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889 Oakland Beach Ave #9616, Warwick, RI 02889, United States

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REVIEWS OF Iggy's Doughboys & Chowder House IN Rhode Island

Beth Potter

The food was great. The people were great in all the jobs they were doing great place, well worth the drive.

Kim Parrish

I did not like the fast food associated with Iggy's at all. There were wild birds everywhere. They pooped on some tables. The menu was difficult to understand. My meal on the menu looked like it was $13.99, but it really was $20.99. Also my meal was missing scallops, crab cakes and I think other things. I got fish, and clam strips. For $20.99, I should have got fish, clam strips clam cakes, shrimp, scallops. Not gooding back...the food quality was 3/5. So I wasn't impressed especially since Top of the Bay is next door and has been consistently 5/5 starts. Skip Iggy's, go to Top of the Bay.

Tim Mcguire

Great Sunday!! Good dinner, insane wait

Nancy Spiece

Clam chowder & Lobster roll was amazing! Prices were excellent!

Ashley Anderson

Great place to grab lunch and eat while lookin g at the beach or the shaded park near the water. Iggy burger is great and the calamari was phenomenal! Grab plenty of napkins.

Melanie Mullis

Iggy's is a family favorite of ours. We love the white and clear chowders, calamari, fish and chips, clam cakes and the doughboys (obviously). It's a must when we have visitors, as well. Prepare for longer lines on summer weekends or at the first signs of nice weather after the winter (all of Rhode Island gets the same idea and heads to Iggy's when it hits above 60 degrees). But it's worth the long lines, if you choose to go during those times.

Bill Selk

Doesn't live up to the hype. I was in town on business and thought I would find some local fare. All of the reviews raved about this place and said it was worth the wait. Stood in line for about 20 minutes (it was peak time, so I didn't really mind) but the food was disappointing. The fish, clams, and scallops were all fried, but nothing special. No different than Long John Silver's. Had the clear chowder based on a recommendation, and it was really more like potato chowder with 2 pieces of clam in it. If you're already at the beach its a option, but I wouldn't go out of my way.

gloria lampasona

Great food, service and view! You'd swear you were on a tropical island!

Madison Hopkins

This place is great but there is always a wait. But if your looking for good food here is the way and you can climb rocks too at the sea

Angel Dasilva

The food was good clam cakes chowder soda and see old friends .Haven't seen in long time

Krisstie Bee

Long likes for basic foods. Not worth the wait

Veronika Klubnika

The line was very long but it actually moved fast. I loved the seating at this place, right on the beach. Lobster rolls were just fine, nothing amazing, but the chowder was very good. Next time I would get cheaper items and still enjoy the view and the chowder. Great place overall. We will be back.

Dave Durant

Always been a favorite go too. As of late my only issue, is the width of the toilet tissue. Four fingers wide. So what am I gonna do, through my fingers let the poo slide? Or grab a piece paper towel and wipe with one glide? Hahaha

Brianne Hinchliffe

Consistently good food at a good price. We've been coming here for years and years now. The lines are long in the summer but well worth the wait and you can enjoy the Oakland beach area while you're at it. We wish there was more seating especially in the off season. We went recently and the patio was closed and we ordered in and had our food delivered to us standing up waiting for a seat. Luckily we got one shortly after but others were waiting after us as well. Maybe there's a way to enforce seating on the off season so that if you order your food to go you get lower seating priority?

Debbie Kerrigan

The food was great although dint care for the stuffie they put little pieces peppers in them never heard that it takes over the whole taste but love the chowder and clam cakes but we went on Thursday afternoon and omg the bathrooms were horrible I told the lady in line beware dont touch a thing can you imagine what they look like on weekend it hadn't been cleaned maybe since the day before


Great doughboys. My favorite is the sugar and cinnamon one. Great chowder too. Wonderful seafood. A great Rhode Island favorite! Popular place for locals.

julio crespo

The food was great!! People at the counters are to be desired. They forget the consumer is important and to be helpful and courteous. A smile can go a long way. Especially on a review.

