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REVIEWS OF Fishy Business IN South Carolina

Drew Hamer

Always have the best aquarium stuff going!

Jesse Lyons Live

You cannot beat the selection of fish and the prices in the Columbia area. They special order many varieties of fish if they don't have what you're looking for, but there's a good chance that they do have it. They also offer exotic species of fish. This is a great place for beginner hobbyist to go as well as experienced fish keepers. If you go, ask for Kevin Walker. He's the most knowledgeable of all the different areas of fishkeeping. He's also very attentive and the most passionate about aquatic life out of anyone I have personally met. Some of the other employees have specialties such as plant care, freshwater, and saltwater etc, but Kevin has mastered almost every area of fish keeping. They also have a fair return policy, but they'll teach you how to take care of your fish, so you don't have to worry about them dying as long as you follow the instructions.

Sam Hess

Great friendly staff, large selection of everything you need.

FOM Theartofeyewear

Great selection. You want fish, this is the place to go.

SM Tactical

Very helpful staff and best selection of fish!

Jerry Whitfield

Best salt and fresh water aquarium store around. Excellent customer service and knowledge. Been taking care of our 125 gallon salt water aquarium, fish and corals for years. "We just love em"

Llaniceli Cruz

Great shop, knowledgeable staff. Purchased a new freshwater setup and they took it all the way out to my car for me. Can't wait to get back in and start shopping their beautiful selection of fish once the tank is ready for them.

Kayce Burkett

Great array of fish and fish products, will visit again when in town.

Rodney Fair

Great fish shop. Very helpful staff. I'll definitely be going there again when I'm in Columbia.

Michael Rice

The school where I teach has a 450 gallon saltwater tank and we have retained the services of Fishy Business for the “high tech” maintenance of it. The two guys that come and do the work, Mike and Chuck, are knowledgable, friendly, efficient, etc. They answer every question I have. They bend over backwards to make sure the tank looks great, (and the tank looks AMAZING!). I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone.

Hayden Blice

Purchased a 180 gallon tank with overflows from there a few weeks ago, super friendly staff and great prices. Had a great time talking with Guy, extremely knowledgable.

Jeff Sorenson

Kevin was extremely helpful and answered all of our questions. Even though they were busy, he didn't try to rush us. Their selection of fish and supplies is outstanding! We will definitely make the hour and a half trip from Summerville many more times!

Chantae Davis

Love this place.... they are so friendly and my grandkids love feeding the fish.

Michelle Vannoy

Great selection of fish and supplies! Staff was friendly enough. Prices were great on some items a little high on others. Store was kind of cluttered.

bug holliday

Very knowledgeable people

Peter Yeh

Fishy Business has been my go-to store for knowledgeable friendly service for over 20 years. I highly recommend them and no other place in town compares to their expertise!

Matthew Felio

Best place to buy fish in the state

Chris Marler

Very, very impressive fish store. If you ever wanted to get a pet fish, c9me here instead of the other pet places. The staff really knows there stuff and there is so much variety of product inside. Really awesome

Amanda tolley

Wonderful selection and great staff! Highly recommend!

Frank D Dyer

The staff was easy to talk with, they all know their craft; what one person doesn't know they know who to ask. They've helped me establish a tank and pond both are doing well. Fishy Business is the Best place to go if you live Columbia!

Hannah Phipps

I love this store! They have so much to offer! Super friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff! They have pretty much anything you’d need when it comes to fish and aquariums! 100% recommend!

john Oliver

Excellent selection of fish

Jason A

I don't think I would shop here if Kevin wasn't in charge. Staff is great but the prices are high and I'm almost positive that no one working there knows how to plant an aquarium because the plant section always looks like it just fell out of Hell it's self.

Ben Thompson

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Great place for anything aquarium related.

nba jonah

I come here often rather if im buying something or just because the kids want to pop in to feed the fishes the staff is Great

Allen Cranford

Best place in town for all things aquarium. Incredibly helpful and knowledgable staff and amazing selection. Been coming here for years and couldn't be happier. If youre looking to get into the hobby, they will set you up for success. If you're experienced, then you already know this is the place.

John G.

Not impressed. There was a great selection of fish and supplies but I waited for almost 30 mins and never received any help. It was somewhat busy that day but I never even got noticed with a "someone will be with you in a min". Needless to say I left and went elsewhere.

Elisa Hankinson

Bit of a wait. Very helpful once we found someone. Cool fish selection!

