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REVIEWS OF CB'S Tropical Aquarium IN Oregon

mr. Minor

I've purchased fish from this place a couple of times because of it's location decent assortment of fish. The owner, wellI think he owned the place because of the way he was acting. Was on the phone the entire time I was there the first time I purchased from there the guy that helped me was very nice and helpful.

Joe Lubecky

Informative, beautifully displayed, clean. Inspiring

Makayla Douglas

Travis helped us get our 150 gallon tank set up and had everything in stock ready to go! They have everything you could ever need for your aquarium. Along with great customer service and tons of knowledge! :)

Eric Paul

Richard Galarza


Very knowledgeable staff. Helped us set up our 25 gallon reef tank with all the things. Pump, lights, sand, water. Not a high fish display at the time but they seem very popular. Our place to get water we trust.

Josh Harestad

Nice people. Cool fish. Big tanks at reasonable prices. I've gotten two fire eels a ghost knife and two angelfish from them. All healthy. They seem to genuinely appreciate their customers.

Blake Hayward

Great fish shop.

Calvin Grote

Always great place to get fish specially saltwater fish


Red sea dealer and customer service was second to none. The owner Travis stayed late just to help me out. Highly recommended!!

Yosmany Perez gonzalez

Never Give An Inch

I spent about 3,000 dollars in here and found an extra 250 dollars added to the price we couldn't figure out what it was for. I asked for 200 lbs of rock and the owner said it was because he gave me extra rock. So I weighed the rock and not only was there no extra , it was about 180 lbs of rock. His way of fixing it was giving me 10 lbs of rock, but they acted like I was in the wrong.

mainstreamlala T

Do You need a tank? You need fish? You need water? You need maintenance? Ect this is you store extremely knowledgeable and will get you in the right direction.

Jeremy O

Chad Smith

I've known the CB's location for years and years. The staff and knowledge is top shelf and most of all, "honest". Even when it's not what you want to hear, the owner Travis gives it to you straight and I really appreciate that. Because I've been a lifelong saltwater enthusiast, and every time I go in there, I learn something new in a way that's not undermining or takes away from a hobby that I love so much. This is a great place, a great resource and you won't be disappointed

Devin Smythe

First time fish buyer. The owner helped answer a bunch of questions before I was ready to get a tank. Later I got one and he put it together for me before I took it to my place and went over what I needed to do to get it up and running. After I got it set up the owner also tested my water for me on a couple of different occasions (especially before I got some fish) and since then has helped me pick out fish that would work well with what I already have. Super helpful would definitely recommend this place.

Yian Dai

Hannah Jeremiah

The staff here are so friendly and are super helpful! Great place with lots of great fish!!


Travis has been more than helpful with every possible need and question, goes far beyond what is expected. He has helped us through two tanks, won’t sell you things that won’t work or that you don’t need! Thanks so much, your an irreplaceable resource.

WorkingMomma Of Three

Angela Herwig

Jennifer Ayers

Amazing supplies and knowledge! Highly recommend this store for all your aquarium needs.

Zoe Ley

Awesome service, got a black female mollie for my tank and the owner was very kind and helpful. Great happy fish with a very convenient location too!

David Haldane

I was in Portland home shopping and gave the store a call to inquire about water and supplies I’d need to move my reef tank. The man who answered the phone was friendly and informative. Needing a new tank to have established by moving time, I stopped by to purchase the black Red Sea Reefer 65 gallon system in the back of the store. The staff member was busy talking to an older couple about basic fish care for quite a while and I was never acknowledged. I did not have time to continue waiting and purchased a system elsewhere. After response from the owner: As I can also see the point of view that staff was also working to provide a good customer experience for another group I have updated this review from a 3 to a 5 star, as it’s an unfair review.

olga Roman

They're the Best!!!!! Thank you!!!