Matt Pina

Food was great, but the one star is for the service. I called an order in over the phone. I get a total and a confirmation it'll be ready in 15-20min. I get there and give the women my name in the window and she says "we'll throw that right in for you" and I explained to her that I already ordered as to not make it twice. It is at this time she informs me that they do not take carry out orders for cakes and dough boys over the phone. Well great, so now I'm standing there for 25min waiting for my order. Next time, just tell me over the phone that you don't do that, I still would've come down and ordered

James Plante

Foot is awesome but they need more people at the order line wait time is usually a hour worth the wait

ezrah ortiz

First off regardless of me wanting to sit inside with my family I still had to order outside which was inconvenient then the prices for simple chowder and clam cakes was very overpriced $13 just for a bowl of chowder and 6clam cakes now add this up for 6 people mine as well go to chelos on the water your going to spend the same for better quality food. Iggy's was always and will forever be a fast food spot and used to be affordable to everyone no matter their income and before anyone comments money isn't my issue but cost and quality and convenience is.

lori babcock

food is good but they charge too much for choder and clam cakes

Caryl Savard

Good fried clams, cole slaw. Fritters were a bit doughy. Will definitely visit again.

Melissa Tindle

Awsome chowda lol

Bonnie Dunitz

Iggy's is the best place for seafood ! The staff are phenomenal with getting the food to you within minutes. Clean restaurant including their bathrooms. The seafoodis wicked fresh and tasty. The Chowda is the best. So close to Ct., This is our new place to go and seconds from the beach!

Jessica Canning

The food is so amazing, it's a very popular restaurant so you might see a very long line for the window to order. Please don't let this dissuade you, the staff are amazing at moving things along quickly and getting your food never takes too long. Well worth it!

Cheryl Charbonneau

Delicious Manhattan Red Clam Chowder. Doughboy sweet, light and fluffy. Fish nice and crispy. (I would like to give Credit to all the people who are dedicated in keeping Iggy's ALIVE and what it stands for. NEW ENGLAND

Bev Wilky

Great food & atmosphere. This is next door.

Brian Clay

Tends to be over priced for serving size (which runs on the small side). The doughboys are fair but not great - our last visit found them very small and uncooked in the middle. Service tends to be an after thought. At the end of the day they rely on customer nostalgia rather than good food and good service.

Stewie Taylor

Put on my military trump hat and Twenny twenny KeepAmerica great again And got compliments

Jessica Wagner

I love my iggys although I feel they've been more commercialised lately and they've lost a little of there homemade taste to their clam cake & chowder.... still gives their comp a run for their money though!

Meaghan Giles

The snail salad was like butter - to die for! Clam chowder was ah, the clam cakes were instant heart burn. Service was great.

Meraj Qadri

Very nice Seafood. Quick service but please make a booking for table in advance. Very busy place but reasonably priced. Had to wait an hour before getting a place. Very friendly and courteous staff. Just off the beach. Will definitely go again. What more fun you need!!!

Xiomara Luz

The view in front of iggys is absolutely BREATHTAKING! There you will enjoy the picturesque view of nature and great quality food! It is a little*bit pricy BUT the food is absolutely AMAZING and one of RI's BEST! There is also a playground for the kid's!

Kate Robinson

We went on a recommendation since we just moved to Warwick. This is definitely a go-to place for us already. Food is delicious and freshly prepared. Atmosphere even on a rainy day was great. Cole slaw is amazing. Chowder is top notch and they’ve got three options. At this location there is a more formal dining restaurant along with ice cream and then the clam “shack.” Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Pekkola

The Iggys app only earns points periodically, I plug in the right rest, server & ✔ number; and it will not add points to my app. I get a msg "check could not be found"

Kaylie Nadeau

The service is great along with the beach. The ice cream works great for dessert but we often forget about it when it comes to the marvelous food ♡

Jenette Rosario

I can only speak for the food, which was very good!!! The line up at the window system was a bit strange (not the best) for me because it is anticipated that there will be a long line but only two cashiers. Plus new visitors have no idea what to do, we had to rely on regular customers to explain the process of lining up outside to order your food. Also, when I went back for marinara sauce (which you get from the cashier) I felt like I was cutting in front of people and she wasn't extremely understsnding of my indecisiveness.

Aaron Whalen

Not a big fan. Was dragged there. A lot of better places to get seafood from. Service was excellent though.

Lisa W

Fried seafood galore!! And really fresh lobster rolls. The lobster rolls were my favorite. It was really fresh. The fried clams were good too... they even have a whole bucket of fried seafood. I only wish they had some steam seafood too, or as an option because the seafood is fresh and I want to taste it. Good place to grab lunch and sit near the water. Parking plenty in the off season months.

