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REVIEWS OF Robert Wholey & Co. Inc. IN Pennsylvania

John Murphy

Best seafood and meat prices ANYWHERE! Love it! Need more stars to rate fairly, like 10!


Great meat/seafood market in town. Great prices and sales. Everything is cut fresh daily and per request. Suggest getting here early especially on weekends because it will be packed all day

Burt Robl

Love this place. My wife and I always stop here when in the strip. Large selection of fresh and frozen meats and seafood. Also have fresh fruit, veg and much more. They serve hot food and make fresh sushi that can be eatn there or takeout. Some of the best lobster mac and fish sandwiches I've had in the area. Everyone is very friendly and will help you with any questions you have.

Talaine Peterson

Crowded, try to get there early because of Ash Wednesday. The fish as always was great the fries needed some work maybe clean oil. Now they have extra places to sit and eat KUDOS Rob Wholey. Also stop to get my fresh fish on the way out, double KUDOS.

Joseph Flowers

This place has a good selection of fish! It gets a bit crowded, but it is worth it! Not only can you get fish, including shellfish, you can get a lot of different meats! There is also a sushi place and a fried fish place in here with upstairs seating! The staff are also friendly and helpful.

Daisy Smith

I travel here 3 times a month to enjoy fresh seafood. Wouldn't buy it anywhere else.

Scott Wiltrout

Fish sandwich is big & fantastic!! Catfish bites& provolone sticks are excellent also!!

LaTisha Holt

Always a sale. Best fish sandwich!

Martin Murphy

Great food and service everytime!

Kurt Stahlfeld

Decent fish selection, although not much wild-caught fresh in season right now. The checkout process really needs to be improved. About three out of four times, the wait is painfully long for very few customers

B Kripto

Where to start here is the biggest problem. First, they have THE BEST FISH SANDWICHES IN PITTSBURGH. I got the fried Cod and my business associate had the Whitefish… which they even baked for her... & they had FRESH SMELTS! (A little pricey @ 4 for $3.99 but hey, you get what you pay for &) I paid for 8 delicious little fishes, spritzed & dipped them in freshly squeezed lemon juice. We shared a plate of Pierogies which were very good… & the Mac & Cheese was homemade & creamy!

Alexandra Kavoulakis

Great seafood. Lots of decent prices on meats and other groceries. If you have time, get a fish sandwich and enjoy a meal before you do the shopping.

Edmund Binkowski

Not another place like it. Unique place that is real Pittsburgh. If you are passing through make it your first stop.

Eugene David

It's a great place to shop but wear old clothes

Caitlin Rothwell

Delicious food. Great experience

Montae Nicholson

Great! If you've never been, go. If you've been, you know! Hi again!

John Harvey

Looking for fresh sea food? This is the place to visit in Pittsburgh for anything seafood related. From fish to crabs they have it all.

M Robinson

If you're a fish monger, you absolutely positively must visit Wholey's in the strip. Their hot fish sandwiches are simply out of this world. The market itself is filled with every edible sea creature imaginable, as well as spices and sauces and meats and produce and ... everything you need.

Alexander Rata

My favorite fish store. Selection is out of this world and prices are excellent. They make orange juice out of fresh oranges all the time.

Harry Williams

The absolute best grocer in all of Pittsburgh. Everything you could possibly want at the best prices anywhere. Simply cannot be be topped!!!!

qian lin

There is clearly racist profiling happening at the Wholey’s parking lot. Apparently, (they feel) they have an issue with people who park there only to shop at the Chinese Supermarket close by. So if you happen to look Asian, you will be routinely harassed by the staff, even if you are a frequent Wholey’s customer. Our family just decided to take our business elsewhere from now on, after we were berated not just by the parking attendant, but the manager and a security guard as well. What happened? While I was buying $100+ worth of Wholey’s goods as I do every week, my husband went to pick up some small items at the Chinese store next door – something that did not extend our use of the parking spot one bit. As I was pushing the full Wholey’s shopping cart toward the car to unload, I was confronted by the overzealous parking attendant. My argument that I had clearly been shopping at Wholey’s as required and that it makes no difference where other members of my family were at the time fell on deaf ears. I complained to the store manager who did not recognize the absurdity of the debate either, and sided with the parking guard. I made it a point to return my merchandize at the spot and vowed to never set foot into that store again. Something tells me that the folks at Wholey’s silently congratulated themselves for getting rid of another one of those obnoxious non-white customers.

ray hrapczak

Nice selection of fresh, frozen and live fish. Great fish sandwiches. Home of Andy’s Sushi which is great fresh tasting sushi.

