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116 North St, Bennington, VT 05201, United States

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REVIEWS OF Lil' Britain IN Vermont

Kenny McCormick

Best food in town even stayed open late for my girl and I to have a nice dinner!

Nicole Annihilation

Lori morse

Food is great. good portion sizes. staff very friendly. Eat in or take out.


Paul Garrett


Brooke Fox

Excellent fish and chip's! The curry is AMAZING too.

Anna Percey

Great sea food. The owners are really nice people. The dinner is always clean. Love the sea food

George Packard

Jasmine Brock

Christopher Price

Great little spot for some fresh fried fish and chips!

Jeff Ricketts

Great fish and chips. Very authentic

Kenneth Crookes

Very good food and great service

Ron Woodhead

Fun Thursday night meal! Enjoyable Brit food.

Bella Vendetta

Excellent fish and chips cant wait to go back

Wes Mclaughlin

Fish and chips were ok

David Hassoun

The food is amazing. The service is even better. We travel about 45 minutes a few times a month for the food. Best shrimp and fish anywhere. And the Chip Butty...A sandwich with chips (French fries) on a buttered roll? Also Amazing.

Thayer DOnaldson

Great little hole in the wall British place with authentic fresh choices you'd expect.

Joker 12090

Great people, great food, and great atmosphere! It's reasonably priced, and if you haven't had it, try a cherry-lime Ricky, they're delicious!

Bruce Kennard

Great food, try the scallops!

Marcia shaw


I’m a frequent visitor to Bennington, VT due to the fact that several of my favorite motorcycle routes intersect here. It’s a charming place to stop for a rest but I’ve found that the local dining options are mediocre. Until today when I was passing through and decided to dine at Lil Britain. The fish and chips were amazing. Everything was freshly cooked and served piping hot. The portion size for a small platter was very generous. The fish tasted fresh and wasn't overpowered by the batter (which had a perfect consistency!). The chips were soft and not too oily. I can’t wait to return and try out the other seafood options. I’d highly recommend stopping here if you’re passing through. The other local dining options are popular only because there is nothing else around. Lil Britain actually does it right.

whoknows 82

Love this place the best and only place to get fish and chips plus more in this town and around! Good food and fantastic friendly service!!

Mike Kister

Friendly staff and made to order food makes this place a great choice. I had the fish and y while my wife had the bangers and chips. Both were very tasty with thick cut fries and fresh Cole Slaw. Hint: the small sizes were more than enough.

Richard Schwarz

Best fish in southern Vt

Kris olson

The food is fresh and amazing! Fresh cut french fries and hand dipped fish fried perfectly. This is one of my favorite places to eat in Bennington. The owners are also super nice!

Nick Nickerson

Brenda Hart

William Borden

mel yeats

Solid fish and chips. Shrimp also great.

Robin White

Great fish and chips .. will repeat when next in Bennington

bruce kennard

Great meal. Scallops are my favorite.

Miki Day

Amazing fish!!!

Marcus Hanwell

Revisited recently and it seems to be under new management. Doesn't taste as authentic, slow to serve, lost the British feel and taste. Won't be rushing back. Original from a few years ago (5 stars): "Some of the best fish and chips in the area, great owners, really friendly, take some real pride in their food. It is well worth a visit if you find yourself in the area."

Tom Irwin

Lydia Blankenship

Seriously great and authentic fish and chips!

Lisa Sherwin-fields

First night in town. Wonderful meal ... excellent preparation crisp outside battering moist fish. hand cut chips . big portions & friendly service will go back again!

Christopher Development

Dan Lorette

Jennifer Dominey

Fish and Chips, Mushy Peas, Roll, and Lemonade. All delicious! Authentic!

Jesse Cooke

Rich Wilhelm

Buck Calabro

Linda M

The food is so delicious. British candy and treats for sale, too. The people are so friendly. Convenient parking in the lot across the street. Can't wait to visit again!

Craig Aekus

Love their fried fish platter.

Guy Clements

Bernie Nelson

The best fish and chips place in town. Burgers are to die for. And they even have gluten free batter for there fish. It is really good. Check them out for sure.

Tonia Highers

Delicious food and friendly staff! Definitely glad we stopped here on our way through town.

Alexander Gernert


Excellent food. Well worth my trip from Troy

Dominic Trybus

Nice little unsuspecting restaurant. Good fish and chips.

Mark Hodson

Most authentic fish and chips I have ever had in the States.

Deborah Towslee

Debra Morrison

All the good Catholics are here for dinner during the Lenten season! Suggestion...order ahead next Friday! I know it's worth it! Mmmmmmm!

Knuckles Garcia

Always the best food! Was amazing with the first owners and still amazing with the second set! Fav is the chicken tenders, chips and coleslaw, which I put them ALL on the soft buttered roll, pour honey mustard on top and eat like a boss!! If you find yourself anywhere near Bennington, VT PLEASE stop in and try something!!

