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REVIEWS OF Cuttle Fish and Corals IN Oregon

Maitrayee Sen

Andrew Gundlach

I've shopped with Jeff at CNC for several years now and his commitment to the hobby is unrivaled. If you need it, they can get it . More importantly though, Jeff and the crew love helping and coming along side each saltwater enthusiast and making sure they have the best possible experience.

Warren Pinkston

Jeff and Jorge are amazing people. They really care about helping you make the best tank possible. All livestock always looks healthy and happy. Great selection - even some rare finds. Big plus is the large number of aquacultured corals. Rest of the staff is super friendly and helpful. If you haven’t been yet - GO NOW!

Nicole Stanford

Very friendly and knowledgeable service. They were very helpful and answered a lot of questions about starting our first salt water tank!

Ian Butz

Jeremiah Warzynski

AMAZING coral. Great experience.

Nick Robitsch

Great selection of coral

Casey Joyce

Great saltwater aquarium store with huge selection of frags.

Karen Hardcastle

Nice salt water aquarium shop. Great selection of Coral, fish and accessories

Tirtha Ghosh Dastidar

Brent Cheney

Top Notch! I have no idea how someone could leave a bad rating, especially for having a mess on the floor, but maybe they haven't been around marine aquariums? Jeff and his staff are very knowledgeable in regarding not only the livestock, but all of the supporting equipment, supplements, etc. They have a great selection considering the size of the store, and they offer to get you just about anything you might want. It is obvious that this is the owner's passion, not just a business. He is the type that would mortgage his house to keep his business going if it came to it. I have been all around the world, and I would definitely say that this is a great operation when compared to others I have seen. Give them a shot.

Bobby Palmquist

By far some of the best corals in the area, And such a beautiful clean shop. And all the corals look very healthy. Everything I want from a place Im buying high end corals from.

Vernon Smith

Fish Guy

Tabetha Stage

Lindsay Evans

Amy Bounds

We really enjoyed visiting this store. The tanks are at a nice height so you can see the corals and the fish. Beautiful selection of saltwater fish. We really enjoyed how open the floor plan was. Very easy to maneuver with a stroller or a wheelchair.

Kendryth filia Gerald

Phil Tomson

Gorgeous crinoid in their tank.

jorge ojeda

My favorite shop not just in Oregon but in the entire NW! Knowledgeable and friendly staff that's always willing to help and answer questions. They have truly raised the bar and set a high standard for the hobby. Thank you CNC!!

rajkumar andrews

robert weber

Very clean and orderly.

Samuel House

Very cool tanks, fish, and corals. The staff is really knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

James Kuzma

Akimae Tolentino

It was great looking and asking one of the staff for advice and what types of fish are recommended with our tank until one of the managers told the person that was help us “Stop helping this person and go help someone else.” Very disrespectful and won’t be doing business.

Ashley Reister

Rob Iuliano

Couldn’t be more happy with this shop. Not only super nice and helpful when I was there in person but also just as helpful online. Everything they carry is beautiful and reasonably priced.

Brett Huffman

They always have an outstanding selection of fish and corals.

The Reverend

Great reef store! They have a large selection of corals and an ever rotating selection of fish. The staff is very knowledgeable and nice. I can't say enough good things about Jeff and his shop.

Shawn Haywood

Very nice saltwater store. Jeff takes good care of tanks. Fish and coral selection one if the best.

Chris Jones

Tristan Twohig

One of the better saltwater stores in the portland area i've been to over the years.

vance schafer

One of if not the best shops in the northwest! Great selection and beautiful displays!

Jesse Jeffries

Love this place. Very knowledgeable. Super clean. Everything is healthy and bright.

thomas eshraghi

Great selection with reasonable prices and knowledgeable staff.

Amanda Martin

Nick Mawae

Ben Davis

Awesome store, lots of great corals and fish.

