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REVIEWS OF California Taco Shop IN Rhode Island

Elias Cardona

Good food but they charge $1.00 for a lemon every where else is obligatory and (FREE) first and last time visiting this place.

Elizabeth Montoya

No great food, expensive for quality and poor service.

jenna Fisher

Super cute, great food, though when we asked for a food item vegetarian they said no problem but it came out w chicken. That said she was super accomodating and made up for it w an extra horchata.

Derek Morris

Good flavor but not enough meat for the price.

tok tok

gave this place a few chances because honestly the food is not bad, but the people working there have rocks in their head and could not get an order right even if someone was screaming it in their face for 10 mins

Virginia Rosales

It was ok

Chandra Elizabeth

Good tacos, not 100 crazy about the shells


Sometimes there is a long wait when ordering to go, but the food is worth it!

Ashelyn Liina

Terrible service , messed up my entire meal then refused to make me a shake due to them being too busy smh hire more people duh

Daniel Bessette

Love eating here. Great value. Always fresh

mauricio molina

Its fresh food , hard to find that now ...i didnt wait too long either , girls are nice too. Definitely will go back.

Paghe Ascan

Even better than Cali tacos. Some bites tasted original. Price like tacs price should be - reasonable. Tasted of freshness. Recommended to tacos lovers and not just Tuesdays.

Kyle Guindon

taco tuesday all hard tacos a dollar love it i get 10 every week

Zach NoOne

Quick service, in and out. Steak and cheese burrito mostly chunks of fatty beef...wasn't thrilled.

Kyle Smith

Good food, usually quick. Service could be a little better though. Would definitely recommend, never had a bad experience!

Calvin Field

Good food but a little pricey. Also there is a fee to pay with credit card. $2.00 charge to pay with credit card. Cost them 5 star rating.

brett knight

A gem in Pawtucket... food and prices are great

Hazel Levesque

This will be our last going in this place. Had to wait more than half hour for our food. In the middle of waiting our server comes in and said they lost our order. Im already ready to get up and just pay for our drinks but my husband told me to wait a bit more. Our food finally came in after half hour and it was not even worth waiting for. Steak taco not that good the steak on bistek encebollado i cant even eat it, its so salty like someone put a whole load of salt on it. I complained about it and never heard nothing from the service, so we just pay the $40 bill. Very bad service... Not worth it... NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Athena Charbatji

Best tacos and burritos around. Cant beat the price. Very friendly service too.

Peter Moniz

The California sampler was very tasty, the young man running the register was great, excellent service and very polite. Dine in and get free chips and salsa :)

Jeremy Smith

Fantastic breakfast burrito

jeremy kenneth

I lived in mexico for 10 years and this place is legit Mexican food. The best carnitas tacos I've had since I've been back!

mandy lynn

Our weekly taco spot. I highly recommend it. The food is fresh,salsa awesome,the chimichanga is to die for!

Jason Adam

I most recently ate at the Pawtucket location. It was like taking a trip to Southern California; everything was fresh and clean. The owner was there and engage the customers in conversation. He was truly passionate about the quality of food served and how his family is involved in other locations in the area. I thought the food was excellent and the Ambiance was very chill

Angelo Castro

This place sucks food sucks customer service is horrible and if you use your debit card they charge u a service fee don't waste your time or money it is not worth it..........

Anthony Gougeon

Great people & service. Best Mexican food in the area. I go on a weekly basis and recommend this place to everyone

kristie acevedo

great tacos

Bowditch Smith

Best dine in tacos in the area. Great place to sit down and eat, or they can handle a substantial take out order. Great supreme tacos, and large portions.


Very pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff and quick service.

Christopher Hartford

When this place came to town, I would drive by it and think to myself "I should try that!" It took me months to finally walk through the door, but when I did, I had found Mexican heaven on Earth. Finally, a place that sold really good, authentic and well-priced Mexican food in an area that mostly just had Taco Bell. Whether you're getting take-out or dining in, it is definitely worth a visit. If you dine in, you get complimentary chips and salsa, all homemade. As for meals, I recommend getting the regular $1.00 hard tacos, if you want something really good and inexpensive. If you want to spend a little more, and get a heaping amount of food, I strongly recommend getting the California Sampler. It's a great dish with a little bit of everything on the menu, perfect for two!

