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REVIEWS OF Fish Paradise, LLC IN Texas

adrian deanda

They carry a lot of saltwater and freshwater stuff

Scene Seekers

Great customer service. Lots of great info. Won't sell you any you Don't need. Decent prices.

Sonya Bell

I love having fish as pets. So tranquil to watch.

benard davis

Great place for your aquatic needs

Brad Czernik

This place is okay. Got several fish here before and still have one of them. They had pretty good customer service for me the few times I’ve been in there and someone always asked if I needed anything while browsing.

David Harvill

Huge variety of saltwater and freshwater fish, and a wide variety of freshwater plants and saltwater corals. The staff is very knowledgeable and very helpful. I highly recommend this place .

Jason Curtis

Great LFS! Good variety of fresh and saltwater fish. Owner is knowledgeable and welcoming.

Jeremie Harvey

Nice little place, personal, can talk and get real information not just sales pitch.

Jairo Robles

They have a good variety of corals but prices are so high and owner didnt want to budge on the prices so I took my business elsewhere....

Barbi Hernandez

Good place, fish are a little expensive.

Brenda St. John

Best tropical fish store in the DFW!

pulsar 9966

Very Awesome People. Good variety of fish and professional people

Shannon Reeves

This has got to be one of the best fish stores in the Metroplex. Owner is a super nice guy great selection of fish and all the supplies you would ever need

Avy ram

Helpful staff. Otger than that no isdues,besides how I felt the need a big aquarium for Bette!

Charles Sanderson

Loved this place. We toured 15 fish stores in DFW over 2 days. This one is definitely top 4. You may find prettier stores in DFW, but this one has the Best Selection of plants, period. I had a list of 15 plants I want to fill my 160g tank. This is the only store in town with more than 3 of them. Plus, you only take home the fish, plants and products...not the store ambiance. They have tons of fish and mostly special and hard to find ones. Spending some serious change here and will be back. AND... their selection of hard and softies was second to none. Super healthy, giant even, and by far best selection of grown out corals. My tank looks awesome after I put on all the plants he had for me. Definitely put this on your list to visit for goodies.

Steven Tomlinson

Knowledgeable staff and good selection, even stock some more rare varieties.

Vicente Solis

Great variety of fish, employees are very knowledgable.

Christopher Dunham

Prices are a little high but the owner is very knowledgeable and doesn't push you.

Kenneth Fernandez

Very nice selection and healthy livestock. Bought 2 German blue rams and a couple of plants. Within 2 days the gbr's have already spawned.

alonzo grape

Very bright with beautiful fish and a large selection

Charles Holley

Fantastic service and amazing fish. They have great deals on aquariums and fish. Thank you

Chevy BelAir

I can't take a place serious that only has a facebook page as their online store front.

Zonya Zuniga

Great store with lots of variety!

Mario Sorto

Came here because of a YouTube channel. First impression was wow the variety of central and south American fish is amazing. Unfortunately this place is a rip off, seriously over priced. Ive seen as much as 40% mark up on meds and as much as asking double on livestock.

Jeremy Harwell

Probably the best fish selection around the area, huge variety of fresh and saltwater. Only issue is really small, need to get a bigger space or not fill, clean, or drain tanks during store open hours.

Rod Forehand

Helpful staff that will take the time to answer your questions. A really nice selection of freshwater and saltwater fish. The fish and plants we have bought there have been really healthy.

Donna Davis

I bought 3 new angels, there was more I wanted. They were friendly and helpful!

Cristina E. Jaramillo

Satisfied with service and customer service. They like what they do.

Richard Gesell

Awesome, that’s all I can say. I’ve been to many fish stores but none with the selection they had. Prices are reasonable. Selection was amazing. I will be back. So glad I found them!

Cody Flinn

Very helpful!! First time here and gave us a lot of good information for our new tank! Definitely will be back


We were so impressed with the variety this little shop had to offer!!

Lisa Ruelas

They have a lot of salt water fish but no freshwater fish hardly they're a little pricey too

Jenny Candler

Extremely Pleasant staff and a wide variety of African fish that I was shopping for

Paul Kindred

Plants full of snail eggs

Justin Hunt

Excellent place. Excellent service. And beautiful livestock. I contacted the store via Facebook message to inquire about the availability and price of a particular fish that I had researched and was interested in to start my new tank, and I was replied to within minutes! And not only that, because I had sent the message after store hours, the shop owner quoted me the price and availability as a guess. but then later contacted me in the next morning to tell me that his quote was a little off and he gave me accurate information about the fish. Fantastic service and communication from the shop owner, and the employees were knowledgeable and showed a passion for their livestock. I also wanted to buy some live plants for my tank; when I named and pointed out one of the smaller potted plants that I was interested in, the employee picked it up, and then he saw a better, more full-looking plant of the same species, hidden back a little bit and he grabbed me the better plant for the sale. It is just small things like this and using black colored plastic bags to transport purchased fish so as to avoid stressing them out more than necessary. Awesome experience. I would definitely recommend these guys.


