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1540 Cowpath Rd, Hatfield, PA 19440, United States

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Here you will see the feddbacks of real people who buy the services of Reef To Rift Aquarium Store (Fish Shop) in the area close to the state of Pennsylvania.

To this day this business receives a score of 4.4 out of 5 and that rating has been based on 215 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Reef To Rift Aquarium Store IN Pennsylvania

Jonathan Armstrong

An excellent selection of all things for your aquarium. Store is well maintained and fish and plants are of great quality. The have an extensive selection of just about everything.

Albin Babu

Huge selection of fish and decent price

Wesley Bahrt

Great store, knowledge staff, healthy fish.


Had a bad experience with staff but I'm willing to give them a try again. One of the best stores around besides fins feather paws and claws in harleysville.

Jeffrey Sine

steve franklin

Matt Frangipane

One of the best laid out aquarium stores in the area, with a great selection of fish. I have gotten several different cichlids and other fish and never had any issues with disease or losses. I always recommend a quarantine tank regardless. Dry goods prices are also reasonable and I would rather support a reputable small business than get them offline

Joshua Pearce

Wow amazing selection and staff. From plants to fish and they even have live cultures in stock. Amazing story that is kept very clean. One of the best local fish stores.

Linda E.

Went there to get my daughter her first betta fish, and the staff was very friendly. Huge selection of fresh water and salt water fish. Prices we're a little high, but worth it with as clean and healthy the fish appeared to be.

Tony Di Paolo

A lot of beautiful, rare fish, especially the plecostomuses, and very clean.

Rufnecklures Bassman

Huge selection, both freshwater and saltwater livestock. Good prices

William Peragine

The cleanest and best store around.

Melanie Tunstall

Touch and go customer service. I have gone in several times as a novice saltwater tank owner. It feels intimidating going in here and the folks working there are not always encouraging. I found another place that is friendly and encouraging, but I come in occasionally to see their stock since they are closer to my home. It's really disappointing since I'd prefer to come here.

Phuoc Ho

This place got all the stuff you will need. A large selection of fresh water and salt water. Fish are really healthy looking. There are shrimps as well. I also like that they have a variety of aquatic plants. There are drift woods and rocks as well as large selection of water treatment for fresh water and salt. I think the price is a little higher than most places I have been to but for a good and healthy fish is is worth the money. The staff seems nice and helpful.

Earl Wilson

Drove 1 1/2 hrs for this store.staff wasn't friendly, no fish in the tanks

Tim U

Clean store but the fish and supplies are very over priced. Not much of a saltwater selection either . Customer service could also be improved.

Caiti Weiser

This was a really great store. I drove over an hour to check it out, and I was extremely impressed by how clean they keep all of their tanks. As far as live stock, they seemed to have a good variety of both salt and freshwater species. The guy who got my fish and plants knew exactly what he was talking about and gave helpful advice. I was also happy to see a variety of choices as far as equipment and decor. The tank ornaments included a bunch of unique pieces I hadn't seen before. I'm already planning a second visit.

Madison Kaelblein

I have been looking everywhere for the perfect angels to add to my aquarium. I ended up driving over an hour to get here. The drive was worth it. I bought three angels, they were pricey but worth it. One literally glitters like a diamond, one has a beautiful snakeskin sheen and the last one was a black marble with orange stripes Unfortunately, once I got home the marble started to aggressively attack everyone in the tank. Being that angels are cichlids they can be feisty, yet when I called they didn't talk down to me and explain that it is just his nature and dismiss me. Instead, they told me to bring him in and they would exchange him for a less aggressive angel. They would be "happy to help me find the perfect fish" I highly recommend this store, the tanks are impeccable, the fish are happy, but most importantly they know the value of good customer service.

Elizabeth Doll

Cleaned nice but not a huge variety.

Laurence Banville

Good size fish store. Good selection of fish. Tanks clean. No apparent disease on fish. I deduct one star for a staff member giving me incorrect advice regarding a molly. Fish I bought are solid. Overall I would recommend it.

Donna Gregory

Excellent fish store. Wide variety of fish. Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. The cleanest and healthiest fish I have seen. Drove an hour to get here and was so happy we did.

Joe Dobrowolsky

Healthy fish in clean tanks. Staff very knowledgeable.

House of Buckets

I like the fact that they had Discus fish but they were expensive. They didn't have an abundance of different fish that we were looking for.