Derek Goude

Amazing place! Jeff and Jorge are great. Incredibly knowledgeable and prices are reasonable.

nicholas andersson

Paul Klinger

Very good selection of corals ,acans in colors one of my favorites

Timothy Vander Ploeg

Everyone seemed great and knowledgeable! Nice store!

Soren W.

Lily Su

Dorothy Biondi

This is my son's favorite fish store in Portland. Wide variety of fish and aquarium supplies. Staff very helpful and well informed.

Oliver Tipping


Love this store. Fish tanks are clean, fish are healthy and the owner lets you know if a fish or coral that you are considering will work well with the type of tank and fish that you have.

Andrea Schafer

Colton Schwarz

Nerds Logic

Just keeps getting better

Tim Anderson

Really nice place awsome selections pricing is fair and owner was super cool! Definitely will be back


Scott Beatty

Best SW store in Oregon period. Not many supplies but they have a good selection of fish and coral. The staff is super friendly and they care about the health of their livestock. They really know this hobby and provides helpful advice.

taylor eke

Karl wikman

The livestock looked healthy however the floor in the store was a mess. I must not have looked like a person that was going buy anything because I was ignored by staff until I left.

Paul Stauble

Best coral in town!

Dan Mallery

Nathaniel Smith

Jake Eff

Outstanding in every way. ETHICAL reef keeping begins here. State of the art. HEALTHY, responsibility obtained animals, and a great staff. Can't ask for more.

Joshua Davis

This store has an awesome selection of corals. The owner was extremely helpful and knowledgable. Thanks

James Schlesser

Brian Yates

Helpful and friendly, good prices!

Alexandra Parker hi

Best coral shop in town with the nicest staff!

Geoff Huey

My favorite saltwater aquarium store EVER!

Ari Cedarlin

Seems like a great spot for both new and seasoned hobbyists. The staff was happy to answer some newbie questions, a treatment that is surprisingly hard to come by among these kinds of shops. The layout is open and clean, so it's easy to see things, browse, and not worry about bumping into tanks in a narrow hallway. A small note, but along with the great presentation, the place doesn't have that fish store smell. A must-visit if you're getting into saltwater aquariums.

Lana M.

Robert Spingola

Derek Mollett

David Morgan

Impressive selection. They everything anyone could ever want for their saltwater aquarium, and more.

Morgan Kovari

Seriously beautiful corals with very knowledgeable staff.


Dan Potts

Nice a lot of coral

gerardo garcia

Friendly owner


Graham Bechtel

The crew at Cuttle Fish and Corals are fantastic. They have been incredibly helpful. I can't say enough good things about them and their store. I come from st johns due to the service I get.

Brian Bieger

Very knowledgeable staff and THE best selection of corals in the portland metro area. A must visit aquarium store

KevMan OverLord

Great Shop.... Very helpful! If your into Coral Reef Aquaria, it's a must...Jeff is Fantastic.

Dave Morgan

Excellent saltwater store, awesome selection of corals, creatures and fish. I was looking for an extremely small fish for my pico tank, but no place around had what I was looking for. Cuttlefish and Coral was very knowledgeable, knew the rare fish I needed and ordered it for me.

sam allen

Great service very clean environment great deals


Nice shop with friendly staff

Jack Etherington

I've been a customer here for over 5 years. I've always been impressed with the quality and health of the livestock. The service is also top notch. Jeff and his team are always more than willing to go the extra mile to help wherever they can.

Matt Schmidt

Great variety of fish and corals, knowledgeable friendly staff

Tshering Sherpa

dynelle pierre

Great selection and staff!! Best within 20 miles.

Jesse Rogers


Kim Sandberg

Very nice and friendly staff, helpful and informative. Always something to see every time I pop into Portland.

Larry Singer

Jeff was super helpful even to a saltwater newby like me!

Sandee Budreau

Incredible selection of sea life. Everyone there is very knowledgeable & willing to take the time to talk "tanks" to ensure your sea family stays healthy.

