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REVIEWS OF Dallas North Aquarium IN Texas

Jessi Morton

While the customer service was really great when I was there, I bought 4 fish, and one of them passed away in less than a week! I thought it was strange that an endler’s guppy was acting so lethargic and had stringy poop, but it was too late before I realized how bad it was. :-( really disappointing. I tested my parameters beforehand, so i know the water was fine. All of my other fish are doing fine it seems, so that’s good. They also forgot one of my plants and i had drive all the way back to get it (and it was sold out by this point). My friend also bought 3 fish here, and they all died within a week. My fish from PetSmart have lasted longer than from here!

Scott Johnson

Great Local Fish Store. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they usually have what I'm looking for.

Angela Caldwell

Helpful staff that know aquatic animals. They seemed knowledgeable about setting up my aquarium and suggested what species play nice together. My Mexican Axolotls are healthy and happy.

Emre Guven

Great place! A bit pricey but you can find what you are looking for.

Andrew Roberts

Very busy. Eventually we did get some help. My son noticed that more tanks than you would expect had dead fish in them. Most of the fish seem to be healthy.


Cool place. Fairly large. Clean. Nice employees. There are many neat creatures to look at. I like how there is a freshwater and saltwater side. I love their coral tank!

luke teer

The first and last time im going to this store I bought a lemon oscar and it didnt look like I had ick and I even asked if they quarantined it and they said yes so I bought it and took it home and put it in a 55 gallon and I left for a week to come back to it having ick a d all of my other fish also which that tank has been running for like 2 months now and no problems so I know it wasn't the water quality or anything like that but the next day it died and since than 5 of my other fish have died so I do NOT recommend going hear to a body EVER


Pretty much the best Aquarium supply store in DFW

Juan Martinez

Very clean and beautiful aquarium and good displays and amazing fish and plants

Chaz and Mandy Carpenter

Awesome staff and selection. We love going here and sometimes just to walk around and look at the fish (but to be clear, this isn't an aquarium like you go to on a field trip, lol...its a store).

Robbie Carrasco

Justin R. is a great help. Friendly too!

H Shoven

Super friendly staff. I took three fish in, two trade-in and one that was sick, and they helped me with what I needed to get Optimus Prime better. They also up sold me on a tank. Optimus needed more room then what I was originally told when I bought him somewhere else. I don't think they're after money I think they're after what's best for the fish.

Kevyn Grimes

Love this place huge selection and the employees are helpful

Michael Flagler

While I love their selection of fish and supplies, customer service has been lacking almost every time I've gone there. Several times I've gone, they've been busy which is understandable, but I just went on Friday evening and they weren't too busy at all. (When I walked in, a couple associates were just standing up front talking.) So once I found what I wanted to get, I couldn't find anyone available (there was only 1 associate in the fish room, who was busy with someone else) so I went to the front to ask the girl at the register if anyone was available to help me. She just told me that everyone should be in the fish room (they weren't, and I told her that, but she didn't offer to call anyone or anything, but just proceeded to stand there (she wasn't even with a customer). So I just went back in the fish room and had to wait for the one guy to finish helping who he was with. I have no idea what happened to the other 2-3 associates (or more) who were there when I first walked in. There were several tanks with at least 1 dead fish in them, but I figured they have so many it's probably hard to keep up with. Once I got what I needed, the $50 bag of fish was just tossed into another bag without even being carefully handled (talk about stressing the fish out even more). Now it's been just over 48 hours (which is their guarantee on fish, which seems short to me) and I have the most expensive fish I purchased floating on the water this morning. I checked my water, and everything is perfect (I have a fully cycled 55 gallon planted aquarium with about 20 tetras, a handful of shrimp, and a few adult guppies with a bunch of fry) that are just fine. About a year ago, I purchased about 5 cardinal tetras from them and I believe about 4 of the 5 or so died within days. I've since purchased Cardinal and Black Neon tetras from Exotic Aquatics and every fish I've bought from them has lived just fine, plus their customer service has been excellent. I think I know where I'll be taking my business from now on even though they're a bit out of my way.