Donald Rosskopf

Robert Campoli

william wulffleff

Cleanest Aquariums in the area. Best selection of dry goods and Great source of knowledge. Won't try and make a sale for the sake of making a sale without educating first. Truly cares.

Matthew Chancey

Clean with a vast selection and a knowledgeable staff. Definitely with a stop to check out.

emily alvarado

Great place great people wonderful fish

Marie Forney

I have been in the process of setting up my first serious aquarium. Given my limited experience with keeping fish, as well as a desire to contribute to small local businesses, I was browsing the Internet for an independent aquarium shop. I'd stumbled upon this one, and despite the negative reviews, thought I would check it out since I work close by. I spent a few minutes browsing the shelves before a worker approached me (I think he may have been the owner) and asked if I needed any help. I told him that I was looking to start an aquarium with some cardinal tetras, and then asked for advice on anything from substrates to other fish. He was very knowledgeable and polite! I was impressed with the extensive selection of fish and supplies, the bright, open area, and the personnel I encountered, who had an obvious love for fish! I will be going back once I've cleared out the area for my new tank, but until then I wanted to even the score for this new business. It's been a while since there's been a good aquarium store in the area, and I would like to see this one stick around!

Aman Patel

Great fish and knowledgable staff

John Cox

Had a great selection of fish. Customer service was mediocre at best. I dont plan on returning.

Charlie Barba

This is perhaps the most beautiful aquarium store I have ever visited. The fish are magnificent! The staff was awesome. Wonderful experience.

Jason Watt

Amazing selection, always getting new fish in and very knowledgeable staff. These guys are a great help and their fish and tanks are in awesome shape. Water quality is superb and always healthy fish. Also a great selection of driftwood, chemicals, filters and anything else you need.

Karen Harper

Amazing fish

Rob W.

Overall a good place. Excellent selection of fish and products. The Staff was a bit aloof (the store was empty but I still had to hunt someone down to be helped) but once engaged they were very helpful and nice. The prices were reasonable and they stock better quality brands. Defiantly a small business worth supporting.

Eric Hilton

Good selection of plants, fish and chemicals. Staff is helpful.

Arun Selvanesan

Very very clean tanks. Great selection

Chrid Krezel

Very knowledgeable staff.

Timothy Boger

Very clean place. Owner is clearly passionate!

Rick Bunker

Great selection, healthy fish, knowledgeable staff who clearly love the fish. A tad pricy though.

Karla Fermamento

Mike Mitchell

Large selection of salt and freshwater fish and supplies. Really helpful personnel. Tanks are always very clean. I go out of my way to get my freshwater fish from them mostly due to their wide variety. They also send detailed inventory email updates regularly so you know what they generally have available before heading out the door.

Corry Fish

Jeff Ehlenberger

This place has the best selection of freshwater fish around. Their saltwater fish dept is ramping up (store has only been open about a month) and will be equally impressive. Tanks are clean, fish are healthy and the prices they charge for livestock are where they should be. Great store!

Keith R Murphy Jr

Great customer service

Brian Stimmel

Will definitely go back staff was great and tanks are super clean..

The Jeffrey 27

Knowledgeable staff, rare livestock and everything is very healthy, but things are very expensive here

sammy 20

This place had a horrible coral selection. I drove an hour only to be disappointed and left the store in 10 min. They were over priced as well.

Dave L

Very helpful staff. Fish always healthy, lots of info. Great selection of just about everything and rare fresh water livestock.

Charles Walls

Karin Ferrizzi

Excellent customer service

Andreas Hess

Staff was very knowledgeable and super helpful. Thx much!

Psi Mike

As a repeat customer I have had nothing but good experiences with Reef to Rift. Their selection of fish is at times breathtaking. The tanks are always clean and I've never seen any deaths in their tanks. The staff is knowledgeable and will answer any of your questions. These guys are smart but they don't treat you like you're beneath them. I take my 9 year old son in weekly and they've taught us both so much! They want you to be successful! They won't sell me fish that aren't compatible with what I already have and they've even helped me cure the dreaded Malawi Bloat with minimal loss! Their prices are very fair and if you don't see something chances are it's easily acquired! I love this shop! Looking forward to many many many years of business! Thank you guys for bringing an industry standard to the North Penn area! Once you shop here you won't go anywhere else!

Chuck Brassell

Huge selection

Ahmed Hussein

Top of the line store, you get what you pay for

Carey G

Decent selection of fish, plants, rocks and wood. Has a large selection of medications, treatments, etc.

