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REVIEWS OF Xtreme Fish & Pets IN Texas

Dj vicious

It's awesome but they don't give you advice

Karen Morrison

Very nice place,the people were very friendly...

Cody Ardoin

The fish tanks were DISGUSTING.

Gabriela Fermin

Twice now I've gone to this store and I have not been dissapointed. Nice environment, super helpful staff, wide range of supplies, beautiful stock of fish, birds, reptiles and rodents. I could not ask for a better pet store, especially so close to where I love and work. Will definitely be shopping here in the future! !!

Arun Arangil

very poorly maintained. strong odor as you enter the store. not all fish were in great shape. staff was very kind and helpful though.

C San

Way too over price

Vito Ruland

Great place for all you're exotic fish and pet needs

Carlos Molina

Friendly and helpful staff, highly recommended.

Alpha And Omega

Excellent service and awesome prices and selections of rare exotic fishes

Alli Outlaw

I love coming in here because of the wide variety of animals and stuff. The owner is very kind and seems to know a lot. The three stars is because every time I'm here I see at least one dead animal, the axolotls I saw most recently are absolutely not cared for properly and looked extremely sick and under fed. The shop itself isn't very clean but all the aquariums appear to be.

nathan rubio

Really cool place with a huge variety. Good prices.

John Johnson

Best prices, great selection knowledgeable and helpful staff. I highly recommend this store. I travel about an hour and pass up many other stores for their service.

Samantha Promise

Everyone was very helpful and they have soooo much to choose from. We will definitely be back!!!!

Sameer Zain

Amazing Variety and great service

Kasey Cowan

Poor housing and breeding practices. The breeding bunnies are kept in small, rusty, wire cages. Wire cages are BAD for bunnies. Rusty cages are just BAD. If these are not for sale then why not keep them in appropriate enclosures? There were baby bunnies there that were deformed. This is indicative of inappropriate breeding practices...inbreeding to be specific. Guinea Pigs and Rabbits in same display. This is not good - bugs can be exchanged between species. No Hay in any of the bunny or guinea pig enclosures. And no sign of fresh vegetables either. This is not normal. Not appropriate even for a pet store selling animals. Reptiles didn't look to good either. No temperature gauges. I didn't stay long enough to scope out what else is not right about the setups. Was too disgusted. This place should stick to aquariums/fish.

Hamza NH

They have a wide range of fish and pets but they don't allow you to go in the bird section. On the other hand, Fish-N-Pet Unlimited on Bissonnet let you go inside the bird room and they also allow you to go in the back where they have plenty of more fish and birds.

Saurabh Mankar

Really good store with various selections on fish and fish related products. Love it

Augustin Munoz

Amazing fish, great staff. We got out fish here and they are doing great. They take great care of all the animals there. Need a great pet store look no further. Thank you for a great experience. I will be a forever customer.

Matloob Ali Raza

Place is not that well maintained and stick quality is average

Henry Daniels

Not only is it well maintained.But staff are very knowledgeable about the fish and other animals they have in the store.They are friendly,kind and smiling while they assist you with your needs.I would strongly recommend people to go to their store.And you will be happy you did.They make me feel like family.

Gina Lozada

Wow where do I begin. If i can give a middle finger instead of a star I would. This place is horrible. And I mean horrible. The only thing that looks clean and decent are the fish tanks. Other than that, I do not recommend buying anything from here. I took my daughter here in hopes of getting her a snake. Boy do i regret walking into this place. I am sadden on how they care for the small animals in the back. This place needs to be reported immediately. You will find about 15 baby rabbits enclosed with 4-5 guinea pigs with no water or food. A ton of iguanas throw in a glass cage with just dust inside. You have a large rabbit in a hamster cage, tons of birds thrown in cages in a back room with bird dropping galore!!!! I feel bad for the animals, and anyone who walks into that back room. Yes you will get sick so beware. Also non of the employees are confident in handling these animals...... why would anyone want to buy an animal from someone who is not even capable of explaining or handling the animals properly. They do have another location on Fondren/W Belfort that is cleaner and they are more helpful. But I would not recommend this location, and i am going to report them. That is all.......

