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REVIEWS OF World Wide Aquarium & Pets IN Pennsylvania

Peter Dugery

helpful and informative staff

C Bailey

They always have just what we need for our Red ear sliders!

BiG sPEdD Genay

Nice selection

Max Kovalchik

I love it here. I try not to go Every day but I want to. There's usually a cat and the staff us nice. They have a frequent buyers program and lots of stuff

Glenn Bruce Vanderver

Very helpful, especially for new fish owners.

Tito Diaz

Nice pet store great selection


Best pet store in the city , Staff is friendly and knowledgeable . I will always take business here before and other cooperate pet store !

Darryl Guy

Good customer service

Ronnie Vincent

Great family oriented pet store will visit again soon.

Tanya Folk

Great aquarium store for Philly. I often get feeder mice/rat pups for my son's ball python from them. They are friendly and customer service is good. I never feel ignored and never have to wait for service. Live feeder mice/rat pups/rats are hard to find in the city from my experience so we very much appreciate this service. They also have interesting fish and occasionally have rabbits and turtles. They have a great selection of unique snakes and reptiles but bring the coins for those. It's an old fashioned for real aquarium store, nothing like the chain stores (i.e pet smart, pet value, etc.) They are the real deal. If you've ever been in or heard of Martin's aquarium, this place reminds me of them just smaller.


Great selection of cichlids

Jose Plaza

Love this place

josh mitchell

Best pet shop especially for fish and reptiles


It's a good place to get everything you need. Prices are high on some things but if you need it it's there. Plus staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Michael Portnoy

Definitely best place for anything that you would need! I'm not going to go anywhere else anymore, Employees are great super attentive but at the same time know how to let someone just look great variety and will get you anything that they don't have as soon as they can check out the pet candles they really work for more than just pet odors the place really makes you feel like part of the family! If you haven't been here check this place out!]

Michael Sims

Excellent shop for your pet supplies!

Family hicks

Love this place sadly I moved away from Philadelphia I will always remember the kind staff and they're amazing STORE CAT

Robert Wilkins

Because they look like they getting ready to close they have very little fish then they want too much for what they cause I rate them a half a star

Tracy Boyer

Very friendly people,, you need to stop by to see for yourself the different stuff they have..

Leslie Rivillo

My family and I love coming here! The staff are nice and knowledgeable. My son loves playing with the Cricket, the store cat. The prices are comparable to online prices and are often cheaper than other pet stores.

Ian R

Fantastic place. You want quality fish at a competitive price, go here. Waited patiently for about a month for their supplier to bring in a big beautiful male bristlenose pleco. Was worth the wait. He's been thriving for the past 2 months now.

Alice Racz

This locally owned and operated pet store has everything!

Aisling McCann

Awesome pet store. Way more variety of fish than the big chains and they actually take care of the fish, unlike the chains which just dump fish into tanks and hope they make it,. Great fish store!

Sadior LLC

Only place I shop for my fish and me lol Marc5

Rodney Anthony jr

Good pet store

Lenwood Johnson

Nice Place

Eddie Stallings

Visit these guys every week. If I cant buy it here I wont get it. Selection of pets and supplies are the best.

Marc O'Connor

A great, small pet store with an emphasis on freshwater aquarium supplies and live stock. Don't let the lack of glitz deter you, the live stock looked healthy and there is a decent variety. The aquarium supplies seemed reasonably priced. I was able to get a recently released Fluval Flex aquarium for a long extremely competitive price. The staff is friendly and helpful, even carried the new tank to my car. Definitely worth a trip.

charles reyes

Great service and knowledge of pets


I got a beautiful pet snake there for a great price. They where super nice and gave me the best deal possible. I highly recommend this place if you're looking to get a reptile of different kinds of fish.

Carlos Moore

Awesome store great Aquatic selection very knowledgeable staff

Jim Slade

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Jeff and Brandon are truly the best!!! They stand behind their product. I highly recommend this place!!! Good honest people!!