Josiahs Demingo

Good Service and very nice employees

Paul Klinger

There always friendly and go to great lengths to help you get your tank going and help you solve any problems

Terrie Arango

Dean Mac Donald

Well needed something for wife's birthday and discovered CB's on Google Maps. Now having no experience with aquariums. I had looked at the big box Pet stores and had an idea of what I wanted. But Travis lead me to what I needed and the price was equal or better than box stores . The equipment was superior to the box stores , add to that a better selection of fish . Besides the fact that I like to support local businesses , I now feel like I HAVE A FRIEND IN THE FISH BUSINESS . Thanks so much . Ps. The wife did a happy dance and giggles PRICELESS

scuba steve

Been going here nearly 20 years. I've always been impressed with the selection and knowledgeable staff

Javier Aceves

Zack McCollum

Jay Titsworth

I needed a new light for my tank in a pinch, so I called up CB's and the owner, Travis, went out of his way to set aside the last Hydra 26 for me to pick up. He also price-matched the mount for the light and that was cool. In addition, he pulled a mesh screen off a display tank to sell to me at basically cost, which really made my day. The customer service was above and beyond! Definitely worth the drive across town. Thank you again, Travis!

Jake Eff

Good dudes that run this place.

Christy Wilson

Best service and staff in the field. Travis and his team go above and beyond what any place would. The quality of the fish, and supplies is top notch. They take the time to educate and explain everything you need to know to be successful in the fish world. I highly recommend them over anyone in the industry.


This place has a great selection of fish! All supplies that is needed to maintain fish tanks and take care of fish are supplied here. My only complaint, which a lot of places do is a worker ask if I have any questions just ask then I browse around and have questions I can't find assistance or the worker decides to have a long personal phone conversation . I understand that I was the only person in the store but that turned me off from purchasing equipment from this store.

Hunter Straup

Great service, the guy in there was very nice. I am not complaining about the service I got however, the fish I bought was carrying ich and infected my entire tank. I should have spent the extra money to get a fish from the Wet Spot without ich.


Nice guys and very helpful every time I have gone in. They threw in some extras for no cost after I got talking with them about what the tank was for(I work in a treatment center and we wanted an office fish tank). Very friendly and great service.

Gabby Juarez

Julie Blake

CB's is a great place for all of your freshwater, saltwater, and tropical fish needs. They have a ton of product in stock, and if they don't have what you are looking for, they can get it. Their staff is very knowledgable, and willing to help answer any questions you may have. I recommemend CB's to any one with an aquarium hobby or outdoor fish pond.

reba magreats Gahagan

Love cuntery music

Mathew Cobb

Good selection of healthy fresh and salt water fish. Super helpful and knowledge abounds

Jason Henry

When you make the decision to invest in a slice of the ocean that will reside in your home you need to have an advocate in your corner that will guide you to make the right choices to successfully recreate an environment that is suited to promote the overall health of your marine animals and ease of maintenance of your aquatic venture. This is the second time in our lives we have turned our living room into a saltwater showplace. Travis and Paul have given us all the tools (information) we needed to make our investment a huge success! The supply of equipment in stock and the selection of fish is second to none in the greater Portland area, we are customers for life! Thanks for making our experience so awesome you guys are the bomb!

Lucas Turner

The owner Travis and his colleague Paul have been nothing but amazing. They are incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, and honest. They won't try to push a sale if it isn't good for the tank, and are happy to guide you through the process. Furthermore, they price competitively and will offer a bargain whenever possible. If you are in search for fish or fish supplies come see these guys.

will lockett

Still won't go there

C. M. Moser

Josh Oller

This place has outstanding customer service, a great selection of fish that I have not seen at other locations. The owner has patiently helped me over the phone and once even came out to see my tank that I was having problems with and was able to help me settle the tank all at no charge. They have won my business. ... Oh and the store dog is great.