Luis Ruiz

Great store very clean and healthy fish

John Savarese

Excellent selection of fish and equipment.

Nick Crisci

Their staff knows so much about fish. They always can answer any questions i have. They have a great selection of fish, fresh and salt.

Jared Miller

Mike Orlopp

I have been here a few times. There is one guy there that is always nasty, but there are several other workers who are nice, and helpful! The banana plants here are only 4 bucks, and they are 10 at petsmart! Pretty much all the guppies and lower priced fish are cheaper here. Even my tank was cheaper than petsmart! My snails and fish are healthy, except for a guppy that died a day after purchase (but everyone gets a dud once in a while). Their return policy is more strict than petsmart- one of my guppies died the next day, but I needed the corpse, my receipt, and they had to test the water to see if it was okay before I could exchange. That's a lot of work for a $2.00 fish- so I bought another at petsmart. Overall, I love the ma and pa vibe of this store!

A Google user MC

maria ocasio

I feel excited every time I'm in this store, all my questions are answered, and the place looks clean, neat, so many pretty fishies to choose, U have to come by, and see it for yourself!!

Jay Garner

very interesting fish store. has stuff I have not seen any where else.

kirk halupowski

Excellent service. The staff are knowledgeable. Gave me a free water testing and then explained the results and options. The guy that runs the place is always available to answer questions and very helpful too. Well stocked with healthy fish and plants. This place is a hidden gem. I can't say enough good things about reef to rift. I left a purchase at the store a few days ago. I went in today to ask of maybe my bag was still behind the counter. The boss knows I've been there 3 times a week for the lastvminth getting a planted aquarium together and replaced the items for me with no questions asked. Top notch. And I bother him for 30 minutes with questions every time I go.

Amanda Miller

At first I was really excited walking into this store. They have a great selection of fish and supplies all neat and organized. When I was ready to set up my tank again I knew that I would go there for my fish. However after spending over $60 on fish I am greatly disappointed by there fish policy. I bought a $20 Cory Cat and it just died after less then a week of having it. My more fragile Angel fish that I also purchased that same day is doing great as well as the other Cory. I called today and they only have a 3 day return policy on their fish, this is rediculous due to the fact that if the fish is sick going into your tank it can take up to a week to show signs and or die such as mine did. Now I wasted my money on a fish that died in less than a week and they can do nothing. I will not be returning and I will be letting know all the connections I have in the Pet Store world know my experience and to never buy a thing from there. I would have been a loyal customer if this rediculous policy wasn't in place and or if they would do something to try and compensate me.

Mike Kritz

Loved it. Every question answered every time. Very knowledgeable!! Great supplies and beautiful fish. Very reasonable!

Michael Finnegan

This is a very nice store. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Beautiful selection of fish and supplies.

Anthony Ó Farrill

Amazing , and they sale good product

Richard Malandra

Excellent store for all kinds of fish and Aquatic needs staff is very helpful and knowledgeable would definitely recommend

Jjgalugie 36

They dont seem to want to sell you fish. They interrogate you about your fish tank when you say you are looking for something specific and then find a reason that you cant buy it that day. It is always a wasted trip there. Zero stars.

Brian Pitcavage

Nice and knowledgeable staff are very helpful. My favorite new fish store

James Loughin

Great fish store. All the tanks were clean and fish active and healthy. A ton of fish to choose from. Salt and freshwater.

Kyle Appel

Nice, well stocked store with a great selection and knowledgable employees. All 7 fish I purchased survived a week (this is rare) and none show signs of illness.

Melissa Bailey

Great selection!

Kristen Smith

Austin Johnson

What an excellent store. The selection is amazing, they offer up some pretty rare beauties as well. Th staff seem to be super knowledgeable about all of their stock. I cannot wait to go back.

Matt Bartelt

Good fish selection.

Mark Mikruk

They have hard to find fish. Clean and nice workers.

Kevin Lowrey

Tanks are clean, and the people are very knowledgeable.

CBSouth Aquarium club

We got a pair of clownfish over 3 months ago and they are still alive and well today. The store has a pretty large selection of both fresh and saltwater fish. Their dry goods section is also pretty nice and well organized. If you live in the central Bucks area, then Reef to Rift is also the closest store there is that sells marine fish.

