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REVIEWS OF The Pet Advantage IN Vermont

Noah Dion

When you first walk in, you may feel as though it is a bit overcrowded, and trust me that’s a good thing! They’ve packed tons of supplies, products, reptiles, small animals and fish into one little area that it’s almost overwhelming and I want to buy everything in sight. But I passion is fish, and they have a nice aquatics section for sure. The employees are helpful and friendly. Gabe is a cool dude, he’ll steer you in the right direction. You can special order fish as well, which I like. You’re going to get more definitive, and educated answers here than you will at a big box pet store. The prices aren’t too bad, somewhat high on certain things but I suppose if you don’t like it, buy those items elsewhere. They have a mini koi pond, the best selection of goldfish that I’ve seen around, and they even sell used aquaria gear and are willing to negotiate on their as-is prices! I live over an hour away, but every time they’re worth the trip. Definitely worth checking out for sure

Shawn's House

Very helpful and very informative.

Cindy Belisle

Extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of animals, reptiles and amphibians. I went to 3 pet stores looking for a treatment the vet recommended and the big box stores didn't have it. As soon as I walked in and asked an associate, they walked me over to exactly what I needed. Even better, when I was checking out the cashier even let me know that they board birds, reptiles, all smaller pets! They are also owned and operated by a local Vermonter! I'm going here for all pet items in the future!

lori wheeler

Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Thin Mint

Great selection compared to other pet stores, and the animals are quality- most are bred locally. Staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Sometimes I just go in to look around! I do shop here for supplies most of the time even though prices are slightly higher than other places. My only gripe is that the manager has been rude to customers before.

cj rochford

Very helpful staff

Joe LaPerle

Great local business. The owner has always been there when I come in and gives out some really great advice. Really cares for his customers.

Amanda Muzzy

Everyone that I have met there has always been kind and friendly. They are always willing to help with not only finding a product in their store but also with advice on your pet.

Eric Harrington

Great place. Leashed pets allowed to come in too, but heads up that there are cats (and sometimes dogs too) that belong to the store owner/personnel that roam loose in the store on a regular basis that are very friendly so if ur bringing your dog in make sure they are cat/other dog friendly!! My kids love going here just to look around for an hour or two and check out the huge variety of animals. Almost like a small scale zoo but with no entry fee!! Lol

Brieanna Foster

Wonderful people, great selection, awesome prices & very knowledgeable!

Marsha Palmer

Great help with purchases.


Their so nice and help when ever you need. I got my bird for there and they told me all I need to know. That’s where I get my fish to.

Chris Johnstone

An associate stopped what he was doing to answer my 6yr old’s questions about her new fish. He spoke directly to her and helped her learn about he new pet and made sure we had everything we needed before leaving. Well done Pet Advantage!

Beth Parker

Always great customer service, excellent product and quite the variety of cool pets and beautiful fish. Be sure to check out koi fish pond in the front of the store!!

Kate Cartwright

Great prices and knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Jake Thweatt

Great little shop, the people there are very friendly and got us set up with everything we needed for a new member of the family.

Camie Starshine

I bought speciality foods for my aging Chihuahua. The staff were valet perfect. Very knowledgeable trouble shooting issues with pet care. They have a variety of small pets for sale, fish and a nice shopping layout. They remembered me, same person helped me dispite my visits having been six months apart. My pet did not care for the food they sold me and they would not take it as a return. At the big store on Williston have a return 'unused' portion policy. I should have asked prior to purchase bit I was sorely disappointed to be out $23. My mistake, they lost me as a customer.

Kiley Briggs

Awesome store with a great variety of fish and reptiles. I hadn't been to the place in almost 5 years and it's been renovated since then. Basically the old reptile wall was knocked out and the store expanded about thirty feet. The staff is pretty knowledgeable too. The pet advantage is probably the best pet store in VT.

Andrew Gillespie

Great store with a great fish selection. The staff is very knowledgeable about their animals and products. Best fish provider in Vermont that I can find!

Cindy Pebler

It's an ok place didn't find what I was looking for

Harold Flad

One of the best local pet shops you could ask for! Friendly knowledgable staff are always ready to ensure you have a fantastic experience

Chris Thibault

The family went in to get crickets for our son leporard gecko. Ended out walking out with beautiful Pineapple Sun Conure. The owner Gabe and his wife were very knowledgeable about care for the bird. Won't do business with anyone else. Chain stores suck compared to this store.

warchief208 06

Last 3 fish I bought were terrible. One died after 2 days one had ick and one has fin rot. My tank is not the issue as I have fish in there that are over 2 years old. I have spent a lot of money in this store so it is very disappointing. These fish were not inexpensive.

