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REVIEWS OF The Hidden Reef, Inc IN Pennsylvania

Brian Schweikert

1/5, the 1 is for the “attempt” to have a great tropical fish store. Ugh! Sooo much potential and it appears they don't have a clue that the customer is their lifeblood. I have been coming here since this establishment opened in Levittown and I have to say they have an exceptional salt water inventory as well as a fair fresh water area. Large fish showroom and most of the time that is all it is, a showroom... a free aquarium! The customer service to purchase fish is easily the worst I've ever experienced in 36 years of fish keeping. This isn't a new development either, I have left this place off kilter because of being ignored more than not. My most successful trip to the store was buying food and supplies where the cashier was always nice and efficient. A damn shame, best that could happen here is new management that realizes people looking at the fish want to buy fish! All this being said, maybe they are making their way in the aquariums and merchandise and don't really care to move the fish out the door. Also, I have to say the health of their stock is suspect at times. Sorry but today was when the last straw; ignore me no more. I will go down the street, it’s small but THEY are experts.

Michael Rutan

This place had the best prices on the biocube aquarium i could find by quite a big margin. I got the other supplies too like gravel, heater etc all for cheaper than the other places had for the tank alone. The fish room looked well stocked healthy and i loved the turtle pond. Everything was well organized and easy to find. The employees greeted me as i walked in and asked if i needed any help right away I will be buying my fish from here once the tank is fully cycled

michael milcarsky

Big sale today comes every year. Once a year. Time to stock up on certain items that you need for your aquarium. Or get a new one.

Lily Padua

I've bought a few fish here. They have a good selection. It's a large store and does have a little for other pets despite the name. It is dark in the back and they seem to always be mopping when I am there. A real fall hazard. And they are rude about it. There are tons of employees and no one ever wants to help me. Don't know why they are there other than to mop. Could be a great store, if customer service were better. I also have a beef with them over a gift card. I bought a $20 card for someone as a gift and when they went to redeem it was told it had no balance. Guess the cashier ripped me off.

Jimmy Wertz

Love this place. Awesome place to buy fish.


Great personalized old school service

mike hillemann

Knowledgeable staff about saltwater fish and reef care.

James A

Extremely spacious building with lots of live fish and supplies. Very clean and organized. All the live fish look vibrant and healthy.

Keith Bower

This place has everything I needed for my aquarium, besides the fish everything you'll need they have..

Henry Perotti

Poor return policy. They don’t offer a refund on returned merchandise, only a store credit. I purchased a pond net and when I got it home realized that it was not what I wanted. I returned it the next day in the original package with my receipt and was told that they couldn’t refund the purchase price. They could only offer a store credit. I will use my “store credit” at a later date but will not return again

Bhavik Patel

Always clean and lots of saltwater fish collection. One of the best reef store in the area

Stacey Fuentes

We went to purchase some fish and thank goodness we had the pleasure of meeting Tim the sales associate at the Hidden Reef. Tim was so knowledgeable and he wasn't just selling us any fish to make a sale, he took his time to give us great detail on every fish we were interested in. If you want a place and a person that knows fish go to the Hidden Reef and ask for Tim.

Lori Ivette Rose

A lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. Nice selection fish compared to other stores.

Ted Larsen Jr

Wide variety of supplies and fish for all your aquarium needs


I come here all the time, great staff and good deals. Although I do wish they had a larger reptile section.

IT 247365

WOW! Huge selection of equipment, salt and freshwater fish, plants and inverts. Crazy good. Great prices too! What a find!

Yuan Tschang

Helpful staff who gave good advice based on my needs.

Jaime Pena

This place has EVERYTHING!!! And at a great price!! Sure beats any other fish store in the area! Oh and very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Nicolette Raleigh

Tim is amazing and deserves a raise. This guy is super knowledgeable and super friendly. The staff in general is great, and they have a good selection of fresh/salt water fish, reptile supplies and more!

alex johnson

Busy, but recieved quick service and was out the door.


Great place

Roman Gluhov

Great place to shop for many kinds of aquatic pets and accessories.

