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REVIEWS OF Exotic Fish & Pets IN Pennsylvania

Hillary Unger

Great fish selections

Bob McCarthy

Small store but has a large seletion of fish and supplies

Lora Bowers

Mostly exotic fish. If you have a freshwater or saltwater tank this is your place, other then that it is very limited for pet supplies. They have some reptiles, parakeets, and rodents. Have crickets less $ then the big pet stores, and feeder mice. Staff is helpful and friendly

Charlie R

Very pet store to go to. My buddy owns the place and he knows everything about anything pet related. Very friendly staff. Have birds, rabbits, freshwater and saltwater fish, live plants, and reptiles. Feeder mice and rats, crickets and mealworms. Whatever you need he has or will get for you!!

Brandon Reidy

Great selection of fish, coral, and LRS fish food to boot!

Tiffany Abuiz

They answer all your questions

Joseph Lobos

Just got my axolotl. The staff was very helpful and made sure I had everything I needed. They are very knowledgeable. My visit was definitely worth the hour-and-a-half drive.

larry Martinez

great staff good pricing

Naomi Zebe

This place has tons of live ocean plants and exotic mammals even albino frogs it was like almost going to a aquatic trip although it needs a little bit of a better appearance look but nothing that will make you enjoy looking at all the different mammals in there

Karissa Miller

I was very pleased with this animal store the animals looked very well taken care of and great customer service I drove 2 hours to get here and I was very pleased of the conditions of the place I would drive there anyday for my animals

joe zogheib


ivette burgos

Very friendly atmosphere and low prices and helpful staff.They carry a variety of pet items love this place

Evan Borzy

Cool group of people. Love local business and it's close enough I can skip past petco for my supplies. Tanks are good, not perfect, could be less crowded. Some fish seem certainly stressed and a few bad tank practices. Some days service is prompt other days you can't seem to get anyone's attention. Still way better than any chain pet shop though!

Brandon Fry

Best place for your pet needs in berks county and beyond. Staff is well educated and will help you with everything you need.

Timothy Shoemaker

Been to this store a few times as a last resort to get what i need. After last time i went i will not be returning. The few associates i dealt with have very minimal knowledge of exotic pets. I own snakes, monitor lizards, a caimen, ferrets and dogs. I spend money, a good bit of money on food and everytime i go in there i have to beg for assistance basically. I will say they do price decently on supplies. I will either order online for supplies and stock up at shows from now on instead of going to this store. If i need a emergency run I'll goto a more expensive store where assistance and knowledge is available.


My neighbor buys all his fish there and they are great

Joseph West

Large selection of exotic animals and fish

angie gensemer

Absolutely love this shop! They have the most neatest exotic animals, they were actually hatching a shark egg the last time I was in. Prices are great, staff is great, and so knowledgeable. Keep up the great work!!!!

Cesar Garcia

Very nice place, they have helping me a lot with my fish tank, thank you guys.

Jeff Moore

Very nice place to buy pet's

greys are better than baes horses

They have a huge selection of fish and reptiles we got a bata fish and hes doing great

Matthew Sullivan

Love it! Store is always clean and well stocked, good prices. Great selection of Staples and hard to find or niche items. Always find something new to try.

Manny V

Staff was really friendly

Fernando Pinho

Awesome staff on point with everything

Seal Team Slow

Bought 3 guppies, rasboras, and 5 shrimp total from this store. First male guppy unexpectedly died after a week; noticed the replacement male had mouth rot 2 days after buying it (Only in the tank with it) and now, 2 days later, he's lying on the gravel barely breathing. Most shrimp die 2-3 weeks after purchase. One rasbora was given to me with a downward bent tail. Fish are free to breed whenever and staff will scoop whichever fish is easiest to catch; showing absolutely no quality control. They will bag the fish and carry it straight to the register so you can't even see what's in the bag until after you purchase it, where they have a "NO RETURNS" sign for very obvious reasons. ALL but one fish bought from my job and EVEN PETCO are all thriving unlike the ones bought from this store. The only shrimp left is the one I bought from Petco. Was recommending this store to plenty of customers from my job; will now be doing the exact opposite.