Brent Jeffcoat

I have had nothing but great service from these guys! They are extremely knowledgeable and have helped me make all the right decisions with my 30 gallon freshwater community tank, and I am brand new to the fish-keeping hobby. Plus my 2 year old absolutely loves to look at all of the beautiful aquariums they have set up in the store.

Martha Hoy

great knowledgeable staff. wide assortment of fish,tanks, accessories.

Eddy Barham

You will not find more knowledgeable folks anywhere in Columbia, when it comes to all things aquarium or pond related. These guys always have extremely accurate information, for whatever issue you may be having, and offer "at tank" services for many tanks throughout our area. They will guide you to a very successful path in the hobby, you'd be foolish not to stop by and talk with this friendly staff if you are even considering setting up a tank or pond.

Richard Osborne

They have a nice variety of fish and supply's and they are in a convenient location. It's a great place to shop for your aquarium.

Megan Brown

Very nice and knowledgeable people! Always have a great selection and willing to help you with any questions or suggestions you may need. Best service all around.

Kirty smith

Love this place! Everyone is so helpful and there's so many selections of fish and different food to buy! ❤

M Williams

Great customer service, has fish you cant find at chain store..i love it

Gina DeSimone

Staff knowledge and helpful

Darcy Baluka

Not a lot of small salt water fish. Mostly high end and not much.staff asked if we needed help.

Mista RareBreed

I love fishy Business. I'm really starting to get into the fish hobby and their my go to fish store. They have a large variety of fish and fish equipment from rocks to tanks to plants. You name it they have it. Only thing is they have funny hours. I can never go there during the week because it takes about 30 mins to get there with light traffic and when I get off traffic isn't light trying to get to that part of town. That's my only dislike about them is that there hours are a little crazy. Mon-Fri 11-6 Saturday 11-4 and Sunday 1:30-4.

Edmund Lavesh

Great place to buy equipment. The staff are very friendly and quick to greet you. I've not had much success with livestock from here though. If I buy fish online elsewhere (as I usually do) and have them delivered, I have near 100% survival rates. If I buy fish from Fishy Business half of them always die within a week. I don't know why. Get your equipment from here, but I recommend you buy your fish somewhere else.

Huskies and the pig! Adventures

This store might have the most sq ft to be the largest but I will assure you their salt water selections isn't. Their prices are extremely outrageous. I would rather shop online. Prices have been twice as much or more than other pet stores. Extremely disappointed. I will not be shopping here.

TOPON Thomas

Fishy business is the most outstanding fish store I have ever been in they have more selected items for a person to choose between I love going there even if no more than just to feed the fish if I could work at any pet store I would definitely ask to work there it's my favorite pastime anytime I get a day off spare a few moments that's where I go it's very relaxing believe it or not

Anthony Stroman

Just too far from where i life but its worth the ride if your willing to dive

d oswald

Extremely friendly staff and they know there fish

Pattimarie Janssen

Great place for the aquarium lover!

Nate Rockwell

Had a great experience! Guy really helped us with our rock needs, and the rest of the staff was super friendly!

Kenneth DuBard

The only store of its kind in Columbia. Expert advice, great selection, great prices.

Scott Gosnell

My wife and I went in to start a salt water aquarium after our son was diagnosed with a visual impairment disorder, I have had fresh water aquariums before but never salt water, we walked in and immediately received help from a guy named Kevin he was very courteous and helpful talked us through every step. Every time we go to the store, even though sometimes is very busy and we have to wait for a little while, same reception very friendly and helpful.

Rashan Moss

I'm not even from South Carolina, I was in the area from Maryland visiting a relative and decided to go to this place that I looked up. Glad that I did, great service and good prices on hardscape material. Driftwood and stone were at way better prices than what I would had paid for them in MD. Decent selection (wish they more dwarf cichlids).

Tricia Agar

Wow! Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff!! Great prices and selection of everything you need to enjoy your fish aquarium!! Huge store! Fish are in great shape. They have saltwater and freshwater fish and supplies. Plenty of coral frags for saltwater and plants for freshwater. Both new and used aquariums for sell. Thank you Kevin W for being so helpful!!

Nate Gamble

Great place for Great Healthy Pet Fish. Friendly staff.

Kristine Hoskins

So many fish to choose from! Knowledgeable staff made a great visit.