Brian Geragi

I'd like to give an awesome compliment and review to one of your employees named Deana. She was so helpful. So polite and super knowledgeable in every way possible. Her customer service skills were totally amazing. It's people like her that make a difference in a business . this girl deserves a raise... Sincerely, Brian g

Brian Woloshyn

Great variety of everything, very knowledgeable employees, clean, and very customer friendly!

Cindy Cousins

Very nice people

Glenn Hannah

I love going here! Huge slection of everything you need or want for your fish and reptiles!!! Have fun looking at all the different fish too, bring the kids!!!

Lolli Munster

Large shop for all you fish tank needs. A nice selection of fresh and salt water fish and plants. Some knowledgeable staff to answer your questions.

John DiMatteo

My go to place for my aquarium needs knowledge staff and healthy animals reasonable prices the fish room has a relaxing effect and is fun to walk thru

Alex the Emo girl

I was very impressed of its size & cleanliness.

Brandon Reszler

Awesome store they have a lot of fish. Plenty of staff and a good selection of equipment.

Brian's Reef Reefer

Good store......they need more help in fish room. The wait is too long sometimes.

Tim Morton

I always wait no less than 10 minutes on the phone. I dont think ive ever had a question answered on the phone it always takes so long i hang up. Im currently on the phone right now, i asked if they have any assassin snails. 15 minutes has passed and im still on hold. The staff are usually unfriendly, save for a handful of them, and hardly knowledgeable. That is the reason i choose another fish store. The hidden reef has nice stock however and a lot of equipment Edit: unfortunately it was not busy. I was one of 3 groups in there and when i got to the fish room 2 of your male employees were yelling at eachother. I had to ask 3 separate times for help and when i got help the one guy with the tattoos was again pretty rude. And as a former employee i know how you dont train your employees either, thats why i quit, so your right i do know somethings about the store. And google calculates the average response times for messenger and email and it says that the Hidden reef "typically responds within a few hours" thats much too long. Other fish stores are friendly and manage time far better

Justin Justice

Good service. Enthusiastic owner. Expert advice.

Chris Herr

I come here way too much but I can’t help it. They have a great selection of saltwater fish and corals. Prices are very reasonable and always well stocked with accessories. Love this place

Jen P

Really neat place. They have EVERYTHING you need for an indoor aquarium or an outdoor pond. Really different types of fish.

Luis Fuentes

Fish selection is great both salt and fresh water, they can get more in there for the size of the location and get more organized but it's a great place to take the kids to see all different types of fish

keith piuma

Large selection of fish tanks and supplies people very friendly and helpful

Rob C

Best selection of aquarium supplies and fish in the area. Hidden Reef is a destination for fish lovers. Prices are a little higher than amazon, but way better than the chain pet stores like pets plus and all those places. Staff is always helpful and courteous. A great place to go for all elements of your fishtank world

Kassidy Alinea

I've been here a bunch of times, both to marvel at the fish and for some livestock purchases. Fish all seem to be in great conditions, great variety as well. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, would absolutely reccomend Tim for any questions or even just a simple purchase!

Linda Ott

Very interesting!!!! Went with my grandaughter cause she has fish an bought a HUGE tank from them!!!! I luv watching her Huge imported goldfish!!!!

Tabitha Wolford

Brett in the fish section is your go to!! He is very knowledgable and great customer service. He went above and beyond to help assist with a large purchase. He is definitely your go to guy!

Julie Gou

Great prices for all of your fish needs, they cover ponds, freshwater, saltwater, and everything in between. The staff is also extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Dot Hoppe

Best prices. Helpful staff.

Frank Lafferty

My son has been mostly happy with his purchases, but last week he was sold a lineatus wrasse by a so-called knowledgeable salesperson who didn't happen to realize the white spots, or ick, on the fish. My son noticed them once he got the fish home and immediately quarantined the fish, following all recommended procedures. This evening it is dead, and of course there is no guarantee, it's printed right on the receipt. A forty dollar fish and all that was offered was 25% off the next purchase. I guess that's something but I think a place should stand behind the creatures they sell and at least meet him halfway. When the manager was called, he was not pleasant on the phone. For me, their customer service gets a 3, probably should be a 2.


