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REVIEWS OF South Beach Fish Market IN Oregon

Super Shopper

We got shrimp and sturgeon. They were both good. Friendly staff. Efficient service. Picnic tables outside. Decent seafood prices. Will go again when in the area.

Jean Hardie

Best seafood on Oregon coast! Ling Cod and Crab cocktail.... the best!

kellie eliott

Food was good order was a wrong. Paid $16 for captains plater suppose to be 2 of each item was missing cod shrimp and a scallop the main ingredients in the order . Slow down and have quality control as it was a waste of time and my money

Peter Hayward

Skeptical at first, but the other reviews aren't lying. A little pricey, but it shows in the quality of the fish they serve. The $12 fish and chips of the day was beautiful cod, cut into six fillets, cubic and larger than a golf ball. Wasn't super hungry so it worked to split with my partner, but could imagine eating the whole thing alone as well. Fantastic stuff, and you can always trust a crowded restaurant.

Kyle Beck

Halibut fish and chips are amazing. Just the right amount of crispy for both the fish and beer battered fries. Fish tastes very fresh. Tartar sauce is great as well and they included ketchup without having to ask (which seems to bean unfortunate trend these days) Lemon not included with purchase so bring your own or expect to pay extra.

N Grothe

A small kitchen seafood deli. I noticed a little attitude from some of the staff toward 'Outsiders' but it seemed the food was great. The 'fresh' seafood was definitely local and cooked right in front of you.

Tori Hartley

This place was dirty, the staff were extremely unprofessional, and the crab made both my husband and I very sick. It tasted ok though, and the fries were good.

Mark Adams

Went there on Tuesday for lunch. If the line out to the parking lot wasn't a clear enough sign the place was good, the display case will confirm. Get anything fried and you will be happy. Try the king salmon and chips and be in heaven.

Maryann Wolfe

Fish fresh and expertly cooked. Clam chowder one of the best recipes around. Huge menu of choices. Don't let the small overly crowded dining room shoo you away. Their fresh crab is delishous. Your meal will bring you back again and again.

DirtyHairy Callahan

I would recommend this place to anyone, if you're just visiting the area or if you live there

Anita Bender

Awesome seafood! I come here every time I'm on the coast. The staff is friendly and helpful. The selection is extensive and fresh.

Stacey Sisson

Excellent hubby had calamari I had the steamer clams excellent will be going back. Was eating so well and it tastes so good forgot to take pictures so that'll tell you it's the place to go

Laura Elliott

Best place for fresh seafood on the entire Pacific Scenic Highway. I returned here every day. Oyster shooters, so immediately fresh. Crab, Cod, Salmon, Shrimp...jumbo and tiny Oregon Pink Shrimp, Halibut, etc. Freshly caught, so amazing! You can get fresh, steamed, fried or smoked. You choose! Best people ever!

Mike Leib

Best Halibut fish and chips I've ever had. Worth the wait if there is one. Grab a beer at the adjacent mini market and sit at the tables outside. Absolutely phenomenal

Damion Lovell

Amazingly fresh fish we stop here almost every time were in town fish and chips never disappoints.

Frederick Wagner

Delicious fish and chips. Everytime I visit the coast my father and I will usually make it our purpose to visit and buy some food.

Janet Housh

Best cocktail sauce ever. The fried shrimp is delicious! But they only fry or poach most fish which isn't flavorful. (Ex. Halibut) Wish they would grill it!

josh briggs

Best fish N chips in Newport

Carmen Forrester

Always worth it to have a meal here. I love the halibut and chips!! Yes its packed most days but it is worth it and the line moves fast.

Michelle Hardey

Great food and pretty fast considering the crowd of people we waited maybe 5 minutes to order and another 10 minutes to receive our order. Very friendly staff.

