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REVIEWS OF Something Fishy Inc. IN Ohio

Whooly Gamer

Really great fish and had plenty of plants/decorations there as well as nutritiants for plants and fish and all of the people that worked there were ready to help and we're always ready.

Jesse Wilkins

mikeyp2175 .

Customer since it opened.. you can expect to get what you pay for.

n lang

Mike Paolino

Very knowledgeable staff as well as friendly and helpful. I do miss the retail store but you can still get self-serve RO water both salt and fresh.

Anthony David

Alyssa M

When Nate comes in to service our tank, he always makes sure to carefully lay out all the mats, buckets of supplies, and any hoses. His attention to detail is great when it comes to cleaning the tank, spreading the sand, and reorganizing the decorations. He also keeps meticulous notes on the maintenance in the log book so we know exactly what’s going on with our tank. I also love how after every service, Nate always leaves behind Swedish Fish and the fish joke. The team at Something Fishy knows how to add a personal touch and that the little things matter! Also, everyone in the office loves the starfish!

Miriam Davis

Jon Daskam

Something Fishy is a great company! Amazing showroom and their cleaning service is top notch! Highly recommend to any home or business.

Deborah Torraca

I just wanted to thank you again for your incredible service last week. I am beyond impressed with your professionalism and service. Billy was incredible and very patient, thorough, and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend your services enough to anyone that has a fish tank or is looking to obtain one. You are absolute rock stars. The attention to detail is superb.

Adam F

Was really excited to see this place in my area since I am new to Parma. Might be a good place for fish but you have NO parking. How the heck am I supposed to shop when there is no were to park. Drove around a little and gave up and went home. Unless you are walking I suggest don't wast your time and find some place else to go.

Mark Gonzalez

If you are a professional or just getting started this is the only fish store to go to. The service is second to none.

bigrich .price

Great service, great selection, great prices

Michelle Asad

Owner is great! Very clean store and healthy fish!

Luke Nimrod

Great selection of cichlids. They also have other tropical freshwater fish too. I picked up this Red Shoulder Severum while I was there. We also got a tour of their breeding rooms in the basement which was quite impressive. I think it was definitely worth the trip out to Cleveland.

Lewis Zajac

Donna Guzik

AWSOME! Fish are very healthy and so many different species. Will be back to purchase a few. Staff was very friendly and we enjoyed our special tour.

Steven Neff

Awesome store, high quality fish and the in house fish food is 2nd to none. The owner really knows his stuff, and I thought I was a fish nerd, haha!

Matt Sopkovich

Awsome store a must see , great helpful people and healthy looking fish

Joseph Perrotti

Great find ..Foung the staff extremely professional and informative ...Hooked me up with the best combination of cichlids for my tank ..Found the owner to be a super guy ..Why go anywhere else their prices are better than competitive ..Thanks something fishy

Brian Bjorklund

Great selection of freshwater tropical fish!

Abbey Rd

Hopefully the owner isn't there when you go. He's kind of full of himself and a jerk. Was there 15 minutes before close before and spent $100 and when I gave him my credit card he acted like it was putting him out. If it wasn't for Larry who is awesome I wouldn't go to this place.

Tj Burn

Best store in the area! Tanks are immaculate and a great selection. Just bought a phatom green pleco, and I've been looking for exotic plecos for some time. Skipped over having to ship one to me and got a great fish! Will definitely being going back in the near future.

Ruben Mercado

This place is awesome best fish store in town the guys in there are amazing and very knowledgeable.

Cristy Grice

Could have better attitude

Matt Koteles

Good selection of fish, great knowledgeable staff

Chris Sobolewski

These folks know their stuff. An excellent selection of freshener fish and plants, as well as tanks and decoration. Very helpful and friendly staff as well.

Bubba Chiefalot22

Nice fish

Tom Sample

Great fish selection and very knowledgeable staff. I went in for some clown loaches, chemicals, and some plants and all of they look amazing.

Isaac Lee

I like this store a lot. It has a good variety of fresh water fish and supplies, way more than the chain stores and the prices are fair. The fish I received from the were healthy and are doing well in my tank. The display tanks are awesome and if you go on the right day you can get a tour. The owner and employees are knowledgeable and helpful. Don't let the small size fool you this is a good fish store. I drive 30+ minutes to go here.

Josh Bolt

Incredible verity, unique aquariums. Excellent pricing.

