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Jessica Speelman

Great staff. Great products. Huge selection. I love every visit!

Keith Mapplebeck

Staff is amazing Kat did an excellent job with helping us with our bird. If you have a pet, you really need to stop here

Nathan Tallman

Friendly staff, huge selection. But, we bought 6 fish and some plants and added them to a healthy established tank with 8 fish. 5 of the 6 new fish died and 6 of the original 8 fish died. Water quality in the tank was fine, no explanation for the die off. No refund policy at the store.

Jorge Lui

Used to be a pretty regular customer but the state of their fishroom(particularly African cichlids) has taken an absolute nosedive in recent years. I used to be able to get a wide variety to add to my tanks but the last three times I’ve been in there has been a serious lack of selection, unhealthy looking fish with sunken bellies, and even several long-dead fish in the tanks. I hope they can get back to their old ways

Ryan Hanson

Busy place, particularly on the weekend. If your buying fish be prepared for a wait. However the staff is friendly and helpful. Fish tanks are kept clean and stocked nicely fish seem healthy overall. Plenty to do and see in store, an excellent selection of all pet supplies and pets of all types. If your a pet lover definitely a place to check out.

Justin Bailey

This location offers a very wide variety of not only animals but accessories that you would need for them. For the most part, the employees are respectful and knowledgeable. If you come across an employee that isn't sure or knowledgeable with your question, they will find someone who is. They also take really good care of their animals, ensuring that everything is cleaned on a daily basis.

Aaron DeJesus

They have the largest selection of animals and supplies around. The employees here are more knowledgeable than any other pet store I've ever been to. Love this place!

Lydia Walker

Huge animal supply store. Love this place. Have to watch coming there because I want to bring home all their animals! Helpful staff.

Jacob Robinson

Your employee Tyler D was extremely helpful and always goes above and beyond to help all the customers as well as goes out of his way to build relationships regular customers. He is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to share his expertise. Having an employee like Tyler is one of the reasons I love to come to this store!

Rob Pavlock

My kids love it. When we are visiting in the area they always ask to go to the Lancaster aquarium. The dog loves the selection of cookies and toys as well.

Nick Reynolds

Best pet store in this galaxy. Huge selection and best prices. Always friendly and knowledgeable staff. Come here for pet food, supplies, adoptions, and of course... pets!

Christian Koelsch

This has become a favorite spot for my family. With 2 fish tanks and 5 for babies we find everything we need at this store. The customer attention that you are given by most employees is very important as well and makes each stop quick and easy.

Kamini Hagerman

Awesome in every way possible. Staff are very knowledgeable, thanks Robyn, patient and willing to help. The place is busy, even around closing time. So many different types of fish, birds, etc. We are definitely going to be there a lot more. Prices are very reasonable, in comparison to chain stores. I can't wait to visit again soon! ♥️

Rhonda Moyer

Staff is knowledgeable in their areas and friendly. Never a bad visit here.

Jen b

This is by far one of the best pet stores I have been to in awhile.They do not have dogs.They have cats for adoption through a rescue.They also carry a large variety of reptiles.They also have the largest variety of fresh and salt water fish I have ever seen. You can also touch sting Ray's as well.

Joseph Colella

Uniquely different pet store. Very clean. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Isabella Carson

The staff here are very friendly and helpful. If you need help, they will be sure to help or educate you on whatever you need. The animals are also very well taken care of. Definitely my favorite pet store. :)

Brianne Galante

This place is humungous. You can probably find anything you need. We went to purchase a tank to do a saltwater aquarium. We had about 5 people helping us. Very knowledgeable, kind and patient.

Dillon Rohrer

It's the bomb dot come bring ya dogs they will LOVE IT

Nicolas Lebron

You can really be "submerged"

Amanda Reinert

Awesome place to just walk around and take the kids for a quick visit. You get to pet live stingrays here as well. Super cool!!

Carol S

I love the dog grooming. They are good. Megan does my yorkies. They always look hreat......


Thanks for helping us get fish for our girls first tank... .15cent feeder fish are GREAT!!!


