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8016 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, United States

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Here we offer you the information of people who are purchasing the services and products of Gulfport Seafood Market (Fish Shop) in Oklahoma area.

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REVIEWS OF Gulfport Seafood Market IN Oklahoma


Always a great selection and extremely fresh seafood. Great place!

T S Attalla

Great selection of fresh seafood (flown in several times a week), also flash frozen selections. Longtime established in OKC..., also supply local restaurants. Excellent quality. Many specialty items available.

Kenneth Matney

Great selection and very friendly staff

Joe G

Great selection , awesome fish market.

looks like a Trash pile, oh wait its me

Love the fresh seafood from here.With us being away from the coast(Galveston) for a while.This place brought me happiness ♡yeah seafood.

Linda White

I was a little disappointed in the selection. Was hoping for more fresh options...just about everything was frozen. The pricing was OK...not to different from the local grocery store.

Shelley Neel

Delicious, fresh seafood. We also got a bag of the frozen, sweet corn hush puppies that were absolutely amazing.

Kevin Knight

We got some giant scallops and they were absolutely delicious.

charles bauer

Nice selection of quality seafood of all types. Very helpful. Could have a better selection of crab legs without so much ice attached.

Steve H

The frozen foods are fresh and flavorful. The lobster tails are great on the grill. I'll be back for sure.

Jeffrey Deyo

Great products, friendly people, and fast service. A great place to get my seafood.

K Briggs

Samantha Dushane

Went here to purchase fresh fish. They are helpful and kind. I had questions that all were answered and they even boiled the lobster for me! Wonderful shop with fair prices.

Carizma Shyne

I am a seafood lover and this place has everything u could imagine. Blue crab, King crab, snow crab, colossal shrimp, blue shrimp, excuse my language but they even had

Toni Topper

Very good selection of fresh seafood. I'm from Florida and was pleasantly surprised to get nice sized shrimp. Good customer service! Visited here a couple of times while on vacation. Will be back again next month for sure.

Brenda Figueroa

I guess Avalon set the bar too high. I have yet to find as good a fish market since they closed. Specials are decent...but big chains like Sams just simply have a better price on salmon and other seafood now. The Asian markets are worse. This place is ok, but the specials are worth the trip...check their facebook page for specials.

Marsha Mauck

Love being able to get fresh fish in OKC

Colin Cook

Good seafood options for a city this is has limited seafood

Gilbert Torres

I love this place, good seafood and friendly

Carlos Williams


Eryn Tribble

Fresh and wide variety with established products and friendly, knowledgeable staff

Jeremy Dykes

Awesome shrimp!

Carol Wofford

Got Alaska King Crab legs there. To die for. Be sure to ask them how to cook them if you don't know they should be cooked in the oven, never boiled!

Daniel Rothman

Great selection

lol puppies

Awesome seafood at reasonable prices. Okc's best fish market that I know of.

ForgottenSoul2012 .

Haven't tried the food yet but there's a decent selection. My biggest complaint is that the lady serving us did not wear gloves. She would touch fish and then someone's debit card then the fish again, not bothering to wash her hands even once while we were there. Just found it unsanitary and gross. Other than that, it was fine.

Sheree Ashley

selling large shrimp as jumbo shrimp overpriced store!

Jim Smith

Always great service and great quality.

Ladonna Serna

If I could give 0 stars I would. The do not open on time. Great way to do business!

jayson lundt

Great selection and amazing seafood! They also have a lot of rare supplies you'll need when cooking your seafood, like gumbo filé, that are hard to find elsewhere. Hard not to buy everything when you walk in and it smells so good.

Jeremy Bennett

Loved it

Godthea Jackson

Good morning, no live blue crabs, yet?

Anna Mayes

Great Fresh Fish

Amanda Miller

The best smoked salmon in OKC

Mr Laff

Excellent selection of really good seafood, and very nice people to deal with. Fresh catfish fillets runs circles around grocery store catfish. Excellent fish at really decent price.