R Sh

Staff is very helpful

Danell Roberts

Love the selection of merchandise but the prices are definitely a bit higher than Amazon. However they really have no local competition so if you need it stat...this place is definitely for you. The staff is also helpful with great knowledge about the fish and products. Store is clean and stocked and the tanks are very very clear! I would reccomend this store personally.

Sarah Lockley

This was the best fish store I've ever been to! I was just mesmerized when I walked in the door. They had such a large selection of fish, and the tanks were completely clean and there were no dead fish. I went in to buy some angelfish for my 20 gallon tank, and some plants for my 75 gallon, and they had it all! I could not detect a single invasive snail in their plants, which was such a relief. The man that came to help me was so nice and knowledgeable about fish. He handled the fish and plants as if they were his own. I have to say that I have not seen a single fish store quite as amazing as this. I say, if you need anything involving fish, just pop on over to Reef To Rift!!

Melissa Kallen

The person who helped me knew what he was talking about, was very knowledgeable, and patient with me, but definitely over sold me. I was planting a 5 gallon live tank, he told me I needed to fill it, and sold me 12 plants, costing over $75. The money wasn't the problem, but I had a hard time even fitting them all in in, and it's only been 3 weeks, but I already had to cut back the one plant (that I have 25 individual stems of,) down 2 inches- it was already peaking out of the water...I also purchased "perfect pH 7.0", which I asked about using; he said it was fine and sold it to me. When I went to go use it, it says to not use in live planted tanks...So, why did he sell it to me? I'll will admit that the pricey $80 Fluval light upgrade he told me to buy is amazing. It's worked very well, and while I thought I didn't need an aquarium light that connected to my phone, it's actually been wonderfully helpful, as I can adjust the amount of hours they get of day vs night light, and the strength of each of the 5 lights' color types. I'll be going back for sure, their fish are VERY well taken care of. They're healthy and thriving, living in a clean environment. They also have more fish supplies than I've ever seen in one location.

Clara Germiller

Very nice and helpful employees. Huge selection

Charles Johnson

I really wanted to see this be a good store. I've given them multiple chances to be good, but I keep being dissapointed. They think they can be a great fish store by telling you they're a great fish store (Which they do over and over again, plus they have an attitude and act like they know everything and everyone else is an idiot.). However I have bought three saltwater fish from them, and had problems with two. The first was misidentified, and was a similar looking but much more aggressive species than what I was told I was getting. The second was supposedly "quarantined" and eating. When I got him under better lights at home you could see he was emaciated. When I called, they insisted he was eating or he wouldn't have been up for sale although everyone said someone else was feeding it so no one I talked to had seen it eat. This fish died within a week. It is clear that their "quarantine " procedure is a joke. I will not be buying anymore livestock from them. The only reason I am giving them two stars is because they do have very good prices on some of their dry goods. Unless they loose the attitude, stop talking about how great they are, and actually get their act together, they won't be around long.

Monica Storm

Great selection of fish. knowledgeable staff

Michael Dzergoski

Really interesting choice of fish. Top notch aquatic plants.

Amy Mazza

Nice selection of salt water, great employees

Danielle Bachman

Place seems fishy to me!

Marcus Fisher

Tiffany Barnes

The fish looked good and taken care of and the variety of fish was really good as well. They also have a good variety of plant life and coral as well.

Michael Jarossy

Helpful staff and tons of selection!

Brian Kuhn

I rarely write reviews but feel compelled to do so. I bought a brand new aquarium set up from Rift to Reef. With fish, plants, etc. I spent over $1000.00 for my daughter’s set up and some new things for mine. Mike, the salesman I worked with suggested Microrasbora fish. Mike had given me guidance on every aspect of the tank including design, plant installation, substrate, etc. What he failed to mention and I what’s i never considered is that the tiny microrasbora fish would and did get sucked up the water intake and get trapped and die. A simple foam piece that the store sells would have prevented the issue. The tank that I bought for my daughter for Christmas now had dead fish which I removed while she was away (about a day after I bought the fish) She gets very upset over dead pets and I returned to the store to get them replaced before she noticed. Jen, an apparent manager, told me they would not accept responsibility for a “mechanical failure”. Another employee went so far as to say I should have used common sense. It seems that Mike should have had enough common sense to sell me the correct part in the first place. I was dependent upon the store for their guidance in finding a workable solution. So for $15.00 in dead fish the store was unwilling to help at all. That kind of behavior is abhorrent and I can no longer support a store that is unwilling to work with their customers.

mark spivey

Very Very insightful they really know there fish and what there talking about .... jus wish they had the African cichlids I wanted ... ... tanks were crystal clear healthy and well taken care of

Josh Henninger

Decent selection of freshwater fish. Also alot of supplies not normally found in a local pet store. My issue is that there is a very limited supply of saltwater fish and inverts the few times I've been there. Still probably the best LFS around.

