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REVIEWS OF Lee's Sandwiches IN Oklahoma

Madison Duncan

I love Lee's!! I usually get their combo sandwich, so good. I am obsessed with their iced coffee, but I can no longer drink it due anxiety issues with caffeine, it is EXTREMELY caffeinated, so beware if you are sensitive, but it is delicious and I miss it.

Anna Ratliff

Lee's coffee might be the most addictive substance known to man. So so good. The baguettes are also the kind of bread you dream about. Crispy, flaky outside, soft, warm interior. Oh man. I want to go get a baguette and coffee right now.

Mathew Roberts

I love their sandwiches.

Jessica Arlene

This place is amazing! Delicious food, clean place to eat.

Heather Ruggiero

Amazing. Bread fresh baked, daily. Delicious #5 Asian sub with pork, pickled daikon, and jalapenos. Prices are good.

Lynda Mobley

I don't know how the sandwiches are ... I'm addicted to their egg rolls so that's what I order. But the prices are very affordable, it's easy to get in and out of if you need takeout, or grab a table and dine in. Asian menu is extensive, and they also offer American and European style lunch fare.

Steven Beacham

They had great customer service it's the first time I've been there and I really enjoyed the sandwich I tried the Asian number 5 and also the Vietnamese pho it was really really good it was definitely worth the price I was like 1299 after-tax for both which is the best price I paid so far and far superior quality of what I've had at other places

ShockEMP /

This place is great for many reasons, including its sandwiches. It's sandwiches are amazing and however you like them. The service for these sandwiches is quick and without mistake. On top of this there are all sorts of unique (for Oklahoma) foods for either people to be able to experience food for the first time, or to be able to re-expereince somewhere other than its origin country!

Jesse Pandes

Best bun bo in okc. Get the iced coffee

Larry Deere

Was at Subway nextdoor to this location.

Anya Coyot

This place is incredible! Their baguettes are comparable to east coast/Philadelphia style, soft yet chewy & crunchy. They have everything from bacon, egg & cheese bfast sandwiches all the way to awesome euro-Asian sandwiches and so much more. When referring to this place to coworkers.. I just say “I’m going to heaven for lunch”!

Jessi W

Great Vietnamese sandwiches and drinks. They are super fast and efficient.

Doug Dekolf

Always a goos sandwich at a good price

Timothy T

Bahn mi sandwiches were made quick, tasted good and were at a fair price. Nice find for the midwest

S Miller

Great variety of sandwiches. Terrific tea and smoothies. Try the#11.

Bryan Seale

Same friendly service great customer service and also has public Wi-Fi

Michael DeLay

Yummy! Yummy in my tum tum tummy!

Chang Chen

Sandwich kind of small for the price, but good flavor. Pho broth is very good.

Joey Rose

Cool sandwich shop on NW Classen in the heart of the Asian District. They are an International chain featuring Asian and European style sandwiches. They also have several Asian treats like steam buns and bean/jelly desserts as well as fish shaped stuffed pastry puffs. Good prices and service. They're well known for their baguettes.

Lorene Perkins

I love the iced Vietnamese coffee at Lee's. My husband is partial to their mango smoothie. We frequently stop just for drinks, but we also enjoy their sandwiches and spring rolls.

Camille Dudney

I love the selection and set up of it all. Fresh ingredients and quick service. Definitely try a banh mi and some of their Vietnamese coffee.

Laura Castleberry

Just hands down the best!!! They have amazing food. They do get busy at lunch time, but the line goes quick!

Cam Nguyen

I was very disappointed today. I've been a loyal customer for 12 years. I spend $251 today and didn't get a good service. I got turn down for asking extra pickles on the sandwiches. I will never be back.

Lydia Rossi

The fresh baked on site French bread makes these sandwiches

Steve McMillin

Haven't had a single thing here I haven't liked.

jose varela

Love the spicy chicken wings

Joshua Hough

Lee's is an easy to spot sandwich shop. Their sandwiches are great and at a very good price! The one thing that was poor was it took a while to get your food. If you are planning on staying it has a nice sitting area inside but if you're in a hurry it might take a minute before you get your food.

MomonthemoveOKC Bradley

This was my first visit to Lee's, went to try some iced coffe, ended up getting the Carmel Frappe' which was delicious!! They have gourmet ice cream, smoothies, sandwiches and much more. Lee's is typically busy, but that is due to their outstanding food, beverages and more. Highly recommend a visit

J Springy

Able to get my full Asian on and loved every bit.

