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REVIEWS OF The Nautilus Tropical Fish IN Oregon

Emma Bonci

Definitely never going back here. The place is disgusting, unorganized. The guy doesn't help you hardly at all and isn't knowledgeable of his store, he's been fired from other fish stores in town and was completely rude when I called about one of my fish dying because the other fish he sold me killed it.

Brett Jacobs

Great little place making someone a living.

Raul Hernandez

Linda Kelley

Wonderful store.

BM Wood

Deborah Hamilton

Awesome place to buy your fish.

Abe Zamora

Cool fish horrible customer service

Christopher Lindstrom

Excellent knowledge of the craft and genuine interest in fellow hobbyists.

Diana Resue

Not bad needs more fish chioces.

Sara Broz

Love this store! Finally a quality, fair priced fish store in springfield. They have a wonderful assortment of fresh and salt. Any question you may have about a fish, what will or wont work in your tank, they have the answer and will help you out.

Bajabug Hawaii

Aaron has a great selection and can order anything in you want

Micki Wiskow

Really nice guy runs the place. Answered questions without hesitation. Nice selection of both tropical and saltwater fish. We unfortunately did not find what we were looking for. If I had bigger tanks I could have gone nuts in there! Will definitely be going in again! Would have given a 5 star rating if he would have had my baby neons.

Cheryll Brassfield-Ressler

Larunda Scott

Really expensive

Catherine Hudson

Love the personal service

Kimberly Wisotsky

We have a large fish tank in our office that Nautilus services for us- he knows his fish & is very thorough! Would recommend his shop over any local fish store.

Scott Carney

Great conversation with owner, healthy fish etc. Fair prices and great with returns. And local private owner who is knowledgeable.

anon anonderson

This is the only place I go to buy fish and plants. The prices are great and the fish are always healthy!

corey mertz

Owner is really nice, has good selection for Lane County as far as hard to find fish goes

Chloe Rose

I’ve bought several healthy fish here. Inside looks a little drab but the quality of he fish and goods are excellent! The owner is usually there with ample knowledge about aquariums. Reasonable pricing.

Omar Martinez

Tami Garrow

Store was very dirty and the tanks were dirty. I was afraid to buy fish!!

Sarah Fuell

Chester Motownz

Chris Farrell

Nice healthy fish Ben there twice now and the got 5 fish so will stop in when I come to Springfield hope he gets some more cichlids thay dont have a fish store in coos bay

Darrell Atkinson

Very few fish, not clean,could be a great store, because there isn't enough fish places to go to.

Holly hbasting

I love this store. Very friendly guy who owns it.

Jillian McQuaw

Jeanne Gullett

Aaron is very knowledgeable and helpful. He's never given us bad advice on fish or corals, and has gotten our special requests filled quickly. His store is great for serious hobbiests, but he's a good source for those new to the hobby also.

Tj Vapes

fantastic selection for saltwater and very friendly customer service

JR Drum

Good knowledge

Dee Merwin

Yes, it is dark and a bit dreary and yes the aquariums could be cleaner. BUT, the fish I purchased are healthy and very active. The tall slender gentleman that helped me was quite pleasant and knowledgeable. I will definitely be back when it's time to get more fish.

Justin Case

i love this store

David Mcneer

Owners helpful and the store has it all.

Belinda J

Great customer service

bradley leland

I really appreciate this local store with a very knowledgeable, friendly owner who clearly has a passion for fish and aquaria in general. I recommend supporting this local business over a chain store any day. He carries a much greater variety of fish which changes every time I come in, some beautiful display tanks, and you'll receive better quality service, products and advice here.

Pete Hoeve

Awesome great guy great store

Jeff Warren

One of my favorite spots to visit,because if the good deals and variety

andrew allman

Aaron very knowledgeable and helpful. Great pruces,

kevin blackwood

I would go back. Good experiance.

Xero Hellsing


Great customer service, the owner is knowledgeable, and the plant selection is nice. Whenever I get fish or plants I go here, I've never had a problem. This place is far better than some of the places I've gone to in my many years in the fish hobby.

Dawn Williams

paulina garcia

This place has beautiful fishes

ric damaso

Although the selections of live aquatic fish is great, the place has a musty moldy smell. Most of the tanks needs to be clean. The live plants we bought shouldve been on a discount as most of the plants doesn't look healthy and it's infested with snails. But we took a Gamble and our tank is now infested with snails.

Tim Asuncion

Great assortment of fish, salt and fresh water. Dark building yes bad customer service absolutely not. The first and last face I seen while shopping was smiling. I ended up buying 5 fish all of which are very healthy. The only reason for a ranking of 4 out of 5 was the parking. Lots of activity in and around this shop

Jewel Weigand


Christina Sanford

It's too expensive for his fish, and accessories.

Mari Hall

Kelsey Flaherty

Emily Walenza

I love coming here. The owner is knowledgeable and obviously cares about the fish. The prices here are competitive compared to the surrounding area AND the Portland area, and if I lived closer I'd come back here more often.