Toby Knighton

What a great store. It's an aquarium supply store, but also doubles as an actual aquarium, with no entrance fee ;-)

Sami Davis

Very clean and neat store. Prices are high but fair and their tanks look great

Jeremie McDonald

I've been a loyal customer for years, great customer service, very knowledgeable, great prices, healthy stock, great products to choose from, worth the drive for people just starting the hobbie, and experienced hobbyists.

Christina Colon

What a nice aquarium! Not too crowded when went. The walk through aquariums are absolutely amazing and the turtle exhibit keeps the kids entertained.

King Piccolo

Very cool fish and very helpful employees

Kyle McAllister

Best LFS in the Dallas area. Amazing selection, but what truly impressed me were the prices. Healthier plants and livestock than the major chainstores at 2/3 the price!

Randon Johnson

Nice people

Wendy Kent

Amazing selection of tanks and plants for all your aquarium needs. Even if you aren't interested in having an aquarium, it's fun to just go in and look at everything. Really enjoyed the salt water selection and a chance to see the seahorses.

Carlos Correa

Best and only fish store in north Dallas Love it

Charles Sanderson

Talk about a very nice store, with tons of pretty tanks and more heat and tanks than most anyone could use. Met the owner/manager and he was super helpful. Showed us the secret coral grow out room. The only reason it missed the top 4 stores of the 15 fish stores we visited over 2 days this weekend was prices were a little higher than normal and not as many fish as product. No bad swipes at the place at all. Very nice.

Jessica Taylor

Very helpful folks!

John Fair

One of the best stores in Texas for any marine/freshwater fish needs. Three months ago I decided I was ready to delve into a Marine aquarium, but I had 0 knowledge of what to do. The staff at Dallas North taught me everything I needed to know, and helped me select the correct equipment for all my needs. I am in the store at least once a week with a question or to buy something new. The staff is always patient and helpful with any questions I have (trust me I have a lot).

Alan W

Always very helpful with whatever you need, good selection of tropicals fish

Alexis Kennedy

Great service, even with how busy the store was on Sunday. They have all the tanks labeled with prices, making it easy to find your new tank addition. I love how they have the tank room separated from the stock room. Large plant selection compared to normal pet stores, and huge fish selection. They are really accommodating and even said they could order a fish I was interested in that they didn't even carry. My main concern was that I saw one goldfish with major ich, but it looked contained with other tankmates that were all being treated. The x-large 6"+ oranda goldfish need way more tank room (please go adopt them!) My fish I purchased is doing amazing, it's beautiful for its kind, and it's already trying to mate in my tank!

Timothy Holt

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection. But it does get busy!

Jeremy Kravitz

They have an awesome selection here I love this store. They tend to be on the higher side of pricing but the facility us nice and clean and the livestock seems pretty healthy.ive never had any issues. I'll be back for sure.


After having Dallas North Aquarium service my tank for several years, I was told they only service "recurring customers" now. That's fine folks, I'll take my business elsewhere now. Try Blue Paradise Aquarium Services in Dallas instead. They were more than accommodating and will clean my tank without recurring service.

Desmond Peterson

Was great.. loved the fish....

Katelynn Parker

We love coming to this store! It’s definitely our go to fish store in DFW. We are always helped when we need it. They have a great selection of Tropical and Fresh water fish. They also have super cute aquarium decor. It is very busy on Saturdays so you may have to wait to be helped, but that is to be expected with the amount of customers. When you are helped the staff are very knowledgeable and can help with pretty much any question you throw at them.

Milo Sandovik

Big place, healthy fish. Great customer service.

Lorri Blanton

I originally gave 1 star because I did specifically ask about the fish I was purchasing being safe in an open cube salt/reef tank. A Midas Blenny JUMPS!! It died after a week. In less than an hour the owner posted a response to call. I did and spoke to the manager who issued me store credit when I told him what happened. I cannot think of another store that would do this. Dallas North Aquarium definitely puts the customer first. We have 9 tanks, 2 are salt so we frequently shop supplies.