Koa Gabriel

Super clean facility and great knowledgeable staff. Super helpful advice to help me find what I was looking for. AND AMAZING SELECTION OF FISH. All around great store. My new favorite LFS.

Richard Gomes

Great store. They get those showstopper pieces in all the time. Prices are very reasonable. Not many places have $10 and $20 frags anymore.

Jennifer Babcock

The owner was quite rude during our visit.

Mattew Kovari


Informed staff and great customer service! My go to LFS

Jaime Cedarlin

I'm always impressed when I visit Cuttlefish and Corals. They have an incredible selection of livestock, beautiful displays, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Whether you're a novice or seasoned saltwater veteran, CNC is worth a visit.

Xavier Frisbey

Pretty great. Great selection of corals! A decent number of fish. I got a gorgeous snowflake clown for just $39!!! This is a premium class clown that other websites were selling for over $100!!! Pretty good service too. Their supply selection was very small though. And some of the people there seemed a little antisocial. But overall... good service, great livestock selection, and great prices!

John Bertram

Best saltwater store in PDX.

cole mays

Todd Parrish

Great store and staff

Gavin McQuillan

Tim Huber


Cynthia Morgan

Really nice, knowledgeable people more than willing to share. Excellent selection of corals and critters. They set up our new reef tank and did a beautiful job. Update: After having a saltwater tank for more than a year now, we've become a lot less enchanted with Cuttle Fish and Corals. They're extremely friendly, with an incredibly beautiful selection of saltwater fish/invertebrates. And that was the problem: We relied on them to guide us with what should be added to our tank and what needed a more seasoned tank (and more knowledgeable owners). At first, it seemed that was exactly what they were doing: They started us out with a "cleaning crew" of snails/crabs/etc., let them acclimate for a few weeks, then added a couple of very hardy "beginner" fish (who, incidentally, are still with us). But once we had those, we kept coming back and seeing all the gorgeous critters that COULD go in our beautiful new tank, and asking if THAT one was a good choice. "Sure," they'd say, and so we'd buy it. How about that one? "Sure," and we bought that too. Clams, mandarin dragonette, a giant carpet anemone... if they told us it would work, we added it. And it did work, sorta. For awhile we had the most gorgeous aquarium around, full of beautiful, personable fish. Then the die-off started: The giant hermit crabs caught and ate the smaller fish. The mandarin dragonette, our favorite fish, keeled over dead from starvation. The anemone ate the leopard wrasse, and then apparently choked on somebody else and died. We noticed white spots on a couple of fish and--since I'd had freshwater aquariums all my life--asked if it could be ich. "Nope," we were told, "It's probably just fungus, and your cleaner shrimp will get it off. Don't worry about it." The fish went downhill fast. We tried a different store for advice (Wet Pets), and brought in pictures of the fish. It WAS ich, and by now very advanced. "Haven't you been quarantining your new fish in a hospital tank?" (Nope, we were told by CF&C that it wasn't really necessary) So we wound up buying a second aquarium to make a hospital tank (you can't use copper solutions with corals/clams/other invertebrates), dumping the worst fish in there to be treated for three months while we tried to clear this up. Most of them--thousands of dollars worth of fish and coral--died, horribly. It got to the point that I couldn't even look at the tank; I didn't want to see who was dead this time. The copepods we were told to buy to feed the new dragonette (which was much smaller, tank-bred, and eaten by the hermit crabs) ate the was a mess. Was it our fault? Of course. If we're going to own a tankful of living creatures we should have studied up and learned how to do this ourselves instead of relying on experts in a store. Lesson learned--salt water aquariums aren't for the faint of heart or wallet--and we now have a stable ecosystem. Nothing has died in about 6 months. Only problem is that now, instead of hours of pleasure watching beautiful creatures now, I mostly walk past the tank and sigh. And if we ever go back to CF&C, it will be to purchase exactly what research tells us should go in the tank, not what CF&C recommends.

