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6202 10946 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, United States Located in: Quail Plaza Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Old School Bagel Cafe IN Oklahoma

Chaz Thomas

Wes Struebing

Best bagels in Oklahoma City

Pinkie Thompson

Brooke-Marie Halbert

Usually wonderful. Nice portions for the price; except today. Lox bagels had virtually no cream cheese and one thin slice of lox. Disappointment city.

Cathy Smith

I looovvveee their everything bagels with ham and creamcheese...heaven.

Apple Gregg

Great as always

Ed Harris

Lots of variety. Good service.

Teresa Powers

Used to be my favorite place, but today was horrible. My bagel sandwich had hardly anything on it and was supposed to be warm and wasn't. Bagel tasted old. Very dissatisfied! Won't be returning

Mark Van Dorn

My last two or three visits have showed that the old owners are gone. Inconsistent bagel quality, various amounts of toppings each time, and old brewed coffee. Very disappointing. Used to be a favorite. I will mourn it's demise .

Carmen Santiago

Good people good bagels

Dylan Morrison

Great sooner club and even better firecracker with chorizo sausage. Below average prices

Morgan Boyd

Heather Burke

The bagels are made from scratch and delicious. There are a wide variety of bagels to choose from with a helpful courteous staff to assist. The onion bagel is particularly potent! Meet a friend for coffee and breakfast to enjoy this experience!

Ysa del Rosario

Great selection of bagels and spread. My favorite is a chocolate chip bagel with the honey almond spread! Their breakfast sandwiches are mostly microwaved but still pretty good!

Dustin Pelfery

Great bagels and variety of sandwiches. Also great, they expanded the dinning room so no more worries about getting a table. My kids ask for this place every Sunday.

Paco Gibson

Not just bagels. They have wonderful sandwiches (on bagels, of course!)

Mario Romero

I love this place is always great to stop here for a quick bite on my way to work. the staff is friendly and the location is always clean


I love this place a must try.

Amy Wright

Wonderful food, great prices, and great atmosphere!

Rachel Greiwe

Good food. Great bagels and our sandwiches were tasty. Took a crazy long time to get out sandwiches.

Natalie Ramer

Incredible food, service and atmosphere. Honestly one of the best breakfast/brunch places in the metro and very affordable!! This morning, I decided to try Old School out as a morning study spot. I got a French toast bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a chai tea latte. This was all incredibly delicious, but the real speciality is the strawberry cream cheese: authentically homemade, unique and delicious. After ordering, I sat my stuff down and ran to the bathroom and when I got back to my seat, my food and drink was there. There is a nice large, quiet back room that is perfect for studying. They have free wifi, but there is a passcode on it. I went up to ask about the password and the owner came out and showed me the best places to sit to get the best reception. This will be my new study spot without a doubt. I never leave reviews for anything, but the quality of service and food really did blow me away.

John Spaid

Great bagels! Always try to call in your order; lines can get quite long and prep time will go up during busy times. But they take phone orders perfectly and always have everything accurate and ready.

Kyle Cordell

Robert Schatz


Jordan Schneider

Old School Bagel House does things right. I went in looking for a good, affordable lunch. I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I asked a staff member what she recommends. She told me to get the Sooner Sandwich. I got my food very fast and the sandwich was one of the best that I have had. I highly recommend Old School Bagel House for anyone looking for a great, and affordable, lunch.


Not a lot of options in OKC for bagels so at least we have these guys. I do wish however that the flavor of the bagels was stronger and more distinctive.

Cal Fleischer

Great breakfast bagel.

Big T

I was never really a big fan of bagels, but I would grab one instead of a donut when someone would order them for a morning meeting. We tried some from the farmer's coop and liked them quite a bit; they were about as hard as the ones from Panera. Finding Old School Bagel Cafe was like entering into a new bagel renaissance! Not only do they have absolutely wonderfully savory flavors like jalapeno cheddar, garlic, and onion but they have this softer fresher taste to them that I did not even realize bagels could have.

Grace Otto

Gwendolyn Scott

christine p

I had ordered from Old School Bagel through Postmates, when the order arrived it was not correct. The Postmates left off my chips and was incredibly rude, she told me I needed to call the store, this was after she basically accused me of lying about even ordering them. When I called the store the manager on duty answered and was so helpful. I explained what happened and he offered to not only remake my sandwich and bring me chips but to also drive it over to me because I was not able to leave work. I am beyond impressed and will be ordering from this location again, just next time I won’t be using Postmates!! Thanks Blakey, I am almost certain that was your name, you went above and beyond in that moment and I could not be more thankful!

