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REVIEWS OF Animal House Pet Shop IN Oregon

Tarrie Gibson

I got some amazing dog shampoo and conditioner there and they have the cutest babies for sale there.

Jamie Brooks

Great staff! Support your local businesses


Went in to see if they had the kitten food I needed, which they didn’t. The puppies are kept in appalling conditions. Tiny cages, no blankets or any sort of comfort, only cold metal boxes. Exorbitant prices. Was going to buy litter but I couldn’t bring myself to support a shop like this.

Nick Robitsch

Bought a tank and accessories there in a pinch. Good name brand stuff sold there. Good selection of fish and plants.

susan beck

I bought two parakeets from here a couple months ago and was told that one was male and one was female and that they were a couple months old, then later found out that they were both female, and one of them was actually a year old. Not only that, but they both have terrible anxiety. I bought another parakeet there today and paid $10 to get her wings clipped, but THEY DON'T CLIP THE FLIGHT WINGS, which is the whole point of getting their wings clipped, which is a total waste. Not to mention, most of the employees are snobby and impatient.

Jennifer Hancock

Great local shop. Nice helpful staff. Good selection of pets from reptiles and fish to birds, kittens, bunnies, rats, and hamsters etc... They have all the set ups for your new pet too. We left with a new furry family member and are very happy!

Guadalupe Rendon

I love all the pets especially the birds and fishes

dan knell

This is my pet shop. People are always awesome

No Name

Great service and knowledgeable people

Lori Seaton

Great place for pets.

Steven Rudnick

Full of great things for all animals plus exotic birds and reptiles. Fish too

CharLee Rutheford

Very sad fish...

Riley Johnson

Clean, friendly staff, great place to waste some time on a lazy day

Callaway Flake

employee at the register was rude. reptile and fish guy is awesome.

Brad Doern

Hands down, the best pet shop I've ever been to. The staff is not only knowledgeable, but are animal enthusiasts themselves. Their prices are very good, and they always have healthy, amazing animals.

larry sheller

Neat lil pet store

Zoe Laferty

Do not get a bearded dragon here!! Hi, I came here on 5/22/19 to purchase a beardie in which I got one for a reasonable price of $70. Well, on my way home, I noticed she was walking weird, with her fingers curled into her hand, and she was walking and running on her wrist. I took her into a specialist today (5/23/19) and he told me that she had to start of metabolic bone disease, meaning she did not get her correct amount of calcium needed, and her bones began to weaken. I also found out, that she is very young. While the other shops 6 week beardies were 9 grams, the one I got was only 7, which meant she was too young to be sold to begin with. Luckily, MBD in dragons is curible if they're young enough, but it's safe to say I'm never going back to that store when I visit Oregon City.

David Gibbons

They are kinda pricey but have a good selection of products. There store is clean and the shelves well stocked. The animals there seem well kept for and the fish area is pretty large.

Charlie Carr

Super awesome place, well taken care of animals. Lots of variety.

John De La Cruz

Great store with everything you need. A dollar or two more than other places, but they have what your looking for when you need it.

Vigie Knight

Awesome customer service. We found what we need and more.

Jared Ault

We used to love our visits to Animal House. However, our fish always died within a couple weeks. Having them test aquarium water for free is very helpful. But when they say it's okay, and the fish still die, why are we buying from them? After working with All Things Aquirium in Wilsonville, we have had lots more success. Though we had to go back to Animal House today because we needed a new biofilter and no one else has them in town. I was talking with Ryan, thinking about buying a few more fish, when the another staff member interrupted me, and pulled Ryan away. There was no "excuse me .... Ryan can you help me" ... just poof he was gone. I don't think the service warrants the prices. I won't pay to have crappy service. So we left.

Rachel Skinner

Friendly, knowledgable staff! Great variety of pets, and pet care supplies.

Heidi Parr

I did a one star review on an old profile quite a while ago that I now happily feel I can correct. A year or two ago when i last went in, the store was majorly disappointing. There were an uncountable number of sick and heavily distressed animals. I recently went in again just to see what's going on, and I was pleasnantly surprised to see a store full of happy, healthy animals. All seemed very active, appeared to be well fed, and the staff was MUCH friendlier. I'm still not wholly satisfied with the way the puppies are being kept, but it's an immense improvement from last time. This is definitely a 4 star review, but I'm officially giving it 5 in hopes that the overall rating will eventually go back up. I'm very pleased with the improvements.

