a visit together in the near future. Highly recommended.

Seth LeBlanc

I loved the first sandwich I had here. Today my mother in law and I got the shredded pork sandwich and it was ALL noodles... it tasted like a worm sandwich. Very unpleasant texture. You’d think “shredded pork” would contain pork meat... not long chewy strips. Perhaps it was tendon? Almost cartridge like. The signs should maybe be more specific. I think shredded pork is misleading.

Andrew Pierce

Best banh mi in the DC area. You're splitting hairs when comparing with Banh Mi So 1 in Eden Center, but we actually prefer these. Spring rolls are great, too!

Rick Flowe

Easier parking than Eden Center. Sandwiches almost as good as those in Eden Center.

Jake Huang

Best Banh Mi in the DC metro hands down. The price point is amazing, the flavor is on point, and its a favorite of locals, Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese alike.

Philip Donovan

Been buying these for years now. Always order double meat, the best Bahn Mi in NOVA.

Katie Martin

Fresh, flavorful sandwiches at an unbeatable price! Baguettes are made in-house, daily and really make these sandwiches shine. Add in flavorful meat, crunchy veggies (carrot, cucumber, radish), fragrant cilantro, and *just* the right amount of mayo and you have an amazing sandwich. Ordering is deli-style, credit card fee applies (though the price is so good, it's no big deal at all). Pre-made spring rolls, cakes, and other appetizers are available as well as international dry-goods (candy, cookies, coffee, flavor pastes). There is a small counter with seats for in-store eating, though it's primarily a take-out place. The PERFECT option for spontaneous picnic lunch.

janice don

Great place for cheap eats, especially to pick up food to a picnic or a house gathering/party.

PS Chan

One of my favourite place for Vietnamese bread combo

Daniel Franco

The grilled pork sandwich is awesome!

Ben Pick

These were great banh mis.

Christine Thomas

Hands down the best. $4.40 for a decently sized sandwich that tastes awesome. They also have bubble tea, egg rolls, summer rolls, desserts, and snacks. Their egg rolls are to die for. I would fight someone over the last egg roll, they're just that amazing.

Stacy Tran

Great fresh vietnamese sandwich. You buy 5 get 1 free here

Chuck Griffith

You really can't go wrong with this shop...even with 15 people waiting in lobby service was great! Combination sandwich today with perfect american balance of meat, veggies and perfect baguette roll. Crispy and a tad dry...perfect! Enjoy

David Medina

Simple. Light. Delicious sandwiches. And they're inexpensive! Less so if you pay with cash vs a CC, so they loose half a star.

Cynthia Congleton

Banh mi is not as good as it used to be. It's getting expensive.

Strat Egerie

They have good sandwiches, and really good bread.

Eric Willard

Not what I expected but I got a meatball sandwich. It had carrots, radish, sprouts etc and it was spicy. It was excellent. But most of what was on the menu didn't sound all that appetizing. I will upgrade from 4 to 5 if I keep getting great food but so far it's great but not the best.

Jessica Fonzi

Definitely not gonna return for this Bahn Mi, the bread was house made but more like a Subway roll than a baguette, the grilled beef was dyed red and only had sweet notes

Zazz Master

Secret spot off Rt 50. Great vietnamese fare.

Anthony Villatoro

Great Bahn Mi, best in the area!

Nguyen Uribe

Standard Vietnamese Banh mi shop. Be prepared, there is no seating here! It's order, pay, and go! Affordable, sandwichs run $4-5 dollars each. Good variety as well. The bread is great! Crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.

Allan Betts

Tried several different sandwiches, a custard bun, a donut along with their dependable shrimp spring rolls with sauce. What a wonder assortment of flavors and textures all at an unbelievable low price. Very highly recommended.

Hey Ron G.

Best egg rolls and bahn mi!

Grace Kwon

I love this place.

Randy Evans

Great asset to the neighborhood. The sandwiches are top notch and priced equal to any around. The drinks are good. The sesame balls are good. They have spicy beef jerky in plastic tubs that you can use tongs to put in a ziplock bag and pay by the pound, and that may be a bit sketchy but it tastes good. They also have some desserts, snacks, instant coffee, basically saves a trip to Eden Center for only a marginal difference in price.


First time ban mi eater after living nearby for a decade. It was great! Had the grilled pork

Gretzel Viorel Mallo

Nice employees! Really fast food service

Stephen TimYoung

I enjoy the combination, no hot peppers.

Thai Hung Nguyen

Excellent Vietnamese sandwiches! The bread is freshly baked and well prepared. It can be stored for some time in the refrigerator. The service is excellent. Always smooth and prompt! They do take credit card charges with a minimum charge of $15. So that is a plus

Rita Jaynes

I got the combination sandwich and the pork buns and both were great!

