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617 SW Bay Blvd, Newport, OR 97365

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REVIEWS OF Fish Peddler's Market IN Oregon

Angela Lard

OMG! Best chowder ever!! We shared the slumgullion version with Oregan Bay Shrimp on top in a sourdough bowl. It was divine. The place was busy & a bit crowded but we were there during spring break so it was to be expected.

Ethan West

The market is great and there is a restaurant next to it with by far the best fish and chips I've ever had. I really recommend this restaurant.

Sonia Hawkins

Fresh fish market with a small restaurant attached. Really good clam chowder and amazing crab melts. There is a large window in the restaurant through which you can view some sort of seafood processing (no one was working when we were there but just seeing the machines and how clean they were was pleasant/fun). They offer, among many other things, fresh shelled crab in large pieces, so if you were aiming to make a crab melt at home, you could avoid the cracking. Small lines and great service. Seated right away on a Saturday early afternoon. Right down the block from the sea lion docks where you can watch the sea lions sun bathe, and also near several boutique and souvenir shops.

AmyClare Gutowsky

Awesome seafood cocktails & vino to-go! Then devour w/ the barking sea lions just down the dock.

Teri Armes

Sold us a black rotten crab! Who does that? We have been coming here for years and years. It has been our shrimp cocktail and crab place in Newport for ever. Today we showed up all happy for our treat and could tell something had changed, we ordered 2 shrimp cocktails and they were only half full and the shrimp tasted soggy not crisp and fresh plus she charged extra for a little extra cocktail sauce. Whatever, it's Wednesday right? Came back to get a crab to go. Ask her to pick out the best one and clean it. She does and takes our money and says nothing about the black crab body she just cleaned and put on ice for us. We get back to hotel and go to eat it. It is black and has a cottage cheese like liquid oozing out when we crack it. So grossed out we threw it away and hope we don't get sick. Too far down the road to take it back. $10 /lb. Just thought I'd warn ya. Very sad to see this place changing.

Phil Fisco

Kailey Wingfield

juan pablo regalado

Best chowder in town hands down

Serena Ainsworth

I absolutely love their Slumgullion!!! We live and Texas and visit my in-law’s every other year. I always make sure to go to the Bayfront just so I can come by and have some. My 5 year old even loves it. Mo’s doesn’t hold a candle to Fish Peddler’s.

Bud Covington

Great crab cocktail.

Christeen Gomez


Price is 5 times more than Spokane WA where is no ocean or bay , but price in Spokane WA is $4 per salmon per pound but there is $16 per pound. Very strange place .

Tyler Van Pelt

Great place. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Clam chowder is the BEST. Seafood is fresh and perfectly prepared. Highly recommend.

Dale Doyle

Hit it every time for the shrimp

Michelle Hardey

Great Oregon pink shrimp but a little pricey at $8.95 a pound

Nicole Hill

jim dodd

Ask for Pono

Tristin Hoznour

Aristotle Decker

Clam chowder sooo good, and very fresh

Cody Steffensen

Shrimp Cocktails on point

The Happy Traveler

My mom and I've been coming here for years cheap good food. And fast friendly service.

Mike Guthrie

Greatplace place

Jay Brush

Omg omg. Delicious doesn't even begin to describe this place. The clam chowder is "like God sent it down every morning from heaven itself" a quote from the wife. who just yesterday referring to debate about finding good clam chowder saying clam chowder is ...just clam chowder. Her words have been forever retracted.

Sun RocksRV

This place did not disappoint again. Great Rockfish and chips and clam chowder. And great prices and friendly staff. Keep it up!

Debbie Pearce

Fresh crab... Fast and friendly service.

Jason Schmidtlein

Really good food. Affordable and tasty. My mother did not like her clam chowder but that probably means it was fantastic. Bought some shrimp to cook with and they were super tasty.

Bill Slankard

This is the best clam chowder I've had so far!

Margaret Mouser

Great fried oysters.