Dwayne Staten

The reason for the one star is because I went to your store on 2 consecutive Saturdays. The first time I had not purchased an aquarium. I witnessed 2 female cashiers conversing, twirling their hair, and most disturbing ignoring all customers. I had a lot of questions about a new aquarium and was looking to buy a new one. I went in to the fish room and there was one guy dipping fish and it was very crowded. The second Saturday I recently purchased an aquarium at one of your competitors. I wanted to buy fish, ask questions, and get new tank water tested. Again same or similar appearing cashiers conversing, twirling, ignoring. I went in to the fish room and the same thing occurred one guy dipping fish and very crowded room. I left your store and went to buy fish at Your competitor. Your store and staff make the place feel snooty and like it's not your policy to serve customers. I feel like your policy is we are so great the customer is lucky to have us. I have read your reviews on google. It seems like something has changed with your staffing or customer service culture.

Jackie Sanchez

Amazing service! Front desk and Ryan are so sweet & welcoming. Ryan definitely helped us out a lot. We are in the process of making a 55 Gallon and 200 Gallon salt water tank and we aren't really sure what we need and how to start but Ryan went out of his way to inform us as much as he could. Thank you!! We will be making the almost 1 hour drive again soon.

Jesse Crowley

Pretty awesome store, lots of selection of animals, plants, tanks and stones and wood.

Justin Narvid

Incredible and beautiful fish, freshwater and saltwater options plus they breed sea horses and are on display and for sale, any aquarium hobbyist had to go

Julian Ortega

Staff is helpful good selection of livestock and great dry goods section as well.

Jordan Innerarity

Very friendly and helpful. Reasonable prices and a great selection.


I love this aquarium store! It's easily the best one in the area. It's filled with reasonably priced fish and equipment, backed up by knowledgeable staff who are friendly and ready to help. I recommend this store to everybody I know, and will continue to come here for as long as I'm in the aquarium hobby.

Lauren Acevedo

Generally nice staff. Store is kept clean. Good variety of fish. Only thing is I wish they kept more shrimp! But I know they keep them as stocked at they can.

Rick Rosson

Very good fish store with lots of supplies and a good variety of fish.

Leah Stearns

I love this store. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Daniel Elliston

Absolutely helpful staff. Willing to go above and beyond with information and help to make sure they get it right the first time.

Trish Stuart

I became a goldfish mom accidentally at Addison Kaboom Town. My son won "Super Fish" and the journey began. I even became brave enough to get a 2nd one "Nate the Great" since he seemed lonely after a couple of years. Unfortunately I have a lot to learn about water ph as goldfish produce a lot of waste. It caused swim bladder for Super Fish and my goldfish lived 5 years with the help of Dallas North Aquarium. Then Nate seemed lonely and in a really stupid multi-tasking decision I bought a .36 goldfish at Wal-Mart. I did not know NOT to dump the bag water in with my tank or to quarantine him, and needless to say the fish died and now Nate has a severe case of Ich. The folks at Dallas North Aquarium are an incredible resource even though I am sure I have driven them crazy with all of my questions. My .36 purchase cost way more than that buying treatments to try to save Nate. I will NEVER again buy a fish from anywhere other than DNT. I have learned many things about fish over the years from their aquatic experts but this lesson I will never forget and hope others will too. Praying that Nate pulls through from my stupid decision and am grateful for all at DNA that have helped me to try to save him.

Stephen Thompson

I’m so glad I have these experts to provide me with a wonderful variety of live stock, supplies, and advice. Thanks, guys!

Ozzie Alvarez

This place is the real deal. Love it and lots of knowledge

Shawn Gorman

The place is great. Expect to pay above-average prices (thus 4 instead of 5 stars). But, generally speaking, they are knowledge and friendly. Kyle has been there most times and is very friendly, knows his stuff and the best part is, if he doesn't know the answer, he will admit it and try to work with you to find out. I had specific questions regarding computer (Neptune) interacting with sump pump and he had no problem admitting he was not 100pct sure of the answer and worked with others to find out.

Derek McGuar

Great show room and selection. On the higher end of quality and price so fair for what you get.

Eduardo Zuniga

Love the new plant section and the great selection of corals

Taylor Zhu

I has shopped here for years they have the best customer service.