Robert Franca

Fantastic sandwiches at a reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Jackie J

Delicious sandwiches

Glenny Barnes

My favorite is grilled pork. It's a mix of spicy with a hint of sweetness with fresh veggies. The bread is super fresh.

Roger Wespe

Quick, no frills banh mi lunch counter - no inside seating, but food turn-around is quick.

Elizabeth Christy

Only place around here to get authentic bahn mi and other Vietnamese delicacies! Only wish they had some tables. Other than that, delicious!!

Sam Lee

Best bahn-mi in the DMV, and frankly for me, outside of anything I have had in Vietnam. The bread is incredible. Got to go with #1 Combo.

Chris Rossi

Very disappointing. Had the tofu Banh Mi. The bread was very good. The sauce was marginally passable, not very flavorful, and toppings were fine. But the tofu used was of the cheap commercial fried cube-shaped variety, devoid of flavor or texture, not the 'fake meat' tofu used by other shops. I had been here many years ago and remembered the sandwich as much better. Also, they up charge for credit cards, which I believe is against the card companies' policy. Even if not, it's a sketchy, irritating practice at best. Probably will not be back.

I.E. Xam

I got the number one bahn mi combo sandwich and it was truly delicious. A very good deal at under five bucks.

Susie Chung

Missed representation. Price posted on website is less than to he actual cost at the store. They won't honor the price online price. Claiming that it's not their website. Someone created the website and they know nothing about it.

Phong Lưu

Best sandwich shop in Northern Virginia.


Love the bread and the sandwiches.

Seon Kang

This place never disappoints. I know it's the best in No. VA. Food is super fresh and so delicious. Buy 5 Banh mi and get one free. Bread, meat and all the veggies in perfect harmony in a warm blanket of baguette. Their sesame bun is so crispy and filled with yummy goodness bean. Egg rolls are to die for. Egg rolls are only $1.05 each, wayyy cheaper than restaurant. Don't forget the pork bun. Steamy bun filled with pork, quail egg. I wish I had a bigger stomach. Everything is so gooooood. Wash all down with one of the bubble tea. Good thing this place is not that close to me.

Christopher Smith

Great sandwiches and food overall.

Cameron Dale MacQuarrie

delicious sandwiches. most of the options are $4.20/sandwich and buy 5 get 1 free. You can buy multiple with the pickled veggies in a separate bag so you can keep them throughout the week without getting soggy. Wonderful and super cheap!

Jangmi Rivera

Very fast service, sandwich was ready in a minute.... however, the ingredients didn’t seem fresh. Also bought some dessert products and when opened them at home, they were sour and smelled like mold.

Eric Medina

Great Bahn Mí, the bread is perfect, veggies are fresh, the meat was delicious, and the price is unbeatable.

Chang Yoo

Best avocado smoothie in the county. Don't judge by the location and store look, judge by the taste.

Peter Davey


Gone 3D

The bread makes these tasty sandwiches even better

Scott Reiter

Best Banh Mi in the area

Alex Nguyen

Quality of bread really makes the difference

Gary Gallichio

Some of the best sandwiches in the area. Prices are good, the buy five get sixth free deal is great.

Dennis Sutch


Debbie Rayworth

Greatest place outside VietNam!! Friendly staff, speaks English well enough, my favorite sub shop!!

brian sullivan

A great cheap sandwich. Traditional with plenty of pate. I got the combination and loved it.

Gema Souto Adeva

Best Banh Mi and bubble teas in the area!

Lan Bui

Best bánh mì in the DC metro area. Great variety of other very good food items. Friendly and super efficient service.

Lily Pham

Bread quality is very good, even if eating the next day. Service is very nice and efficient.

Tiffany Ford

Excellent bahn mi, pickled veggies pair beautifully with the cilantro & meat. I've had the chicken & the #1 whatever that is. This place it is better to pay with cash, so come prepared. They have loads of interesting snacks & confections inside and bubble tea or frozen boba drinks.

matthew han

This place is my favorite Banh Mi shop in all of NoVA. Personal favorite: the Sugarcane Shrimp Banh Mi. So, so good. Bread to filling ratio is on point. I like adding sriracha as well.