My new favorite aquarium stop! They are super knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and have an incredible selection if favorites and "oddballs". By far worth paying a couple of extra dollars for a species (although that isn't even likely since they were equal or less than the PetSmart/Petco fish and shrimp if the same species, and I have far greater confidence in the health of the animals)! Definitely come here if you are an aquarium enthusiast!

Moe Money Tv

The best selection of aquarium freshwater and saltwater fish and also Coral

Denise Folsom

Wonderful customer service. Outstanding. We have gotten all our equipment, fish and corals from here and we have been very pleased. We are beginners to the salt water world and have many questions. They have answered all our questions and concerns. We never feel rushed anytime we go in. Knowlegable and attentive staff. Definately recommend!!!!!

Kat Washington

Great selections and friendly staff. Definitely a go to for any level of fish or aquarium hobbyist.

David O

Loved the atmosphere great service and knowledge based, while maintaining a friendly and welcome manner.

Autumn Skye

Very awesome place!

Russell Freeman

Cool place

Cheta Bailey

Very well stocked,, friendly people working,

Cichlid King Aquatics

Best fish store hands down in West Tennessee. I've tried them all.

lillyauna Osborne

I had $75 credit for an aquarium I had gave them I couldn't take to my new place along with 3 adult bearded dragons, heat rocks, food, different bowls and all they would have needed and they told me all they could do was $75 store credit.... Then get their today and refused to do anything, even a $8 fish for my children.... Not to mention their very overpriced....

Sabrina Peterson

they have diffrent types of animals here. we had a issue but the owner is helping us to fix the problem staff is very friendly

Del Duar


Ashley Alonso

Anna Colvett

The snakes and other reptiles were on the skinny side and a few fish were dead but other than that it was a nice store.

robert lay

people was nice but there was a bad smell

Cheryl Dulong

They have the ability for a nice little business there but it needs more help.The fish tanks are ok but more work is needed in the areas of small animals and cleaning. The employee there was courteous and more than willing to help but they need the help. All in all, buy your fish and supplies there and maybe the owners will be able to spend $ for more help and work on the other issues.

Debbie Tyler

Friendly staff reasonably priced fish and corals

Stephanie Gilbert

Very unorganized, stinks and the snake we bought was fed before we left the store with it and it ended up getting sick!

Alan Evatt

Always The Best Selection, With A Top Notch Staff. Been Shopping At Fishy For Over 30 Years With No Problems.

Katie Ratcliff

Amazing selection on both freshwater and saltwater fish & critters! They've got tons of options for aquarium decor, filter media, and all the needs. Their fish people are friendly and always have answers! Better customer service than petsmart or anyone else for that matter!

Melo Me

This place is awesome! The people are knowledgeable and know what they are talking about. They welcomed my husband and I and our three crazy kids with open arms and they were just super nice. Just bought a Yellow Tang from them and he's doing great and fixing our algae problem like promised. Highly recommend this place.

Rh Delaney

They care about the health of my tank

Katherine Sheets

I have been getting my supplies and fish here for 15 years. I have koi, saltwater and freshwater fish. The staff is great at problem solving and helping no matter if you are new to the hobby or a veteran. I have been to the larger stores and the cheaper ones also. I will continue to come here. Great store and staff.

Danny Woodruff

Fishy Business has assisted me in building a variety of tanks and I am looking forward to a new large display tank with their help. They have also been instrumental in troubleshooting issues I have had with my existing tanks. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. The store stocks additives and dry goods for fresh and salt tanks, as well as anything in between.

Isopod _

You can interact with fish and it's very fun. Don't come here if you just need to run in and grab something.

Grove Knight

Always an absolute pleasure to visit Fishy Business. Every time the staff has been super helpful and answers all of our questions. Specifically Chuck and Kevin have helped us tremendously. My wife and I have pretty much decided that this will be our go-to for fish and aquatic supplies from now on!

Zachary Litchfield

Drove all the way from Charleston to buy a set up. The general manager couldnt have been better. Knowledgeable and didn't push unneeded products on me. I wish I had 3 of him in my LFS.