Tequila Shott

Lovin Wholeys for years....always get my Catfish & Croaker's fresh

Travis Eacona

Amazing seafood, meat, chicken, lab market! If you can think of it they likely have it!

Matthew Christy

Always a great stop and purchasing when taking a trip to Wholey. Highly recommend stopping in here when u make the trek to the Strip District.



Elena Kuptsynova

THE destination to realize all your fish and seafood wildest dreams

P.J. V.

Best fish sandwich around. More selections of fish than you will find anywhere, both alive and dead. The food area and restrooms get trashed and needs a good cleaning more often, otherwise the fish are cleaner.

Edward Streiff

There is certainly a wide variety but you will be paying a premium for it. For frozen seafood you are way better off going to Sams Club if you need bulk or Whole Foods as the price for frozen food is high here. For fresh seafood it’s still high but more reasonable but they have a nice variety

Catrina Johnson

Great as usual!!

Shawn Garman

I always stop in when I'm in town. They have a wide variety of fresh seafood and terrific prices. Their lobster bisque is absolutely the best in the burgh. If seafood is not your thing, there's fresh Italian sausage and meatballs as well as produce. A great experience for anyone who likes to eat or cook. Did I mention there's prepared food too? Try a fish sandwich but you better be very hungry or bring a friend.

Kathy Terrell

I live in Pittsburgh, been coming to wholeys since lil girl with the parents. Now I bring my kids. Alot has changed. Now you can roll in and get a fish sandwich, delish. There seafood and fish are so fresh. I love it. Never been there yinz need to hit it up

John S.

Wholeys is a Pittsburgh institution. Great selection of meat & seafood, and a real contributor to the community as well.

Joshua Applin

Got to get the cod fish sandwich! It's the bomb! After you you find parking which can be difficult in busy times, and get past the line out the door for the hot food! The wait is definitely worth it. Staff are friendly, and the food is absolutely delicious! Their fresh fish look amazing as well. I'm a repeat customer, and will continue to be.

Ran Case

Good crabcakes; Andy's sushi is always lovely; the whaler sandwich can feed two people and is one of the best fish sandwiches I've had.

Arnold Freedman

Excellent fish and good cheese and natural peanut butter

Elisha R

I'll go any day just to see Andy for a great laugh and the best Sushi within 100 mile radius of pittsburgh!

Trevor O'Mara

This place is huge and the staff is amazing! And the best place to get fresh sea meat!!

Bill Wallace

Excellent selection and variety, ice available for safe transport. GREAT

Charles Newton

The best place to get great food to prepare at home. You name it they have it

David Forstate

A Pittsburgh and strip district landmark and destination. Fish sandwich and sushi is really good. Good price and selection on fresh fish and produce. Weekends are nuts there, but service was pretty good considering how busy they were.

Dezmar Tyson

I love Wholeys! A Pittsburgh classic. I ate the cod sandwich, Which is always delicious. Then we walked up and down the street to do a little shopping !

Shelley Johnsen

Freshest fish and seafood. They have tanks of living fish in the back of the store. Another Strip District tradition of Pittsburghers.

Lou Presnar

Fresh fish, fresh meat, fresh vegetables. The place to go. A Pittsburgh in place to be.

Jo Mack

So friendly, wonderful seafood, wish there was one here.

Cody Marie

We stopped here for lunch, and did our best to try a little bit of everything. The people working the counter were very helpful. Popcorn shrimp, smelt, fries, and filled tater tots were great for the kids. I loved my crabcake sandwich with a side slaw. Treat yourself to a chocolate mousse!

Anthony DiGregorio

Great products and prices and The employees are always friendly

India Washington

Always get fresh fish from here and the young man was patient waiting on me while I was undecided.

Sheryl Austin

This is my most favorite place to grocery shop in Pittsburgh, especially for seafood. It's also a really fun place to shop!