I've been going here since 1983 when it was simply a pet store in a diner. Now it's the size of a WalMart Super Center. Incredibly knowledgeable staff, wide variety of reptiles, furry animals, birds, freshwater fish and an incredible saltwater and live coral section that you have to see to believe. Product line-up is also the absolute best in the quad state area of DE, MD, PA, NJ ! You'll see animals of all types that you've probably never seen before and their prices put many local pet stores to shame! I promise you it's worth the drive!

Emily Hershey

Associated helped me find what I needed, they have cute cats for adoption, and cashier was friendly

Anne Geb

Great selection of everything for your pets. Friendly and helpful staff. Good selection of aquarium plants. And fish. Best place for aquarium supplies in Southern Central PA.

aaron johnston

The best! Our dog, Chuck loves going there and so do we.

Matt thomas

First off, I love coming here to get almost everything for the aquarium, from coral to co2 kits, best to go in store for everything because the help there is fantastic, Tyler in the fish room knows his stuff, great time talking with him, also Brittany is a big help with fish and corals, glad everyone knows their stuff and if they don't they get the person that does. I always give a great review here, from reptiles to corals, great experiences here for many years and hopefully many more to come.

Dana Mitchell

We love visiting here. They have everything pretty much for every animal. Our kids love going just to visit.

Dustin Bridgman

Great store to buy pet supplies for any pet or even just to visit and pet the stingrays

Christopher Ridpath

Like a costco/bj's for pet supplies. Large fish section and even a stingray petting pond! Knowledgeable staff and would recommend this place over other pet stores!

Acen Eastridge

Has a huge inventory and the staff are very helpful.

bree jackson

Super loads of fun to bring kids, even to just look around. From the live animals to the birds and fish. Family fun can be found at That Pet Place. Also almost every product available for any animal will be here !!

Jennifer Haas

You can find almost anything you need for just about any pet. Awesome fish selection for fresh and salt water tanks and for ponds as well, Reptiles and small animals. They have a bird room that's pretty cool. They have adorable cats for adoption. The sting ray pool is neat. You can touch them as they swim by. They have the usual pet stuff a typical pet store would have only they have a wider selection and reps from pet food brands are there sometimes to answer questions and offer samples. Honestly if you have a pet of any kind it's worth the trip out. I really can't cover all the awesomeness you just have to go!!

LadyDee Rocks Rocks

Nice online Pet store great variety of fish and aquarium supplies. A little costly in comparison but well worth it. A complete line of aquarium supplies not found in average pet aquarium stores. Other pet and supplies as well but I shop for fish and aquarium products.

Laura Mccamant

Great to take your pets. I let my dog pick out his own toy.

Theresa Sever

Britney the Supervisor has an extensive knowledge of aquariums, fish and plants. I am preparing to purchase an aquarium for the first time and she answered all of my questions and even went the extra mile writing down lists of fish and plants to get, how to clean a tank and all the other details that go along with it. She even gave me creative ideas on how to set up the driftwood and moss. I was grateful to have such a knowledgeable sales representative help me and will definitely be purchasing everything for my aquarium from That Fish Place.

Erika Frey

This place never fails to amaze me with their great prices and brilliant staff. Today I had Jamie helping me with aquarium issues. She spent time with me doing a water test and then guiding me how to fix my issues as well as helping me select plants. She even went as far to double and triple check with staff to make sure the products were okay for my red eared slider. I’ve never been to a pet store with such pleasent and knowledgeable staff. Thank you, Jamie!

Tyler Jazz

This place was pretty nice overall. I enjoyed the interactive rooms, the knowledgable staff, and the cool atmosphere. The prices are pretty high, and the crowds can be annoying. But overall I enjoyed it, would go again

Mike Brown

Very nice. Not just fish but pets too. It's worth a visit even if you are not going to buy anything.

Kathy Dennis

I can get anything and everything for my dogs here. The people are super friendly and very knowledgeable of the items they sell here. All dog and pet lovers need to check this place out.

Kelly Wilkinson

Huge selection of both pets and products. This is the biggest pet place I've been to. The staff is there to answer any and all questions you might have. Very clean and professional.