No Grace

Soooooooo goood

Eldon Ngo

Get good banh mi here. And stew This is my go to place when I meet up with friends. No tip involved. Easy clean food in a nice place to catch up. Everyone says it's good and different!

Nancy Tucker

The food is good, the people are nice and there is enough parking, and seating.

Sahara Obaid

This place is a gem. I've literally never had anything from here I didn't like. Today was national waffle day, so I got one of my favorites and a Lee's iced coffee. Don't ever skip the iced coffee!

AdmittedRobin 30

This place serve legitimate Vietnamese food done right!

Crystal Nguyen

Great food at a great price. If I'm ever running low on energy, their iced Vietnamese coffee is always my go-to for a rush of energy into the system. French baguettes are amazing at a little over a dollar and their sandwiches are really good. They also have a lot of food that's already packaged, some of which are spring rolls! Best place for a quick, cheap lunch.

Roger Matteri

It was hard finding a place to park. The sandwiches were great and service was fast. The pho was average. Have had better in a lot of places.

Jeff Poyner

BBQ grill pork sandwich was amazing and affordable

Brittany D

AWESOME Vietnamese coffee, and banh mi! Definitely my go-to place for a quick meal before work.

Ezra Mann

Delicious sandwiches that aren't run of the mill, they really make them unique with the European/Asian fusion. The line usually moves quick so you don't have to wait to long to place or get your order. Also, get a smoothie there sometime, the banana/coffee mix I got was as good a drink as you can get in that part of town.

Claudia Disney

Great sandwiches and iced.cofree!?

Sarah Kincheloe

Delicious food for a great price. Love everything I’ve tried.

Hanh Minson

Great Vietnamese sandwiches and reasonable price.


Friendly, Fast, Fantastic. Fresh sandwiches on your choice of fresh baguettes or croissants. I always get the baguette. Great lunch for $5. We also often stop in to get fresh bread for $1 to take home to eat with dinner. They always throw in an extra, so you really get 2 for 1. Don't let the number of vehicles in the parking lot deter you from going to eat there. The lot is almost completely full of cars, but there's hardly ever any line or wait for your food. Bizarre-O. Maybe friends always meet there and drive themselves, or maybe they have a hundred folks working in the back. Who knows, but it is rather odd. Great place.

Scott Crow

This place has great sandwiches and excellent customer service with very reasonable prices. My only complaint is that I believe they only have one location in the OKC metro. Even so, it is well worth the drive to the location on Classen.

Laelle Andrews

Fast service, sandwiches were fantastic. They're baguettes were freaking perfect. Also a glass view of where they make the baguettes was really cool. Was a very nice friendly environment

Wyjuana Montgomery

Delicious authentic Vietnamese sandwiches made on fresh baguettes baked on site. I love the grilled chicken and grilled pork ones.

Max Turner

Amazing! I had the grilled pork bahn mi with extra paté and mango bubble tea. Coming from the Seattle Tacoma area this was a refreshing Oasis in an otherwise food desert.

Marie Diaz

Excellent sandwiches. I love it

Kaili Dean

I've visited twice in a week since the first time a couple weeks ago. I love their Thai Tea and #5.

Travis Smith

Great Avacoda smoothie

Samantha Mcloud

Best coffee ever in life!!!

Patrick Murphy

Great food.....great the egg rolls.......fresh baguettes yum yum

Travis Owen

Best sandwiches and everything else. We drive here from Tulsa just to eat here.

G Harris

Being a chain, Lee's is consistently good especially with their packaged vietnamese coffees, Bahn mi, and boba tea/smoothies. The standard for Bahn mi goodness. Recommendation: #6 Pork BBQ Bahn Mi, 600-700 cal. $3-4.

VicM R

Great French bread and super sandwiches

Kevin Readel

The French bread, pastries, ice cream and coffee are second to none. 5 Stars!

Petra Colindres

Favorite place. ♥️ Everything & reasonable $$- Vietnamese (or Lee's) coffee is amazing as is their Thai tea (which I now really want). #83 is my fav but also their summer rolls (tofu), my hubby loves the pho. And, great breakfast items (pastries & the like). Also def try the creme filled fish!