The aquarium in the back is a great place to visit

Mark Weinstein

Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, I been going to them since 2004 when they were in NE Phily. They are by far the best!!!! They carry all different type of fish and supplies, very large inventory !!! You want the best? This is a place for you!!!

rob miller

Place is great. Huge turtle room the kids love. Amazing fish tanks and friendly staff.


This place fish tanks is absolutely stunning, awesome selection of fresh water and salt fish

Francisco Rodriguez

They have saltwater and freshwater fish, an assortment of tanks from small to 100+ aquariums. The have corals, live rocks and plants. Big assortment of filtration devices to suit your aquarium needs. My only complaint is that there’s a minimum of abt 10$ to use a card. (This days that’s kinda non cense) you can use a card to buy a soda or a candy bar on a machine....anyways good pace

Sung Hyun Ahn

Ordered a peacock mantis shrimp came healthy and looks great

marvin gonsalez

Wonderful place I love it,always I find everything I looking for

Sean Pembroke

Let me tell you something, the hidden reef is a gem of a place. It's a free aquarium with tons of fish and a knoedgable staff. Rotating species of fish and the standard choices. The quality that you get here compared to those big box stores is amazing. Fish are always clean and healthy. Never a problem. If you have any questions they have the answer! Go here for your fish needs you won't be sorry!

Berridge Photography

Reminds me of my late brother. The little guy constantly asks to go back to see the turtles.

Chris Thackray

Great fish store. Excellent selection and service.

Michael Zambrana

Large variety of fish and products needed to support aquariums. Reasonable prices, Helpful staff though some could be more polite.

Jamie Epp

Went in to buy salt water fish.They all look like they bout to die.Will never buy anything from them.

Wesley Kropf

This place is amazing the staff are so helpful and knowledgeable. If you have a question just ask them!

Charles Bruno

Great place for aquarium and pond hobby. A large variety of fresh water fish salt water fish and gold fish and coy fish. Employees are a great help they go out of their way to to see if You need help With anything .

Rob Pniewski

Good selection but a good portion of their coral was either bleaching or stn.

Jason W

Nice place. Lots of supplies and livestock.

Nuri Ceylan

Good place to shop nice and clean

william smalley

I've got my fish tank and they helped me with right assesories to get it going .and of course my fish I've been to 6 different fish stores and the store is by far the cleanest friendliest and a wide variety of fish also accessories for reptiles,birds go check it out.

Daniel Bencivengo

1.0 star rating 7/10/2019 Been coming to the store for years spent plenty of money needless to say the experience i had a week age nearly blew my mind. I saw this emperor angel juvenile it was late in the evening i could not take the fish home so i told the guy if i could pay for it and pick it up in the morning. He said they do not take any money for the fish as a deposit or pay it off in full unless you're picking it up in case it dies, whatever that means. The kicker is the fish was marked for $89 so one of the associates puts my name on it and says it'll be there tomorrow, that they will hold it for me. As soon as the store opens i'm there to pick up the fish they have this manage there i seen him a few times i think he's new, and he has help me out a few time we start talking and i'm telling him i'm here to pick up the emperor angel fish, so he come to the tank with me and he's looking at the fish he sees the price and he tell me that's the wrong price i'm like what's the price then he tells me $189 he tells me the guys market fish wrong and he is willing to take $40 off the fish that i would have to pay $150 for it, i said the right thing to do is to give me the fish for $89 buck, that it was marked for on the tank he's telling me that's what he paid for it so needless to say when you go to HIDDEN REEF BE CAREFUL they have a way of changing their prices. BEWARE...

Carlito5 carnelly

They were so helpful and had everything I needed and answered all my 600 questions and didn't mind spending the time with me.

Jessica Ortiz

Just amazing! Staff courteous and knowledgeable. Anything you need for tanks is here at a decent price. Also reptiles are here too... definitely will keep coming back!

