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William Rogers

Love this place.. !!

Veronda Lytle

Nice scenery the mountains

Ted Roxbury

Update: I've been working with these guys for several years now and they continue to impress. Nice work! I've only worked with these guys for two weeks now, but so far they are very professional and super knowledgable.

Jerry Brailsford Jr.

Very great and healthy fish and corals. Clean establishment and very helpful people. They will also order you items in if they don't have them. Top notch business for sure. Will keep doing business with them, take a look and you will too.

Andrea Brown

First time shopping here today the little gal behind the counter was very friendly and knowledgeable. They had a great selection at a great price. Most definitely going to be a repeat customer.

Jeremy Bowerbank

I buy all my saltwater equipment and livestock from these guys. They are top-notch and know their stuff. Too many retailers these days just try and "sell" you and could care less if it survives a week later. OCD Reefs would rather see your tank succeed long term than make a quick buck and sell you something that you really shouldn't buy. Go check these guys out and support a good local business.

Gloria Espinoza

Tyson Vineyard

Great shop! Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! Great prices for a wide variety of livestock. Corals are all vibrant and healthy the fish and inverts look happy and healthy! Definitely going to be going back!

will Kendall

Just a small shop but they have all you need for salt water tanks and reefs and the service is great

shelley merryweather

Great store! First visit and it was very clean and organized. Helped us with alot of questions we had about our tank. Thanks

Dude What

Ladys where great did not rush us. Will be going her from now on kind sucks as pets and such was my go to but they dont know anything about salt water.

Ronny Eicher

Jason Gaffney

The prices were very reasonable and the staff very knowledgeable. As soon as I walked in I was greeted and shown everything in the store. I was able to have a great conversation about what I could add to my tank but without the pressure of having to buy. They have some of the best prices in the valley and were willing to order anything in. They loose a star though as they don have a ton of inventory but what they do have is good.. Everything they have is of good quality and price with a lot of unique items.

Johnathan Stagg

These guys are real sweetie pies!

A Google User

Best reef store in Utah. Great sps reeg tank.

Jose Romero

In all honesty since the moment I walked in I felt comfortable to explain to the owner my concerns about my tank, and he was really helpful on explaining to me how to get rid of aiptasia in my tank. I highly recommend OCD REEFS

Andrew Prange

Amazing! We go to all the reef stores in the state and this is by far our favorite. It is an hour drive for us, sooooo worth it. They have good prices and are very knowledgeable and also have the harder to find stuff. We are finding ourselves there once a week. Best name ever for a reef store!

Kelly Brooks

Mike Wright

Good shop by Utah standards. Tanks have algae and other pests but the staff are nice. They also have good selection of dry goods and gear for how small they are.

Leslie Allaire

You can tell this is a business of passion! I like the way the retail shop is set up....different from any other store I've been in. The owners are creative and knowledgeable and are willing to share what they know. Check out the photos on some of the tanks they've set up! Hope they do well....we all need to support the locals.

Austin Rowley

Very clean store. The corals are amazing. Helpful staff. Its about an hour drive for me but i will be back again.

Dave Butters

I have always loved going into this store. They really know what they are doing. I have enjoyed every fish and frag I have purchased from them. They are always willing to help when you have a question or need any help.

Kim Giroux

These guys are awesome, they are always so nice and fun to talk with. I would love to see their business boom.. they are very honest, and for that reason I would love to see their business do well. So come in an check out their clean cool store!!

mckay strader

These guys are great, super helpful and they really know their stuff.

Camille Wethered

Anthony Echevarria

Di Davie

Jared Thomson

Kyle did a great job helping me with an issue I was having with an turtle aquarium. They have great looking coral, this will be the place I go in the future when I need assistance with setups, water, and fish.

Kevin McKenzie

Great staff, very helpful. Look forward to working with OCD Reefs as I get into this new hobby. Thanks much.

Vy Vo

Nicholas Saguibo

They were very prompt with my requests. I had been doing a lot of research about getting a salt water tank and finally decided to get one. I asked them if I could pick up a Red Sea tank from them that day and they went out of their way to find one, which I picked up that night! They had top of the line parts/accessories available and helped me get my tank started right when I wanted to! Very friendly and accommodating plus their store is very clean!