Amy Teece

Helpful staff seemed knowledgable

Rob Lussier

They have a guy named Ryan that is amazing! I have been keeping fish for 4/5 years and only recently met Ryan. He is knowledgeable beyond his years and is a great asset to any fish keeper.

Mark B

Reasonably priced and a wide variety of products, animals and fish. I shop here from time to time to support local business

Joshua Reeves

We really appreciated the customer service we received at Animal House. My family and I spent some time looking at the animals and petting puppies. The staff was so friendly and helpful even though we were honestly just looking for something to do with the kids. When it corns time to buy a pet they'll definitely be getting my business. Store was clean and animals looked well cared for.

Kayden O

Typically always friendly staff. I wish they would revamp the kennels they keep the puppies in to make them bigger and new. And the prices of their kittens pure bred or not, is ungodly expensive! I try to support small businesses, and have been visiting this place for years and years.

Shannon Rowe

Sad dogs for sale ./

Candy & Kevin OLeary

Worst experience EVER!

Larry McVicker

Always kind, fast, and good prices.

Trinity Ellis

Always great service. Shop there frequently. Never have a complaint. I have even had to return a bulb that burnt out and it was before it should have and since i had my receipt, I had no problem. Wish the dogs to adopt were cheaper, but such is life :) thanks for being great Animal House!!

Tonya Moats

Awesome place my kids love going there even of we dont buy anything they love looking at the animals and the staff are very friendly and great with children who have lots of questions

Bryna Blackledge

Very friendly staff. And affordable pricing.

Kat Moore-wright

Grabbed my feeders for my snakes here really liked it. Great little neighborhood pet store....

Stephanie Herro

I am completely appalled by Animal House Pet Shop. I wish they would stop selling animals out of that filthy environment. We walked in there for the first time yesterday, and I cannot believe the good people of Oregon City haven't boycotted that place. The poor puppies were literally covered in feces, which was acknowledged by staff who did absolutely nothing to clean the cages. One filthy blanket covered in diarrhea was pulled out and one girl said to the other, "Yep, there are worms." Not once did we see any staff make a move to help these poor, and clearly sick, puppies. How can you be so heartless? And who in the hell is buying backyard breeder puppies from them at $500 and up?? So unbelievable. Am I missing something here?

Vikki Ingham

Very knowledgeable and friendly!!

Tasha Myatt

Don't count on the animals being there when the staff says. I drove 45 miles to look at the puppies, held one for like 20 min, left for 20 min and got back 10 minutes before they closed. The staff was already turning off the lights and told me to come back when they open in the morning to get the puppy that I had held. There were 5 puppies of this kind. I went back when they opened in the morning and apparently sometime after they closed and before they opened they sold all 5 puppies including the one I was told to come back for. When I tried to ask what happened and explain the situation, the staff was rude and short with me. I will never do business or go to this store again and don't recommend it to anyone else, especially not if you are going out of your way to go there at all.

Amanda Feldman

Awesome fish selection!

Maria Castaneda

Stopped in here for memory's sake! I used to come in here with my kids when they were's like a mini zoo.

Stacey Miller

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Family owned and operated. Can't get a better experience anywhere. They really put their all into their animals and their customers.

Candace Harris

They change prices Upon check out.

travis sprague

Didn't really like the screaming bird at the checkout desk, was really loud and hurt my ears, so that didn't really make for a very pleasant experience, i think it'd be better if the bird was moved to a different part of the store so it doesn't annoy or make customers uncomfortable, other then that i like the store, lots of products to choose from at reasonable prices and lot's of fish and pets to choose from as well

Donna Fuller-Archer

We purchased a tortoise for our grandson and a dwarf hamster for our granddaughter. The hamster quickly became ill. We called Animal house pet store. Their customer service and concern for their pets and customers was outstanding! I would recommend this store and staff for all your pet needs! Thank you Animal House team for your outstanding customer service. Sammie Fuller-Archer

Author TW Brown

Tidy and supplied with plenty of treats and food brands as well as toys, I was greeted by a staff that made it a point to come over and visit with my Newfoundland as we searched for some water toys. Wonderful customer service and decent prices.

Brandy Wharton

Amazing shop. Had lots of options and a very friendly staff. Some of the puppies seemed spendy, but a lot of them were also labeled a.k.c. so... it makes sense.