Stephan Deibel

The fish and chips were excellent.


Small luncheonette. Very authentic fish and chips were very good.nice to see making English meat pies as well. Noticed folks coming into buy bags of Berger’s to go at lunchtime that says something too

Corey Brown

Great lil restaurant! Awesome fish, clams, scallops, chicken tenders and wonderful fries! Whatever potatoes they use for the fries taste like really good quality. I have never been disappointed by a meal from this place! Keep up the awesome food!

Molly Guest

The food is simply amazing!

Marcy R. Stearns

I always love little Britain! Today, fish and chips for me with a side of pickled beets.

Mary Brady

Friendly, clean and good prices

Jennifer Langlais

Great food fast. Quaint little place.a little piece of England in America.

Cassandra Derosia-Green

Brantley Highers

Great food and great service. Really great hidden gem.

Christine LaPorte

Fresh and tasty seafood. Great gravy.

Jon Fox

Fantastic fish and chips! Plus they have the sought after curry sauce!

Tatum Hill

The food was great as well as the service

James Banner

Being from Manchester UK I needed a chippy. I've been to a salt and battery in NYC and Lil Britain. I found Lil Britain chippy much better and priced more reasonable.

Eric Wood

Melissa Fisher

Soooooo delicious

kevinpwright .

Kim Galok

Great fish & chips...& the mushy peas are to die for...

Jeanette Cancellieri

Carrie Alyssa Houlihan

So good! They have British grocery items for sale and their fish and chips are amazing!


What can I say about one of the best places in Bennington?? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! The food, the owner, the staff. All brilliant!

Raymond Johnston

brian davis

Great little chip shop in a nice location. I remember as a kid having the opportunity to visit London, and I basically live on fish and chips. This Britain may be little, but it lives up to the flavor and feeling.

Stellar Lavoie

Great food

rcollinscpcu93 .

Charareh AF

Batter was so thin, tasty and crispy. The tartar sauce was one of best I've had recently....

Adam Ramirez

Leonard Kelley

Subhankar Pal

Good fish and chips, albeit a tad bit pricey.

Alex Deering

You could walk right by it if you're not looking for it but it's definitely worth a stop in! Enjoy

Dr. Steven Anthony Sola

Great fish and chips -- better than I have had in England. If you are in the mood for fried fish, this is it.

Emily Crum

D Clark

Best fish and chips for miles. I always stop to eat here whenever I am in the area. Last meal a few weeks ago. Steak pie was so satisfying and delicious. Seafood combo was equally good.

Tammy Washburn

Jan Krampitz

We ate there yesterday for lunch as "out of towners" and loved it! I hope Bennington appreciates what they have in this gem of an eatery!

Zachary Svoboda

Proper fish and chips. They have reasonably priced European candy too

Gloria Dunham

Fish n chips were champs!!!

Tommy Belville

A lot of food and good prices

Richard Valentine

Since our arrival from 'over the pond' 24 years ago there are many things a 'Brit' yearns for and perhaps THE one is our traditional Fish 'n' Chips. This visit to Lil' Britain on a day when temperatures began to plummet and a howling wind buffeting us on our journey (1 hour +) from over the NY state line, was well worth our effort and our anticipation of the platter was more than satisfactory. First observation is that the place is immaculate and that includes the restroom. Nathan (the proprietor) is very welcoming and once our choice was made it took a considerable period for the food to be prepared and presented. Your food is always cooked to order and we can attest that the battered haddock was crisp and moist in that order with 'chips' the only way they can be produced in large cut form and plentiful. The side order of 'mushy peas' was our choice and made this visit a real early winter treat for traditional food from the 'old country' as close to the real thing as it could get. Continued congratulations to Nathan and Lil' Britain for our experience. We'll be back!

Bob Go

Wonderful, authentic English fare In a delightful atmosphere!

Robert Hart

Really good fish and chips, English style - just without the newspaper wrapping. Very friendly place to stop and get a quick meal. Next time we are in the area we will stop in again.

Joel Warren

The fish and chips were very good with the exception of a little needed salt on the frys imediately following cooking. Portions were large and staff cheery.

Jeffrey Jennings

I have been in the area for some time now and always drove or walked by Lil' Britain, but I never bothered to check them out. I regret not having stopped in sooner than I did recently as I have come across some of the absolute best chips (fries) that I have ever had. Upon the first bite, I was hooked. Soft and thick fries cooked just right with each bite full of flavor and excellence. It has been quite a long time since I've had great chips/fries and that journey has ended.The chips came with fried chicken and they were equally amazing! This is a nice little spot that should not be missed!

AJ Bailey

Love this place always see if it's open if I'm in town

John Padula

Adrian Sebborn

Excellent food at very affordable prices. This is a great little place to get real fish and chips or bangers and mash. Don't miss it.