Ninja ninja

Normally fast service and they make sure you understand what your buying and they are very friendly

Claire Hann

Great service/support, and selection. Very helpful in the management of special orders

Justin Cook

This place is the real deal. First, they've got more in-stock items than almost any store I've been to. From dry good to corals to salt and freshwater fish. The physical part of the store is well laid out and the displays are easy to browse through. Plus, the place was clean (not easy in a fish store). If it's fish/coral related, they have it. I wish I was better at describing things because I'm not really doing it justice. The staff is also something to note. There were plenty of people there available to help and answer questions. I got to a lot of different fish stores when I travel for work and event the best one's are sometimes lacking is staff. I get it, people are expensive and I'm usually there during the week but this place really didn't disappoint.

Gil Knott

Great selection of saltwater fish and fresh water fish. Great selection and service. Good people with a lot of knowledge.

Christy Lairmore Ditty

Great store. Very knowledgeable.

Jamie Wilson

So impressed by the selection and service. We were greeted when we walked in and asked if we needed help 2 or 3 times. They are very knowledgeable, offering suggestions and helpful tips. We'll definitely be back to get a complete aquarium setup!

Nathan Hartis

You won't find a better selection of saltwater fish anywhere in the state. Really knowledgeable staff always willing to help and tons and tons of fish for you to choose from. Whether you're a beginner or have a big tank they'll be able to steer you in the right direction and find what you're looking for. Awesome local shop. A little hard to find from the street, it's tucked away on the right hand side if you're coming from the interstate just past the fast food seafood place.


Very Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Daniel Logan

These people know what they are talking about I drive an hour plus because they care about there fishes.

Dianne Long

Their knowledge, and willingness to share that knowledge, is great. They are also honest. Two valuable traits not readily found in today's businesses. I highly recommend this business!

Harla Nitewind

Been going to these people for years, a courteous friendly, they know everything, and they're very well stocked with healthy fish and plants

Demeail Seabrook

GREAT selection of African Cichlids. Good group of guys. Knowledgeable staff

Daniel Wang

Bought some dragon stones from the store. The staff found the coupon I dropped on the floor and returned it to me. I believe this is a comparatively more professional store than others in south carolina area. You can find fishes and all different accessories used for either a freshwater tank or a salt water tank. I didn't find the fish that I wanted, but I will definitely go back and see if they have updates in the future.

Austin Klinedinst

These guys are the best. Very knowledgeable about their business, super friendly. My wife and I have been buying some small things while we save for a larger saltwater aquarium and we get treated just like their customers that spend massive amounts of money. These guys know how to treat people and have a great variety. I've seen a review or two that said they are priced a little high but after looking around, the pricing is fair and worth the quality and service.

Mat Nierenberg

This was an AWESOME store. We were in Columbia for the weekend and went in to take a look around. I ended up purchasing some bleeding heart tetras and candy cane tetras, however I had to travel 4 hours home. The employee who helped us (maybe the owner) said it would be no issue and to meet him up front. Out he came with a giant cooler and the 6 fish in MASSIVE bags inside said cooler. I was completely blown away with the stores selection, and the amount of both freshwater and saltwater fish. They were extremely knowledgeable and so kind. I HIGHLY recommend this store to anyone looking for fish.

Barry Lyle

I've been searching for true Siamese algae eaters for a while, most places try to sell flying foxes or Chinese algae eaters as the Siamese ones. Was about to give up and buy some from an online seller, but was told about Fishy Business. So I went there and they had them, and at a good price! Was looking around and they have a great selection of fish, and my wife really likes the koi pond at the entrance of the store. Staff is friendly and and know what they're talking about (unlike most employees from the fish departments at the bigger pet stores). I'll definitely be back to buy more fish from them.

scboi86 .

Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and more then happy to help with any questions you may have.

Douglas Burch

Fishy Business in Columbia SC is awesome! The staff is very knowledgable & friendly. I have had excellent service before & after the sale. I had an issue with a product there & The owner- Guy- responded immediately & ordered a new part while I was still in the store! Overall excellent experience with Fishy Business. Highly recommend! Douglas

Kathleen James

staff is always friendly and helpful and well-informed, regardless of the type of tank you're trying to fill.

brian bman

Love this fish store. Fish I get here live longer and extra heathy. Great prices for what you get. If they don't have what you r looking for they will order it for u and call u when they get it.

