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REVIEWS OF Buzz n B's Aquarium & Pet Shop IN Pennsylvania

Skky Lee Vone

I love this place for getting rats! I got three girls from here. I'm giving it 4 stars because they were kept in tanks which gave my girls the coughs but other than that my girls are perfectly healthy! I attached an image of two of the girls. The one time I was there I saw some cool little rodents called a African soft haired rat and now I desperately want a couple. Hope to find them again when I go there! Also whenever I go there the staff are always very very helpful! They'll help you out with what you're looking for, help you with the pets, let you hold them, etc. They're an amazing staff.

Ninja Cat

The management changed? Best move EVER..... I guess I need a few fish of some kind. I will go back and support it again. To bad you missed out on the new 245gallon Guppy Park and 2 30 gallon molly and plat tank's that are new......... I'm sorry but the old manager (I think it was) made some comment's. I called it out.... If I spend well over 200.00 in a smaller shop or even in a big store. I don't want my ass kissed but a little more respect then some random people looking threw windows. Would be nice.......Water over the bridge. .. This store was always nice inside. The fish were clean. fair prices on most stuff

Christopher Allens

I was at dinner with my wife, and afterwards took a walk over to Buzz n Bees to see what they had for my aquarium. Their fish expert Josh was there to help this old man out in what my current monsters would get along with. Thank you Josh, and the other fish-men for making my tank a bit safer for the new guys, and a great recommendation for my NEXT tank! (We also got some crickets for our scaly friends too). WILL BE BACK! 10 stars if I could.

Jose Torres

Recently bought a cockatiel and they really know how to take care of there clients

Tom Chandler

We've purchased two conures from here and two ferrets. Staff is always friendly and ready to answer our questions. Would definitely recommend going there versus the big name stores.

Becka Dawn

Staff are great, and critters look to be well-kept!

Dave Nichter

Knowledge staff and great selection of products and fish.

Jonathan Harrell

Everyone here is super knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend this store to anyone looking for pet supplies or advice!

Nolan Putnam

Been going here since I was a child, great prices and kinda fun to stop in and check out all the pets. Also the best place to get crickets and bugs.

Christine Jones

Staff is knowledgable and friendly. Place is clean and the prices are competitive.

Carrie Robinson

I love this store. It is the best one for finding things for my pet bird. Many other places only have a few things. They also do pet grooming and have kids of items for dogs and cats as well add exotic pets!

Matthew Rogers

Very nice hometown shop. Really enjoyed what I saw for all kinds of animals. I'm not from the area they are located but did find something for my snake that I had been looking for. Staff was friendly. Even asked about the reptile expo that was in town. Little pricey on some items but reasonable on others.


Small-ish, but beautifully done. Good variety, very knowledgeable, friendly ppl. Possibly cleanest tanks I've seen in years.

Mark Thomas

Great variety and animals that are obviously well cared for. Not your typical pet store.

Ben Nye

Great people, great store love going there look forward to going. Bought several reptiles not disappointed ever

Levi Granger

My daughter absolutely loves this store...I work outta town and only get a day off here and there but when I'm home it's the first place she wants to go....great staff VERY UNDERSTANDING haha and super knowledgeable about all pets...only place we buy.....if you haven't been there deffinatpy try it out

Emilie DeWolf

I have shopped Buzz n Bees for years. Have known both the parents n Mike n Tommy. I know I will go back, but I had the worse experience of my life there. The sales person had no idea what they had in dog food, not a clue. I had gone in, because another sales person had told me they carried the brand I use. Nope...horrible experience just horrible...sorry guys, train your help bettet...


This pet store has a large selection of items for small animals, reptiles, birds, and fish, which is often not found in larger chain pet stores. However, most rodents for sale are kept in crowded, small containers with only food, water, and one tube for crawling through. This definitely turns me away from purchasing there.

callofduty og768

So many animals and they are all so cute

Stephon Taylor

This place is way better than petco and I full heartedly support it. Btw they actually now what there talking about.

