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Debbie Best

We love the staff and very well stocked.

Gemini Saven

Can be a little pricey, but I like this store a million times better than Petsmart. The staff is knowledgeable and they actually give good advice on your fish keeping endeavors. I've learned a lot from talking to the owner - she's really smart with the stuff. They also have a variety of fish that you can't find anywhere else. I was super stoked to see that they even have mbu puffers in stock, which are fish you can't find anywhere. I trust this store to help me with my fish keeping hobbies, and it's a great local fish store.

Crissy DeCriscio

Amazing knowledgeable service. I absolutely love the employees here. And the fish of course lol


Went in here looking to setup a small planted tank. These folks were very helpful and shared their knowledge freely. There was a lot more to it than I had realized and they helped guide me towards the appropriate materials, plants, and water additions. I look forward to growing my tank with Fish4U!

Selina Papineau

They are so rude here. The woman and boy who was working that day, made it such a terrible experience.

Shantel Patterson

Love this store. The staff is very knowledgeable. The prices are reasonable. The only complaint is the fish return policy. There's always a reason they kick the blame off to you so they'll never replace a fish. But other than that the store is great.

Korrin C

The have an overwhelming amount of aquarium supplies. Some different very kind. They have lovely fish.


Ive been going there for about a year. Always so helpful and friendly. Today they helped me so much. I went to purchase a new pump for my tank. I paid for it went home and a hour later i couldnt find my money. Im a server and had over 600 dollars in a little black tip bag. No identification just all my tips. My heart sunk. I went back and sure enough they put it up for me. Easily they could of said i didnt leave it there. Far as i knew i could have dropped it out in the parking lot. Thank you so much for keeping it safe for me. Now days not to many honest people in this world and you showed great compassion.

Sarah McCall

Knowledgeable staff, and they saved my star Bettas Wrath & Vishous from a typical first time Betta owner mistake (never use tap water). My tanks have been thriving for over a year, and now, I am a customer for life.

Samantha Marie

Had a great experience here, the staff was super helpful, and went way way out of there way to help me even though they knew I wasn't purchasing that day! They make it a point to keep only fish that are either tank raised or are not on any endangered species list! They helped me plan how to set up a salt water tank that was both pretty and not to expensive.

Jon Hunt

Awesome staff, healthy fish. They're always willing to help

John Day

Horrible Service!! I even had the owner helping me, but he wasn't very friendly. After I selected the fish I've been prepping my whole tank for for months he was interrogating me about my water parameters, and said that he would not insure any fish to me that I bought, not even for the typically 7 day period (Their normal policy). I found that he was very condescending. He also tried to sell me things I didn't want or need, like extra added chemicals to put in my tank, and in the end I left the store empty handed and upset. I wouldn't recommend this store, But I did like the selection of fish and supplies they had here at this store, there were some really uncommon fish for the area here which I was really excited to see, and would rather buy them from here than order them online.

Gavin C.

Literally the best fish store Ive ever been to. Thier prices are very fair as their fish stock is handpicked and gorgeous. Even the Juveniles will be as vibrant and beautiful as the adults. Unlike disgusting chain stores (Petco, Petsmart), the fish arent ill and dying, and arent covered in Ich or Anchor worm. After working in a "good" Petco, I cant believe after coming here and realizing how appauling the retail practices were. Just sad tbh. Anyways, the store has a very calm and nice feel to it, its dimly lit, brimming with thriving tanks loaded with beautiful, happy, and healthy fish and invertebrates. They have plant tanks, snail tanks, shrimps of all kinds, so many cichilds, tons of tetras, barbs, danios, discus, loaches etc etc. And and an employee told me of I accidently get a plant with an unwanted guest, theyd let me borrow and assassin snail! Of course I didn't need it, but the peace of mind was nice. They also have loads of live saltwater tanks with big foxfaces, tangs, clown fish, coral structures, enenamis, and tons others. I took my niece here when she came down to visit to show her, after an hour she got bored but it was great lol. Its literally never ending with beautiful fish. I always spend around 20mins-1hr here. The staff is super down to earth and chill, and they seriously know thier stuff. They have very high quality goods, and dont run off of ONLY name brands like retail stores do. (As we all know quality control turns to crap with many name brands *cough cough fluval*). But this place will have literally everything you might ever conceive for equipment and chemicals. They have alot of decor and foods too. Aswell as alot of odds and ends thatll suit your fishkeeping needs. Lastly they also sell fresh, brackish, and salt water here which is some of the most stable water ive ever come across. Its no surprise people literally come from out of state to shop here (dead serious, I overhear people talking about how far they drove to get there all the time).

Dwight Bird

I have to give these guys five stars. And with so many of the specialty stores closing their doors (Recently Pet Land in Bountiful), please buy from these folks first. None of the big box pet stores have everything you need to have a really fine quality and beautiful tank. And if that's not the goal, why bother, right. Oh, and the knowledge, seriously, you're doing yourselves and the fish a disservice if you don't do it right.