Miriam H. Samuel

I've been going here for support, education and merchandise for many years. Their knowledge concerning aquariums and fish breed/types is outstanding. This has help me to bred a variety type of fish. I have bred African cichlid, convicts and betta fish over the years. I've enjoyed working with Mr. Guy, Mr. Kevin and the other staff. They are all great people. They are patient and honest, these are very important qualities for good customer service. I am now shutting down my fish tanks. I have a lot of tank, with accessories that I am selling. I do have one convict fish aquarium still running. I am looking for a good home for them, if the offer is good and fair. Sincere Regards, to a great group of people. I will check in with you guys from time to time. Chow, Miriam Samuel

omar a

Great store with great selection. From the upstate of SC, and theres nothing that compares to this store. K2 helped me out and all the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

George Conaway

Pretty good selection of African Cichlids. Clean tanks. Great customer service. Large selection of all the aquatic need in one place. 5 Starz

Stephanie Gray

I saw my first live axylotil there. I am so excited. I must return to purchase one soon

DS Bruce

Helpful staff & most anything for tropical & saltwater aquariums. Beautiful selection of corals etc.

Ashley Kindt

I love Fishy Buisness! We will drive over an hour just to come to them over closer fish stores because you can tell the staff really care about the fish and their wellbeing. Everyone there is very nice and knowledgeable.


I like Fishy Business, Try it

Scott Maness

Great place to get fish very helpful ppl

Toby1121 Jeffersontown

Very helpful and friendly

Little Wolfy

Good speedy service plenty of pets and nice place to get a new pet(s)

Karl Smith

Good place, they have fresh and saltwater fish. They have a few animals like birds and bunnys, lizards. The women was nice and extremely hott (beautiful.)

Melissa Sage

The smell hits you in the face when you walk through the door, it stinks. Every aquarium in the store had dead, dying and sick fish/frogs. Very disappointed with this place and embarrassed for them. No way would u introduce anything from this shop into my aquarium!

Ann Roberts

They have a variety of fish and guide you how to take care of your tank

Donna Marshall

Great pet store, with awesome customer service!!

Nick Ryan

Great local business. If they don't have what you are looking for the will get it for you.

P Franklin

If you are a saltwater enthusiast, this place has everything you need: live Coral, fish, supplies for your tank, and most importantly a friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. They also carry freshwater fish, live pets such as hedgehogs, birds and reptiles, and anything one might need to become a pet owner. Rodney and his crew have helped me through a number of crises in my own tank, and they keep me supplied with everything I need for my coral and fish to flourish.

yeterson Peterson

Good place have what you need and sometimes more

Myles Leifer

For being located in a small town they have a good selection. They also sell small animals. We go there for their saltwater fish and coral supplies, if he doesn't have it he will gladly order it for you.

Savannah Sloan

The staff were friendly and knowledgeable but the 6 tetra and 1 pleco I purchased have all died within 4 days of buying them! And might I add I spent almost $50! I feel like it was a total waste of money and time! I have tried repeatedly to call bc I live an hour away and I get no answer every time! I will never make another purchase with this place again!

Philip Hammond

Best local fish store between Memphis and Nashville. Management friendly and helpful. Wish it was bigger. Update; store seems to be slipping, less clean, staff far less friendly than before.

Beverly Ann Henderson

Love this place

Chi Sam

They have a unique selection of fishes. We came Memphis area and drove 1.5 hrs to see fishy business it is worth the drive. We bought a couple of fishes and the guy who assist us is very helpful. We'll definitely go back and buy for mooooorreeee... Thank you....

Victoria White

Great selection and healthy fish. It feels like you're at the aquarium!

Elizabeth Shawanesse

There's a good reason this place has been around for decades. These guys REALLY know their stuff!!! Friendly, helpful staff, huge selection, and absolute experts at what they do!

Miss_Adventures_SC Dr. Ott

Fishy is my favorite store in Columbia, not only because they have the things I need for my 8 aquariums (reef, seahorse, brackish, FOWLR, planted), but because the staff is always helpful and friendly. I particularly appreciate that the staff doesn't just sell things to move them out of the store, but rather ensures that the customer has the appropriate environment and tools to maintain the livestock. I have seen lots of reviews about the condition of the store, but I urge guests to realize that this is a small, locally own business that stocks products for a wide variety of tanks in a very small space. I personally find that it adds to the charm of the place.

Luke Polyak

Very friendly and knowledgeable. Plenty of fish to chose from.

Victoria Enell

Great and knowledgeable customer service. They also tested our fish tank water. Looking forward to shopping with them.