Sherri Foreman

Recommended by a friend in Portland. I had the prawns, scallops & chips. $15.75. A little pricey, but it was really good !! I also bought a 1/8 # of crab meat to try it. $35 a #. There is a menu on the website but it's off by a dollar or so. I'm told gets REALLY busy @ lunch & dinner time but the line moves quickly. Alot of local people come here. Yummo !!

cheryl oliver

Clam chowder and clam strips are wonderful. Always fresh.

Tove Dalgliesh

They were slammed packed full of people and the food was STILL awesome!! Highly reccomend this place. And its kid friendly! We sat outside and enjoyed the fresh air!

Arnaldo Laus

Don’t be fooled by the rough edges, this place is a gem! Food is great! You can’t go wrong with anything here, and everything is fresh and delicious! ‘Loved the oysters, prawns and fish and chips.

Lindsay G

This place is delicious! Such a great little find :)

Mike Arthurs

Great place if you love seafood. Just wasn't my cup of tea. Always super busy and prices for a simple tuna sandwiches are higher than expected. You'd think it would've been the best tuna fish sandwich ever but was nothing to write home about, yet nothing wrong. I just expected more due to the price and long lines. Parking lot was crowded due to it being a gravel lot and people don't know how to park properly. So busy times space can be limited. Overall the other was good but not worth the wait in line and the money. Cant say for much on the other food haven't had much there other than tuna sandwich and calamari.

Laurie S

We stopped in here just for the fresh crab and ginormous shrimp! Very very busy place and the food is good as always. While waiting we grabbed some candied salmon, what a tasty treat!

Brandon Rodriguez

So I’m on vacation in Yachats and this is my second day in a row taking the 30-40 min drive to this spot just to get some of their food. Yo the chowder is so much fire and the shrimp are about the size fat middle finger. So freaking good if your a tourist and not used to good sea food come through and get the captains platter . Edited to add photo

Debbie Anderson

My favorite place for fresh halibut & crab cocktails

Kelli Lapointe

The food is super great! They got a 4 only because they forgot our a 4 and half cause the cook made our fries and didn't charge us!

Damon The Pirate Chef Wolfe

I worked for Jim many years ago and his food and service has always been the best in the business. Stopped in today and was still amazed by the chowder in a bread bowl. This place is a must go to when visiting Newport. Thank you Jim and your awesome staff. As I am only a few miles away we will be back soon.

Jim Catlin

Always the FRESHEST seafood around. Crab sandwich is packed! Oysters are the most tasty and harvested nearby. Anytime we are near Newport we MUST stop here. Moderate seating inside and, weather permitting, great seating outside. Not "fancied up" for tourists. A simple fish market that also cooks up on the spot.

Ernest Balmer

Been coming here for over 20 years. I will travel 2.5 hours just to have the best, fresh fish and chips. I cant say enough positive thing.

Monte Leidholm

Mostly fried foods but consistently good, batter not heavy. Crab sandwich is excellent and good value though higher priced. Good mix of locals and tourists.

Jess Hancock

Always busy, but worth stopping in. On the spendy side, excellent food though.

Felicia Massett

Wow!..this is a hole in the wall kinda place but worth the time to stop and discover the array of seafood items they have , its pretty amazing and delicious!!

Justin Hirst

Good sea food. The French fries (chips) are really good. Prawns are huge. Great cl chowder.

Lisa Taylor

Delicious fish and chips, excellent cocktail sauce, fun, funky atmosphere.

Marilyn Green

Ka...ching $$$ great fish although it is rather spendy for the smoked salmon.

Mike Weirich

The only place that I've found along the coast that will cook and clean our crabs up until 7pm, and for me to get the awesome Fresh Fish & Chips meal and my friend to get his clam chowder! The usual long line of people will tell you what a great place it is! Just don't let that long line scare you away as they are great at getting you taken care of quickly and accurately!

Adam Cartner

One of the best seafood shacks on the coast. A must visit.

Jeanette Case

I had the scallops. Huge portion. The scallops were crispy, moist and cooked to perfection, the cocktail sauce was spicy perfection, the fries were crispy hot and abundant. It was the perfect end to a day at the beach

Gil Glass

This place is a great local fish and chip shop. They take the fresh fish right out of the case for your order.