Kristian Chavez

Bruce Miner

Went in looking for one thing and bought another. The man at the store was very helpful and knowlageable. I was very happy my transaction.

Bryan Asher

Very clean tanks and healthy fish and corals. They were a wealth of knowledge and are very helpful.

Johnnie Pattison

Excellent customer service. Called me the next day to verify the name of a coral I purchased. Thank you.

Tyler Beck

stacy carter

This is our new favorite LFS. Kyle was so friendly and helpful. He is extremely knowledgeable and there was no pressure to buy anything. He was just happy to share his information. Fantastic corals at incredible prices. Love this store!

chris morley


First time being in OCD Reefs and I love it. The owners are honest and knowledgable and you can see their passion shines through in the way they conduct business. From the time of walking through the door to the time I walked out with a fish I couldn't have been treated better. They have a good selection of fish and coral for everyone, regardless of experience and budget. One thing to mention is that at night it might be hard to find but it's in the same parking lot as key bank, Northeast corner. I know one thing, it won't be my last time here.

Aaron Vandermeyden

Awesome coral selection, Kyle and Brandon are both knowledgeable and personable, and my girlfriend liked how clean it was!

Lemke Nation

Clean, perfessional, and service what more could you ask for

Misty Woods

Clarice Anderton

Jim Tracy

I was impressed with the amount of frags available there. They were very informative on any questions I had. Would have liked to see a bigger variety of fish and larger corals. I will be shopping there again.

Brittany Harnicher

Love the staff! They’re super helpful and really nice people. Plus their aquarium set ups are awesome!

Michelle Jensen

We visited this store for the first time yesterday and I was extremely impressed. Kyle was extremley knowledgeable and they had a fantastic selection of coral & fish. They are priced reasonable as well. It was definitely worth trip!!

Cody Lueck

My experience with OCD Reefs has been nothing but fantastic each and every time. I know they have a lot of customers but every time I visit I am greeted by name with a warm welcome. They are my only choice when it comes to salt water fish, coral and equipment.

Liz Licea

This is a fantastic store. Friendly staff, they really know what they're talking about. The best store to find anything for your saltwater tank(s)

jason cowan

I have been going to OCD Reefs for about three years and I fully trust the knowledge, experience and expertise of everyone there. Brandon and Kyle have always given me practical advise on what would be best for me and my tank rather than just trying to sell something. I cannot stress enough what a great benefit their experience and knowledge has been. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in the hobby or for someone who is looking to get started. Their tank service and maintenance is well above what I expected and the feedback from OCD Reefs truly has been a lifesaver(for me and my fish)

Chris Mecham

Trevor Daniels

Adam Bringhurst

I visited OCD Reefs for the first time Saturday and will definitely be returning. I bought a frag that caught my eye that is very healthy and happy in my tank. All of their livestock appeared healthy, was well organized and priced decently. Out of curiosity, I tested the water from the bag my frag came home in and found all parameters to be completely acceptable. They seem like they are running a good operation.

David Bullock



I live in Virginia and was trying to buy a new Red Sea Reefer 450, which is no longer made. I called numerous reef stores around the country and was told that none were available. OCD reefs was the only store to go the extra mile and do some legwork to find one and ship it to me. What an excellent staff!

Sandy Perry

I was interested in setting up a salt water tank, so I stopped by OCD Reefs and was very impressed, the owners are very knowledgeable and very helpful.

FlamingLead72 !

Lee Danger Brewer

If you are in the hobby then OCD should be up top on your list of lfs you frequent.

Tim Starr

Great place. Awesome people!

Lawrence Walloch

Best service and prices.

Lance Wynn

Austin Cannon

David Vagiunic

Work with the airlines and come to salt lake from NYC a lot. Every time I pass by OCD and they do a great job shipping back frags I pick out. Great staff and great selection. Healthy pieces every time!! Best shop by far!

mom 4

chevy ogden

Great place for corals and more.

Kelly Brower

Carmen Bleach

Jeff Smith

Ty Rosser

This is my favorite shop to visit: hands down. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and will help you with any problems you might be experiencing. If there is something you're looking for but they don't have it, they will get it in for you. The salt water hobby can be challenging, but not when you have a team behind you ensuring you succeed.