Brad Espenshade

This is a great place to go for your pet supplies, to get new pets, and just to see some pets. They even have a sting ray tank where you can pet the sting ray's! A great place to take kids and adults a like.

Shaybraham Centeno

I love this place but I cannot give it 5 stars only because their employees while kinda sweet and informative really are not taught proper animal care/advice. And I really feel as a pet store that's something they should strive for. Again not employees part but definitely something tpp/tfp needs to work on. Even if you have one specialist for each area but have them be truly informed. Not just trying to sell animals and product. Not that they do that purposefully. I was definitely more knowledgeable in the snakes and rat care than the employee who told a new pet owner everythinf wrong and that's not good. Poor folks almost wasted money on a hamster cage for 3 pet rats

DeAnn Gates

My dog loves this place fun exciting welcomes your dogs or animals

Donna Eckert

Great friendly employees. Loved all the petting and hands on to touch live animals ect.

Piper Animations

Its wonderful and a great spot for dates! You can pet sea pancakes! That alone is worth visiting because where else can you pet them? Also has birds! And a cool bear statue!


Good place to go. Lots of activities. Prices aren’t bad but you definitely have to become a member to get the best prices. There is always touch the stingray event pool but I wish it were watched better.

Stephanie Cordova

This pet store is huge! We had fun perusing their selection of fresh and salt water fish, checking out their stingray petting area, and other exotic and domestic pets. I'm sure this place has just about everything you could need for your pet, but we were satisfied with just walking around!

Teresa Todd

Excellent customer service. Great selection. Good prices.

Shane Huyett

Huge selection of animals and critters. Knowledgeable staff, very friendly and helpful! Great place for everyone and pets!

Kevin Robinson

Just because of the size of the store. The selection of Fish was ok, But The supplies was off the charts . The atmosphere was very nice. The Dog section was huge, plenty of supplies and accessories to choose between.

Tessa Jackson

Have been there twice now and have had outstanding service. Store is clean, neat and very well stocked. Every employee I meet was friendly and helpful. Came for freshwater and saltwater fish. Brittany was terrific. She helped me pick out the best quality fish for my aquariums. She even taught me ways to sex certain freshwater fish and emerald crabs. She explained the best combination (male/female) of certain species. She also helped me find my first piece of coral suitable for my saltwater tank. After 3 hours I had a cart full of fish, coral, live rock, and aquatic plants. Brittany’s coworker helped me pick out the employee helped me find plants and solve issues with my tank so plants would thrive. (Sorry can’t remember his name but he was a supervisor too I believe.). One employee in the main showroom even watched my cart while I took a bathroom break before checking out. Even the cashier was patient ringing up my order. Really just can’t say enough about how terrific this lace is. The only negative I can think is that they are 3 hours away. Even though I have ordered online from here before prefer to see the fish in person. Thanks for a wonderful experience and kudos to all the staff.

Robert Hardy

Love this place. My son loves animals and got to see many types here. He even got to hold a python. One of the nicest pet stores i have ever been in. If you are in the area, you should check it out.

judy herman

The employees are friendly. Prices are okay. But they really don't have a nice selection of items for cats and I have 2cats. I much prefer Pet Smart.

algenis gonzalez

Love this place! I have bought most of the things for my snake tank and my new custom cage I'm building!

Aders Oh

High quality services. Excellent selection and quality control. I have been a customer for the past five years and while certain items I have purchased were overpriced or not 100% what I have desired the available selection and service has kept me a customer that is happy to return time after time.

Melody Lynn

The adoption events are awesome! The string ray pool is my favorite. But they have such a wide variety of different animals in the store. Huge reptile area, fish area, and the most birds I've ever seen. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Mike Keenan

This place is huge. Such a big selection. All the animals looked healthy. Very clean. Staff was very helpfull. Animal rescue center inside was nice to see as well. Wide selection of fish. Will be returning.

Damien Morris

My wife and I were there the other day to get some things we needed to maintain our pond. We were lucky enough to talk to Tyler, the fish room supervisor, and not only was he very nice to us, but man, did this young man know his stuff! We left that place feeling very confident that we had gotten what we needed to maintain our pond. We'll definitely come back because we'll need other things. We really hope we get to talk to the same gentleman.