Susan Smith

Great food. Great flavors

alexander castrillon

Uhm...not too bad

Tony Lopes

Ok but not best

Brian Bastarache

Very, very good food.

Dan Carlson

Amazing food at a great price.

Mercedes Freeman

Not the cleanest place and these people live out the back of the resturaunt.

Tammy Ridge

It was good, just a little cold and took a bit long for a lunch order (25 minutes)

Zé Desousa

Great service yummy food friendly cozy place.

Jose Rivera

Good food, affordable prices, decent parking and friendly service.

Elissa Pawluch

Authentic street tacos and huge delicious burritos! The most legit Mexican on that side of town. Hot sauces are nice as well.

Darci Barnett

Great burrittos that taste like back home

carole di lombardo

Great place for real Mexican food!!!

Jason Rego

Good food at a good price.

Samantha Abril

Great food. Staff is really nice and attentive. Taste like Cali tacos for sure! I would come back for sure!

Edmond Shabo

Great great food, and not only that but it's FRESH! yes it's FRESH, something you don't find too often these days. My hats off to this place, I can definitely see why they have 5 locations. Bravo

steven palin

Waited 25 mins for 2 soft flour tacos !!!!!!! Then when i received them they were cold .....TERRIBLE

david di lombardo

This restaurant has fantastic Mexican food I have no complaints about the food whatsoever.... you may have to wait a long time but it's worth it 5 Stars for the food... But my reason for the 3 stars is a service it's always been inconsistent you come in you have to sit and wait for a long time. For menus drinks ..I think the wait staff has no experience in waiting on people that could be costly in the restaurant business..

Joe Lupien

Great pricing,food,and service

Krystle Carvalho

Went here for the first time food was delicious but the wait time was long will be going back but not to eat in again will order ahead and take home

arnold chamanlal

Great food and friendly people.

Quanita Moore

I loved everything. The salsa was so fresh, like it was made 2 mins before I walked in. Tacos amazing, burrito was amazing as well and the beans with rice ❤❤

Amanda Colon

Mess up the order EVERY TIME!! And told me I could come back, in a snow storm to pick up the correct food. I repeated the order like 5 times over the phone because it’s an imperfect world (all of us) and I get it../ but COME ON!!! This is like at least my 6th order at this location and to say you can’t refund my $? And the only ONLY OPTION YOU HAVE is to come back for a burrito now in the snow storm or $5 coupon for the future lol. I spent $50... not $5 damn dollars. Plus the tip! HORRIBLE customer service.

Luis Rosado

Must try if you like Mexican food

Jesse Daniel

Delicious food, great prices. Very friendly staff.

Michael Aguiar

Would go there again...great food

Eugenia Gomes

The food is OMG!!!


Love it!

Emma Otero

I love ordering the California Sampler! So good and so much food!

G Lee

Personally my food was cold, didn't get what I ordered and service was not good but not the worst. Just not me.

Samantha Govey

Excellent Mexican food at a reasonable price. Never had a bad meal from this shop. The service can be slow, especially during busy hours and they aren't always pleasant on the phone, but the food is worth it.

justin nadeau

Great burritos and home made hot sauces. Great prices as well.

Carol Rodolewicz

Great pricey food

T.j White

Always good, we all enjoy this place and agree it's pretty authentic food for the area. It's a small place but the menu definitely packs an abundance of variety with their very reasonably priced dishes. The sitting area is small but cozy and wait staff has always been accommodating & nice.

Tim Jennings

Great, pretty cheap Tacos, friendly staff and environment. Wasn't busy but it was after lunch time. Only problem is that it's not accessible but the staff was helpful and there is seating outside.

Tina Champeau

The young man who waits on us is very sweet and very fast. We love the food there. Their homemade salsa is AMAZING

Kenneth Masson

Best burritos in town! Love the steak, chorizo, al pastor, fish, they are all good and big. House made hot sauces really good!

Michael Tousignant

Not bad, better than taco bell

Sara Beranek

Tacos are so great. Rice and beans are good too. Real food. Better than cilantro

Rafael Amaro

The service there sucks. We sat there for 45 minutes while our food was being sevred to other customers around us. No excuse was given my family and I will never stop there again.

Daniel Habib

Great food. I'd love a job here so I can facetime my friends and ignore customers too.

Jacob T Charpentier

Every time I call they say they are say they are always out of ground beef. I called like 3/4 times in a 1 month period and they always say the same thing that there out of ground beef especially if you try and order the 1$ dollar tacos. This place is a joke

Sam Egan

Good food, but the nachos are a bit thick to my liking. Otherwise it was very good.