Sharon Yarbrough

Wow I've never seen such a variety in one place fish gallery sold me silver dollar as pacu and Xtreme traded me out for the right ones when I got there thank u for ur awesome ness

Beau B. Griffin

Worst place to buy fish, not a wide selection and no salt water fish. Staff not even knowledgeable in the hobby and not very friendly. Much to be desired in a store that claims to be named Xtreme Fish and Pets.

Omar Herrera

Always a pleasure to visit. Beautiful pond fish.

Anna J

Good place

Lanie Strider

Oh my stars! My favorite fish store! The owners are great! The staff is so fun to talk to and everyone is so knowledgeable. If you are around Houston, you have to go.

Sonia Lozano

Great selection plus they negotiate prices for good customers!

kelsey kelso

The place has allot to offer, a good variety of fish and supplies with decent prices. The service was crappy. I waited to be helped (I wanted to purchase some fish) and no one would help me so I ended up leaving, I guess I needed to speak chinese to get helped. Oh well, nice place to check out. I wont be going again cause its too far from where I live, not worth the trip.

Don Tomas

The owner got irritated and started screaming when I asked him if he had any turtle's for sale.

josue mejia

The reason im giving one star is because theirs some tanks were the fishes look stressed and some tank have various fishes dead and they seem they dont rrally care for the enviorment the fishes are in and bunnies have a good plave but the big ones held in the cage, they are not supposed to be on the cage without any support for their feet it hurts them with the cage wires and it gives me great sadness they have to be in those cages. I dont really go here anymore after seeing that, animals are living things and need better care.

Kennneth Russell

Have a whole lot of pets mostly fish gone to this place to get a python snake did not get it because the Dude wouldn't let me hold the snake before I pay for it walked out

leonardo alvarez

Amazing Store!! Great service with very knowledgeable staff. Very clean tanks and very healthy fish at amazing prices! Will defiantly be coming back!

Mike Garcia

Awesome place for new fish... been coming here for years

Hai Van Trieu

Awesome fish with cheaper price than fish galeria

Shanno STM

bought supplies and my stand from here nice place

William Dot

They were able to supply me with pinky mice when nearly no one else had them

spencer messick

Lots of dead and dying fish, good selection of products.

Alex htx89

I have been coming here for many years, it's my number one go to store. He treats my family as if it was his. His selection of fish is.matched by no other.

Justin Boone

A big selection of fish and other pets to choose from. Their tanks are always clean to boot.

Kailee castille

They have really cool animals

Bridgett McKnight

Beautiful fish look extremely healthy.

Jesus Arrambide

They sold me a 'freshwater eel' only to find out that it actually required brackish water and later full marine. Even after I asked 3 times to make sure I was hearing right. I had to trade it in at a competitor store for a small store credit because I couldn't house it. This place is only a final sale place. If you know what you want and need, then go. If you are new to the hobby, they will screw you over.

Tin Truong

The have a good selection fish and a great selection of bettas. The process are good and the owners are nice.

William Donovan

Whoa! Every thing from glofish to goldfish, on through large tropical stuff and wild caught rare. I think I saw at least 3 kinds of freshwater pufferfish. Also have furry, feathery and scaly animals. Hard working family that's been in the business a long time.

Scott Weise

This is a great store i have been going there for over 10 years now great prices and great people well worth your time going there


Visit to this place was horrible. No one acknowledged us upon entrance. They were playing Guitar Hero! We walked around for about 15 minutes and approached a serviceman getting her hair done. She sent another worker to assist us, who knew nothing about the animals we were interested in. The manager came and was very short and Curt. We decided to leave, as we felt unappreciated with regards to a pending purchase. I am more upset as how it's difficult to come close to finding a pet store that offers what they have and if they would process the term Customer Service Then they would sell more. Very under appreciated as a consumer.

Neil Middlecoat

Excellent selection of fish. Owner was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Kenneth Nguyen

I've been going here fore a few years, healthy fish, cute little bunnies and Guinea pigs, cool birds and reptiles, show tanks are eh. Their fish are great too, mostly freshwater and really nice variety. Nice shrimp tank too, crystal, cherry, yellows and some type of blue shrimps. Their service is usually great-especially when the small Asian lady is working, but if it's just the Asian guy, you should expect to be treated rudely. He seemed like he just wants your money, willing to pull prices out of his ass to make more money.(I'm disgusted with his service) Out of all the times I've went, the lady has been there, very helpful and informative-hopefully she will be working next time...

quack quack

This place is horrific, the animals live in poor conditions.