Jason Sipe

Not a huge place, but the staff is knowledgeable and you're supporting a local business when you shop here


Owner and his staff are so helpful and knowledgeable and you cannot believe the amazing saltwater fish, inverts, cleaners and mind-blowing coral, besides the neat freshwater fish, and small animals this store has!! Total gem of a place in this hidden strip!! Love going back and supporting this store!

Lisa Stuebner

Exotic Fish and Pets is an incredible store to rely on for great products, great prices, and reliable information. Joel knows pretty much everything you need to know about anything, and he is more than willing to help you out! If Joel does not have the product that you need, he will order it for you. The fish at this store are very happy and healthy. If Joel notices anything wrong with his fish when they come in from a shipment, he will not sell them to you. The prices are very reasonable, and if money is an issue for you, he will work with you! We have a 65gal reef aquarium with fish, that is running tremendously, and all of our knowledge has come from Joel. We have recommended friends to Exotic Fish and Pets, and those friends were so satisfied that they recommended friends as well! There is no other store in the area with better products, livestock, and knowledge like Exotic Fish and Pets! If you want the best, go to Exotic Fish and Pets!!

MR. Dierich

Great place with low prices, a little small but still an amazing store

Melissa Wilbanks

Found everything I needed for my turtles

Just Stuff

Have all the fish and supplies you will ever need, the employees are very experienced and helpful

Amanda Schultz

By far my favorite small business. The most helpful and knowledgeable staff around, and the most high quality products and critters. I refuse to go anywhere else to buy crickets!

Jordan Witmeyer

They are very helpful and they help you to get started with whatever you need. Thank you Exotic Fish & Pets

Janice Clark

Excellent service knowledgeable owner. Large selection of saltwater and fresh water fish you won't find any where else. If they don't have it, they'll order it! They go above and beyond to make their customers successful pet owners.

Allison Blair Yoga

I don't know how this place has such high reviews. I went in to check out some birds and fish. I felt so bad for the birds. The cockatiel was in a cage way too small, and didn't look well cared for. The birds had very little enrichment and looked bored and scared. I felt awful for those birds. The rabbits cage was extremely dirty and looked like it hasn't been cleaned in days. They also were in a cage too small and looked very bored. The prices weren't on half the items in the store, and there was very little selection. It was all very disorganized. The entire place looked dirty. I am all about supporting a small business, but this place did not deserve my support.

Turk T

Beautiful exotic fish. Great customer service.


Minimal info on their animals.

Saul Aul

Amazing experience very knowledgeable guy joel is he helped me set up my tank does great work and reasonable prices can special order things I can't find anywhere else a most go to place for your pets

Jeanne Runkle

Great local business. The owner and staff are friendly and knowledgeable! They have both salt and fresh water fish, plus a good selection of coral, shrimp, etc. The stock does vary a bit, so if you see something you want, grab it (or someone else will). They even have a selection of reptiles, small furry creatures and birds. Their prices on maintenance and other equipment is competitive. Support.your local businesses, not the chains!

Roberta McFadden

Love this store

Nereilyn Rosario

My family absolutely love this store. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable & they have a great selection.

Jorge Ruiz

Expensive and overpriced sadly

Jordan streetz

I shop here at least once a week to keep upgrading my fresh water aquarium and to get info to start a salt water aquarium

Adrianna Deblase

Members there are really friendly and helpful if you need someone they clean up the place good and they have nice exotic pets

Brandon Carrasquillo

This is a great place if you are interested in grabbing some nice fish at a good price. I finally finished my 65 gallon tank thanks to the help and the knowledge they have explaining which fish are good together.. I will be shopping here for years to come..

Jill Saunders

HUGE variety of fresh and salt water fish. Neat reptiles, birds and rodents. Knowledgeable staff and owner. They will even set your fish tanks up for you and service them if you like.

Juan Morales

Nice store lot's of iroms, all you need for your pets and more...

sam perez

Good selection, friendly staff.

Stacy Rodolff

Joel and his staff know their fish knowledge!

wilfredo ortiz

Amazing animals, Best pets in Berks County, and the absolute best customer service in any pet store I ever been in. The fish room reminds me of being in an public aquarium. The octopus and shark were awesome


Good job uncle Joel I can't wait to see the pets .