Rod O

If you are looking for cichlids then look no further. Awesome selection here. Plus some other very healthy freshwater fish. Staff was very friendly. No saltwater. Great driftwood too. Also an awesome wall display.

Anna's World

Best fish ever.

Dennis Greive

Restocked my tank today. Fast professional service. Best cichlid place in town.

The Dude

Never going back that dude that works the counter is rude and arrogant

Greg Wells

Excellent selection of African Cichlids. Quality livestock.

Sue Loparo

Super place! Owner is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Marquis Starks

Great fish store lots of rare cichlids

Ricardo long

nice place to go to get fish for your Aquarium love it

Alfred Zocchi

Another great place we frequently visit, Adam and Dave are very knowledgeable and professional, we've purchased many of beautiful healthy fish here. Prices are good, and they sell good products


Best place to buy cichlids in the city, very knowledgeable, always a great experience.

Debbie Jones

So glad he's gone,now I can keep coming there. Let me know when your black rams are back.

Kyle Blinkhorn

This is by far the best fish store in the area - Great selection, great prices, the owner is friendly and helpful. Unfortunately I will not be back for any more of their products, which is disappointing for me because half of my fish and all of my aquarium supplies have been coming from this store. I just left the store after an hour because despite there only being 2 people in there when I arrived, one of which had many aquarium needs and was being helped for the entire time I was there (no problem here - I completely understand that many times at the fish store you can have a lot of questions and need extra time to be helped). I walked in steps behind the other person who was being helped and after she had been helped wrapped up after about 20 minutes while I waited patiently and picked out the fish I wanted to purchase, I asked for help, received it momentarily until the phone rang and the guy left to answer it and then when he got off he went and helped another customer who had been in the store for maybe 2 minutes. It felt pretty blatant that I obviously wanted to purchase fish and had been waiting for 20/25 minutes and he just went and helped a guy who had essentially just walked in. I waited another half an hour for help, but received none and decided enough was enough and left. Definitely not going back and very disappointed to have been treated like this at a place that I held in such high regard.

Zack Kacpura

Best freshwater fish store

Chris Hardy

I stopped into the store while in town for the OCA convention. I was amazed at the number and quality of the fish kept there. This is not your run of the mill fish store - there is a fantastic mix of common to rare species, and fair prices on all of them. The quality of this store is unmatched. I highly recommend it, I will be back at when I'm in town

Jared Szymczak

by far the best fish store i have ever been to, the owner was very knowledgeable and helpful. They also have a wide variety of fish would reccomend to everyone

Chris Snow

Relatively new to the hobby, I went to the shop for the 1st time today. What a beautiful shop clean and tidy. Larry was absolutley fantastic. Very helpful and did not hesitate to answer the many questions I had. Thanks again Larry... I will be back soon.

Michael Taylor

Well worth the time even if it was just to see.

Tony Winkler

Seriously over priced, and a filthy store. Ridiculous. In response to the owner's response... I have the correct store. Apparently you have a very different definition of "clean". I'd give up my fish hobby before buying from you. I've been a cichlid hobbyist for over 25 years and have NEVER paid the kind of prices you have listed. There are many other stores that have MUCH better pricing - everything from the big chains, to small privately owned stores.


Nice and friendly staff, decent prices. Would go there again if in the area.

Ryan Mumea

Generally an amazing selection of cichlids from all regions of the world. The owner Dave is incredibly knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. If he is doing tours, be sure to see the basement!

David Hearn

Highest quality of cichlids that you can find in northern ohio. Clean and friendly . Lacking in parking but that has nothing to do with the awesome selection of not so common fish. If you get a chance to take the tour of his breeding area please take advantage of it.

eduardo Olivero

Awsome store! I can be their all day. Cleanest shop you can go to. Not much difference in prices between other stores, averaging about $2 more, but the quality of the fishes, live rocks, products, and knowledge that you get is worth the money. I always walk out with more knowledge about saltwater tanks everytime I go, they are always helpful, friendly and know their stuff.

Conor Flynn

Great place to get your fish tank serviced. Their service is second to none.

Thomas M

Kurt is a great leader his team is number one. Anything you need they have or will get. The showroom is immaculate.

Ryan Gebert

C Lu

Good quality livestock's

Karen Costa

Always have my questions answered, and everyone is so kind. It is a pleasure to do business at their facilitie.