Mark Hibbs

Love this place. A Pittsburgh staple for sure. The owner was there. Reintroduced myself from dealing with him 24 years ago. He thanked me and everyone he spoke to for our business.

Jeremy Williams

Very nice open market feel. Very good sushi here too!

Ashley Hardesty

Wonderful place!!! Big variety of fresh fish! Icelandic cod sandwich was delicious!

devin mcclain

Historic fish and food market. Pittsburgh's seafood staple. Hot food bar.


Large selection of really fresh meats and seafood. I was looking for kidney to make my husband steak and kidney pie but a meat market doesn’t have kidney? That was my only disappointment but it is a fantastic place to go for fresh meats and seafood.

Benjamin Duncan

This review is based on the hot foods only. The coating on my Wholey Moley fish sandwich was not crispy and it was anything but large (see picture). The Mancini bun was dark, dry and flavorless. The lobster Mac and cheese was terrible. The macaroni was like mush and there was no cheese sauce. It was like paste. The fries we're cooked to perfection but ruined by being way too salty. My wife's oyster sandwich was delicious and the only decent part of our meal. All this for $32. What a joke.

Vasudhevan Balakrishnan

Good place for buying fish shrimp. Live fish sale!

Tommy Carlucci

Oyster PO boy and soft shell crab for breakfast! Heaven

Valentina Celes Luna

Great selection. Looking FORWARD to getting different cuts of meat as well.

LAP465 lap465

I’ve been ordering seafood from Wholly for 8 years now. Collassol lobsters are my “go to” as Wholly has the biggest Lobsters this side of the Mississippi. They never cease to impress my friends when I cook them. They are so huge!!! I also order Scillies and shrimp from them. This is the best seafood store in the area and I would dare to say that their lobsters are even better than Maine. Definitely larger no question. I won’t buy anywhere else!

Nikki Streiner

All your seafood and fishy needs. Very clean.

corbin melon

Lots of high quality fresh seafood and meats for a good price. Sometimes a little crowded but nothing unbearable. Try going to the top floor and eating there!

Julius Ecker

They need to change their fry oil. Their chips taste like old fry oil. The kitchen looks like it needs a deep clean. The fish sandwich is okay-to-good. Prices are fair. The staff are generally helpful and nice.

Jim Bridges

Great store. Love be to shop there, have really good meat and fish. When they have specials it's great, you can get some really good deals as well

Ramon Goudeau

An amazing place that has reawakened my love for seafood, and I am pleasantly surprised that Pittsburgh has great seafood. The fish here is fresh, like still living. Definitely definitely worth a visit, and I'm upset that I won't have an opportunity to eat everything

joseph pegano

Tad $$ fish and lobster mac and cheese 17 bucks but was great also carton of milk

John McCarthy

Literally the perfect food place. Complexity smacked with unpretentiousness. Bewildering assortment of food, and of course, authentic Pittsburgh flare. Been coming here since a kid with my grandfather. When I walked in today the smell of fresh fish instantly took me back!

Michael Minella

Fantastic place for seafood. Great staff and friendly atmosphere. Live fish.

David Heathcote

Largest selection of seafood in the Pgh area. Good prices quality products, helpful staff.

Kevin Lockett

Not this time but the last time I was up there the security guard followed me and my wife around the whole time we was in the store we bought maybe for different type of fish and shrimp and I told my wife it looks like the security guards is following us around and everywhere I moved he moved then when we went to check out he went in and out the indoor and came in the outdoor in case we was trying to walk out with we were stealing it was very insulting. I wanted to say something to him but from Fear retaliation I didn't. I've been shopping there for at least the last 30 years I'm 63 years old I didn't understand what was going on didnt understand that

gabe terente

Bought two fish today. They cleaned it and put it in a bag. When I’ve got home and opened the bag the stench was unbearable. The fish was so decomposed it looked more like a paste. Don’t buy from here without making sure you’re getting what you paid for.

Nicholas Milasich

Great sushi with Andi and amazing seafood

Julia Deighan

Annual trip to Wholeys to purchase lobster tails for Christmas Eve Dinner. The fish sandwiches are delicious too.

Howard Worley III

Best service in Pittsburgh, always premium quality goods. A 'Burgh tradition.