Chris Brackeen

This store is great! The tanks look fantastic! The fish and plants I bought from them are very healthy!


Jason Collinsworth was able to order a rare fish I have been looking for 23 years. He was even able to secure 3 of them for me. It. Is a WONDERFUL STORE WITH GREAT EMPLOYEES!

rob b

I get lots of my fish from here. Always good people.

Joe Kremel

Been traveling all over the DFW area and we keep coming back to DNA. Staff have been pleasant. We've bought glass cats, cpd, Pearl gourami, cherry barbs, and Amano. Probably forgetting a few. Can't complain.

H. Doan

Awesome place. Had everything I needed.

Jacob Priego

We enjoyed our time there. Friendly staff and great selection. We will be coming back.

Christopher Wilt

I love Dallas North Aquarium. I go there to buy hard to find fish. Sometimes I go just to look. It's about a 40 minute drive from my home but it's worth it. If fish aquariums is your passion then you need to go see this place for yourself. You won't be disappointed. Five stars all the way.

Randy Schufman

The fish and live plant (fresh and salt water) display/sale area was very interesting and impressive. I talked with a few of the staff who were very knowledgable. Need to get back again for a longer visit. I need to return for a longer visit.

patrick beetle

This is a nice store with a lot to offer in both live stock and dry goods. The only issue I have is there are always dead fish visible. the staff is friendly and knowledgeable but they have to pull dead and sick fish.

John Maple

Every time I have come in it has been a good and sometimes educational experience. Met the owner last time and got a beautiful 3in clown loach and a mature angel fish. I also enjoy looking through the pre-owned aquariums and accessories.

Teddy Drummond

Very helpful staff, educated us one what we didn't know, we enjoyed the conversation with them.

Shen Xu

I went there to get some plant to set up my new tank. The healthiest plants in town. Staff was very helpful.

Brandon Shinseki

Had a really nice first time visit to this store. Staff was very helpful!! Actually to the point that one of the girls actually took the time to grab out specific colored guppies haha. Thank you guys so much. Will def be coming back

Jennifer Cottle

This aquarium store is huge! They have so many supplies, fish and aquariums. The workers were very helpful, kind and friendly. We bought 3 fish, 2 plants and another item. The prices are fair and the fish are healthy. Can't wait to come back!


1. Conner is amazing. He is very knowledgeable and makes great suggestions. Love working with him. 2. Selection of EVERYTHING is incredible and priced competitively with online retailers (There are a lot they don’t carry but they will order). 3. Most importantly, THE STORE IS CLEAN!!! You have no idea how much it bugs me to see how filthy most aquarium stores are in DFW. I keep a very low nutrient tank and am always paranoid about hitchhikers, so I HATE walking into a dirty aquarium store.

Brandon Dunson

Very knowledgeable staff and great selection of aquarium supplies... Best brick and mortar fish store in North Dallas.

Emily Patterson

We love this place. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Staff is very knowledgeable as well. A few years ago we bought a used 90 gallon tank at a great price. We will continue to come here for our fish tank needs.

Rebecca Fletcher

Huge selection of aquariums, corals, fish and supplies! Ashten is amazing. Helped me find my perfect tank!

Tattoo Girl

This store is amazing! I loved it!

Kaza House

I love coming here. Even just to look at all the fish. They have everything you need for salt and fresh water.

Zeros Spark

This place may not have a huge fish selection but they had the ones that I didn't expect, awesome sales people and better priced than other places.

Julio Castaneda

Great service. Better selection as the years go by. Pricey to be expected because of all they offer. Would like to see more specials

Varun Goel

It's a good place. They have a lot of staff who know quiet a bit. They will give you the suggestions you need and doesn't seem like they are just trying to sell you products.

Tanya H

This store has all the fish you could want and they are willing to order something else if it isn’t in store. They have a large variety of supplies including sumps and reverse osmosis units. The staff is very friendly and know their trade. Dallas North Aquarium is a fish hobbyist’s paradise. I drive 45 minutes just to visit. Oh, they also have great prices on large aquarium cabinet combos. The live stock is pricey, but in good shape.