Aileen Hamerton

Not much choice! However, the fish & chips were very good. Chicken & steak pies were also delish! Worth stopping by..

Seth Bonnett

Great local fish and chips. Food is excellent!

Sarah Compton

Loved my seafood platter. The scallops were the best I have had in awhile

Andrea Hall

Richard Duteau

Always a great food!!!

Inger Knudson

Amazing and authentic

Laura Fowler

As close to home as it gets in the US... I do wish they had saveloys though!

Greg Roach

Pretty darn close to the UK fish and chips places they have modeled themselves after. Not fussy. Extremely consistent. I wish they had a beer and wine license. One of our favorite places for a casual bite.

Ida Dunbar

Small quaint place for seafood deep fried. Prices are reasonable. Friendly atmosphere.

Brian Lambert

Dan DeBrito

We got fish and shrimp. Both were very good. Nice batter. Chips/fries were from fresh potatoes and were nice and crisp. Nothing was too salty, Cole slaw was good too. My son reminds me to say "the shrimp was excellent!". Portions were large even though we ordered the small plates.

Nicole Chase

Delicious and fresh! Simply tasty! Owner and cook was kind and friendly and we had such a nice lunch!

James Coakley


Excellent fish and chips

Lisa Molloy

Matthew Hamilton

Great fish n chips, even got some togo.

Jose Rivera

Food is ok even though it tastes and smells as if it was deep fried in old oil.

Jonathan Grubmeyer

Real fish and chips, just like in Great Btitain. Made while you wait. Fresh.

William Nichols

This place is a hidden gem in the trash heap of Bennington.

David Eriksen

Great food fun place

Nick Remington

Brandon Hilton

Food was delicious on my first trip in. You'll find British favorites and friendly people the prices are also very reasonable. Highly recommended.

jeremy chrisman

Anthony Tampone

Surprisingly good and crispy gluten free fish and chips. The guy that was there, I think the owner, was super friendly as well. We'll stop again next time we pass though.

Milko Mezarina

Lil' that I know had to stop for food someplace with my 18 wheeler once I saw this place stop and what delightful place from the service to the food , I enjoy greatly the flavor and great service .

Michelle Boardman

Patty Lohrey

Absolutely delicious!!!

mike meehan

Excellent fish and chips.

Dean Stringfellow

William Celley

philippa judd

Finally the taste of home. Having tried British chip shops across the US, this one definitely comes out on top!

Carrie Atwood

Great food, great service. We'll definitely go back.

Michael Leake

Traditional English Chippie with perhaps the best burgers in Bennington. Generous portions, excellent mushy peas, sports on the tv and Brit groceries on site. Welcoming owners/staff.

Jared Goodrich

Great Food, Great Service, great staff, owner is a great guy!

Beth Dow

Delicious fish and chips! Also a great place to pick up some British sweets!

Roger LaJoie

Delicious food for a great price

Bethany Price

Tasty, but not too memorable.

Chuck Strimpler

Nothing fancy about this place and you won't get the neighborhood confused with Yuppieville, but the seafood is very good, down to earth staff and very reasonable prices.

Doug Eash

Fish n Chips are the best I've had anywhere. I also love the Shrimp n Chips. I really need to try their other optiond!

James Redmond

Like a little fish and chip shop transported here from home.

Anna Heffernan

Megan Bonneville

Great little place! Always drive by and want to stop, we finally did! Owners were very friendly and the food was delicious ! I enjoyed looking at the pictures on the wall while I waited for our food. They had funny little candies and such for sale too! We will definitely return! The portions and prices were excellent! Thanks!

Jennifer Jackson

Haven't found a better Chip Shop state side yet. Get everything. It's all mouth watering!

Janice Cox

Excellent, as usual.Mushy Peas, with my Fish and chips, my new choice from pickled beets, which are great too

Greg Restino

Mad Warrior

I absolutely love this place, the staff are so friendly, it's always clean, and they literally have the best fried fish in the state. Nathan makes everyone feel welcome and important. Would absolutely recommend, even if you don't like fish, their burgers are on point too.

Joey Kulkin

You get a hunk of haddock atop a mountain of chips and the batter is light and crispy and everything is made to order and delicious and you won't find a better authentic fish and chips joint in New England.

Kash .

The batter was really good, we order few differnt menu items and everything was great.

Vincent Fondren

Great fish and chips, try the beets and the cucumber salad and the mushy peas. The couple that own the place make it a lot of fun. We took some meat pies for the freezer.

Michelle C

Went here over Labor Day weekend - I had the steak pie, my husband had the potato pie, we shared the mushy peas and had local fountain drinks. It was most fantastic, the food was excellent, the service was awesome. They have little British delights there, various candies and sauces (including the world famous HP sauce!) that are available for purchase. I bought some candy and HP sauce, very reasonably priced. I highly recommend this place, I will definitely patronize again if I happen to be in the area :)

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