Terry Raider

Erie's best pet and supplies store, hands down. Dedicated, knowledgeable staff, great prices and whatever you need, they'll get it. Great to visit, even just to look around!!

Andre Roth

We love this pet store. Everyone here is really friendly and we come here even when we're not gonna adopt a new pet.

Steve h

Tierd of the big brands we did a google search and found this place. They have alot of awesome pets and josh is awesome! He helped my wife and kids pick out a few pet rats that they love. Overall a great experience and will go there from now on. You cant beat the treat you like family experience. Thanks again josh for all your help!

Madison Sunshine

Wonderful hometown shop! They have awesome staff, and unbeatable prices! Where I go for all my lizard needs!

Lena Reigleman

They have a large selection of fish and small critter. Also have a large selection of pet supplies! Very helpful people :-)

Steph Hankey

Didn't have what we were looking for today, and unable to order for us, but other than that, this has always been a top-notch place to go for your pet needs!

eric hawes

Amazing family oriented pet store. Staff is courteous and extremely helpful and always have a smile on their faces.

Jenny Faye Grace

Great selection for my dogs and cat. Friendly, helpful staff!

Alyssa Rubilotta

Love supporting business that aren’t a chain but I love it even more when the staff is super friendly! They go out of their way to answer all your questions and take the time with you to make sure you are well informed! Their animals are always super clean and great health! They let you hold and handle the animals which my kids love! My kids love stopping in just to see what new furry friends they can cuddle!

Frank Berarducci

Margie did a great job on Comet! Helped him reach his cuteness potential!!!

joe dibble

Local business with excellent customer service. I buy all of my tank supplies and related items from here.

Bradley Johnson

Bought a half dozen cherry shrimp, very friendly and helpful staff.

Mike Kovach

Great local pet store. Has great fish selection with interesting fish you can't find anywhere else, any fish we've gotten there have always been healthy

Justin Reisinger

They have everything except dogs/cats so if your into fish or reptiles an birds this is a great place to go, can even find great deals if your lucky an look hard enough.

Heather Çuthbert

Absolutely wonderful shop! They have amazing selection of both fresh and salt water aquatic live and decor, not to mention everything you might need and/or want for an aquarium. They also have a variety of small pets and supplies. I couldn't name them all in a review. The staff is always above and beyond helpful and courteous. The prices are fair. My family loves this place!

Alan Duda

Great local pet store. Check here first if you are looking to purchase snall pets, reptiles birds, or fish they have an excellent selection of them all. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are able to be held anytime, and the staff is more than willing to get other animals out for you to meet. They will also hold animals for you while you convince your significant other that they are something they want too. Very knowledgeable about different species, and willing to find a staff member who knows more if they do not have your answer.

Angela S

Very clean pet store, met the new owner, she is friendly and very helpful.

Kyle Hedderick

It was easily laid out for all customers to find what they needed with extreme ease

Preston Devenney

The best pet store around. Very knowledgeable employees

Brette Lobell

This staff is very knowledgeable...great place...visit all the time to buy my supplies

Amber Larson

They have a wide selection of animals from reptiles, to fish, to birds, and smaller mammals. Everything is displayed nicely and they provide a wide assortment of accessories and foods for the animals they sell there. They did a decent job grooming my golden lab especially on short notice. My primary point of going there is to get my African Grey's nails and wings. Sadly, I will only trust Steve there to take care of that for me. He dies a good job and makes sure not to hurt the birds. Them being frightened is a different story. Imagine how'd you feel in that situation with strangers all around you. The one time I didn't get it done with Steven my bird came back with a scratch on his face. Nothing bad came from it though.

Trent Mason

One of the very best in the nation and I can say that because I've been all over! I really adore this store. It's got selection, an awesome team of people. The owner is so cool, caring and smart ... Live in Erie? Shop here and support local!

joshua elder

It was Awesome they very friendly and extremely knowledgeable on all different types of animals

D Locke

My go to for everyone animal related. Friendly, knowledge, courteous staff. You can tell that they take pride in what they do. Very clean cages and tanks. Healthy animals and great options for reptiles, birds and fish. A must if you live in Erie.