Fritz Abélard

I'm writing this review a little later after the fact due to some traveling; however, Brandon and Kyle did such a great job that I had to make time for it. Brandon and Kyle were working on a tank for me, and due to some unforeseen circumstances, the tank broke. I showed up to go over what happened with them, and despite it not been their fault, Brandon and Kyle did everything to fix the issue and would not let me leave until I was happy. They were very attentive and really went above and beyond to make sure that once I walked out of the door, it was as a happy customer. I've recommended a number of my friends to OCD Reefs, and will continue to do so without reservation. Brandon and Kyle are very knowledgeable about the hobby and very helpful. Always ready to answer questions and offer great advice.

Brent Anderson

Good selection.

Matthew Wetherford

Really amazing

elmer moreno

Awesome store... first visit kyle was tons of help with and gave a great price on a calcium reactor that fit my needs and didnt great my wallet, will be recommending them to all my fish friends.

Jojo Seddell

Love this place, they are very helpful, knowledgeable good people. Just wish they would have had my clown fish I was looking for. But I will defiantly return, for my future reef needs.

Todd Ayers

Awesome reef shop. The guys and gals know their stuff. They have some very high end corals. But the standard corals are the cheapest around.

Ryan Kadota

Bruce Bywaters

Goid prices and selections with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

McKinzie Enlow

This store had beautiful coral. I really liked how they had everything set up.

Dion Richins

Visited today. Well stocked store. Plenty of dry goods and electronics. All the up to date technology. Tons of fish and corals. One of the friendliest stores I go to. Remember they are on the north side of the 201. For some reason my gps puts you on the other side of the free way. :)

Chris Godfrey

Hilary Aguilar

Nicole Truong

Just moved to Tooele, UT about five weeks ago. After going to 2 other reefs stores, I finally stopped into OCD REEFS. Not only were they friendly and knowledgable, they all took the time out to stop to introduce themselves and say hello. Definitely my favorite store by far and will be doing more business with them soon.!

Tory Hadley

Super friendly staff, very knowledgeable, and their prices are great! It's probably my favorite reef store in the valley! I will definitely go there every time!!

jared nichols

I've known Brandon for years, one of the best in the business. Has some of the best live stock around at a reasonable price. always has taken great of me, Excellent customer service !

Rick Krupa

These guys are great. I travelled down from ID looking for some help. I am new to the hobby and was ready to add corals. They spent hours with me and taught me care and maintenance. They helped me pick some great coral. Installed about 3 weeks and looking great. These guys will help you make the right choices. Very trustworthy and they take their time to make sure it is a great experience. Thanks. Rick

David Pettersson

Very limited selection of marine fish. They have corals in abundance and pricing is about the same as everywhere. Dry goods and electronics are also very limited. Staff was kind and friendly. Store was small but clean. Aquariums were healthy looking with a few fish under fed. Dates are posted when fish were introduced. What fish they had were average in price. We made a second visit on September 4th. About the same, with the exception of more fish to choose from. We purchased a Majestic Angel for $149. Staff is friendly and helpful. We'll be coming back again soon.

Landon Daly

This place is the best! If you are looking for the place with honest advice then this is where you need to go!


Craig Miller

Service was knowledgeable and excellent. Great selection. Went to 3 saltwater stores in the valley today and this was hands down the best. Will definitely be back...

Kroger Menzer

Great work! professional and courteous.

Duke Roosevelt

Skye Rees

I love the variety and layout of all the frag systems. Cut and dry prices rock. Always smart advice and always working to improve there setups just like I'm working on mine. Very good place. Fast off bangeter and 201. Well worth the drive to support local

Roy Jones

Trent Waters

Sara Escobar

Kristine A

Tayler Kendall

Best salt water store in Utah!

Marco Medina

They have everything you need to start up (or maintain,) a saltwater fish community, though limited on fish species. NOT A FRESHWATER FISH STORE!

Lee Anderson

This is a fantastic store. The guys are knowledgeable and friendly and the prices are fantastic. I wish we would have found this store a lot sooner. We will be buying all of our livestock and supplies from these guys.

Greg Wilson

Cory Vause

Best coral selection and prices in the Salt Lake valley!!! The guys are really helpful and know what they are talking about.

Bradley Crocker

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