Katherine Stewart

I've got 5 goldfish and they are beautiful

toycar foushboy

Okay first, it isn't the biggest in SC, second they do have a large selection of fresh and salt water fish, invertebrates, etc. But, I've only been in one other store that had as many dead fish in their tanks as this place, and that was a chain store that had minimal and unhappy staff. I mean if I was owner, which I think was one gentleman I saw in there, I would've sent an employee around with a net and bucket checking tanks. It was very close to fish genocide in there. I know I saw at least a twenty dead fish in tanks. I personally can't shop a store that is that complacent about the visual impact that gives off. Probably won't come back again, I might give them another chance. Maybe.

Melanie Pace

Great selection and prices. Knowledgeable staff.

LaMonica Miles

Grace is awesome..very knowledgeable.

cynthia oberlies

Love this place! The people who work there are extremely knowledgeable about saltwater tanks & saltwater fish. Btw, I especially love there indoor koi pond filled with beautiful Koi fish to feed.

Lashondia Hunt-Anderson

It was great !! Some fish are a little too pricey but I ended up leaving with the fish of my choice. Staff were really helpful and there knowledge on the fish we're amazing. I am definitely going back !!! Thanks guys

Leslie Lucas

Great people and all of your aquarium needs.

Kathy Lowery

Great selection of fish and supplies...very nice staff.

Chris W.

Drove from Greenville, SC to visit them. This was the sole reason for our trip. Haven't seen this many fish since going to the Georgia Aquarium! Excellent selection in both salt and fresh and the prices were reasonable. Couldn't get fish that day, due to our new tank cycling, but we will be back soon! Well worth the trip! Ate lunch at Nick's Philly's 3 minutes from here. Good combination.

Mateusz Orzechowski

Staff is very helpful and the Have huge selection of good quality fish

Vin Carr

Excellent service. Very knowledgeable. Fair pricing. Highly recommend. Will be back often.

Kat Linek

My husband and I just left this store for the first time and I have to say it is the best aquatic store we have been to. Lance was very helpful, had answers to all of our questions, suggested things to help our cichlid tank, and we could tell he loves his job. Great selection and great customer service. Worth the 45 minute drive!!!!

Norris Thomas

This is hands down the best place in the Columbia area for a fish hobbyist. Some days I go just to look at the fish, but still end up buying something.

Chuck Heard

They always take care of me. Good selection and friendly staff!


For all of your aquarium needs this place is second to none! The staff is super knowledgeable and assist you in every way. They have tons of supplies and fair prices. Stop in you won't be disappointed and you won't go home empty-handed!

David Addison

I am recently new to the "salt life". I went to Fishy Business and was very pleased with the amount of time they spent with me, educating me and showing me what I would need to get started. I never once felt as if I was being taken advantage of. In fact, once I tried to buy a piece of equipment and live stock and was told no. I did not need it and the live stock was not good for my tank. Guy and Gracie have been fantastic! Oh yeah, they also give a military discount.

Jennifer Workman

Awsome place to go and all kinds of interesting fish

Vincenzo Pace

Amazing selection, great service!

chuck carroll

Amazing place If you're fish person this is a place for you

Chris Thomas

My family and I came in store today .very impressed with the employees .they were very busy but very eager to help .we asked about koi and they let me know it is a bad time to introduce koi into my pond because of the temp .could have made a easy sell but chose to educate me instead .very thankful for advice and will be returning in warmer weather for some beautiful koi

Justin Clamp

Very helpful and knowledgeable

Wendy Middleton

Friendly employees that know their fish! Reasonable prices. Fish are well cared for.

Scott Wilson

Don't have much knowledge of fish and the care but after visiting here I'm overflowing with it !! Very good experience and very friendly people. I will be returning !

James Martin

Very knowledgeable and courteous staff. They know their fishy business!

Jeff Geddings

Great place to go to learn everything you need to know about your fish tank

Shelley Miano

Knowledgeable, trustworthy, and friendly. Best place!

Kathy Goforth

Love this place. However, on a recent visit a week or two ago, One female associate promised to he back to help us, but came back to help another guy instead, left us standing there, waiting on her--Not cool at all. However, was thankful to speak with a gentleman that was VERY helpful and informative, he saved the visit and made it a good one for us.

David Swearingen

Was greeted shortly after arriving and received prompt service after I made my selection.

Jeff Rooke

Kevin Kowzan

Nice pet store with great customer service.

