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REVIEWS OF AquaRealm Aquarium & Pets IN Vermont

Noah Dion

I stopped up to AquaRealm’s new store a couple weeks ago when I was in St. J for Work. Met the owner, DJ, very nice guy. He gave me some good advice on curing the Ich parasite in one of my tanks. Didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need, and was overall quite helpful. We need more small aquarium stores like this! They’re over an hour drive from me but I will be going back when I have the chance. Highly recommended and he had a nice stock of fish too

justin call

DJ is awesome and informative. His assistants are great too. We were looking for mini lop rabbits. He explained some of the ups and downs of a couple different breeds. But then the wife found the love birds and when she named them lemon and lime, I knew it was done. They helped us pick all the accessories and now we have a lovely pair of lovebirds instead of rabbits.

reanne pierce

julie larose berwick

Love the family feel great care of all pets and so knowledgeable!!

Carol Banana

Nice place. Very helpful employee.

Dana Camp

Amazing people. Everything you need. Great customer service. All at a locally owned pet store. Can you ask for anything better. Did I mention amazing people and customer service

Heather Stone

Grizzly Falls

Thay help you with all your needs

Dan Weaver

Chris Sweeney

All ways friendly and helpful customer service.

Sherry Brown-Cook

Very nice staff very helpful

Brandon Cochrane

Great pet store highly recomend them

jody degree

The place to go for all your pet needs!! Very knowledgeable owners can help with getting that fish tank just right!

Kiley Briggs

Edit: Bumping up to 5 stars because I have been back several times and experienced speedy service on all subsequent trips. I was also pleased to learn they can custom order fish for me, which may come in handy when I get my third tank back up and running. Great little shop. They were a bit understaffed during my visit and despite not being all that busy I did need to wait a while to get help (20 minutes). Other than that they had a great variety of fish, reptiles, etc and everything looked well cared for. I'll revise my review if I get faster service during my next couple visits

Adam Harris

Very friendly and helpful. Knowledgeable staff that is willing to go the extra mile and the selection is great!

Brandon Thomas

Have purchased several rats from this place and shortly after we get them home they start sneezing and other rats that had not been sneezing begins to sneeze, and one that passed the night we got it, this could be a sign of respiratory infection which is common at many pet stores. Be weary of buying rats at pet stores including this one. There was also a very unprofessional and uncomfortable conversation to be had after buying more rats from this store including what a seemed to be a threat (no service) had a review completed by my girlfriend been not taken down. Had that not occurred my review may not have been so negative. I also didn't know that albino rats typically have very poor vision which means that the most recent purchase of rats are not only sick but visionally impaired which makes them stick to one floor on our 5 floor cage. This would've been great knowledge to had had before purchasing them. However, I am willing to take partial responsibility as well for not researching that as well.

William Douglas

Jasmin LeBlanc

A great place to learn about all types of pets.

Joanne Rowe

Aaron Turgeon

Last time I was in the store i experienced some very poor service. I had been standing by some fish that I was going to purchase and the staff just kept walking by not even asking me if I was interested in purchasing them. It wasnt until i stood there for a good 20 mins did the lady tell me she would be right there and then i waited another 5 mins and after she never came i left. Terrible experience

Chelsea Pillsbury


Great selection of fish! Everyone is very nice and they're very knowledgeable with fish, which has been very helpful.

Sabra Anne

If you're looking for that certain pet store that not only provides tons of resources for your pets but also personal attention and insight, then here is your destination. I have been shopping at Aquarealm (what us town folk call it for short) for years, and I couldn't been happier with the services we've received. From the variety of their animals to the quality of their products, Melissa and DJ just KNOW what they're doing. We have three different sized freshwater tanks, with many different species and breeds, and no matter what the scenario Aquarealm has always suited and taken care of our needs. From random crisis to getting general supplies, their knowledge and expertise is quite literally incomparable. Honestly, I don't know what this town would do without Aquarealm, nor without the two wonderful people working as hard as they do to keep their business healthy and truthful. I highly recommend Aquarealm for all your fishy needs, as well as dog, cat, reptilian, and little critter needs!

Casey Thibaudeau

Love this place! The only pet store around that sells pet bugs! All the animals seem really happy and the employees are really friendly. I could be in there for hours on end just watching all the animals!

The Smile Tribe Official

Charles Cook

David Sweeney

Richard Stephens

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The fish are very healthy. Highly recommended.

Kit Marie

MrI Clean

Great store in an awesome location

Katie Young

Jayden vonDoemming

Jennifer Gould

Wonderful use of the space to have everything under the sun you could look for local shop!

Adam & Sarah Porter

Very nice people, clean store. They were very helpful with answering questions and helping us find everything we needed for our new pets!

Tiffany Madison

Ann Shover

Jennifer Clark

Karen Brown

Sophia Garcia

Beautiful selection!

Shane Champney

Hailey langmaid

Love this place staff is so very friendly and always have an answer for everything

Brooke Coutu

Alicia Downs

Great place. Clean and friendly staff. I will continue to go back for my dog jerky.

Ryan Degreenia

I love this store. Not just a pet shop they care very much for there critters even after you buy them ♡

Chicaro Myers

Lovely fish and great service!

Julie Fowler

We were here yesterday and purchased a small reptile. The woman who helped us was friendly and knowledgeable and took the time to tell us all about how to care for the animal, what to look out for, what to expect etc. We felt as though we were able to make informed decisions instead of just buying something because it might work. The store is clean as are the animals, they appeared to be well taken care of and in good health.

sandy garand

Nice staff.