W Vega

Biggest pet shop ,excellent customer service and the location is Pet friendly

Norman Wood

Really well stocked store with a wide variety of items for all your pet needs.

Kimberly Jones- Lombardozzi

This was one of the coolest everything pet store I've ever been to. From dogs and cats to reptiles birds and fish. There's something for every kind of pet lover.

Douglas Gemza

I've always loved going here but this time wasn't that impressive. Bad selection of fish this trip. Not to mention bad quality. Lots of fish either dead or dying in the tanks. I hope this turns around

Eric Kipphorn

Kyle is a great asset in the reptile room! He is very outgoing and is very knowledgeable and helpful with advice. He is also very accommodating and will go out of his way to help get something for you (like something that maybe out of stock.) His service and professionalism are above and beyond and to be commended!!

Brandon Mayer

Great place Helpful and professional staff whom take good care of the vast inventory of pets. The guys in the lizard area were especially helpful when asked. We kept them late on a Saturday and they were very cool about that. worth driving past Pet Smart.

Tombs Stone

Always extremely friendly and very patient with my son! Fair prices and good staff!

James Cook

Great place to shop for all your pets needs. Friendly and extremely helpful. They are also very knowledgeable answered all of my questions as well as few things I didn't know about to care for my pet better.

Erin Tyson Barrett

This is the only store I've found with my parakeet's favorite type of food. I stop in every time I'm in Lancaster. I also love to see the birds. They're young and always look healthy. I bought my Houdini there seven years ago and he's still going strong!

Gloria Stoudt

I love knowing that my pet supply store is very close. The service is always wonderful as well. Great selection!

George Greiner-Phone

Best local pet store around. Large selection, friendly staff and competitive prices.

Heather Dewitt

Love this place! We basically go to see the fish and other animals. We pretend we are at the aquarium and my 3 year old gets so excited to see the big fish tank.

chris stroup

Awesome place to buy any pet goods. Cheapest place around and has the highest quality. Will Never go anywhere else

Jon Garrett

I have been a long time fan of That Fish Place for many years. Not only do they offer supplies for many animal types, but they have a very hard working, deeply educated staff as well. Tyler D has been an incredible help. His customer service skills are superb, very approachable and willing to do anything he can to make our lives easier with saltwater keeping. Highly educated, he can assist you with anything from lighting to sumps, pumps to skimmers, corals to fish. His passion shows in his quality of work, something rare to find in most. A+ experience.


This is my favorite place to come for fish. I live in Maryland, and I'm more than happy to make the drive up here because the quality and selection is unparalleled anywhere remotely close. They also have an enormous selection of products for other pets that puts any chain pet store to shame. Even if you just go to look at all the animals and merchandise they have its always a fun trip out here!

Jeremy Kienle

We went during an event of bring your dog to see Santa. What a great time to go, lots of great dogs everywhere. I got to pet all of them. Also the staff are friendly and informative. There is a massive collection of animals to choose from if you were looking to bring home a friend. Good stuff and here's a pic of a frog using 2 snails to hold itself up I took when I was there.

Linda Erb

I love that you have cat adoptions and at a reasonable price!

Melissa Manili

It's so huge and they have an awesome variety of just about everything


Having two cats, two snakes and a salt water tank, That Fish Place is THE place to go!! Their people in the fish room are quite knowledgeable and always take their time with customers. The selection of fish alone is worth the visit, but when you consider the overall selection plus the touch tank, it's well worth the trip! Not to mention online ordering and shipping is also available.

Michael Brown

It is Halloween and a young man that looked like Burt Reynolds helped me. He was very knowledgable. Cashier wearing a renaissance dress was very polite as well.

Ryan Stauffer

Amazing selection you can't find anywhere close by. Very helpful employees that really have a passion for fish and pets. Best pet store in be ever been to.

