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REVIEWS OF The Reef Gallery IN Pennsylvania

Reef Queen

This is my favorite LFS. Very modern and clean, with healthy, well priced fish and corals. They have great deals on supplies as well. Jaime is always very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Unlike other stores, I have never been suggested a fish or coral that would not thrive in my system, the welfare of the animals is more important then just making a sale. More places should strive to do the same thing!

Zachary Tyke

A great saltwater only store. The owner seems very knowledgeable and listened to all of the questions I had. I picked up a few corals and two fish. Easily the coolest shop that I have been in around Pittsburgh, Super sleek and modern. I can not wait to stop back and find some more awesome deals.

Nick Carlisle

We're lucky to have some really nice saltwater aquarium stores in Pittsburgh, but Reef Gallery is truly my favorite. Super modern, clean, and unique. Adam is down-to-earth and patient, and VERY knowledgeable. Great prices, tons of nice coral (with the best display system I've ever seen) and he always seems to have some unique and interesting fish you don't see everywhere. Sells RODI freshwater and premixed saltwater by the gallon - I just buy it from him for my nano reefs; way more convenient and better quality. Good selection of high-end frozen food. They have a generous rewards program too. They are a must-visit if you're just starting out or a seasoned fish geek. You won't be disappointed!

Zack R

Michael Fehl

Nice corals ,, very abrasive employee.. had the personality of a rock .. rude !! he shouldn't be in retail sales ..

Matthew Snow

Fernando Quintanar

Jaime is absolutely awesome. Great service, and super friendly. I can talk to him about corals all day! The store is well setup and their selection of corals is superior then other stores in pittsburgh. Deffenetly the place to go for your reef supplys.


Was in the store 15 min and no one asked if we needed help. Your on your own. Person at counter asked if we were ok when we were leaving because no one helped us out lol.

Hannah Costella

My experience was disappointing. The selection of fish was poor. There were bags of gravel piled up right inside the door when you walked in, yes i understand the store was going threw renovations but there was no attempt to move boxes and bags out of the way. The bathroom was filthy. There were peices of equipment that came unattached laying in the bottom of several of the fish tanks. The employee that helped me and my friend was knowledgeable but in a degrading way. IN REPLY TO YOUR RESPONSE: {Shop somewhere else Hannah . Our restroom isn’t open to the public so I’m not sure why you were there. You and your other friend that left negative bogus reviews aren’t welcome back. Please find somewhere else to shop. Trash . Thanks} I asked to use the restroom and one of your friendlier staff directed me to it, so I had permission. You should really look up constructive criticism sometime because it would help you build and fix your business off of your negative reviews instead of deteriorating your company's reputation with your overly nice responses calling your customers trash.

matthew rosleck

Great place to shop but today was closed after making the trek there.

WASD Lemon

This is an amazing marine store! Some things here are a lot more expensive than I've seen elsewhere but others are extremely cheap. The fish are kept in reasonably sized tanks and they look pretty healthy.

Shelly Ament

Drove a long way because the online pictures made this store seem large. Got there and was very disappointed. Not a large selection of anything, store was very small. Was not worth the hour plus drive to get there.

King Hop

I was here over the weekend and I was quite disappointed by the selection and the rude customer service. I will not be returning here, as it is a waste of time.

Kate Christopher

Andrea Reams

nice place

Tom pieri reef aquarium

Under new owner and he cares about his stuff unlike Adam the old owner

Yishai B

Very high quality frags. Pricing is resonable and there's something for everyone. The staff is knowledgeable. They dont mind giving advice and help. Their fish selection is decent but the equipment options are a bit lacking. Considering it's a tiny shop Id rather have the big selection of frags rather than equipment, as they do. I've got various corals from them and they are all thriving. No algae in their tanks. No floating

Todd New

Clean, good selection of fish and coral. Very nice shop

Shawn Martsolf

Ted Bailey

Randy Hogue

Very helpful and knowledgeable

Patti Brown

I love this store. Adam was very knowledgeable and helped me with my nano tank as I was having some issues.