Angie Alexander

Michael Sattler

Oh my! Seahorses! I love the seahorses! Imagine my joy when I walked into Cuttle Fish and Corals and saw the colorful seahorses, the bright clear tanks, the live rock, the fish, and the helpful voice of Shaun, who explained all about buying cultured seahorses, the needs of salt-water tanks, and who showed me pictures of the seahorses on *his* bucket list :-) This is a fabulous store, and a fabulous representative of the store and the life aquatic. A walk into Cuttle Fish and Corals is well worth it!

Alberto Ramos

Was a great place. Ppl were friendly and very helpful

Xander Smith

Kinda spendy. Cool fish and corals


Alone in the store with no staff for over 15 minutes. Tried to look at the selection and asked for help when staff finally was present, and was discounted as not a real customer.

Rebekah Kord

Amazing store and great staff always a good experience when visiting this store! Always look forward to going here, my go to store for all salt water needs!

Gregory Coe

Kieran Watt

Great customer service every time I go in, they've set me up with a brand new Nano reef tank and helped every step of the way, super knowledgeable staff that also don't make me feel dumb for asking questions.

Jessica Hill

MarcieJoy Boroughs

Wonderful tanks and specimens!

Justin Machus

Amazing selection of rare and beautiful tropical fish. Always the best service for beginners and experienced folks alike.

Randy Chesley

Owner seems very knowledgeable and friendly


The Bearded Reefer

Love this place! Jeff is super nice and always considered and helping. They have the widest variety of fish and corals in the area.

Brent Misfeldt

I'm a rookie to the salt water world and they were very helpful answering all my rookie questions and finding a fish, shrimp, and snail that will hopefully thrive in my semi-new tank. I'll definitely be coming back.


Great selection of SPS and LPS coarls. Owner super friendly.

Derk gronseth

First, I don't do the review thing. But after visiting this store, I had to comment. The owner Jeff is top notch. Very knowledgeable about the saltwater business. Has nicest and cleanest store around, healthy livestock. Only been here twice, and both times very helpful and not pushy. I am looking to get a tank and have been shopping from Seattle to Salem. By far the most helpful and cleanest I have seen. Very patient and willing to listen. Thank you for being there.

Peter Machac

Mike Trudell

Nice store...good variety...only bad...crazy....crazy...coral prices...same corals at upscales 50-75% less

Adam Sizer

Rachel Huber


Beautiful quality and variety of inventory, nice spacious store and comparable prices. Corals are really nice quality from what I've seen so far from a beginners perspective. Purchased an Anemone Crab yesterday and a Frag that was nicely discounted as a welcome-to-the-hobby thing. Between this store and Saltwater Obsessions in Gresham im totally in love with " Reefing" and will return to Cuttle Fish and Corals for future purchases. Also I wanted to note that I did call Cuttle Fish and Corals today regarding the crab I bought because was unsure how much molesting my Bubble Tip Anemone could take from the new crab. (They are called Anemone Crabs for a reason tho). Even tho kind of a silly question the person answering the phone was very helpful and didnt treat me like an idiot.

Jessica Merchant

Mack Nicholson

Marie Smith

Talked to owner about a new set up. Lots of great information.

Chris Hampson

Miles Taylor

Healthiest fish around.

Rob Geurtsen

New “planning to be” reefer. Visited the store today. Very friendly staff helped me answer some questions. Place looks well organized. Definitely will be back when getting closer to a purchase.


What a great store. I have been there twice and on both occasions Jeff went well out of his way to put together what I needed. Very knowledgeable, very friendly and helpful. The prices are very fair and reasonable and it is clear that they will do whatever the can to help out. I will definitely be back and will be happy to spend my money here!

Kenneth Franco

Alejandro Martinez

Great saltwater fish and coral selections. Staff very friendly and helpful.

Jenna Cox

Casey R Schreiter

Kelly Howard

Nice coral shop

Thomas McGinnis

Best local fish store in the metro

J Johnston

Great selection of reef tank goodies! Staff is helpful as well.

Mark B

Best place in town for fish and corals. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Best selections in Portland by far!

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