Amber Hadd

They had everything we needed for my friends snakes. Great customer service and knowledgeable staff! Thank you!

Jeremy Brady

Such a family business The owner is the one stalking shelves Knowledgeable staff eager to assist with ensuring your pet has the best life can possibly offer from feeder rats to adorable puppies coming with a health guarantee and first set of shots. Purchase your needs here with competitive prices that stay local.

Joanne C

Wonderful staff! Great selection! The pets are so adorable. I could spend hours and many dollars in here. Edit: I have spent more hours and money here. Staff was very knowledgeable, friendly and very willing to let us pet the animals so to get a feel and sense before buying. Bought some fun stuff for our pup. Have a wishlist going of items to get. The store is very clean, very busy and well stocked.

S Po

Amazing pet shop with helpful staff and great prices

Jessica Doran

You could spend hours in this store looking at all the cool stuff and chatting with the helpful staff or you can walk in, quickly find an associate, ask your question, get what you need and be out in no time. We love this shop.

Charlene Strong

Very nice staff and helpful

Jake Carroll

Been going here for about 20 years with no complaints. I stop weekly to grab crickets or worms to feed the critters at home. Purchased my aquarium and a kitten here over 15 years ago. The aquarium is still being used today. I've purchased many fish here.

DeAnna Welch

When they unexpectedly stopped carrying my little guys food they were happy to reorder at my request. Always friendly service and well cared for critters.

Cyrus Zamani

We get all of our dog food here, they have 2 options for the high quality food which most stores dont even have one. The staff are very nice, and they are always helpful when we have a question or need help out to the car. They even keep track of how many bags we get and give us a free one when we hit 10 or 12 bags. Overall looking at the comments here i have no clue where some of these people went, they do have birds out but it is just one, and he will sit on the girls shoulder at the front counter, also the store is always very clean, some times yes a dog poos or a fish dies i am sure, but never have i seen the conditions some of these guys have describes and we have gone here every other week for about 4 years now since moving to Oregon City. I refer people to them and enjoy our local pet store.

Corinne Anderson

People are nice. Not to happy how well their animals are kept up.

Chuck Burroughs

Love this place great help for all your pet needs

jacob hemphill

Unlike some pet shops, Animal house let's you interact with most of the animals making it easier to find the perfect pet. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Benjamin Keane

Their reptile guy is amazing! Very friendly and gave me a stellar recommendation on a good snake for me and my 4yo son to purchase. After messing up the first week’s food order, their staff fixed my error and made sure I left as a satisfied customer. Please support this wonderful local business!


These people are always friendly and helpful

Jan Young

I've shopped at Animal House for years. I always find what I need and the employees are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Anthony Pope

just got the coolest little floppy eared bunny from animal house pet shop they really knew alot about all the animals they were very informative and friendly. p.s. my daughter named the rabbit egg roll tobm go with her guinuiepig named noodles lol

Luis Marron



Nice small biz

Alan Twombly

Nice and clean, attentive staff

Richard Thagon

Lovely shop, I have enjoyed this shop since I was a child and now I have the opportunity to shop for high quality products for my cats at the same community pet shop.

Rachel Cranell

I was helped by a woman named Cassie, she honestly had no idea what she as talking about. She wouldn't stop talking about her own business. I waited an hour for help, but she wouldn't help me and continued to talk about her business. So I ended up leaving. Great experience...... not

Geri Rose

Great store! Very nice people,easy to work with and knowledgeable.Thanks

Heather Mann

Bought 5 neon fish last week. A day later we saw ick in our tank. Killed all our fish! Over 100.00 in damage! We had our other fish for 5 yrs with no problems in our 65 gallon tank. Our fault we should have known. The tanks at the pet store were filthy! We will never shop there again.

Kristi Maret

My go-to pet shop for tarantulas.

Marita Martinez

Prices are too high!

Jacob Brown

Awesome friendly ppl

Becky Patterson

The staff here is ALWAYS helpful and efficient and very very friendly!!! The main reason I come back is for the amazing staff. I prefer this pet store over ANY I have ever been to because they are so good at what they do.

josh resare

One of the last "pet stores" in the area. These guys accually sell animals!

Ron TazMan

Nice local pet store.

David Larson

Pretty good local pet shop, they are friendly and knowledgeable.

nick duerr

went there with someone im caregiving, staff was very helpful, interacting with my client in a positive manner, super friendly.