Jeanne Nguyen

Jeff Hill

Great store! They can be a little more for some fish, but I can say they are the healthiest. I’d rather pay a few bucks more for a Fish that eats out my hand than one that doesn’t eat. Store is very clean. Staff is always helpful

cole boo

Very clean. Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Finally found a place that is well stocked.

Izzy Morrain

Great place to get all your needs

Cecil Patton

This place is awesome !!!!! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable! This is definitely the place to go if you love your aquariums and fish ! And for the first timers like me today .... they should charge an admission just to see the unbelievable stuff they have !!!! I will definitely be going back here for all my aquarium needs !

Jenna Eichelberger

Gorgeous place!


Nice clean store. But it's new.

Osvaldo Nazario

Great selection, and expanding

Rolf Koschorreck

Maria Alcaraz

Great place, friendly staff

Eric Meyers

Great local store. The staff has knowledge.


Nice place. Older guy with the scruffy beard knows a ton about fish.

John Gerard

Prices were ridiculous

Chad Oliver

Walked in, everything is incredibly clean. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Got to see their quarantine program and its second to none. Prices are very fair and all the tank are immaculate! Will be doing a lot of business there.


Pretty disappointed, drove an hour to this store in the pouring rains and flooding I may add. Called ahead of time, to make sure they sold coral and asked about their selection. Needless to say I got there and there was not much of a selection. They did have some nice stuff but nothing that wowed me. Didn’t have much salt water fish either. In all it’s a nice store for supplies they have tones but live stock is very low.

Tina Deiter

I went for a beta fish 3 different times was told they didn't come in yet. The 4th time they had them and when I looked the whole bottom row of beta fish where dead. I asked what happened was told they were not aware of the problem till I told them. Needless to say I got my beta at Petsmart.


I like the accessories they have but not the fish

Ben Carpenter

There wasn't many workers there and the fish we're quite expensive. I do not reccomend.


Great selection and not bad prices.


Clean well kept store, friendly staff and larger variety of products all the fish and plants are healthy. Great atmosphere I highly recommend this place weather you just starting or veteran.

Ian Bittner

Great store, everyone is so helpful and they have good prices and selections

Theawesomepython 06

The best fish store and closest fish store to me i love the fish and i like the idea that the plecos are wild cought

Lucinda Hockenberry

Excellent prices and supply. Terrible customer service.

bill winters

Knowledgeable staff. Awesome inventory.

Regina Fisher

mrs trotter

Beautiful betas...knowlegable staff...experts in saltwater

Mark Ingersoll

They had a lot of fish I haven't seen before. Clean, upkept store and tanks. Prices are posted and everything is labeled. One item I compared was $30 at another store and $12 here.

M Vortex

Abundance of fish and aquarium supplies, helpful staff. This store pushes more on specialty and higher priced stock and leans away from the chain-store variety although the typical community specimens such as Tiger Barbs and Plecos were available. The owner, as others have mentioned is definitley a type-a combative personality and simple questions such as whether a discount could be had if we purchased what would have reached a few hundred dollars in fish alone was met with a very sarcastic response. Accessory items such as lighting, food and plants is priced at box-store levels and you can buy cheaper online. That is the case, most of the time and buying online means you can't really pick up and check out the item you're considering. The layout is pretty good and the store is expansive enough without feeling lost. They, I believe do not cater to anything but aquariums, accessories and live stock. The store is definitely worth checking out for some nice healthy specimens.