Charlene Wagner

They were terrific with my parakeets.

David Good

They were very helpful with advice concerning my family's growing aquarium community. And I was pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of pet food (fish, bird, dog, and so much more,) animals, and accessories for nearly every kind of pet. We will be making the trip back as soon as we can!

Normizzle Normizzle

Excellent staff. very knowledgeable. Quite a large selection of pet supplies.

Jeremy Foster

Steadily working on their selection of hardgoods, meds and foods.

Chris Feasler

Very helpful.

Jenn Anderson

If I could give 0 stars I would. Me and my fiance bought a beta fish, brought it home in a new tank and had the water checked at Petco which turned out perfect but he still died in 4 days. When we called the store they said there's nothing they can do past 2 days. We also bought a redcap Oranda goldfish with two smaller fantail goldfish. Within 3 days they started to show signs of the ich disease. The store said to just put aquarium salt in so we did and then bought medicine as recommended by trusted fish sites. The fish got so sick they laid at the bottom of the tank and would eat for days until they eventually all died. All water quality was checked, we had the right equipment and followed the treatment plan for them but they still all died. I wouldn't recommend buying their diseased fish if you actually care about animals because having to flush 4 fish in one week after spending over $150 on supplies and medicine is completely ridiculous. We will never be going back.

Benjamin Kuntz

This is the only pet store where I would actually buy a pet. These people are just cool. They get baby pets, and they raise them in-house with the highest standards. They don't stock puppies because they know that puppies should be able to run around and not be stored in tiny cubes. Their bunnies and guinea pigs are healthy and happy, and their exotic birds are glossy and curious. This is not a pet mill, they legitimately want the best for their pets.

Michael Makay

Friendly employees. All willing to assist you with any questions you may have.

Nina Miller

Always can count on them to provide great products for my animals

Lauren Newell

Great selection! I went in to stock up on some supplies so could start cycling my aquarium before introducing a new fish. The staff is very knowledgeable, but make sure you do your own research on the animal you want to buy before you go in, because I was given some false information on several of the fish. I wouldn’t have known otherwise if I hadn’t researched beforehand! Other than that, high quality products for much better prices than petco or petsmart.

Chris Dunn

Only place I would take my birds. They are the best. I go after to see everything they have for sale. Great owner too.

Mya Burns

Great place. Very helpful. However it makes me sad how unhealthy the birds in their care look. I know that you cant expect much from a pet store, but it still hurts my heart. edit: wouldn't support a chain pet store like this now, knowing how unethical they most likely are

Megan Deutsch

DO YOUR RESEARCH WITH ANY ANIMAL YOU ADOPT AND/OR PURCHASE. Overall, I reccommend this pet shop over the big brand shops. They sell animals that are locally bred. However, they do neer to aquire better knowledge and have better selection in the small pet department. They sell items that are unhealthy for some animals [nut and seed sticks for guinea pigs, hides in hat pose dangers of getting necks stuck, cages that are too small (specifically for guinea pigs and rabbits)]. I've owned mice, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs, and they sometimes give out INCORRECT information. With that being said, do your research. With ANY shop you visit. Not just with this shop, but with ANY.

Ally Thomas

Buzz n Bees is the best pet shop in town! Very helpful and knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices and locally owned. The shop is passionate about their pets and they support local organizations and businesses. I highly recommend to all friends and visitors!

Scott Ertl

Great group of locals. Decent variety of pet supplies

Lauren Mack

The most friendly staff at the pet stores in town. Prices are up there, but the friendly staff make up for it.

Janice M.

Mike does an amazing job. The bird inventory is my favorite. Dogs and fish supplies and helpful staff. Clean. Animals well cared for. My mini macaw came from here 25 years ago!!

Courtney Hutchinson

Excellent customer service the people are very nice and have great pets

Sam Klozar

Took a trip day trip from CLE to Erie to do some shopping a while ago and found this place. I have 4 aquariums and now exclusively drive here to buy fish. The fish are always healthy & happy that I've brought home. (Which is a good hour and a half) Also the employees are so nice and knowledgeable, about pretty much everything in the store. Love you guys! So glad I found you! Update- been there 4 times now and I still just can't believe the wonderful selection you have, got some new fish and some dog accessories. Your prices are very comparable especially since you guys work hard to keep them healthy.