Lisa Queeno

They obviously care for, and take care of their animals. The staff was kind, knowledgable, and helpful. They have a great selection of species, and their fish are well-cared for --- something hard to find these days! I absolutely will come back to WWA&P.

Emma N

I come here for all my dog and cat food, treats, and toys. They have a great variety of brands and the owner is very knowledgeable about the foods. I actually switched to a better dog & cat food brand thanks to the advice of the owner. Great place.

Lisa Brunson

Nice selection of fish

Chris Herr

Great local business and great selection of fish. They have more variety than the big pet stores. I found their power filters and supplies are cheaper than the chains. I always love to support local businesses especially ones like this that offer great products and friendly service.

Gerry Gelin

Very good experience on my end. It's hard to find a good quality pet store that actually has a great selection of fish. I am always impressed with their stock of fish and reptiles.

Red White

I am suspicious of the five star reviews. This joint overcharges you for almost everything.

Mary Witt

Always a pleasure going here, prices are very reasonable, friendly owners

carmen lewis

Found what we were looking for. Very friendly and courteous

gina dicriscio

Great place for reptiles and supplies! One of the only places I can get live feeders in the area. Staff is super knowledable. I love shopping here instead of the big pet chains.

Dr. Bernard Jones

Overall, clean aquariums, knowledgeable attendent. There were some dead fish floating around in several of the tanks.

Jaimi Harris

Wonderful helpful owner and staff

Anthony Galzarano

My favorite pet store. Well stocked. Good prices. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. A gem.

Tommy VL

Way better than petsmart or petco. they have the perfect oranda/lionhead goldfish i wanted that the big pet stores didn't have for almost a month!

Christopher Grant

Great service only place i can purchase good price items. And buy live mice for my snake


I love the variety of products that they carry. I just think the should up grade there fish selection. That would improve there rating!!✌

Alison Marshall

While they do have a nice a selection of necessities for your furry friends, their focus is very aquatic. But I was able to get my puppy 2 beds and two beef sausages for 60 bucks. And everyone is SO friendly! Will definitely be back

David Kearns

Very friendly good customer service feel like your at home in there and they know there stuff

Maggie Effinger

Good selection of dog food.

david laverty

Always respectable always ready to have a conversation with there customers and have a full stock all the time of beautiful animals

Jamie Ueberroth

Great pet store. Many different exotics, knowledgeable staff, and the feeder insects are a nice size with a reasonable price

Cameron Kelliher

Good local fish store

Rishabh Ranjan

I bought my fish tank and fishes. Very friendly people and prices are very competitive. Must Visit.

Sadayo Thornton

Gr8 place gr8 service gr8 and exotic pets 5 stars lov it

Max Pavlovich

Family owned, local, friendly and has been here for many years servicing the Roxborough area

Charles monroe

Very helpful and honest

David Carr

It was my first time there to buy fish for my tank, and I liked it. They didn't have Particularly what I was looking for, actually, None of the pet stores do, yet, and they're going to call me when they get them in, But, I did walk away with a couple of fish that I've never seen before, and a couple of plants for the tank as well. The staff was knowledgeable of the various fish and other creatures. They had several Beautiful discus fish but they're a little too expensive for my blood. Otherwise, I'll go back.

Reese Rolex

Nice place to shop for reptiles and fish.

Phil Klinger

Excellent people. I love it there. Wide selection. If they don't have it there they will get it for you. Prices are good also

william b Carter

They give deals when you by a few. Also have great prices

shirley rutheford

Great place for all pet needs nice people too

Jose S. Rubianes

A Great place to be for people that there hubbies are Aquarian and tropial fishes and salt


Best pet store in philly!

Lionel Green

Large selection of reptiles, exotic fish and pet supplies.

Anne Marir Debilzen

Love this place

Jason Buscio

The service there is the best you're going get in the city. The prices are all reasonable. There is always someone there to help you.

Chris Roberts

Great local business with extremely friendly and helpful employees.

kenny dalton

Great fish!