Ashleigh Leduc

My boyfriend and I got a hedgehog through Pet Advantage a couple of weeks ago. The staff was friendly, helped get us the starter kit we needed, and gave us a coupon for the next time he went in! I returned a few days later to ask some general questions about hedgehogs, and Gabe was so friendly and helpful. He really seemed to know what he was talking about, and listened to all of my concerns. A great pet store that actually cares about the animals and the customers.

Lissa S

Love this place!! The people here are so genuine and helpful. The only place I will go to buy animals. They are very careful about where their animals come from. Small selection for some items. Be sure to check out the koi pond while you're there!

Daniel Coffee

Fairly priced, knowledgable owners/clerks. Awesome selection for fish supplies! All of their critters in store are incredibly healthy, vibrant and clearly well cared for. I'm a repeat customer for sure

Lenn Lockwood

These people give outstanding customer. Even though very busy,with a small staff,the sales men who busy at the cash register, saw young my young grandson looking around. He came said I to my grandson asked how he could listened to my grandson and showed him where to get what he wanted. Even thought obviously very busy and short of help he talked to my grandson as thought he had all the time in the world and that my grandson the sole customer . I watched him,he treated every customer the same. When he asked can I help you he sincerly meant it. He listened,and truly helped. On many when my grand wouldn't talk to him,he was treated like a little boy. The man treated my grandson like everyone a customer. He was very determined everyone received great customer service rather they made a purchase or not. Some one came with cat came in with cat that needed a home and he help the cat find a good home. Iam very impressed with this store. I will come here for all my pet. On behalf of grandson and our family thank you very much.

Debbie Sweeney

They have awesome animals and animal foods/accessories. They staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Kiki Reno

Great customer service and adorable pets!!

amanda muir

I love how noligable the staff is and they are always willing to help

Alyson Hansen

Good prices and the owners are very friendly and helpful. You can tell they love their hob and all the critters they have available

Lynn Jerger

Has most everything you need and knowledge people working there

JemiQui77 .

Very great locally owned place! The staff are great. I spoke with a young lady who had a bird out and she explained to me that she was carrying him around to hopefully give him a better temperament. I was very impressed by the care of the animals. Not perfect but definitely better than chain pet stores. Also their prices are pretty fair.

carey shackett

I love pet advantage there animals are clean tanks are clean. And all them are always there to help you. :)

Justin S

Very clean for a pet store that sells as many live animals as they do. As a rabbit owner I have concerns about how many rabbits they pack into a small space and how much freedom of movement they have outside of store hours. The gentleman who cares for their rabbits is very knowledgeable, I've heard his advice to others firsthand and he knows what he's talking about, but I wonder about parts of their care that are out of his control. The store is on the pricey side for supplies, but in general the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. One of the better pet stores I've been to, definitely come here over a place like Petco.

TheJeredh .

Always helpful with any questions we may have

John O'Brien

Lovely store staffed by real animal lovers.

Kathryn B D

We went in yesterday just to browse some fish, and not only did we find some cool stuff, but we had a great experience! The owners are amazing and friendly, and it shows that they truly care about animals, which is so nice to see in a pet store. They're very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge. We're from out of town but we will definitely pass by again when we're back in the area!

Gail Bannister

Great place to find every element you need for your pets care.

Kandie Williams

Top notch customer service. Reptiles from amazing breeders. Well cared for and handled animals. Staff can answer any question you have. Will be coming here for all my pet needs from now on.

Tonya Sprano

They have tons of fish, bird's, reptiles, and the supplies are very reasonable.

Mellie Holzscheiter

The cleanest pet store that sells pets! I’ve never seen another store that sells pets and is able to keep the store so clean! A whole variety of critter and ample supplies for all of them! A very knowledgeable staff! Slightly out of the way, but quality makes up for it!

Todd Baumeister

Great customer service for all your pet needs. I always get great advice from the staff. They have good hours, a great selection and good prices. They also have an easy to join customer loyalty program.

Barbara Johnson

Excellent customer service/ friendly & knowledgeable. Very clean, super hummane with there pets and best of all local animals to VT. Must go!