Alice Smuts

Fish was greasy, tartar sauce was great., clams were good but small, onionrings were good.

Linda Woods

Love this place! Great selection of fish, my friend loves Red Snapper, lots of produce, friendly staff! Even has ice to go, so you can get your fish home.

Michael Fularz


Denise Tolliver

Got two fish sandwiches. They were very good.

Denise Ciafre

Everything you want at awesome prices!

Navid Binesh

My go to place for fresh fish and other seafood. You can also do your meat and the rest of your grocery shopping here. The service is fast and friendly. They accept credit cards. They don't accept checks anymore. I'm not if there are still people who use checks for their grocery shopping.

Jeromee Geibel

The best place around for fresh fish. It's a must go place just to see everything they have. You can see live fish and lobsters, or see an employee making sausage. It can sometimes smell like fish, but it is worth it. It is very family friendly and the kids will love it too. Plenty of vegetarian and vegan food too.

James Amato

Great grocery store. Lots of good options and excellent prepared foods also.

Michelle Woodard

I love this place,the fish is so fresh,the employees are so friendly

Elizabeth Godusky

Great quality meat, produce, and other products! Friendly staff. Would recommend

Kitchen Boy

One crazy and amazing market. Heavy on the seafood but plenty of excellent choices for beef, pork and chicken as well. Small vegetable area also and we bought some fresh squeezed orange juice chilled and so delicious. After the sample we bought a small bottle to drink as we walked the Strip. Wish we had a place like this at home. And don't forget to put some change into Rachel the pig on your way out - for charity after all.

Balaji Kandasamy

Meat and fish store in strip. Fresh fish, hand cut, lot of wild caught varieties with farm based too. Live fish and crabs in tanks that we can choose. Rabbit, beef, chicken, Turkey name it they have it. Decent varieties of fresh veggies. Wholeys special sauce available in the billing counters. Cooked crab soup was available. Fresh squeezed orange juice. If you love eating fish don't miss this place. The parking across the place is free if you buy stuff in the store.

Robin Ray

The fish sandwiches are the best.. love it every time I go down there..

craig eyth

Super great place to shop and buy all different types of food hot and cold. Meat can be cut to preference or already cut.

Tim Atteberry

Hands down the best selection of seafood and meats on the East Coast

Charde Armstrong

They always have a great selection of seafood and other grocery items

Jared Wiegand

great selection of the freshest fish and meats. a staple of the strip district.

Alex Cocco

Best fresh fish anywhere. Great cod sandwich. Have eaten here since I was a boy you can’t go wrong. A slice of the old Pittsburgh I grew up in.

Ken Frazier

My family and myself I've been coming here for years and I must say the cod fish sandwiches are excellent. The fries sometimes are hit-and-miss but the fish sandwich still makes up for any issues with a french fries and we drown them in vinegar anyway so they're always edible. We park in the lot across the street and we always enjoy shopping in the attached supermarket. Eating here is one of the highlights of our frequent trips to Pittsburgh.

Frances Matthews

Robert Wholey was awesome packed friendly i got all that i wanted nd needed even help n holiday greeting from so many customers.

Susan Norris

Fantastic service Great selection Been there twice will go again

Dave Eschenbach

Always find something to bring home!

Melissa Best

My daughter and I had sushi from Andy. My husband had chicken fingers and fries. My Mom had the fish sandwich and fries. Everything was delicious! I loved that they sold Reymer's lemon blend!

Mary C OD

Pittsburgh is lucky to have this establishment. We go here for all of our seafood. We love the salmon and shrimp. The staff is awesome and always helpful! We love the exciting vibe. They also have specialty items that you can’t get elsewhere. And if you want to splurge the fried onions rings and fish sandwiches are a must!


Sh*tty place to work. They don’t respect or value their hard workers. Owners think they’re better than the people who run their store. The son, Luke, on the other hand is a very nice & humble guy.

Mike T

Great spot for fresh seafood and the kitchen makes a great fish sandwich, not to forget about Andy's sushi too.

Ray Antonelli

Easy to shop on Wednesday vs weekend. In and out 10 minutes. Good fish!

Jason Sides

I love this place. The range of seafood that is available is great. There are live fish here, as well as a range of frozen fish and other meats. The meats are reasonably priced, and are of high quality. The staff are also very useful. It is just a great place to go to when you are in need of fine seafood. A great choice.