Emmie Faggiano

Best place to buy all your aquarium needs owner at front very knowledgeable and friendly to give you advise for what you need and if they do not have what your loaking for always have a similar item.

Sexy Di

Worst ever!! I had to put 1 Star just to even put a review- deserves no star!!! I was recommended to this place by a friend who knows them too-I was told to purchase some backing for my 200 gal tank, & to ask for Brisk Nose Suckers. Guy said he would get some of those suckers later. I drove over to look at his collection of tanks for a new salt water tank and get my backing for my 200 gal fresh water tank plus try to pre order the Brisk Nose Suckers. I know ( from my fish guy) what to get because my suckers were too big and are lazy. - I chose to drive 25 min in traffic from Memorial, to purchase etc. - The Guy- OWNER - a very short, spiky hair, hated the fact I had the right idea about the suckers. - He yelled at me for 3 minutes about how I can just keep trading them in when they get too big. All fish poo.& berated the opinion of mine & the person who sent me there


At least most of the tanks were clean. Now where to start? For starters let's begin with the small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, birds etc.) Their living conditions are absolutely disgusting. I walked in to buy some reptile food and was shocked when these adult rabbits were huddled into one small cage. When I say small I mean small. The pigs were not faring any better. Same for the birds. Who cares if the pets are bought same day or quickly? The matter of the fact is housing needs to meet humane standards. For the reptiles now. The tanks were dimly lit and they seemed ill and unhappy. The employees barely know anything about the poor creatures. Terrible. This store has potential but they need to seriously hire educated staff and upgrade the pet's living conditions.

Salvador Velasquez

Hospitality is no stranger to the family of Xtreme Fish and Pets, among the YouTube great is "IFG - MR HAPNATION" and many other great YouTube (ers) such as Mr. Saul from "CICHLID-Wrench

Sam Towns

Disappointed in what I experienced after this place was hyped up by other aquarists, but it still had some cool stuff and nice display tanks. Similar to most fish stores in that it smelled and didn't look very clean, but that's expected for older shops. It's worth noting that not a single employee acknowledged our presence. A little friendliness can mask a lot of issues. I think maybe we caught them on a bad day though because people love this store. I'll try again in the future.

Marcy Tran

Love the store!!! They have very good prices for their fish and shrimp and the live plants are very Healthy

Trinity Kyle

Great place i bought a red early slider turtle, hes still alive and well its beeen a month or two no problems

RHA_ magic

It’s not a bad place but sadly the fish are way to pricey and some tanks are neglected but has a good selection of odd ball fish if ur in to monster fish this is definitely the place

Heather Yeckley

Reptiles are sick and look very ill. There is rabbits sharing cages with guinea pigs. The hamsters are ill. The cages are stacked on top of each other. The birds are it bad shape. They also have pythons in small cages not enough room to to stretch. They are way over priced. Im reporting them to the ASPCA tomorrow. This is ridiculous.

Rahman Hamza

Very friendly staff and knowledgeable. If you buy a lot he gives you discounts. Definitely going back.

Juan Guerra

A lot of variety of fish, but a little on the expensive side. Good customer service.


I definitely recommend this place to everyone, consistent variety, owner knows his stuff!!! Been coming back to this place for atleast 10+ years! Prices are a little high, but have always gotten quality fish here.

x television set

Anytime I have a question about my fish I come straight here. This is a 2nd generation family owned store that specializes in fish, mostly freshwater, and also sells gerbils, birds, and occasionally rabbits. They are well stocked for accessories as well as specimens. I come here often enough so I always get discounts too and have even sold my own fish to them!

Robert Melendez

Mice, mealworms, and accessories

Curtis Jackson

Awesome selection

Jesus Villalobos

I like to go there alot


I love this store. This is the only location I purchase my fish from and the owners are extremely nice and take pride in their customers and pets.

Elina Pham

Get all of my fishes here.

Mr Faxxmachine

Awesome store with a great selection of flowerhorn. They even had a cute short body one

Paula Castro

Nice selection of fish, nice owners.

Angela Zapata

Excelent! They always provide honest help and animals I have been buy for my last six year good health on birds and fish .