James Townsend

As far as fish goes this is the best place to find your tropical friend a new home or to purchase some new friends for your tank Unfortunately they are outside the city and that's where a lot of their clients come from so make sure that they wrap up your new friend that you may spend 50 to $100 for- yes they cost that much in very large bags so they can make it to your home but this store is extremely big and you get what you pay for you get some of the most exotic things that you may never find anywhere else just it sucks that it's not in the city or really they are too much of anything but it's worth the drive and unfortunately there's no buses that goes near the store

Cynday xxx

Love this place, the people are so helpful and down to earth.

Nana Asadu

Best prices in the tri state area on Aquariums.. Huge footprint in the industry.

Chris Cales

Great selection of supplies for freshwater, saltwater, and even pets..Staff is always helpful, and fish room is clean. Prices on dry goods are comparable to online!

lenn grant

Very nice place

Nikki Skillman

The place was clean and the fish looked heathly. Has an amazing assortment of fish, even some stingrays. Best free aquarium in the area.

Christian Sanchez

They have everything you need for your aquarium, for all kind of fishes, salt water, tropical and fresh water, great service at the place, they will provide you the greatest tips and advices to maintain in healthy conditions your fishes !!!

Kirsten Houseknecht

Hidden reef is one of those places that the fish club folks know about but is otherwise not well known. Knowledgeable fish room staff and great fish...decent prices on supplies for fish.

Rafael Ageyev

Nice local place to buy fish and supplies. They have just about everything your looking for with good pricing. Not like Petco or PetSmart. Awesome aquarium inside, sometimes I come in just to look. Nice atmosphere. Intelligent employees. They carry corals, alot of saltwater fish, something that's hard to find will be there.

william rosario

Lately fishes have tail eaten up. And ick all over. But always a great selection of fish.

Danell Roberts

I love this place for the proce of the coral alone. You can get it cheaper at a frag swap but as far as LFS go...this place is definitely worth the trip. I just got this less than 1 hour ago and paid 79.00 at my LFS it would have cost well over 100$ so the prices are good especially for a frog spawn that size (it's not even open all the way yet) I would definitely recommend. Word of caution ask for the managers if you have questions, not all the staff now everything about corals but the service is great and so are the staff!

BCC Dave T

Take my daughter there often. She enjoys looking at all the fish. Now and then a nice gentleman let's my daughter feed the Koi. Super friendly place especially for special needs children.

Jack Fowler

Great place and prices.

Robert Hillpot, Jr

Great Aqurium Store!

Amy Mazza

Always thrilled going here. Worth the hr drive.

Timothy Titus

Best fish store in Bucks. Bret is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I go to him every time I'm there.

Edwin Mendoza

I went to this store several times since the price in equipment is good but I have never bought live fish before. I went ahead and bought my first salt water fish that costed me $75 dollars. The fish died in three days even though all my old fishes are doing great! Called them and asked if there was any warranty since it was just three days after the purchase and the answer was “we cannot give warranty in any of our live fishes and can’t do anything about it”. Not even an apology or empathy, not customer service at all. It wasn’t 20 bucks and I understand if an animal dies a week later or something like that, but three days? At least give your customer a discount in the next purchase. Lesson learned never going again to this place if this is how they treat their customers. I understand you are a big store and one customer may not be a loss but what a disappointment.

Samantha Grady

Helpful staff most of the time. It seems like they take good care of their fish and that’s important in pet stores.

Donna N

Always good prices. Always helpful on all questions. Good stock on most products. Usually find what I'm looking for or something similar. Friendly staff. Friendly atmosphere. I love all the turtles!! So cute!! Large selection of fresh water and salt water fish.

Sharon Hardinger

The Hidden Reef is an enjoyable experience each and every time. From the pleasant helpful plate people to the different creatures Critters and fish. Always ample supply of anything you could need for pets and if not available to to get. My nephew is 7 and hates being in a car that is more than willing to drive the hour there and the hour back just to see what's new in the store

Beth Lundquist

Awesome selection of salt and fresh water fish. Very clean and knowledgeable.

Rose Notwick

Staff is always helpful

Marie Wall

Fantastic prices on reptile supplies. Love it there.


Great aquarium store. You can get all your fish supply needs here.