Dakota Blevins

The only thing more surprising than the disarray the shop was is the smell. The animals were skinny, the selection was small, and I’m not sure if I saw more feces or sickly animals. The good side was they were honest when they told me their snakes do not eat and that their feeder minnows were in such a limited supply that you couldn’t buy any. I drove an hour to see this shop excited by the reviews and left empty handed gasping for fresh air. I wouldn’t recommend any shop at this establishment. I would recommend that the health department visits and deals with the unhealthy conditions the animals are forced to live in

Suzette Jones

Knowledgeable owner, good Christian people, great selection of fish, birds, reptile, rabbits and other merchandise.

Amy Berryman

Friendly staff

Vicki Jones

Needs bigger selection

Jimmy Jowers

It’s Me Leslie!

Horrible place. Always smells bad, dirty, and rude people working..

Tiffany Lott

Nice selection of fish. Lots of saltwater fish and coral. Nice selection of freshwater too.

RNC channel

Cool nice and fells like home

renee perry

Very knowledgeable and friendly! Go here for all your Saltwater Aquarium needs!

Cynthia Emerton

Best place to get any kind of fish that you need. If he doesn't have what you want he will order them

Autumn Reynolds

Good business, just needs cleaned up

Jeremy Livingston

Fantastic fish/special aquarium store. I'll admit they can be a little pricey but they have the fish, plants, and tanks you want. Everyone there is very knowledgeable and consider it their own personal hobby that are passionate about.

Rachael Lee

Went to buy fish for our 2 tanks. The man who helped me knew a lot about types of fish and their attitude. It was a very informational trip to be my first. They had a great selection of products.this will now be the only store we go to. The fish seem "not as stupid" as the ones in other stores in Columbia is and the surrounding areas.

Universal Squad

My fish amazing they told what to do not kill my fish

Lisa Self

The employers were super nice to us. We're will definitely be back

Carrie Morphis

Really nice selection. Staff is knowledgeable and professional. They even have a large koi pond in the shop & you can feed the fish.

Chris O

Lots of freshwater fish, plants, salt water fish and coral. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. This is my new favorite store

Andy Crunk

Literally the best place to go if you care about your fish. The combined knowledge of the staff is incredible. And if your tank water is questionable asr best . Don't be afraid or embarrassed to let them test it. I was, i thought i'd be ridiculed. But i was not. They only care and want your fish to live. So be honest with them so they can actually help you. That's all they are concerned about. There selection of fish is top notch. And they'll actually take fish you may not want anymore. And give you a discount. I'd give them 6 stars if i was able to. And that's just the fresh water side. Their salt water is amazing! Best fish store and i hate to say store because it's so much more. They won't sell you anything more than you need. I was actually discouraged from buying unnecessary things i thought i wanted. To me thats impressive. Its the fish they care about. BE HONEST WITH THEM. Thats all i got. They are the truth. Drops the mike.

Paul Taft

Great place to trade and buy corals and fish

Jim L.

Best aquarium store in the Columbia area. Perhaps the best aquarium store in South Carolina. The staff is great and they carry a good selection of both freshwater and saltwater fish. They also have a great selection of frags. Check them out if you're in the area.

Amber Day

Great place

Nick Rogers

Excellent Aquarium. We travel from Spartanburg County a few times a year to get fish from them. Lots of great fish, including many species you do not normally see. Also, lots of supplies. The shop is clean and neat, which is important to us.

Nick Connell

Good place to get aquarium fish / supplies , best place for fish in the Columbia area , only complaint really is some of the staff will make me feel awkward by saying stuff like " back again" and " man , do you live here" ect.. I just started aquarium hobby about two months ago , so I go in alot and been spending alot of money every week, I don't want to feel awkward about coming in , they should be happy I keep coming in and spending money. Otherwise it's a very good store with quality fish and supply.

Daniel Steffee

Wide selection of fish if all kinds, corals, live plants. Supplies are good prices. Staff were helpful and knowledgeable.


Love this place..

Natandrea Ridley

Great deals & very pretty n healthy

David Winters

Fishy business was my go to aquarium store for years when I lived in Columbia. I was passing through town recently and decided to stop in. The place looks better than ever. I purchased some very nice SPS frags that are doing great. Chuck, one of the owner remembered me from 1997 when I last shopped there. I highly recommend them. They are fish people from head to toe.

Jason Cogan

Great place!!

Greg Gable

Great selection of fish at reasonable prices.


