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REVIEWS OF White Electric Coffee IN Rhode Island

Kevin Novell

A Providence institution. Great venue for one-on-one meetings.

Alissa Delorey

This may be one of my new favorite coffee shops in Providence. It is a super hip place, yet anyone would feel welcome stepping in. The latte special is what lured me in, I tried the Nutella latte. Yum! They have a lot of affordable and delicious treats to try! Quite a difference between other shops in the area. It looks like this place is popular to work, study and catch up with friends, but be cautious that the seats were full before 8 when we came during the week!! Definitely a must stop!

Jayson Geer

Nice place but limited seating due to lack of space

Allison Katterson

So delicious! A good variety of coffee and food on their menu as well. A nice little find as we were driving through Providence! Will be back again for sure

Anvesh Bollam

Peaceful place to have coffee in downtown!!!

Colleen Landry

Great little coffee shop. Will return to try their huge doughnuts.

Jake Avakian

The entire coffee shop is an expression of the artistic atmosphere of Providence. And the coffee is good.

john di

Best iced lattes I've had in years and fast sevice.

Alex Loosley

Great cofffee shop to hang out at. Staff are friendly. The hummus wrap is awesome. This place is definitely worth checking out.

Marcella Stevens

Reliable wifi and plenty of space to work. We came here on a Wednesday around 3pm and found seating right away near an outlet. The only thing that sucks is that they close at 6:30 which feels pretty early to me. The drink selection is pretty basic. Pretty simple coffee and tea selection. BUT! The cinnamon hot chocolate is a win. Perfect for a cold day. There were a lot of food options but we didn't try anything. Would be a good spot if you were working around lunch time.

Nick Inglis

The best coffee in Providence.

Johnathan Bosse

Awesome sandwiches, locally produced, awesome Starbucks-feel alternative

Josh P.

cesar rios

My current local coffee shop, great coffee and great eats selection. They make a great latte/cappuccino that's all I need!

Kathleen Jefferson

Love the staff. Amazing bagels, coffee and sandwiches. Amazing!

Christopher Cautillo

Great coffee, great food and wonderful service. I make White Eletric an almost daily stop. A must for anyone in Providence

Katie Charron

Great everything!

Ben Baker

A local gem. Great coffee, great ambiance. No frills, no fuss--just good people dedicated to their craft creating quality, caffeinated deliciousness. Just what you expect from an independent coffee shop in a vibrant city like Providence.

Rebecca Hanson

What a gem!! The workers were friendly and helpful. The food/bakery items were so generous and yummy! The coffee and cinnamon hot chocolate were delicious! And then...the atmosphere!!! Such a cool place!!! We will definitely visit again when in the area!

Tori Weinstein

Great space with lots of art on the walls, movie theater chairs, and cool lightning bolt light on the wall. They have coffee for just $2.00 along with local pastries and great chicken salad sandwiches!

Jim Iannone

I’ll have an everything bagel with earth balance. Cut in half. And a small hot coffee. Thanks.

Mike Lib

Great coffee, art and atmosphere. Nice mix of students and locals. Owners are great people too.

Alexandre Onishi Assanuma

Bomb baggles

Nicole Eller

Try the oat milk if you need an alternative option! It's delicious and the closet thing to real milk I've had in ages. It's a cute, electic space with on street parking, tucked between Frog and Toad and another little restaurant. We almost missed the door lol.

Louisa Anne

Coffee is good! Food is amazing! Baked goods are brought in from other local spots so still very good. All the sandwiches they offer are damn good. Can get busy on the weekends, but often have open spots for enjoying a quick break or getting some work done. Cute place for a coffee date too!

Gracie Moses

Their house blend iced coffee is a flavorful dark roast, it’s super.

Marilyn Otero

Love, Love, Love there donuts & coffee. If in the area a must go... Lovely atmosphere. Sit back in a reclining chair while you enjoy your coffee & work, study or go through your e-mails free Wi-Fi. Lovely people...

Kaleigh Crass

The best coffee shop in the universe

Kate Fletcher

I love this coffee shop! Great atmosphere with serios baristas. Their coffees and teas are superb! Gluten free options. Order any of their cream cheese options Yummm!

jacob louis hoover

this place has a kind of cold coziness. just don't look up. there may be rusted weapons poised to fall on your head. the coffee is good, and you can't go wrong with a sandwich. also: fantastic oversized double-helical filamented light bulbs in the fixtures above the counter.