Melanie Andrews

Clean and customer friendly. I'm from New Orleans. So far the best seafood close to home. Will definitely return


Their crab cakes! OMG!

Theresa Hawkins

Very friendly staff,reasonable prices. If you look at their website you will be fooled as to the size. It's much smaller than it looks. There's still plenty to choose from tho.

Najika Sama

Fish seemed to be old

Eloy Trevino

Gd service and people very friendly, ordered 40lbs of crawfish and got great results, talked to Sara when placing order very nice and friendly!!! Will b buying again!!! Gd fresh shrimp also!!!!

Barbara Baay

Wonderful assortment of fresh fish. Will make following a Mediterranean diet more delicious.

Dale Scribner

Best seafood in town. Customer service is excellent. Can't go wrong at Gulfport


Excellent selection of fresh seafood and I love the fact that it's not a large grocery. The staff are always super friendly and helpful.

Ken Steffens

Very clean everything very fresh and great service

Ted Attallla


Erick Larson

A great seafood monger..... And yes, the only seafood monger in OKC. At least to my knowledge. Fortunately they are also pretty good. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and seafood is fresh with an above average selection.

Nina Thomas

Just found this gem! Great selection and friendly service!

Tony Leach

Great selection, prices and staff!

Paul Brown

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David Ladner

Crawfish are really nice for a reasonable price. Wish it was closer to Ponca City. Thank you Jason for bring a little of the gulf coast to Oklahoma

Tabitha Holden

Location to me is about 20mins but they have big selection of fresh seafood and fish they accept food Stamps, credit, debit cards here

Suzi Rouse

Mike Knight

Small place....

Timothy Rosa

Great fish market, reasonable prices and professional staff.

Wilbur Smith


Michael Garrison

Good selection and easy to get to

fred vee

Great variety, friendly people

Fran Thomas

This is a wonderful place for fresh fish & freshly cooked shrimp. They have an entire variety of selections and wonderful recipes . The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and the service is quick! I am in love with this place. Happy fishing

Trayvon Cole

Best place in town for seafood. I have been a customer for 8 year's.

Mary Pittman

Great seafood friendly service. Can get whatever you are looking for.

Emma Hayes

This place is always packed, the staff is super friendly. We usually come here to get fresh crawfish. I just wasn't too impressed with their pricing, I know their serving the "Edmondites" but geez I can go down to the Asian market & get blue crab & shrimp a lot cheaper.

Iva Owens

This is the only place I purchase seafood. The staff is friendly, courteous, and efficient.

Cheryl lynn Bean

Very friendly service. Very good selection of seafood.

Valerie Wilson

Love their selection!!

Gary Ruscio

Awesome, friendly, knowledgeable... that's Frank! Great experiece there... great variety with good prices. THIS place is a keeper!

donna quisenberry

The best variety of seafood in OKC.. Employees are very friendly and helpful! Even have some fresh seafood flown in daily.

Ken Weinmann

Good fresh and frozen seafood and great staff.

travis shook

This place was amazing. Loved the cherry clams and muscles. Best part was there fresh water crawfish straight from Louisiana. Spent 40 and had enough for 2 seafood boil bags

kimberly kuykendall

Love this place!!

Katherine Phillips

Only place I ever buy my seafood!!!!!! Been shopping there for 30 plus years! This place rocks!! They are the best!!

David Banocy

Great seafood selection

chris hayes

Better personnel these days. Food is fresh. Frozen food is delicious. Recommend the frozen Gumbo with crackers. Good Luck in 2016.

Lynn Lee

The ONLY fresh seafood market that I know of in Oklahoma City. My daughter-in-law, who is from the east coast, says the only kind of seafood she will eat is from an establishment that doesn't smell like fish. And when you enter Gulfport Seafood, you will understand this description, because it does not smell of three-day-old fish! I buy a couple of weeks' worth of seafood each visit. Have never had a bad experience! You will love and frequent often, too!

laverne parker

Great food, reasonable prices and wonderful workers.

