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208 N Spruce St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

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REVIEWS OF Ecola Seafoods Restaurant & Market IN Oregon

Jonathan Burrup

Very satisfied with the meal here. I read through reviews to find our one dinner out here at cannon and chose here and I was not disappointed. We got the captain's meal, the clam chowder and the crab melt. All of it was very good with an amazing fresh flavor. It all came piping hot and was very filling. I highly recommend it!


Too fried & salty food. Expensive! Nothing seems fresh at the store. No seafood creations at all! They should go to South America,Europe,Australia to learn more about the seafood store&market&restaurant.

Mike Rhine

The renovation looks amazing and the food hasn't changed, which is good because it was already tasty!


I used to love this place. The prices went up drastically. Will not return

Dina McBride

Couldn't be fresher or tastier. Not a fancy place, come as you are, and leave with a very happy tummy.

Janine Sturdavant

The best seafood to take home or cook at the beach!

Maria Harlow

We enjoyed the clam chowder and the selection of fish was lovely.

Maria M

Stopped by after driving for hours and just made it before they closed at 8:00 p.m.. We were famished and were so excited to taste the great seafood here. Fried oysters were delicious, and the chowder was really yummy. I ordered the crab melt sandwich… it was a little dry but tasty. My husband ordered the halibut tacos and he loved them. Kids meals are available-- we got the chicken tenders and cheeseburger. No complaints here! Super friendly staff!

Scott Cook

Some of the best fish and chips I've ever had!

Deena Ward

Found this place on google reviews! Great little seafood restaurant and market. Order at the counter and they call your number for you to pick it up. Tables inside and out. It was a little chilly in June for this southern girl to be sitting outside. However there were some sitting outside. I had the clam chowder which was very good and the Halibut fish and chips very yummy! The fresh seafood looked delish! Very nice people working inside! I would definitely grab a bite to eat if I was ever back in the area!

Christina Ivanow

Great place to eat. We went here while on our honeymoon. We had the fish & chips it was fabulous & the price was great. Fast service

Dailen Brown

Food was decent, but not as fresh as you'd expect for a costal town. The fish and chips were floppy and sad, and the cocktail sauce was just gross.

Linda Stewart

Best seafood here. Had salmon fish and chips. Great selection has beer

Terry McKinnon

Fresh seafood. Good service and atmosphere. I will be back.

Terry Whatley

Crab melt was just out of this world delicious.

Scott Seivert

My family loves Ecola Seafood. So glad to see they're back open.

Dakota Cleverly

If you come here you can’t leave without some salmon jerky! It’s the best! Also the fish and chips is amazing!

Jerry Graham

Never been to impressed, however they do a good job.

Ron Everett

Pricey is the first thing that comes to mind. However the food is very fresh. The atmosphere is welcoming and overall I enjoyed eating here. The parking situation is a bit weird and had me curious about what accommodations they have on busy days. I didn't take a picture... That has to be a sign that the food didn't wow me.

Jordan Engel

The food is always incredibly fresh. Love the crab melt and the smoked mussels the best but yet to find a single thing I don't like.

Jenny Groody

Nice casual seafood place. Very fresh.

Shannon Hayes

This is a very nice restaurant, clean and friendly atmosphere. Their food tastes amazing and you can buy fresh seafood at a great price! Their chowder is my favorite in Cannon Beach!

Todd Winter

The halibut fish tacos are great. And I'm not a seafood person...

Laurie S

Loved our first experience here! The only real downfall, it is such a small little place that it can get crowded very fast. The people behind the counter were very friendly and very helpful and had a smile on their faces as they took care of customers. The one bad thing about the food was it was a bit greasy and the fries lacked any taste really. The crab is well worth it all, on the coast it is going to be pricey it always has been. The prices for us seem to be a normal for traveling on the coast!

Chris Deege

Recommend the fish snd chips! The best!

Brenda McCoy

Good food! Friendly atmosphere


Toms got 4.2 and Escola has 4.3. But make no mistake that Escola is more than 0.1 star better than Tom's (sorry Tom's). Especially so for the chowder - Escola's hands down better. It's pricey though. Be prepared to drop 20 or more to try something, and 40 or so if you want a bit of everything. Enjoy!~

Autumn Brice

Great crab and shrimp boat!

Doug Ware

We love this little cafe. It's one of our mandatory visits everytime we visit Oregon.

Maria del Pilar Rocha

Smoke oysters!! So Good ! Seafood lovers this is the right spot if you come to Canon beach!!