Joe Pontoriero

They have a ton of stff.

Lori Yochim

Great place. Well-managed, knowledgeable and friendly staff, hand-raised pets for sale or just to visit. Reasonable prices.

William Sherman

I would never purchase a living creature from this store other than as a mission of mercy. The worst-looking, unhealthiest-looking Siamese fighting fish, bettas, I've ever seen, I saw at this store. Several years ago I made a visit for supplies & saw a betta in a small aquarium near the front door who, predictably, looked just awful. He saw me & his body language said, "Please, take me with you, get me away from here, I beg you." I did take pity on him & took him with me, I housed him & fed him decently, and he died that same night. I didn't bother saying anything to store management because it was glaringly obvious to me that management didn't care.

Adeola Adebayo

A very clean and cozy facility. And with so many child friendly animals, supplies and other things...all in the same place so you don't have to go to different stores just to by different parts of a cage, aquariames and other pet supplies/appliances. Plus, my kids really loved all their cute bunnies that you could carry. All the employees there are so welcoming and not rude.

Charles Criscione

Very pleasant. They usually have what you want when you want it.

Angel Gonzalez

Great animals and top quality fish. The staff care about their calling and are filled with educational facts on whatever animal you plan on seeking!

Emily kay

Very nice people work there and the animals are sweethearts well the furry ones anyway

Brian Ritter

Best dog grooming in town

Jon Emerson

Super clean establishment. The folks there are very friendly and willing to help. They did not seem to be rushed to get you out the door. We had questions on birds and they took us and showed us they feed and take care of all their birds. Couldn't be any happier with the help that we received. Prices on supplies were very competitive as well!!

Matthew Shalkham

The store is an airy classic always a fun visit

Mike Loomis

Great knowledgable staff. I came in from ohio looking for a better aquarium store then back home, i was very impressed with their set ups and friendliness of the staff. Great job people keep it up!

Tony Pellegrino

Got several pets from there they have anything for your pet needs and the staff there always lend a hand right away


I took my daughter here to Buzz n B's to get some bunny food. So I went in with her because I haven't been in there for a couple of years and wanted to check it out. First thing I noticed was this big ball for putting a little critter in. Made me wish I still had my ferret and that they had that ball a few years ago when he was still alive. Checked out the big selection of lizards and few snakes, but I was surprised how many birds they had. The I had to check out the fish and water plants and coral area. I just learned that you have to be careful with the coral that you get!! Some are toxic or something! On the Dr's show they talked about it and called the segment " Killer Coral " So be careful and do some research before you buy coral! I was bummed that they only had one Oscar. I like Oscar's and I think I just might get back into having a fish tank again. Have a great day


Friendly staff and gentle when tending to your furry/feathery/scaly friends. My corn snake insists this is the place to be for a fat juicy mouse.

Sharon Nash

Great place. The staff are all great and very knowledgeable!

Amanda Majczyk

Great staff, very knowledgeable. Great prices and service. Good selection.

The fox of the Arctic

Has a good variety for all your pets. From your Salt water aquarium to mans best friend. They got you covered. Your bearded dragon will love the crickets. They also have grooming.

Elijah Hall

Great help employees cheap pets. Get your best friend here

Destiny Faivre

This pet store fought me on the gender of the two rats I wanted swearing that they were actually boys and insisted that if I got another to get a boy to put with them. So I did, a month later I had two female rats giving birth and 17 rat babies. They said they could give me store credit as if the 20 bucks I spent on rats would do me any good raising 17 babies. Then said they could refund if I returned the rats and their babies but, they couldn’t promise they wouldn’t be sold as feeders for snakes which isn’t reassuring due to the attachment I have to these little dudes. Don’t trust this place, don’t go here for a pet go to a expert. Left a cute baby photo though cause why not.