Ben Snyder

Good place to get pet supplies. Helpful staff. Selection varies a bit, things will sell out often. Things are much cheaper with the rewards card.

huster104 gaming

Love it I come here for crickets for my berdie and treats for my dogo even my grandpa likes it i had to translate a lot but the end product we liked it

Joseph Allan Lawrence

First time customer. Called and talked to Kim about questions about my fish tank. She was very nice to assist me on my first order. Excellent prices too! Highly recommend That Fish Place!

Jose R Lopez

Very large selection to choose from between brands and items. I'm about 100% sure you will find what you're looking for in this business. I've come here in the past and I can honestly say, I feel things have improved and gotten better with time. They have a large selection of aquatic fish from freshwater and saltwater. They sell top of the line tanks. They serve all domestic home pets. Staff is friendly and helpful when called on for assistance. They also have a large parking lot yet the day I went, it was difficult to find a spot.

Brian Wenger

Gabe was amazing! He is very knowledgeable and was exceptionally helpful in picking out new fish and giving tips on tank care.

Desiree Gload

The best place to go for ur aquarium needs. The only place I will buy my saltwater fish from that's local to me.

t oden

TYLER D was SUPER HELPFUL answering all my questions and addressing the concerns regarding aquatic purchases, including many great tips. My experience with personnel here has always been great, but Tyler went the extra mile. A+++!!!

James Smith

Only place I shop for fish. The employees are helpful and the fish are always healthy. I would not go anywhere else.

Jason Langheine

Wide selection of everything. Whatever you need, they got it. Friendly and helpful staff.

Quincy Barnes

We went to an event. It was really cool. A scavenger hunt. Kid had a lot of fun.

Desarae Ward

I love this place. The prices are cheaper then any other store. It's worth the drive

Amy Bubb

Very helpful staff. Lots of products to choose from that fit your best needs.

Lilly H

I dread going into this place due to the poor health of their animals and the staffs attitude issues. However sometimes I need to because no other store around me carries the variety they do even if their aquatic inventory is half dead. Tanner B was a great help to me in the fish room and is the only reason I would ever go back. He made my experience much more enjoyable.

Brian Ketner I I

Other than being under staffed with onetimes having outrageous wait times they certainly have almost everything. Tip : work on your pond items selection and hire more people because those teens working there are gonna look 35 ish real quick working like they do

Adam Shelton

Being handed a pager and told there was a 15 minute wait on a Tuesday afternoon gave me plenty of time to notice how long the lines are at the registers and compare prices with other stores .... Again on a Tuesday afternoon.... The prices seem average and there was a decent selection but the place is obviously very understaffed. I can't even imagine trying to go there on a weekend. I won't be back, but if you don't have anything better to do it seems like as good as any other pet store.

Brian Alpers

This place has gone down hill since i was there last, maybe 3 or 4 years ago. The selextion has shrunk considerably and most of the staff is helpful and friendly, but i think the whole place needs a revamp. Lots of dead fish in the tanks

Shawn Bakis

Good general pet store. Don’t go off the fish salesmen’s recommendations they are just looking for their commission. We bought over $250 in corals and were sold a sea urchin and other invertebrates that completely devoured our corals. Wasted the $250 on corals and then had to give away $80 in invertebrates.

Teresa Kullman

LOVE THIS PLACE!!! It is SO Big! We brought our dogs and they picked out their own toys! Everyone including the other customers were very friendly! If you want your pet groomed you have to make an appointment. It takes a couple of weeks but I'm sure it will be worth it! They have an Aviary with the cutest chirpiest birds! I put my Pomeranian Chase in the shopping cart with his new ball and took him past there so he could see them. The Fish Place section is huge! They must have almost every fish possible! And they have the coolest pet items I have ever seen! If your in the area this place is a must see! Oh and there is a HUGE SHARK COMING OUT OF THE BUILDING! SO COOL!!!!

Tom Pennell

Very well kept for fish, birds, and all different life forms

Kathleen Butt

All animals,fish, are very well taken care of and clean. Employees care. You don't find anywhere like that anymore. My children and others that were there enjoyed trying to pet the stingrays. We will definitely be back!