Shane McCrimmon

Very down to earth, knowledgeable and helpful staff!

Brooke Malamut

We live an hour and a half away and have come to this store twice now, it was worth the drive! We worked with Bailey and he was awesome! The fish all looked happy and healthy. The tanks all looked clean and well maintained. We will definately be back!

Alexander Santana

They have an extremely helpful staff working here. They gave me alot of helpful tips regarding Pet training, really dedicated to helping out with your pet needs, 5/5.

Tom Baites

This store is absolutely wonderful whether you are an enthusiast or just browsing and the staff are always warm, welcoming and happy to answer questions.

Regina Volpicelli

They were the only place around that had a bamboo shrimp, which I was happy to discover on walking in looking for a more "exciting" shrimp for my tank. They also had a lot of plants and other interesting fish species. Friendly and knowledgeable as well


Folks here are enthusiastic about the animals and very knowledgable. Best looking fish section I've seen in ages, first time here and I already love it!

Steve Clark

Small but very quality looking animals.

Seth Cox

People are cool and knowledgable. Always have interesting fish. The store is small. Mainly for fish. Here are your five stars bro

Scott Beckman

The people in this store are very helpful, and know about freshwater fish and salt water tanks.Jo'ell knows his stuff....I had some problems with a new tank balancing everything with the water chemicals and getting it with in range, also had cloudy water. my tank 4 days later is sparkling like a diamond, my fish are happy and so am I. all because of the trained people in this store. Prices are better than other chain stores and you get the help you need, with expert advise, They even will check your water for you. they have a great stock of different types of fish you wont find in most pet stores.they also have birds and reptiles as well, if that is your thing? I cant say enough about this store and staff, oh by the way its a small store,with a lot of stuff you will use, not a lot of fluff, real stuff for real situations. So check them out, i am sure you will have a pleasing trip, and you might find that one fish you have been looking for, Enjoy !!!

Ashley Miller

Was genuinely saddened by the complete general lack of care for fishes well being. Tanks are way overcrowded. Didnt know if I wanted to rescue all of them or refuse to give them my business. Will most likely not be returning.


Excellent store. Wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fish, other animals and supplies.. Very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly owner and staff who go above and beyond for customers. I highly recommend this store. It's worth a drive. You won't be disappointed.

James S

Love this place. Quite knowledgeable and very friendly staff. Huge selection of pretty much anything pet related.

Rich Madenford

Very good selection of tropical and saltwater fish. Staff is very friendly and helpful as well.

Henry R

This is the worst pet store I have ever been to. The woman who works there is rude and very unprofessional. She spoke to me in a very condescending tone. Not to mention they sold me a hurt fish which I didn't realize until I got it in the tank, they made me think I was getting a deal where come to see the tail was ripped basically off and all the fins were damaged, he died the next day, I will never step foot in this place again.

MaryJo McClernon

From Day 1 the staff at exotic fish and pets have made me feel welcome in the store and confident in the care of my pets. Joel is always super friendly and knowledgeable and you can tell all of the staff knows and genuinely cares about their animals which makes it a great place not only to buy legitimate products for your pets but to purchase new friends to bring home. IF I ever want to get a new pet, Exotic Fish & Pets would be my #1 choice.

Shaunee Gibson

Always love this place, most of my fish are from here, and I still have all of them all this time later, including the first fish I ever got from Joel.. The staff is always very friendly and knowledgeable, and they have good prices on everything too. I have and always will reccomend this store to everyone.

Jacob Fick

Joel the owner of the business is very knowledgeable on all sorts of fish. They have a great selection of saltwater and freshwater fish plus all the supplies you would need. Great shop to go to with reasonable prices. I bought my Albino Ball python there and he is great.Thank you guys

Daniel Grubb

Good selection of saltwater fish and reasonable prices he tried to order a fish for me and actually took the time to call me and tell me he couldn't get it but he would keep looking

Michelle Henry

Nice fish

Mike McGrath

Great advice and service as always. Tanks look well kept

Amy Harner

This little pet/fish store is an absolute gem! They have a great variety of saltwater & freshwater fish, reptiles, birds, bunnies, even hermit crabs ... the staff is amazing & very knowledgeable. I've heard they just recently moved to this new "larger" location, but I think they've already outgrown it ... lol. Only downside is it's a little tight for space when they're busy ... but other than that, very happy with our fish & experience, all the animals were clean, healthy, and well maintained & taken care of ... will definitely be sticking with these guys rather than a big chain store!