Sapphire Sunset

Go there every other day for crickets they are fast and kind. They take good care of the reptiles . The only animals that aren't cared for is the rats. Bought our dog from here 4 years ago and had no problems. This place is great. They buy the puppies from craigslist. Not puppy mills

Maria Frost

Great local pet shop

Shelly Ritchey

Very clean store..I'm glad they're getting their puppy issue's taken care of..Prices are a bit on the high side but all in all a very nice store!!

Felix DeVries

I go here mainly for reptile food and supplies. They have the best prices on crickets, and I come here often to purchase a dozen or 2 for my leopard gecko. While I do enjoy the quality of the stock provided, sometimes they give out incorrect or incomplete information. I was in the market for a leopard gecko, and the lady helping me suggested sand as a substrate, and that I could use a heat mat OR a heat lamp. I had been doing extensive research on the care of leopard geckos so I could provide the best possible care for the one I was going to get (not at this store.) Sand is very dangerous for leopard geckos to live on, as there have been many cases of ingestion, followed by death or serious health issues. Leopard geckos are belly heat animals, and require only a heat mat. If you know what you are doing and how to take care of the animal you are shopping for, then this place is great. Most staff don't seem to know a lot about the reptiles in the back. I wouldn't go to them for advice on reptiles, but occasionally someone back there can give you correct information on the individual animals. Their prices on their animals are incredibly high, so I cannot recommend purchasing one from them, but their stock is of high quality.

Martin Casillas

Great staff

Liany Ryan

Great price excellent customer service

Ashley Berube

Very informative, helpful and friendly!

Kayla Simmons

Large selection of pet food and friendly staff

Eric Schmidt

Great service very friendly staff

marie 36

It is a good place i love the animals and i just got a good and healthy dog

Isaac Frausto

I got all my cats from this place

G.L. Morrison

3 stars? 4 stars? I feel like the very nature of the beast (pun intended) means I should downgrade them. Pet shops are no place for animals. Ever the contrarian, I visit them the way some people visit the zoo. (Or the way clowns visit children in a sick ward.) I'm not in a position to offer more than affection to most dandered, allergy-triggering life forms. I can't offer rescue or much support but, similar to my unspoken contract with panhandlers, what I can offer is respect, eye contact, warm pleasantries and a joyful exchange. Pet shops are one of the many habitats not suited for animals to live in. That said, the staff here is knowledgeable and caring. Every time I stop in (usually when shopping, dining or seeing a movie nearby) I catch the staff in the act of doing something "beyond" the basic. Yesterday it was supervising some unsociable birds out of cage (but watch your fingers) while brushing rabbits. Whether snake or puppy or guinea pig, they seem to know the animals as individuals. And they're always happy to let me share in the love.

Johnny Padgett

Great Staff, good prices, GF loves to wonder around and see all the animals, a little zoo :)

Kevin Bauman

Outstanding staff that clearly love their jobs! Scott has a great crew and is also one of the kindest , realest people that I have ever met. I bet that man would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it more than he does. The staff know what they're taking about compared to the drones at the big pet stores and honestly after the service they provide big pet stores are kinda a joke. Keep up the good work guys!

Janice Saban

Dont shop while shelter dogs and puppies die. This guy has no compassion. He should have been closed down along tine ago. He supports back yard breeders who are forced to breed with machines.

Paul Lerum

This pet store is amazing I go there almost every weekend and they treat me so nice I love it there. I got a parakeet there and it's still alive. Keep it up if petstore

Maddie Nicole

Great pet store, best in area, but I did have a rabbit die after 3 days of having it. Brought it back on day to and they kept it for treatment, but didnt know what was wrong with it. And then it died

Robert Knight

Place was awesome I got great help about medication for my fish and I appreciate it then we went back and got to Green terrorist very helpful friendly

Roxanne L

Horrendously cruel place! This place is a classic puppy mil store. I saw several sickly animals. One poor guinea pig was slowly dyeing will the rabbits. They still use cedar chips (the cause lung infections to most animals) instead of paper. They could care less about any of their animals. The store is grossly overpriced. I felt horrible after walking in there. I heard the people in there talking to customers who were asking for care advice to their new pet and they told them several lies. It's a sick store. I hope the owners suffer the same cruelty they support.

Eric Stern

I like that they are knowledgeable and ready to help, I was treated well and as a first time customer I will be going back again for my pet needs.