Clifford Morgan

Healthy pets, quality supplies, knowledgeable staff.

Valentina Mazzarese

I bought a leopard gecKorea from pet advantage and so did my friend,they are wonderful animals and they both have supplies to live on from pet advantage. Even if your not there to buy a pet you can still hold them. Pet advantage is magic. :)

Krista Rochefort

Excellent knowledgeable staff

Alexander Kaufman

I've bought multiple reptiles from this place! The staff is very friendly and willing to help you. I would recommend going to this place instead of a larger pet store (such as petco) since many of their animals are from local breeders and the store is family owned.

Matthew Rounds

Owners are very rude if you are going to own a pet Store it shouldn’t just be about the money but on the other hand the staff seems very friendly

XB-70valk YT

Always fun to watch the fish and guinea pigs

Ellen Rivait

The service was great and the owner answered any questions i had.thank you again for the help in deciding on yhe guinea pigs

Bonnie Cantrell

Mix of everything. Best pet store I've been to. Local owners. Commonly a wait of a few people and can be hard to find a worker not busy sometimes. Generally pretty good though.

Leviathan Lamothe

They need to do more research on rat housing, other than that they are pretty knowledgeable and take good care of their animals.

melissa moorhouse

They were very attentive. Excellent customer service and paid attention to the details which is something you rarely see in the chain stores. The owner was kind to my dog and gave him a treat and helped us pick out a gorgeous alpaca wool sweater that was locally made. My little dog is a southern boy and he gets cold easily and I have had difficulties finding clothes that fit him online and at the chain stores. This sweater fit like it was made for him! Support your local economy and go there for all of your pet needs. They will go the extra mile for you plus the store was all decked out for the holidays with lovely Christmas music playing. It was a wonderful shopping experience.


Not a lot of inventory. Very limited opinions

Time For Joy

The staff was ready to help but not overbearing while we were "just looking" and when it came time to purchase, we wouldn't have gone anywhere else. My only disappointment was in that the cichlid selection wasn't very colorful.

Sanne Van genderen

Unfriendly management. Dowdy fishtanks. listless fish. Scruffy plants. Don’t plan on returning dead fish. Plan on dead fish. We made the mistake of returning a second time, throwing good money after bad. We won’t be fooled again.

Mellé wedin

I love the slection of fish and the decore they have in stock. All the fish are pretty healthy and not under fed, like most pet stores practice to cut down oun water changes. Oh yeah and the koi pond is fun too!

Elizabeth G

I come here all the time to get things for my chameleon (which I also got from here). Pet Advantage has animals of all sorts of kinds. I have friends who have purchased rats, tarantulas, you name it. The people here are absolutely lovely, Gabe is a very knowledgeable and very helpful person and wants to give you as much information and advise possible for you to raise and love your pets for as long as possible. I don't think I can emphasize my rating for this location enough!

David Carleton

Very helpful staff. Plenty of tools available to maintain the tank.

Melissa DeCicco

Good value and cool animals

TJ Jamyang

nice place. locally owned. I bought few things for my fish tank.


I bought a bearded dragon today and the owner helped me out so much, he told me everything I should know and had a starter kit that I bought which made things a lot easier. They are very helpful and showed me how much the husband and wife owners love animals. I couldn’t indorse this business enough, go here if you ever want a new pet because I know I’ll go back again.

Justin Bolio

- love the pet advantage!, every time I need something for our kids new fish, the friendly, outgoing staff always seem to be able to give me exactly what I am looking for. I absolutely give this place a Big 5 stars, and five stars for the people that work there. Everything is neat and easy to find, I recommend this establishment to everybody. If your a first time pet owner, or a pet expert... well then this is the place for you!! And did I mention it is absolutely kid friendly!....

Veronica Bills

I used to love this place a lot more, but maybe that's because my father was the owner. I might have some bias'. That being said, I still greatly enjoy visiting. This store has a very special place in my heart. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR LOCAL SHOPS! The current owners are business people, for sure. They are always looking to sell, sell, sell! LOL very persuasive, and I'm so easily persuaded! However, they are very friendly and kind hearted. They are good people, and they hold good conversations.