Cory Curtis

Very helpful in getting what we needed and knowledgeable!

Elaine W

The staff is very friendly and the owners are truly knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to your pets.

Josh Peets

Cheap And very good customer service

James Dumont

Excellent local fish store with friendly service. Wide selection of fish and plants for both salt and fresh water aquariums. I was pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of pet and aquarium supplies. Very impressive assortment of aquarium fish to browse and purchase!

JdropLAZ3RDck 420


Place was very clean and knowlagable and staff was friendly

Deborah Shelton

Great place and very knowledgeable staff

Robert Langmaid

frances ellis

Conscientious pet sellers. Nice variety of treats etc. for all kinds of pets esp dogs. A bit lacking in food and harnesses for doggos tho- Morrison's Feed Lot has a variety just down the road ; )

Heather Fischer

Friendly staff, always has an answer to my questions and will keep my business. The shop is always clean and the animals they sell are healthy and well taken care of

Maurice Carr

Desiree Hawkins

Robert weaver

Nice store. Alot of fish. Helpful stay. Lady teaching the new guy how to bag up fish

Amanda Amadon

Roscoe&jessica Gaudette

Florian Mai

Love this place! Bought our 2nd hamster here, great and healthy animals, great service. Prices can't compete with PetSmart, but the service and quality of the animals is well worth it in the end!

Patrick McKeon

The Singing Potatoes

Bethany Gallien

Billie-Jo Garfield

Good supply forget fish and a few other small pets some bird stuff for smaller birds.

james savoie

Good little store good variety of fish an d they offer A three day return on fish.

Kevin Garand

Great Service, friendly help, never out of stock.

Annabelle Johnson

The animals all seemed really happy and friendly here, they all came over to investigate instead of hiding which was nice. Very curious turtles! A little under-stocked and adding some frogs would be nice! There was a huge cricket crawling around the floor but that happens I'm just glad I didn't step on him cause killing a cricket that big might be considered murder. But they had fish, birds, toads, lizards, turtles, snakes, spiders, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, hamsters etc. Prices on supplies and decorations seemed very reasonable. Not a huge pet store but not bad, not a perfect 5 stars but close enough.

Blake Kincaid

The bagels are amazing!!!

Edilene Lilian

There are an amazing variety of fish. besides other little animals. But on second thought, it shouldn't be pleasant to be "stuck" and watched. ... the service is very good. Remembering that I just went to take a look and not to buy.

Aaron Stetson

James Dubois

The best pet store around and the people are awesome helpful and nice

Petmeg Exports

Cassie Elisabeth

My boyfriend bought me two rats yesterday. When I got home I noticed that one of them (Noah) was breathing extremely fast and his head was bobbing up and down when he was breathing. This was my first rat, so I wasn't sure what was going on. I did some research. But by the time I knew something was really wrong, it was too late and there was no place open for us to take him and get him help. He was also extremely thin and small. When I woke up this morning to give him cuddles (he loved cuddles) he was gone. I did not even have him for a whole day. I am extremely upset. And my other rat (Penelope) is very skittish and she runs away when I try to hold her or pet her. I am so upset about this. I can't believe this happened.

TheACats 37

It is awesome! I got three of my Betta fish there and I love the people there!


Ally McAllister


Nice selection. Knowledgeable, friendly staff

Merissa Couture

Absolutely love this place!! Staff is very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be going back.

Allen Fisher

Great people and always very helpful!

Barb Peck

Suzie Ryan

We went there for a hamster they were all so friendly that when you put your hand in the cage they just climbed into your hand.

Miranda Chaput

They have some of the BEST employees that work there! The owners are absolutely AMAZING!! Very friendly atmosphere!

breannah bessette

Jessica Rose

Raymond Gratton

Friendly and knowledgable staff knew just what I needed to keep our turtle happy and alive.

Luna Dunbar

The staff are friendly and helpful, they have a nice selection of fish, and all the animals are healthy and well cared for. I got my first aquarium setup here and come back whenever I need more supplies. Great place!

Tina Fenoff

Always friendly and extremely helpful with all your questions. Would highly recommend this place. I go there atleast once a month for supplies.

Sleepy Bear

Roni Leach

Green Mountian Sporting Goods Nancys Video

Knows alot of great into, very helpful

Joanna Hayes

AquaRealm is where I go for all of my pet supply needs. If they don't have what I want then they're more than willing to order it for me. The owners are wonderful people and they deserve great success.

Thomas Dunbar

Good prices, and a very helpful staff. Excellent selection of fish, reptiles, and supplies for a small store.

Susan Smith

Amy Keenan

Ann Drown

Jan O

A special resource for the NEK! DJ and Melissa are so knowledgeable about animals and what they need. They can always be counted on to provide reliable information, and the store has an incredible variety of items. You will find what you need, and the prices are reasonable. We've shopped here for years and have never been disappointed. Definitely THE best pet store!

KristinaCampbell RecoveryInColor's artist

Helpful and we'll informed

shari hitman

marilyn durant

Truda Merchant

keith whitcomb sr


Edward Fisher

Staff are friendly and always have a good selection of aquarium products. A couple unsightly dead tetras in but other then that fish were in otherwise good shape. Their display tanks are nice aswell.

Edward Duval

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