Elizabeth Sobrak

Its was great! Also great service!

Joseph Peckham

Great place helpful and friendly staff

Janet Meaowa

High prices

Bridget Siddiqi

Wow amazing sweet staff! I had forgotten my wallet 20 min before they closed and this sweet young girl that worked there waited for us until 8:10 to pick up our new bunny! So kind of the whole staff there that let us go in even after they were closed. 100% recommend this place! Thank you guys!

Poppy Seed

they were really helpful and nice. I went there to get a rabbit they had so much information to help me choose the right one. the place was very well cared for. there was no mess on the floors, every thing was very pleasant. the pets were very well cared for and looked very happy. the rabbit I got was very calm and healthy. every person in the staff are very nice and always willing to give information. I would always recommend the Animal House Pet Shop.

Burnt Bean

Was given a bird a broken wing once but, for the most part the store is fine and the Employees are nice and let you play with the puppies


The shop had declined for a while there but it seems to have kind of sprung back! The fish room is looking pretty good again. Still not a ton of interesting weird species, but they are at least alive and healthy. Didn't notice any dead ones floating around this time. A few aquatic plants now too which is an improvement. Bought a few ottocinclus the other day and they're doing great!

kelli Collins

I have been patronizing his pet store since a child and have never come across a bad experience. They are completely helpful and knowledgeable about my dogs needs and always call her by her name when she comes in...They call in any products they are out of for me and call me when they are ready for pick up. I am sure at times a pet may not be in good health as most pet stores may have at times. But i know they would take care of the matter if it was. They have been in business a very long time and I think it shows why...

Sandra Kelly

Incredibly unjust ...the sweetest little dogs were in what I call a very inhumane situation.. Standing on grated platforms that were obviously hurting their tender little feet. Animals deserve better!

Patti Busse

I love dogs, they love everyone's dogs. Best doggy treats

SC Norvell

It's where I buy my feeder mice for cheap.

Pamela Woods

What a great pet shop. I could not believe the selection of animals and they were so helpful. They buy from local breeders and country folk and have tons of everything you could ask for. I bought two baby Lion Head Bunnies and they were so knowledgeable and took a ton of time with me. The puppies were to die for and if I had money growing on trees I would have bought all of them. Because they are in the country they do not have as many restrictions and I highly recommend checking them out. If you have children, bring them, they had so many different breeds of everything, and everyone was super nice.

Steven Hepler

This place was a lot cooler than I remembered. They fit so much into that space. Anything you need for your pet is probably in there.

Mark Datria

I got my two guinea pigs there. I also buy my food for my guinea pigs and sometimes toys but I find that they are frequently overpriced and sometimes buy them on Amazon. The staff is helpful and informational but sometimes can be rude, but I cannot blame them because I know they must have to deal with little kids running around and other things that could easily irritate me myself.

PJ Hebert

I love this place! Staff has always been friendly to me and I always love I come and look at the animals. Prices can be spendy for certain animals or products. Feels a little dirty in there though.. might just be me but regardless it’s a nice place to visit but not the best place to buy things if your looking for a lower priced animal or product. Regardless, Animal House is the best place to go if you don’t want to travel to Pet Co or Pet Smart.

Tracy Hewitt

Sitting in the kitty room is heaven

Tereasa Treleaven

Was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. Lots of selection and busy store. Most of the employees were kids. The lady who helped me with fish couple have been more helpful and informative. Average prices.

Michael Berman

Best Pet Store ever. Good crew especially the Manager Melanie.

Peggy Harris

This little lady caught my attention

Krissa Pace

Nice locally owned pet store

Tara Clemens

Never will I EVER buy any animals or supplies from this ridiculous business again. Not only was I told that they had a large mite infestation with their rodents a few months ago and neglected to tell me when I purchased my most recent rat, but they also refused to compensate for it. l've had rats for years, and now all of them are infested and suffering until the treatment kicks in. When I called to express my frustration, they denied the previous information they had told me. No one goes to spend the amount of money I have spent on these amazing creatures, to bring one home to have it infect all of my others. These are not true animal lovers and I've never been more disgusted in my life. They've lost a loyal customer!