Nice looking fish, really helpful staff, and this will be my soon only reef store I visit. They are above par on helpfulness and well above other store I visited.

matt frost

I’ve been coming to this location for years. I know that they do custom work for high end housing. I can not comment on that. What I do know is that this is the store I go to besides going to an aquarium on the weekends. From the amount of people that trust this business you can barely find parking. Yet when you get inside it’s never long before they greet you and most of the staff is very knowledgeable. The lady’s up front put together the allinone beta tanks and the staff in the back is always eager to help. Truely a team effort.

Kellen McGuar

Great selection of Coral and fish, and have pretty much all the equipment you could need for your aquarium

Ryan O'Hanlon

Great selection of cichlids(I'm not a cichlid person fyi). Decent plant selection, better than most stores. The equipment section is the reason to go though. Tons of floor space on equipment, dosing,etc.

Kimberly S

Good plant selection.

Dominique B

I love this store, the selection of fish are vast and the sales people are very knowledgeable and helpful! The store is clean and tons of options for fresh and salt water fish!

Dan Blackman

Really cool place to purchase your fish supplies. There's a ton of options for both salt and fresh water fish supplies

Josh Crow

Kiel was a great help! The selection was great too. The orange & purple parrot fish and the albino lobster are healthy and having fun in our tank a week later now. We will be back!

Lewis Ellis

Always enjoy shopping here. The staff is very friendly, professional, and have a wonderful selection.

Aarthi arun

Very knowledgeable staff. Awesome selection of tropical, Marine fish and corals. Always a good place to buy stuff. Disease free and healthy fish.

Enrique Garza

Great selection of fish! And plants!


Awesome store!! 100% professional. Super selection. Great service

Jimmy Ventura

Possibly best place to visit in Dallas.

Axiom L

Hands down the best aquarium supply store in DFW, with the largest selection of flora and fauna for any type of aquarium, salt or fresh!

Andrew O'Neal

Staff is really helpful but some of the newer staff doesn't seem to be as knowledgeable. I know this will come in time but you would at least think they could give me the right day new freshwater livestock comes in. I have been told Tuesday by multiple employees and then told Tuesday was wrong and new livestock comes in on Thursday by others.

Chris Rutherford

Best place is DFW for aquarium maintenance. Live stock is well cared for in general. Nice selection of aquariums. They have a lot of dry goods and do sell saltwater and RODI water.

Nicole P

This is my 2nd home. They know me by name and no matter how many hours I stay or how many questions I have they never make me feel like I'm getting on their nerves. Believe it or not I always learn something new and I've been going in their almost weekly for the last 3 yrs. Love My Peeps!!!

Hilary Schpok

My son loved it! Great place to take a toddler a hot day. It was like walking in the a mini aquarium.

Muneeb Khan

I am an avid fish hobbyist from Colorado. I was visiting Dallas so I decided to look for local fish stores and I came across Dallas North Aquarium. They do not kid when they say everything is big in Texas. This grocery-store-style fish shop is aquarist's dream come true. As you enter the store the first part is where they carry different fish tanks. Some were really nice with 0.5 inch thick glass. In the back they have a huge of both fresh and salt water fish. Their collection of aquatic plants (both fresh and salt water) was extensive.

Jr Y Alex

Love The Place And There Fish Arw Beautiful...I had a wonderful experience here!!!

Joselyne Hernandez

So much to choose from freshwater to saltwater fish to decorations and supplies. I'm a fan of this place!

Julie Vick

I've been coming here for 10+yrs and have never had a bad experience. The staff is extremely knowledgeable & friendly. John helped us Saturday & we were once again satisfied. His selection of fresh & saltwater creatures are excellent & always have what we need. Thank you DNA for being our go-to fish store even though we live in Little Elm.

Telvin Clanton

Nice clean and friendly people with great variety of fish

First name Last name

Very nice fish

Juanita Gonzales

Sea horse not in the best condition but everything else was great

faith carpenter

Great place to shop the staff is very helpful. This fish store always have what I need when I come in. Great corals great advice when you are not sure what to do.