Heather Peatman

Great local pet store. Lots of care given to the animals. They carry a wide variety of fish and other cold-blooded critters. They also have a wide array of supplies as well, suitable for your cat, dog or exotic! One of the few places for saltwater fish. :)

Edward Deak

I own a mixed reef saltwater tank and I'm pretty sure this the only place in the Burlington area that has what I need. The have salt, r.o. water, filters and a healthy stock of fish and corals to populate my tank with. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Dana Lahue

The owners are really nice very helpful and really care about the animals really nice experience will be going back

John Nagel

Nice place ! Most knowledgeable

danny kissell

Love this place. Way cheaper crickets in bulk than Petco! And they have an exotic collection of amphibians and reptiles! I love watching the animals eat when it's feeding time. They also have a store mascot name Simon, hes a siamese cat and he and I like to play catch me if you can, peeking out from behind something and then darting away. He will play with u for hours. He loves to laze around. I love this store. They are welcoming and dont mone that I like to spend so much time looking around! Plus if you want to pay bulk prices for crickets. It's only 30 bucks for a 1000 that's 3 cents a peice as opposed to the whopping 16 cents a peice at Petco! That's soooooo much cheaper! And they also sell theirs for 10 cents if ur not getting bulk. But even if you get more than I think 50 crickets it goes down to 8cents. So if you have reptiles you should go here! They also have Tom's of fuzzies pinkies and other things to feed your exotic pets

Pete Wagner

Nice all around pet store but very limited on dog products but they have it all if your into aquatics ,most things are a bit overpriced

Sam Whitney

Very helpful staff, they really know their fish!

greenmountaingirlvt .

Really great knowledgeable staff, amazing stock of aquatics and other small pets. Fair prices. Fun just to visit!

I'mSticky AllOver

Great local pet store! Friendly staff and owner!

Jason Kanellis

A great local pet store

Brett Phillips

Great local petshop

Jerry Barich

Great place. Very knowledgeable workers but can be condescending at times.

Jason Powell

Friendly staff. Neat koi, boas, wandering cat is fun.

cvrg kvt

Much better store then the chain stores. The employees are knowledgeable about the pets. Quick story, I bought a parakeet at one of the chain stores in Burlington. It took the sales person 30 minutes to catch it, after exhausting the poor bird. Several months later I decided my parakeet needed a friend, so I went to Pet Advantage. It took that employee 3 seconds. I'm not kidding. It was like he was the bird whisperer. They are good at what they do. I'll never go back to the chain store. 2 thumbs up!!

Riksor VB

Rats are brilliant, amazing pets, but two adopted from here by a friend of mine were diagnosed with ringworm a day after purchase. I'm sure this is just a fluke, it seems like a nice store ocerall, but check before adopting.

Captain Savage Aquatics

Great pet store! Very friendly staff!

Colby Sargis

Knowledgeable staff about snake care

kawksw .

It's a crapshoot hoping they have what you need. $$$$

David Bickmore

2 smaller gold fish and 2 snails are doing great! My wife got great service with tips on how to transfer fish to the new tank

Nicholas Ceffalo

Very friendly and helpful staff. They have a good selection of items for your pets. They also have a good selection of fish, fresh and salt water. They are only the 2nd place I know of in VT to offer salt water variety. They have birds and reptiles as well ready for you to take home.

Rich F

Lots of different animals available there. Good selection of supplies. Simon (the resident cat) is pretty friendly. They have a goldfish pond and there are a few turtles in it.

David Viau

Superb store, the owner is super friendly, they really love what they are doing and it shows. They have a nice selection of aquatic books and fishes, and we even talked a bit French! They have good prices, nice fish and plants as well. Next time I'm in Vermont, I'm going there again for sure!

Samantha Leclair

Love this pet shop. It is clean (no awful pet smell), the staff is great and there are a lot of different animals. I come here a few times a year from 1 1/2 hours away in NY. Well worth the trip!!!

Angie m. Buchanan

They have hidden fees and wrong information about their animals Very upsetting an over priced One sales clerk. Insinuated bringing back a sick hamster was going to be a routine And I never shopped their before.

julia parker

Apollo the big yellow boa constrictor is awesome.

V White

Great pet store to buy animals, maybe not supplies. Definitely on the more expensive side, but if you're planning on getting only the animal itself (such as a hamster) or just wanna look around, I highly recommend. Nice place with friendly staff

Bronwyn Young

Very friendly and knowledgeable people


Great prices and knowledgeable and friendly staff. Sometimes i go in just to check out all the frogs and lizards they have.