Great selection and the staff is very knowledgeable. Best shop for salt water tanks.

Nathan Stanfield

Great place to get your pet fish at.

Ty Graham

Awsome service. Knowledgeable staff. Great selection for salt and fresh.

Tammy Rasberry

This place is horrible! Family owned I assume as thier were several children hanging around. They had tanks that needed cleaning really bad. Had several tanks that had dead fish in them. Some had been dead so long decay had started. Prices were pretty expensive also.

Keith Ojeda

Best aquarium store on the west side

Sherry Giles

They have healthy fish mine are still living from a year ago prices are reasonable

Brice Dommes

After spending money on many fish and coral, we decided to get the home service which involved water changes and tank cleaning. A specific fish was requested to be delivered on a water change service. The WRONG fish was placed into the tank before realizing it was the wrong one. The owner said there wasn't a problem until finding out how much the fish cost, which was $200 instead of $56 for the originally requested fish. The new fish immediately destroyed a $200 coral which the store agreed to replace. When the owner arrived at the house to get their fish, they BROKE two of our corals and used another $140 favia coral as a stacking rock which wasn't discovered by us until a week later!!! Also discovered were two other corals that were thrown into the refugium!! The store replaced the originally destroyed coral with a SMALLER version of the same. NOT COOL! EXTREMELY CARELESS AND DISRESPECTFUL!!! For a business to treat customers in this manner is completely unacceptable. There will be absolutely NO more money or time spent at this place after reparations are made.

Casey Webb

Prices are high, but the staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. This is my go-to LFS.

Chris Shirley

They know their business

Sharon Roundtree

Not a lot of different types of fish.

Rex Oherlahan

Very nice fish store. Fish were very healthy, nice selection and supplies as well! Will deffinately be back!


They got sharks here at least they use too

Alberto Resendiz

Lots of different fish from fresh to salt water.

Eveline Martinez

The Asian witch is the own was rude and didnt want to sell me the flowerhorn I wanted he was trying to sell me the ones that were with no color and looked sick, also when I got there he was smoking right by the front door and didnt even say hi or anything

Jay Moffitt

Very experienced and knowledgeable staff, good prices given quality. One of the best fish stores I've found

Sue Davis

Love this fish store. Employees are so helpful. I only go to this store

Rafael Ramirez

This fish store has good selection. I found good fish I couldn’t find at other stores here so it’s a big plus. The customer service was decent. The prices are bit high but I was able to negotiate a price and came home with two awesome fish.

Nathan Tollison

Did not make a purchase, but they have a large selection and were very helpful.

Towana Berryman

Too expensive

Lacy Goodwin

This store has a huge variety of fish and very beautiful sea plants to go in the tanks they look well taken care of and the place is clean The staff aren't very friendly though I went in there twice with my kids to let them look at the fish they looked very annoyed that I didn't buy anything I was letting my son take a look at what he is working and saving his money for so he remembers how bad he wants it and works for his reward I don't think they have children and they are just annoyed by them and give mean looks to people they know aren't going to buy at that moment they don't have small talk with other customers either ask if you want help you say no smile disappeared and they walk away definitely all about the money and don't feel like they are passionate about fish they just sell them

Gary Good

Great fish store

Arthur Zimmerman

Very helpful people

J Clark

Great seeing all the fish and tanks... very helpful and willing to talk and show off fish. To bad they are 5h drive away for me! But I will come back when I get my salt water tank up and going

jose navarro

Knowledgeable staff fair prices good variety of fish

Marcus Powell

Every thing u need. Super helpful, great customer service

Heather Winser

The owner and workers are very knowledgable and helpful. They never fail to have healthy and beautiful fish. We can never leave this store without buying something to go in our tanks.

KennethLisa Lohman

We get our fish here for our tank and the staff have been very helpful in getting us all set up and troubleshooting any issues so far.

Dale Tyler

Beautiful selection of corals at bargain prices.

John Wilcoxon

Amazing selection and really friendly

Carol Gonzalez

Wide variety of fish and items for fish tanks. The cost is high

Jeremy Thomson-Tyan

Very nice store to supply any aquarium needs

Dominick Fernandez

Great selection of fish and employes helpful

Progressive Rage

Great store, phenomenal customer service

Taylor C

Amazing store to check it will make you want to keep fish if you don't got some already and They have very good coral selection and friendly staff

Tom Deeno

THERE'S SO MUCH IN HERE. Corals, saltwater fish, freshwater plants and fish, there's EVERYTHING. AND IT'S ALL HEALTHY. I don't think I've ever seen so much coral in one place before. I'll be coming here at least three times a month, although I'd definitely come more often if it wasn't a forty minute drive for me.

Dave O'Leary

Knowleable staff, family run business with all types of fish. Very large selection of saltwater and tropicals, but also glo fish for the simpler tanks.

John H

Really cool aquarium shop with tons of unusual stuff you don't see in a world of mega pet stores.

