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3010 Paseo #101, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, United States

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REVIEWS OF Holey Rollers IN Oklahoma

Cynthia Sanchez

Daniel Perkins

Paul Davis

The sitting area is nothing new... Just a handful of tables.. Quiet and quaint. What sets this place apart is going to be the donuts. They are good. I had two of them. The espresso and cream and the vanilla bean. Both spongey and well glazed. Good flavor that matches the name. My gf had two gluten free donughts that I tried and they were surprisingly good! I would come back here on a day off to have a donught as well as have a really good cup of coffee.

Rachel Flores

A variety of flavors that intrigued my vegan soul.

Nehemiah Reese

Great tasting gormet doughnuts! They are dense are super filling which I wasn't expecting from a doughnut but it was appreciated. They also serve coffee and tea and the cafe has a little shop that sells books, art, and other nic nacs.

Pete Jung

Awesome place!! Great donuts! great service!!

Nathan Southwick

Great service, great coffee!!

Jim LaVictoire

Jacob was friendly and helpful. Had a houseful of family and he packed delicious vegan donuts and coffee for us. Cafe airy and inviting with art gallery, cafe, bookstore.

ray flores

Friendly staff and high quality vegan donunts!!

KyIeranne Trlmachi

BEST DONUTS!! The staff is very friendly and nice. My boyfriend goes here every Sunday morning. They aren’t cheap but they are the best vegan donuts we’ve had. There is a wide selection that rotates monthly. My favorites are the prickly pear margarita & blackberry lavender lemon! They also have breakfast sandwiches & tacos

Kasey Boes

They're here! They're here! Gluten-free and vegan donut options in a city that isn't always easy to navigate for vegans. The Paseo District is the perfect location for such a shop because this neighborhood is a vegan hub in our city. I tried four different kinds of donuts, and I forgot to note them all, but I'm confident saying they were all fantastic. What a cute addition to the Paseo!

Thomas Thompson

Awful. The place stunk like fish and the donuts tasted like fish.

Tye Lofts

Great GF cake style donuts!

Austin Curnutt

Kendra James

Stephanie Kilbourn

Michael Allen


Delicious donuts - I wouldn’t have known they were gluten free. Great espresso (but boy does it pack a punch). Friendly service & nice atmosphere - what more could you want?

Lana Nelson

Great donut shop with delicious rotating specials. I have never had a donut or fritter from here that I did not like. Worst part is picking just one (or two). All of the donuts also happen to be vegan. You can also get a pour over as they rotate some local roasters like Kllr and Eote.

Elizabeth V.

Jacob White

Amanda Johnson

The best donuts around! All vegan, and all amazing! The coconut cream pie and the cinnamon roll fritter are my absolute favorite. Also, the golden milk latte is delicious. Great service, friendly staff, and good food!

James Albert Nannety

Really fresh and tasty donuts. Great ambience too!

Michelle Bailey

Derek Portlock

Grete Bitner

Maria Sankey


The girl at the register was super helpful and smokin hot. The food was fire. Awesome place.

FabioCabana .

Very cool place Tasty and creative donuts Gluten free version is also good

Beatrice Atoyebi

Chase Spivey

R Rowland


Julie Johnston


I walked in Saturday 2/17 at 2pm, noting the door said they were open till 3pm on weekends. I was fourth in line behind 3 women, none of whom got coffee(just donuts.) My turn with Register Woman, I said I wanted a regular coffee in the cup I brought. She hears me, turns away, and starts fooling with grinder ... ah, they have no coffee brewed. She doesn't tell me that tho, just leaves me hanging. So I sit down. Then Barista Woman says listen, its takes about 10 min to brew, would you like an Americano instead for the same price? I said ok thats fine. I wait a few min while she prepares it. Then she asks "Do you want a single or double?" Confused, I said "whatever is fair?? Whats your pour for a coffee? How much is a double?" She said "a double is $4.79," so I said Ill have a single. She finishes a couple minutes later, and says "thatll be $2.79." Take a look at the pic, youll see what I got...I said "this is a single?" She says "yes, thats a 10oz pour." THEN Register Woman turns and says to Barista, "we really don't want to be brewing coffee this late in the day, right?" Seriously!! Don't pretend to be a coffee shop then. For $2.79 this is what I get? Not even up to that low ridge on my 26oz cup. I won't be back. Good luck y'all.