Dopeglitch z

We were so excited when The Nautilus fish store opened in Springfield. Aron's salt water fish selection is impressive. He receives new stock frequently and can always order any thing you might want, if you don't already see it. Aron is always really helpful and quick to share his knowledge. He is extremely helpful and readily available to share his expertise with you. The shop not only caters to the salt water enthusiast, but also the fresh water fish appreciater. Each time we visit The Nautilus, we find new and beautiful things to see and purchase. We love the big fish tank that greets you as soon as you walk in the door. If you want a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful selection of fish and a wide asortment of fish tank equipment, then defenitely visit The Nautilus.

Long Huynh

Horrible customer service but the fish selection was amazing! Dark and dingy. Kinda messy. I saw some tanks that had fish that were dead. Kinda disturbing.

Nickie Cole

Awesome fish store

Biff Barf

Fair pricing and super knowledgable owner. Cool old building. It used to be the movie theater. Shop Local!

Keara Christianson

Bad lighting. The place look really dark and dreary. Fish tanks were filthy and many dead fish. The place smelled of mold and had filthy shoes at the front of the store. I thought about calling the guy and telling him my complaints so he could clean up the place. I believe that's the only way they're going to stay in business.

Machine Happiness

Michael Bastidas

Daniel Short

Teri Holmes

I don't know if it was an off day. But the tanks were really dirty and the guy was a jerk, so we left empty handed.

Elie Dulley

Let me start by saying that I don't normally write reviews, barely for items and never for stores. That is, until I read these others. This place is absolutely great! Where people come from saying otherwise is beyond me. It is a small business owned and run by one man mostly, so it's your general "ma and pa" type of setting. If you walk in and compare the place to Walmart, yeah, you will be disappointed. Who goes in a fish store and complains about the lighting? The tanks have always been well lit in my experience, isn't that what matters? Also, the display tank is amazing. I have shopped around for fish and equipment both and always end up coming back. He has a great and ever-changing supply of fish, and can order anything. I have bought fish elsewhere, but in my opinion, no one else in town compares. I am a weekly customer, and have also asked a ton of questions along the way. I am still more than satisfied and would recommend anyone to stop in if you ever have the need. The guy knows his stuff and has always been helpful, even if he steers me away from a sale which says a lot in my opinion.

lacie strebe

Allen Bates

Ben going to this place from day 1. Great places. Owner Aaron is very friendly and knowledgeable. Great prices and healthy fish. I would recommend this place to anyone

Cody Mormon

Dan Head

I asked the owner if he knew of a solitary (not schooling) catfish that would be appropriate for a 20 gallon. He recommended a Four-line catfish (Pimelodus blochii), which looked a lot like the Pimelodus pictus that I used to keep when I had bigger aquariums. The Four-line grows up to 9.8 inches (and bigger in the wild), and is very active at night. There is no way a 9 inch catfish should be recommended for a 20 gallon, ever. I don't think that the owner is ignorant of this fact, which makes me conclude that he has no problem lying to a customer to make a sale, and he has zero compassion on the animals he intentionally reccomends for inadequate housing.

Kelly T

What a dump for fish

Beans ADV Rider

This is a great place for saltwater and freshwater fish.

Daniel Noall

Lots of cool fish here. Especially affordable fresh water fish. There are a bunch of cool salt water tank set ups too. It is a little unorganized and messy, but still a good spot.

Nathan Wobbe

Selection and knowledge are top notch.

Randy Birzer

I think Nautilus Tropical Fish is the best fish store in the Eugene-Springfield area. I have been keeping fish for over ten years and have seven tanks. Aaron the owner of Nautilus is very knowledgeable and obviously a fish lover. I have seen Aaron give his clients excellent service in choosing the right fish for their tank and helping when there is a problem in the tank. We don't want bright lights where the fish tanks are, we want our eyes to focus on the fish. Sure the place might not be the most stylish, but what do you want, top quality fish and advice from a fish expert or nice decorations and a minimum wage employee? If you are into fish, do your self a favor and check our Aaron's shop.

Nick Hogan

Excellent store! The store has a comfortable atmosphere. I have gone to all of the tropical fish stores in the Eugene and Springfield area in the last 7 years. The Nautilus has usually got what I need. I have two cichlid aquariums and two saltwater aquariums. One of the saltwater aquariums is a 125 gallon mixed reef with at lest 20 different corals and 15 different fish. With thousands $ invested you don't just put anything from just any fish store in your reef tank. More than half of it is from the Nautilus! Getting ready this summer to set up a 210 gallon homemade tank with 75 gallon for the sump. Getting a lot of advice from Google search and the Nautilus! It will probably be filled with Nautilus merchandise. The only thing I would change about the Nautilus is location. I live in Eugene off west 11th. Luckily I work in Springfield and stop by on my way home. I look forward to another 7 years of fish keeping with the Nautilus!

Cody Giddens

Staff was friendly and had lots of good recommendations, store could be better organized is only reason for 4

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