Anthony Livingston

I jest want to thank Travis for really helping me out with putting my tank together. He wasn’t real costly like a few other guy wanted to charge me. CB’S will keep my business as long as I’m in the hubby. I really appreciate you

Andy Zinda

Both Travis and Paul are amazing! I recently purchased a all in one reef tank from another store. The tank arrived in great shape except i had an issue with the lamp included with the tank. I was in the process of warrantying the lamp with the manufacture of the product and it was taking forever to get a replacement lamp sent out. Luckily during this time the tank was cycling and not having a lamp was not a huge issue, but the delays were still extremely frustrating as i had just dropped a huge amount of money on a complete tank and was having issues. Travis the owner of CB's couldn't believe that the owner of the shop i purchased the tank from would not warranty the lamp and deal with the manufacture himself. Travis offered to swap the lamp for me, he wasn't even the one who sold me the tank, I didn't take him up on the offer as i had already started the warranty process with the manufacture, but he earned a loyal customer just for the offer. Being new to the saltwater hobby Travis has been the biggest help and answers any questions that arise without hesitation and never once made me feel like i was a hassle. He has been in the saltwater business a long time and it truly shows. He may not have the lowest prices or the biggest selection in town when it comes to fish and coral, but everything he sales is of the highest quality and extremely healthy. He dips all his corals prior to placing in his display tanks for sale, to ensure he will sale the healthiest coral that will have the best chance of survival in his customers tanks. I have never seen any nuisance algae or pests in his coral tanks like i have at other stores. I have never seen a dead or unhealthy fish in his tanks either. Having had a planted fresh water tank for quite sometime as well, i realize that not every thing when it comes to aquariums is a guarantee like some of the negative reviews suggest it should be. If you are looking for an aquarium store that will take the time to answer questions and help the best possible this is the store for you. Thank you Travis and Paul you guys are great.


When I called up the person on the phone never actually talked to me instead he was talking to one of his friends.

Andrea Scott

This place is awesome!! Travis is crazy knowledgeable and helpful and makes you feel like family. Everytime my fiance and I go he has been super helpful & everytime we call the store with questions he's been helpful. My fiance and I would recommend this place to everyone. Thanks CB's for having everything we need and more. Luckily we have you and your products (since what you have is better than regular corporate pet stores). Thank you CB's & Travis!

jerry garcia

It's ok but has very little selection and price are high

Justine Reeves

Not much has changed from when i first started going here over 20 yrs ago except they no longer carry live brine shrimp and don't sell any live plants,the fish are healthy and beautiful.


Unethical business! Does not do honest business, beware! The owner of this store has a reputation for not issuing refunds, even in the most circumstantial instances. I ignored these bad reviews, as well, the fact that I could not get ahold of anyone via phone during regular business hours, after calling several times. I arrived, and told the (owner) Trevor (or travis, I don't care) that I was having issues getting through via phone, and he calmed me down, and we proceeded to look at selection. I thought his selection of tropical fish was good, and complimented him on having (what I thought to be) lower prices than his competitor, The Wetspot. He scoffed. I should have taken this as a clue, right away that his business was not self sustaining, however I proceeded to buy a fish (that I thought looked exotic) of which I had no current knowledge of. (I later found out that he buys all his fish from the wetspot, marking them up almost 120% at times). I asked him to tell me about the fish, which he could not do. He said he thought the fish was from Asia, and that it was just a regular fish like any other, did not require any extra maintenance. I purchased this fish, and brought it home, excited to have an addition to my tank, then started to do research on his species. This is where things got real. I discovered this species does not do well in captivity. It originates from Malaysia where it survives by jumping between small muddied bodies of water, like rice farms. This environment is extremely difficult to emulate, as well it is prone to starving itself in captivity, (assumed) due to depression. When this species is full grown it can be the size around of a human wrist, and three or more feet long. The owner of CB's did not do his part to be educated on what it is he was selling, or if he did, he did not care to educate his patrons. He simply wanted to make the sell. While I was in the store I asked about the sting ray he had in a freshwater tank, and if it was really a freshwater fish. He assured me it was. I have done my research, and -NO- freshwater rays exist. Rays are known to go into freshwater, and can live (reportedly) for up to five years in freshwater, while looking for food, or trying to find their way to a more comfortable home- But thats surviving, not thriving. Rays are also extremely difficult to keep in captivity and require a great deal of maintenance, however the owner of CB's Tropical Aquarium did not warn me of any of this, instead he assured me it would be a good investment, and urged me to make the purchase. This man is unethical in his business practices. It is one thing to make money, but to sell exotic species to unsuspecting customers who are simply looking for a new pet, without properly informing them of what that pet's needs may entail is disingenuous and abuse of his authority as a fish salesman. We have a beautiful river system here in the Pacific Northwest, it is irresponsibility like that shown by Trevor (travis) that could bring invasive species to it, and ruin our precious estuaries. I urge every person who reads this not to give this store your business. Thank you for your time. *edit: since I cannot respond to your response any other way, I will put it here- I did not even know that fish existed before entering your store. It was your responsibility to inform me of what I was purchasing, as an integral salesman, which you failed to even partly do. Also I was at Wetspot previously, and would have purchased there, had they had a visible fish that captured my attention so. I went to your store looking for variety, and a new pet. I will continue to post my experience of you and your store, it is clear I am not the only one who had a bad experience with you, Tranis.