Mr Sommerville

Very knowledgeable staff fish looked healthy and a great selection!

Tameka Lee

They're a bit pricey. They're nice to their returning customers. They have an amazing display of fish. A wide range of tanks, pets and decor to buy.

Paul Tran

Saw about 12-15 dead/sick fish in my visit. Not a good sign.

Tung Nguyen

All of the best basic necessities are there. Awesome prices

William Philips

Very cool store! So much neat stuff inside! Even had some fish I’ve never seen before! Store is a lil warm. But other then that, the store is great! The owner helped us out. Very nice guy! Will be going back soon.

Sarah Whiteley

This was my first time at the store. I read most of the reviews, and it seems the store is improving. The animals had more space than stores like Petco or PetSmart, and the workers were helpful and friendly. I arrived at about 7, since this was supposed to be the only store open until 8 PM on Sunday, and they stayed after to get me my shrimp. Fish tanks were all well cared for. Plants looked nice, I might go back and get some of those. Overall, not a bad store. It is a little cramped, but maybe they'll be able to expand in the future.

Osmosis Cosmo

Stinks really bad! Animals not taken care of

Taj Rey

I keep coming back. Very clean place. My experience with the fish I buy there is good. They last a long time and there prices are pretty affordable. They will help u with what u need if it's your first time setting up a fish tank. Knowledgeable Staff.


This was a very unpleasant experience here. I went into the store to look at some snakes to see if I could get one. I saw that the snakes had a very small enclosure, no hides, or water. One of the snakes in the corner looked very dehydrated and it looked very sick. On the other hand I asked an employee if I could handle one of the snakes. So, they opened the enclosure and just left it like that. I was thinking that they were going to grab it and give it to me but instead they said ok you can grab it. The employee said that she was scared and that most of the employees were scared. So I took it out of its cage. In my head I was thinking that if you're going to work here and show people your animals you should be comfortable holding them and grabbing them. Another complaint is that the birds were in such small cages and there were About 20-30 birds In one small cage. Same thing with the iguanas... there were about 14 iguanas in a tiny enclosure. The cage looked dirty and so did the birds and all the other animals.They were not taken care of properly. There were also big rabbits in a very small cage and they were with guinie pigs. Same thing with the teen/baby rabbits. They had lots of rabbits in a box cage and they had no water or food. In every cage for all of the reptiles and fluffy small creatures, they had the same bedding and the bedding was not meant for reptiles and birds because they were small pebble bedding for rabbits and hamsters or any rodent. I do not recommend going here and I feel so bad for the animals. You can tell they take care more of the fish then the other animals. But they do have one right by a place called rainbow and their extreme fish and pets is more clean and the animals are taken care of. They have the right heating lamp and the iguanas had a bigger cage and so do the other animals like their tarantulas and their birds and snakes. If your looking to go to a extreme fish and pets, go to the one by a place called rainbows!!!

samuel hicken

2nd time there. This place is nasty. 2 full grown bearded dragons and two big turtles in one tank. They had a guinea pig with stuff dripping out of it's eye. Speaking of eyes, they had a fish with one of it's eyes missing swimming with other fish and of course it was for sale. Should I mention the area for employees only....6 rabbits jammed in one little cage. Place should be shut down. I will never, ever go there again. Worst pet store I have ever been in. Shut it down!!!

sean bracken

They can answer any question. More variety.

James Browning

great place to go had the fish I was looking for at great prices does help with info if needed , an has fish that most stores don't keep in stock really pleased on the grade a parrot fish he has

Mike Kayser

Found exactly what I was looking for and great customer service will go back when possible

Playa 2 burn

Very nice petshop... Very knowledgeable... The prices are medium to high on a few things but the quality of the fish is very good... All hobbyist know that quality is very important when it comes to fish, pets, etc.

cesar valdo

Nice please, you can find all different types of fish and employees are very polite and helpful.

Google User 2000

We get a good deal on worms there. They have a lot of fish to choose from. Some stuff is a bit overpriced. But their turtles were ok...the tiny ones are higher though. I didn't look at birds or Guinea pigs..or rabbits. can't say for that.

Sucel Santos

Nice store

LeeAndra Williams

I dont come as often because I moved but I bought a bunny and a pleco from here both healthy. The fish are cool to look at they have a great variety from fresh to salt all sizes giving me ideas from my next tank. The staff is friendly, the also have reptiles.