Nguyễn Phú Trọng

Vietnamese Sandwich: bread is very fresh, but Bánh Mì is missing 3 things from traditional Bánh Mì: (1) Persicaria odorata; (2) Shredded Green Onion, (3) Bánh Mì Sauce.


reasonable price and tasty fresh authentic Banh Mi sandwich

justin eisele

You won't find a better combination of Cheap and Delicious in the Area We recently went to this Banh Mi place because, duh, it is just around the corner from where I live. I would say this food is a solid 4 star. However, the reason I give it a 5 is because it is a wonderful thing for such good food to be so cheap and accessible to anyone in the area. Northern Virginia is expensive. But, if you can afford a McDonald's meal you can afford this. I think you have to get the combo sandwich in order to get the full on Banh Mi experience. The combo includes like the headcheese type meat and the pork. The flavors really pop here. When you walk into the place you will be smacked in the face with the perfume of french bread. When you get your sandwich (only minutes after you order) you will see it has generous meat and the the oh so important dressing of jalepeno and cucumber and sauce etc. The chewy french bread, savory meat, and refreshing yet hot toppings make this sandwich so great. And, it is well-done here. I also suggest getting a iced coffee. The coffee itself is so strong you need the condensed milk and sugar. That drink is a fast infusion of caffeine. I recommend. If the paycheck hasn't come for the week, treat yourself here. It is good.

Raymond Laning

Good variety, rapid service

BoiHang Dang

Best banh mi in town


Best Banh mi period

Princess Lee

I usually come here to buy bread and other items, but the price of today is much higher than the previous ones. I don't know what happened. Never mind. I will never come back.

Diana Patterson

Best banh mi I've ever had. Crusty bread with soft center and flavorful meats with fresh toppings! The pork is a must try!

Nolan Stokes

This place has, in addition to absolutely delicious sandwiches, an assortment of fresh spring rolls that are pre-made and ready for take out. Very convenient to be able to grab fresh spring rolls to go. And don't forget the ice coffee. Love this place. Fantastic service.

Allen Sieracki

Best banh mi sandwiches in DC area.

Shannon Neal

I highly recommend the #2. You really can't beat the price, and the bread, veggies and meat are all fresh and delicious. Don't worry about the reviews commenting on customer service. It's a takeaway sandwich shop, you don't need overly personalized or friendly service. The food is what you're there for, and it's to die for. YUM!

Tr Tr

Pretty quick in and out sandwiches place. They do have some other "street food" too. Usually busy. Tastes seemed consistent compared to before. Good tastes in general (quite a few choices)

Carl Slomowitz

I live this place for lunch. Banh Mi is fresh, fast and cheap. You can't go wrong with a simple, classic banh mi like these and there are so many different meat choices I find I try something different almost every time, but BBQ pork is my favorite. Besides the sandwich counter it is a mini market. There is a wide variety of snacks, Vietnamese sides and dry goods to take home. They take credit card but they have big signs up staying they prefer cash or debit. Honestly it's cheap enough that I usually have cash on me and I understand why they don't want transaction fees for so many small transactions.

Paige Johnson

This is my go-to in a town with great banh mi options. The pork buns are also excellent. Boba is just to-do.

Bertram Halbert

Great Vietnamese sandwiches- Banh mi. Very busy at lunch with customers getting 4-5 sandwiches at a time. Average price $4.25 per sandwich. There was a line that went pretty quickly. Order placed at counter-bagged sandwich completed by sandwich maker and brought to waitinhg customer. Diverse group of customers, many people looked to be buying and taking back sandwiches for coworkers.

Ernest Gonzalez

Great vietnamese sandwiches for only 5 bucks.

Mark W Paro

Have been here many times for bahn mi and would greatly recommend a stop. Jane had bahnmi and Viet food many times and was definitely the best

John Kupik

Fantastic sandwiches... Worth the wait in line

Peter Soliman

Their sandwiches are the best. Love the grilled pork sandwich.

Jo M

Looks like I'm still on the hunt for good banh mi in the area! Friend and I stopped by here and picked up a few sandwiches to take home. Line moved quickly and our order didn't take too long. Should have looked more closely at the Yelp reviews and photos though. We ordered the combination and the grilled pork. Disappointed in the portions in each of the sandwiches. Also put off by how sweet and bright pink the grilled pork was. Sandwiches here are cheaper than some other places. But the taste, portion and appearance isn't worth the drive.

Paul Meyers

Best Banh MI sandwhiches in DC

Hamid Marc Afsharieh

Delicious food and a thank you to banh mi for returning my wallet after i lost it there (and not a penny was taken). I'll be back!

Sayeed Rayhan

Their sandwiches are really fresh and delicious..strongly recommend the grilled meatball and the full fish cake sandwiches!

Hanyang Xu

Banh Mi is this store's speciality but there are a lot of other Vietnamese options, several of which can't be found in normal pho restaurants. Vegetarian friendly options exist too. Staff always greet and send you off with smiles. Keep in mind there isn't anywhere to sit down to eat; it's more of a takeout only place.

John Tran

Best sandwiches in the area. Get the grilled pork (thit nuong). Any Vietnamese person will tell you.

NoVa Dashcammer

Fresh delicious, you get your sandwich very quick!