Megg Albert

Poor tank conditions and lots of dead fish

kei toth

I bought a Bichir, 11 tetras from them and three dozen gold fish at the same time. The bichir tabk was at least 5-6 feet high up and the attendant trying to catch the bichir seemed to have to expirince whatsoever. After 5 minutes of this the Bichir finally jumped out of the tank and landed some 5-6 feet down on the floor. Yet still the attempt and still could catch him, I ended up having to grab him myself and scoop him into the bag. Anyone who knows anything about bichirs knows that they have a ridge of extremely sharp spines down their backs. Finally after getting the bichir in the bag “MYSELF” with several bleeding cuts on my hands some finally came over to help. Even then next day they were covered in ick and white spot. All the tetras died and I had to discard the rest of the feeder goldfish. Not to mention their puppies. They are kept in hiddious conditions on metal grates floor covered in their own feces. Many of their fish tank contain one or several sick or dying fish. Their bird room as a whole is honestly disgusting and sad. The floors are covered in food, bedding and poop. Animals are not meant to be kept in these kinds of conditions for any amount of time.

Erica Nunya

This place is sad. The animals are sad. The employees are abrasive. I once tried to buy frozen mice for my reptile here, and they were willing to sell me the mice out of the back. These are the mice that they feed to the reptiles for sale. The mice were disgusting, mixed in with substrate and other debris. I can't imagine feeding that to a beloved animal. This store doesn't care about pets. They care about making money. They earned a second star by recently discontinuing puppymill sales.

Google User

I’ll be buying guinea pigs from them this weekend. I’m not afraid to purchase from this store because all my past experiences have been amazing there ! Good prices, very friendly staff, and so on. It’s a clean store as well !

Maleah Hammons-Gumienny

Nostalgia colors this place a bit, five stars for memories only.

D Kohler

Good pet shop. Bought a leopard gecko 2 yrs ago. From then to now always helpful staff and very chill. Prices for supplies are reasonable and like how much care goes into the animals they keep.

Kristen Stubbert

Every time I go into this store I am greeted with great customer service. The workers are helpful but now too overbearing. I go in to this store every couple of weeks to see the animals and look around and I almost never see the same animals twice. I always go in and hold some bunnies and they all are so friendly and clean. The workers make sure you know how to hold them before they let you which is great. I have been in this store for half an hour just holding bunnies before. I also spend time back with the dogs and kittens. They let you sit and play with a puppy for a while and each time I've done that the puppies have looked very healthy and clean, they are not too skinny or bloated or anything. A lot of times the puppies will have accidents in their cages, they are puppies they can't help it, they don't have control over their potty times until they are 12-18 weeks old anyway. I have also never seen dog poop left in the cage for more then 5 minutes before a worker sees it and cleans it. Each time I go back to the fish room and reptile area they are being cleaned and cared for by the staff member that is assigned there for the day. The workers typically have a lot of knowledge on the fish and reptiles they have. And if any of them are sick they turn the light off and hang a sign saying so, that way you don't buy sick fish. All of the rodents are always very loving and playful and they even have cages for the moms and her babies to be and they are moved to another cage as they get older. I really love this store and I will only every get my animals through them, as long as they have what i want at the time otherwise I will have no choice but to go elsewhere.

Megan Riggs

I go almost every week and its always so clean and the staff is always so helpful

Ccc Ccc

Great place. They know there pet supply in and out.....

Derek Hines

The Animal House is my favorite store to take my son, who is 3 y/o. They are always very polite and welcoming. We bought a fish tank from them a couple months ago and are now back there every week to buy supplies or more fish. They treat their animals well and the habitats are always clean. They also have a great selection of stuff for our dog. They offer great discounts and I love the amount of coupons they send out. I always feel satisfied with how much I'm being charged.

Waren Larreau

25 for fish flakes? Prices are HIGH

Janet Robbins

Great place friendly helpful staff

Charles Peck

This place is the best, as always. Fantastic selection and the best prices I've seen. The animals are always in good health and happy looking.