Cory Andes

Great prices, friendly staff, nice selection of supplies and pets!

Jason Budhu

The best store in Pennsylvania to buy pets. A reasonable price to buy pet supplies and high quality animals. Great service and staff.

Brad Moser

Beyond awesome. All about the critters and fishies. So knowledgeable, so polite. Never would go back to petsmart. Boom!

Nicole Englehart

Saul was awesome he was really knew alot about what I need and help us alot thank you very much

Untame Duck Productions

First Time Ever Going Here, Hour Drive. Totally Worth The Drive!!! Reptiles Perfect. They had 2 nice monitors! They have the rodents and birds right next to them though, so they should spread them out more. Probably the worst thing which isnt even that bad! Freshwater Fish Good selection, perfect care. Saltwater Fish Awesome! Not a huge selection, but with a smaller selection means they are more cared for! I just bought 2 Heniochus Bannerfish from them for $84 Best Price Around. Not One Bad Effect About Them! Want Pets? Come Here!

L Parker

I visited this store for the first time last Saturday with my two kids. I was very surprised and impressed by the selection of fish and my kids had a blast. Everyone was very polite and helpful. I was hoping to find hillstream loaches. When I asked Joel if they had any, he said no but he could get some for me. If I didn't hear from him in 3 weeks I should call him to check on them. On Wednesday I received a call from Joel saying that they were in already. I went in that night to check them out. The fish looked healthy so Sal bagged them up for me. Can't speak high enough of this place.

Klinton Gaming

I loved the reptiles. Definitely recommend you buy them from here if you live in the area!!!

Daniela jean

Very nice atmosphere and kind workers

Thomas pursell

Great customer service, and knowledgeable staff, have a cool selection of fresh and salt water fish and some interesting looking frags.

Allison Rosenberger

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The fish are healthy and well cared for. Don't hesitate to shop here instead of chain pet stores!

Christina Newmoyer

LOVEEEEE THIS PLACE best workers ever love the pets keep up the good work

Jennifer B #HTD4LIFE

Little pet store but easy to get to and very friendly

Robert youngs

My grandson loved this place

Tyler Chiles

Very knowledgeable! Great customer service! I Highly recommend him.

Luis Moncayo

Good service

elizabeth vigniero

Amazing place . great pets they all look very healthy. The customer service is fantastic. They helped me pick out the newest member of the family . Cute baby bunny

Debbie Perrone

Had a great experience and they were very helpful.

Jason Fretz

Good friendly people

Trent Gray

Love this place. It is the only place I go for anything related to my saltwater fish tank. Everyone on staff is super knowledgeable, helpful, and learns you and your pets. A must stop shop for any pet owner.

Carolyn Berkey

Very helpful, friendly people here. Will definitely shop here again and refer others.

Keke Bell

Amazing people. Great animals. Lovely prices. Highly recommend.

Matthew Stefanavage

Awesome coral and saltwater fish selection and employees are so nice and helpful.

Rebecca Bush

How did u know I went in there?

Pedro Marrero

Its a wonderful place to go for fish corals pets and Joel and staff are helpful and they work with you...

Kapil Parmar

Good collection

Madeline Sedler

Such an amazing place for all your fish and pets needs. Endless supplies, animals, and customer service! The staff is super knowledgeable and always helpful and the prices are great! This should be your first and only stop.

Barry Krzyzewski

Nice selection of fresh & salt water fish to choose from and all the supplies.


Very nice place. It's well-organized, has a great selection, and pretty reasonable pricing. The woman who helped me gave lots of really good advice/tips. I'll definitely buy, possibly even order, from this place again.

Eddie Burgos

Very nice and friendly

Elizabeth Ruhl

Joel is awesome! He's the nicest guy, great fish, awesome reptiles. He's got food for reptiles, fish, and small animals. Lots of accessories. Go check this place out, you won't regret it.