Keith Jones

Very good food. Great clam chowder.

Maxwell Malacoff

Great food, I always order the crab burger. It is good every time. Just wish it had a cleaner feel while eating inside. Decently priced.

Mike Crompton

Great seafood! They close at about 7 PM so get there early enough!

Shellie Cavazos

The freshest seafood for a reasonable price.

Sheldon Hatcher

Great food and service

Dave Von Redlich

Always wonderful food and service. I feel blessed that I only live half a mile away. Keep up the good work guys N gals!

jake Anderson

Damn those fish and chips were magnificent! Very fresh fish. Expect a wait, but convenient for carryout. My wife also was very satisfied with her chicken strips. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Michelle Smith

This place was good. The stuffed shrimp and fish chips were really yummy! The fried Oysters not so much they were mushy if I wanted mushy, I would have had them fresh. I've had better fried ones at a sushi place so for this to be a fried food place that was disappointing. The crab is already cooked so you get it cold or reheated that was a big disappointment also. It was our first day here in Oregon so im definitely going to tey some ofcthe other local seafoid restaurants!!

Ginger Driver

Awesome seafood! Delicious crab sandwich loaded with fresh crabmeat. Fast service even when busy.

Junk Nubby

This place is a hole in the the wall for sure. Kinda dirty but the albacore tuna sandwich and clam chowder I had was outstanding. I don't know how the fried food is but the place smelled like a grease trap.


Some of the best seafood I've ever eaten. The place seems always busy, and the line was pretty quick and so, so worth it. We had the Captain's platter with a bit of each seafood, friend to perfection and juicy as all get out. The tiny shrimp cocktail was delightful, and the cocktail sauce spicy with horseradish and potent. Gave my significant other his first oyster shooter experience too, and we have a new convert! Tender and delicious.

Dick Jones

Fresh seafood. Very popular, coastal stop.

paris hawkins

Great food and service. I recommend going again!

jon renner

Coleslaw was meh at best. Scallops, although good sized, we're undercooked and swimming in the oil they were fried in. Edible score: 6.5 Good selection of fresh to go/cook at home raw seafood if you want something not deep fried. Would come back if other close by places were closed.

lori ann lane

Food is awesome, fresh cooked. Friendly owned. Also fish market and will give tips for the best way to cook what you chose.

Cameron Brockway

Great fresh local fish monger they also cook up all kinds of good stuff I recommend their shrimp or crab burger. And to those who may think local seafood is expensive ask yourself why is imported seafood so cheap....

Lisa Niemeyer

The crab sandwich and halibut fish and chips were amazing! We also bought a can of albacore tuna and had later and that was amazing! It will be hard to ever enjoy canned tuna from the store.

Rae Ann Hollingsworth

Best fresh fish and seafood.

Janice Gatchell

This place is always busy well worth the wait

Denise Littrell

Don't let the condition of the place fool you, the food here is really good at an excellent price! Looking around you may think humm? But because they are a "fish market with some tables" they can keep the price of a good meal reasonable. The menu is mostly lighty battered fresh seafood, shrimp/crab cocktails, live cooked crab, and assorted smoked goodies. The Captain's Platter and Salmon Candy are my favorites. Plus, when you are done with your lunch, you can pick up a salmon fillet from the fish market side, and have that for dinner!

Tracielynn Walls

Its the real deal if your looking for excellent seafood.

Nora Lyle

My absolute favorite place for seafood. Friendly and fresh. Its not fancy. It is a market. Buy seafood fresh and take home. Or have them cook it for you. Best service ever

J Presley

Fairly quick service. The food was adequate & filling. Seems like a popular spot. Bring your own hand sanitizer for their porta potty doesn't have one.

Tammy Farley

We have made it one of our regular stops on the coast. The food is amazing and fairly priced. It is always busy it is hard to find a seat. We usually eat at the restaurant and them get something from the market to cook for dinner.