Maggie Driscoll

Very helpful and informative staff! Had an especially positive experience with (I think?) Rich. No BSing for things I don't need and instead lots of helpful advice and tips. Was even up to adding a specific plant to their order for my tank!

90's kid collector

Great local fish store we love the service and able to ask any questions

Julius Clemens

The best store for fish and aquarium supplies.

Gabby Merker

This place is very kind and helpful and I recommend it very much

Andrea Citsay

Awesome place, staff was nice and very helpful. Great selection of everything! Huge selection of Salt water fish and fresh water fish. Bought a salt water angel. Doing good. The kids love seeing the turtles.

TheFish Man

I used to go here all the time when they first opened. When I moved an hour away, I still went here at least once a month. But in the last 6 years, I have been going less and less because the place keeps getting worse. I went there for the last time 2 weeks ago to get a goldfish for another tank I set up. Out of 1 and a half aisles of goldfish, most of the tanks were empty. There was only 6 fancy goldfish to choose from and they were very plain. We walked around the store so my kids could look at the fish. The 1st row of saltwater tanks were cloudy and the fish in these tanks didn't look good. We left without buying anything. Luckily, the place around the corner had a nice selection and I wound up buying a goldfish and a few other things. It's a shame, this used to be the best place in over 100 miles.

Liz Kozar

I purchased a few Angel fish only to have them die off one by one each day until they were all dead. I took them back, dead, and no replacements were given as stores policy. Very sad as I love my pets.

Rob F

Saw the store on my way back to NJ, had to stop in. Superior selection of live stock (I purchased a variety of fresh water shrimps and plants). Prices were unbeatable (on average, I pay twice as much in North Jersey for live stock and plants). Fish tanks were super clean. Very impressed. Staff was very polite. I will make a road trip down here again.

Ken Lanning

Best place for aquarium supplies and fish.

Beth Welsh

Love this place! Knowledgeable staff, tanks are clean and fish are well cared for!

tammy duffy

My favorite store everybody there is so helpful and nice. And I love the turtles I always check them out every time I'm there they're always up to some fun

Frank N

Great place for all your aquatic needs. Very reasonable.

Eliwood Starlaf

Friendly staff the last time I was there. I just got one fish, but was impressed by the variety of fish they got there...

Alexander Minnick

A great experience everytime I go. This past time, an employee named Brett took over two hours helping us and answering questions. My wife and I were apparently previously misled on many pieces of information concerning our salt water tank. Brett helped at multiple times during this trip, always patient and knowledgeable. We're terrible people that were in the store passed closing time, and even so, all the employees were friendly and understanding.


Huge place. People seem knowledgeable. Vast variety of fish.

Bob Herman

Plenty of fish... And all supply's you could want... They also have some small reptiles and food!

Blake Free

It was actually fairly nice. There's 2 problems with it though. 1 Is that it takes a while for someone to get to you to get you fish or something. 2 is that their floors are always wet, and never dry.

Awesome The Guy

Got my first fish tank their and it is great. They have so many awesome fish and it's hard to choose them.

Gar Atkinson

Froendly staff, very helpful and knowledgeable. Great prices!

Theawesomepython 06

This place is great the quality all the fish are healthy and my friend got his first girlfriend there the fish are great good stalk good reptiles awesone prices and many great variety! Best fish store 10/10

Dan Massey

Worth the Hike! I live in Mt laurel NJ. Its about a 45 to 50 minutes from my house. Great prices and lots of brands and choices to pick from. Tanks, stands, gravel, sand, filters, pumps, plumbing, ponds, ECT . They have really nice and clean fish and displays and and a great fish room of salt and freshwater fish. They have what ever you need for your tanks or ponds. They also have great selections of plants and coroil. They have just about any fish food you need from live or frozen,freeze dryed pellets and flakes. I go sometimes just to look around!

Kevin L

Huge place with tons of stuff for aquarium enthusiasts and a great selection of fish. Down side is a lot of the fish I have purchased here end up dying early on or get some type of disease within a week (usually ich). I really wish they would be more careful with their live stock before selling them on to the public.

scott terry

Worst service ever, ignored by 99% of the staff. Im going to the fish factory around the corner.