Dylan Conley

Awesome coffee shop

Billylin Schneider

Great coffee, ice hazelnut white chocolate. Can't wait for the avocado blt salad.. michaela Trainor with the white electric salad. OMG looks so yummy!!!!!

Burt G

Great coffee, killer bagel and fun vibe.


Unique and tasty sandwiches

Bodie Weedop

Great coffee and excellent sandwiches

Christopher Coates

Great coffee, tea, food and laid back atmosphere. Check out the bulletin board in the back on the right wall!

3 Day Blinds

I very satisfying that there coffee is good and I very love the welcome here.

Ronald Pino

Monday morning bagels!

Moki Ural

i would appreciate if you started carrying matcha - an unsweetened brand so that when i order a soy matcha latte with no sugar it actually comes with no sugar. any possibility of staying open later? 8pm would be ideal

RJ Williamson

Great breakfast and coffee spot, a couple vegan options, and amazing coffee.

Phoebe Burton

Love this place! Pros: the food is great, simple and fresh. They have the best hot chocolate I have ever had, and I'm a bit of an addict. The hint of cinnamon gives it amazing depth, and it doesn't taste excessively sweet as so many hot chocolates do. I went to get work/studying done around lunch time, and was able to find a table pretty easily. It was reasonably busy, but I know it can get a little crazy in the mornings, so plan your visit accordingly! Cons: Parking can be a bit of a pain depending on the time that you go, so leave a few extra minutes for that.

Emily Bonvechio

Yummy dark roast. Glad to see that they roast their own beans and sell it by the pound and half pound. Easy to find on Westminster. Street parking. Plenty of seating and nooks to camp out in and funky art on the walls, all the characteristics of a good coffee spot!

Susan Bastian

Quirky decor, cozy, with local art for sale on the walls. Hipster but accessible to all types. Local bagels and pastries.

Shane Wood

My favorite

Moi Ram

This is my favorite place to get a salad or sandwich. The coffee is excelent. Staff are very friendly. This is a great place to go for doing work on your laptop. The special pesto is my favorite sandwich.

Norma Pacheco

I started goint to this cafe in high school. I can't believe they're still around! it was such a pleasant surprise to have stopped by. The menu has changed for the better and the food is still as i remember it.. Delicious!!

Khurram Hassan

Great eclectic coffee spot in the city. They have both food options and great coffee. There is a bathroom in the back. Really cute decoration that fits the theme of White Electric. My son love the skull and bones with red lights in the bottom of the floor. I did encounter few flies by the window seating :-). Really great mix of customers and everyone was so friendly. Very convenient spot for me to stop at as I go around the city running errands.

Rafae Colon

(Translated by Google) Is very good (Original) Es muy bueno

Steven Erickson

Cappuccino was weak and overpriced. Additionally I didn't feel the staff was all that attentive.

Steve Antash

Great spot for coffee. Just a few blocks from Atwells Avenue. This will be my go-to choice for coffee when in Providence, RI.

James Westbrook

It's electric.

Santi Blu

Cool place, nice set up. I really enjoyed the bagel sandwiches and I liked the theme / art in the place. Good service too.

Adriana Balcazar

Love their spinach bagel with avocado and cream cheese! And to add to the deliciousness, a cup of ice chai! Heaven

Matthew Martinez

Great coffee and mochas

Karen Scott

First time. Cute place in a neighborhood looking to rejuvenate itself.

Lauren Chrapowitzky

Great staff, great coffee

Joseph Collura

I love the coffee and the atmosphere


The coffee is amazing and they have vegan options.

Jared Palmer

I'm honestly not sure what all the hype is. The coffee is pretty good, but I wouldn't say it's any better than Starbucks or the other typical coffee shops. The food is fairly good, but nothing amazing. I'm only rating as high as I am because I really like the White Electric Coffee Stout at Trinity Brewhouse which uses their coffee. (probably would be good with any coffee).

Kevin James

Great coffee, quick service, simple delicious food.

Anthony Buzzerio

Great coffee, great food, great service

Rock Jocelyn

Cute cafe with nice salad and other healthy food options in addition to coffee. More of a tucked away artist hang out than your typical coffee shop.