Marianne Budz

Beautiful store with amazing fish tanks and customer service. The tanks inside this store are by far the most beautiful tanks I've ever seen,. I especially loved the Zen atmosphere. I got out of my car and the music was on outside of the store and the tranquil feeling made me want to put my car windows down and just sit there in the parking lot!!

Michael Costantino

Great place with awesome set ups.staff is really knowledgeable.but why closed on the weekend?

Rob Arel

Josef Tallo

Jarris Mitchell

There was a lot to look at and the workers were very nice and helpful also they time out for you will go back.

Jeff Prewitt

Awesome experience, will definitely be back.

Levi Taylor

Large selection of young fish. Primarily went to look for Mbuna Cichlids from Lake Malawi in Africa. They had enough variety and plenty of stock on hand. While their prices on equipment and aquarium tanks were higher than I hoped for, it is a good LFS in the Cleveland area. It may actually be the only good one, which would make those prices worth it to support their business and keep them around. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly, as well! One thing that left me perturbed, though, was that they displayed a different, higher price for using credit instead of cash. With that said, I did not notice the higher charge at checkout when I used my card.

Dennis Obrien

I went in today with my daughter and for the first time in 4 yrs that I've been going there dave was there and wow the experience I had there today was the best in Ohio. Dave was super helpful and super knowledgeable I recommend this place over any fish place in Cleveland it's smalls but packed full of beautiful tanks and fish dave and his staff makes rms aquatics look like a local petsmart. If your a Malawi cichlid lover like me you need to look no more this is the place to go. I can't wait to set up my next tank which I want to be a 180 gallon tank and I'm more than confident that when that time comes dave and his staff will guide me to what I want i have been in the hobby for 6 yrs and with there help I feel no need to ever go anywhere else they are passionate and show the same love for cichlids that I have can't wait to learn and grow from them

Kirk D

Best fish store in Cleveland!!

Nicholas Heim

Great fish, great prices, they know their stuff.

Chris Sturgeon

Great price has the best selection around

Brian Ramsey

If you are an experienced enthusiast and know exactly what you want this a pretty good place to go. If you go there with questions about anything the guy will not be very helpful. Typically one sentence answers and he makes you feel like you are bothering him. Not the kind of place to help you along on the journey of keeping fish.


Super cool clean store and pretty fish but very pricey.

steve kremer

Very clean and friendly! Thanks!


Best fish store hands down!

Jackie Gray

Great freshwater selection, super clean tanks, fair pricing

Nicholas Brewer

Great display of fish Awesome oldschool aquarium shop.

Evelyn Cameron

Love it

Rachel Stamper

The employees are very rude and fish is overpriced

Tierra Farris

Terry Truchan

These guys are THE experts on aquariam fish. They have a Great selection of cool, healthy tropical fish for your aquarium. I trust these guys and their knowledge is assume!

Jeff DiJerome

Very helpful, pleasant and informative!

Jacob Jerin

Great store

Greatgood godhands

Good people great shop, but no guppies

Wanda Jones

This is hand's down the best place in Ohio to get African Cichlids. RMS is more spacious but it's African Cichlid inventory just doesn't compare. I can't walk out of Something Fishy without seeing a rare cichlid or getting something new, and I have NEVER seen a dead fish there. The tanks are by far the cleanest, the filtration system is top notch, and there are so many tanks downstairs. If you are patient and wait on the staff or owner to finish giving personal attention to the person in front of you, you will get the same undivided attention. Dave responds personally to my emails regarding what he has in stock and even identifying pictures of fish I picked up in an LFS from a mixed tank. I always ask to see my favorite show cichlid (a pundamilia neyerei kept in the basement) and regardless of who's there, they oblige. Based on my experience with this merchant, I am not surprised to see that he responds to all the reviews, both negative and positive, in an effort to improve customer experiences, but reviews from angry cat ladies who clearly aren't customer's are unfair to the merchant and should be immediately deleted by Google.

Clarity Seeker

Nice place. There were a few people inside. Not sure who works there, no one said a word to me even though the place is small.