Charlie Souvannavong

The sandwich is worth 4 stars. However, the business model is one or two stars. There are signs everywhere asking customers to pay with debit cards or cash because of the credit card fees. I'm fine with that. However, it does not say that there is a 4% surcharge if you use a credit card. They should have a sign saying so. I hate getting surprise charges regardless of size. It leaves a bad taste. I will probably go to other banh mi places nearby and only go to this place in a pinch.

Duy Phan

Charge extra processing fee for credit card is a bad practice. There's better banh mi places in northern VA than this shop. Check out Lee's Sandwiches or Nhu Lan in Eden center.

Lesther Guevara

Best sandwiches ever!

Eric Declerck

Simple and good.


The chicken and pork banh mi was really good and I loved the tea as well !!!! The price isn't too bad and the cashier is nice .

Ann Nguyen

Authentic banh mi. Lots of options to choose from including vegetarian friendly banh mi. The baguette is freshly baked in the store so you know you're getting the real deal. They also have shakes, iced coffees, egg rolls, pork buns, and other delicious Vietnamese snacks. You can't go wrong with the food here. Service however could be a little better.

Q Bakir



Higher priced than Eden Center but better quality and more filling so it's worth about the $1 more. I gave 4 stars because the quantity of filling is not consistent. Sometimes it's generous and other times I visit the filling is a bit stingy. Same goes with the bread. Certain days it's fresh and soft and just a few days I stopped for a couple sandwiches and the bread was a bit stale/hard like day old bread. Tried most everything on the menu and my favorite is the pork.

John Ly

Toast the bread please! Serve them warm!

Todd Harris

Great prices with unique sandwiches. I could eat here almost everyday.

John Wildman

Great Bahn Mi ... Grilled pork is the bomb

Rita Jones

These sandwiches are damn tasty (simple, fresh and to the point. No fireworks or complex recipes. What you see is what you get) and the price is oh so righteous. Have returned many times and continue to do so. Buy 5 get 1 free so feel free to feed the family. No sandwich costs more than $5 dollars, most range from $3-$4.

Paul H

Best bahn mi in DC area. Don't forget, they only take cash or debit cards.

Charles Hamilton

Not the cheapest, but certainly the best value Banh mi around. The grilled pork and pate is my favorite. They also have a good selection of other side items.

Kristen Gomez

This is our go-to for banh mi sandwiches because they are delicious and prices are reasonable. Our usual order is #2 (grilled pork) but they have a wide variety of sandwiches to choose from. And we don't ever order just one sandwich because they have a deal where you buy 5 and get one free, so these are prefect to take on a picnic (as there are no tables and chairs). This place is also like a mini grocery store because you can buy other Vietnamese snackage & prepared foods. Btw, you could also call ahead and place an order so food is ready when you pick it up. And FYI, for those who don't know, they automatically add cilantro and jalapeno peppers to the sandwich so if either one or both are not your thing, just let them know when placing your order.

TenZ Nguyen

This place has good bánh mi. Buy 5 get 1 free bánh mi. The only complain is that if you pay by credit card, you will be charge a small amount of the credit card fee, which is a bit ripped of and unfair. If you pay by cash or debit, you won’t be charged any fee. Those Asia stores like to get cash so that they can report less income for taxes. They seem make a lot of money per day but still charge customers who pay by credit card.


Now this is truly eating fresh. This place puts Subway to shame.

ami chan

I like to go here they have good deals on sandwiches and it’s really fresh not like anywhere else, sometimes they have cool desserts or food out on the table just grab and go if you ever in a rush and don’t worry about if it fresh or not they are those are made fresh daily.

Zombie Horde

Delicious sandwiches, taste super fresh, and great prices. The bread had a real good crust on the outside, and the steam buns were also great!

Shelby Trollinger

This is always a solid bet when you are craving a nice banh mi... The little pies (pate chauds) are so good too, especially hot out of the warmer. If they still have the buy 5, get 1 free, do that. I like the roast pork, and of course all the fixins... sometimes some extra mayo. Yum!

Megan Neal

Good food for a great price. Browse the market while you wait on your sandwich. It's impossible to not want more.

Rob Bradley

Hands down, best banh mi shop in the country. They also make a mean cup of iced coffee Good vegetarian options (I think the ham chay is the best among them, but they also have bologna chay and tofu)

Edward Jones

My favorite Banh Mi in the region

Denys Kuratchenko

Awesome, amazing, impressive sandwiches! Inexpensive too.

Zoe Getman-Pickering

My dad told me to come here, and described the banh mi sandwiches as "a revelation". He was right.

Bhasker Dave

Great sandwiches made with on-premise baked bread and fresh veggies. And, the fact that it is a bargain at ~$4.50 per sandwich is an added bonus. Make sure you try the grilled pork.

Jhampa Nyima

The must go place every time I visit DC area. They have the best vegetarian vietnamese sandwich. There are lots of delicious precook food here.

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