Brett Aston-Myers

Very helpful and useful staff...kool inventory

James Parr

Well. In the past few years, this place has declined significantly. The way the animals are being kept is appalling. The animals are kept in unclean conditions and most of them appear to be extremely stressed out. Birds look scraggly, a lot of them pull out their own feathers due to stress. Most of the bunnies appear to have ear mites. The bunnies are kept in wood chips(wood chips are well known among rabbit owners to cause lung issues). Almost every time I go into the shop there appears to be dead fish floating in tanks, sometimes even being eaten by other the other fish. The puppies are often kept in filth, and are given almost no space to live in(some appear to be sick). I suspect that they get their dogs from puppy mills, seeing as they clearly aren't rescue pups and any half decent breeder would likely not sell to a pet shop. I have heard many stories about the terrible experiences people have here. Luckily, the employees weren't terribly rude to me. They were helpful enough on the phone and in person. But after I had told the lady I was ready to ring up, she looked mildly pissed off which confused me. But other than that no complaints about the customer service. Several years ago, the store wasn't in great condition, but it was better than this. I come back every so often to see if the store's condition has improved, but it only seems to be getting worse. I won't be going back. I definitely would not recommend this store to anyone.

Alpha Larsen

This store has friendly staff alot to chose from. The prices are a touch high for what you get but in Oregon City they do not have a lot of options. Typically have bunnies, hamsters, kittens, fish an puppies all for sale. Great little shop

Sue Stern

Loved all of the animals and fish.

Katie Bixel

The staff is friendly if you catch their attention. Nothing fancy. Prices are pretty ridiculous, but its convenient from work. Not very clean. But they usually have what I need.

You've Been Taylored

Neat reptile variety!!

dina cole

Super friendly people.

Laura Irwin

We have two puppies from here and both are healthy and good dogs. The girls in the back that work with the puppies are great. Prices could be better on everything - that would be my biggest complaint. A little cleaner too. I understand it’s a pet store, but ive seen it quite dirty.

John Gonzalez

Good quality animals... Supplies are expensive

Sailing Myway

Nice establishment with friendly professional employees.

Pokémon Finder Portland

The lady was mean to my wife because we have a dog

Allen Thompson

Super helpful people.

Chelsi Waffle

Horrible! They are selling animals bred in captivity regardless of the issues with so many cats & dogs being euthanized daily. Those poor puppies & kittens look so sad. It's depressing to see

Cynthia DuSoleil

Animal House pet store had great customer service. It was clean, the employees were nice.

Sherry Evans

I love this place, MOST of the workers are very knowledgeable and extremely friendly, so much that it makes up for the one disgruntled worker I encountered at the checkstand.

Amy Joslin

Any pets especially dogs and cats that are sold in a pet store are from puppy mills which means the parents are kept in horrific conditions. Find a reputable breeder or rescue or shelter if you want a dog. Do your research

nunya business

Great place for pet needs. Good customer service. Really nice owner.


Highly diaspointed. They had a sign up for tabby cat long hair for $199 so they grab the cat take it to the counter and then say that it's actually $399 now my daughter's heart is broken because we can't afford a $400 cat. She is still crying. Next time check your prices before you say it's one price and then grab the cat and change the the price by hundreds of dollars. Never going there again. Don't recommend it.

Jocelin Hill

I didn't like anything. I got a bunny from there yesterday and it's an American Lop Rabbit. They kept him in a bedding that matted his fur and I can't get it out. He's hurting and I have to cut out the matts in his fur. The lady didn't even know how to pick him up. Dragged him by the scruff like a cat and threw him down when she was done holding him. Terrible terrible service. Very disappointed.

Casey R Schreiter

Excellent one-stop pet shop, has everything you need for almost any kind of pet! Very impressed with the variety and vitality of all the critters, found my new favorite pet shop!


I was very upset to see all the puppies there in tiny cages. The store is crowded, poorly merchandised in most places. It smells, and is generally dirty. The prices also struck me as high compared to other pet stores. The staff seemed disengaged and a bit rude.

Victoria Taylor

Took my friend there to get a pet rat... they didn't separate males and females and my friend ended up taking home a male and a female and now has to deal with a super pregnant rat.

Kerryann Gardner

Great selection of birds, and bird toys and accessories. Friendly people working there every time I've been in. I do miss the dogs but I'm kind of glad they aren't selling them anymore, to many shelter dogs need homes. I love shopping here for my feathered friends.

Jenah Winkler

My family and I have bought lots of animals from them over the years. All of the animals we adopted have been healthy. They are my top place to buy a dog and to buy a brid. Most of the stuff is very helpful.

Brian Park

Good selection and good customer service.

bitch ass hailie

I’ve been going here for as long as i can remember, my mom even worked there for a while. It’s one of my factories places to go, all the animals are friendly and your allowed to hold them, and the employees are all very nice, and smart about what they’re doing.

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