Claudio Lara Juarez

Healthy fish & plants with friendly, helpful employees


Excellent choices on livestock, plants, and aquarium supplies. They're super helpful, and glad to answer any questions you may have. They're thoughtful and spend time with every customer. I'm a regular at this shop for a reason!

Andrew Renick

Fantastic service and knowledgeable staff. It's a little rough around the edges but well worth checking out.

Josh G

Knowledge staff. Very friendly. Willing to help me and talk to me for as long as I needed it. Alot of options with merchandise. Fish prices were on the high side but all the fish stocked looked healthy so I believe the prices are worth it.

Dave Frankman

There seems to be a wide range of opinions on these reviews. I would say that fish4u specializes in uncommon freshwater fish that are not cichlids. I have been keeping fish for over 20 years now and I often see things at fish4u that you just do not see other places (unusual microfishes, apistos, Unusual labyrinth fishes). Their cichlid selection good as well, but probably not their specialty. They also have a lot of planted tanks, which is outside my area of expertise. I have always felt that their service was great as well. If you are looking for interesting fish at fair prices then this is the place for you.

Mark Urry

They are very helpful everybody works as a team and seems to please their customers.

Eric Ostler

Best fish store in Utah for freshwater, and also the only place in Salt Lake City that I’ve found to carry an amazing selection of aquascaping supplies, decent prices on high quality rimless aquariums, a large selection of plants, and plenty of wood and drone for hardscape.

Karen Anderson

If you need fish, or equipment for them, this store is the best in the valley. Don't buy bettas anywhere else. They know how to keep them healthy. They can help you get them well, if they get sick. Fish 4 U- THE BEST!!!!!!

Rocky Campbell

I personally love this store. They have grest prices great workers and great fish!

Rob Mouritsen

Super awesome fish store. Lots of fish, inverts and plants. Everything in beautiful condition. Really nice and helpful staff. We love this store!

Annie Huff

Super friendly staff and really really helpful. I just wish they had a little more livestock selection... In all fairness, it might have been low because I went around the holidays and they may have been cleaned out for x-mas!

Colton Finch

Their prices won't amaze you; they are about average. The staff are super friendly and attentive, though. Several of their display aquariums were filthy and overrun by undesirable algae - not a very encouraging sight. The saltwater section looked better than the freshwater. They also sold me water wisteria when I was looking for water sprite, but I didn't realize it until I got home (1.5 hours away). Also, their credit card machine is a piece of crap, and I ended up having to use debit, which I didn't want to do. I'm going to try somewhere else before I come back here.

Nate Olson

This local gem is a must for aquarium fans. I stop by weekly to pick up inexpensive RO water (reverse osmosis) and ask questions of the very knowledgeable staff.

Taya Bagley

Very friendly staff, super knowledgeable, awesome selection, great prices. What more could you need?

Janelle Van der Werf

So sad as a long time customer, I have bought all my equipment and fish from them, but when I brought a diseased fish back today I was treated so rude. I drove 20 miles to return the second of 2 fish I bought that had black spots in hopes they cud help the fish and replace mine. It ended with owner taking a picture of my Mercedes license plate because he was afraid I would post this review... not sure why he needed my plate but I think he wanted to arrest me because I brought in a diseased fish I got there. AmaZing bad customer service . they looked at me like I was trying to do something wrong and scolded me Because I didn't bring the first one that died with the black spots back instead I threw it away. They got me all worked up over a $7 fish I was trying to help. When I did bring this one in realizing it was a deadly black spot in this one too they rolled their eyes and said I didn't bring it in within the first week and got SO defensive I couldn't believe it. So sad. The fish were only about $7-10 but the experience was so embarrassing in front of my son.

Rebecca Sly

Very nice people, helpful and informative

Jeremy Neff

The service is friendly and knowledgeable. They have a good variety of both fresh and salt water fish and care about the fish and corals.

Joel B

Shopping here was a great experience. I was bombarded by help from the staff and I was very happy with the fish and plants I purchased. I was helped by Tracy, who was passionate and let me describe my aquarium needs to here so she could better help me. She really cared about what I was looking for for my aquarium. The fish selection is great! They have a wide variety of all different types. The plant selection was really good also. I will definitely be coming back to this place in the future.

Kitkat Dove

The staff here are knowledgeable and kind, they keep a clean shop, and the pricing here is fair! The fish i have gotten are always healthy and when you buy from here, you're supporting a local business! I love Fish 4 U and you will too!

Jimmy Bowdish

Excellent service staff is knowledgeable and really strive to help customers understand the hobby. I've been having issues with my tank and they have been excellent in helping get it back on track and they don't try to push product down your throat. If they discourage you from buying a fish it's for good reason wether it be that the tank you have is too small or that your other fish won't get along with it they have a reason. Also their fish are healthier than any I've seen in chain stores around the valley. I have three bettas and a frog from chain stores and they all looked sick when I brought them home compared to the frog and betta I got from Fish 4 U

Brinden Sillito

This place has an awesome selection, the tanks are well kept, and the staff was very helpful. I would definitely recommend these guys for your fish needs.