Kim Rhea


Bill Waite

I love this place and shop here weekly for the freshest seafood in Newport. Also I think they serve the best clam chowder around.

Rague40 paper

Derrick Francisco

Kirk Nielsen

Love the shrimp cocktail. Please go have some.

Ryan Holland

Kate Woodard

Sandy Renfrow

Great service and fresh seafood. They cleaned my fresh crab and put it on ice for me.

Marnie Buys

Judt love fish

Carol May

We were there on a very busy summer day. We wanted fish and chips and a pre prohibition cream ale. We didn't want to wait for children to order. We got a corner table. Excellent service and beer. Wow what could be better.

Susan Cummings

Eve Douglas

Donald Mowers

Actually has a restaurant and we had halibut fish and chips that were pretty good

Limmie Littles

Aaron Hartig

Fish it's being processed at the market to eat

Jim Bedker

Great food and friendly staff

Darryl Willaman

Atmosphere, prices, just a great place.

Paul Vox

I don't want people to know about this place so it won't stay busy.. but they deserve the review. MUCH MUCH better food and services than Moes across the street,

Lee Halverson

Nola Kendall

Good fish and chips and crab cocktail but VERY small portions for price

Flip-flops in Colorado

Danielle Dial

Best place for crab and clam chowder

Mindi Hartzell Jones

This would be a 4.5 star place, great food - we've been going here a couple years, it's small and makes me think of a blue collar diner. Unfortunately I witnessed a veteran with his well marked and well behaved service dog denied service while we were dining. We wont go back. Ever.

Cynthia Gibson

sweetest workers, they gave the best recommendations and the food was the best sea food we have had on the coast!

Monte Hansen

Bought a crab to cook at home, upon cleaning it was obvious that the crab had been dead for a while before I bought it. Any other sane place would have seperated the meat before contamination set in, so I recommend not purchasing from them.

Name Here

Idaho Urban Sustainability


Deke Bader

Good food, pricy for the small portions

Santos Pablo

Taurus Morgan

A bit on the expensive side but an excellent selection of fresh seafood and we'll prepared meals

Rosemary Vargas

It was Crowded, smelled good, & the crab & shrimp was fresh & so good!

Corbin Hall

Gary Maier

We were visiting the Oregon coast and stopped in Newport for lunch. I have been experimenting with smoking my own salmon so I purchased some from this place to try it out. When I asked them about their brining process they told me that they shipped it out for smoking and didn't know it. I purchased a small portion for $16.00 to try as it looked OK and was vacuum packed well. The fish was very tough to the point it was difficult to eat. I believe they must have smoked the salmon way to long as I have never experienced this tough of smoked salmon before and it was the worst I have ever had. I don't know about any of their other products; only the smoked salmon. They should really try their products and compare with others to ensure a high quality, especially if they are going to charge high prices.

Vickie C

Nikk Reid

Love that place my thang thang hold it down


Food was good and the kids loved the popcorn shrimp.

Sean Murray


Nathan Barber

Aron van Dijk

Best oyster shooters in town, also best cocktail sauce

Destyni S

The clam chowder was so good! Will definitely be going back

Samantha Creed

Absolute BEST clam chowder I've ever had! Excellent service. And the dishes do not leave you hungry.

Haden Brock


Jason Gray

At first glance, the Fish Peddler seemed to be my kind of seafood diner. Connected to a shrimp and fish company, the food has got to be fresh. Although the food was fresh, and smelt great, that was where it stayed. Upon sitting down, we were given ice tea that was brewed from a machine that was not cleaned. That should have been the clue. But with a fantastic menu and great prices, what else could have gone wrong? I ordered a shrimp po-boy. And it smelt great. One bite, and those spices and flavours took over. Ok, this is delicious. Until I took another bite. My teeth sunk into something a little more stringy and plastic then shrimp skin. It was a bread tye, mixed in with the shrimp. I was very upset. Upon asking for the manager I was told the meal could not be comped and I had to pay for it. That the manager was out. I found out that was a lie and the manager showed up after a few moments. I said I was not paying for that meal. She said I could have another sandwich, but after the discusting tea, the bread tye, AND being lied to by the waitress, I quickly declined and left. I do not recommend this place to anyone. There are many other places to choose from on the Bay front.