Adam Nusbaum

Allen C

michael chiaffitelli

Barbara Cardin

Always good food; always nice staff; always fun to meet friends here.

Manny M

Great food. Awesome staff.

Dan Lovejoy

The best Cobb salad in town.

ThuVan Frazer

Trent England

One of my family's favorite places for lunch, I especially like the El Fuego on a jalapeño cheddar bagel.

David Bowd

Shannon McPherson


Matthew Ford

My favorite sandwich spot!

Jon Curtis

Good coffee, love the loss and cream cheese

King takes Jack

best breakfast in the north side imho

Kourtney Peabody

Great for catering. Cheap, fast, great quality. AMAZING (especially in comparison to Panera).


In and Out with a Smile. Nice little quaint place to grab a bagel and coffee. They have an assortment of specialty bagel sandwiches. My favorite is the Old Smokey, which is a turkey sandwich with garlic and onion cream cheese, on an Everything bagel. I, however, substitute a garlic bagel for the double garlic shot, then they heat it. It is just lick-smacking good. They use a nice brand of coffee, and they have really small crunchy ice for their soft drinks. Very friendly and attentive staff, this is one of my favorites. So is this an authentic New York Style bagel? I have no clue I've never had one, but they are textured differently and taste better than any bagel I've had from any other bagel shop.

Mark Buley

Very very good.

Tanner Blair

Best bagel shop I've tried in town!! Eat here regularly.

Brian McCollom

David Turner

Old School Bagel Cafe is a great spot to grab a quick breakfast or lunch. Their service is very quick and it has a family oriented and relaxing but social atmosphere. Their turkey avocado sandwich is my favorite and the coffee is good as well.

David Glover

Great local place, warm, friendly, fast and good value.

Tim Yu


Jim Green

Great coffee but many days the place is sorely understaffed. Kind of frustrating when you're rushing to get to work and you have to wait on a "coffee" shop to make coffee for the multiple patrons standing around looking at their watches.

Michelle Zarantonello

Love their everything bagle!

Rick Rosson

Bagels are excellent and taste better than Panera. Very similar to having a New York bagel.

Shannon Stowers

great breakfast easy on the pocket

Joshua Wells

Great lunch stop

Michael n Cara Green

Love their everything bagel with the onion & chive cream cheese

Sunshine Diaz

Reminds me of home. .... thank you!

Nick Scurra

I've purchased many many times from day 1 at this location. The Bagels are outstanding, my sandwiches were terrible per my comparison. Wet soggy broken up pieces of turkey, terrible tomatoes and a piece of romaine lettuce that looked like it was cut to size. Like most now noy a one napkin in the bag. Very nice young man help me dur to being Handicapped, he was kind enough to bring out my order. I am grateful for this and showed my gratitude respectfully.

Macaiah Snow

Best place to kick your morning off or work at if you can work anywhere there is WIFI. You can get a large coffee (that is amazing and darker than a black hole) and breakfast for under six bucks, its five dollars just to get a Starbucks latte. The people are happy and don't look like they hate their life which is great. The owner of Old School Bagel is a great guy as well, so its nice knowing you support a great company as well as get a great value.

Josh Maddox

One of the best breakfast sandwiches you can get. Amazing atmosphere, staff, and price.

Steven Proto

Delicious authentic NY bagels. Comfortable surroundings, pre order large orders for pickup. Also offer bagel sandwiches, muffins and much more. Perfect for dinning in or to go. Open during the week and on the weekends. Closes at 3pm go early as they seem to run out of poppyseed bagels.

Nicholas Scurra

Always has great people working the counter and they are fast and acetate with orders j recommend this place for everyone. Try the GUSH water it is the best bottled water I have ever tasted.

Steve Davis

Clean place, friendly staff. Decent prices for the amount of food.

Steven Council

Friendly staff, good bagel

Kate Usera

They were out of alot when we got there around 10am but, good food

Shanekia Leake

My new lunch spot, I love this place. I may come for a Bday gift to myself lol

Kim Zissa

Excellent breakfast croissants

Petra Colindres

Love this place! Great bagels & bagel sandwichs. Also, try the soup!

Valerie Clarke

Manny Computers


Taylor Henderson

Karlie Tipton

Tom Williams

Delicious as usual!!!!!

Gi G


Great food and people!

Carole Mayabb

My go to place for bagel sandwiches!! Always delicious!