Marcia & John Zeballos

Inexperienced staff especially hostess staff. Made to wait for 40 minutes for lunch. Yes, we had a later party, but watching people after us be seated. Even offered to split our party. Again, was told misinformation that adding a 5th seat to the table is a fire hazard??? Yet having are large party stand behind the bar isn’t?? Lastly looking a 4 top with a party of 5 sitting at the table???? I would add a photo but cannot

Luisa Dacosta

Love this place, one of my fav summer spots! Awesome food and ice cream options!

James Duhaime

Great clam cakes and chowder. Perfect location right on the beach.

Greg Johnsn

Chowder was good, but the fried cod was the worst I have ever had. The batter was ok, but the fish itself was the consistency of mashed potatoes and had no taste at all. Very disappointing considering their location.

Adam Abdelaziz

Great good. Good prices. And a really nice area to visit

Lucas Tomolonis

The clam cakes were definitely on point, but I was a little disappointed that they did not offer Rhode Island red clam chowder.

maureen Karwin

Very good friend clams, chowder and streamers. Excellent service. Very long wait over an hour. It was worth it though

Cindy Wolf

Wait wasn't too bad and staff was friendly. Clams were small and rubbery. Worst part was they only have a single toilet for each gender. There was a young girl in there forever because she I'll. I probably wont go back.

Kiki Martin

I love this place clam cakes and chowder is the best i ever had

Karen L

Location is wonderful. You can get your food and find a seat on the beach or the park. Window service is available for take out. It gets crowded during mealtimes. I got the calamari and it was just OK. It was a tad over breaded. White chowder was tasty, but was almost pudding-like in it's consistency. Parking is available on street and off. Indoor seating is available as well.

Lindsey Raymondo

It's a popular destination. Good food. Always busy. I'm not a fan of the ice cream.

Thomas Pereira

Food is very good, the wait and prices to eat out of cardboard.. Not so much..

Derek Fernandez

Excellent food by the water. Beautiful and Fun place to bring friends and family by the beach. . good prices yummy seafood

jason moore

Absolutely the best clam cakes around...TOURIST TAKE NOTICE

Shane Bricault

Food & view are terrific. Good place for some chowda and clamcakes!! Playground feet from public beach. You could spend a day there with the family.

Paul Boucher

Food was good, but the line was very long. What would one expect on a warm summer day.

Chelsea Gardner

We came here to celebrate our birthday, we had a delicious dinner with great views!

Cheryl Anderson

We really like Iggy's . Not only Delicious but the coupons if you sign up notifications are Awesome! nice location to sit inside or outside. You will not be sorry.

Helen Buffery

I usually order seafood, however I decided to order to mushroom cheeseburger, curly fries & ice tea. Burger cooked just the way I like it,; tiny bit of pink, & loaded w mushrooms(my favorite.) Sat on outside patio, facing the bay. It was very relaxing, & food delicious.

Becky Fernandez

2nd time in 3 days! Need we say more? Awesome food and drinks. We got lobster Bisque, lobster rolls (cold) and Salted Caramel Mudslide! Enjoyed everything, every bit and every sip!

Patricia Paulo

Chowder was great. Scallops were bready and chewy. Not something I would order again but there are many other choices.

Fran Hayes

It was good. However, the fried clam bellies were smaller than I'm used to having there. I should have asked. I was slightly disappointed for the price paid. But i will return.

Mark R

Baked scrod, chowder and clam cakes were all top notch. Great location, atmosphere and friendly people.

Robert Benevides

Extremely good food. Pricey... but you expect that with seafood served on the waterfront.

Tina Copley

It's OK. Great to go to once to say you've been. But iggys Boardwalk is much better. Sit and be served.

Roman Largo

Excellent fried seafood. The Platter had some of everything which I highly recommend. Great beach fare, If you don't mind a wait, the line can get long.

B. Timothy

The clam cakes are the best I've had and excellent chowder

Lorrie McKeage

White clam chowder and clamcakes, amazing! Whole belly fried clams are awesome! We loved it! With a fabulous view of the ocean! Thank you Lorrie and Chris

Moto Man

Always love eating some seafood from iggys if you like thick chowda and clam cakes I'd suggest giving this place a taste. Delicious food and a little sandy playground and beach for the kids to occupy themselves with while you wait on average about 15 mins. The downside is parking, if its busy there may be a good walk involved in your trip. Behind iggys the rear parking lot was closed off for what seemed like no reason (lots of parking spaces) and the wooden walkway near the playground was falling apart and had rusty nails protruding from it on the end closest to iggys.

