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REVIEWS OF Paradise Fish and Pets IN Texas

Ronnie Meligan

Great place pleasant experience


I bought a tiny Yorkshire terrier from this store and he is so healthy and well bred. The owners are good people that love animals and I highly recommend this clean, well stocked store.

Pierce Merrin

The lady behind the counter was really cool Let my daughter walk around who is 3. And look at the snakes and rabbits and puppies and fish and the birds too.

Jazmin Brown

Everyone is always very nice and helpful here. They have everything I need for our Turtle, snake, pup, and now our new baby bird we just got from them.

Taylor White

Felt like i had to be a regular customer to shop there. The lady at the counter didn't interact at all unless i asked a question and she lit up when another customer came in that she obviously knew. Shouldn't you interact with every customer that comes in your store? But overall adorable animals and awesome prices for merchandise! They have everything from cat/dog stuff to small animals habitats/accessories and reptile and aquatic animal stuff 1 star for customer service 5 star for merchandise and animals


I called to check availability for a product. I felt as though I was interrupting or disrupting the lady’s day who answered the phone. Rude and unwelcoming! Go to Pet Ranch, they’re very friendly and eager to help!

Liz H

Everytime I go there I hope somehow they have improved in general but everytime is even more and more sad. Breeding should be completely illegal God knows where they get their puppies and for how long they have been breeding the mama dog just to get money maybe they should get a day job instead of abusing animals. How come they keep more than 30 sliders in a 10 or smaller gallon. That macaw has been there for forever in a small cage now they have a second one compare to the size of the bird he should have a way bigger cage. Several times I've seen product in the shelves expired. The fish tanks are sad sad sad full of algae I have fish myself I know algae is normal but not in the quantity they have. A xxl cichlid in a 40 gallon with other big cichlids no wonder one of the small ones is missing an eye that is extremely stressing for them unhealthy and can lead to serious decease and contamination, definitely dont buy your fish here and dont support buying animals from them all of them live in tiny cages so cruel and by buying from them you're only supporting the poor care they give animals. Maybe they shouldn't bite more they can chew and reduce the amount of animals they order. There is a savanna monitor I hope someone gets it before it gets big and they keep him in a super tiny tank. Also the owners are so rude dont engage with customers everytime I'm there they look and stare but dont say hi not welcoming at all if yall can't keep up with animals at least be nice to people but I guess they just fail in every aspect, they should close.

Lanie Strider

Not so impressed with this store. Aisles are very close together making it difficult to navigate with any disability. Front end coverage and customer service need improvement.

Misty Stephens

We bought a puppy from them. Omg she has been such a blessing to us. She is so beautiful healthy and full of energy. The owner and his wife are sweeties. I love they make you clean your hands before handling animals. Best place!

Stacy Satterfield

Awesome service, beautiful driftwood!

Isabel Mendoza

Its smelles horrible in there.

Vanessa G

Puppies, rabbits and birds, oh my! ...they had a great variety of pets as well as food, aquarium items and puppy clothes.

Kelly Diamond

I'm impressed with the selection of fish. Concerned about where the puppies come from. The individual behind the counter was not nice or even cordial.

Jess Fulkerson

Great help and assistance in getting the right aquarium and how to set it up

Tosha C

Purchased our little Yorkie Lucy in January. The owner was very nice and you could tell just how much she cares for her babies. She told us everything we needed to know to care for our little baby. I had a very good experience with Paradise and would definitely recommend this store. We love little Lucy, she is very hyper and everyone in the house loves her including my granddaughter.

Shannon Williams

My sister bought her dog here. Its the most beautiful dog I've ever seen. When my sister had her dog stolen recently the owner put an ad on her Facebook page to try to help her find her dog. These are really nice people and its a really nice shop with everything you need. Definitely check it out before going to Petco.

Kathy Frazee

Great groomers for my fur babies!

Nolans Aquatics

I went in there and it smelled terrible my friend through up cause of the smell and there were 19 fish dead and over 20 almost there never coming back

Jose Contreras

Terrible store and cashier didnt even try to get up to see if I needed help just sat and watching or buying something on computer

Sarah Bernal

I visited them this weekend. They were very attentive and nice. Theu answered questions my kids had. The store was clean and well taken care of. We will be back.

James Berry

Was kinda sad on the inside.

King Me

Good selection of fish. Niece prices too

Jimmy Avriett

Good prices compared to box stores.