To the associate that wears AirPod while taking order. Don’t make people yell their orders at you. Please that that out and listen. It also helps if you speak up especially on coffee order. I waited over 10 min for a hot milk coffee and had to remind the associate again to get the order put in. It wasn’t even busy and there were at least 4 people that got their orders that were standing behind me. If management were to read this. Please coach the staff to be more attentive. If that was management that had AirPod on, please take it out and pay more attention.

Olivia Galbraith

The vegetarian sandwich is delicious!

Kate Hollifield

Addictive. Everything is good. Fast service. Cheap. It’s just amazing through and through. The bahn mi are super tasty.

Ryan Wilkins

We go here all the time.. the food is always good... the prices are reasonable.. food is made in a reasonable time...sometimes there is a line, but i guess that's a good thing...

Charles Wonsey

Always good and only place like it.


Order the #5 with extra meat. Amazing! The pho was great as well.

Bill Shipley

Amazing Deli, Asain Foods and pastries. Clean high quality.

Ben Ryan

Good food for a fair price. Very fast service and friendly workers. I love this place and go regularly!


the sandwitch is the best!except this,the other taste so so!

Tony Durocher

Great for lunch. Sandwiches are excellent!

BonjourEuphoria .

Delicious Banh Mi! They also have a fridge section of all the ingredients to make Banh Mis *score! Everything seemed pretty fresh. I had the best iced coffee of my life from Lee's Sandwiches. I can't wait to try the many other traditional Vietnamese food they serve the next time I visit. Ps, This is a CASH ONLY restaurant (wish I knew before I parked in their very busy parking lot lol. My husband and I had to go elsewhere to take out cash because their ATM machine was down).

Gabriel Hockett

There bread is amazing. I wish the menu was all in English but never disappointed.

Lucas Lim

Great coffee and sandwiches. Expensive coffee and may even be more than a Starbucks but, this one is worth it. If possible, order it with less ice so you get more coffee.

mav chiba

Good bahn mi for a chain restaurant, but the beauty of Lee's is it's variety, as you're bound to find something for everyone at a reasonable price.

Betsy Bailey

Quick and tasty lunch! They have a variety of sandwiches both Vietnamese and American. You can also pick up tasty baked goods and baguettes to take home. It is extremely inexpensive for the quality of food.

Ge Vue

Great place good food

Josh Vaughn

I have only been here once. The nice young lady behind the counter suggested the asian grilled pork sandwich. It was such a delicious find! The baguette roll was so good. Then the fresh veggies, spices and meat went together so nicely. I have never had a sandwich exactly like it before. I bought my wife and I sandwiches there and it was less than one affordable meal at a sit-down restaurant. Next time I will try the Durian ice cream. I definitely will be back.

Thao Dang

The guy helping us was very nice and accommodating. Food was a little overpriced for what we got

Cameron Johnson

A wonderful experience that left us wanting more. Bahn Mi pork sanwhiches with a thai tea and one more to go for the hotel. We will definitely be back and see why they were so busy, it is a wonderful place to eat or pick up some groceries and a quick bite. #vegetarianfriendly #datenight #healthy

eli harris

One of the best sandwich places in OKC. Has great freshly made baguettes, definitely would recommend on a summer day. They have great freshly squeezed juice, as well as smoothies

livi garfield

My favourite place to be. I love it here.

Ian Daniel

This place is the the best for authentic banh mi and other vietnamese food. nomnomnom.

Cortnie Pearo

Best iced coffee and sandwiches ever.

Johnny Irons

Best Vietnamese sandwiches and bread in OKC.

Memorina Thoses

you should try out their ice coffees. theyre always so busy but the employees get it donee quick!

Jacob Lichtenegger

Great food. Nice people. Unique place for a variety of untraditional foods.

Mark Thornton

Grabbed coffee from this spot and I can tell you, I wasn’t hungry, but certainly wanted to eat by the time I left! Cafe style restaurant, that serves Asian fusion bakery and cafe style food. In addition, unique coffees and smoothies, and much more. I didn’t eat, though regretting that now, the food looked and had a delicious aroma. There is tons of seating located inside the restaurant, and some seating outside, also. The prices were very reasonable, and staff who were very friendly and helpful. Overall great experience and will be going back to entry their salads and incredible looking desserts.

Ren Lok

Lee’s is the bomb!! The sandwiches are amazing. They taste great and are fairly healthy compare to other places. My only negative is that, they can be abit cheap on the meats. If you love coffee, you need to get the Vietnamese ice coffee here!! It’s gold!! Seriously get the Vietnamese Ice Coffee!!