Deez Biscuits

You have to experience this place! Awesome Sushi, great bargains to be had and awesome employees!


One stop shopping, not just for seafood.

Brian Lovell

Pittsburgh staple. Great family owned business. The Wholey family is there everyday to make sure everyone gets great customer service.

Dule Sheffield

Great place, lots of fish choices as well as other foods

Keith Johnson

Best place in Pittsburgh for any seafood product you desire. Many other food products to include Vegetables. Absolute must place to visit if you come to Pittsburgh.

Marlene Booth

I haven't been here since I was a kid with my parents, was in the neighborhood so wanted to walk through it. Great place, lots to chose from. Ended up getting a pack of new York strips for dinner. I will definitely return when I go back to the strip

Mia C

Probably the best and most well known place in Pittsburgh to buy your seafood, but their credit card minimum means I usually end up skipping it.

snap seven

Robert Wholeys the only thing that makes living so far from the ocean manageable. Thank you. No-nonsense approach to high-quality fish and seafood. parking available for free if you show a receipt from Robert wholey's which is awesome when going to the strip district during the weekend. the fish sandwiches along with calamari lobster macaroni that you can consume in the dining area is awesome. I might consider moving from Pittsburgh if Robert wholey's ever goes away

Jerin Miller

I got the lobster rolls for an afternoon snack. They were a decent size for the price but not the best lobster rolls I've ever had.

Lawn King

The hot foods/restaurant inside the store is not very good. Everything we got was too greasy. I would pass on eating here. I used to like this store but after visiting last week I will never shop here again. My wife bought about $20 dollars worth of ground meat here and it was spoiled. Since we live too far away to return it, we just threw it out. After looking closely at the stickers on the package we noticed someone just put new dated labels over the older ones. Deceptive business practices at its finest. Luckily we tossed it out and did not eat it and get gravely ill. Buyer beware, please check and inspect any fresh meats closely before purchasing.

Keno Keez

Always get great service, A great selection of food along with very nice employees and Mgmt ! Wholeys is the best in the Burg !

Paul Walzer

Lobster Mac and cheese was unbelievable!!!

Andrew Ashworth

I'm a Cajun , this is the best place for crawfish that I have found in the pa area. The prices are very reasonable and I got to meet the owner who was very helpful as was all of the staff that I asked for assistance . Highly recommend. I look forward to shopping here more frequently

Doug Runions

I had the oyster poh boy and lobster mac and cheese. Both were good but would not eat again. The sushi looked amazing so I'll definitely have to have that next time. It gets crazy busy and can be long lines.

Gary Osborn

Great reasonably priced fish sandwich!

Eff Dee

The groceries are average but expensive. You can get a bunch of fresh fish here, which is great, but for everything else, it's more expensive than Giant Eagle. The employees here are also basic, if you know what that means


This place is heavenly for seafood lovers. The market has it all:

Martin Wijkstrom

Had a private tour by Sam. Arranged for by wife's company and colleagues. We had a great time. A very impressive operation. Will for sure come back and enjoy the multitude of high quality products!!

Magdalynne Marrick

Best place to get groceries in the city- fish is fresh and delicious!

Chris Lund

I love shopping there. Best seafood & best meat department.

David Cheung

They have all kinds of seafood here. There are frozen fish, live fish, fresh whole fish. They sell hot foods such as fish sandwiches. The portions are large for what you pay. After the fish market there is also a decent meat and poultry area followed by a regular grocery store.

Rebecca L Harper

Love a fish sandwich from who let's, went and got 2 today, and probably Won't go back, the cashier had a bad attitude even the customer behind me said, " Seems as if she doesn't like her job! "

Rachael McGee

Really cool place, even just to walk through!


Dingy but not dirty. Great selection of all kinds of meats, and the hot food selection is great as well. Try Andy's sushi!

Christian Rogers

I love this place! Best seafood and meats in the area! Make sure you get here before 10 or else you’ll be left with all the left overs, they also offer a good variety of fresh fruit and juices. They also apparently produce over 20000 pounds of ice... that’s cool!

Nicolas Rivero

Wide selection, good prices, great service! Pittsburgh staple!