Amanda Sinclair

I liked my visit there. It was a fun experience for me and my sister. We got exactly what we were looking for within seconds of walking in. The girl there was very helpful. Any questions I asked, she had answers for. The animals all had clean cages and looked comfortable. Most of them were spread out sleeping. The rabbit there was super chill. I wish I could have got him. I'll be back to look at fish soon.

Elo Hidalgo

I love that macaw nico he is do beautiful! Support local stores :) they have a beautiful Jackson chameleon for any reptile lover out there.

Austin Wilson

First time in the store today, first impression of store was great! First impression of the store owner was Great, she seems really passionate and knowledgeable on saltwater aquatics. Will be going back tomorrow to buy our saltwater equipment!

Hans Clark

Not the greatest selection on fish but great selection of rock and drift wood the have many accesories and also second hand items for cheaper as well overall friendly staff and great place

Tami Pierce

I have had my dog groomed at several locations and this was the one that did the best job, by far. They listened to how I wanted her groomed and did what I asked. The groomer, Teresa, is fantastic. I have another appointment this week. The customer service that I had was not like the ones mentioned as the lady that answered the phone was polite and gave me all the possible appointment times.

Ariana Arocha

Love seeing they had puppies and some other exotic pets(sugar gliders, hedgehogs) but some of the employees were rude i would put there names but they didn't wear name tags one in particular is an older lady that works there that breeds the yorkies, i would love to come here regularly but i dont want to see those people again, for example i was thinking about getting a puppy but right when i went up to look at them she put them up so i couldn't see them. I gave this store 2 stars only because they had puppies and i never see that anywhere else.

Dante Wilson

Limited selection. Warning, make sure that you really want what you buy, because they offer no refunds and what's really unfair is that they don't even allow an exchange. Take your money to a store that does. Just my opinion.

Laura Silva

They need to better clean the tanks, Saw two dead fisheswhile I was there. Also the birds need bigger cages and the cages should be clean more often.


Hands down one of the best Family owned pet stores I've ever been in. My husband and I were in the process of shopping for a tank to start a new saltwater aquarium. The staff here was incredibly helpful in helping us choose the tank we ended up purchasing. All of the tanks and stands were very reasonably priced, so much so that we almost took home two! They were very informative and willing to show me their setups for their sumps so I could get a better idea of how the different kinds work. They were not pushy in trying to make a sale, and it was very obvious they wanted us to make the best decision for our tank. Even though the store got quite busy while we were there, they never ignored a customer and helped everyone in turns. They even helped us load everything up at the end! Will be shopping there again in the very near future!

Alayna Vazquez

Love this shop! They always do a great job grooming our Yorkie and they are very personable and friendly. Much better than any chain that I've been to

Tommy Ramirez

My wife and I purchased a dog and it was the best experience we ever had. Great people.

Samantha Medina

Got one of my Yorkies there Fast easy knowledgeable process

Brooke Hatley

I have been in this store multiple times and every time it seems as if the employees are aggravated that you even come in. I came in the other day to buy an outfit for my puppy and I ended up not even getting anything because me and my mom felt as if the people working there were annoyed that we were even in there. It was very awkward. I even said hello when I walked in & was completely ignored. I have talked with other people that have also been there before about this & they agree customer service is extremely poor. We will go to petco from now on.

Justin Medlin

It's a small mom and pop shop but there Is so many good little things packed inside such a small pet store you want good fresh water fish at awesome prices you want salt water fish well they have some of those to. You want good filters and products for your fish they have those to at awesome out the door prices they have puppies bunnies snakes lizards birds everything your pet loving / animal loving heart could desire. They are kind respectful and honest they know there animals and they dont mind helping you with things you dont know all to much about. If you need used tanks for fish or reptiles they have those to at insanely low prices. So if your looking for a pet come check out paradise fish and pets you wont leave empty handed or displeased that I can promise you. We need more pet stores like this in the world God bless paradise fish and pets. Also got a insanely good fish at a ridiculously low price I got a MALE WOLF CICHLID 6 to 8 inches long for $40.00 yes you heard rite $40.00 do your research they go for hundreds of dollars the bigger they are. Such a awesome place.

Chris Wilson

The Owners of this shop are great. We bought a new aquarium elsewhere, and wanted to startup a saltwater tank. We went to Paradise Fish and pets to look at Saltwater fish. Since we are new to the saltwater fish world, we had lots of questions, and the Owners took the time to explain setup, water testing, tank care, fish interactions, etc. The fish were healthy and well taken care of. We look forward to getting our first fish(es) from Paradise Fish. I've called the store twice for advice, and they were happy to oblige with an answer.

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