Olivia Zeinelabdin

Nice quiet atmosphere bagels are amazing fresh just can't beat it .

Maire Fuller

Love their bagels. The service is great and they are very the place!!

Shayna Marino

Yummy!! Extensive bagel menu featuring breakfast and lunchtime sandwiches, along with many types of bagels and cream cheese. Delicious!!

Katie Goldbach

It isn't the greatest bagel this native NYer has ever had, but it hits the spot. Just wish they would get real bagel toasters in... I always get the smoked salmon!

Bryan Irwin

Ebony Wilburn

Steven Nicholson

This place is awesome a friend told me about it.. there so many choices and the people were very nice

Sean Oats

Heather S

Their lox with cream cheese is amazing.

Zac Stover

They seem very poorly managed, tables always dirty, kitchen area a mess. Doesn’t help that they’re out of half the bagels by 1 PM.

Z Long

I love their egg salad sandwich on a plain bagel. Do not let them talk you into getting it on Asiago. They are always friendly and willing to make everything to order. They even allow you to use a reusable cup for coffee or soda. I love places that allow me to make eco friendly choices.

Loretta Hatchett

Awesome bagels! Friendly wait staff. Good experience

Daniel Hanchett

Sheila Baptista

This place is dirty. The staff are very unprofessional. The bagel are not authentic N.Y. bagels they claim to be. The bagels are stale. I would not recommend this place.


Love the everything bagels.

Karin C. Valdez

My daily breakfasts or brunch place!

PrestoCarnival 2

Old School Bagel Cafe is the best in OKC. I have been going since I was 6 years old. Great Bagels and coffee. The service is great. I highly recommend Bagel Shop even if you don't like bagels. Great muffins and other things. Great quick stop for breakfast and lunch.

Richard Klingler

Very good bagels and a nice atmosphere.

Max R

Love their food, and their staff is always so happy and positive! Great vibes.

ahmed Mohammed

Just a great place to hang out

bob aldridge

The bagels are old school, like you get in New York City. The sandwiches are tasty, my favorite is the ruben.

Rich Musat

Always friendly and good.

Dave Bloomquist

Breakfast sandwiches on a bagel just can't be beat.

Ryan Young

I fully understand that Saturday mornings are busy for any business. I always try to give the benefit of the doubt at any place. A fluke mess up can happen any time. But 3 times consecutively is just annoying. Double check orders. Simple. And check your bag before you leave. More than likely it's not correct. But then again, if the management was more concerned about their staff and less concerned about talking maybe the ship would be run tighter. Unhappy would be an understatement with this location.


Great staff! Wish they had hash browns tho

Laura Cifuentes

Glory Chuku

I love this place!!!

Tyler Weibelt

Elizabeth O'Gorman


Carmen King

The best bagels in the city

Christopher Brashears

Nice, upper scale place, a bit of a Starbucks ripoff with a bagel twist. Good place for breakfast.

Tayler Gammon

It's's not Einstein Brothers that's for sure. Wish Einstein would buy them out. If all you want is a toasted bagel and cream cheese you will like it. Don't go for the coffee.

Anna Wickham

I love Old School Bagels! Few places in the city do such a consistently good breakfast that is also fast, friendly, and affordable enough to fit into your regular routine. Very consistently good service, food, and efficiency across locations as well. My regular spot is May and Hefner, but shout out to the location in Uptown too!

Tangie Davis

Great bagels different kinds

Jackson Hill

Honey almond cream cheese #amiright

Chris Morris

London Snow

Matthew Bradford

One of my favorite places in OKC. Food here is amazing. Staff are happy to be there and it shines through all they do.

Adam Myers

Ashley Benson

This is such a cute cafe and they have a wide variety of bagels. The service is fast and friendly!

Steven Vaulner

I work for Postmates and I've got to know just about everybody there everybody always takes great care of you the orders always done and they always go the extra mile

Debbie Rankin

Always great service, bagels & coffee

Lawrence Kincheloe

Great bagels at a good price.

Ms Cyn

Best Bagels ever!! Wish they would add egg bagels.

Theodore Tomlin

Geat service, and food, I'll be back

Anna Rouse

The bowling was fun. It wasn't too crowded. The staff was super helpful. It was a great price. However, there were a LOT of malfunctions. We had to keep resetting the pins because they wouldn't reset right. And our score board froze twice. The staff was very friendly and helpful in fixing them every time. All in all, a very fun experience and would visit again.

Mary Peeler

Best bagels in OKC.