Ted Nasinnyk

Best fish store in Cleveland hands down

Damian Young

Darlene Krupp

I went to Something Fishy because I was having problems with Brown algae in my tank. And all my fish were dying. The owner gave me some instructions and told me to come back in a week. My tank cleared up I took a picture and he checked it out. We gave it another week I went back and purchased some fish which are doing great!! I will never go any place else

Antoine Blair

Great place to get some fish

Tony Rabbit

Excellent place, they know it all and are glad to help...

Debbie Pewitt

Knowledgeable staff, great stock

Jeanmarie Levy

Frank T

Just created a Google+ profile for the express purpose of giving this review and I don't often bother with such things, however, I felt the need to show some Respect and Appreciation for a LFS that is, bar none, the best experience I have ever had in the aquatic hobby. Just getting back into the hobby after an over 10 year hiatus, at one time with several tanks (125, 75 and 30) of SA, CA and largely Malawi, Victorian, and Tanganyikan African Cichlids... Don't know how I missed this store back in my "prime time" but a Cichlid lover and hobbyist could literally go berserk in Dave's shop. This establishment blows away the chain and big box stores, as well as the old (now closed) Aquarium Authority/Adventure, and knocks R.M.S. out of the ballpark... I speak my mind, and don't want to say anything negative about any of these other places, they have their place and time, when in a pinch, or if you happen to run across something healthy and nice... BUT if you're looking for ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, WELL KEPT, WELL MAINTAINED, HEALTHY, COLORFUL, RARER, ACTIVE CICHLIDS THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED... All sorts of show quality (in my opinion, judge for yourself) Peacocks, Compressiceps, Fancy and Rare Plecos, Malawi and Tanganyikans, Frontosas, on and on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum... Spent over an hour just roaming the rows of tanks, Ooohing and Aaahing, no bull$hit... Every single tank sparkling clean and with divided stock into each based upon aggressiveness and size and species... Only time I have been this impressed was either looking at pictures in an encyclopedia of Cichlids or at a convention near the Cleveland Airport... Dave also seems to have dozens of various sized tanks at reasonable prices, many of them with discounts, and ALL the other gear necessary to set them up... Gorgeous hunks of Mopani driftwood full of character also reasonably priced, additives, filters, etc, etc... Anyone reading this may be saying, "how much did he pay you to write this?"... I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth, I don't even know Dave, and have only recently contacted him and had a little "back and forth" through some emails (which he replied to within an hour on his day off btw), and have visited the store once... I just LOVE to see a LFS of this caliber and there isn't many of them around anymore, especially here in Ohio, and things have to be getting more and more difficult for them with the internet and such... Also, I see in these reviews that Dave stuck up for himself and his business and I Respect that as well, nice to see in this day and age, there is someone out there passionate about their craft and willing to stand up for it... To the moron that gave a bad review over parking??? Are you kidding me? You didn't even go in a check out the store and missed out on possibly the best Cichlid experience in the state of Ohio, because its a "mom and pop" type atmosphere, in CLEVELAND OHIO, in a RESIDENTIAL AREA, because of sparse parking????? I assume you don't shop much at stores in Cleveland or Lakewood or any other number of cities that have the same issues... Simply pull down the side street right next to the shop, turn around in a driveway, and PARK ALONG THE SIDE OF THE STREET, BEING CAREFUL TO FOLLOW THE CITY PARKING SIGNAGE!!!! You have failed my friend, and its your loss... Nuff said.

Model Human

A lot of cichlids.

Joseph Maldonado

Dave and his crew are "Great". No other store can compare. Forget the big chains. Quality fish at good prices.

Sam Klozar

Oh my goodness, I'll definitely be back! Amazing selection and prices, everyone was very helpful. Thanks. I'm so happy with my new fishies!

Norman Mazkalnins

Best place for your fish tank in the city

snapbackfishing !

If you're looking for babies 1inch or adult 6inch or bigger go you'll find something. 2 or 3 inches only have yellow labs when i was there.

surge rc

Top notch fish clean tanks and Dave is a great dude with plenty of knowledge

Chris Brown

Jennifer Ritsert

Newbie getting into aquarium/paludarium addiction, doing the internet cramming and store stalking to pick brains and check out merchandise. Human in charge was more than willing to let me pick their brain and ask all the silly newb questions, gently bring me down to earth with what I can really do w/the tank vice me dreams (Curse u reality~!). Out of the several aquarium places stalked, this one has really nice healthy, live plants. Went to the Tricker place, gorgeous, beyond compare, breath-taking outdoor pond plants, worth just a visit for that eye-candy. However, the aquarium plants were...well, some in quarantine, very furry w/algae...but they had a vaster variety of plant/fish. Back on track, this Fishy place has simple, newbie-friendly, very healthy-looking live plants (compared to other independent places and pet mills scoped) to pick out stuff n will update review after actually purchasing some plants n water critters. Def worth at least a visit, beautiful tank displays, but holy Hades, dress for sauna weather, these fish places are uncomfortably warm~! *update* Finally bought some fish n loaches. This place is addictive so beware!