Irene Brown

This may be one of my new favorite coffee shops in Providence. It is a super hip place, yet anyone would feel welcome stepping in. The latte special is what lured me in, I tried the Nutella latte. Yum! They have a lot of affordable and delicious treats to try! Quite a difference between other shops in the area. It looks like this place is popular to work, study and catch up with friends, but be cautious that the seats were full before 8 when we came during the week!! Definitely a must stop!

Tara Cardinal

Nice coffee shop atmosphere. Welcoming of all. Good coffee choices. I had a pumpkin spiced latte. Very good. Not too much seating. Has sandwiches for breakfast and lunch

Jose Chevez

Great friendly place with awesome coffee and delicious treats

Miss Strong

I Have been coming here for over a year and it's definitely in my top cafes in providence. I'm always tempted into buying one of their amazing baked items and it's always worth it! Not to mention the atmosphere is stylish and creative. Staff are friendly and all interesting people. I love coming to white electric. Even splurged on one of their mugs for my hot beverages at home!

Michelle Loefstedt

Yummy bagels and matcha!

Jamie Baril


Steve Brock

Nice non chain coffee shop on the West Side. Friendly, hipster vibe.

Jessie Keenan

Super friendly Staff! Great coffee and amazing food!

Brad Guay

Great atmosphere, coffee was okay

Christian Powers

Awesome coffee! Great service, kool atmosphere with wi-fi and good food. My only complaint might be the prices, but not really. You get what you pay for and both the quality and the prices are slightly above average.

Ray Garcia

Way better than Dunkies.... Not quite up to Bucks.

Candace L white lightening coffee ☕


Great place to unwind and hang with friends.

Daphne Forster

White Electric has great coffee, and the sandwiches are delicious!!

Kelly Moore

Shawn Ohler

Awesome spot for coffee and a snack in the morning or anytime they're open. Best bagels in town and always have amazing pastries, and best sourced coffee in town.

Andrew Went

Great coffees, gourmet donuts. What else does a person need?

Hen Hen 601

If you want to have a coffe and even something to eat while you relax this is a great place. I always get a caramelo it’s a my favorite but i have tried others and have always enjoyed it. The staff is always friendly and have a great vibe. I see all types of people here and I’ve seen people do interviews here. So it is a nice place. Oh and there is a game machine toward the back that plays tons of games including PAC Man. So bring quarters

Ricky Mattoso

Nice vibe and great food

chris gizzarelli

Go out of your way and spend a bit too much on your coffee here. It is sooooo worth it.

Ryan Kopp

Hipsters but super friendly and efficient workers. Staff was amazing with kids. Food was ok, didn't get a chance to try coffee but smelled amazing

Steve Korlacki

Great coffee , the best chocolate glazed doughnut i have ever had..

Natalie Sanford

Love there London fog.

Scotty D

Good coffee, cool location

Aaron Arias

Spectacular cream cheese and bagel

Chris Lorance

Very nice staff. Okay latte. Dont walk west from here at night without a neck tattoo.

Christopher Johnson

Need to actively recruit employees of color and lgtq community

Michelle Miceli

Friendly service, delicious coffee. Very artsy, indie feel with good vibes. Nice place to sit and work or meet. Street parking in front has 30 minute limit.

Alexis Russo

Cool little place, kinda quirky....


Good vibe , decent pastries good coffee. Not my favorite coffee in town but if I'm gonna sit inside? It's my favorite spot

Matthew Aldred

I love their house-blend coffee, the atmosphere is nice and cozy. It definitely has a West-Side hipster vibe, but whether that's good or bad is up to your tastes. I love the place and stop by almost every day on my way to work.

Andy Thibault

Awesome place to visit, great atmosphere and fast service. Workers are friendly and food is great! Great place to chill

Amy Santiago

Great sandwiches... amazing frozen matcha!

David Calise

This cute eclectic Place showed me one of the best bagle I've ever had in my life freshly baked, delicious hot coffee

David Webb

Neat little hipster coffee joint with awesome coffee and good size sandwiches. Would definitely reccomend a visit!

Charles Liu

they have some great tasting coffee, came in the other day and was taken aback by how good the cup was

Greg Guernon

bagels are out of control. very good red tea and ice coffee.