Victoria Lee

I would give 10 stars if it would let me! Best food. Amazing flavor. Clean establishment. Friendly staff. Yummy!

James Harding

Wonderful food and experience. Excellent smoothies, sandwiches, and spring rolls!

namjoon translate

I just found hair in 2 of my sandwich and it still has the core of the person, there could be lice that is disgusting I use to love this place now it’s disgusting, Edit- Yesterday I decided to give them a chance, and I found an another hair in my food! Is someone losing hair hair in your shop?! Well fire them or let them work as like a cashier cause their hair is in my food that I paid for! I’m sure it’s a man, I’m gonna report everything I see hair that is disgusting

Ana Brentlinger

Very good sandwiches

Muriel Cossey

Great variety. Good service

Phuoc Phu

Best sandwiches, Best coffee

Tyler Harvell

Honestly, was super skeptical when my coworker described it as "Asian sandwiches" but I figured it can't hurt to give it a shot and man am I glad I did. Absolutely amazing sandwiches, great over the counter food and an unbeatable price. Wondering where Lee's has been my whole life now.

Robert Martin

Fresh food. Always a good experience coming here very kind people.

Viola Spence

I try to get here often as it is a great price and food is delish! Try the Turkey club sandwich on baguette, it's wonderful.

Dave Cordova

Everything is great at Lees, from their sandwiches, soups and entrees, I have never had a bad meal at Lee's.

Annastayzia W.

The food is amazing! Everything is at a great price and tastes awesome! They also have Vegan Friendly options, which is a bonus. They have waaayyy more than sandwiches. I definitely recommend this place to anyone!

minh ty

The food here is cheap and good. The service are also quick. I would recommend this to anyone on a budget and wants good food at the same time. However, beware that while most restaurants and fast food place offer free water cups with purchase of food, this place will charge you 50 cents and look at you like a crazy person for asking.

Alyissa White

So cheap and delicious. I'll always suggest this place to people.

Jamie English

My family and I love this place. A wide variety of sandwiches, and drinks. My kids love the pastries they have. Sometimes we go in for lunch, and I end up with a whole load of pastries. It can get busy during lunch, but what place isn’t?

Zani Houston

The best, there's a little bit of a wait

Scott Chick

One of my favourite spots for a quick lunch, the sandwiches and pastries are great. The french baguettes beautiful and crisp on the outside the fillings are always fresh. I find the Pho to be not as good as some of the other pho places around but it's still good and the convieniance is a big positive.

Roberto Vizcarrondo

Wow... You have to try it to believe it. Totally different experience.

jonathan drummond

Love this place, not your average sandwich shop, there bread is the best, There Iced coffee is so rich and creamy, and there avocado smoothie is to die for.

greg Clevelshop

I have ate here for quick lunches for a few years now. The French croissant role with crispy veggies and deli style turkey is fabulous! The real WINNER is the Vietnamese ice coffee packs a powerful punch! You will in paradise!

Marilyn Washington

Grilled pork sandwich is very good and filling. The meat has a sweet taste and is combined with crunchy and grilled vegetables. Priced right.

Chad Badger

Heard good things about the place, unfortunately it didn't live up to it. I won't be going back. Neptune's across the street is where to eat!!!!;

Vu Le

Best spring pork rolls in town !!!

P Lor

All hype. Sandwich is only decent. Price is what sold for me. I bought 4 bahn mi combos. Bread was hard af.

Rae Rae Horbert

I love how quickly they serve fresh and delicious everytime

Marilyn Plugge

Food was good . Service had room for improvement it took 30 min to get food.

Marcus Fisher

I have been going to leave since he open always fresh and good


I didnt know Lee's had a location in OKC. the are all over in my hometown in San Jose,Ca. Love these sandwiches reminds me of home. Very delicious, fresh made hot baguettes!

Ofelia Atondo-Enriquez

The sandwiches and coffee are awesome. The service is great. Super friendly. Busy always, especially lunch time hours.


It was a long time ago when I visited but it was alright from what I could remember.

David Sevillano

Delicious sandwiches and even better ice coffee..

Harry Brown

Great place to get fresh bread.

Yoon Joon So

Delicious and cheap sandwiches and fresh baguettes. However their drinks and especially their boba is lacking, but otherwise everything else is great.