Irek Wielgosz

delicious food, so happy they reopened after the fire. One of the better priced food options in Cannon Beach.

Aaron Wilder

One would think that seafood is cheaper by the sea. Not so here. Bring in your full medical career paycheck to feel normal. Us regular folks who get paid normal wages should just buy their seafood at Winco.

William Jett

Great food! Very popular so crowded but rapid service!

Captain Mysterium-Sicarius

Very expensive..reflects Cannon Beach tourist trade. Nice remodel, plenty of seating. Service was not overly friendly. Probably will not be back.

Keysa Lawrence

Been coming here since I was a kid. Love the fresh seafood and other delicious things they have to eat. Anything from crab and shrimp cocktail to a kids hamburger or corndog. They have a good variety. Fresh seafood is caught daily and brought it which is nice. I like the smell of seafood in here because it doesn't really get any fresher for seafood!

Karan Dewan

Great selection and nice people but somewhat of a daunting name..Ecola state park is beautiful especially the cliff walk. You can eat here and its usually crowded (which is a good sign not just seasonal) Beer on tap and good fish n chips. One of the better places to dine in Cannon Beach's ever burgeoning tourist trap

Vicki Finnigan

Great quality, delicious food and the staff was super nice!

Jasper Clayton

You can rarely go wrong with a local sea food joint in a small coastal town. Also, the fish tacos are awesome.

John Critz

The fish is super fresh and well-prepared for in-house, no-frills dining. We also got some fish to take home to cook for dinner. The halibut was great, but avoid the crab cakes - all filler which became inedibly gummy in the pan.

Adnan Alquds

2nd visit in couple of months,same good taste and quality thumbs up , on my list next visit

Todd Miller

Ecola Seafoods Restaurant is a pretty good place to eat in Cannon Beach. It is a bit expensive but on par for the location. The staff are very friendly and efficient. It can be crowded especially during the summer. I like their fish and chips with cod and the shrimp and clam chowder are good also. The outdoor seating area is nice during the summer time also.

Catherine Camilo

You would hope a seafood restaurant at the coast might have good seafood dishes. We tried nearly everything as there were 4 of us. Halibut fish/chips were bland with mushy breading. Crab and shrimp cocktail was lacking any seafood taste. Garlic bread was "powered garlicy spread". The clam chowder was tasty.... but more potato chowder than clam. For the price, it was a shame, but even if they cut price, it was a tourist trap style eatery. Lots of one timers. Wish it were a different experience. Staff was nice. This local won't be returning any time soon.

David Wise

Very nice selection of FRESH seafood. I wish I could go there every day.


Walked out because no one served us.

DJ Sanchez

Wide variety but a little overpriced. Food was good though. Very friendly service.

Emma Sansone

Arrived towards closing time, a little concerned we would be hurried, but the staff made a point of making us feel welcome. We shared a Captain’s Platter between two people, it was abundant and delicious: it included oysters, cod, halibut and salmon, and I still can’t decide which I liked best. Had I not been in the middle of a long trip, I would also have bought from their market... so much good food!

Heaven Barrett

Great fish and chips will definitely be back. The prices are reasonable given the location, and seafood is expensive.

Rachel Wilson

Amazing fresh fish and the best fish and chips

Ryan Grammer

Fantastic fresh seafood options

Michaele Achong

Awesome food! Priced a little high for what you get but still good

AJ Ruiz

A great establishment that offers your standard, battered and quick served seafood, in addition to being a locally owned market for fresh seafood. The restaurant section produces great selection of seafood items that are prepared fresh to order and are of great flavor. There’s even a few items that will satisfy the non-fish eating types. The market, who supports local fisherman, is reasonably priced. Always a stop for us when we visit Cannon Beach.

Issac Contreras

Great variety and a bit pricey for the serving size...

Casey Well

Delicious, fresh seafood and very fast service!

darren osburn

Used to come here all the time. Has been a few years since we came here last. Glad to know that it is still good! I'd say that is in the top 3 or 4 places on the north Oregon coast for fresh fish and chips. (Maybe not quite the Bowpicker in Astoria, but maybe the best in Cannon Beach.) The halibut is fresh, the fries are tasty and crisp. The batter is a light beer batter that stuck to the fish nicely, not overly oily. Really good classic tarter sauce which is important to me. The clam chowder is really good and different from any other that we had that week. What I liked is the veggies and clams are chopped up finely and I liked the paprika on top. Love the fact that it's not a copy of anyone else's. Great job and a great place for lunch or an early dinner. They close early in the evening at 6:00. The nice thing is we were leaving just before closing and a good sized group came in. The guy at the counter was nice and didn't seem to be irritated that they had come in.

