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REVIEWS OF Reef Shop Warehouse IN Oklahoma

Scott Jones

Shawn Gallagher

Rick Walker

Taylor Mommy

Terrible. GO ELSEWHERE! They lie about your water tests, claiming your water is perfect so they can talk you into buying fish and coral. They do not quarantine their fish, which carry ich and velvet, among other parasites, and have no hesitation to sell very sickly fish. Stay away from this place or you will be scammed, misled, and lied to. I cannot emphasize enough how terrible these people are. The other saltwater aquarium shops from Norman, OKC, and Edmond are all aware of their terrible reputation, and have had other customers share the same terrible experience. This industry is unregulared, or they would be shut down.

Jacob Ozment

Blake Fabian

I visited this shop earlier today. The tanks in this shop are NOT taken care of. Most of them had aphasia growing within and algea covering the walls. There is a wide selection of fish however most of the tanks had a least one fish within that that had ich. I did like that they had live brine shrimp for sale. They also have a good selection of used equipment for sale as well as a good and diverse selection of dry goods.

White Avalanche

Cool and friendly people.

Torrey Whitten

She is so very helpful

Eric Avalos

Have to get closer to find it

Jesse Johnson

mike m

I went here when I started in the hobby about 5 years ago. I didn’t know anything when I started about water parameters so I had them test my water. She told me I had some deficiencies and to just start adding solution with no real formula, basically just telling me to dump in capfuls of calcium and alkalinity, iodine, and other things she did not test for. After year of terrible results in my reef tank I started testing my own water and found my levels were way off. I follow bulk reef supply advice on YouTube which is a great resource that will TEACH you the fundamentals of reefing. I buy everything from them now. I couldn’t tell if she was just trying to rip me off or was uneducated about the hobby.

Hurshh On YouTube

This place is okay. And that's it. Just okay. Nothing great about it. The coral and fish dont look very healthy but at least they arnt dead. This place would be so much better if they just cleaned up their tanks and maybe actually got with the times and set their tanks up properly instead of using hang on back filters... Just down the road is Prestege Worldwide Corals. I highly recommend you go there instead for your saltwater needs.

Bryce Duhon

Donnasfocus .

Different kinda store

Nick Huber

Roxie Gwin

It's nice employees

Johnny Do

Great place to get service for fish. I go here all the time and never once had a problem. If I had any question, they would always help me out no matter how dumb it is. Love this place I would recommend it to people.

Patrick Deaton

Daniel Andazola

DAWN Champion

Love the advice and pretty setup

Chadwick S. Mendenhall

Have went here for years for salt water aquarium supplies. Very kind and helpful to anyone....

Joe Herndon

The woman who runs this place is only concerned with making $. Will tell u to add all kinds of crap including iodide....which breaks down to potassium iodine...will tell u to add as much as 4 cap full a week in a 36 gallon aquarium....and will tell u you can fit as much as 30+ fish to the tank, will sell you any kind of coral whether you have right lighting or not....still trying to fix my tank after her almost crashing it....I would buy corals from her but that's it!

nate yarbrough

Have been getting fish from this Lady for years. They get all the good stuff folks. And very nice. This store is a definite go to for saltwater enthusiasts.

Анатолий Лучко

Cowboy Russell

Sucks screwed me out of hundreds of dollars and the fish there unhealthy every one I have bought there died and they said it was my fault my tank is perfect I had the test results from the day I bought then and they tested the water when I came in with the fish and said she could do nothing and they will be nasty and try to sell you anything and some times sell you stuff that will harm you're tank will never go there again promise you that and I hope you listen to me they suck

adan paez

Is good 1/2 price sale


Caleb Coit

I purchase water from here a couple times. I kept getting algae growth. So I decided to test the DI water. Turns out it was tap water. It had over 250TDS. Then they try to say they just had the filters changed. They will also sell you anything that doesn't fit your needs. Just all about profits and nothing about the people that love this hobby.

David Mcleary

Fabian Bonilla Gutierrez

Cathy Dunagan

Jessica Bush

Absolutely fabulous. They only had one item I was looking for but nowhere else has the item they did have! Very impressed.

Jan Tipton

The owner of this shop is so helpful. She gave me all the advise and guidance I needed to set up my saltwater tank

Dana Rice

Trent Jackson

If you think fish floating upside down and bleached anemones with their stomachs out are a good thing, then this is your place. I personally don't find it ethical to shop at place that treats animals like this. Please change your ways ma'am.

Sean Paul Jones

Looking for fish supplies for your salty buddies ?

Braxton Louis

If they dont have it just ask and usually they can get it. Everything i have gotten has stayed disease free

Sharon Agee

Janet services our tank and does an excellent job! It has never looked this good!

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