Richard Ingram

Friendly employees, fast service, excellent coffee, many locals coming and going (excellent sign to me as a tourist). Crowded/lack of seating only potential negative but after all it is a coffee shop

Jonathan Webb

Looms like a dive from the outside but welcomed by Cool people, interesting atmosphere with this retro 80/90s feel. Legitimate bagels and good coffee. I'd like to see an introduction to the slow brew scene and emphasis of single origin roasts. I had a bagel and lox with cream cheese and red onion. Quite Delicious and fresh!

Nariq Richardson

Good place to come and relax, read a book, the employees are so amazing. I fell in love and now its my favorite coffee spot. Check it out

David Hohrath

I enjoy this place, I have been here a couple times now. Staff is friendly and feels very hip here. Coffee was good, parking was not bad.

Jessica Williams

Fantastic sandwiches.

Chelsea Davignon

Best bagels

Lynne Skillin

Great sandwiches and great coffee.

Samboeun Gee

Excellent variety of coffees and pastries. They also serve very healthy sandwiches too.

Matt McC

Always fun

K Smith

Still like the Avo Blt Salad. The service however forced me to put 3 stars from 5. I think waiting 30 minutes for a salad is pushing it, even at lunch time. And with 5 people behind the counter there shouldn't be too long of a wait. I watched the person make my salad and saw her say, Uggh, I put the craisins on it again!" And she had to pick then off. That took time. They look like they are having a lot of fun back there, but during busy times, I think they need to concentrate on working on orders until the rush is over. Last time I ordered a sandwich, they asked if I wanted my bread toasted, I said no. They toasted it anyway (again, not paying attention to orders), and it was one of the worst chicken salad on Ciabatta bread. The mayo was runny and the bread scratched my mouth because they toasted it. (Sigh ) Please get your act back together White Electric. I like your food, but these mistakes are not worth the price you charge.

Emanuel Rodriguez

Cookies are massive.

Charles Despres

A great old style hippie hang out. Good coffee, great staff, nice people.

Patrick Resler

Great coffee and very well priced. The bagel I ordered was great and very inexpensive. Can't recommend highly enough.

Peter Landry

Good spot for working. Staff are great, chicken salad sandwich is rad, and they carry great baked goods.

debra cooper

This may be one of my new favorite coffee shops in Providence. It is a super hip place, yet anyone would feel welcome stepping in. The latte special is what lured me in, I tried the Nutella latte. Yum! They have a lot of affordable and delicious treats to try! Quite a difference between other shops in the area. It looks like this place is popular to work, study and catch up with friends, but be cautious that the seats were full before 8 when we came during the week!! Definitely a must stop!

Shane J. Wood

Best lattes in Providence... Hands down :-)

Bridget Sauer

On any given day, White Electric is filled with the coolest of Providence's locals. Situated outside of the Brown student's usual walking radius, the crowd is more mellowed and less eager to see and be seen. (Note: Coffee Exchange on Wickenden could be considered White Electric's collegiate equivalent). The menu ranges from cups of joe to greens-heavy sandwiches and wraps, and includes samplings from local bakeries to fill the gaps. Come with 100% battery if you plan on typing up the next Great American Novel, for finding a plug close to your table is a battle.

Glen Marszalowicz

Just go.

Haley Auclair

The little coffee shop for Providence is pretty neat. Nice atmosphere, really nice staff. For my first time here they were patient with me taking my time in deciding what I wanted. I will say it's a little absurd for $3.68 a coffee they can't even add the milk/cream and sugar themselves. The buzzo however is amazing and for a large is was around $5. It's like a Starbucks for prices but still very decent quality. Also just wish the menu was all in one area instead of turning my head in every direction for different menus but that's just a personal preference. Will be back for more though!

Timothy Wade

Great sandwiches, and their baked good vary but are tasty.

Yin Fu

It's slightly expensive. Some of their employees aren't very responsive. But it does have a very cozy environment. It's the kind of place where I would do some casual working on my laptop for a couple of hours

Suzy Kim

Hip atmosphere and good coffee and snacks. Their salads are surprisingly good.

Tammy Marchand

Didn't get to order the place was packed with kids today. The smell in there was awful. I walked out and went down the street.

Douglas Melgar

A bit pricey but worth it

Gregory Costa

Short lines and a cozy atmosphere. A must for any coffee lover

Shane Peden

Eclectic and cool. Best coffee shop in Providence

Peter J Lutz

Great neighborhood coffee shop.