Christopher Shaver

Food was excellent. Halibut fish and chips. Staff was friendly. Prices were standard considering location. You have a choice of inside or outside seating. Great little place.

Kevin Rand

Better then our seafood on the East Coast. Clam Chowder is must

Karmen Monroe

Nice staff, and good food, great smoked salmon! They were really nice about people with food restrictions/allergies.

James Bailey

Wife said it was the best fish and chips she's had. Showed up at about closing, staff was friendly enough to cook us fish and chips because they hadn't turned off the fryer yet. I really enjoyed their clam chowder, which had a nice twist of a slight parmesan flavor. Smoked mussels were also very good; served cold they tasted a bit like smoked salmon but with an even better texture and deeper smoked flavor. Only drawback was that oysters were not served on the shell, but they serve raw oyster shots that were very good.

Don Shennum

good selection of fresh seafood all prepared right away.

Keiran Cooper

The best fish and chips I've had outside of the UK! Thanks

Hailey Zwanzig

This cute little place has amazing beer and even better clam chowder. Their salmon is also amazing. Next time I'm in other, you can bet your butt I'll be stopping in

San Lo

Captain platter is worthy to try. 2 scallops and 2 oysters are fresh and tasty! Clam chowder is creamy but clam seems small and few in a bowl.

Emma Hengerle

Great food poor garlic bread it would be okay with butter but I did not like the butter

Lori James

Cannot recommend this place highly enough. Amazing smoked muscles, popcorn shrimp and fish and chips. Their cocktail sauce is so yummy. There were also a few good options for people who don't like seafood. Everything was fresh and delicious!!

Debra Canova

Great clam chowder, great fish and chips

Nicole Aranda

We went there Saturday and I was extremely surprised of how the prices sky rocketed since the last time we were there! The food isn't worth the price, its good, but not worth $20 for fish and chips! Not going back to this Glorified Long John Silvers!

Shannon Landry

Delicious seafood! Razor clams, crab roll, scallops, crab and shrimp boats, clame chowder all scrumtious.

molly moffitt

Very fresh seafood. Perfect place to get all your seafood needs. Friendly helpful staff. We has crab cakes, crab and shrimp and tasty canned smoke oysters. Will go back!!!!

Oakley Hill

Ecola has fantastic sea food and is located a mere two blocks from Cannon beach. I was quite impressed with their fish and chips and crab cakes. If you're in the area, go here. Some of the other local shops sell frozen fish while Ecola Seafood makes it fresh. Also, this is some of the better fish and chips I've had in the US. I still think some Northern Ireland shops do it better, but I was still quite impressed.

Per Sjoblom

Tourist trap, quite expensive. I had a cup of clam chowder (felt less than a cup) and a half sandwich for $14.00. sandwich was quite tasteless.

Michael Stiers

What an amazing find! We relived my youth (Goonies) with a visit to Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock followed by random shops and lunch at Ecola. We slammed on clam chowder, the shrimp basket and halibut (fish and chips). Tremendously fresh and tasty!

Kelly Macomb

Great place for fresh seafood. Yummy and good prices.

tara king

This place is so good!!! I almost could t decide on what to get. I got a crab melt sandwich with a cup of clam chowder.

Scott H

Pretty good food! I got the Cod fish tacos. They were probably the best fish tacos Ive had while Ive been in Oregon. The lady at the counter recommended the crab melt. My wife got it and said it was delicious. Said maybe a little less cheese next time but still pretty good. The only negative was the tiny water cups given. Next time I will just get a soda.

Phil Ajjarapu

We ended up getting scallops and prawns and it wasn't a bargain but it wasn't expensive. Then we made them for dinner and realized it actually was a huge bargain. It's not like we live far from the ocean but the freshness makes a crazy difference.

Jason Ryan

Tasted good, but the prices were high

Demetri Mic

The chicken is so good like so good like omg so good


The food is always Fresh and Delicious.

Jose M. Salgado

Food is great, I wish I got more fries with the order.


Good chowder & fish & chips.

Ryan Bruce

Seafood was fresh and very tasty. A bit on the pricier side, but that definitely comes with the territory. The layout of the restaurant is a bit weird, placing the line right through the middle of where patrons are eating, lead to a couple awkward bumps and personal bubble issues. The line was pretty constantly long, but they got to everyone pretty quickly. Would definitely eat here next time we're in Cannon.