Jennifer Babcock

We really like how helpful this store is with our hobby of salt water fish.

Megan Ouk

Martin Stringer

After nearly a decade off from having salt water tanks we recently got back into the hobby. We travel nearly 30 miles to get our equipment and fish from here. The Owner, Travis, is very professional, knowledge and he doesn't try to oversell you. He helped me troubleshoot my first ever sump set up and it's now running great. I highly recommend this establishment for your aquarium needs!!!

Scott Jackson

Elizabeth W

All of CB's staff was super helpful, friendly, and, knowledgeable when I came in for supplies for my science experiment. They got me exactly what I needed and took time to help me through my troubles. The store is clean and fully stocked with anything to fix aquarium problems. I highly recommend CB's!!!

Travis Thibodeau

Ron Gabbart

We came to Portland to check out several local fish stores as we have only big chain stores where we live. This place was easy to find and had good parking. The store was a bit small but it was well stocked with supplies and fish. We came in search of a few certain types of fish, which he had. They were in very good shape and very well priced. He said his stock was low due to him not taking shipments due to the heat. I like that. Even with his stock being low I felt he had a good selection of fish. The owner was helpful and straightforward. Another positive. We are heading back tomorrow to pick up several fish to take back home with us.

Kyle J.

My daughter and I went to CB'S today. From the outside the store seems small but when you go in you will find an amazing selection of fish and aquariums. I have been to Pesmart and Petco and I find aquariums that have dead fish them. CB'S did not have any dead fish in their tanks and all the fish look colorful and healthy. They had good customer service and helped me select two fish to take home. I will definitely be back.

paul turchan

Paul turchan

Molly Mae O'Halloran

The owner was very kind in helping my boyfriend and I with the lighting for our planted aquarium, even though the shop doesn't specialize in it. Best prices, best service and quality merchandise. The friendly dog is also a plus too!

Caleb Anderson

Really nice exotic looking fish

Teresa W

We highly recommend CB's. They have gone above and beyond to help our family balance the pH in the water. Everyone we worked with gave us extra time and attention. The staff is professional, courteous, and kind. We can't thank them enough!

Hannah Bonin

Bought a yellow long nose butterfly fish from here and it had something that infected all of my other fish. Within three weeks of having it all but one fish died. Unfortunatly after our puffer and long nose and a couple others died we started treating for flukes which seemed to kill off the rest of the fish. We're now out a couple hundred dollars in fish.

Melinda Barnes

Great prices, and service!

Rebecca Lundin

Great advice. Healthy fish

La Dy SkriS

Well i paid for a Fish to pick up the next day, but we decided to just not buy the fish after finding out of how much it will cost us to mail/transport a live Fish to Georgia from Oregon. So we called if it is possible to get a refund for the reserve fish, i was a little disappointed i was told that they dont do refund but only a instore credit. Well first of all they have the fish i didnt took it home or anything it never came out of the tank at all, second of all i have no use of even in store credit, as i do not have a fish tank or not having one at my Aparrment. Well none of the people i know here either have any aquarium as i just move here all the way from Florida.

Life is Awesome Here

Good selection of fish, easy access. They have both salt and fresh water. Helpful staff, good pricing.