Michael Helms

I eat a lot of vegan donuts, and this is one of the best places I’ve ever been — maybe the best. Unlike a lot of donut shops that offer vegan options, Holey Rollers has a plethora of options and dough styles. We split the vanilla bean, churro, and chocolate. Each one was delicious and didn’t taste like they relied too heavily on coconut oil, which is the go to for most shops. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get a vegan treat.

Evan White

Cute, clean, hip donut shop with some fantastically diverse flavors. Service was kind and the donuts are positively works of art. Pictured: just a sample of the fun flavors.

ash uwu

Timothy Mort

Raechelle Bibby

Becca Bornstein

These folks have some of the best donuts I have ever had of any sort, and many of them are quite large too! You might be able to put away several donuts from another place, but one or two from HR is plenty! They also have other yummy non-donut options and delicious cold brew coffee! Additionally, every time I've been in, the staff have been super kind and helpful!

kelly feroli

What a treat for your tastebuds with something for everyone - whether traditionalists, vegan, or gluten-free! My crew loved the unusual, creative flavors - all delicious. "The vegan donuts are unbelievable! Taste like donuts from my childhood, but better." - cousin Diana "Most, not as dry as fried donuts." - husband David. "Check out the chipotle chocolate, lavender and salted caramel flavors" - me

Anthony Crincoli

Best vegan donuts I have ever eaten. I've been to several other well regarded vegan bakeries, like Vegan Treats in Bethlehem PA, and these donuts beat them all. They have, baked, yeasted, and cake donuts in a variety of clever flavors. They also serve a mean vegan hot chocolate.

Fredo Mo

Outstanding doughnuts. Delicious and had two with a hot chocolate. Is located in a great must come here and check it this food, you won’t regret it. I had the goblin and my daughter had a chocolate glaze with sprinkles.

Katy Rush

Really good donuts, great storefront, and friendly staff. I was a little shocked that 6 donuts cost $23.00 though.

Jamal Sankey

We always stop here when driving through OK. Wonderful vegan donuts!


The most warm and delicious vegan donut I probably will ever have in my life. Visited OKC from Texas for a skateboarding trip. I hope to stop by again !

Fernando Moreno

Friendly staff and clean place. Way overpriced (4 x more expensive than others) for donuts (fried dough) and served cold and slightly soggy. Popularity probably a result of an echo chamber environment. I appreciated the service though. Come here if ketchup is spicy to you

Claudia Aita Costa

Katie Windom

Amazing gluten free/vegan donuts! Everyone who works here is a delight as well which makes the experience and food even better! They are great about eliminating cross-contamination. My son has severe celiac and has always been safe here. His favorite is the 'cupcake donuts' (gf chocolate with sprinkles).


Sheri Westover

Jared Begemann

John Paden

Brian Erwin

Robin Reeves

Brittany Bloss

Deanna Day

Johnna Nystrom

Barrett Bruce

D R Wainscott

Jo Nan

Awesome vegan donuts! But super expensive

The House OKC

Andrea and her team are very passionate about their product and service, and it shows! They donuts are unlike anything I've had in OKC before. I enjoyed their Chocolate Peanut Butter Donut, but I've always been a huge s'mores advocate and their S'mores Donut is delicious.

Petra Colindres

I liked it but didn't love. But good coffee!

Mark Jones

The weirdest thing about these donuts - you actually feel functional after eating a couple. I can only conclude the ingredients are top notch

Beth Emerson

One of the few places to get dairy free donuts. And they're fabulous with great variety!

Steven Leigh Williams

Samuel Hooker

Nigel Bland

Matt Weers

Overjoyed that they choose my neighborhood open up shop. Their donuts may not be for everyone, but I really enjoy them and I would say there is nothing like them in the area. Give them a try if you are craving something different.