Charles Burmeister

Nice little place, good selection of tropical fish and aquarium supplies. I was impressed that they offer setup and maintenance as well. Conveniently located at State and Bader, 3 blocks north of I-480 ramp at State Rd.

Ryan Potter

Very informative and friendly staff Not to mention one of the biggest selection I've seen With specials on wide variety species.

Earl Huffman

Great service, clean tanks and healthy fish. Best place I've been in a long time

Matt Webster

If you are a lover of African Cichlids like I am and you are in the Cleveland area you have to stop at at this store! The selection is unparalleled anywhere I have been and the quality of the fish is second to none. I have a 300 gallon all African Cichlid tank and a large portion of my fish have come from here. Dave (the owner) and his staff are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and their passion for the hobby is extremely apparent. They take amazing care of their fish and actually have separate filtration on each tank which is amazing if you have any idea what goes on in the big box stores. I would highly encourage anyone passionate about the hobby as I am to stop by and give these guys a shot!!

Cameron Johnstone

Very nice healthy fish. Always have a good selection

Carl Olszewski

If you want some of the best freshwater fish around,mainly Africans and South Americans then you found the right place. Dave is very knowledgeable about Rift Lake cichlids and very helpful with customer problems. I've been going there for years, Oh and if you're looking for saltwater fish, move on, he doesn't carry any,never has.

d heu

Walked in and I walked out with a Taam rio+ plus 800

Erin Baldt

I have been a very satisfied customers for 3 years. Kurt, Ashley, Patrick - in fact all the staff are so very pleasant and helpful to deal with. I love my fish and they know it : ) They are ALWAYS willing to make changes to the decor at my whim and have always accommodated me. I can be a tough customer - and I know that I am a small account - but I never feel that way. The tank is a lovely and peaceful addition to my Acupuncture office. Patients love it and I appreciate that immensely. Thank you all!


Great customer service, reasonably priced on Cichlids, and I've never seen such clean tanks at a fish store! The staff actually cares about there fish, which is nice to see.

Nick Kishfy

Devon Piquette

This company used to be in RI and was shut down because of improper treatment of their employees. They are back at it again in Warwick. They cut costs anywhere they can and are completely overpriced and under knowledgeable. There is a place on Route 44 in Glocester or Smithfield that is much cheaper and much better at what they do!

Pete Kimatian

We currently have Something Fishy as our fish experts and we couldn't be more pleased! Every member of their team that has cared for our tank and fish have been extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. I would recommend to anyone looking for the service!

Dan Hassler

Mike V

Don't care about the small guy, looking for people wanting to spend thousands, if you don't want to they don't care, closes retail and basically forced out all their customers that don't want to spend crazy money on them maintaining and building your tank if your a hobbyist forget it, prices are double other places anyway.

Thomas Ritsert

Nice fish store

Zack Beeman

Very knowledgeable and a very nice selection of fish. Has every day staples but a good amount of unique to.

Dylan Allman

The place has good quality choices, but the staff can be unfriendly and rude. Half of the times I am in there, they are complaining that the owner gave them too much to do.

patrick cusick

Great local shop...nice tanks and variety

Crystal Graley

Not really a big organized place but they know there stuff

jason lipscomb

One if not the best fish store in Northeast Ohio. I've always got very healthy and long living fish from then. Great selection of supplies not to mention the selection of fish is huge. Great cichlids also

Angela Stanton

Nice people and a nice variety

Michael Kidd

this guy should not be in business..walked in to look aroundand when I tried to wave him over for help, staring at me he just ignored me . a year ago when I was in he was not friendly either. go elsewhere to buy

Tom Gaiser

Really nice quality fish here

Tj Murphy

I've been going in this store every week for almost a month. Never had one bad experience. Every employee i dealt with been patient with me and very informative seeing I'm new to the trade. I highly recommend this store.