Rivers Silverman

Awesome food. A bit expensive but similar price to the area. Definitely get the clam chowder though is terrific.

Charles W Basden

It was crowded and you had to wait to get a spot to sit (you order at a counter, pick up your food, and then find a place to sit), but the fish and chips were worth the effort. Staff is friendly but the inside of the building can be cramped particularly where you get your drinks and condiments. It’s a great lunch place if you are in the area.

Rick Melum

Great clam chowder. Sea food a little soggy from being frozen.

Nachelle Nocom

Best local seafood in Oregon! From their homemade tartar sauce to fresh seafood. Yummy! Cheers to the owners of this place coming from Illinois.

Chrisi Burton

Amazing seafood. Got the captains plater to share, shrimp and crab cocktail, and chowder. Nothing but hits

Salih Kuloglu

We had fish sandiwiches and was very delicious. Children liked the place and food.

Lee Jang Hyuk men

I love this restaurant. Nice people and food. Must stop by. Strongly recommended fish and chips!

Gretch Hoffert

Best seafood on the oregon coast. Always amazing food and incredibly friendly staff. A super family friendly place with fresh fish every day.

Jeff Cary

Yet another fantastic dining experience! Great tasting fresh fish and sides for less than the other guys charge. The new interior really makes it nice as well. This is our go-to almost every time we're in Cannon Beach.


Place was small and busy but sooo good. The family and I had fish and chips and fish tacos. The food was ready fairly quickly and was delicious.

Brian Boswick

Best fish and chips I've ever had! The clam chowder was amazing as well!

Mary Kaye O'Brien

Best seafood. I had grilled halibut tacos and smoked mussels. Excellent! Fresh seafood to take home and cook yourself too.

Keir Karson

Best halibut fish and chips on North Coast.

Jen L

It was our first annual Mother’s Day Beach Weekend in Arch Cape & I found this Cannon Beach place via Facebook. I recommended it to our group and they agreed. The location was not on the main street but was located near the oversized/overflow RV parking area. This was not originally what it looked like - it had been destroyed and was rebuilt - with the assistance of the town community - quite quickly (4 months or so). There was “9” of us. It was a beautiful day but still chilly to eat outside (which they had plenty of tables to accommodate). They had t large table that fit us all. We ordered mainly fish & Chips (salmon, cod & halibut), fish tacos & clam chowder. The pieces of fish were just the right combination of crispy & hearty (splitting of a 4 piece was a great idea since it couldn’t be eaten on its own). The fish & chip for kids was a great deal & was ordered by my aunt (she asked if she could order off kids menu because she eats smaller portions and was told she could). The clam chowder (there were 3 options - I chose the $7 option & it was great for sharing) was thick but had a gritty potato flavor to it - clam pieces were tiny but plentiful. The garlic bread ($3 for 2 pieces) was Texas toast style - so good. Shrimp (Prawn - about 6-8 pieces) cocktail was $7.95 - a little spendy but hey I was on vacation. The prawns were cold and big - especially with lemon drizzle & being dipped in cocktail sauce. I’ve never done an “oyster shooter “ before. They were large & ordered them with just a lemon. They had cocktail sauce but ended up squeezing the lemon onto it with splash of Tabasco sauce. I’ve heard & seen horror stories but it wasn’t that bad. We got our food quickly, great quality, well priced (Cannon Beach can be pricy compared to other cities in Oregon Coast) & so many options. I highly recommend this place & will visit again when in Cannon Beach.

Ryan Cantrell

Been eating here since first visiting in 1998. Seems like the prices have risen a bit each visit - but recently they skyrocketed. The food is still good, but a family of 4 will now drop $60-70 on a seafood meal and drinks. Definitely not a place we’ll continue to frequent on our Cannon Beach vacations.

steven manson

Delicious! Worth the visit.

paul leuthold

If you're in Canon beach, drop in and get really fresh seafood and maybe eat some awesome fish n chips while you're there

Clint Kelley

Superb fresh seafood. Limited seating and long lines but the wait was worth it. Delicious fish and chips, baby shrimp, and fish tacos that I believe are gluten free. They came on corn tortillas and I got the fresh Pacific cod grilled instead of fried. Great service behind the counter and the meal was made fast. You pick up your food and find a place to sit. Bus your own table. There were a couple seats outside. Crowded inside with only about 8 tables and a bar(not alcoholic). We were there Labor day and the weather was perfect so that might explain the long line and wait. Overall, delicious and affordable.