Jessica Ahola

Julio Jimenez

Niña comida de mar

Leigh Lohrasbi

My husband and I eat their cioppino soup for lunch when we stay in the Newport area. Delicious

Bob C Primus

Simply delicious clam chowder!

Michael Barnes

About the only vegan option is fries, but the side of fries was huge.

Mandy Greenup

This place has THE best clam chowder hands down!!

Debra Waldron

Jeph C.

Tammy Flackus

Martin Kukla

Tasty chowder and great Rockfish!

Tim B

Chris Gestvang

Very, very disappointed. Bought a suposedly fresh crab today for dinner. Packed on ice, got it home and it was disgusting brown mush. $17.00 crab in the dumpster.

Logan Brist

Andy Wright

Lorie Oberson

Best fish and chips and slumgullion fish soup on the bay. Reasonable. Seasonally, one can watch the shrimp being processed

Ian Clayman

Mary Kikikis

Delicious fresh seafood!

Tara Leonard

The prices are OK, and the selection is mostly local. I find it odd that a fishing town's fish market would carry frozen fish, however.

Debbie Croft

Jax Johnson

Food is a bit pricey but decent

Erik Appel

Great service and friendly staff. The chowder is better than Mo's


Denise Marks

I had Casey Brooks help me send crab to my sister in TX. Thanks for your great customer service. Your my new rock star.

Gale Thurman

This is the next best way to get fresh seafood. A little spending. However, great variety.

Sabrina Chapman

Love this place! The Dungeness Crab Melt is AMAZING!

Loni Monson

Jerry Beck

Brandon Rigaud

Had clam chowder at Mo's and two other places on the coast and the clam chowder here was amazing!

Kristina S.

COMPLETE GARBAGE! ROTTEN FISH! We went thru Newport, OR on a road trip with our kids & decided to get some "fresh" rock fish and large prawns to take back to our cabin in Florence. We opened the fish bag & it smelled horrid. The fish was bad & smelled rotten. The prawns smelled ok so we cooked them. But they tasted bad. We spend around $25 for rotten seafood. Thanks so much Fish Peddler's Market!

dustin byrnes

Friendly staff and great selection. Get to watch the sea lions right by the entrance

David Wagner

Chuck Druckenmiller

Good coffee

Edward Schroeder

Alicia Bailey Bennion

Fast service and large portions, good for a quick tasty lunch.


john smeenk

Sells old crabs

Mike Marr

Cynthia Rockwood

Friendly service, good seafood. Have only ordered from counter, but haven't had a bad experience here in numerous visits.

Dedee Cook

The best service ever.

steve bryant

Awesome local strand on the water in a nice town.

Rebecca Enos

We visited here for lunch today, and the food was great as usual, but the service was terrible. Granted we had a large group, but not once did a waitress check to see how we were doing, or if we needed more drinks. We had to ask for the rest of our food. Even with a large group, we were not boisterous (with 4 children included), and we clean up after ourselves, including any food that ends up on the ground. When it came time to pay, just our part of the tab was over $130 including some fresh seafood. Before we were even done paying one waitress rudely asked the other if we had tipped her. In my opinion, you earn your tip. It wasn't earned today. Enjoy the $15 you had given to you for your terrible service.

Harry Uhles

They do the shrimp and all that stuff right there for you, you can't get any fresher than that I ate there twice while I was there and it's good food

Josh Kesterson

Awesome clam chowder

The Red Fox

Becca C

I love this place. Great crab and salmon..

Brittanie Smiddy

Nothing is better than fresh seafood! Bought whole crabs, a jar of oysters, and some crab and shrimp cocktail. The employee was great. She packed everything on ice so we could keep it cold in our cooler to take home. She kept checking in on us to make sure we had all our questions answered. Loved the service.

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