Karen Abrams

Best Fish Store in town. Hands down. I have been to every place in town, and this place is top notch. I have fresh and salt water tanks and they have been there with me from day one. Always happy to help with issues, and they offer RO fresh and salt water for sale. A crucial item for success with reef and planted tanks

Lacie Walker

I love this fish store and the staff. Best place to go!

Jonah Hickman

This is always where I go for new fish. They have a very wide variety from cichlids to nano-fish to the standard, everyday fish. The staff all know what they are doing and are very helpful. They also offer a wide variety of hard-scape materials, from Malaysian wood to Ohko stones to green limestone! They care very much about their fish, so it is always worth every penny. Thank you!

David Barton

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection.

Sylvia Gillespie

I love this store. The employees love fish and talking about fish. Their advice has always been accurate and helpful.

Mike Romero

Really good place and a great LFS (local fish store). I buy a lot of my stuff here and their selection is top. A lot of the people here are knowledgeable and helpful, and can give you a lot of ideas. Prices are 15-20% higher than online but this is to be expected as a convenience tax. 4/5 only because i feel like they are always pushing a sell or suspicious you are trying to steal something, which is understandable and not necessarily a negative it just leads to some awkward interactions on occasion. *edited to add that they need an active website - which they do.

Cisco Sena

Nice friendly and knowledgeable of the fish they sell along with their products

jess Catro

I came down from farmington to get some assisn snails. This place was awesome. Can I just say the teenager that was helping was extremely knowledgeable and kind. The owner was charming and very informative. I will only buy my fish tank essentials from here.

Jordan Judkins

Asking way more than anyone else for smaller less healthy looking fish

Brett Skinner

So I can no longer recommend this place. So I wanted to get true red terror chiclids asked them to see if they could get they said they would check. Well I had phone issues about this same time. So today I bought over 100 dollars of merchandise and as I was leaving I said I'm still needing to get the true red terror chiclids. I was speaking with the store owner when I said this they replied I ordered those in for you and you never showed so they rotted so you may no longer order fish from us. We lost out on a 100 dollars worth of fish because you couldn't be reached. First off they said they would see if they could get them. Secondly Why are you ordering fish if you can't reach customer. Finally if special orders just rotted as you put it I'm speechless to say you can't keep fish alive to sale to other customers. Last penny I will ever spend here and I hope anyone reading this review will shop elsewhere.

Bela Lewis

Great variety of fish and friendly helpful staff!

Sean Bickley

I have been going to these guys for about a year now, and they have been great. They have always given good advice and been more than willing to help me with any of my aquarium needs. Tracey and Carey are always friendly and willing to help. I appreciate their work on special orders and holding fish or plants for me. Thanks to the whole crew at fish 4 u.

Joe Garcia

Nice stock. Helpful, friendly staff.

Bryan Uhri

This place is the best, it is augmented by the professional and extremely knowledgable staff. They are always able to answer my questions and get me the supplies I need. The prices are reasonable and everything I have purchased was great quality. Chris (owner) loves his job and know more about tanks than anyone in the area.

Paul Ricketts

Always helpful with good prices and a decent selection of dry goods.

Scott Schannon

I have never had a bad experience in this great store. I've worked in retail and have even owned my own business. There are people out there that just can't be pleased no matter what you offer. I'm always greeted unless their working with other customers or working on the tanks. There are times I've gone in and they are really busy and that is stressful in any job. Trying to help multiple people at the same time is difficult for anyone. I've always had great conversations with the owner Chris (or Kris, I don't know) and the rest of the staff. I've probably been going to this store for about 5 years and there has been some turn over of employees but I've never had a problem with any of them. I'm retired and rarely in a hurry, maybe that has something to do with it. I always come in with a smile and leave the same way. If you come in with a bad attitude then ......

alec hales

Honestly, I've found the hard way that there is a TON of false information out there about the hobby! These guys really know their stuff! Far better than any other shop I've ever been into. Just go in and look at the health of the fish! Fish are normally very stressed and not at there best in pet stores, all there fish are thriving! Great selection! Great products! If you want to do it right, talk to the people at fish 4U!