Timothy Foglio

Awesome place to get ideas for fish setups and friendly courteous staff


The best place for fish I've ever been to! Largest selection for sure, fairly knowledgeable staff, well cared for animals. It can be frustrating when fish are quarantined but it's comforting knowing they are treating the fish instead of just selling sick ones! I love the petting tank, and between that,their huge fish selection, and large animals selection I general it feels more like an aquarium than a pet store! Great place to visit even if you don't need anything. Their selection of all animal products is phenomenal with great pricing too

rich mollica

It's a great pet store but very limited parking and only one exit and entrance.

Erika Canfijn

This place is great for taking kids & buying anything aquarium/pet related. Huge store! Staff is friendly and helpful. We have bought fish for our outdoor pond and snails and other essentials with no issues. My kids always love going here too since the place is pretty hands on. You can pet stingrays, go inside the bird rescue, cat rescue, and get up close to other small animals such as rabbits and ferrets.

Jon Brady

Huge amount of pets and pet supplies to purchase. We got a juvenile bearded dragon and the staff have been very helpful and knowledgeable each time we talked with them in person or even over the phone. To me, the best customer service is when I ask a tough question and the staff person says "I don't know but let me get that answer for you." Yes, I will continue to shop here. FYI, some prices are lower than competitors but some are higher.

Stacey Barndt

So much fun! It was the day for Reptiles! Bigger than I realized, so much to see!

Brett Trostle

Hands down the best pet store to have ever existed. Place is huge and so is the selection on just about everything. The fish area is so big its like going to a mini aquarium. Small animal and reptile selections are always great. Reptiles and fish you would have a tough time finding elsewhere. Animals are healthy. Prices can't be beat. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Even a sting ray tank where you can pet the rays. This place has it all.

tony santos

My son loves this place and that's good enough for me.

Kara Spangler

Staff is always friendly and willing to help you out for anything. Purchased a blue Iguana, a ball python, and some fish. Every transaction was good.

laura painter

Everything u would ever need. Knowledgeable staff

Sara Hauff

Absolutely wonderful place. Reasonable prices. Great customer service as well. Jenna, the cashier knows us by name. She is wonderful!!!

Quinncent Hess

I absolutely loved That Fish Place! This place is a maze of excellence and you can definitely get lost in its wonders. I expected something small but when I got here I instantly knew that they had anything I would need there and for a good price too. They have a huge selection of pets and pet accessories for all your furry or slimy friends. As you walk down each isle you start feeling how endless it's options seem and even if you weren't trying to, you might leave with a new friend.

Melissa Perez

Amazing store with HUGE selection of everything. Love the variety of fish and Tyler in the fish department has always been so patient and helpful when we go. Definitely makes the 2 hour drive worth it.

Donnie Lawrence

I went to check out That Pet Place since I pass by it on my way home from work. I have a fairly complex salt water tank, but have been having some issues with it. I didn't get much help looking for what I needed from the sales rep on the main floor, however I ended up having a wonderful experience when I asked for a supervisor in the fish room in the back. Tyler D. helped me get everything I needed, and was super knowledgeable and courteous. He totally know a LOT about salt water tanks. I'll definitely be back for all my fish needs, and highly recommend asking for him!

traci leed

Good place for supplies..every fish i buy except betas dies within 24 hrs

David Hock

We went there to pet some bird and had a great time. Its a huge store. I really think they are better than pets mart. They have everything...coy fish to creepy crawlies birds ferets snakes. The list goes on. I highly recommend visiting. Its like going on a small adventure. They also have a huge bear you can take pictures with the kids. This place literally has everything.

Javan Reigner

THE place to buy your pond supplies. Not a "box" store. Went there on a special pond day, the factory rep was extremely helpful and guided me to the proper pump and filter system, preventing me from spend hundreds on the wrong filter. Be sure to sign up for their email program for more savings

Tanya Haydt

We come here every time we are in town. The variety is great, as are the prices. Lots of saltwater fish, a really good variety. Rooms with exotic birds that are rescued and can be adopted. Plus a wonderful cat room where cats can be adopted.