Lost In PA

Love the new location! While it is still being stocked with new products, the service is exceptional, knowledgeable and friendly. I was told if there was anything I needed just ask. I have been to the old (smaller) location many times and can not wait to see how the new location grows.


We love coming here at least once a month even if we just look around at all the new fish and animals and see how the tanks by the employees how they are developing.

Braulio Sánchez

Best exotic fishes and best treatment to clients a 1 hr and 8 minutes from Shenandoah, PA and I'm going any time I'll need anything for my aquarium

Jason Slater

Always friendly staff and super helpful. I have bought several fish here for my saltwater tank and they don't disappoint. They've done a lot with the small amount of space they have in that shop. There's something to see for every step you take!

Jess Reyes

Very nice exotic pet place. Loved all the fish selection. Will be going more often.

Scott Hart

This place is awesome. Nice selection at reasonable prices. The part that really sets this place a part is the knowledgeable and friendly people that work there. They make sure that you leave the store with exactly the right information and do everything possible to assist and accommodate you. No more having to deal with petsmart/Petco employees that are simply there to receive a paycheck.

tim g

Always excellent knowledged service!!


The employees were very helpful and friendly.I talked to one for awhile about tarantula. The only place around I could find very small crickets to feed my slings.

John Burns

Nice clean petshop

Bruh Chain

Very nice people, and helped me take care of my hamster

Zachary Newell

Where do I begin? Not only does the owner Joel go above and beyond for his customers he is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Funny and awesome guy. The store is great has a lot of variety. Nice reptiles and small animals and probably the best exotic fish around. If you have any amount of spare time, stop by and have a chat and you'll leave with satisfaction. Promise!

Christopher Kantz

This place has great service, knowledgeable staff, good prices. If you own freshwater or saltwater fish or reptiles stop in to see for yourself.

Kyle Troxel

I've been involved in fresh water for some time. Started in the saltwater reef about 1 year ago. After doing tons of research I went to the store. They helped to clarify info that didn't make perfect sense. Only sold me what I needed and honored all guarantees. I only shop thier store for all my corals and fish for my reef tanks. They use what they sell with great results and take the time to answer every question I throw at them with no snide comments or looks unlike most stores and if they don't know the answer. They say they don't (which is rare) instead of blowing smoke to look good.

Wolfie's Club

Great customer service. Staff very knowledgeable and understanding. If you want a certain fish or pet food and they don't have it they go over and beyond to make sure you get it. Thank you guys!

Bianca Martinez

The pets look taken care of. It qas hot in there but that is due to the animals they have (like certain lizards or crabs) that need warm and humid enviroments. Nice people and good prices.

Leann Quire

We wanted to get fish for our new home and this place had great reviews so we thought we would try it out. Boy did it surpass expectations. We aren't very educated with aquariums, but wanted to fill our ten gallon with some new friends. The staff was incredibly friendly, helpful, and educated. They helped us find the right fish for our maintenance needs and tank size. From start to finish they answered questions and made us feel comfortable trusting that they truly cared about their customers and animals, and weren't just interested in making a sale. I can't say enough great things about our first experience at this place. We will definitely be going back.

Adam Whetstone

Ive been in the fish hobby for 4 years now. Throughout my time i have never met anyone as devoted and passionate as this man is about his job. A+

Lynese Colon

Very helpful

Spatzicus 3

Joel is very knowledgeable and gave me great deals on some hard to find fish. A great variety with many types of fish. Will be going back many times

Nicholas Fioravante

Great service. Knowledgable and helpful. Very nice. Great selection. Great fish and coral. Joel is very nice and helpful. Overall fantastic store.

Antionette Kelly

Chanel Omara

Best place ever got both my lizards there and both are healthy and happy !! So much selection definitely worth it to stop in and see everything

Maddy Zylafone

Very helpful! Good prices too!

Marla LaFaver

Walked in and received excellent service from Baley!

Samantha Feliciano

The Best selection ,Quality and price of fresh and Saltwater fish. They helped me with all my questions and concerns of my aquarium. Very knowledgeable and very honest. And the rest of the pets looked great. Definitely a go to place. Highly recommend

Octo DinoCub

Experienced employees, reasonable prices, everything you need for your exotic pal

Mike Gerhard

Great place to shop very helpful and have fish choices i've never seen anywhere else.