Bree Dosser

They make yummy sandwiches! Kids enjoy, mom enjoys! Cool fish tank inside too!

Bill Pruitt

I love this place. When I get to OKC this is always my go to. The bagel with lox and the cinnamon roll are my faves. The coffee is really good also.

Michael Carmack

OKC's best option for bagels prepared as close to authentic as it current gets for Oklahoma. Friendly accommodating staff, offering a nice variety. Be sure to inquire about taking a baker's dozen to go. If dough is what's craved, get ready to sink into the maximum amount of gluten goodness. A popular favorite processed wheat restaurant.

Brent Jones

daegu lisp

The coffee was amazing, not too sweet. Loved the names of their sandwiches. Atmostphere was very nice. Actual bagel was just ok but I would still say it's worth the visit.


Top-notch at this location! Family favorite for a quiet, slow Saturday morning...or even on the go.

Keith Lapsker

Neil are you serious? This place is awesome, you give them a one star because the coffee was low and they offered to brew new coffee for you?...what else did you want?

Alec Watson

Tasty, quick, well priced and consistent. Don't know what else you'd want.

C Latimer

Love the Lox and bagel. Unfortunately, watched a guy clean up used trays and then return to the food preparation line without washing his hands nor changing his gloves! Keep your eye open.

Becky Archer

Best bagels. We make sure to eat here every time we are in OKC

Monica S.

This place is awesome! The bagels are so good and they have a great selection of other things as well. They obviously do well and already have a good local following.

Kate Leonard

Oh my goodness so delicious!

Derek B

I love their people and atmosphere, and their food!

Skip Ailstock

Great staff, well managed and a great bagel whats not to love.

Ricky Koch

Cathy N

I went to the cafe today with 2 separate orders during lunch. The orders were simple single sandwich orders. After placing the order and waiting 10 minutes, I asked about my order. The female at the cash register totally ignored me. So I stopped one of the males. One sandwich was ready. I was told they were making the other. 5 minutes later, I asked again. Again, I was told they were making it. The staff obviously did not want to be bothered. Finally I got the second order. When I got back to work and sat down to eat, the Cuban I ordered was not a Cuban at all. It was a roast beef. The bagel was stuck to the paper and the spicy mustard was all over the outside of the bagel. I tried calling the café several times and received a recording. Finally when I called someone picked up the phone and laid it on the counter. I could hear the female at the register talking with the customers. I held on for 8 minutes trying to get someone's attention. Finally I hung up. I continued to call back over the next 35 minutes and continued to get a recording. The staff was less than friendly, the order I received was not only wrong but was also sloppy and taking the phone off the hook is something the manager/owner should know about. The frustration caused by their lack of consideration is not worth making another trip to the café. Once they get your money, the service is over.

Keely Barger

My first time was excellent!

Sarah Pierson

Andrea Hembree

Best bagels in Oklahoma. I swear!! Ew dey good. Sooo freakin good. Get dat everythang bagel wit veggie cream cheese. Dang!! I’m addicted badly.

Neil Stanfield

So, I go into the downtown Oklahoma City location (after noticing the day before when I have an excellent sandwich) that they offer coffee and all shades thereof. Order the large regular coffee, go to both machines and get only a half of the large cup out of both machines. Response to my question: "I can brew some more if you like". No refund, no apologies, etc.

James Killdeer

The bagels are good but I got real sick here yesterday. I have been here many times but since I got food poisoning, it will be a while if I go back.

Steven Gutierrez

Maridith Smith

The best bagel & coffee I've had since moving to okc last year. Blows Starbucks away! Staff was nice, funky atmosphere, and food was great!

Dawn Ingram

If you’re going to bother to put salads on the menu, complete the salad! A large bowl FULL of lettuce and sprinkled with toppings is not what your picture shows. And avocado and red onion would GREATLY improve your club salad. And vinaigrette, not sugar-packed dressing. Finally, fire the very rude blondish skinny kid with a major bad. attitude. He’s doing nothing to help your store.

Ujima Services

Todd Feehan

Great bagels but they go fast

Casey Graves

Good food

Stanley Brent

If you like bagels, this is the place! Great food and selection.

Ron Bashant

Best bagels ever!

Christopher MacGrath

Jeremy S. Gamble

My personal "usual" for lunch breaks. Good quality food, friendly service, a nice atmosphere, and a clean store keep me coming back. Sandwiches, salads, or just a bagel and schmear, this is definitely my go-to.

Aaron Owen

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