R. Baya

Great coffee place with excellent snacks and lunch options. Sandwiches are great and decently priced. Inside is a good place to meet friends or do some work.

avz karatza

People that work here are friendly and very nice! Lattes and the buzzo are my faves. Bagels are good. The donuts I tried were rather dry and disappointing. Have not yet had a sandwich but they look good. There are 2 ladies that works here who are always always smiling! Rare humans!

Mathilde Perot

Love this place! The food is great! Love the bagels and salads! It's super cute inside and everyone is very nice! I come everytime I'm in town!


nice coffee nice atmosphere generally a nice place

Rob Sanchez

Really great little shop. Friendly baristas, has about 20 seats, great music, special New Harvest blends, bagels, salads and sandwiches. I’d rate the ambient noise level as 7/10, so if you need a quiet place to work it may not be for you. Overall great vibe and great coffee.

Melissa Emidy

Best coffee in Providence.

Dawn Salerno

Cozy, hipster art deco and good coffee. Good for solo or social visits.

Magnus Simonarson

Great coffee and service.

jennifer rice

Been a loyal customer for about 15 years!!

Hayden Prouty

One of my favorite local spots, great coffee, great vibes and always new art to look at on the walls. I come here every time I visit home.

Elias Gabrielsen

Mark Panasevich

ran out of plain bagels but the onion bagel quality made up for it!

stephen gillissie

Great local coffee shop with solid breakfast sandwiches. Service is great and they have some cool merchandise for sale.

Michelle Paul

I was given a gift card for this place a d I was able to get lunch twice with 15 bucks! I love their Turkey wrap and their chicken salad on a toasted table was the best..I will definitely go here again and again as it is close to my job!!!!!!!

Sarah Schmidt

Small mocha

Aemilia Techentin

This place only offers a limited menu. This means everything they have here is really great. After moving into the neighborhood, my boyfriend and I have become regular fixtures here for the amazing bagels. The people who work here are all great and friendly and all around customer service is great too. Additional tip: I've tried the hot chocolate all over Providence and this place has the absolute best.

michael Paliotta

Craft coffee, Knead Donuts, fresh food!

Mark Garcia


David Seybert

The white lightning latte is one of my favorite coffees from anywhere.


We enjoyed coffee and a light lunch here. Would definitely recommend!

Katelen Walsh

Best coffee/tea shop in Providence and the best bagels. Good vibes all around.

Danny Levy

Good green tea, not very strong though. Some staff were nice, some not. Love the hipster-y vibe of the place and the pacman game in the back. Fair prices too. Recommended.

Nancy Pierce

Nice small coffee shop with a hipster style. They have good bagels.

Mia Richter

Great eclectic little coffee spot

Kyle Williams

Great food!

Kay Smith

I frequent this place as a treat to myself. The food and the service is always very good. They try very hard to please the customer. My friend thought her coffee was not as hot as she liked it and was going to ask for them to heat it up, but instead they made her a new cup with fresh coffee. But you won't usually have this issue as I am very satisfied every time. I ordered an Avo blt salad, a small ginger tea and a chocolate chip cookie. It came up to $13.72. It can be a little pricey, but it's worth it!

Keerthi Madapusi Pera

beverlyjoann89 .

The coffee wasn't bad, a little pricey. The staff is not exactly friendly. VERY limited seating. Not enough electrical outlets for people who want to work on laptops. Prepare to stand up and eat your sandwiches and drink your coffee.

Steve Kilpatrick

Tiny place, but PHENOMENAL coffee! Worth finding if you're in the area and jonesing for some caffeine.

Kevin Mahoney

I was meeting with a friend of mine on a Saturday morning and he suggested White Electric Coffee. He had heard good things about this place and I was happy to check out a new spot. We met there early, for me on a weekend morning anyway, a little after 9:00. I had no problem finding parking out front. I assume that parking on weekday could be more challenging. There was less of a crowd than I expected for a Saturday morning but business had picked up by the time we left. My asiago bagel and double espresso were of the quality you would expect from a reputable coffeehouse. They have a wide selection of baked goods and breakfast sandwiches to go along with your caffeinated drink of choice. Later in the day you can grab a sandwich or salad for lunch. Bottom line: This is a better option than one of the national chain purveyors of coffee. The atmosphere is laid back and the décor is cool.

Justin Petraitis

Great coffee, great atmosphere, and somehow almost always able to get a seat inside even on a weekend. It's my go-to coffee shop.

Tylor Robinson

Killer coffeshop

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