Sharon Cap

Good New England comfort food! Pretty setting, near the ocean.

Cody Lyons

Been here multiple times; I love the chowder and clam cakes, and my wife loves the whole belly clams. It's by the water, and seems pretty popular, so expect a line.

petra gonzalez

Best place for doughboy's. The line is long, but it is worth the wait. There is also an ice cream creamery with many options. There is also gluten free ice cream. Lots of parking space as well.

Ana Faria

Food is delicious, came back from Florida and Iggy's was first on my list of places I wanted to go.

Gonzalo Zapata

Crowded but with good service and excellent food

Kenneth Rahn Jr

We like Iggy's s lot. The recent installation of 25,000 new traffic circles to get there is interesting, but that's not their fault. Maybe someone in Warwick government got bored, or high. We appreciate Iggy's in Warwick for being open all year round !

Nick445366 .

The food was great there was seating outside next to the water

Jainne Buckley

Absolutely delicious. This is the best chowder and clamcakes I have tried. They do not try to doctor it up or make it over complicated. It is good, straight up chowder. The clamcakes are the perfect texture - cakey without being dry. Best of all is the customer service. The people working there are fast, friendly and professional. They keep the line moving all while making you feel valued.

Charlotte Holley

Food was great. Only drawback was the bees and flys flying around since we ate outside.

Charlotte Thompson

They Just so Nice And Understanding of what you want to Order I Love IGGY'S GREAT PLACE

Steven Chagnon

Plenty of parking in one of the lots. Lobster roll was on POINT! Chowder is excellent, of course. Fries were nice and well done, cole slaw was ice cold, fresh and delicious. The view from our table could not be beat.

Moosa Khalid

Beware of the long lines. Though order comes out pretty quick. Excellent food, great location (Warwick). A nice park for kids to play nearby and right in front of the seaside , excellent for walks.

J hark

The sea food was terrific. However the hush puppies were not good. Nor was the clear chowder

Andrew Menard

Overrated. Its consistent but the line is never worth it. It's more if a tradition at this point in time. The doughboys are still pretty good here but you can get better clamcakeas and fish n chips a few other local places.

Scott Phothisane

If you live in Rhode island and do not get you clam cakes from iggys then you have not lived. Food here is good

Amanda Williams

Fast and friendly service. Clam cakes seemed to have more of a flour tast than they used to.. chowder seemed to be more potato than clam.

Andy Lambert

This place has everything, hot dogs, burgers, lobster, fish & chips with an added side salad or clam chowder included. Dough boys, clam cakes etc.. They have an open seating area if you want a seabreeze while eating which is closed clear plastic curtains when it's rainy or cold and they have a regular dining room. The worse part of the visit is the wait to place your order. You have to wait outside in a usually long line on the sidewalk. And that takes you to an ordering window. After you give them your order and pay for it they give you a receipt with a number on it. Next you have to move to another window where people are all over the place, there's no line but a bunch of people milling about waiting for their number to be called. That's the part I hate, it could take up to an hour to get through the lines. It's miserable to me because she sun is beating down on you while waiting. It's hot and humid sometimes and tempers sometimes flair up in the line. Anyway, they call out your number and you go get your order and bring your food inside the place to eat. I have found that there are enough seats for everyone and you can quickly go and sit down. They have both booths and tables and chairs. The fish and chips are awesome to me anyways and that's the only reason I go there because it's worth the wait. It's on the expensive side. My order of fish and chips, Wich comes with tartar sauce and a lemon wedge if you want it, with a large drink cost me $18.00. They are handicap accessible. Parking could be tricky. Most of the time you have to park your car at Oakland Beach and walk to the line but if you're lucky you can park on the street right in front of the restaurant. I only go once or twice a year because I hate standing up waiting but that's me. This is at the Oakland Beach restaurant. They have I believe 2 more Iggy's to choose from away from the coast. I've never been to either one so I can't tell you how they are. It's worth the wait. The food is awesome! You can go as a single person or large Family. I love it except for the lines, but it's worth the wait.