Valerie Hunt

Great fresh seafood, even put it on ice for me so I it stayed that way on the drive back to Vancouver.

Victoria Robinson

Tasty smoked and salmon jerky! Their fish is fresh and they keep a pretty nice variety of seafood. The traffic flow for customers ordering food has recently been improved. I personally really like their popcorn shrimp. Their hamburgers used to be really awesome but are just good now. They used to have a really tasty sauce for them. The prices seem higher than necessary so we don't visit as frequently as we might. They do let you call in your order so it's ready for you when you arrive and you can pass on any waiting in line etc.

Emily Coren

Great fresh seafood and salads, please support this local gem ☺

Jennifer Jones

Ecola seafood offers fresh fish fone right. The newly remodeled restaurant is a big improvement. Nice chowder

Steven Kubik

Really great fish and chips. One of the best on the Oregon coast

Patricia Luebke

I had heard this place serves excellent halibut fish and chips and finally got to try it out. On the weekends, it's too hard to get in here, but being in Cannon Beach on a Thursday really helped. It was still busy but we got there during a momentary lull and got our order in right away and luckily there was an available table inside, so we were pretty jazzed. My friend had the shrimp cocktail which had 10 very large shrimp. She said it was excellent. She also had the prawn basket which she said was delicious. I had the 3-piece halibut and fries ($17) and it was really good. The halibut was lightly breaded and cooked just right. I loved it! The fries had a crunchy coating on them and were very good. You place your order at the counter, get your own drinks, condiments, and napkins, and bus your own table. Oh, and they call your number and you pick up your tray of food at another counter. The drink/condiment area is a tight squeeze if there is more than one person over there. To the right of the entrance are stairs, to the left is a long wheelchair ramp. The restaurant is located kitty corner to the public restrooms and close to the public parking lot. The woman that took our order was very nice and helpful. I'll definitely dine there again. YUM!!

Dustin Powers

Good selection of fresh seafood, good halibut fish and chips, mediocre grilled halibut fish tacos. Fish was good of the tacos, but the rest was bland, their lime yogurt sauce needs work


They put the perfect amount of food on my plate... I cherished every bite

Joanelda De Leon

Quaint little place. No thrills or frills....kinda like a mini fish market with a few tables inside and outside of the establishment.

Vincent Hrepich

Great food, good service.

Steve A

dropped in for lunch on a Friday and ordered the halibut fish and chips and my wife had a crab salad. the fish and chips were world class with a light batter and obviously fresh halibut. the double fried French fries were perfect. the crab salad my wife ordered definitely did not skimp on the crab and was a beautiful mound of fresh Dungeness. definitely a place to head for if you are in cannon beach.

Tammy Cash

Fantastic fish and chips. Never had fried salmon before but it was delicious. Definitely recommend this place.

Jedidah Dinson

Its unfortunate that they had a fire and where forced to do a remodel however, it looks so damn good. Food as always is top notch! A must every time we're on the coast!!

nicholas kehoe

Sadly this was not a very pleasant dining experience. The service was nothing to write home about but it was fine and not really the issue. Honestly none of the food was very good except the fries which were surprisingly tasty and crispy.. We ordered the halibut fish and chips, the large lump crab dish and the steamer clams. To start with, each of the three dishes were fresh but quite flavorless. The lump crab dish tasted literally only like salt, no sweet crab flavor, nothing, just salt. The halibut was not only flavorless but the breading was quite mushy inside and greasy, (turn up the fryer). Even with lemon and malt vinegar it just wasn't good. The clams again were fresh but flavorless. I don't know how fresh seafood steps away from the ocean could have no flavor, maybe the time of year, I dont know but it was pretty disappointing. Seasoning is not very expensive and people cooking food for a living should know how to use it and be aware of how their food is tasting before it goes out.

Phillip Maxwell

Great fresh seafood the crab sandwich was wonderful

Matt Burton

It was good, just wish they put the same breading that they have on the shrimp on everything else.

Kevin Mengis

The cod and chips as well as the salmon and chips were very good. The fries were excellent, and the service was fast.