Alex I

Very nice fish store. With a very large selection of fish and aquarium related supplies, salt and fresh water. Very nice and helpful staff. They had also had very big variety of fish food. The only reason for 4 stars vs 5 stars is because there were quite a few dead fish in there tanks.

Mark Clayton

I like for corals and variety of foods. A customer loyalty program would be nice. They will move your aquarium I hear, don't know how much, but I will need mine moved on day so good to know

Lionel Berumen

Good service,though I was just there for rainbow art of colored fish, just passing through they offered alot of help even though I was sight seeing it was awesome

Kevin Stringer

When I have to buy retail, this is the store I go to in DFW. They have a great selection of livestock, supplies, and even used tanks and used pumps and parts. The staff are actually knowledgeable, unlike what you will typically find at pet stores. I had a lengthy conversation with the gentleman helping me today about freshwater planned tanks and I was impressed with his knowledge. Prices for supplies are now than what I like to pay but they are comparable with other retail stores. Their livestock is great though and well priced for most species.

Lacey Krusmark

Love this place. High quality products you can't find at general corporate pet store.

Marialyssa McDavid

While this store has great selection and a few knowledgeable staff. I have noticed a severe lack in quality of the fish. Every fish except one that I have bought from there has come up with ich. Plus they only have a 48 hr return policy while other stores in the area have a 2 week policy. They are of no help when it comes down to sick fish and refuse to give refunds or store credit. Ridiculous if you ask me


Love going in if for no other reason than to look around

Brian Weaver

The best store in DFW for all of your ssltwater & Freshwater Aquarium needs.

Jonah Longhenry

They have a ton of tanks and supplies to pick from! But as far as fresh water fish go, not so much. The don't have much for exotic fresh water fish. Just like what you would find at petco or pet smart.

Mark Wittington

Nice place... great selection. Some items over priced but I don’t have to buy.

Robert VanOrman

Good customer service and selection for fresh and saltwater.

Karine B

Great selection of saltwater and freshwater fish, coral and aquariums. I highly recommend this store. Good quality.

James Robertson

Kyle was helpful and friendly! Astrea snails 3.99 so a bit expensive.

nathan chustz

I have known about DNA for over 10 years. They are always helpful and knowledgeable. When they have unique livestock, it is always neat to just go see. I remember once, they had a Mantis Shrimp, but that was back in 2006-2007 I love coming here for my aquascaping and finding discounts in the clearance/used section.

Jerret Hyndshaw

Outstanding selection and very helpfull staff.

Lesa Salih

This store is a really nice size. They are very nicely stocked. Great selection of salt water fish! They have friendly staff. Also they are knowledgeable and helpful. I cant recommend this store highly enough! I would give them 10 stars if it were possible.

lamarie s

Good place to go get your aquarium needs at good priced

Debra Zitzelberger

Great Customer Service. Knowledgeable and professional staff. The selection of products and fish are very good!

Brian Bailey

Great place always willing to help when you can get their attention.

Terry Easley

High end place but great products. Last resort on most things because of the price.

Chris Cunningham

Great selection of fish and equipment. Helpful helpful and knowledge staff.

Brittany Sisk

Always friendly staff. They always have what I need from my aquarium.

Cory Furr

Nice store. Very knowledgeable and helpful. While they are over priced compared the other stores, they do have everything you could need if in a bind for time. Staff is friendly and usually have a vast selection. It’s even cool to just visit for fun to look at the stock. Watch out for the huge pothole when pulling in. All in all, a good store to keep on your list.

Spencer Zedwick

Best aquarium store I have been to, huge selection of tanks and fish both fresh and saltwater! Love to go even though I am kind of far away me and my family love to go and just look. The people there are great and have a lot of good knowledge to give.

The Rex / Man of Steel

its decently layed out you got your huge supply ment of tanks, decor, lighting , sump materials , sumps , canisters, and used stuff. I like your freshwater stocks lwasy good just i never have had most of these fish as i breed texas cichlids but nice job on your keeping the fish and the area clean


Wow this store is awesome. TONS of supplies and equipment and a CRAPLOAD of fish and selection. Their fish room is an artistic masterpeice.

James Fear

Hands down the best fish and fish accessories place on this side of the continent.