Autumn Stowe

Was not pleased to find out that the plant we bought from The Pet Advantage had Ich. I called the store and they knew they had it but never said anything and then went on to blame our water. Thankfully we only lost one fish. I wrote a comment on their Facebook page so other customers would be aware but it was deleted.

Dan Collins

Quick in and out, helpful staff, all critters in good condition.

Tim Alvira

Great service, all the knowledge. Selection is good but the employees are obviously well trained and passionate about their hobbies and job.

Zach Long

Staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Would highly recommend to others.

corrie kotulak

A great pet store with friendly knowledge staff. Big selection of reptiles, small animals, fresh & saltwater fish, pet habitats....treats..all kinds of creature care supplies! I have started my first saltwater tank and they have been extremely helpful!

Shannon Cygnus

Love this place.

Andrew Rollins

Always helpful staff on hand!

LauraLee Graffman

They really take care of the animals and have a wonderful selection!

Ronnie Bushway

This is a great pet store. My wife prefers this store for her aquarium items because the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. The products they sell are of good quality and the live animals they sell are healthy and seem well taken care of.


Friendly enviroment. Great selection!

Charles Rogers

Absolutely love this place. The only pet store I've seen that truly cares for their animals. The prices tend to be higher than average, especially on accessories, but you can't beat the service or quality care given to their pets.

gayle littleson

They feature pets with little supplies.

Dean Barnes

Always ask for chuck. He is a fish guru!

tanners epic pythons

Love this store lots of critters

Mark Rochefort

Excellent knowledgeable staff. Decent prices.

Kai O’Connor

Wonderful staff! Very knowledgeable!

Mitchell Howell

Just moved to the Burlington area from Central Florida and one of the first things I needed to find was a high quality place for reptile and aquatic pet supplies; after searching for a while I came across The Pet Advantage. I was building a new 75 gallon tank and the staff at the store were able to really help and educate me on all the equipment I would need, could live without, and should defiantly have. After one of the pieces I bought ($200) broke that night I was able to bring it back next day and they replaced it with no issues and even gave me free marine water to help me fill up my tank while I was waiting for my new device to come in. Regarding reptiles great as well. Not a very large selection to chose from but if you need anything they will special order it for you with a down deposit of course. I highly recommend this store to anyone looking for a high quality store with educated staff for your fish and reptile needs.

Julia McGinty

Came here today for the first time and the owners (a husband and wife pair) are very nice. Not only do they know their stuff (even about small animals, like my rabbit) but they are friendly and welcoming. Great stocked store, more stuff for my rabbit here than I can find at the local petco/ petsmart, which often doesn't have what I'm looking for. I'll be coming back!

Lindsey Souliotis

Great helpful staff. Their Guinea pigs are just the sweetest. My local go to pet store for sure! Plenty of foods, cages, toys, pets! Go, now, if you want a good pet!

Debra Pixley

Love this pet store. They are so knowledgeable and very trustworthy. Good staff, ready to help

tampabay chick

Amazing place

DaniRae Blackmer

Only place in the area I have found to sell live mice (snake food). Service is fast and friendly.

Jerry Wolfenbarger

Convenient, descent parking and good pricing for small lo ocation

Elchupayobroez L

The place is great, but they sell axolotls illegally (its illegal to sell axolotls in Vermont unless your a breeder) the conditions for axolotls are horrible too one of them was missing an arm! Otherwise the service is OK. I just would not by any of their axolotls.

Lonna Stevens

The place was clean although I thought it was way to hot inside. I have been in plenty pet stores that were normal temps.

Shannon Sweeney

Love this place, animals always look great and the employees are really friendly

Clark Fleming

Not a huge selection. Blonde female employee was not friendly.

Benjamin Higgins

Helpful and attentive staff, excellent selection of pets of all sizes and shapes.

Lee Chung

Amazing service and Dave looks great with hair!!!

Isaac Boiney

This place hats the things you can't find at the box stores. Plus, you can look at it before buying, and ask someone who knows all about pet stuff.

VJT 2018

Very nice pet store. Helpful staff. Great selection of pets. Fun to browse.

Izzy L

I've gotten a bunny there and they gave me all of the information I needed and recommended products that my bunny loves! The staff is super friendly as well.

Mandy Rooney

Love it. Plus it's family owned which makes me love it even more. Great variety of fresh and salt water fish also reptiles and more. Great service!!! Been going for years and will continue to!