Shelly Statzell

Awesome Clam Chowder and fresh shrimp cocktail. Very nice people very good food. And the fish market is amazing. Can't wait to visit again

Michael Rudis

It's a must stop sort of seafood shack along the OR Coast highway. The clam chowder is one of the best I've ever had.

shota diffely

Amazing fish and chips. Great place to get fresh seafood. Been here lots of times

Dave Harty

Been going here for years. If you want seafood- this is it. Fast, friendly and plenty at a reasonable price.

Michael Smith

love love love this place-as a hardcore food critic I would never say this unless I meant it. fabulous authentic stuff.

Peter Osborne

Delicious food! Super nice staff. We cant wait to come back.

Tyler Salvig

We enjoyed the shrimp and crab with sauce, and you can pair with a sandwich, salad or taco:)

andrea lee

The food was generous in portions. Customer service was great. The meal of codfish tacos (no fries), clam strips and chips was ok. The tacos had no flavor, which was very surprising. My husband, however had some of the local Dungeness crab, plus chowder [gluten free, NO BACON (thank good ness)]. His meal was excellent. So I'm gonna say the menu is hit or miss. There are alot of items on the menu, that sound great. The atmosphere is cute (beachy and boat themed) and family friendly.

Suzanne Gray

Always good food. Glad they reopened.

Travis Theisen

Again looked wonderful however we didn't partake.

Jonathan Lo

The scallops and salmon were super tasty. Fries were also excellent. Great place to stop for lunch when you're visiting Cannon Beach

Michael DeGraw

Crab dinner is... well, worth every penny. Perfectly prepared and fresh. The only problem is it will leave a craving you can’t satisfy without a 1.5 hour drive from Portland proper. But, if you need the BEST excuse to say trip out of the hustle in the city... look no further.

Laurel Fooks

Delicious food, great staff, casual but clean atmosphere. Definitely recommend!!

Kelly Krahn

I believe the best seafood in Cannon Beach for the price is very reasonable. Just not a fine dining. Take it outside and enjoy the weather and great food. Haven't been since the fire but looking forward to returning soon

Travis Smith

Fish is very good. Great little place

Karen Starin

Good fish and chips with a light batter. Spring for the halibut. I prefer fries with no coating, but they are not overly seasoned and are acceptable

David Tanner

If you’re looking for fresh seafood at Cannon Beach this is your spot! Fish n. Chips are soooooo good here, lightly buttered with no hint of greasiness. Clam chowder is awesome. Outdoor seating, so lots of doggos on the deck. Has a selection of wine, beer and soda.

Miranda Ramey

I've been coming to this place with my family for over 10 years and the quality just keeps getting better! Do yourself a favor and visit Ecola when you're in Cannon Beach!!

Jean Tenca

Fantastic seafood. Seating is limited but it's easy to grab food and eat outside. There atmosphere is very casual and it's perfect for a lunch spot. Highly recommend their fish and chips

chris sternagel

Food is probably okay but didn't even eat there because it's too loud and too much like a cafeteria, has no atmosphere at all.

Maggie McClean

The crab melt was delicious! Great portion size, and the price was just right especially considering it was Dungeness crab. The halibut, salmon, AND tuna are all locally caught by the owners. Fresh caught, wild fish is going to be a little more expensive but it is definitely worth it! And to top it off, the staff there is SOO kind and friendly.

Richard Wilson

Very nicely remodeled after kitchen fire last year. Same great seafood.

Marie Ramme

100% if you want FRESH seafood at the beach, this the place to go! Eat in or take out for a picnic on the beach.

Carrie Dickson

This place is reliable for fresh, yummy seafood. Their fish market is top notch and super fresh. Lunch is a bit pricy for the portion, but it’s simply done and tasty.



Vladimir Adzhigirey

Crab cake was dry flavorless. Smallish portions.

Janice Fisher

I love there fish and chips, real fresh, and cooked to perfection.

Brandon Chase

Fast and quality service. The food is about as fresh as it gets and prepared very well. You can also buy things to take home and prepare yourself.

Stacy b

Delicious fresh seafood. So many options to choose from.

Erica Balderrama

I came here yesterday and the staff are super friendly. I ordered the crab dinner ($40 ). Here are a few things that I didn't like. The crab was a little too salty. The garlic bread came out burned from one side. The calm chowder tasted okay. Overall the experience was good it was just some of the side orders that I didn't enjoy.

Adam Weston

Very pricey for the amount of food you get. Clam chowder was disappointing and the fish was okay. The place is well decorated though and I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere!

Karin Potter

So yummy. Great menu with lots of options. Kids menu is helpful for families. A few outdoor tables are great for summer weather.

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