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ginny williford

The owners are very knowledgeable and they have a great selection of healthy fish. A great place to get started stocking your pond. They're very helpful.

Aaron Williams

Love this place.. best selection of any fish you're looking for...

Tommy Wheat

Sabrina Ford

I went in to this store to do research on new fish and was fed so much misinformation. The employees are at best ignorant and lack knowledge of their own stock, and at worst, lying to you to get your money. I was sold two green spotted puffers as full fresh water, which turns out should be in brackish or salt water. Of course one died within days of adding to my tank. The store has a strict no returns on livestock, so I'm out the cost because of their negligence and lack of knowledge of their own stock. They refuse to work with you or own up to their own mistake. Horrible way to do business, will never go again.

George Taper

Great store and customer service. Bought some fish for my aquarium and lost a couple. They replaced them for free. Very happy. Have been and will be continuing to buy all of my hobby supplies here. Don’t go to the big chains. Support your LFS!

Ashlyn Connors

Our family has been going there since I was a little girl and know the owners well. I got my aquatic frog there and she has done well. The stock is very healthy, and they have a wide selection that changes often! The staff is very helpful and seems to know everything about all fish they sell! They can get you the great fish that you want and can get it to you for a reasonable price!

Donna Pryor

Kimberly Moore

All of my fish died within a few days. And, the owner lady was was very rude to my kid. Won't be returning. Plus, she sold me an over priced by 50% air pump for a 100 gallon tank. I have a 30 gallon. Thanks lady you're awesome!

Thomas Quinnan McCreary

I have no idea what the typical prices of fish are but they always seem fair here and the fish is always fresh. Good selection too.

Uncle Deuce

Nice fish market. Many choices, fresh, well staffed. I like it.

Ashley Malechek

Matthew Mittleman

Before we purchased tetras from this store we had tested our water multiple times and talked to many different employees at fish stores. Based on our results we were 100% certain that we were ready to introduce fish. We paid them to do a water test to confirm this again, the results were outstanding. So we bought 7 cardinal tetras on Monday, got them water acclimated, avoided stressing them out too much with bright light and we noticed that one of them wasnt schooling with the tetras and he later died. And soon four others joined him. As this was happening I did two more water tests at two different stores and still got the same perfect results. Ammonia, nitrates, nitrites were all very low so there was no way that it was issue. But I did a 10% water change anyway. On Saturday I only have two left we added some plants as well and I'm hoping it helps them stay stress free. I would've added the plants from the beginning but the employee from Fish R Us recommended us not to. So I took their word for it. At this point in time the only conclusion I can up with after discussing with many different fish people is that we were sold sick fish. I'm not just saying this so I don't take responsibility, its just that over numerous water tests and keeping the fish in perfect temperature and low light and adequate feeding, this is the only conclusion I can come up with.

Kimberlee Schultz

If i could give less than i star i sincerely would. The owner was extremely rude over the phone and offered no help with resolving an issue that I have with one of the fish I bought from their store. I was told that this particular fish was non aggressive but it ended up not being the case and killed one of my prized guppies. I wasn't asking for a refund but I did want to give it back to get it out of my tank and the owner was pretty much calling me a liar saying that the gourami was not aggressive at all even though I literally just watched it kill one of my guppies. What's worse is the complete lack of knowledge this lady has of overstocking a fresh water tank. The rule of thumb is indeed 1 inch of fish per gallon of water but then she proceeds to say that unless I have 45 fish in my 40 gallon tank my tank is understocked thus causing the aggressive behavior from the gourami. I have been going here dor years and have never been treated this way before, in just the past 2 months i have spent well over 500 dollars and to be treated in such a horrible way was just uncalled for. Needless to say I will never go back here again. Luckily the wonderful people at petco are kind enough to take the gourami off of my hands, at least they care about the well being of pets.

Marilyn McGuire

Great to get take out. Fresh fish excellent service. Great fresh seafood for sale too.