David Ortega

5 stars for the quality of fish, -1 for the customer service which is almost non-existent

Andre Jenkins

I was mistakenly charged for 3 fish instead of the 2 I intended on purchasing and because I didn’t call right away (impossible because they closed when I left) and didn’t make it back the next day I could not be helped in anyway I was told. So if I called or showed up the next day I would have gotten another fish but 2 days later I’m considered a liar because I didn’t come right back. I don’t live 5 minutes from this establishment so I couldn’t get there but they acted like I was trying to rob them for a 500 fish it was 7.99 good luck with the business

Michael Johansen

Very big supply of fish and supplies! Nice.

Laura Bigelow

We went during a vendor event and it was great! There were many people asking if you need help and they were all friendly staff.

Bertram Robinson III

Huge store great selection and very helpful staff.

Ashley Buscemi

Amazing store! They have a gorgeous turtle setup and just about everything you could ever need.

Selene Escobar

It is a fairly large place with a lot of variety in fish articles, but the prices are quite high compared to other stores

Richard Sanko

Great place and great staff. Big selection.

Gary Horn

Great place to shop

barbara Terrell

Wonderful selection of fish & plants. I love the staff that are always so knowledgeable and helpful.

Bill Lockerby

Most of the employees there are very knowledgeable to answer any questions you may have. And are more than happy to help you in any way they can

Iwina Washington

Super cute they do have a few other animals it's. Not all fish beautiful sights


Good selection and nice prices.

J and J Automotive

Great place for fish and supplies. Better prices than the chains and the fish here are actually healthy enough to survive. Unlike the chains

Robert Paniagua

Good big store not enough employees

Ed Ralff

I have been a customer for 20 years Hidden Reef is an amazing store they really always have the good stuff From fish the lights to skimmer Highly recommend

Joseph Flanagan

Nice place decent prices

Clifford Shriver

This place seems to have everything tho I only go to look around in there really cool Aquarium and staff alwasys seems friendly

Luis Romero

This is the perfect place for you’re fishtank start-up. Reasonable prices and great variety to choose from.

Wayne Houseknecht

They have absolutely everything we've ever needed for our freshwater tanks and fish, including the tanks, gravel, rocks, filters, lighting, and fish! What amazes me is that their freshwater supplies are dwarfed by their saltwater supplies, which, between the hardware and the fish, takes up easily half of their floor space. They're our go-to experts for everything involving our fish, which is probably why our aquarium has survived and thrived for nearly 20 years. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

c s

This store used to be awesome. The fish selection was great and they had many fish in stock that you couldn’t get anywhere else. The fish were healthy and good quality. Unfortunately, the store has been going downhill. Now when I go they usually have the same stock of common fish. When I try to order specific fish they never check their order book or tell me to ask the manager who doesn’t order the fish anyway. They also sell dyed and injected fish (tutti-frutti, jellybean, and painted glass fish) which any animal lover should never purchase. The fish also seem to be in worse condition, such as having severe ich, columnaris, or fungus. The last few times I’ve purchased fish they’ve had fungus or columnaris and died within a few days. I never used to have that problem but now I’m not going to be purchasing any more fish. They don’t offer refunds or a solution even though I’ve spent thousands of dollars there. Lastly, the reptiles are kept in DEPLORABLE conditions. They really shouldn’t sell reptiles if they can’t keep them properly. Plus, they seem to order the same reptiles that never sell- such as Amazon Tree Boas which are very sensitive to their environment. Every time I come in I check on them and they’re extremely dehydrated with layers of stuck shed. The owner won’t lower the price much to get them to a good home, even though he’s not going to make any money anyway when they perish. The best part about the store though is the staff. Since I have visited the store many times I know most of them very well and they are super nice and helpful. For the most part they’re knowledgeable and aren’t afraid to look up information that they don’t know. It’s just really sad that I can’t trust The Hidden Reef anymore

Justin JP

Horrible customer service. Get some people with knowledge in there also. Waited for like 45 mins to find out what kind of pleco was in a specific tank to eventually be told that this fish was brought in on a "trade". 3 out of the 4 people working had no ide . Im pretty sure they told me that just to get me out. What kind of shop just takes in a fish and doesnt know what they are. How can you sell it to a customer and they wont know how to care for it because no one knows what it is? The one employee that I was waiting to talk to because his coworkers said he would know what it was, was busy fraternizing with his friends as they came in. He saw me waiting and continued to fraternize.