Brian Fitzgerald

Foggy Forest Farm

Always a fun trip

Ryss Etheredge

The owner of this store does not do honest business. He is only concerned with taking money, not the repercussions of selling exotic fish to customers who know little to nothing about the species. He is rude, and even cruel when a customer wants help. He stated he has no recollection of selling a '50 dollar' fish, when I walked out of the store with two items, a 49.99 dollar fish, and a small bottle of discus buffer. He requested receipt proof, although he had no intention of refunding me, or even simply replacing the fish for a lesser costing fish. UNETHICAL, DISHONEST, DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS' NEEDS.

Michael Squire

I really like the no BS approach this shop has, they would rather not sell you something then to sell you the wrong thing. I have found this to be the case on all my purchases. Ive had 2 tanks (one small and one large) both from here and ended up getting all filters and equipment apart from plumbing here. I have had one pump fail on me and it was just replaced right away. The guy does ask a lot of questions in regards to what you have and what you know but this is just so he gives the right advice. Im now a regular that has been going in every few weeks just to see whats new as stock is always changing.

Nichole Procter

Been coming here for atleast two years, always helpful! I had some water issues awhile back and they were very helpful with how to correct it and stay within my budget! I recommend anyone who has or wants to start an aquarium to here.

Freda Williams

Travis, the owner of CB's Tropical Aquarium is AWESOME! He cares and doesn't just try and sale you anything just for Him to make a Profit! Stand up Guy!

Audra Knutson

No salt water

Amber Stevens

I really wanted to like this place... First off this place has a decent selection of stuff and the layout is good, its very clean but the good stops there...I spoke to who I believe is the owner since he is the only person I have ever seen there and the convo went great and I was excited to go and check out the goods, I loaded my pocket with 300 bucks and went in to see what I could buy.. Here's when things got kinda strange, I walked in and there was a dark haired guy standing at the counter he said hello and me and my boyfriend said Hi back, we went straight to the tanks and within 10 min had our eye on some things so we looked around for help....No one :( where did that guy who greeted us go??? No worries we were still looking after about 20 min we had even more stuff picked out.. Looked around again... No one... So I decided to jokingly yell we need help..Nothing.. So my boyfriend was like 'I will go ask a question and that should spark the front guy since he must be in sales and a sales person" Exact quote.. He came back about 1 min later and said that the guy answered his question but that was about it.. So I said no worries he will come and sell us some fish eventually so after about 45 min of looking and waiting no one came and the guy at the front sad nothing.. Ok well if he doesn't want to do his job which is super freaking easy then he doesn't want our money I thought.. So we leave the tank area and look at the aquarium plants and gravel ect.. which is in the same freaking room as the guy!! The tanks are in the back.. we are looking at the stuff and my boyfriend is staring straight at this dude like hello we need some help!! and the dude is just staring at his computer screen... My boyfriend whispered to me I will ask him 2 more questions and if he doesn't seem to care to help we will leave and go to caye's, So he asked the questions and the guy gave short answers and never took his eye's off the monitor.. So not felling like we were being helped we left and the situation rattled me so bad that I am more apt to buy stuff online or at petco now than I am to return to this store to pay these people to do nada.. Whoever that guy is I want you to know that 'Your Kung-fu Is Weak" and act like you care about the people that come in to pay your rent by buying items

Ryan Kelley

Mean owner/worker


Visited this shop first time in maybe 20 years today. The owner was VERY informative, kind and honest regarding my questions and saltwater tank inquiry (new tank). A different store had recommended over 1500 bucks worth of stuff to begin a 6 to 10 gal. Saltwater tank and made it sound so difficult, time consuming and expensive that I had decided to bag the idea. Then I happened to stop in to CB's while in the neighborhood .. Now have a nice small tank going and am very pleased with the service and products i received. It's SO nice as a newby not to be pressured to buy unnecessary stuff. In the future, all my aquarium needs will be purchased at CB's . Thank you for all the time and information today.

Alan Rohr

Alejandro Cuba Ruiz


The employee was friendly. They had a lot of accessories as well as a decent fish and coral selection. They also had the one hard to find item I was looking for.