Tom Zarr

I’ve been going here for years. I mainly get saltwater stuff and a bit of freshwater. This place has really been grown out from humble beginnings. I’ve never had an issue with the service unless the staff was jammed during a weekend afternoon rush and it just made things a little slower. They still take care of the customers. For the square footage available the selection is excellent and they don’t price gouge. Fish stock reflects market price and is much healthier looking than other stores in town which charge more. I was surprised to see some of the nicer freshwater fish much larger, cheaper and better looking than at the big chain stores. The only thing I can ding the store on is a sometimes lacking SPS coral selection, but that would eat up a lot of square footage. Maybe it’s time for them to expand. ;-) My advice for the customers and the negative reviewers: I don’t know the circumstances of every situation, but take some time to ask questions and learn about things like the nitrogen cycle and basic water chemistry before you go jumping into this trying to go home with a new tank and 20 delicate fish to dump into tap water. The reality is that fish don’t evolve to your tap water’s pH because you hope they will. I’ve never had an issue with the staff refusing livestock to me except when they thought a fish didn’t look great. I think some of the reviewers have been upset because the staff was trying to stop them from making a bad decision they wouldn’t be happy with. This hobby is not “just add water.” It’s all about patience and maintenance. The occasional disease or die-off can happen, but it’s the way you maintain your tank and choose your livestock that’s often the tipping point. Don’t rush nature, shoot for ideal water parameters and you’ll be successful. Bad stuff happens, but you can take actions to prevent it.

Kim Edwards

Clean shop. Very knowledgeable and very friendly!

Golden Plates

super helpful and knowledgeable, anytime they get in a cool new fish they think I'd appreciate they let me know, and they legitimately care about the living creatures they sell.

Jeremy Adamson

It's almost freaky how much stuff they know! You can bring in some water from your tank and they'll tell you what is missing or what you may be doing wrong if there are issues. They have sizes and types of fish. I love their nano fish, so that's what I shop there for. They've helped me really enjoy this hobby!

Jon Nyassae

Largest selection of chems in SLC. fair prices, knowledgeable staff.

Kyle Daley

I love this place. They have a large variety of equipment, foods, decorations, plants and fish for both fresh and saltwater tanks. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. I think that the prices are somewhat competitive, depending on what you're looking for. Highly recommended.

Andrew Walker

Perhaps not the best looking building in Utah. Looks in many ways like a worn down structure added to over time. But let me say the staff here know there stuff! Have owned a salt water fish tank for 13+yrs now, and have been to several fish stores across the Salt Lake vally. This one is by far the best one. There prices are fair and there staff kind, helpful and well trained. Don't be fooled just because of its first appearance.

Tristan Roylance

Any fish you could want along with nice people. What more could you ask for

Michael Roberts

Very helpful in selecting fish and answering any questions you have no matter what skill you have with owning a tank. They take pride in the fish and the success of your pets.

Devin Olsen

They never answer the phones plus most of their stuff is wayyy overpriced reccomend going elsewhere

Colten Manns

Carrie and Kris are amazing people and truly care about the hobby and hobbyist's there prices are fare and customer service is awesome I wouldn't shop any where else locally.

matt wetherford

Great prices. Feindly staff. But the will not order you something like all the other fish stores.

Desarae Lee

I was extremely disappointed with my last visit to Fish 4 U. It's been a few years since I've been a regular here, but I came back recently because I remembered it as a beautiful store with helpful, cheerful employees. The interior was still delightful but when asking for help from a young employee, I was treated with open rudeness. I ended up leaving the store without even making my intended purchase and felt so uncomfortable with how she'd talked to me that I don't anticipate wanting to return here any time soon. Heartbreaking, as there are not many fish stores of this quality in the valley.


I bought a fish that I shouldn't have from here. My tank was not ready and the wonderful staff there told me they would hold him until my ammonia levels went down. 100% the best staff and service in the business, just don't come on a saturday and expect them to help you for two hours. They also sell live bloodworms

Andrew Morgan

My trust local fish store, love these guys!

Carly Walters

I have been keeping fish as a hobby for several years now, and this is the best fish shop I've ever been to. Their fish are very well cared for and healthy, their staff are friendly and helpful and their prices are reasonable. Their staff artist know what they are talking about as well... Very knowledgeable and wonderful customer service. They definitely have my business!

Deborah Henrie

As far as fish stores go, this will be hard to beat. To notch supply. Great balance of corals and fish, both a wide variety of fresh water and salt water fish. Prices are competitive with other local fish stores.

bailey keithley

I’m so sad that frank passed away but it’s still such a fun place

Aydé Soto

I found everything for my beta fish! nice store!

Liz Licea

Great for freshwater fish and dried goods. I'd go elsewhere for saltwater fish

T Spenman

Won't be back unfortunately. Customer service isn't great. Sold food that was expired and then only gave in store credit. I needed that money back to get food right away not wait for a new shipment to come in. I understand their policy is in store credit but if its something I didn't cause and I paid with cash the day prior there should not have been an issue. They lost a good customer over that.

Kirk Zitzman

Good selection and quality of fish, plants and supplies. Very knowledgeable. Went for the first time this week after getting our 65 gallon fresh water aquarium set up a couple weeks ago. The owner was very helpful and knowledgeable and spent a good deal of time advising us on how to best get the best success out of our aquarium. This is our go to location! We highly recommend.