Nina Coffin

Friendly staff and great selection.

Terrance Reese

Its ok

Felicia Rosen

Great locally-owned business.

Melvin Turner

The best fish

Karen Feisullin

Well stocked, knowledgeable, helpful

Steven Wylie

Great service

Pallace Halse

I just bought the most beautiful baby bearded dragon from them and I'm 100% in love.

v simmens

Best pet shop this side of Philadelphia.

Phillip Morrin

Nice store good stock and lots of freshwater fish

Abdul-Wuldud Hatcher

Haven't been in a while but everyone there was friendly.....I was helped the whole time I was there

Y Marie Pendleton-Gaston

Very nice and knowledgeable!

Brittany Heiler

Best place to shop, worth the drive. Got this little cutie about two months ago, now I’m going back for a second.

Al Carter

Great pet variety. Free parking. Knowledgeable staff.

alfonso antonetty

Great service & a variety of fish

Kenneth McKenzie

Very good store, only place with pac-man frogs, VERY expensive though $65.00 for a baby pac-man frog! Though chain stores offer cheaper prices, it has a great selection of animals, better than any chain store. I recommend you going here if you are willing to spend money , very kind and helpful staff.

Joseph Glaser

Extremely helpful in finding what we needed for our new startup aquarium. They have a diverse selection and the fish all seem quite happy.

Magic X Ninja

They have so many variety that other pet stores do not have. Friendly service and knowledgeable. Will do my shopping here from now on

Alex Roman

Friendly with a fair amount of various kinds of fish reptiles and cat and dog toys and food. Very good customer service. I will be visiting more in the near future

Curtis Hawk

You would never expect the variety or the selection of fresh water fish when you walk in based on the humble exterior. I was blown away. They even have an African Cichlid section, which had the more AC's then any store in the Tri State area. S, M, L, even XL. I was helped by Devon who was really knowledgeable and patient, being as though he had so many questions about the store and there inventory. The owner even offered me an unbelievable offer that I will that I will take him up on next week on a tank ornament. Needless to say, the money I will save on gas is going into the tank. Great prices and selection. Wish I would have found out they were still around sooner.

Vincent Fusco

Won't go anywhere else to buy my goldfish . Love this place

Jessica Drees

Knowledgeable friendly staff!

EJ Duff-Berger

Julian is the best, he's very helpful, very knowledgeable and compassionate. I've recently gotten into fish and everyone who works here has been very patient with me and immensely helpful

Joe Larch

A little expensive for everything but the knowledge they give you when you purchase anything is priceless.

Amira Brahimi

My favorite pet store. I drive 20 minutes just to go here. They actually care and are local

Faith Whitfield

Well stocked pet shop with great customer service!

Felicia Maisey

Staff is incredible and the store carries everything at reasonable prices. If they do not carry it and you need it, they will get it in stock.

Fishguy 215

I’m very upset with the fish and how every time I buy fish they die and you can not return anything. The fish Tanks all look very bad and it’s always dead fish in every tank like it’s not one keeping up on anything. They want your money but no refunds wow I’ll make sure to never send any one to a basement store full of dead fish and the owner he is rude store ran like a chop shop. The prices are to high for Half dead fish.

Dr. Curtis Gregory

Classic case of an owner that needs to reinvest in their business. The interior is cramped, cluttered, and dirty.

Edward Fultonn

I've been going there for years one of my favorite stores next to toys are us I hope they never shut down like toys are us. I don't know what I would do for my pets needs.

Jesse Lee

local and convenient. staff is kind and helpful.

Andrew Davis

Cool neighborhood pet store.... Good selection of fish but nothing too crazy... Probably pay a bit more than the big boys... But it is right around the corner....

Beth G

One of the only locally owned pet stores that still sells pets. Has a great aquatic selection, much different than any of the big box stores.. they are knowledgeable, and will order items for you if they don't currently have them in stock. Very helpful & courteous staff too. We travel here from the other side of the city regularly because they are that good at what they do.