Megan Pecor

❤ Best Animal store around. The people are so nice and they always have everything you need.

Cait Dow

My favorite pet store. Very helpful staff.

Christina .

We felt as though we were being followed around the store, as if we were going to swipe a fish or rabbit, toss it in our pockets and run. Every time we would turn around, no matter where in the store, one of the employees was always right there with us. I also didn't appreciate being spoken to as if I had absolutely no knowledge of owning pets and haven't cared for multiple animals the last 35+ years of my life. The rabbits were cute though. They get the 2 stars.

Trish Begnoche

Very friendly, very resourceful, and over all very reasonable

John Willard

Love this place. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful.

Marc Truedson

Great knowledge of fish! Answered any and all questions. Able to special order to our needs!

Jim Marrier

Love shopping here. Great people with excellent knowledge

Jon Brow

Best place to buy pets and supplies in Chittenden County

Hannah McDonald

This is an amazing pet store! Really knowledgable and good to their animals. I go here for everything I need :)

Neil Clifford

Huge. Selection of fish,snakes,spiders,frogs and other creatures,plus pet foods for them all,pinky mice,crickets,etc

leonard rozell

Fun drive and very nice inside a lil smelly but what u expect from a pet store

Lee Decker

Always a delight to go here. Purposely go out of my way to spend my dollars here instead of any other pet store. The staff are friendly and knowledgable and they always have exactly what I need!

Jessica Constable

I love this store! One stop shopping! The owners and staff are awesome and knowledgeable!

Rick Swift

Very helpful gal helped me pick the two perfect fish for my marine aquariums.

Matthew Marquis

Very friendly staff! As an added bonus, they have a cat that roams around.

Scott Noyes

Great experience. Very clean. Good prices. Knowledgable professionals.

Sheila Simonsen

My daughter and I went to The Pet Advantage for a hissing cockroach. When we arrived the store was jammed with just about everything. I first noticed the giant snakes jammed into tanks that were clearly too small. We eventually found the aquarium with the hissing cockroaches. My daughter noticed a gecko tank beside the cockroaches and began looking at them. She got very upset and began to talk about them to me. My daughter has had her leopard gecko for 4 years and is vigilant, meticulous and simply superb regarding the care of her gecko. She does research, belongs to forums and reads constantly in order to provide proper care. The geckos at this store were CLEARLY not cared for properly. From the size and lighting of the tank, the lack of hides to the choice of substrate it was all wrong. The most critical observation was the size of the geckos' tails. They were horribly thin. This has only ONE explanation and that is LACK of care. Whoever is caring for these geckos is not dusting the geckos food with multi-vitamin supplements or calcium. A healthy gecko has a strong build with their belly off the ground and a nice plump tail around the same size as their neck (or larger). My daughter was extremely upset and so we decided to speak to a gentleman whom I can only guess is the manager or owner. My daughter tried to speak with him and I also tried, but after his lack of knowledge and concern I simply said to my daughter that he didn't want to understand and we should leave. As I said this, he looked at me and told me and my other 12 year daughter to leave. I could NOT believe his clear unprofessional behavior and lack of responsibility. My daughter left sobbing and worried about the reptiles overall. I promised her that I would try to do something, so I am writing this review and contacting whomever I feel will look into this establishment.

Richard JOLLY Tanner

Not bad place bigger fish anyway anything you need they will go out of their way to get but don't ever ever plan on a return the should just say they don't return fish at all they will lie put stuff in your water anything they have to do to not take the fish back or return your money

Heather Forsyth

So helpful and knowledgeable. Great experience. Told us we could call anytime with questions on my sons new pet. When we did so, the questions were answered and staff was so friendly. At time of purchase the owner did everything to save us money and make sure we had everything we would need. He took the time with us to explain care and feeding. I will not go anywhere else! Highly recommend!

Sandra Vincent

Always friendly and helpful.

David Patterson

Rude and unprofessional staff. Made a 7 yr old cry and then wouldn’t let up, kept going on and on as my little one got more upset!! People in customer service should know how to read people and a situation and clearly this guy didn’t!! I’ll never shop there again and also he was putting down other pet stores and staff in front of a 7 yr old !! Safe yourself the heartache and shop someplace else!!