Chris Mortensen

Informed and helpful staff. These people have knowledge that only comes with a certain type of passion you only find at mom and pop stores. Every time I got advise at a chain store, my fish always got messed up. Fish 4 u has been able to help fix these problems. I no longer get fish or advise at the chain stores. Only fish 4 u 4 me. ;)


My little family has loved becoming a frequent shopper here. They have been so nice and helpful. They have answered our millions of questions very well! They helped us get our tank going and started with fish! The have been great even when my toddler has thrown some nonstop tantrums! It get busy sometimes and people buy out quite a lot of their fish, but they restock regularly so check back! We've seen some awesome fish there! The teanagers have been helpful. As for the negative about them. They are just young and who hasn't had a bad day at work and had a hard time not showing it? Prices tend to be at or better than petsmart. They do have some stuff that costs more but it's better quality so I'm happy to pay it. It can smell "fishy"at times but it is a fish store haha! I've seen some alge from time to time and a dead fish. It has always been because of new fish and plant stock though. Some don't make it traveling and it's hard to balance a tank when you are always getting new stock that throws it off. We love this store and the friendly staff!

Christian Jensen

Love this local fish store! Always a better experience then the big pet stores! Helpful, knowledgeable, and very friendly staff!

Heidi Stavrides

Only place I go for my fish and aquarium needs. I love how they are so knowledgeable and are patient with my millions of questions

Chase Townley

Can’t believe I never rated this shop!!! Go here!!! This is the one and only fish store I go to. I know I get a good price for some healthy fish LOVE the people and everything about this place really just go!!

Alanna Meek

Always an amazing experience. These people REALLY know their fish and always give amazing advice to give the best success for either salt or freshwater tanks. I go out of my way to come here because they are fairly priced and so knowledgeable. A+!!!

Eric Sullivan

Great place friendly people helpful☺


I will definitely go back, I'd like the selection of fish, they answer my questions. A little pricey but worth it.

Katie Robinson

Definitely the best fish store in Salt Lake! Fair prices and lovely, knowledgable staff. I was also happy to see that the bettas were kept in nice little vases with live plants (albeit small by necessity), which is much better than the usual. They also have just about every product you could ever need and offer to special order items for you if needed.

Bart Stalder

I had questions about some setups and issues I had with my aquarium setup and the owner was extremely rude and condecending towards me instead of helping. Do not reccomend them and will not go back. Someone who is rude for absolutely no reason does not nor will ever deserve my buisness. Think twice before going.

Michael Anderson

Always have a pretty good selection of both salt and fresh water. The fish they sell have always been super healthy in my experience. The staff can be very rude and not helpful.

NG 801

Yes more selection then you know whom but not knowing exactly what there selling is just sad. Example asked for a cardnal tetra turns out to be a neon tetra, asked for a green neon tetra they gave me a green fire tetra, went back for a green fire they tried selling me a blood fin tetra.... And thats just the most of basic fish I hate to imagine getting in to the more advanced salt water fish with them probably end up going home with a 1984 broken down Cadillac lol

Bailey Keithley

I love this place it has so many amazing fish and all the products you could ask for!

Jarhead0713 DraegoRaIzar

Great scarce small business for fish and aquascaping.

Russell Mills

If they don't have what you are looking for, check back. I rarely see Rummy Nose Tetras and Emperor Tetras at the same time. Friendly and Professional service on a busy Saturday. Thank you!

Zach Schwendiman

If you haven't been here, but have been to other stores such as the aquarium, you will be dissapointed. there isn't much of a selection when it comes to livestock, and the service is eh at best. unless this is the only place you can go, buy online or go somewhere else.

Chase Cameron

I have bought fish and supplies from Fish 4 U for about 6 years. Most of the time I had decent service and ok prices. Well I came to find out recently that they are LIARS!!!!! I have had freshwater tanks for about 15 years and saltwater for about 6 years. Well recently I purchased some saltwater fish from them and one of the fish just was not right from the start. The fish died the very next day, so I took the fish in and brought a sample of my water for them to check. Well they proceeded to test my water and the results were "you killed your fish because your Nitrate levels are deathly high and this is off and this is off." The owner/lady began to tell me this about ten times in front of other customers "you killed your fish, we did not sell you a sick fish, and here is what you need to buy ($$$$$) to get your tank where it should be. I though wow, I checked my water a couple days ago, I wonder what happened. So I went straight home and checked all of the water levels, that Fish 4 U said were off. ALL of my levels were perfect. Nitrate = 0 Nitrite= 0 Ammonia = 0. So I then thought, I wonder if they must have just made a mistake in testing my waters, but it still left a sour taste in my mouth. About two weeks later I purchased 21 (freshwater) fish from them and 2 of the fish died. I took them back to the store, because their policy says if your fish dies in 7 days we will replace. So this time I took in straight R.O. water. Well guess what? According to them my ammonia levels were deadly and my phosphate levels were way high and they said this is caused by over feeding and that I was wrong and killed the fish again. ****Well I have news for you Fish 4 U. The water you checked was straight R.O (Reverse Osmosis Water), which has nothing in it, AND IT WAS THE WATER YOU SOLD TO ME THREE DAYS BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fish 4 u is not for U, they are for U when they want your money$$$$, but when they sell you a sick fish u are a fish killer because U don’t know how to take care of a fish tank! LIARS LIARS LIARS!!!! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE DISHONEST PEOPLE! They have lost my business and hopefully yours.