Del Roach

Excellent place to get your crabs cooked glad that it's there

Brannan Hoover

Eh. It wasn't what I was expecting. 12.95 for cod and fries, 15.95 for halibut and fries. $2 per mussle slider. Fairly rough building, people where friendly. Few tables inside, most of the seating was outside picnic tables. Food was good. Just wasnt the experience we were looking for.

Debbie Haygood

Recommend coming early or having a late lunch. Early lunch for us. Crowd around noon and out to the door. Prepare to order at the counter. Fish and chips were awesome. Serving of fish definitely small for the price. I didn’t care for the chowder. Seemed like they used a thickener instead of cream for the sauce. We would come back for the fish.

Jenny Mertes

The place doesn't look like much, but the food is fantastic! I had the $12 1/3 pound fish and chips and had more than I could eat. The fish is dipped in a very light tempura batter, not a heavy, thick, beer batter breading. It's extremely fresh and flavorful, and the fries are lightly seasoned. Everything was hot and tasted fresh and delicious. We always check around on our vacations for the best fish-and-chips, and we definitely would go back for these.

William R Anderson

If you want really fresh seafood. This is the place. If you want fine dining, try another. Basic tables inside, picnic tables out. Basic fried seafood plates and sandwiches. Fresh crab cocktails. Also a seafood market and a quick pickup store.

Megan Woodburn

This place was yummy. I ordered half a crab and it is served cold, comes with fries, and two sauces. (The red one is spicy the other one is butter) it was delicious. My husband order the cannon ball, aka chowder in a bread bowl and he loved it!!! This place is yummy, but you don't have a view of the ocean if you eat here. You can buy seafood to cook on your own too.

Tomas Mcdowelll

Because I can find the freshest fish in Newport

Erik Westblom

Absolutely incredible. I would wait all day in line to pay $100+ for this food. Mindblowing. Seriously impressive. The batter on the fish is inexplicable....

jimmy D

Best fish and chips ive ever had! I tried the halibut, samon, popcorn shrimp, and tuna.

Wayne Elliott

The place for good seafood meals. Friendly but busy putting out one delicious plate after another.

Aj Hembree

Had the calamari and chips parents had fish and chips 4 star

Tim Calkins

Worth the 30 min wait in line. Awesome fish and chips.

Vicki Rogers

Very fresh seafood! Our first time here but definitely not our last. Food was delicious! Outdoor seating was a plus.

Patrice Jacobson

Good fresh seafood. We all had the clam chowder for lunch was tasty.

Scott Ellingson

Great seafood for everyone. There is a great variety of fish and chips, including halibut and tuna. The shrimp sandwiches are simple and wonderful. There is something for the nonseafood lover on your life with corndogs and chicken sandwiches on the menu as well. Fries are great and have a good crunch to them. Definitely a place to stop at when the weather is good to sit outside and enjoy the surroundings. Good stuff! We always stop as we pass through.

Keith Stendebach

The food is some of the best along the coast. We stopped because it was so busy and it was worth the wait. It’s really just a fish market that has a short order counter and tables. That’s all they need.

Michael Goethe

Exceptional food at a good price. We stopped in at 1 PM on a Monday and there was a steady stream of customers. The cook was putting out the food as fast as he could, and it was delicious. The fried halibut was lightly breaded and cooked exactly as long as it needs and no more. This is where you go if you want good seafood without all the frills. Wonderful.

Andrew Foreman

Awesome food and great prices on locally sourced seafood. Worth the wait. The line to get in says it all!

brenda gerber

Some of the seaweed glows in the dark, and sparkles like static electricity,kind of like tiny lites on a Christmas tree.dambdist thing I saw while was fishing in the dark,

j joyce berry

We had the popcorn shrimp and onion rings. Excellent and more than 2 could eat.

Ryan Ralston

The food was really good, really fresh seafood. But the place is effing dirty, if you have problems with that

Jodi Kellis

We shared a fish and chips platter for lunch. It was perfect! Just the right amount for lunch, the fish was light and flaky and fresh, and the fries were crunchy. It was soooooo good. We will return!