Michael Guajardo

I love it here. The biggest fish sandwich you'll ever find in the city for an amazing price. The lobster bisque and lobster Mac and cheese are also my favorites.

Donald Hogue

Great place for fresh seafood and meat.

Ken Green

Prices aren't always the best and sometimes some items can be found elsewhere for less. But overall the selection is awesome and I enjoy shopping there. I always get my bacon at Wholeys. For me it's either fresh slab bacon or nothing. I refuse to buy the vacuum packaged bacon that other stores sell.

Christine Gerner

Best place for fresh seafood! Their meat selection is fantastic! Don't forget to try their fresh nut butters and lobster bisque they are delicious!

Michael Conrad

Love coming here! Great seafood!!

Cat in a garden

Had a large selection, friendly and helpful staff, prices were decent. Will come back!

Richard Washington

The worst fish and fries I ever had in my LIFE. My brother flew in from Houston and after he purchased a ton of Steelers stuff, he said let's grab a fish sandwich. Well we stood in long line, bought three WHALER COMBOS and two lobster rolls. After a few bites of the fish and a handful of fries we threw that GARBAGE in the garbage. The lobster rolls were almost as bad. Never tasted the cole slaw, simply pitched it. Spent over 50 bucks! We want a refund ASAP

Wade Brown

No place better than wholeys for your seafood fix!!!!

Danielle Jackson

Quick service today

Christine U. Hochrein

Employees were so helpful. Free ice to pack my purchase in my cooler for a two hour drive. Great options.

Wen Xiao

Be careful about shopping at this place. Yesterday I bought two pieces of baby back ribs and asked them to cut each into two smaller ones. When I came home, it turned out only three smaller pieces, instead of four, were put back to the bag.

Shirley’s Cookin Stevens

What's not To share Great Company Best Seafood Ever And I had a lot

Scott McCay

We love shopping here! They have a wide variety of great seafood and meats as well as excellent produce. It's so much fun to browse those isles.

Anita Burroughs

This fresh and frozen fish market, meat market and fresh vegetables market is different than any store in the greater Pittsburgh area. It has a longstanding presence in the Strip District. There is an upstairs dining area for you to eat the freshly cooked meal you just purchased. This is a must place to visit when at the Strip District!

Parker Charlton

High quality products. Prices are good not great. The prepared food is excellent.

Kimberly Apodaca

We LOVE Wholeys! We go there every time we visit Pittsburgh. Even if we don't need to buy anything, we go.

Denzel Dolodai

Nice food. Fresh meat and seafood.

Will Boas

Best place to get fresh fish in all of Pittsburgh today I was there to grab a few steaks and got some great rib eye so fresh meat seafood or a fish sandwich great place and it's in strip district so whatever u want or need is there

Joshua A

This is a great place for seafood. They have other items that they seem but are most known for their seafood. They have a place to buy food to eat; such as fish sandwiches, chicken wings, fries, etc. Nice people. Good atmosphere. Great prices.

Wally-Rachel Peterson

As a visitor, we would have never known of this place had our friend not brought us here for lunch. We arrived around 1:30pm and still waited in line for on of their delicious sandwiches. The experience, however, was well worth the wait. Check it out. Btw, there is free parking across the street on the corner.


Love this place. Great seafood selection. Friendly staff.

Richard Ashley

I shop online only to order special things. Glad it arrived fresh frozen.

Alana Jensen

As always, great produce, customer service and prices!

Christine Riley

Had a Lobster slider out front. Fresh and wonderful every time

Cristine Black

Food was excellent. I expected nothing less.

Joseph Richards

I'm a long time customer ... Unique place , lots of character .. The best seafood , sushi , meats and more...

Aneesh Krishna P V

Found most of the non veg items here. Wide variety of collections with all required things for cooking

Terre Evans

it was the blessing i asked for i thank god for letting Robert wholeys and co serve us in pgh

Rabrena Warner

I love the fresh fish

Ed Murry

What a great place. Outstanding seafood, always extra fresh. The meat department is terrific too, and the very knowledgeable butchers are very helpful and will cut meat to order. Good hot food too.

G Tian

Live fish(striped bass)! Fresh seafood. Free parking lot. $10 credit card minimum

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