Mike Hanseen

I have been shopping at Fish 4 U for 10 years now. These guys are the experts. A+

Dustin B

Best LFS in the valley. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful for solving any problems you have. There is a good selection of salt and fresh fish, not quite as much as a few other stores but these are the most healthy and happy. I've never brought home an infected fish from here. They have a few not for sale tanks that I've personally used for some fantastic ideas at home. They have the greatest variety of tank plants and all growing beautifully so you don't have to coax a half dead plant back to life in your own tank. They have the best selection on accessories for freshwater and on par with the other LFS for saltwater, so if you're starting a home tank start here. Ask lots of questions, the woman who (I think) owns the place will educate you on anything you need.

Dan Artley

This is our favorite fish store in the entire valley!! The owners and their staff are super super sweet, kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. We’re beginners and had no idea where to start, and the owners helped us along the way and continue to do so with the many questions we always have for them! Locally owned and operated, and their passion for this business shows!! ❤️

Daniellien P.

No point in going anywhere else. The staff have a genuine passion for fish and are super helpful. They take very good care of all their fish and have a wide selection of product. They are awesome and make my passion for fish so much more fun!

TheShaw Man

Great fish store. Great selection of fish from salt to freshwater. Staff is very helpful.

Brigitte Stevens

I love this store!! The people here are always super nice and helpful. If you love aquariums there's no other place to go.

Julie A.

I recently visited this store as the closest fish store to my home closed last year and I heard good reviews about them. I loved this store! Great selection of fish, all very healthy and their tanks all looked great. The employees were super friendly and helpful. I will definitely make the journey to buy more from them again!

Trevor White

Great fish store large variety

Kari Ebarb

This store is awesome. They were extremely helpful and knowledgable. They know their stuff. If they don't have what your looking for, they can order it.

Megan Ross

We had a great experience here. The owner was very helpful on helping us decide which shrimp to get. All of the staff was very kind. You can tell that they really care for their fish.

Emily Anne Smith

Great place for fish Salt and tropical and supplies

MacKenzie Lipps

Went in looking for plastic egg crate for stacking coral and a hinge for a glass top. They were extremely short and rude when I asked if they carried either item. I asked "do you carry living hinges or egg crate?" and the response was literally just "home depot". I mean come on. First off they are items specifically for the reef keeping hobby, so no way Home Depot carries them. Second, that is no way to answer a question from a potential customer. Save your time and go to a store with some class.

Thomas Vincent

One of the best selection of freshwater aquarium fish in the valley. I especially like their variety when it comes to corydoras, barbs, and gourmai species.

Taylor Duong

I like this place they have a lot of options and good decor but I went in today and told them I have an account. They normally give you credit for every dollar you spend but they said they were moving they account program to their iPad so I couldn’t accumulate my points. After spending almost $100 I asked if I just held on to the receipt I could get them when the account system was up and they said they weren’t doing that. I know it’s a nice thing that they don’t have to do but after doing it for many years, and buying for many years, just a little upset that they won’t continue their reward system in the transition period. More like a 3.25 star.

James W

These guys are always great to me. Super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Tracy is especially awesome as she always helps me out!!!

Bri R

Owner is a good guy, employees are nice too.

Sabrina Walton

My favorite fish store in SLC. It's convenient and I've found myself always buying their water (I hate hard water buildup!) I would recommend this place for advice. You're paying for their expertise, not the products they have since they're significantly cheaper online. They clearly know what they're doing when it comes to fish, even if some of their methods are a bit outdated. I get all my actual fish from here when I can't find them on KSL. That being said, it's sometimes hit or miss when it comes to employees. I'm learning who I should talk to and who to avoid. I have no problem buying a $40 plant if I like it but if you can't give me instructions on how you keep it healthy then I will just buy online.

ed whiteman

Its ok the staff is very helpful but all six fish died within a week. Who knows maybe it was my fault somehow. Chemical test showed no abnormalities and he other fish are fine.

Nate Hansen

The female owner of the store has always treated me very condescending. I like supporting my local fish store, but she has missed out on some large purchases because she is rude when asked questions. I had a hard time buying substrate for my 400 gallon aquarium from someone who treats seems resentful and even antagonistic.

Abigail Hays

Very knowledgeable staff and proprietors. Have come here for several years. Brought home an amano shrimp 6-7 years ago and it's still kickin around the tank!

Fred Yao

Nice place with everything you need, it's just the average price is higher than pet smart and Petco.

Zach Bouck

Best Fish store in the state that I've been to, always healthy fish. Great knowledgeable staff.