Beth C

Love this place it's small but holds so many items for every animal! Prices are reasonable especially compared to Pet Val I think their prices are insane. Nice aquarium and fish section.

Jay Greenberg

Great verity of fish

Daija Gillespie-Stanley

Very friendly staff as well as very helpful!

Aaron F Harris sr

Always love this place been going there since the 90s... Always has what I need for my Aquarium weather it's fish or reptiles


They take amazing care of their animals and have great prices for their supplies

Dawn Boone

Great pet store

RJ SirCasm

I gave 5 stars because it's the only place to buy fish near me. Unfortunately the staff doesn't know as much about fish as I would expect from a mom and pop shop.

Hiram Carlo

Good prices and very helpful. And also a nice variety.

Ken Field

They have what you need

Kyle Dowdy

Well stocked and competitive prices. The owners are very knowledgeable on all kinds of pets, and are always there to answer questions. Plus I always like to support & shop at small businesses

Dwight Phillips

Good selection

B Sln

Love it here don't bother with big box stores or chain stores like petvalu..this is the place to go. Well stocked greattt variety and awesome employees. I won't go anywhere else.

Bill Flynn

Great small independent shop. Nice staff.

Shannon Stanish Wynne

While the selection of merchandise is good, I was unsure of exactly what I need. Salesperson did acknowledge me but was busy so I browsed aimlessly.

Bill Lewandowski

Friendly service. Premium products. We've been patrons for 14+ years. Best around

Greg Schumann

Awesome family owned store with everything you could need or want for your pet. Plus they're friendly and happy to let you look around at the animals and pet their wandering cat.

Mia Man

Best pet shop ever. This place seems a bit odd at first as it is pretty small, but it's a million times better than any petco, petsmart or commercial pet store. All of those places get their reptiles and fish from big animal warehouses that abuse their animals. I've talked to many of the employees at world wide and know that they get their animals form reliable sources that don't abuse and neglect them. All of the employees there are extremely helpful. The man who apprears to own the shop, the young lady with the red hair and the young man with the blonde hair are the best. The people who supervise the back room can be a little standoffish at times but the overall service and quality of the store is great.

Randy Butternubs

This place was Awesome, wide selection, great variety of landscape. The staff was friendly and helpful and the store cat was purfect.

Nick DeLuca

Simply put...World Wide Aquarium is amazing! I don’t know what I would do without them. They are so well rounded as a pet store. They have the largest variety of reptiles under one roof in the area. The aquarium section is my personal favorite! Again, the variety is unparalleled. They have everything from goldfish to Tanganyikan cichlids. Any given day you walk in there you’ll always see something different! Rest assured you go here and they’ll have everything you need for caring for your pets, and more. I’ve known most of the staff up there my entire life and I can tell you they are personable, extremely helpful, and very knowledgeable. The place is extremely well run and established. Couldn’t ask for a better local pet store. I feel like if I needed them to help me carry bags to my car they would. If I needed them to board my leopard gecko for a month while I traveled...they would, if I needed anything specific for any reason they’d order it for me no problem. This is a store full of solutions to all your pet’s needs, at a very reasonable price. I can’t thank them enough for all the good experiences I’ve had. You all know who you are, keep up the good work!



Regina Fisher

One of the best pet stores around

Mark Hill

Very nice people very helpful will be there at least once a week

Cheryl Tavares

The only one left.. great variety of supplies. Thank you.


They take very very good care of most their animals but the bettas are kept rather poorly. There is always a sad little one in a tiny box on the checkout counter, no filter or anything. Bettas need at least five gallons and a gentle filtration system- the labrynth organ does not make them much different than any other fish. Just because they CAN breathe from the surface doesn't mean you should force them to. Talking to one of the employees, I mentioned I kept fish. He was interested until I said it was betta, to which his response was "but that's just betta though." As if somehow they don't count as an "interesting enough" fish. They also sell a lot of small fish tanks, things like half-gallons and even smaller cubes. Do not buy those unless you want a dead fish. Always do your research before purchasing a new pet. Fish, though they may be labeled as "ornamental," should still be treated as properly as any other pet. They are prone to many diseases and can suffer greatly if not cared for properly.