Jennifer Poland

Love this place!!! We always take our cockatoo here to have her nails trimmed up. The staff are amazing with her. ❤

Cynthia Poziviak

Great customer service! Staff is always friendly and helpful. Shop local.

Tom Maciulewicz

This place is the best! They really know their stuff and are priced reasonably. Shop local people!

Kathy Zinz, MA LPC NCC

Really nice, knowledgeable folks with well cared for pets waiting on their forever homes, as well as a wide array of pet supplies

Lorraine Lester

We love it they are very knowledgeable. Being small they treat you like family.

Justin Miles

Bought two Indian Ringneck parrots and their absolutely lovely. Bit pricey but their attitudes and traits seem to be worth it. Also bought cage and a Uromastyx lizard for my son. All employees are friendly and seem very knowledgeable in their respective departments. An employee named Paige, think that's how her name was spelled, is awesome with birds! Highly suggest her for any bird questions, advice, or tips. Overall very family friendly with great selection of family pets. Will probably be buying more birds in near future

Jason Amatangelo

Awesome place! They know their fish

Joe A

Sadly now closed

D. A. Stichick

Buzz n Bees has been the awesome, locally owned pet store for many years. Besides a great variety of food, toys and supplies for just about any pet, they offer a multitude of pet care services. Their staff is super caring and helpful. I don't know if they still do, but years ago they hosted kids birthday parties where they bring in different animals to hold, pet and learn about. My daughter loved it, as did her friends. It was way better than Chuck E Cheese and the money goes toward a very caring local business.

Stephen Landis

Excellent service and good food selection for my pets!

Benjy Wolk

Best pet store in town. Run by an incredibly helpful, attentive, and knowledgeable staff.

A DiNicola

A locally owned pet shop, with all types of small animals, birds, rodents, amphibions, lizards/reptiles, fresh and saltwater fish. There is alot of unique items for your pets. Has supplies for all animals too. A super friendly and knowledgeable staff who has helped me out many times with all my pets. I recommend this store over chain stores because of how intelligent their employees are about all their animals. Highly recommended to purchase from for live animals. Birds and other small pets for sale are handled daily and taken care of extremely well! This place impressed me by far, all the chain stores carry the same items, Buzz and B's has unique aquarium, bird, reptile decor and supplies.

Leslie Gaskins

Very knowledgable and friendly

Tabitha English

We absolutely love this place.. we go there for crickets and worms and there always well stocked with them. Thank you!

Casandra Ramey

Prices for fish is great

Beverly Stevens

Great store had what we needed, where the 'big' stores did not. Nice staff, helped me out to my car with our large purchase. I would recommend this gem of a store to anuone

Jaki Rolfe

We always find what we're looking for here! They have a great selection. We went in for Ghost Shrimp, but stumbled across these guys instead. We will definitely go here before any other pet shops in Erie.

LivingLoveLiz’s 5-Minute Vlog

Beautifully health, and obviously cared for creatures of all kinds for sale, with friendly and knowledgeable staff at every turn. The quality at this pet store compared to others is through the roof! It's worth the drive to the West Side of town to shop here. I will do all my critter purchases here!

Greg Brown

Great selection of fish, you can find some rare types here. Great prices on all of their products. They offer grooming services for your pets as well. Great staff who are very helpful and highly knowledgeable. If you are looking for a good pet store to go to regularly, this is the one for you

Dave Smokey

We love coming here!


Great place. Only place I have found that sells live feeders for snakes.

Sara Rich

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff

Kittie W

Great selection for freshwater enthusiast.

Lisa Varo

I have purchased two parrots here. Very healthy well cared for birds. Bird department answers any and all questions you have. Very experienced bird care staff. They have everything that I need for his care. My recent green cheek conure was being weened so I was able to visit him every day until he came home 4 weeks later.

Chad Arnold

Best pet store around

steffani Sorge

Great pet store. So popular. Carries many things very great fast friendly services. Thank you ..

Rebecca Kovach

Favorite pet store in town. Wish they got more cool fish like they used to.