Mike Protopapas

Really nice shop. Lots of livestock to choose from and great prices. The guy who helped me was also super nice .

Cj Lisojo

This place is awesome. Great prices on fish food. Broad selection of fresh and saltwater fish too. I go here a lot! Staff is hit or miss depending on the day but overall very knowledgeable and willing to help.

Vanessa Leary

Young lady allowed us to pick her brain, she made up for other employees walking by. She was knowledgeable and honest. My Turtle tots are very happy with their new habitat. 1st time shopper and certainly not my last. Amazing place

Joseph Folgers

This is the November 17th Annual Sale at the Hidden Reef tropical fish store in Levittown, Bucks County Pa. This retailer is a favorite among hobbyists for there excellent selection of fish, corals, live plants, aquarium supplies and affordable pricing.

Humphrey Stein

This is my second home, love this store

Sal Inzone

Love this place! I come here probably every couple weeks. I had an issue today and the customer service is top notch! They respond with answers quickly and their staff is very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend coming here if you are looking for advice and are into Saltwater fish. I have a fresh water tank as well and they never let me down. 2 thumbs up!

Justin Griffith

I saw a lot of comments about customer service and how unresponsive they are. This is absolutely not true. I work with them a good amount and they always seem to be knowledgeable and willing to help. I literally just called and as soon as I did someone picked up and was happy to help me. You guys are awesome.

Doug Brownlie

Brilliant. Helpful knowleable staff!

jenny lengal

I loved it very much

Kathy Matos

Well stocked! Great selection and prices

Raging Rob

Closest thing there can be to a fish heaven! The staff is professional,informed, and very nice. This place is about an hour away from my house but the drive is well worth it. Great place for all kinds of fish,rare to common,plus you can put special orders in for certain types of fish if you really need that perfect center peice fish .From Jardini Arowanas to pacus to even pike cichlids and turtles this place has it all.

Michael Newell

Visited this place today for the first time, all I have to say is WOW! Hands down the best aquarium store I've ever been to in and around Philadelphia. Great staff! friendly, knowledgeable and available to help. Unbelievable selection of aquatic supplies, they have everything you wish a aquarium shop would have, including plumbing!! They carry all of the tank sizes and shapes you can't find anywhere else. (33 long, 30 breader, 120, 125, 180, high, low, long, cube, etc, etc.....) And to my biggest surprise, they have very good prices! I can't wait to go back there. I'm sold

Christopher Jones

Its a cool store and the kids love the place but their return policy is merciless. Wouldn't let my kid return a $10 pump because we used it once. Receipt doesn't state anything about used equipment. I can see $50 plus equipment but for $10. They could've been more flexible for the sake of customer service. Update: Yes the receipt states that items can't be returned onced opened but no statement about used equipment. Also, the gravel vacuums are not in a closed package, they are merely flexible hoses wrapped around cardboard. The item did not perform to my expectations and it's a low dollar value item. It's not unreasonable in this instance to expect some flexibility on a low value item. Especially when I have spent over $150 this past summer on pond equipment and several hundreds more over my time as a loyal customer. I think your assumption about my expectations regarding your products is misinformed. If I buy an expensive item from your place I would expect it to be new and unused. If I buy a low value item I would simply expect it to be in good working condition. I would suggest a store policy on items under $20 to be allowed return and a used item section at a resale discount. The way the current return policy is worded gives the hidden reef lots of lee way to refuse a return.

Ryan Yeager

I recently inherited a massive fish tank from my father in law. I have no idea how to take care of fish so I go to the Hidden Reef with all of my questions and everyone I speak to is knowledgeable and has an answer for me. I highly recommend going here if you have a fish tank and they also have birthday parties there which seems pretty cool.

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