Jacob Lundin

This place never disappoints. The orders are always right and reasonably quick. From order to eating is about 10 minutes give or take. Yes, it is a little spendy, but you will not be mad after having fresh seafood. It's a tradition in my family to come here when we visit Newport and the best item in my opinion is the popcorn shrimp with chips. Plus a large lemonade. If you have any doubts, squash them and enjoy some food.

Terry Smith

The best the coast has to offer in sea food. Also have non-seafood. My favorite. These folks are great & love children.......

Granny Hart

Absolutely the best fish and chips!! We also bought fresh fish to take home and it was delicious as well!

Nicole McKay

Nothing fancy, limited indoor seating,but quite tasty. I've only had two things in the three trips that I've been there. The Clam Chowder Bowl and the fish and chips. Recommend both.

Karen Sams

They are our favorite place to stop in for a quick lunch. Great clam chowder, shrimp burgers, and fish and chips. I know we won't be disappointed with their food and look forward to trying their other menu choices.

Bert Len

This apparent hole in the wall diner has the best large, deep fried seafood dishes. The only complaint when I was done was there was not more of it, it was so good.

Danielle Forsyth

Phenomenal scallops, jumbo prawns and some of the best clam chowder on the coast. Fast, fun and great local feel. Super fresh and reasonably priced. Lots of outdoor seating if the weather is nice.

Josh Kesecker

We went crabbing and brought our catch here. They cooked and cleaned them up for us in a jiffy. We didn't catch enough for the whole family, so we were able to purchase additional seafood on the spot. We didn't get any food, but the prices looked good. I will certainly have to visit again

Valerie Horton

One of our favorite places to go for seafood.

Jim Rasmussen

Not so hidden hole in the wall cafe. Starts with fresh fish = good food. Seating is cramped.

Lisa Hynson

Love the variety of selections. Great prices as well. So worthy of the wait!

Susan Heck

This is is busy for a reason. Fish and chips, crab and everything in between. YUM!!! The fresh seafood on display also looked fantastic. Sit outside on the picnic tables and enjoy lunch. There is also seating inside which can be noisy with all of the people in line.

Jenny Newtson

Go where the locals go for the best and freshest!

Freda G

A fish market it is and the food is that fresh and absolutely delicious.

Cameron Jensen

Amazing food and amazing service

Ryan J

Looked and smelled great but the line was out the door.. So we didn't get to try it

Mary Kikikis

Really good food, always fresh. Be prepared to wait, as they’re always busy.

Colin Lay

Great market with local feel and fresh fish. Get the shrimp cocktail as a snack, amazing sauce!!

Joshua Sayre

I love this place I have Ben going there for years they are open 24/7 they carry fishing and crabbing gear the restaurant closes early however but their food is great and the staff there are pretty friendly for the most part they will cook your crab for you and they have all sorts of good deals on hats and knifes. Although the beer is kinda expensive it is expected.the 40 oz are priced Right so that would be the way to go. All in all a pretty good place.

Ambria Taylor

Good food, fast service. Gets crowded on weekends.

Roxanne Floyd

My crab burger and ff was ok, a little to greasy for me but my husband had the albacore tuna sandwich and it was yummy. My 3 stars goes twords the cleaniness of the place. Wow!! They should take sometime to just wipe the tables that haven't been cleaned ever!!

Jamie Hughes

You know, this place from the outside (and indeed inside) looks somewhat questionable. Do not let this fool you though! Appearances can be decieving since this is literally the best place to get seafood in Newport, Oregon.

Kevin & Christina Vadnais

Loved it! Fresh, delicious, and would definitely would be back for some more!!

Wyatt King

You haven't been to Newport until you've had a meal from the South Beach Fish Market. Snag a fresh cooked crab on ice and take it home with some fish and chips.

Downsplace Downsplace

Great eats if you can get in!

dwight bena

It's the best fish house in town 4 us to eat all the fish want 4 us .