D Rath

Great family owned local fish store

David Beier

Love this place! I have been doing business sense they have opened up on 242. They are always easy to deal with and very helpful. I have never had a problem with any of their fish and have bough well over 60 fish from and a tank with stand. I will be their this weekend to pick up a couple more fish. Thanks for all you do and you help

Marti Bates

Always so helpful. Even fun to just browse, if you’re into fish.

Elizabeth Johnson-Sylla

Susie Harmon

Keisha Leblanc

Have a amazing assortment of fish!

Alyss Heart

It's hard to find good help these days, but these peeps are awesome. Their knowledge and selection are by far the best in the area!


My son went in there today and had great things to say about Fish r us. Thanks Jason and family for being helpful and friendly to him. He just found himself a new hobby..

Willie Logon

William Buklad

Quality and dependable.

Barbara Harter

Have been going there for over a year now. They are very knowledgeable. My son has an axelotel and since I had no information on them, they told me all about them.

Deanna Hamm

Wesley Lane

Very nice owners, all my coral i have got from Fish R Us or growing and doing grate.

Anonymous Person

Large selection of fish and coral, staff very helpfull. And there are many exotic fish selections

Mohammed Alhasan

James Cude

They can help you get & maintain a aquarium.Plus help you get the fish for it.They know their stuff.

Vιƈισυʂ Dɾαɠσɳ

l el it was gooood we got gold fish for are pong :)

Dusty Wilkerson

My husband went in Saturday 5/4/19 and purchased a $40.00 goldfish. Needless to say I was not with him or he would never have made such a purchase. Regardless the damn fish died within 12 hours. The rest of the fish in the tank that we did not spend $40.00 on are kicking just fine. Called and spoke with a young lady to see what the replacement policy was as MOST fish stores have one and was informed that they do not replace fish. She did state that I could bring my water in to be tested however we did that at PETSMART where we bought other fish and the water tested fine. WILL NOT BE BUYING ANY MORE FISH FROM THIS COMPANY!

Ryan Hans

Tons of options, they have so many fish here! Salt and freshwater. They do have plants as well. Love this place. Prices are pretty reasonable as well

James Smith

Great fresh seafood. Friendly people.

Kenzie Walker

Love this place! We were referred here by Fish Gallery and have never looked back! Their fish are amazing and we go at least once a week for feeders as well! Very nice and knowledgeable folks! two thumbs up for sure!

michael lamb

Loved this place great food

Daniel Wade

Great place love there fish and selection

Julia Morgan Arsenault

Jason and his wife are super knowledgable about everything in their store and are happy to make suggestions whatever your needs. They even took back a little fish bully (yellow tang) who wasn't playing nice in my tank, lol. You can spend some money in there, but this is not a cheap hobby. I would recommend this store to novices and experienced alike.

Helen B Horne

Loved the food and the owners....great place! Going back for more!


Very helpful with picking a fish. When I had a question the woman was there answering my question. I have a small 15 gallon colum so I cant have huge fish. They had plenty of fish able to fit into my aquarium. The place is very well priced and all fish and plants are in great shape. I will be going back!!!

Brian Marksberry

Very nice fish store they have every fish you can think of

christain earlston

Very rude staff and owner. Only do returns if you’re a “valued” customer. Don’t bother purchasing from here because their fish are always sick and they refuse to own up to their mistakes.

steven goldman

asked to leave by the owner because i haven't spent enough money there too look at how their sumps work. Extremely rude and a slap in the face to a customer that has dropped somewhere around a grand in the last 8 months there. wont be going back. go to fish gallery, way healthier stock and helpful staff.

Robert Carpenter

The guy has awesome tuna steaks at a great price

Margaret Lundvall

We purchased a dozen of their frozen softshell premium crabs for $3 apiece. The crabs were not softshells but papershells and the outer shells peeled off once they defrosted. Evidently they had been in deep freeze so long that most of the legs had broken off into small pieces. The crabs were inedible and we were really disappointed.

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