Brandon Matthys

Excellent selection including pre made tanks, corals, and live plants. A large variety of fish including a few i couldn't find at other stores.

Katie Jackson

I really like this LFS over all. They have a great selection of equipment and carry the nicer brands of lighting, tanks, filters, frozen foods, etc. You can find pretty much every Seachem product in their store too- including medications and plant ferts. Huge selection of hardscape elements like driftwood and different kinds of rock.Their dry-good prices tend to be kind of high from what I've seen at other stores, but it's all good quality. They can do CO2 refills as well (not paintball canisters though) and sell RO water and probably marine water too although I don't have a marine tank so cannot confirm. They also have an enormous selection of fish. I've gotten some really nice and sometimes rare species that I have never seen anywhere else other than online. They also have a decent selection of live plants- I haven't found a similar size selection anywhere else other than online. My only complaint is their tanks often have disease. Not usually the obvious stuff like Ich, but nasty bacterial infections and even internal parasites. I seems like I almost always have to treat for something, or have some loss to disease. I just bought some "expensive to me" $20/each Turquoise Rainbows that looked healthy when I bought them, but started showing symptoms of possible Columnaris or some other bacterial infection a day later. That would be a heavy loss for me, so I finally decided to finally set up a QT tank because I'm tired of treating my display tank nearly every time I add stock. They are still in the "hospital" and one is still struggling. I also bought some Madagascar Rainbows from here last year, and am down to 3 of 7 because of a disease outbreak immediately following their introduction (It's an extra shame because these guys are pretty rare, and nearly extinct in the wild). When I returned to the store for some meds a week later, I noticed the tank I bought them from was definitely sick and felt kind of thwarted by that. My water quality always tests great, and I'm careful not to mix store water into my tank, so I know I'm bringing it in on the fish from the store. Lesson learned though- invest in a 5-10gal quarantine tank, and read all you can about how to properly quarantine, recognize disease and how to treat them, or methods of humane euthanization if necessary. It irks me that the store never refuses to sell sick fish or even bother to warn me that they might be diseased and what symptoms they're seeing. I find this to be really irresponsible- especially when I see people that are clearly new to the hobby buying diseased fish without knowing any better, and then have to deal with contaminating their tank with something the store could have helped them avoid or at least warned them about and provided advise on how to take care of it. Maybe they need to quarantine their trade ins and new stock longer? If they do at all? Anyway, even the nice aquarium shops like this battle disease it seems. I haven't found another store in DFW that has perfectly healthy tanks, or has near the selection this one does, so I will continue to come to DNA and enjoy the selection!

Robert Brooks

Love this place. Good place to find something for your aquarium if the pet stores don't have it. Can buy high-end aquariums or accessories.


Great quality and expert advise for fresh and saltwater fish tanks.

Patrick Barnett

One of the better selections for fresh and saltwater aquariums, livestock, and accessories you will find. Staff is very knowledgeable, attentive, and helpful. Crowds can form over the weekend, but they do a good job of taking care of customers, and Staffing appropriate levels.

Eumeka Hellinger

We have been frequenting this store for 3 years and have never been treated so poorly. I agree with the previous reviewer that something has changed in your customer service and culture. While the cashiers are still friendly and courteous it seems like the new fish guys only want to complete a sale. One of the Managers Eva (male) I think that’s his name, is rude as hell and has no customer service skills. The gangly guy who sold us two defective fish just to unload them; spilled water on my feet when we returned for the store credit didn’t apologize or anything. Needless to say, we will take our business to Exotic Aquatics.

Steve Oliver

Very nice store. A little disappointed with the plant selection - didn't see a single pond plant.

Garrett Sheffield

We made a large purchase of a bigger tank and have been going to DNA ever since and have never had such personable service! They do whatever they can to help and offer so much great livestock and a variety of products. You can tell the salespeople get credit or commission for your purchase when they help you but they won't just sell you something unless they really recommend it or they know you have the proper equipment. We had a small manufacturer defect cause a pump to not work and they pulled a spare one out of an empty display and traded it with no hassle. The management team are great and the floor staff always have a smile! The best aquarium supply store in DFW.

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