Michelle Thibault

I love this place, Gabe the owner sold us a beautiful Pineapple Sun Conner, he was so amazing. She's wonderful, I love them. We also get crickets for my son's lizard and they live a while longer. I will not go to an other pet store. Thank you Gabe and your wonderful staff, we love Lily.

Stevie Van Zandt

Not the best, but it's local. Largely over priced. Staff is knowledgeable

camie opulski

Soup to nuts of pet shopping, and plenty of small animals, birds, fish. The staff are very helpful in trouble shooting any problems you may have. Local family owned, nicer than the big chains or warehouse style. I like it.

Amy Rolfe

Stay Away! Rude, unprofessional owner. Terrible customer service. My daughter bought two baby mice and discovered that one of them was pregnant within five days of taking them home. Unequipped to care for a litter of mice, we took the pregnant mouse back to the store. The owner refused to refund my child or allow her to exchange the mouse for a different one. He claimed that "nothing is medically wrong with the mouse" so he would not honor the store's return/refund policy. Unbelievable! Run to PetSmart or Petco...anywhere but this store!!!

Aimee Viens

Love the variety of pets. Very knowledgeable staff. Many specialty items for sale that are not available at chain stores. Use rear exit if you are driving a low riding vehicle.

john wilcox

My favorite pet store for aquarium/aquatic

Rachel Loggins

This is definitely the better pet store in the area, however, I've had concern about the rabbits. The rabbits usually don't have enough hay, sometimes the feeders are even empty. Rabbits aren't supposed to have a pellet based diet, they need the hay to grind down their teeth and keep their digestion healthy. I understand that they aren't at the shop for very long, but this sets a precedent for poor care by inexperienced owners who get their information from the shop. Additionally, the young lionhead rabbits weren't groomed well at all and it was a hot day! They need regular brushing, especially during the summer when they're trying to shed as much of their hot wool as they can. Also, wooly rabbits shouldn't live in wood shavings, it sticks in the wool and makes painful mats. It's much better to keep them on fleece blankets with a grated litterbox. It seems to me, the rabbits are an after thought at Pet Advantage. The birds are getting excellent care, and I am not as familiar with fish and reptiles but they seemed to be fine too. A simple google search gives enough info to improve the rabbits' care, there really isn't an excuse.

Tony Olson

Good local, non-chain pet store.

Alicia Barreno

I board my guinea pig here, great little pet store, great staff, Julie is always super helpful!

Emily Menzel

Pet Advantage is THE location for all your reptile, fish, tarantula, or small animal needs. Petfood Warehouse has a larger selection for cat and dog supply, but for anything that's not a cat or dog, Pet Advantage is the place to be. Not to scoff at their cat and dog products, because for the smallish size of the store, they still manage to carry some great dog gear. They always seem to have treats and toys you can't find at Petfood Warehouse, so whenever I stop in for mice, I always end up with some new dog treats too! Helpful, knowledgeable staff, and local!

Amber Fowler

If u are looking for more exotic fish and larger fish this is a great store to go to they also have exotic pets like snakes lizards and Etc have used and new equipment is 7 day warranty if your fish died pretty good customer service but the store is small and kind of cramp but have a lot of different breed styles of fish they have a 14 foot albino python, a 10-foot python, several different type of bird species and their prices on their pets are pretty good also can order much larger tank for both salt and fresh water tanks, they also have several reptilian tanks bird cages and critters to feed your pets with, they do have a lot of saltwater fish and freshwater fish lots of different breeds they have shrimp and some crawdads a beautiful selection of Aquatic Life and they have a lot of coral that you can purchase to, well I went to the store the other day and don't plan on ever getting your money back on exotic fish because I went in there the other day and brought spring water and they try to tell me the ammonia was through the roof now if anyone has common sense they know that spring water has no ammonia show when they say it's a 7-Day guarantee the return it it's not and I can tell you 20 other people that it happened to so don't plan on getting your money back if your fish dies basically once you buy your fish you don't get your money back if you want your money back if a fish dies go to Petco they have a great return policy I ordered a red tail catfish better what day it died I have bought 9 other fish before that and did not have a problem until I have the red tail catfish so if you know that your tanks good and you don't mind losing money you can go here they weren't even explain how their weird testing goes they use test glass tubes to test your water I have took in my water to Petco and PetSmart and my levels were perfect show you tell me if they did mess with the levels to not refund my money or fish well update the owner di make up food great deal now just work with him and u will get the best

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