Ashlie Crooks

Scott Rogers

For a non-vegan (and donut lover) I was skeptical, but this place is awesome! Loved everything I have got from there. Especially the Vanilla Bean donut! The cinnamon rolls are great too!

Jonathan Minson

Carli Keena-Shelton

Best donuts ever!!!!!

Amanda Dirickson

Great chocolate gluten free donut. Fun place!

Deanna Webster

Even tho we came in right before closing, they were so helpful and weren't in any rush to get us out the door. Everything I got was so delicious! I'll definitely check back in when I'm back in OKC!

Janeta Montalbo

Rose. H

This was my daughter's first time having a

sarah dailey

Soooo good. It's always hard to choose just one donut! Their other non donut food options are delicious, too! Their prices are fairly reasonable as well. (Got 3 donuts today for under $11-tax included. )

Jennifer Shepherd RN

Always amazing

Bhumi Patel

keegan eisenhardt

Tasty donuts

Leah Bradshaw

Greg McNeece

Lacy Saunders

Hank Priester

First visit. Awesome place! The staff, (Nora and Emma), were super helpful. The coffee and food were amazing! The lounge atmosphere is relaxed and the art is beautiful. I'll be back at least once a week!

Jami Sanders

Amanda Hoddy

You've never had a more decadent donut. Every variety is better than the last, from thick flavorful glazed to the rich ganache covered chocolate cake. Every staff member is friendly and helpful. The coffee offerings are also delicious, and the seating area shared with the Paseo Plunge art gallery next door offers a nice space to sit and enjoy these tasty treats. Do yourself a favor and bring everyone you know to Holy Rollers!!

8koons .


Talon Ice

Hope Dorman

Super cute little coffee shop. My donut holes and breakfast taco were great! Good playlist too

LSPRob .

Came across this gem and was impressed. Excellent selection. Friendly staff. Would frequent this place often if I lived there.

Kayle Murphy

Faith Foote

A hidden treasure! Donuts were delicious!!!

Zahra Hajiaghamohseni

Fun find! Best flavor combinations for donuts! Loved the Lavender and Chai.

Grant Emery

Jennie Broadhurst

I had been lusting over the Instagram photos of the Coconut Cream Pie donut for days and finally was able to snag the last one! There is a reason why this particular flavor sells out fast. It is absolutely DIVINE. The donut has a sugary, crispy, crunchy exterior with a sponge-like, cakey interior and flavor similar to a funnel cake. The cream to donut ratio is just perfect with the cream not being overpowering with sweetness. All of that covered with toasted coconut and icing that has the teeniest hint of cinnamon. This donut is perfection.

Frances Brockman

Great service. Amazing donuts!!!

Allona Thomas

I absolutely love that since being diagnosed with Celiac I have somewhere that I can have donuts! Love all the flavors!!

Candace Pratt

I was completely obsessed with this place as soon as I walked in the door! The staff was great and the VEGAN donuts were bomb! We ordered a dozen (a little pricey but completely worth it!) Every bite was tasty and moist!

Linda taylor

Jessica Bunker

Jennifer Postlethwaite

Natures Revenge

I went there today because I happened to be awake and in the area. Got a couple of chocolate sprinkles and a coffee. They were really good and you wouldn't even know that they are vegan. Staff was all really friendly as well. I can't wait until they expand their hours so I can come more often and when I am more awake. (I work nights).

Rachel Leonard

Friendly atmosphere with great coffee!

Glenda Slusser

Best vegan donuts I've ever eaten.

Benjamin Friend-Roe

John Schwarz

Do you roll Holy? I do

Jonathan Grupe

Love what they've done with the place. Great fried doughnuts. The apple fritter is my favorite.

Tabitha Yanez

Meroe Rabieifar

Neat cafe and bakery with all vegan baked goods.Their donuts seems cinnamon rolls are fabulous! Attached is an eclectic bookstore/jewelry shop that is just lovely. Great experience!

brian cheek

Mindy Moser

The donuts are amazing!!! Truly delish and phenomenal. The raspberry fritter delish, vanilla bean was delish, the maple was delish... I can go on and on here! The fact they are "Mindy Friendly" and contain zero dairy is a bonus for my ability to exchange oxygen in my lungs!!! Staff was wonderful and the Americano I ordered along with the donuts was sublime! #MustGo #GreatFind #GoodEats #Donut #Vegan #OKC #KissMeImaCowboy #GoPokes!