Bill Hollingsworth

The best of the best. We've been using for alot of years. For fresh seafood this is the place to go.

Vikki Bell

Busy, busy, busy! Exceptional fast service considering how busy they are! Great seafood!

Linda Parker

Great combination of fish and it's all wonderful.

Edward Kelso

Fresh seafood to go & cooked food to go or eat in. Excellent!!!

Grayson Gersten

This place has the very best fish in town! Every time we come to Oregon, we make a point to stop and have lunch or dinner here. It's our actual favorite place!! They staff is friendly and the service is quick. You can't beat the quality. We've tried and have been sorely disappointed. These guys serve the best fish!!

Steven Wright

Excellent food, service and portions. My wife and I are here 6 days during our week and a half stay on the coast. We tried everything and weren't disappointed. Great fresh seafood

Paul Marrs

If you want to experience an authentic West Coast fishing-town fish joint featuring well-prepared, ocean-fresh seafood, this is the spot! Almost anything that gets caught off the Central Oregon Coast gets cooked and eaten here. If you come at a busy time you might have to wait a few minutes in line, but orders get cooked fast and are very tasty. This is a favorite place for many locals. There is a large outdoor eating area too. South Beach Grocery is right next door to restock provisions for your trip.

Lisa Nechanicky

This is our favorite place to get fish and chips. If you like deep fried seafood, THIS is the place to get it.

Kimberly Ingram

I love this place. I grew up on the gulf coast of Florida with the most amazing seafood; and this place reminds me of the fish markets back there - but with the best seafood Oregon has to offer. We will drive a little out of the way in order to come here.

Caprice Mathews

Such a great place to buy amazing fresh fish and crab. We traveled all the way from Tacoma,Wa on vacation when we stopped by here for a quick bite. Amazing staff and quality of crab caught fresh that morning. We will definitely be coming back again on our next trip to Oregon to our new favorite crab shack

Ned Bighorn

Simply excellent seafood. I have been many times and it is consistently excellent. I also have bought fish to make at home and it was also excellent quality. I particularly enjoy the Chinook fish and chips. The texture and flavor are amazing. Have also tried several other items such as the clams and they were also excellent.

De Klerk

Well known to the locals, we tried this pace out. Funky location and layout. It's attached to a small market, you can eat inside the Fish Market or the small store attached next door or outside. Great food, love the fresh catch of the day and chips. Prices are fair. Definitely a spot worth checking out.

Tyler High

Amazing food, that is always fresh! Yes things are a bit pricey, but the quality and quantity more than makes up for it! I recommend the scallop basket, the breading is not overbearing, but adds extra flavor! Always end up with leftovers too!

Samantha Ogden

Tuna fish and chips didn’t disappoint. French fries were great. The crab sandwich was boring and. It much flavor. Long hot wait outside in the sun. $40 for 3 meals no drinks.

Rebecca Goddard

The place was packed, but you move through the line fast. They have all your seafood needs and you can buy raw or cooked.

jon doe

Great quality seafood and selection! They also serve fish and chips and boil crab and seafood onsite. The service is friendly, welcoming and fast! Right off the highway easy to find. The crab, smoked oysters and razor clams are personal favorites of ours!

Kerrie Martinez

Excellent food!!! Had to wait 40 minutes but it was totally worth it. I had the shrimp basket & my friend had the salmon burger. Both were awesome. Fantastic tartar sauce and cocktail sauce! Watch out for the horseradish in the cocktail sauce......oooooohhhh it's strong!!! Tasty but made my eyes water at one point. Will DEFINITELY go back

David Dornack

Very crowded. Fish is fresh. There are better places in Newport. Pricey for what you get.

Robin Callander

Great fresh fish and crab. Always have good service. It does get chaotic busy but worth the wait. Tasty canned tuna too!