Sally Pease

Over the past couple of weeks I have went to both locations the 1st one on your right is more of a traditional dining Room with full bar very nice..The atmosphere in the 2nd building is a order at the window pick up and sit at tables overlooking the beach area... This is the one I preferred we bought a seafood platter that consisted of fish, whole belly clams, clam strips, scallops, shrimp, french fries onion rings 2 crab cakes, coleslaw & your choice of a salad or chowder for $20.99 we shared the meal while looking out onto the water.. it was perfect!. The only thing I would suggest is that the staff periodically go by & wipe down the tables as we did find some ketchup on our arms..

Isabel Laboy

Great place to go with the family. Affordable. Beautiful sea side dinning.

william Montgomery

T A local recommended Iggy's to me for lobster rolls. What a find. Great food. Ordering is an adventure but that's because it's so busy. If I lived here I'd be eating here a couple of times a month.

Liss C

This was a fantastic local place. Clam cakes were amazing as was the white chowder.

Mrs G

Friendly and polite staff. The good is fresh and delicious. The portions were large enough for my family of 4 with leftovers. There is a great view to enjoy while enjoying your meal here. Ample parking available too. Indoor and covered outdoor seating is available too. Great place for a family outing.

Barbara Labbe

Had the fish and chips, Chowder, burgers, salads, everything was great, atmosphere sitting in outside patio was excellent!! Three was a line, but it moves quickly.

Mark E

My favorite seafood "shack" in Rhode Island. Love the New England clam chowder. Don't forget to pick up some dough boys. Only one complaint, they replaced the Westminster Oyster crackers with a generic one.

Ryan Sullivan

Best clam cakes and chowder you can get. Line looks really long at times but food comes out fast.

Claudia Threats

Went there this past Saturday, had clam cake and red chowder combo it was absolutely delicious and full of stock. Lines were long but they had 3 people calling out for orders it went really fast. Inside area to eat was so well kept. They bathroom was so clean and there was a large amount of people there. I will be visiting Iggy's alot this summer.

Witte x7

Delicious Clam Chowder. We tried all 3 and still love New England the best!

Scott Hervieux

Food is good. Can be a little pricey, depending on market price for clams; but still reasonable. I like the seaside location. Great views of the bay. Year round outdoor seating with heaters and a fireplace. Great for those cool autumn days. Parking can be a little difficult. They have 2 parking lots for themselves, but they fill up quickly. The Warwick location is good, but I have heard the Narragansett location is better. I will gave to try there, because Warwick is good.

Brian Canam

Busy place. Fun friendly and great food. Wish the scallops were bigger. But for the price well worth it totally enjoyed will totally recommend.

Joy Reynolds

This time of the year brings the crowds, but they had both windows open and inside restaurant so it moved along. Food was good. Clam cakes were a little over done, but still good. Red chowder was flavorful, just needed more clams. White chowder is rich, but my daughter liked it and can very picky with seafood.

Douglas DeRienze

Pretty standard beach seafood fare. Was good and hot. Very busy place.

sherri onorato

The one in Narragansett is way better. Service isn't the best here. It was a little dirty where the seating is and super hot. Parking is better here then it is in Narragansett. Red chowder had hardly any clams in it.

Tammy Crider

Always the Best Clam Cakes and Chowder from as far back as I can remember. Going with my mom and even my grandmother. They always have a long line down the sidewalk. But they are fast and thorough so it goes faster than you think. Plus it's worth the wait. Dine in or take it with you. There's plenty of picnic tables and the view of the ocean is simply beautiful.

Aka Doujima

Their newer dining room is amazing, but often crowded due to Iggy’s continued popularity. Great food, water view, local specialties.

Robin Gillette

Great iggys food. If you are in the mood for seafood a great to get it an good prices too


Absolutely love the creamory! Definitely recommend the cake batter flavor

Clayton James

Love love love this place. Dough boys, clam cakes, clam chowder and ice cream....a perfect combination and everything is always fresh and delicious

Meme Simoon

The food was good. The only problem was the don't serve enough appetizers while waiting for the food. The bread wasn't fresh, it was hard to chew. Overall everything else was splendid..

Melissa Johnson

They made us wait in line and order outside even though we were going to eat in the dining room...the speaker system in the dining room where they blast out order numbers, ruins your dining experience...

Arthur Galloway

Food was very good. At take out I was pressured by order taker to put tip on my order. It is not done on take out where I come from. Will not return to this restaurant.

Marta Stepien

Nothing special. Red chowder too watery and no taste at all. Clam cakes ok but nothing special. Ice coffee gross. Will not return. Will not recommend

Sarah Powers

The best place to eat relax and enjoy the water.