I've been going to this place for years. They have fresh and saltwater fish selections. They are knowledgeable and helpful if you make eye contact or seem like you need anything. Other than that they'll leave you alone and let you browse. This is probably the best fish store in the Columbia area. They'll even put you on a call list when you've order s fish or looking for something that is that don't have in. I must say they have to stop hiring these youngsters. One particular young man told me they didn't stock excel when I've purely bought it there for years. He even bagged my fished and water was swishing wasting everywhere. Once they get rid of his bad mannerism and knowledge this place will go back to normal. I spend about $2500 there a year I know what I'm talking about for you unbelievable people.

David Rule

Giant tanks and fish to put in them.

Dondella Gibson

I'm very happy with the service that they provide. They are very knowledgeable about their fish. They need to start their own TV show. Plus I like the fact that they give away free things sometimes.

Emily Renard

This place was a life saver when I had a pond emergency. The two men working were super helpful and you could tell they knew their stuff. You have to see the koi pond in the front of the store, they are huge and follow you around, looking for a snack of course!

Randy Parham

Great place for All Aquarium supplies and livestock!

RawVegans Rock

Great place for Cichlid lovers also a lot of salt water fish. Ask for Kevin or Scott for 5star service.

Mark Davis

Aquariums and fish, big and small and everything else you can imagine! Great place knowledgeable and helpful!

Gates Conrad McClinchie

Stopped by to get a couple plants and some fish. The employees were very helpful and knowledgeable. Definitely getting my next set up from these guys.

Maria Barrera

My boyfriend Alex and i were coming back from Gatlingburg and we decided to stop at your store because he loves fish and we are trying to get a live plant aquarium started. When we walked in we were immediately impressed the drift wood you guys have was unreal and all the variations of fish were amazing. Mike helped us and told my boyfriend how to take care of live plants and what to use for the tank. He was very knowledgeable about fish and gave us good advice. 10/10 recomend this store we will be coming back!

Jacguelyn Whittenburg

Fishy Business has Knowledgeable staff and carry products that the chain shops do not carry. They offer a specialty environment for your fish. They also sell and will set up your aquarium for you. I like the people there a lot.

Melissa Harmon

This place is fantastic! If you are looking for that hard to find item or fish these are your guys. Make sure to follow them online for the full experience.

Mr Deuce

We are from Augusta GA and come here for all our reef tank needs. They have helped me cycle my reef tank and get my livestock rolling. Gracie is the best. Driving there now to get a couple more coral to balance out my tank. The are worth the drive.

David Harper

Great selection of fish! Just got some pea puffers from there and they are doing awsome. I will definitely be back for sure, hopefully next time they will have some south american puffers I would get them for sure.

Bill Butteris

Amazing. Made the trip from Charleston to get fish for my new aquarium setup worked with Kevin. He was very helpful and answered all my questions and gave me really good advice. Left with everything I needed at a great price. Definitely will make the trip again. Thanks kevin

ronnie dover

Great store. Very informative. Willing to answer questions and do water samples for free. Will order something for you if you see it elsewhere.

Ken W

Nice small town store, locally owned. The store is always different. Owner knows a lot about fish keeping. Decent prices, too. Will buy and sell used equipment.

Heather Young

All your fish needs locally

Mike Armstrong

Nice home town store very helpful and knowledgeable staff only place near for saltwater fish and coral unless you go to Memphis excellent freshwater selection available as well

Zio Ralsa

Very dingy atmosphere. Animal enclosures were dirty and nothing looked well kept at all.

Kenneth Michael

Very helpful and knowledgeable. As far as I know the only local fish store between memphis and nashville.

Thomas Coleman

Fishy business is my favorite place to shop for any of my aquatic needs. The Corals there are gorgeous not to mention the bird and

Susan Garner


Lets make the world a better place

Nice lil hometown pet store

David Burkeen

Great place!

Paul Rikard

The place needs to be cleaned up. It stinks really bad in there.

Anthony Payne

Very knowledgeable and helpful. Good selection, friendly service. I'll be back for all my fish needs.

Joker 1406

What can I say, this place is amazing salt water experience with service second to none! They have very high end reptiles and fish at a very low price definitely worth checking out the staff are very knowledgeable about what they have and willingness to help anyone! Definitely a hometown favorite!!!

Kimmi Nichols

Lots of fish for your tank to choose from

Scott Sivard

Very, very dirty. I have never been in a less sanitary place of business and was surprised to see one could be this bad.

DJ Hendrix

Josh and Kelly Smith

Great variety of all fish and other animals

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