Jae Swainston

Levi Lawson

Great staff and amazing food!

Amy Freeman

michael dever

Jason Watt

Smellie Wolff


Bree Dosser

Delicious gluten free donut and breakfast tacos!

Adam Rubin

Really and honestly the best vegan donuts you can get here in Oklahoma. The vanilla bean is better than Krispy Kreme glazed donuts in my opinion.

Mandy Gray

My daughter and I went on a donut quest. Holey Rollers is a great way to support local. Their donuts are fresh with a nice twist that puts them on the gourmet side. If you like donuts, like vegan, want something different or gluten free...try this place. You won't be disappointed.

r scott

Nice atmosphere and juice is hand presses everything organic

John Otjen

Natasha Bhavnani

Roman Roman

Kendall Coley

Neat lil doughnut shop in the Paseo , Scads of options , for annoying personality type, finickey eaters.

joe terrazas

Good place for a cup of coffee and doughnuts or breakfast

Cassandra Cookson

Pretty great, super pricey but that's the paseo

SydBrokK .

Kat Schultz

Their vanilla bean donut is the best. It's so good and tastes like a non vegan donut.

Gabriel Gallear

Karyn Underhill

Cozy place in Paseo District. The atmosphere is calm, clean and inviting. Love that they have vegan options and interesting flavors. However, I am not one for sugar overload, so I chose Vanilla. The icing was still warm! I will be back.


Not a fan. 4 bucks for a heavy and sugar drenched doughnut..

Benjamin Craft-Rendon

Great selections with both vegan and gluten free options

Herban Gardens llc

Dennis Bolay

Outstanding menu of products. They are adding breakfast items. Wonderful service.

Samara Terrill

Awesome vegan and gluten free donuts! We have an egg allergy in our home, and a gluten one it was so exciting to find them! They have mutiple flavors, and most of them are available gluten free! They also have a food truck, so check them out on Facebook or Instagram to see where they're out throughout the week! Oh, and they have a happy hour frequently too!

Jessica Barrett

Ashley Waterman

It always feel magical walking into a place where everything is dairy-free. I had a jam-filled doughnut that wasn't lacking on filling or overall taste. The house-made pumpkin syrup was an excellent addition to my coffee. The staff was friendly and the space had a great creative energy.

Robin Hixon

Excellent food, I had the Apple Cider donut and breakfast taco with eggs, it was perfect!

Cassa Hooker

Tenaya Collins

Matt Varughese

Ken Goad

Wonderful little spot in The Paseo...! Why haven't I been coming here?

Robin Budniewski

Jillian Bundrick

Love this place! Great selection of gourmet donuts and coffee or tea. This place is a real treat. Try the maple pecan sage cake donut or any of the fried yeast donuts. I particularly enjoy the harvest maple tea as well.

Brian Cheek

Kyra Caudle

Clayton Doss

Anita Hopson Malone

Most deliciously unique and interesting donuts with a great atmosphere.

Hannah Bingham Brunner

Matthew Farah


Thanks John Otjen for taking care the issue for me. Thanks again for the fritters

Joshua Coombs

Gluten free donuts! Wonderful staff, and excellent coffee! It is so nice to see the paseo have a place to get such good coffee!

Nathan Cates

Great food and super friendly place!

Rachel Irvin

Yum! We tried the espresso doughnut and the blueberry lavender one. Both great! The espresso one is large enough to practically be a meal!

Erik Richison

Whether you are vegan or not, everyone needs to try these donuts. I had a chai donut and an apple fritter and I was STUFFED by the end of eating both. I was skeptical of the chai donut because it only comes GF, but it was moist and tasty just like a regular donut should be. Will definitely be coming back!

aurora mcmichael

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