Jason Ocenas

This is a must stop for a bite and expirence. Food is awesome and the whole place is fun to be a part of

Lloyd Waggener IV

I would not have stopped here by just looking at it. The food is pretty good though and very reasonable prices. We had the fish and chips and the batter was perfect along with the fish. I would classify the french fries as near perfect. It’s a good place to stop for lunch, not really nice though.

Griffith Davies

Best fresh fish anywhere. Iconic, quirky, must try.

Derek Jefferson

Excellent, fresh seafood with fair prices. This restaurant is one of the best values in town for fresh fish and shrimp. They primarily have fried products and fries for sale, but also offer fresh raw seafood available for next-day shipping. We enjoy frequenting this store which also has friendly, fast service.

Edward Cunningham

There is good food then there is South Beach great food always busy you'll know why if you have the chance.

Amy Kunerth

Fries were good, that is about it. We all got some version of shrimp or fish and chips. Food was oil soaked mushy and taste like old fryer oil.

skip nielsen

if you don't mind waiting in line a bit it is totally worth the wait. Halibut was super fresh and delish what a fun spot with great seafood

Eleonore Jacobson

Amazing every time I’ve gone! I’d recommend fish and chips or scallops and chips. Their smoked mussels are great too

D Wolff

A required stop any time we head to the coast. It has been around for years and it shows but I would never ask them to change a thing. It's such a unique experience. Anything on the menue board has been perfect every time. Its traditional coastal food that warms the soul. Be careful though if friends and family know you are headed there, they will always appreciate some candied salmon when you return.


LOVE this store, and I've only gone by to pick up shrimp and crab cocktails and raw fish to go when I'm vacationing in Newport. Next time I visit, I'm definitely going to eat lunch there, as my mouth was watering watching all of the crispy fish, slaw and chowders being served to the other patrons who were there for lunch. It looked fantastic, and based on the line going out the front door, I bet it is.

Tony Ballentine

Amazing place to eat and shop

Cody Hayes

Hands Down Best Fish N Chips I've Had. I Make Sure I Always Stop By Here When I'm In Town! The Halibut N Chips Is Phenomenal Too. I Always Grab Some Smoked Oysters Too!

Michelle Gordon

Food is so good , batter very lite on cooked items! They sell everything you can cook in the line if fish! Very causal, cooked food is awesome .Indoor outdoor eating area!

Tom Struck

We sought out the South Beach Fish Market after reading an article in the Oregonian (Sunday, August 11th) on the best coastal places for fish and chips. They're rated #2. The place was filled to the gills (pun intended) with people. From the article: "it's vibe falling somewhere between quirky seafood shack and roadside dive. But the fish and chips are the real deal." We agree.

Charles B

This is unquestionably a local joint. Busy place. Combination market and cafe. Extensive seafood menu. Chowder was ok. Albacore fish and chips also ok. Service was quick, prices ok for the area.

Lee Truran

Biggest & best fried oysters I've eaten anywhere, ever! Great fish & chips too!

Matt M

Food is amazing! Not much to look at from the outside and at times a long line but they get people there food quickly. Eat there or take fresh seafood home.

Dawn Dulebohn

The food was excellent! Had some salmon candy, the crab cocktail (watch out for the very hot cocktail sauce), and the fresh crab sandwich (even though we ordered the crab burger). Highly recommended.

Kathy Johnson

Best place for fresh seafood on the coast. Love love love the food. I rate it a 5 for the food.

M Gilmore

This place was really good. A lot of the stuff was fresh caught. I would recommend it.

Kathleen Lillis

Best darned fried seafood in Oregon so far. Ok. Its not the Cheesecake Factory-ya might have to sit outside on picnic tables by the highway BUT the food is really good and so are the folks that work there. Good value with good flavor.

Scott Jackson

Usually very good chowder. Love the fresh fish I can take home and cook. You can always tell a great place by the lines out the door. Don't let those scare you. It moves quite well.

Joseph R

The food was simply delicious, so glad we found this place! Highly recommend anyone to go there.


Food is not bad but price is pretty high given its location. I would say this place is more for tourist and non-locals.

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