Jeannette Mengel

Anything fish and pet related can be found here. Large selection of fresh and salt water fish, pond supplies. Large bird rescue located inside. Huge selection of reptiles and small pets and birds. Some cats for adoption. A fun experience for any animal lover

Luke Zimmerman

Great service. They have everything you could need for almost any pet you can imagine. The fish section is so large it could be a small aquarium. The stingray touch tank will distract both young and old while mom and dad do the shopping. The prices are great! The touch tank is free and just looking around is an experience in itself. I highly recommend this pet super store for both serious hobbyists like myself and first time pet owners. The employees will be happy to assist and give advise. Lets support this great place together! #thatfishplace


Been going here since I was was a kid. I go here for every pet need I have from fish, cats, birds and dogs. They have it all and are very friendly. Best place around.

Heather Hurst

The ultimate pet store! They have everything a pet lover needs. I love just walking through the fish room as well - it's like a mini trip to the aquarium! And what other store has a stingray petting tank????? Can't recommend enough!

Jennifer Dutko

Great service and selection! We bought a beautiful Betta fish and his whole set up. Highly recommend visiting if you are in the area!

Garrett Keller

The best pet store I've ever visited. The staff here are very professional and extremely friendly. It's worth the 2 1/2 hour drive and the Frag Swaps they allow the local clubs to put on are a lot of fun.

Sarah Lloyd

Amazing pet store. This place is Huge!! And with tons of pets, fish, rescue birds, and kitty cats for adoption. Great place, we got treats for all our furbabies and scales friends.

William Whale

My day care children love the touch tank. So cool they do this. Many beautiful tanks

Kathy Bailey

I love bringing my grandchildren to That Fish Place but the staff just walks around and is not very friendly/social/even a smile with the customers unless you ask them a question! This is not the first time I have noticed the staff's demeanor because we have visited your store many times! It would be nice to do staff public relations sessions! Thank You

Michael Krammes

If I love or like fish & reptiles or whatever kind of animal, please go and check this place out,OK,u will be amazed!!!!!

david micheal

The place was amazing all pet stores should look like this .

Robert Paniagua

Tyler D. Awesome dude really helpful, a mountain of knowledge on corals and fish would definitely put his advice to the test.

Scott Salkeld

Lots of things to do and see. Very friendly and helpful staff. Prices in line with other pet stores.

Michelle mosson

Great place but all my fish died within a week including the ones I already had

Elizabeth Harvey

Huge selection. The Walmart of pet products. Pretty good service. Clerks sadly feign knowledge on pets and pet products. I've caught it taking place more than once.

Andy Andy

Amazing selection of critters people keep as pets, and of course all the accessories to go along. I like the pool where you can pet a stingray (I never outgrow my fascination of them), and the fact that they let you watch all these fascinating fish and reptiles without pressuring you to buy things. (Wife spends enough there as it is!) Keep up the good work, guys!

rockwood mahala III

Always a joy to visit here for my fish and reptile needs. Anything fish related, see Brittany in the fish room.

Margaret Grater

Really cool pet store and more. Very large fish room, good variety of reptiles to choose from, and staff is friendly and helpful.

Todd Carini

The selection of pet supplies for any pet is outstanding. It is like shopping their website in person. Their staff is knowledgeable and can help you with any question. The hands on fish display is a great way to get kids into the aquarium world. If you want a fish, coral, or invertebrate their selection is good.

Duane Groff

The Fish Place/Pet Place does not skimp on anything! They have a pool with rays that anyone may touch. There are many different and exotic animals and fish to see as well. The staff is excellent too. They care for your pet like they own it. I would recommend them for any animal questions.

Francis Ramirez

Some times it gets packed of people, just need more staff on those days, other than that great customer service, the one supervisor in the fish room, Tyler very knowledgeable and friendly had the answers for my questions...

Lisa Baker

A great place. I even got to pet baby sting rays.