John Riley

Clam cakes are huge and dougj boys will melt in your mouth and clam chowder is thick and creamy just the way mom makes it clam cakes could use more clams though

jim young

Pretty decent "divey" seafood place, right on the water with outdoor seating.

Kim Crocker Davis

First warm, sunny day in months and we decided to take a drive down to Oakland Beach and get clam cakes and chowder. It was very windy and colder by the water. We were freezing waiting in the Long line outside to order food. Thankfully the wait didn't take long and soon we were inside the building out of the wind and enjoying our food. Which was delicious.

shirley neto

Its Clean, has friendly staff, delicious food, nothing better than Iggys

Canary Ly

This was recommended by our air bnb host. I'm set on deepfried food for a while now! We used a coupon so we got a great deal (you can sign up online)

Teresa Morgan

Visited here after a hockey game. Was pleased to find plenty of parking. We got chowder and a root beer float. Reasonable prices and great service. We were able to eat at a bench near the water. Only problem we had was that someone parked foolishly close behind us on the gravel, and had the spot in front of us not been open we'd have been stuck. Not the restaurant's fault, though.

Jayni Alvarez

Went on a business trip and passed by this beach.. it was awesome!

Joyce Aboutaan

Cute place on the water, where food is good and price is decent. The only thing I don’t like is the long wait in the summer, the line is usually down the block, and if you have hungry kids good luck! LolI had to give them a 3 star just based on the wait time, because it makes it hard to really get to actually acquire the food. I can understand up to 15 minutes in line to order a meal, but that’s never usually the case. We often end up Giving up and going elsewhere

John Dionne

Wicked blast from the past. Awsome real clam cakes and RI clear chowder. Rocky Point amusement park and the shore dining hall...we miss you but thank goodness we have Iggy's for an old fashioned clam cake fix!

Lea Alog

This is the place we love to eat when we visit Rhode Island. Fresh seafood sampler dinner ever. Must try their doughboy! Excellent.

Gregory Jones

Great location. RT near the beach. Prices,? Ahh, bring your check book. The food,? Great. Fryed Clams,? Sm ☹️ and expensive. Clam Cakes,? Great.

Lourdes Morales

Love their lobster rolls. Love the view of the beach.

Joe Fragano

Great place to grab a quick lunch. Good fast seafood but nothing that will make you say wow. The locale is great... better then it was before. Lines are long but move quickly. Staff is always great. I make sure I visit every time I am in Narragansett. Visit and try it for yourselves and as always... be good to one another.

Linda Ferreira

The take out line moved quickly and there was plenty of tables inside. Food was very good and the clam cakes were perfect.

tatita mima

Love the place.I had the sea food plater loved it. Price is good and food is even. Better.

Shawn Gilley

I drove here from Boston on advice that the chowder was worth it, and I gotta say it wasn't special. It was good for sure, but not really worth the drive. The cod was fantastic; fresh and a big portion. It's kinda low key in the spring. I imagine the place has an entirely different vibe in the summer.

Dan Bouchard

Make sure to check your order because they got mine wrong. Food is good though.

Mike V

Excellent for seafood and known for chowders clam cakes and doughboys. Nice scenery.

peter martineau

I went to Iggys today I’ve always had good food there but today I had the fish and chips The fish was terrible and way overpriced I should have had the doughboys very disappointing

Paul Spoor

This place is great. Guarantee you'll have the best experience there.

Al Palazzo

We had clamcakes and chowder and doughboys. Nice to have a coupon!! There was no line?? Yeah l know you think I'm kidding but the weather was not great it was a Tuesday and bizinga no line. We ate inside and so did the little birds that crawl under the opening of the canvas or plastic tent like enclosure. Yeah l broke up an oyster cracker and fed them. They were cute and not annoying. Anyway the chowder was good and the clam cakes were Not greasy and you can find clams in them. Yes you can. Doughboys hot and sugary finished it off. Don't get me wrong it was all good but in my old age l need a tums.

Donna Houle

Love their fish and fries. Also love their clam cakes and chowder. I'm glad we had a coupon, noticed the prices went up. The food was cooked to perfection. Always a great place to go anytime of the Year!

Mikey D

Ordered the fish and chips. The piece of fish was average size and greasy. Chowder that came with it was excellent. We also ordered clam cakes and they were excellent. Great scenery by the water.