AJ Lambert

Great experience, I just started a nano saltwater tank and had checked out some other local pet stores and was disappointed with their salt water and coral selection. I stumbled upon Exotic fish today while in the area and decided to stop in to see what they had. Exotic fish and it's owner Joel far exceeded my expectations in fish selectiom, coral and service. Joel helped me pick out some coral to add to my tank. All of his coral looked very healthy and had awesome colors! overall this is great local pet store with a very knowledgeable staff and owner. I will be back for sure!


Good selection of fish , pets and supplies. Staff is very helpful and friendly. I shop here regularly.

Julius 34 Johnson

The have cool animals

cali Holtzinger

Great selection and prices on corals and saltwater fish. Excellent service. Drove over an hour to check the place out and will DEFINITELY go back again!!

Matthew's Tree Service

Very happy with the quality of fish nd the enthusiasm the staff carries for tye hobby. I purchased this L200 green phantom pleco along with a royal pleco and other fish and 100% satisfied with the health and quality i got. Excellent store

Carol Raifsnider

Best catnip you will ever find...drives my cats nuts..

Sherry Sickel

Not too impressed with this place. They are more expensive than other pet stores. Not much of a selection, couldn't find what I needed.

Trynon Robinson

Didnt have much when I was in. Staff was friendly. My apologies maybe a better review next visit.

kimmi g

Great place to buy and very friendly staff and very helpful fab prices i will definitely go back to buy more fish

J Trate

Exotic fish and pets is second to none! Joel always goes the extra mile to make sure you have any info you need and really knows his stuff. You will never get this kind of treatment at any other pet store. Stop here once and youll never shop anywhere else!

Brian Delp

Great place and reasonable prices and very friendly staff and animals look well taken care of bought a nice size diamond gobie there for my 120 tank and he doing great

Frankie Gonzalez

Had what I wanted ready to help, very good employee ! Loved the visit I will go back

Mike Williams

Very knowledgeable employees.

Dylan Jacobs

Leslie is the Master of all Fish!! Very proficient in fish and fish care!! She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I will refer to her with all of my fish questions and needs going forward.

Adalis VR

Excelent Service... I love Fishes!!


I go the Joel's about once a week for feeders for my snake and for all my fish needs, half of the fish in my tank are from Joel and everyone there is always very pleasant, and go above and beyond to make their customers happy, I love that he can get in rare fish, and order specific fish, which he's done for me on multiple occasions. I always reccomend Joel's place to anyone entering the world of fishkeeping!

william w

Very knowledgeable staff great prices

Robert Osika

This is a fantastic, small-business pet shop! Great selection, great advice, and top-notch Customer Service. The Owner and staff are the best around!

Chris Lopez

Awesome place

Carlos Cruz

Staff is very knowledgable about the animal that they sale...very friendly...

ChanceCube 42

Great place for reef stuff. The help is awesome and really nice

dakota alvarez

I have been a customer of Exotic Fish & Pets since the end of July and I can tell you, it is always a great experience walking into the shop. The staff are very friendly and personable and you before you know it, they become almost like an extended family. Joel has always worked with me on prices, deals, and providing knowledge. I personally bought two beautiful and healthy reptiles (A bearded Dragon and a Giant Tremper Albino Leopard Gecko). I also purchased a bunny for my niece which is also doing fantastic. If you are looking for a pet shop that provides more quality over quantity, this is the place to go!

My Email

Super friendly and helpful! Great place to browse or to buy.

Jeremiah Brown

Awsome coral selections and they always seem to already have what I need. And the fish selections certainly hold up to the name exotic

Edgardo Leiva-Avila

Very helpful staff. Decent prices.

David malone

Ok for mice, if you need some.

Martique Johnson

Pretty nice store. Reasonable prices and there are a lot of cages, medicines etc. here.

Ezzy A

Awesome people awesome place loved the way they talked to us like they were family and knew us for years highly recommend this place!! Will be shopping here for now on !

Rich Sherman

Great store! Clean tanks, and they have nice looking fish! Great people as well! Thanks for the discus guys!!

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