Stacey Mcbroom

Love this place. We been going here for a year my so loves everything there.


Decent but the main guy mixes some of the sick discus with the healthy ones.I don't think they treat the sick ones at all.But overall the healthy ones are nice

Jaime Cardenas

Very nice people and very reasonable prices my wife and kids love this place we go once a week.

Ashton Krieg

Great store. Owner is super nice and very knowledgeable of all types of fish. There are some super rare species from all the different areas (Asia, south/central America, Africa etc..) The pricing is fair for the quality of fish.

Nhien Dinh

This place was great for fish and everything fish related! :) The customer service was awesome. You can tell this shop is family owned. It's actually pretty large inside - long ways, from left to right. The name, with the "and Pets" part made me anticipate seeing dogs, cats, birds, and other little critters, but it's majority fish and reptiles. The prices are labeled clearly on the tanks and they had a huge variety of options for pet care in the fish & reptile department. My brother likes it here and he knows fish, so this place has got to be good. :)

Humble Bumble

I never really wanted to rate such an awesome place like this so lowly, especially with such a wide selection and beautiful fish, but with an incident arising in my tank who are dying one by one, I feel I must. Purchased 3 goldfish from them a month ago, my friend also purchased one, and the workers were nice,kind, and actually very knowledgeable on these goldfish and where they came from. Took them home, and a day or two later when I visited my friend to see his tank of goldfish, I immediately pointed out a problem. Ick on the goldfish purchased from Xtreme fish and pets. Went home, checked on mine closely, and same thing. However, ick is treatable. I put ick X in the tank, then gave my rest to my friend to treat his. After weeks, he lost his prized oranda, and most of his goldfish ended up tattered, one now deformed with some of his jaw missing,now making it harder to eat. On my hand? Even as I write this review, I’m still dealing with this now advanced ick, which has claimed all 3 of the goldfish purchased from Xtreme fish, and now I fear will claim the lives of my other fish as well. Its been a month since we purchased these fish, and still dealing with the sickness they brought into my tank. Take this review as you might, but this is just a warning. As a goldfish hobbyist, I know my basics and everything else dealing with fish. Before purchasing I studied these fish carefully so to make sure they looked as healthy as could be. Apparently not. This awesome fish store ended up causing the lives of 3 fish, and losing two customers permanently. As any hobbyist knows, fish aren’t simply pets: they are our babies. We love them so much it hurts to see them go. And unfortunately we can’t ever get these babies we lost back. This place looks amazing, but you never know what diseases are lurking in their waters. Never going back to Xtreme fish and pets again

Andrew P

Large selection of freshwater fish and plants. They carry a few rabbits, hamsters, and reptiles too.

Kristl Lemieux

I am horrified of the conditions of the animals here. The bettas look terrible . Very sad place . I will not be back

Yousha Hilliard

He has some beautiful fish and the price is reasonable! The staff is very knowledgeabl!

Ángel Villalobos

To spensive

Kasey Speyrer

OMG I haven't been here in years, but I often think of the times I would drive here and I had to at least go look at everything. Now that I am back living in Houston I had to check to see if they were still opened. Imagine my elated outburst in a small office occupied to the max LOL I will be there soon!

Thomas Huynh

They are very knowledgeable and show us how to care for our fishes.

Kendrick Dorion

Friendly environment great people!!

Morgan Bell

Animals kept in very crowded conditions. Several of the reptiles did not have any lights which is not proper husbandry. Better selection than petsmart for fish and they have several larger snakes and fish for sale.

tauhha zubair

Amazing owner. Loved how this take care of you

Chirag Trivedi

Have seen better cleaner aquarium store. Good stocking of fish.

Christopher Salonen

Love the exotic fish I get from Xtreme! Best color and quality. Fairest prices around, and Truong the owner is always helpful and knowledgable about anything I ask.

Munther Almohsin

They have nice collection of pets but prices are too high.

Josh Self

I'm sorta new to owning my own tank. The gentleman that was working was very enthusiastic to help me and give me lots of good tips. They had a awesome variety of fish and anything that you would ever need. I will without a doubt go to them for any future fish I will be acquiring. My personal opinion go to them not Petco or pet smart. They know what they are talking about and will help you with anything you need.