Great selection and good price but the person working there was rude. To the point of being a dick. I'm not an expert. But I have been into aquariums for years. My established reef tank is up for over 5 years with sps lps and softies with 6 fish in a 125 gallon with a 70 gallon refugium. I asked a real simple question about their water setup in the store and was answered with "anyone who puts coral and fish in the same tank knows nothing about the nitrogen cycle or about reefs " I'll never go back to a store who is so arrogant as to not even talk or discuss. The "I know more then you" attitude sucks. I'll buy off line for now on

Camran Moeun

If you plan on going into the store, make sure you know what you want, i was ask if i need any help, and I told the gentleman that im fine ,im browsing the fish. I started heading towards the powerheads isle and i was doing my research on my forums google and texting my husband to check to make sure i have the right maxspect gyre pump controller that will be compatible with the one on the shelf, while waiting for the text i was just looking around some more. Then he started forcefully ask me if i need any help. Shocked as i was i told him about the pump, looks like he wanted me out of the store as fast as possible. I ask him about the pump and he told me to ask the other guy, although the other guy was very helpful and nice, he told me that it isnt compatible with mine, so i had to walk and put it back on the shelf as im listening to them laughing. It wouldve been nice if they would allow me to look up the information on my phone. Now i know if i go there i have to be in and out, they dont want you lingering especially if you are not white. I say this becuase he didnt give the two girls that was just sitting by the fish tanks walking around tge treatment i received. Ii will come again becsuse the other guy was so nice and helpful so it wasnt the stores fault its just peoples bias.

Ryan Roberts

Awesome store. Healthy fish. Big selection


Clean and seem to have everything.

Derrick O

Best aquarium store I've seen. I'll be driving two hours to get there next time I stop by.


Very clean nice store

Tim Brown

Harry Deisroth

Finally a serious fish store for hobbyists!

Daniel VH

Love this place

Nightmares Tonight

The owner is not very nice to his customers and the prices are obscenely high. They know their stuff, but the prices and the rude owner turn me away from this store

M Baker

Decent place for aquarists, fresh water, salt, plants, corals, supplies

Timothy Andreas

Nice store big has lots of stuff seams to cater to freshwater fish more than saltwater and corals

Samuel Thompson

Quick and easy service and the tanks are clean and the fish are healthy.


Very knowledge staff! They know their fish stock well as well as tank setup, diagnosis and solutions.

Rebecca Landes

Stacy Iamurri

Store is clean and associates nice

Sandra Forbes

Great customer service! Employees were very knowledgeable and pleasant.

Harlan Ogden

They always have a fish for everyone. Never siese to be surprised by what they get in.

Jack Piccininni

I install and maintain aquariums as a hobby. I love marine life .I am now living in Pennsylvania and it is very difficult to get good quality fishing and supplies at top-notch quality and if a price. I would have to put this operation of very knowledgeable staff at the top of my list. I have worked in many pet shops and aquariums, their staffs knowledge just blows me away.

Christopher Harp

Great staff. Little pricy

Michael Domingo

Extremely helpful staff, healthy fish. Thanks!


I stopped in for a specific water treatment product and ended up walking around for nearly an hour checking out their impressive selection of fish and well-priced products. Employees were knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I've had aquariums on and off my whole life - this is easily one of the best stores I've been to and I wish it had been around when I first moved to the area and set up my current aquariums.

Joseph Folgers

An outstanding Aquarium store that has a really nice selection of prize fish for your showcase aquarium. Very knowledgeable staff and the store is spotless clean. If your a fish hobbiest you need to add Reef to Rift to your bucket list.

Justin Owens

Great fish great staff

Don Rayborn

Great store as long as you dont mind not getting what you want. I specifically asked for 1 male and 3 females. They said no problem, I got 4 males at $28 a piece. 9 months later no fry. Either they are liars or they just dont know even though its their job to know.

Indrid Coole

Staff was courteous and helpful. With-in a couple minutes I had a staff member approach me and ask if I needed assistance. I have been to other stores where the staff could care less and they completely ignore you...not here though! They spent the time needed with me with the questions I had. Store looked immaculate. Every tank was very well taken care of. All fish looked very healthy and they had great selection of fresh and saltwater fish. It was great finding out that they quarantine the livestock prior to putting them in display tanks. The coral displays were impressive as well. I only wish this place was closer to me but it probably became my "go-to" fish store.

Mr. Christopher

One of the better fish stores in the area. Very nice selection , friendly staff, clean tanks, and healthy fish.

Richard Grisafi

Mike Pyndinski

Top notch store, very Helpful

Meer Ashraf

One off the best Aquarium in my town

patti stutz

Knowledgeable staff and very healthy fish clean tanks. I was impressed especially with the guy that helped me (Mike).

James Reed JR

Best fish selection in the area

Rich Sherman

This place is awesome! They have lots of species of fish. They have fish that you wouldn't find in other Aquarium stores. It is a must see for sure!!

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