Daniel Zenone

I just got a order in a puddle of grease and my order was yourself a favor and just go to taco bell its a lot better.

Erin Perrino

I love this place! Definitely double-check your order though. A couple of times I asked for no sour cream and got it anyway. But generally the food is great.

AJ Brown

California taco shop is a great place to grab lunch. Be sure to have a bit of time since the wait can be a while. Typical total meal time for a group of 4 seems to be about an hour.

Linda Bienstock

It is ok just needs to be more inviting for people to sit and dine. Food is very good.

Mauricio Gallego

Great food, good prices

Matthew DeGeorge

Right here right now hot and fresh

Rachel Bayliss

Sensational atmosphere amazing food great prices

Daniel Haughey

It was good. Fresh food good prices nice, casual atmosphere!

hilda Yulfo

Always a good place to go

Alex Montanez

Authentic mexican style food amazing.

Elise Reynolds

Fresh food and delicious

Amanda Catalano

Love coming here for lunch with coworkers. They recently expanded and offer more seating now which is great. Prices are very reasonable for the portions and the food is delicious. Restaurant is clean and the staff is very friendly and courteous. When it is busy service slows WAY down beyond what would normally be expected but on slower days/times service is usually pretty quick.

Jeny Benitez

Not happy they messed up my order once again I order a burrito there it’s no letose tomato rice nothing only meat and cheese

Trina Hawkinson

Most authentic Mexican food I've found out here in Rhode Island so far! The place is kind of small but they are quick and the food is well worth the wait!

William Napoleoni

Good tacos fresh ingredients about a 20 minute wait for the order to be made . Staff could be a little more friendly. Good price for the amount of food you get .

culinarykid92 .

Delicious Mexican Food. I don't have a fondness for Mexican too. One of the best and I hope to be back.

Marissa Cartwright

Tasty food, occasionally slow service.


Kevin and staff are great , just like the tacos . I suggest the small soft tacos , steak and el pastor meat … good prices and clean .

Kristen Perez

Enchiladas were not good at all. My son liked the chicken fingers. Cashier shorted me $10 but my fault for not counting before i left. Called to tell them and they dont care. Check the cameras....$24 for food..... and I gave $40.....does not equal $6 change. Lost a customer.

Stephan Matson

Great food, nice and spicy. The restaurant seemed clean and the food came out pretty fast. I can't wait to go back

peter lange

Great food

Anna Maturo

Food needed way more flavor and spice. Taco meat was kind of dry and also bland.

ashlee Tracey

Best tacos in town !!!!

Nina Cotolupenco

Love the food and staff here. Might take a little longer than expected, but it’s worth it. I love their salsa, it’s absolutely delicious:)

John Neville

Good food. warm soda, slow service. Warwick location much better.

Dennis Peloquin

Never disappointed. Perfect food

rdy2rck54 .

Very authentic and reasonable. You'll want to try everything. Staff is very friendly and take pride in the product they serve

Jim Aubin

Great smothered burrito

Tracy Pereira

Great food and at good price. Better to order a head of time

Dawn Burdick

Great food very tasty

Jered Letourneau

The food is always great and quickly served. Best place around to grab a burrito.

Michael Elmasian

Amazing tacos ! Absolutely can't beat delicious $2 tacos

Theo Pfeiffer

Tacos were cheap and amazing.

Heather Gwynn

Best $1 tacos EVER

Tom Brown Sr.


Melissa Gagne

Their logo should be WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN TOWN! They just screed me out of 11.99! Hope it was worth loosing the 60.00+ order every week!

Douglas Kornbluth

Great resl mexican food on east coast.

Laura Mahoney

The food was fantastic, fresh and well made. The service was equally impressive, I will 100% return again, this location is the best one!

Bethany Campbell

I absolutely love this place! They give you tons of food and its incredible!!

Dana Benvenuti

Long wait but usually very good

Justin Mackey

Best taco spot in the northeast.

Ritesh Patel

Good food anr large amounts. Cheap bests taco bell

Ravi Dutt

Good options liked the taco salad, veg chimichangas and nachos. Fresh and delicious

Jae Jarratt

As a transplant from the West Coast I'll say this is easily the best real Mexican food small Rhode Island has to offer.