Mark Gremillion

Great small business with lots of knowledge and great staff

Brian Simpson

They got a couple things there that I buy but the workers there are completely rude all the time and never want to help you and always find a excuse not to

Todd Ayers

Lot of nice Salt water fish.

Kate Nguyen

Expensive, and almost all their plants are infested with snails. They have a great selection of fish though.

Edward Bunker

I don't have my own aquarium, but sometimes I go here just to be amazed by theirs. Then I get talking to the staff, and their comprehensive knowledge of fish biology and aquarium ecology keeps me asking questions, and wanting to get into the hobby.

Jen M

Love Fish 4 U. Thanks for being awesome!

Bruce Bywaters

Love this place. Lots of supplies and stock for my saltwater and for freshwater lovers as well.

Isaiah Shipp

Best place in the salt lake valley for fish. The prices are fair, workers are nice and helpful and it's just fun to go in there and look around.

Seth Moore

Great place smart people. Much better then petsmart or petco

Patti Thurman

excellent service and everyone is always very helpful! I have always gotten great fish and products at reasonable prices! Shop local

grayson ford

I have been going to the store for at least 15 years. I don't go anywhere else for fish and plants, and a lot of supplies too. Owners are friendly, and they are always helpful! They usually have a lot of hard to find fish and plants, and the best part is the auctally care for the live stock. A long time ago I heard a worker tell a lady you can't keep goldfish in a bowl! That was awesome, most pet stores wouldn't care about a goldfish.

Manoli Katsanevas

I was treated very poorly and was belittled by the 2 owners they freaked out at me calling me crazy and saying I couldn’t cycle a 10 gallon tank in 3 weeks and refused to sell me more fish I had my water tested multiple times by other fish stores and they all said my tank had been cycled. They refused to listen to the information I had because it was from other sources. They told me to take my business elsewhere so I have and I never plan on going back there again. No customer should ever be treated with such disrespect.

David Pettersson

Spent some time today at Fish 4 U. Made a small purchase as well. The marine fish selection isn't too bad, B-. Corals were almost non existent. They're display tank had way more. Now, dry goods are plentiful and have lots of choices. They do carry some old time items (I'm sure they have had them for quite some time). So if your looking hard to find replacements you can probably get them here. Freshwater selection was good B+. Staff was okay, they seemed a little unconcerned. Store is somewhat clean, and tanks have been in operation for a long time. One dead fish found in the marine tanks. I know most stores will have some fish loss, but walking the tanks daily would be top on my list as an owner. I will make another visit in a few weeks and see if things are different.

Cyrus Park

The best selection of freshwater fauna and flora in salt lake city, and provo by a long shot. I do not know much about salt water but the selection seemed just as vast. The employees are very knowledgeable and friendly. They pointed me in the right direction for adding new fish to my planted tank with a grumpy betta, and they are doing very well. Thanks....


I bought a tank, stand and filter(sump) off of Craigslist. When I went into Fish 4 you to ask some questions about the sump I found a very rude employee. Her comment to me was "If only Craigslist had experts" and then she told me she was too busy to answer any of my questions and sent me on my way. It baffles me how short sighted she was. I will be spending hundreds of dollars in the next couple of months to finish up the tank with gravel, heaters, a top and lighting. Not to mention fish. While I went to Fish 4 you because of the good reviews I was so disappointed in my experience that I will not be returning. FYI: 'Pets and Such' on 35th and Bangerter not only answered my questions, told me how to fix the issue they got my first $20 on my new project.

Katie Lowsma

Good fish store. Enjoy going there.

Derk Lisonbee

The people working here are very knowledgeable. Wide variety and good selection of fish, food, accessories, and maintenance items.

Opie Janzer

The best aquarium store in Salt Lake City. Freshwater and salt water fish. Knowledgeable staff and fun experience.

Whittni O'Brien

We received excellent service and were attended by a women, likely the owner, who genuinely cared about her customer's purchases. We bought 6 algae eating shrimp and some duckweed

Jamie Bird

This is my favorite fish store in the Salt Lake Valley! They're always super upbeat and willing to share their experience and advice with their customers regardless of how busy they are. They have the largest collection of fresh water fish species of any store I've been to and they are guru's of the planted aquarium! Their salt water is imlressive as well!

Susan F.

Worst Customer Service. We have spent alot of money buying from this store. We talked to the owners about some issues with their employees selling us the wrong items,employees who have the "I don’t care” attitude,fish dying before we got home and other issues. The owners did not care about what we were saying. They were full of excuses for their own employees and products. The owners did not offer any compensation or even a "I am sorry” for all what has happened. (Worst Customer Service ) I don’t know how or why others would want to buy from a store like this who don’t care how they treat their customers. I would recommend finding another fish store who the owners actually care about doing the right thing by trying to keep their customers happy and coming back by treating them with respect, listening to them when they are telling the truth. Treating their customers like crap is so disrespectablie. ( A few weeks later after I wrote this review. My review was my own review with only my name on it. When a family member chose to buy some things at the store, they refused to allow him to buy the items. He did not even write the review, I did. So wrong to treat him unfairly and refuse service to a family member of mine who did not write the review. Fine, you don’t like to hear the truth and how I felt but how low to treat a member of my family with disrespect also. That just shows you that standing up for what I did by making a truthful review about how horrible the customer service was there and other things on a certain day. The owners would rather lose paying regular customers than apologize and be willing to work with the customers. So, when the owners do not own up to how unfair customers were treated which me shows disrespect. I have worked in retail, I always made an effort to work with the customers because that is called respect and good customer service. )


The staff are all very knowledgeable, patient and easy going. I fee appreciated every time I come.