Dean Varner

Great place,have practically anything you want. But they want way too much $$ for aquarium decor

fefe marie

in all fairness ive never been in the store. however i just had the weirdest email convo with their customer service where a simple question of "where do you get your ferrets from" was met with a vague response and when i asked for more clarification they basically said "well why do you want to know". ultimately they told me they arent allowed to disclose that information. odd, because everywhere else will just tell you. lucky for me marshall farms allows you to search for pet stores near you that sell marshall ferrets and they were the first result that popped up. i believe they didnt want to tell me because i specified that i was trying to avoid marshalls ferrets but like did they honestly think i wouldnt notice the signature marshalls ear tattoo if i drove and hour to go look at their ferrets? very bizarre.

Paul H

I suppose that if they carried the dog food to my car I would give 5 stars. That Pet Place is more of a warehouse shopping experience. I don;t want that to sound like a negative since I've been going there for maybe 15 years. In spite of it's size I find that if you need help you can get it easily and if you find someone who doesn't know the answer they will find someone who does. Prices have been better than Chewy, Target and Wal Mart. Also, they mail monthly specials that might get you another 10% off. I buy Blue Buffalo and treats and toys. For treats I can usually find something at 50% off that suits us. I used to get our rabbit supplies there. The workers are pet owners too and bring a personal touch to the visit. They understand when my lab shoplifts a biscuit. Than you all.

David Wright

Place is very clean. Had multi associates ask me if I needed help because they noticed I was wondering around aimlessly taking in this massive sized store. The different sections (fish, reptile, dog, ect) are well marked by signs hanging from the ceiling. They have an extensive inventory of aquariums. 300 gallons is the largest I saw. The amount of accessories in stock was impressive. I'm not a reptile person, but I walked though the multiple aisles. Just tons of specialty tanks and other items to personalize your tank. Large amount of fresh and salt water fish to buy. I was surprised there were not more large fish in stock. A ton of smaller fish though. What they have in stock I'm sure will meet your needs. I was not ready to buy my aquarium today, but I bought a unique pink squid Kong Toy I haven't seen before.

cassidy Kuhl

Always super helpful with our needs for our gecko. Great selection of toys for the pup. Always a fun time checking out the animals, touch tank and great events. Pet friendly!

Jonny Fernandez Sr

You could find anything for any animals at a reasonable price.

april decker

Who doesn't love this place even for just looking it's great, kids love it

Ann Marie Tharp

This place was absolutely amazing and HUGE. I took lots of pictures. I attached a few.

Edna Borges

Good service n great customer service

Keisha Smith

Tyler D the manager in the fish room is amazing! He helped me every question I asked, helped me pick it the best fish for my size tank and explained what fish go best with each other. I appreciate all the help today, every time I visit I’m personally going to ask for him! Keep up the awesome work Tyler D!

Jannine Richter

Excellent helpful staff. Saved my fishs' lives.

Dean DeNault

I have to say, I was surprised fish were in cages that they didnt belong in. Some fish were not marked. The kids were in a football huddle talking instead of cleaning tanks labeling cleaning and helping customers. Not happy with the stores outcome. Great supplies at great prices.

Rachael Metzger

Nice store, nice employees. Prices seem high, and not a good selection of dog apparel. Tons of foods and toys.

Sue Mitchell

Best quality foods for my pets sold here. I always visit the pet rescue area. Cats are well taken care of. A wide variety of pet services. Great customer service. Pleasant, knowledgeable associates. Can take pets inside while you shop. Can't forget the ample parking.

Mark Stauffer

The staff in the fish area are tremendous. I had a problem with a new tank that had very cloudy water. I went to the store and Tyler helped me immensely. He was amazing. He took his time with me, tested my water completely all while asking questions about the setup and what I have done so far. He told me he would have the tank clear in a week and he was right. After testing my water and discussing our setup, he developed an action plan that has completely resolved our issues. He was thorough in his explanation and what each step would accomplish. My tank is now just as clear as their display tanks. I would strongly recommend That Fish Place to any aquarium hobbyist and if you have question or issues, ask for Tyler. I also really like the variety of plant life and fish that they always have in stock. The fact that each tank has a detailed description of the fish helps a lot in picking fish. Thank you Tyler and That Fish Place.

Brian W

Great assortment for all your pet needs. Staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Amazing how much this place has grown over the many years it has been here.


Its the best place in lancaster to go for your pet needs. They are helpful and will answer any question you might have

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