Alex Tran

Constantly go here to get supplies for my fish and for maintenance on the tank.

Emalee Higgins

Bought a rabbit, which unforntantly passed away 2 days later

Kevin Doong


Julian Dominguez

Owner has great customer service and great attitude. This is a one stop shop for all exotics especially tropical fish.

Christian Luu

Very great customer service and has a huge selection of fishes for a good price!

Papi Chulo

Animals seemed stressed, not in a healthy environment. The employees seemed not to know anything about anything they sell. The Manager/owner is rude and they refuse to honor or even garantee their animals under any circumstances. Once the animal is out the door forget turning around trying to return it or exchange. Stay way go to other pet stores.

LaLainya Johnson

I got an adult redfoot from them. She took a bit to adjust but as of today she is eating

Roberto Rodriguez

Awesome store with dry goods and tanks. Fish look taken care of.

Milly Truong

Very knowledgeable salesman very great pricing as well. Ive bought 6 turtles from here n will return for future pets n supplies

Guns n Roses

Pretty cool pet store. Has iguana even. The cute little kid was really really adorable

Martin G

Great service. Fair prices, owner is very helpful!!

Joseph Boodhu

Large selection and friendly staff also good prices for feeders.

Sonja Roark

Very knowledgeable about fish and have a variety of fish

Lanesha Baines

Bad customer Service experience.

Carmen Demapan Fernandez

Very friendly guy good recommendations for my fish. Thank you and will come again. Very clean facility and fish look happy in the tanks.

B mans fish world

This is awesome for fish fish keepers well me of course because I'm a breeder the staff are pretty cool so go check the store out

niabi ristine-miller

This place is legit and amazing. Selection of fresh water fish is amazing and I don’t know anywhere that’s got the variety of shrimp these guys do. They have the highest tier (refers to color & quality) red cherry shrimp plus blue velvet, crystal (white & red striped), and more. I told them I’m setting up a cherry shrimp breeding tank and they picked me out several pregnant females and threw in hornwort since “that’s what they like”, and the Asian guy that owns the shop was 100% correct. I’ve also bought my neon orange & electric blue dwarf crayfish there as well as cherry barbs, platies, neons, ghost shrimp (15 for 1$ —much better deal then petsmart), anubias plants (thiers are huge!) and sterbai corydoras. Almost all of the fish have survived transport and 100% of the shrimp. Any knowledge the owner has ever told me was 100% correct.

Raymond W.

Lots of choices of tropical fish. Owner was really nice explaining why my friend's fish never lived for one more than 1 week (temp control).

Tuan Tran

Xtremly exotic good price n friendly services

Pamela Mitchell

My FAVORITE fish store. The owner and staff if always attentive

Di Di

Completely ignored when I was in here for all of 20mins. I walked out. Visited the pet shop on Bissonnett and Kirkwood instead.

Terence Williams

Great deals on feeder fish. Rare small mom and pop pet store that has more than just fish (Rabbits, Snakes, Turtles, etc...)

Kevin Vincent

Very nice store. Very nice people to deal with.


I went here when I was younger because they sold rabbits. Came back years later to purchase two of them for a really great deal (bunnies, food, bedding, cage with dish and bottle). They'll always give you discounted prices if you buy multiple things at once and you can haggle with them too.

Mason Carpenter

Love these guys, healthy fish, good prices, willing to order in specialties, very friendly, if you love fish keeping this is your spot.

Happiness is a fish Tank

Xtreme Fish Pet has good quality fishes that I regret didn't pay attention at first. Why? Because they put the same kinds of fish anywhere in the store, You must go around and look for it. For example, they put goldfish in 4 different spot in the store, not the big one in the front but everywhere. Good price, good fishes. Worth to check out.

Armin Demirovic

I usually go here to get my fish, great selection and prices. The owner is a really cool guy. To all the people getting upset about the living situations for the animals, you need to understand this is a pet shop and all the pets are going to be sold by next time you walk in there. The housing is perfectly normal for where they are.

Luis Rodriguez

Good place and got what I needed greate.

Mrs Burch

I'll be back. Great experience in discussing fish keeping. Very knowledgeable staff.

Erica McIntosh

I have gotten my reptiles from the store, my experience has been great.

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