Blaire Zags

Best West coast Mexican in Ri, should have more in N.E.

Joseph Andrade

Steak chimichanga is Bomb!!!

Sandie Miller

Fresh food awesome nachos

James Mandeville

Everything I have gotten had been top notch. Always fresh and cooked to order. This is my favorite taco stop.

Stephen Nault

Awesome. .great friendly service. Clean. Shrimp taco supreme was delicious. Can't wait to try again

Aaron .

Rude counter help, wanted to look at the menu to order and was rushed and basically was told to hurry up....all set thanks!

Benjamin Gougeon

Been a regular since they opened, good food!

Brandon Harper

Absolutely love this place. Steak tacos amazing. The nacho fries are great as well. Eat here on a weekly basis.

Christian Barber

Great food, always friendly service, highly recommend trying California Taco Shop

Monique Santos

If u feel like Mexican (real authentic Mexican that is) this is a gr8 place to go! Food is delicious and full of flavor. It comes out pretty quickly and nice and hot! The staff is friendly and very helpful. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is the price, way more expensive than it should be for what it is. Other than that it was awesome!

Obed Daphnis

Great value, pleasant staff and the food was good too. Delicioso

Luis E. Lopez

Worst Mexican food ever! Order tacos and all I got was lettuce on a tortilla

Frank Lawn

Food and service is always great

ars homeimprovement

Food was excellent, they were a little short-staffed.

Amanda Aronhalt

Staff is very friendly and good is amazing!


As close as your going to get to a west coast fish taco. A+

Josette Crawford

Very authentic Mexican food.

Michelle Andrews

Great. Authentic mexican food and large portions at good prices. People are nice there .

Cat Wild

Awesome place! Very clean and colorful! The people that work there are sooo nice! The food is fabulous and affordable! I'll be going again and again!

Trisha Traynor

this place is delicious im lucky to have them right down the street from me... but I didn't realize that they have a few different locations in the r.i. area... that's awesome!!

Fra P

Great place. Small and clean. Owner made suggestions. The sampler was huge. Thanks for the meal.

Brian Traynor



Very good food. Authentic. Cheap. Great bang for your buck.

Scott Handren

Consistently delicious food and great service. Highly recommended. *EDIT: Unfortunately I had to remove a star. New staff within the last few months, service has really stumbled since then.

Dave A

Great place! Friendly, reasonably priced and excellent food!

david med

fajita mix meal is amazing

Jason Belanger

Decent food, good service


Food is really good and staff is friendly.definitely worth the trip from Taunton

Mark Plemmons

Place is great, no hassles, just good food!!

Anthony DiGirolamo

Best tacos around! Everything on the menu from nachos to burrito is A+. Really great low prices and the service is fast and friendly too. A great location to have close. 10/10 for sure!

Brian Garland

Food is pretty good. They have a sign that says they offer military discount. Showed him my CAC card and the dude just looks at me as if it were a joke.

Mike Restrepo

Great tacos, excellent staff

marisa troiano

Love your food!

The Kuma Kart

Awesome food, awesome staff I give this place a

David Trinidad

Great taco bowl

Tara Erskine

Really good!!! The food is off the charts! The staff is great,the place has a really great atmosphere!!! Highly recommend you try it!!! Tara

Dusty Wheeler

Good food , yes. Take out orders need vast improvement , I called my order in ,walked in very busy there , gave my name , took a seat. Under a very loud wall mounted tv . I was informed my CALLED in order would be a few more minutes. 20 mins later still waiting. , So I approached the counter person , who informed me she gave my orded to someone else , they informed me my order would be ready in 3 minutes ,20 mins later ,final received my order which when I returned home only to find out my tacos we're Upside down in the bag , this will be my last Visit Ever to this Location!!


Look the food is delicious. I've been here several times and I've never had a bad meal. The problem is you CANNOT trust the takeout times. They take forever and are not very efficient, for instance my order this evening was supposed to take 15min from order. I'm here now and it isn't done and has been over 55min since I ordered. Food is good but expect to wait forever or reheat it when you get home if it's takeout.

Rodney Long

Great food prices right


$1 tacos, so good!

Cheryl Livingston

This place is great you got a lot of food for your money. everything I order from the I can never finish the whole thing because it's that big!!

Sean Mish

Favorite taco shop ever! Whether you want a deal or a meal this place never disappoints. $1 TACOS!!!

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