Sergio Garcia

Best place to get seafood in Oklahoma

nascardon juan

Good people

C Franklin

Love it!!! Variety of seafood

h alhadher

Like it, good prices and fresh

Robert Smith

Great selection and fair prices. My King Crab legs were great! The staff was very friendly as well.

James Seely

Great fresh seafood. They either have it or can get it. Very reasonable prices. The frozen seafood is just as good as the fresh when thawed. It's our go-to place almost every week.

Kandy -Gee

Excellent fish market! Rainbow trout was amazing!!!

Marla Madden

Always fresh, very helpful

Lynda O'coigligh

Great place to get uncooked seafood! Big selection of many types of seafood, some I never heard of.

Oceanccfgggna Davis

Love this place....Great people Great Service..

Atsheia Jones

Love this place they have the best fresh seafood!!

Michelle Baillie

Excellent selection. Very fresh. Best in OKC!

Mark Jennings

Good selection of fresh and frozen items.

Gregory Wagner

Place was stacked with long line when I entered. Their custom service was awesome. Processed every order quickly. Highly recommended

Traci Mikulecky

Great service!

Jen Esterman

Chad Mott

Good staff. Decent prices and nice selections.

Ron Crew

I have shopped with Gulf Port for over 18years,shrimp ,crawfish,and oysters ,iif it not from the gulf,theses guys know where their products come from.

Aimee Sanborn

I keep giving them a chance. All the shrimp I've gotten from there just doesn't taste right. The salmon I got was fishy. Have tried oysters from there about 3 times and they all have such a beautiful funky smell when I shucked them I couldn't eat it. The best thing I've gotten from there is live crawfish.

Lisa Cole

always have enough on hand, wide variety, good prices

Tracy Solomon

Get selection

Tim Badke

Awesome place to get all the seafood you need. Super friendly to boot!

Josh Stonebarger

By far the best selection and quality that I have found locally.

Jackson Hill

Best seafood market in the area. Price is about the same as other options nearby, sometimes a little higher, but always worth it

Tim Duggins

Good selection Clean store Knowledgeable employees

Glenn Alley

Great food and wonderful selection!

Drew Poole

Always super friendly service, and reasonably priced seafood and snack! My wife has been on the hunt for hush puppy sticks (never knew of such a thing) and we found them here in small batches and bulk- now I'm hooked too!

Derrick Williams

This is a great place to get fresh seafood in the Oklahoma city area. The prices are very reasonable and they have everything you need for a great seafood boil or fish fry. I highly recommend Gulfport Seafood market if you are a seafood lover and want fresh never frozen fish, Alaskan crab legs, and they even have live crawfish.

Bobby J

Nice options of fresh fish and frozen fish, as well as seafood specialty items. They had great prices and a very helpful and knowledgeable staff!

Ryan Miller

Great selections

John LeMasters

Great place, super friendly and very helpful

Derrick Owens

Excellent selection, friendly service. Fresh and clean!!

Robert Ryan

I guess Avalon set the bar too high. I have yet to find as good a fish market since they closed. Specials are decent...but big chains like Sams just simply have a better price on salmon and other seafood now. The Asian markets are worse. This place is ok, but the specials are worth the trip...check their facebook page for specials.

Always Forever

Best Seafood Store around!

Andrea B

Friendly staff food looks super fresh

Tom Rueb

The best fish shop in Oklahoma City. They have been there a long time and offer fresh, frozen and cooked sea and fresh water fish. Also can special order crawdads when in season. They also have spices for shrimp, live lobsters, and fish. They make up frozen stuffed seafood appraisers and/or meals. Easy in and out. Friendly, will ice down your fish in a box or something if you are not going directly home so it won't spoil.

LaToya Wood

The staff is super helpful and the food is priced well.

Lara Shawareb

Dawn Dixon

Love their crab salad nice on crackers!

Darlene Jackson

Quality seafood .

Robert David

What can i say.. The best place to get your seafood A+++

Jc Bates

Great fresh seafood. Nice prices. Accepts food stamps. A seafood lovers dream. I drive all the way from Midwest City to get my seafood. Worth the drive.