Matthew O'Brien

Staff was unfriendly and it seemed as if they had given up on maintaining the store.

Floyd Hopkinson

Dave Goedicke

Lucas Boward

David Kerns

Solid reef store with a good selection and healthy livestock. Jamie helped me make a solidly informed decision on my new reef build. One star of for not having much in the way a nice smaller colonies although I'm sure they would get whatever you'd want. Prices are a little steep on some items like snails and crabs. Willing to hold items and beat Bulk Reef Supply's 5% cash back at 10% on livestock.

Brandon Ramer

Rob Makowski

The only pure reef aquarium store around Pittsburgh. Nice frags, reasonable prices, and convenience for a small but passionate hobby.

RJ Volz

Great place, even though I don't have salt water, very knowledgeable, friendly service. Was great with the kids asking questions. If I would ever get salt water I would definitely recommend this place

Andrew Chevraux

Michael burr

Grant Kemmerer

Unbelievably helpful staff, very knowledgeable

Cory Sprouts

Sam Iam

Good selection. Clean. Great service. I don't know what happened with the 1 star review below, but Adam was very friendly. It was busy, but he came over and greeted us and asked us if we needed help. Then he asked what we had and needed..he listened to my needs and helped me address them, while still helping he others in the store. Will be going back.

Roger H

Kelsey Juszczak

John Gregor

John Boxler

Great coral selection and prices!

Gregg Palastro

Zachary Warner

Jack Rhodes

Bernie Crowley

Helpful folks & beautiful store.

Rachelle Kovacs

Remodeling looking great took home 3 beautiful fish had some really gorgeous rare fish

Dave Sexton

Great guys & a spectacular assortment of fish. Very clean & well kept fish and a huge selection of invertebrates.

emil steinmetz

Chayse Stahanczyk

Jamie sure knows how to take care of stuff that man can take care of anything you can think off I definitely recommend the reef gallery to anyone who loves coral and great prices


It's where I got my clownfish and water needs. Friendly service and good location close to were I work and live.

Matthew Zinn

Amazing coral selection! Beautiful shop. Good prices. Not a large fish selection but good quality.

Pipe Wrench

Since the ownership change, this place has become one of, if not, the best marine aquarium stores in the area. Jamie, Milan, & Kevin have an extraordinary amount of experience and knowledge. The selection of livestock is superb. Highly recommend you stop in!

Robert Weir

Nick Crate

Connor Fanks

Awesome coral selection. Fish selection is kinda sparse but they have room to stock more.

Evan Dylewski

Jaime Adams

I don't know what those back to back flaming reviews are about, but obviously not accurate. Maybe that couple was told that they couldn't put a hippo tang "Dory" into their 10 gallon pico tank or that they should reconsider trying to grow Acropora in a tank running nothing more than a canister filter. At The Reef Gallery you will not find some kids just trying to sell you whatever product or fish they can make money on without knowing anything about it. You will not find algae covered frag plugs or half dead coral. You will not find multiple dead fish in tanks. You will find healthy fish not covered in Ich or velvet. You will find a nice selection of healthy coral at reasonable prices.You will find the most knowledgeable staff that will actually tell you how to improve your success or fix the issues that you are having. Don't take my word for it, call or stop by the store and find out for yourself.

Katrina Medley


Hands down the best aquarium store in pittsburgh. After finding the reef gallery I cant believe I ever shopped anywhere else.

John Penberthy

Going through ownership change, inventory very low, no coral, few fish.


Very knowledgeable


Amelia Costella

Filthy tanks. No selection in fish. Little to no selection in products. Dose not look like anything in web page pictures. Staff was rude when asking questions. Insulted at home set up. Wasted a drive and time. Dear owner. No, the guy that left the other bad review was not with me. Dont even know him. My husband did not write a review. And my review is not bogus . Not every customer is going to be happy in your store.

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