Scott Yanover

great staff, great selection of fish, very competitive prices. great local business. this is my go to store for all of my aquarium needs.

Jennifer Heller

Amazing people. Kind, knowledgeable. I called and wasn't even a customer but they gave me treatment advice for my sick fish over the phone. Wonderful.

Mark Edlow

The world of pet ownership is best described by a visit to this truly outstanding place to shop for all of your pet needs! The owner and staff are always there to help with anything you need!

Yah Yah

I went with my wife it was open arms. Went with my brother we got followed around ? Wonder why....... loved the fish.


The best store ever best customer service and they always have everything in stock and best prices I drive all the way up here from Glenside just for rats and mice and any equipment that I need they have multiple kinds of snakes and very very knowledgeable So don’t waste your time going to a regular pet store LOL

Trisha Owlgirl

Bought a beta and it died not even a week later. Not happy. Dont trust this store.

David Caraballo

Great place good prices and everything i need for my snakes

Emmanuel Blount

Great mom & pop shop they have a lot of animals that the big box stores don't carry

Jonathan Cox

Great customer service and pet selection. Very knowledgeable about pet needs. Keep good records of my purchases so I get the maximum reward for my dog food purchases.

jr jr

The owner of the place is awesome and very helpful and his staff as well. If they don't have what you specifically want the owner will make a few calls right there and then and make sure he'll have it for you asap. Best pet store around the Philadelphia area for sure.

Marci Cooper

The staff is very helpful. They were sincerely interested in my pets health. Made great suggestions not based on price. They carry a great variety of products and their "aquarium" is entertaining for the kiddies.

Richard Linn

Stopped in for dog leash and brush, didn't have dog ID tags or dog license application. But nice tropical fish, ok place.

Rick Schubert

Great store, great people, personal service.

Pixel Activism

Not happy, bought a Beta and it died five days later. Do not trust this store.

Nancy Moroney

Very knowledgeable owners and staff. I go out of my way to benefit from their assistance. My vet sent me here to help find the right food for my Heeler with a sensitive tummy.

Quadir Wallace

Great staff and amazing animal's

GamerBoyz TV

Love this pet store! Staff is really friendly and Shantal knows what shes talking about!

O.G Wilson

Good section of pet supplies and fish and exotic animals

Ayo Arum

Great staff and service

Kate Kirch

Was a decent store mainly just looking at fish and fish stuff. Had a variety of fish to look at and choose from.

Michael Oryl

Very friendly and helpful staff

Morgan Doyle

One of the few places to get live feeders that I've found in the city. Everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful!

Odamis Fernandez-Sheinbaum

This is a great little shop. Lots of LOVE for pets! Very knowledgeable staff. If they don't have what you need they will work with you.

Jeremy Frank PhD CADC

A nice store with knowledgable staff. Stephanie was excellent and I appreciate how they are a local store and not a mega store. Staff cared about native species and understood the importance of being responsible pet owners.

Gracie Felix

This is the best pet store that I have ever gone to in my life. Great workers, they treat their animals like they should, and have great supplies

Christina Vuono

Friendly amd knowledgeable staff. Fish could be healthier. Plants are good.

Charlene Konopka

Very helpful

Don Cook

very friendly people and all fish look great not sick and awesome petstore

Chris Renshaw

This place has been around since I was little and has only gotten better! They have a wonderful selection of fish as well as having many exotic animals our for you to view. Great prices, friendly service!

Androo Jastremski

love this place. jeff and his staff are just great. strong vouch.

jim nowlin

This place is awesome

Rodney Ford

Very knowledgeable people and very helpful would getting my turtle terrarium setup they even help me carry my bags to the car


Great prices, knowledgeable staff

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