Sheryl Castillo-Renshaw

Always awesome at this place. Many fish and the owner is knowledgeable and helps. Always a new species to be found!

Thomas Dye

I purchased 2 dwarf puffer fish. One was either malnourished or I believe it had parasites. I had to spend $10 more for meds and started treating for parasite but before I could finish out the treatments, the one died. That’s a total of $16 wasted.

Michael Lopez

Really nice ppl always help me with idea and all my fish needs

Trey Van Zant

Lots of fish to choose from. They have fresh water and salt water fish. Staff was friendly and helpful.

Dough Boy

Nice fish everything you need

Kelly Rummel

I love this store. The staff there are very friendly and helpful. They're really knowledgeable and can pretty much tell you everything you need to know. I Loved looking at all the different varieties of aquatic creatures they have. So beautiful! I have gotten 2 miniature mexican locsters there, snails, and a cool underwater plant. Always a pleasure shopping there, and just to look!

Bonnie Finley

Knowledgeable staff and great selection of fish.

Damian Guillen

Best salt and freshwater gidh around

John Graham

Nice tropical and exotic fish

Rose Like

We bought a 225 gallon tank and he made sure that we had everything to get our tank up and running... Everyone there is so nice and helpful and the owner is the best!!!

David White

love this place. Beautiful fish, and everything you need at decent prices.

Mario Yanez

They had everything I was looking for the staff is great everyone is really dedicated to their job


My favorite fish store in the DFW area. The drive to this LFS is about 40 to 45 minutes from my place but it’s so worth it. Every fish I have bought from this store has been healthy. They have a ton of selections and a ton of tanks in the store. The fish food the owner makes is REALLY awesome. My fish go crazy for it and I stock up on it every time I visit. The tanks are clean and well taken care of. The fish are very well taken care of. The staff is friendly and so is the owner. They also have a ton of healthy coral to pick from. There are only two stores I visit often and this is one of them. I highly recommend this store.

John McCormick

Very knowledgeable friendly staff


Great staff are nice they help with every thing Great selection of fish


What an awesome store. The variety of live stock offered is unlike anything I have ever seen. Amazing. The staff is often busy, but knowledgeable. And I second the sentiment that they do not simply try to sell you items just for the sake of the sale. They are not trying to hustle you into buying things that you do not need. People that have reviews on here for 4 or five years ago complaining that their fish had ick when they brought them home...I have not seen evidence of poorly kept tanks in the store. This issue must have been rectified over time. And then there is a 1 star review because they are closed on Monday? That is ridiculous. The man owns the business, he can run whatever hours he prefers. Goodness. So don't plan to go in on a Monday, even though the guy is there cleaning the tanks, the shop is closed. Enjoy it the other 6 days of the week!! And you will, because it is awesome!

Shona Youngblood

Store is cramped but has a good # of fish. However, could not get anyone to help us. Asked an employee if they could answer a question, she said just a minute, 15 minutes later we simply left. The other employees (and i assume the owner) didn't seem interested in helping you unless you were asian. Prices are pretty good. Really the only reason it's even getting 2 stars. Despite the prices, we will not be back. I'd rather spend more and be treated well than ignored. Edited to add: went back after all, got 5 fish. Two died within 3 days, both species all ready doing great in the tank. Returned with the fish only to be asked if I brought a water sample with me. Um. No. It was the fish, not my tank. Only to be told they don't guarantee their fish. WHAT?? So I spent $55 on each of these and they don't guarantee?? Even Petsmart and other local fish stores have guarantees!! Never going back. Changing to 1 star.

Echo Bluff

The place is better than some professional attractions I've seen. Highly recommend! Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Fly with Jordan

Can’t even call t store to leave a message. I bought 12 dollars worth (just a tiny handful) of a floating plant and came home time find that it wasn’t even in The bag. You’re better off shopping online. I spent 100.00 today when I could’ve spent 30-40 bucks online. I drove from Las Colinas because I heard they had a good store out there. I’ll say good things about hem once I get my plant that wasmt bagged. And it was 12.99 for like - Tony handful maybe 3 inches.

Jerry Crabtree

Great place for exotic fish flowerhorns etcc....


Loved it so much! All fish were beautiful and very well taken care of

Robert Lewis

Service is horrible and always understaffed. Though selection is good you can buy elsewhere for over half the price (like Keller fish for example. Take your fish book and Google as it seems only one person in the store know this stuff but can't wait on us regular folks? No longer a customer!

Ally Nivens

My husband and I love this place. We drive almost 25 minutes to get fish from here. They seem to have great prices. Have a wide variety of fish. Staff very friendly and if they dont know something they will get an answer for you.

Randal Woods

Great friendly staff, huge amazing selection of freshwater and saltwater fish, plants and coral! Great prices, deffenatally will come back.

Krystal P

Loved it! They had the specialty fish ive looked everywhere for and great sales! Worth the drive for sure! Will definitely be back :) saltwater and freshwater selection is awesome.

Ramin Nawabi

Owner is g Really nice and knowledgable

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