I've been shopping here for about 30 years. They are always helpful and happy to answer my questions.

Teresa Vaneekhoven

I am very happy with this store! They are very knowledgeable and eager to help you in anyway possible, the owner Travis went far above and beyond my expectations, and I am very pleased with that!!! I would highly recommend this store to anyone for their aquarium needs! Excellent store great people and great fish!

David Shultis

Stan Harrell

Wow the guy behind the counter had an attitude. I asked about Koi and it was as if I had asked for a three headed snake.

Black Lotus Boi

Travis and them were so wonderful and helpful with getting me set up with my aquarium. They're fish are so healthy and actually do well (unlike fish I have gotten other places.). The staff care about the fish and want to help make sure the aquarium is safe for the fish and even help you learn what is best to do and they make very knowledgeable suggestions if you need them. I will definitely return there for all my fish needs. I also tend to suggest to my friends to go and to any one reason this - please do go. This last week I got three beautiful ffisher CB's and Travis helped me make sure the tank safe for them. They are doing fantastic and look phenomenal!

Duane Moody

Great selection of saltwater fish. The owner is extremely friendly and willing to talk about the fish and issues that you may have. His prices tend to be better than many of the competitors. Be sure to check here when you are looking something in particular.

paul bennett

Excellent service and great selection for saltwater fish.

Taylor Birkland

Craig Miller

The store and tanks were clean and the fish seemed healthy. One star because the employee gave off a super gatekeeper vibe. My bad, I guess, for bothering him with my noob questions. Definitely won't be spending any more money in there as there are several other tropical fish stores in town. Edit: Revised to one star, from two, for BS response from the owner.

Tracey Philbrick

Gar Ben

Great Dealing with the head hancho Travis. Cool dude with a great store. If you want discus, go here. Best Discus in Portland area for sure. Everything's clean and healthy, so no negative side to the shop at all!

Tara Cook

Daniel p

Guy has an attitude and just bad vibes been to the store twice both times not a good experience will not return. Plenty of other shops who aren't disrespectful.

Thang Vo

They are very accommodating and friendly. Great advise and customer service is off the charts! I will comeback!

Todd C

I just went by here and had absolutely no trouble getting fish; the selection was good, the owner was relatively friendly, and I escaped with my life. Then I read Amber's review, found below, while coming here to leave a review and had to highlight just how...ridiculous it is. Okay, sure, the guy should have offered help, totally, I agree; however, when you need help and aren't getting it, the "grown-up" thing to do is ask for it. You don't yell real loud from the back, or wait around and stare at the person, hoping to make eye contact. You don't ask a couple of related questions and hope REAL HARD the guy will read your mind. I mean, come on, how old are you? Were you raised away from all human contact? I can understand if you're maybe a middle school student, maybe even a high school student, but once you hit the teens you're really supposed to stop with the silly, passive social behavior. So, yeah, your experience was pretty bad but your behavior is just as ridiculous as the guy working there's behavior was inconsiderate. It might have been better if you'd acted like an adult. You get one star as a customer.

Jacoba Anderson

I felt like it is important for me to leave a review for CB's, first, because I have now been in several times. I always seem to go in when Paul is working. He has been very helpful and knowledgeable on fish/ aquarium care and very much an asset to this company. I am new to the hobby and he has always taken the time to listen and answer all of my newbie question without making me feel uncomfortable. Second, I want to leave a review because there is another fish (*!@ spot) store that has a lot of younger people working there, that don't want to give the time of day.. and don't have the years of experience CB's has on staff. Yes, CB's is a small store comparatively, but they also have healthy tanks and they have a reasonable return of product/ livestock, which is unlike the (*!@ spot) other store that accept no returns on product and no returns unless your livestock dies within 24 hrs and even that is only if they agree with your water parameters. Not to mention that other (*!@ spot) store has black beard algae and fish with ich in their tanks of fish for sell, so don't waste your time and your money. Come on out to CB's and get your aquarium on! And thank you CB's for my two beautiful Angels. I'll be back for more.

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