S. Clark Lasley

Just found this place recently and am very pleasantly surprised. My first interaction was calling them and they were very helpful and polite. The prices are what you'd expect, occasionally I see a fish that is priced a little higher, however the health of the fish and the conditions they're kept in make it well worth it to me. So far they've had the best prices on Seachem products in the valley.

Cory Vore

Good selection of both salt and fresh water fish. Usually very friendly, but a bit rushed at times.

Ben Hekker

Great Store. Always answers questions. Real nice fish. Have taken a number of friends to it and they really Liked it. Supplies of all kinds no need to go any where else you can get it at FISH 4 YOU. Thank you for all your help.......:>)

EJ Terhune

Place always has what I need. Owner works very hard to keep this place nice.

Brandon Lowe

Love this place for fish. They've always been very helpful when I've visited. They have a good selection of both fresh and saltwater fish and supplies to care for them. Oh, and MacKenzie, I can sell you some "Egg Crate". They are 2 feet by 4 feet, same size as a drop ceiling tile, and I charge about $30. I'll just have to stop by the hardware store on my way to meet you!

Mikayla Wheeler

Wonderful local fish store. Employees are very friendly and helpful. They helped me find antibiotics when my fish got sick.

Franc Westphal

Extremely friendly and helpful staff.. Do recommend! Is it possible to see smiling fishies?

Juan Diaz

Very helpful employees. Really good prices on aquarium tanks and accessories.

Finn Lanvers

That helped us on our journey with fish form start to finish

Jeff Neese

This shop was loaded with fish and fish supplies . The staff seamed to be very knowledgeable with water chemistry and how a fish tank should be set up for maximum enjoyment.

Oz Inglorious

A really great place, the owners are extremely helpful and make sure to hire competent folks to help out. They've helped me keep the same tank going with the same fish for nearly 7 years now without an issue. The best time to visit is during the day on a weekday as the weekends get packed with tire-kickers bringing their kids somewhere for a free zoo visit.

Robert Hayes

Way better than the typical corporate pet store. The staff—especially the owner—are kind and helpful. The place is small but there is a good range of selection. Even their bettas are in beautiful, decorated tanks rather than those tiny containers you see at big stores. This place is down to earth, I highly recommend coming here for your fish.

scott rushton

I love this place the owners are really nice, helpful, and knowledgeable . They have been in business for awhile check em out. It's not just another pet shop ☺

Zach Flippo

Great selection and viewing of fish, plants and supplies and equipment

Laurelin Wilson

I used to live 3 minutes' drive from this store, I wish I still did. One of the few real fish stores left in the Salt Lake area. They know their fish, and have a good selection.

Isaac Henson

Staff is very helpful, don't be shy and ask questions! Probably the only place you can find all this stuff in utah

Scott Ellis

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Have been going to Fish4U for years and will continue to go to their store for many more years to come!!!

Reitz-Rothaug Family

Over priced and staff was very rude. This happened on 3 separate visits and we wont be back.

Dominic Martinez

Service was terrible. They actually talked me out of spending several hundred dollars. I have a 50 gallon tank. Wanted to fill it with fish told them I had only one Angel Fish in the tank. And proceeded to tell that should the only fish in that tank. When it's it's gallon of water per fish in a tank. I wanted to buy 8 fish, and plants and set up a my tank. But kept insisting the one fish rule. So, I went to petco, not known for fish, but they let me shop for what it wanted. I won't be back.

Brigitte Reed

The store is a bit crowded, what with all the fish tanks and all, but the employees are very knowledgeable and they really care about their fish. This store stocks some species that I haven't been able to find anywhere but online previously, like celestial pearl danios and pygmy cory cats. They actually go to the effort to house their bettas in something bigger than a cup, with a plant and a snail, ans to me, that really shows how much they care. Most big box pet stores are perfectly fine keeping bettas in cups, even though those poor fish need at least 3 gallons to be happy. So when I saw how their bettas were kept it warmed my heart. :-)

Mandy H

Prettiest and best variety of salt water/freshwater fish and plants in the Salt Lake Valley!

Aimee Deppe

I love this store! The staff is beyond friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I am new to the hobey, and they always take their time answering all of my questions. Tanks are clean and well kept. Good selection of healthy fish! Highly recommend this store!

Michael Coles

Expert help. They know their stuff. Very good people

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