Michael Kalisa

Oh my.... Stunning place and fast services. Most important YUMMY seafood!!!

Octane Addict

Great place to check out in the summer, great clam cakes and chowder

Poguemahion Mulligan

We had an enjoyable lunch and ice cream til the afternoon deluge started,we ran for cover in the board walk ,considering the pelting rain,thunder and pea size hail,Mr.iggy should provide some awnings on the side walk to protect us "liners" from the elements!

Everett Horrocks

Great eats every time. Expect to see lines. Staff is very efficient and you will have your food in short order. Enjoy A RI Legend

Janice Bressan

Service is always slow. Otherwise food is good


Very disappointed. Just felt dirty. What a strange location too- just at the end of a deadend residential street. The great reviews we reviewed felt like they were talking about a different place altogether. Chowder tasted like the kind you would find out of a can with verrryyyy chewy clams. Weird clam cake balls that were chewy. Fish and chips were good, but not enough to make it close to us wanting to come back. Will not be back.

James Oconnor


Joann Labonte

Despite the rainy day the ocean front at Iggy's was refreshing. The white chowder and clam cakes are by far the best we've ever tasted.

Bounds Garneff

The Lobster till is fantastic/fresh. If you get the lobster roll dinner will get a cup of clam chowder. The price? Super affordable 18 bucks. Service is fast. I liked it very much.

Christina A

When I am RI I try to get clam cakes from Iggy's. They are great. I took a friend that is a picky eater and she enjoyed the lobster roll and clam cakes.

Debra Duquette

Scallops were tasty, but not what I expected. Cole slaw was awful. French fries were mediocre. Doughboys were waaaaaay smaller than they used to be. The potatoes in the chowder were underdone. Imho not worth the prices they charge. Also, why offer phone order if they aren't made until you get there?

Marty Jacobs

Its like a place pulled out of time. The food is incredible. The chowder, I mean I have only tried the white but I lamented not being able to eat more than a bowl of it because I was so stuffed from this incredible sandwich call a Lobster Roll. The only roll part about it was the taste of the bread though because it was hoggie/Sub sized. The fries where crispy old style and delicious. I sat in the tent covered patio and looked out on the breaking waves of Oakland beach in the bay and it was wonderful.

Seth Louis

If you are in the mood for greasy, deep fried seafood, that's extraordinarily tasty , then this is the place for ya'll.

Ticiana MassiG

Great food and service. I love waterfront. Nice beach with a little playground.


Delicious! Enjoyed the clam cakes and chowder and outdoor seating. It can get VERY busy however when we went the line was very deceiving. There looked to be alot of people in line however many were waiting for their food.

Anderson Nance

Great summer nights have been had here. With the volume they get I wish they would add more seating but it's worth the wait to sit outside by the water. Great food,a must for summer to be truly here!

Amanda Loch

I left RI when I was 14 and I hadn’t had a clam cake since then. Well it’s 15 years later and I decided to bring my kids and husband from Wisconsin to try some of my favorite childhood nostalgia. Iggy’s was the first stop and didn’t disappoint. The clam cakes taste exactly the same as it did 15 years ago. Food is amazing. Great view. Parking is okay. Very busy!

Lori Halliwell

A visit to Rhode Island would not be complete without stopping at Iggy’s! On this chilly, breezy day I had a cup of clear chowder and clam cakes. They were delicious as always. The out door dining area had the fireplace c going which made it perfect. We always enjoy coming here or the Narragansett location when we are up for the summer. So glad I was able to get there for lunch. Best chowder and clam cakes and beautiful views!

Denise Napoli

The Best seafood I've had in a long time.

Lisa Bastic-Penardo

Iggy's has always been the go to place for chowder and clam cakes! Moist and tasty they are the best around. Dinner with an ocean view is always a plus!

Domenic Bruzzi

The doughboys were delicious. The clam cakes were mediocre. The line was abhorrent. I went on a Wednesday I can only imagine a Saturday...

Eric Xiong

Warm & cozy place. Plenty of choices to choose from menu. Clam chowder was good. Everything was good. Only wish we could order inside but it was unique experience!

Michael Theerman

Great food. Friendly staff. Line moved fast.

Rogu3 Warri0r

Absolutely delicious seafood, and I would definately travel back here from across the country just for another bite of their delicious chowder and delicious seafood.

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