Fresh made baguette made right in front of you while you are dining. The selection is also huge. I tried most of them and all of them are good!

drew cockrell

The #5 was awesome! I got mine to go and it was very fast service. Also, I got a sandwich and chips for $4.24! Can’t beat it

Lowell Wallace

Great food great values

David Hatch

I have always had Good food at Lee`s.


Best banquet bread fresh and great for sandwiches

Daniela Tapia

Very good banh mi. Excellent bread.

James Lytle

Amazing sandwich. Would be nice to have a normal sub bun instead of a baguette our croissant but still a decent meal


Omg! Excellent place to eat at. Great coffee as well and really good homemade ice cream.

Barbara Morales

Great food as always!

Melissa Crozier

The best Banh Mhì ! Spring rolls are amazing.

Arlene Amos

Can't wait to eat the baguettes I bought. Looks so good. So do the cookies.

Nik Oban

Best sammiches EVER.

Cody Bass

Sandwiches are usually pretty good. It's cheap but they charge for.everything. 0.50 for water cup, 0.25 for Siracha etc.

Bradley Pence

Amazing sandwich! The croissants and baguettes are made fresh and are absolutely phenomenal.

Paul Burns

Great place for pho and Bahn mi


Amazing food and service.

Alicia Ofsak

Fast, friendly service, clean establishment, AMAZING food and coffee!

Brandi B

TERRIBLE SERVICE and I was only picking up an order! I will never give these people my money! Minh was unbelievably rude!

Juston Cole

Lee's is a great place for lunch. Quality food at very reasonable prices, keep me coming back.

Nanan Abasso

Almost the best French bread

Gloria Tall

Fast service. Great taste. Breakfast items, sandwiches, Vietnamese bowls. Price is definitely worth the value. I love the fresh baguettes and the Lee's iced coffee!!

Rod Puentes

Tried it the first time based on a recommendation. The banh mi (spelling?) sandwiches were great 45 stars)The bread was freshly baked. They had some excellent little pastries I tried that were awesome. (5 stars). The beef pho disappointed me as the broth was very plain (3 stars).

LeeAnn Tran

face! Was a bit dirty and the sandwiches took forever. Not as good as it used to be

chip mantooth

Pretty wide varierty of things. If you are looking for good Vietnamese sandwiches. here is really good. Plus all the other things they have

Nick Pascale

The sandwiches are good, the other customers are rude, I was in line today and a stupid woman cut in front of me, what do you know, she didn't speak English and she looked at me when I yelled at her for cutting in front of me, the stars are for the food

Ken Tu

I love the selection of stuff here, its quick, cheap and delicious

Jade Moon

Way too hot inside, food was okay.

Michael Antkowiak

Loved this place since it opened. Nice mix of French and Vietnamese food. Phenomenal bakery and homemade ice cream. The local Vietnamese folks are always in here which is usually an indication the food is authentic and good. The owner is often there and always very polite. Great sandwiches, and smoothies too.

Scott Risser

Unexpected pleasure. Great food great prices

Jack Appleyard

First time here and wow! I don't leave many reviews, but I just had to give Lee's some praise. Will definitely be back!

Phil Burrows

Very good sandwiches. Really liked the baguette bread. Also a good variety to pick from.

Abi W

Absolve this place! Fast, tasty sandwiches and traditional Vietnamese food and baked goods. They make the breads fresh--and you can taste it

Bill Wolff

According to my coworkers sandwiches were delicious, PHO, I've had way better at Pho Lien Ha.

John Soriano

I didn’t expect an Asian district in OKC but I did! This place has some really amazing food and their bakery is in house and make their bread fresh. I got Thai Iced Tea and Asian sandwich #11 which has Jambon, Headcheese, Pork Roll, and Pâté, House Pickle (Daikon & Carrot), Onion, Jalapeno, Cilantro, Salt & Pepper, Soy Sauce, and House Mayonnaise I plan to visit this place more while in business here.

Sharita Tucker

Best Pho in OKC in my opinion and I love their egg rolls. Definitely a great value.

Aa Da

There's one girl who knows what she is doing but the other one not so much

Bradey Washa

Super fresh sandwiches! The service is great anf the store is always clean! I love it!

Nicholas Casorio

Lee's is awesome! It's a Euro style Cafe that's great for a quick bite! Their iced coffee is also way better than any other chain restaurant in the city (and significantly more potent).

Stan Unsell

They used to do much better, not as busy as it once was, the bread could be fresher

Zuzana Leblova

Love sendwiches and other food.

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