Salmon for sushi $12.99/lb

Sleeps Doggie

Friendly staff very helpful

Hugh Bullard

fantastic service

Andrew Hoehner

Great service and top of the line products

Edwin Johnston

Great seafood store love the place

Dave Hartzell

Been picking up seafood off an on at Gulfport for more then a couple years. Always Good, always tasty and always fresh! Thanks for the great service.

Brad Alexander


Patty Carter

I thought they would have a larger selection.

Kenny Jordan

Good place to get fresh seafood in OKC.

Lee Jones

Had what I was wanting.

Faylene Byrd

Very helpful! And superduper professional!

karen daly

Angel Parent-Perez

Their prices are great!

Alexis Hopkins

Those people working that place are so nice.

Katie Higgins

Friendly service, competitive prices noone around can beat. Will be returning soon. Totally worth visiting. Fresh products.

Dlavel Crawford

Affordable and fresh

Mary M.

Well,I went there and the lady that attended me was kind rushing me,I did not feel that she give me enough time to order,but anyway I bought tilapia filets,shrimp and some clams,the fish was kind of dry and have not so much flavor ,the shrimp I cooked some and had a strong chemical flavor that didn't like it,so I finished throwing away all the rest,really I was kind of disappointed,so I hope they read this review and do better on the costumer service and check on the fish and the shrimp,so they can gain costumers.

Steve Gronsky

Great selection. VERY friendly and helpful staff person. Assisted us with our decision.

David Robertson

Ms. Casey Casey


robert kinzinger

Love their variety

George Francis

Great service very friendly staff

Brenda Haggai

The only place to get fresh fish in Oklahoma City.

Laurie Bechtel

Lee Gibbons

Great location in shopping center. Great selection of seafood. Live crawfiah, king crabs longer than the average human arm, great friendly and helpful staff.

Sonya Watson

Allen Moss

An amazing assortment of sea food and other items.

Brandy Triplet

I don't really like seafood

Paul Hulseberg

Best fresh seafood in Oklahoma city

Leonard Duff

Large choice of fish

Aike Dior

Only place in the city I will shop for seafood.

Joanne Hutchison

Good selection of seafood, reasonable prices.

Terrell Davis

I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico waters and was never wanting for superior seafood. The idea of "location dependent freshness" was a foreign one to me until I moved to Oklahoma. If a good butcher is hard to find, then it can be said with certainty that a good seafood market is harder still. Gulfport Seafood is the veritable diamond in the rough. The prices are fair. The service has always been friendly and efficient. If you want to put together a sad shrimp salad, go to Wal-Mart and buy some cheap, frozen, imported product. But if you want to serve your friends a solid gumbo that they'll swear is as good as what they had in New Orleans, go to Gulfport for the quality product.

Carmel Zins

Good variety and fresh seafood! Good customer service.

Daniel Lipscomb

We have bought 3 30lb sacks of crawfish from here and they are always fresh and good size we havent had anything else from here yet but the service was fast and friendly.

Ashley Bower

After waiting close to an hour and coming back for the 3rd time this morning (Gulfport seafood opened about 30 minutes late from their advertised hours) there was no fresh seafood on display over ice. I asked how I was supposed to see what I'm ordering and they said it would be "awhile", but I could go ahead and buy it. Um, I'd like to see what I'm buying. I drove 45 minutes to wait 30 minutes after they should have been open to find that there was NOTHING on display for people to buy except frozen fish. If I'm wrong and this is how seafood places run please let me know, otherwise dont plan on buying anything but frozen food in the morning. Doubt I'll try to come back again even if the seafood is good.

Jessica Fox

Large variety of fresh, frozen and prepared fish. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Brandy Theriot

Bobbie Ramsey

Awesome helpful

Ian Smith

We placed an order here for crawfish for our boil this spring. The staff was very nice and helpful! The quality of the crawfish was great!

Billy Martin

Very friendly and helpful. Fairly good selection but also a little bit to high.

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