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Kerrie Lentz

My kids love this pet store!!

Melissa Weberg


I got my cat from here, and it was one of the best decisions I've made. A) He's the cutest cat, and B) He is extremely well-mannered. He was potty-trained when I got him, and he was accustomed to being around people already. Can't expect the same from the humane society unfortunately...

Reborn God Ko

Multiple worm infections of different kinds, fleas all over and health problems she's supposed to tell you about but doesn't like a hernia. Terrible.

Myron Richey

Very bad ammonia smell needs cleaned up.

DeeDee Kurpgeweit

Always dirty and the animals look sickly

Jody Brady

Jason Kerley

Ariel Klebenstein

The lady who runs this loves animals and she does what she can to take care of every single one! Me and my kids love going down and looking around!

Bradley Lentz

Nicole Sullivan

Love the idea of the place, but when i went there one of the cats had visible fleas and it wasnt isolated from customers or the other animals.

Megan Schaefer

Colleen Tommeraasen

The community has really come together to help the Homeward Bound Pet Rescue that is housed here too.

Brianna Mae

I dont even know how this place is still open and up to codes. Is smells like cat pee so bad. Animals are running lose, and are sick.

Gail DeLaney

My kids and I love going to this pet store in Yankton, SD. The owner is so nice!! She takes in abandoned cats and dogs providing them the necessary care they need, plus shelter from the elements. The care she gives each pet shows that they are her top priority and she loves them dearly. Fish 'n' Stuff offers a wide variety of fish, and aquatic plants. She has a number of birds, reptiles, bunnies, cats and dogs.

Lloyd Ficklesmith

Strong ammonia smell and most of the cats were sick and hurt. Their blue macaw meeds its beak and claws trimmiednbecause he had to turn his head to eat. The rats were so cramped they were laying on each other and one hamster had a strange sack by its feet. The cats had to drink out of the dirty fish water and were all so thin. Half of the animals are not for sale anyway. Their alligator is in such a cramped cage it looks so sad. I dont know how this place is even open! I think an animal cruelty organization needs to check it out.

Edward Van Landingham

Very overpriced and it smells like animal feces and urine the outside of the bird cages are covered with poop. I know it's a pet store but I've been to plenty of pet stores and by far this is almost one of the dirtiest.

Briana Earl

Jim Palmer

Misty McAllister

Always so nice and to see some one actually caring for these animals and dedicating every day to make sure they have a roof over their head food in their bellies I got to give a lot of credit to Jan for taking out time everyday and caring for these animals. Thank you for your dedication to these animals.

Nicole Reimers

Yea it doesn't smell good but who's cares she takes care of her animals. Quit being mean some people. You couldn't do it I bet. SMH


Cute cats, owner is AWESOME, and she was able to give my AmeriCorps NCCC team Independent Service Projects for a solid month!


We bought a puppy there 7 yrs ago and it was the best 50$ spent. I like the fact you can touch the pets

Justin Jenkins

Eight Jane

Stopped by yesterday around 6 to see if I could check it out. They were closed but the display windows and what I could see inside did not look clean or like it was well kept at all. Not sure if this is because they are lacking business or if they just don't care. Will be in later and will update

Emma Haynie

So I got two zebra Fitchs and in a week one died so we got three more and in not even a week two died so don't get the zebra Fitchs they will not last.

Laura Chaffee

The place was very dirty and stunk so bad, was there on 8/3, it smelled so bad, I got just inside the door and had to leave. I can’t believe how dirty it was!

David Jerrett

They have a large variety of pets including cats and dogs. They have a heart for animals and animal rescue.


Nazya Thies

Absolutely terrible. The dogs were in a pen walking around in their own feces and they looked miserable. There were so many cats walking around that would climb on you, and looked like they were so sick! The smell in the place is almost overbearing (obviously pet stores are going to have a smell) but I hope this place gets inspected and those animals can find a better home!

Daniel Burniston

NellyLiz Larson

Fish and stuff is awful save all the pets please

Ted&Shannon Kranig

Scott Trimble

Elias Bartos

This place doesn’t deserve a single star. The store constantly has a pungent odor of cat urine. Cats are riddled with fleas and mites and have visible signs of malnutrition. Fish tanks are filthy and the fish are very clearly painted. The part of this establishment that makes me the most upset is the reptiles. As a reptile keeper myself I have never seen anything worse than the conditions of these reptiles. The enclosures are ridiculously tiny. The reptiles are kept on what looks to be cat litter and as with most everything in this store, they are filthy. The animals are fed pellet food which is not okay as a staple. The chameleons are visibly depressed and anxious, one of the turtles is constantly in the same corner and only pushes on the glass every now and then. My family saved a cat from here and he has various lung problems from the bad air quality he was raised in. Don’t ever purchase an animal from here.

Cody Johnston

This place had fleas everywhere. This store should be shut down by now!!! Can't even take care of there kittens. I wanted to take a calico kittens home but didn't because of them being flea ridden and I have animals at home to think about in that event

amelia Powers

Liz Parish

Cheri Maier

It smelled a little but, over all the fish are very good. Look out for died fish and fish that have ick or white dots on them. That is caused by stress so, every shore could have that. I would go back!

Kelli Scheuerman

Dirty, even my daughter wanted to report them. The poor animals looked so sick.

Carol Trimble

Callie Radigan

The smell of ammonia and feces nearly knocked me over. There was poop on the floor. I couldn’t get out fast enough. I literally had to run to the drugstore next-door to get hand sanitizer for my kids

Austin Joy

Sara Love

It's good

Maddy Schulz

these are animals that have been dropped off or rescued . I bet they are doing there very best so don't judge the book by its cover and the animals there don't hate they need and love. they need a home and they deserve a home. I went in there yesterday and the animals just are so sweet and amazing. plus not everyone is perfect and we all know we don't want to be judged. so if you really care why don't you help them out and save one of them and help them. be a good person because words can't be taken back.

Jamie Campbell

This shop smells HORRIBLE and the cats walking around look like they are starving! All the animals cages are so filthy I can't believe the animals aren't all sick and dying. This place need to be shut down immediately!

jeff white

Matthew Lentz

Very fun place to go and look at all the animals!!

lisa nguyen

ashes to ashes

If I could rate 0 stars, I would. There is another review below that sums it all up too well. It smells horrendous inside but what's worse is the condition of the animals, starting with the cats. They are free range across the whole store, and in the back behind some doors is what I'm assuming is an unkept litterbox, because of the smell. The kittens are born with missing hair and illness, common signs of feline leukemia which occurs through infected contact of feces and urine. The bearded dragons are disfigured with metabolic bone disease, and the puppies are kept in this small fenced in area until someone takes them. I'm urging you to visit and then call an animal control officer to investigate.

David Thornton

Haley VanDeWalle

Every cage was disgusting, cats are sick, and every female creature was pregnant. I almost got a cat just to save the poor thing

Hanoi Barbon Diaz

Very good

Gary Burrus

Great little store!

Lauren Holiday


Kristie Schmidt

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