James Bowling

Love this store. Awesomely friendly staff. Knowledgeable in what they do. Highly recommend for all of your pets needs.

Jenifer Guthrie

There's a variety or birds and fish here and the sales clerk was very helpful and knowledgeable.


Almost always very knowledgeable help me out when my fish wouldn't stop dying told me what I needed to do turns out just happened to be the water always going to go there for my pet needs

Shannon Goho

Have most of what you need or want

Greg Wurst

Ive been going here since they were in the city. Educated friendly staff makes every visit a pleasurable experience..

Jordan Pastor

Very lovely people. Answered my questions and offered me advice. Only complaint is I think the bedding they have for the rats is too fibery, the rats seemed to be sneezing a lot...

Wendylee Ridge

Simply the best

Megan Kovach

We live near Sharon Pa an hour an a half away. Anytime we are in Erie we always make sure to stop. This store always has the best customer service paired with great prices and the best variety of plants and fish we have seen.

Dustine Pernice

The only place I can buy there fish and they never die on me. Anytime I buy fish anywhere else they're all dead within a week or two. Think the cat and dog toys are way over priced but it doesn't stop me from buying ones that my furr baby's love. Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful with a wide variety of information. Weather your a fish, bird, cat, dog or reptile lover.They'll have the answers your looking for. If they don't have it they will even order the thing your looking for. Which to me is far beyond customer satisfaction.I Highly recommended.

tony bragg

We were not from the area but stopped in to check it out' glad we did left with several items. Wonderful helpful workers and gave us information we did not know! The gentleman that helped us has been employed over 23 years. Highly recommended' looking forwards to revisiting when in the area

Mike Golembiewski

Great variety and very helpful I would go there for all my pet needs especially fish supplys

Erik Owens

Nice little place, not a huge selection

brian lownds

Awesome place!!! Awesome staff... Ask for Paige, she's neat!!!!

Edward Gallagher

It the best place it get all your animals needs and the fish dependent is the best in the Business and they got what you need if not they will get it for you

stacey woodard

Favorite pet store very knowledgeable staff

jessica murray

Love the place fish are very healthy naver have an issuse with them at all . very helpful. Helped start my salt tank up now have 4 tanks and there all there fish an all happy thanks again guys

Lee Simmons

Best place for your rare pet and pet care needs. Get here and be amazed! They have all of the basics you expect, and more. From saltwater and freshwater fish and aquatic animals of all types, to snakes and reptiles. Also the largest selection of rare and beautiful birds you could imagine, as well as all the necessary treats and diets, as well as a great selection of toys and fun for all of our precious pets. I have purchased a white bellied caqiue named CHARLIE THE PARROT! And let me tell you, the fun and challenge of raising this intelligent and fun creature has been my family's sheer pleasure. So go check them out! And as always, go do something new and fun, and thanks for reading on!

Micah Rzeszutek

Fantastic place full of people who truly love what they do!

jj vincent

Great prices,and costumer service is top notch....

Colin Porter

Great information on pets just wish there were more birds available.

Rasna Sahni

Bit expensive than other stores but excellent service .

Amanda Harbath

Super friendly staff, always clean, actually know about animals they sell

Rose Allred

Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Prices are comparable. Animals are well cared for.

jessica nixdorf

Staff always friendly and knowledgeable! We love coming here! We always look forward to checking out the variety of animals they have.

Eva Anderson

It’s an amazing place!!! Me, my brother, and mother love it there!! I got my 2 pet rats, multiple fish, and more pets!!!! It’s honestly like a safe haven for me


Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Known this place for a few years, never had a problem with them. They always help with whatever issues I had!

Kathi Haliburton

Great store! Made me wish I had more pets to buy things for!

Linda Riley

Friendly people great pet shop

Pastel Galaxies

I have been going here for a year or so, and I love this place!!! I have gotten a budgie and a caique here and they are so well behaved! They have unbeatable prices on everything from food to animals! The staff and owner is so friendly compared to chain pet stores. They know alot about animal nutrition and care. I want another bird soon and I'm 100% going to purchase from them! I highley highley recommend them for all of your pet care needs!!

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