Thomas Blasczak

Great independent store! They know what they're doing and good people to ask for advice on anything from fish to tanks!

Kapil Mandrekar

This shop is awesome, fishes are brought in from some of the best sources, also many are raised on site! Great shop!

Sue Schulz

Thanks guys. You love what you do and it shows! If it was as filthy as previous person said, then how could they breed fish and get them to live. Tanks always are clean. Family orientated

Larry Johnson

Been there had the tour, GREAT STORE Dave keep up the great work. Fish selection is second to none! I would highly recommend this store, especially to the Cichlid enthusiast! Cheers! Larry Johnson

Frank M.

Dave Schumacher

Great shop! I live out of state, but pop in any time I find myself in Cleveland. Thanks again for giving me the grand tour, Dave!

Benjamin Young

I have been searching for Red Cherry Shrimp everywhere. This is the closest place to Canton I could find that had them. I was torn between here and RMS, but after reading the reviews and considering the distance, I chose here. I do wish I kind of went to RMS instead, just see if they have more of selection. The first thing to point out is the parking. If you're from the country like I am, and/or not familiar with city parking, you might be overwhelmed on what to do. That doesn't necessarily reflect the business, but location is a factor. I was kind of disappointed upon entering, as I made the assumption from the reviews that they would have a giant selection of different fish. That's what happens when you overhype something, I guess. It is quite large, but not compared to my local Petsmart. They seem to specialize in more medium to large size fish, which is not my area of stocking. I also wasn't entirely sure what rooms I could go in or not. They also were not as clean I interpreted from the reviews, but I may just be spoiled with having an awesome marine LFS and a really awesome local Petsmart fish staff. I got 12 Red Cherry Shrimp there. Some good things, the guy actually gave me 14, just in case he didn't give me enough. This turned in to 16 by the time I got home, as one of the females was berried. One of them also molted, which is also a good sign of their health. I wasn't paying attention, but I think he may also put in API Stress coat, which is a good indicator of an LFS care. I also got a little bit of java moss, which is good for the shrimp's trip. As for the somewhat bad. Only two were sakura grade (medium grade), the rest were lower with four cherry grade and the rest beyond that were totally white. I also noticed a small snail shell in the bag, which worried me but it looked dead. The shrimp also ate a huge amount of algae on my rocks, if not almost all of it, which may indicate that they were extremely hungry? The parrot there was also giving me shady looks. The staff seemed friendly enough. They were a little pricey. I didn't really ask any questions to see if they were knowledgable, but he did ask what I was stocking with them to make sure they wouldn't be eaten easily. All and all, the shrimp were delicious.

Lisa White

Easy parking, well maintained, great staff, and decent selection (could be a better selection).

Chad Gatchell

Thank you both to the owner Dave and his manager Larry who are both extremely informative and will give you 100% of their knowledge and time, I will never buy fish anywhere else, the fish are awesome! Your very satisfied customer. Chad.

randy shutt

Amazing fish selection!!

ÏBBÝ dibby

Great place, knowledgeable people that will get you going in the right direction. Great assortment of African cichlids.

anton williams

The got the best exotic fish

Harry Young

My wife and I visited this store last week. We will be starting a Cichlid aquarium within the next couple of weeks and looking for a knowledgeable and reputable place we can count on. We are from Youngstown which is over an hour drive away. I’ve kept aquariums before and have been to many fish stores and I can tell you personally that the drive was well worth the trip. The fish are well kept in clean tanks and there is an incredible selection of very heathy Cichlids. I was fortunate enough to run into the owner (Dave) and he was kind enough to give me a tour of his store and breeding tanks. He gave us his undivided attention and patiently answered all my questions. I have found my provider for all of my Cichlid needs and will return next weekend to start picking up the supplies. Thank you so much for the hospitality Dave! See you next week.

Fins & Things

Cichlid heaven! and some other fish too. They even have the most beautiful parrot who just watches everything. Lots of breeds and colors are great. Clean, friendly and easy to talk to. I saw hundreds, possibly thousands of fish in clean tanks. You would have to be CRAZY not to love this place. I'll be back.

Rocco Nori

very clean very healthy fish and nice people

Maximus Aquatics

Tony Billingslea

This place is GREAT. Dave and Adam are the best. Always willing to help and are full of knowledgeable information. It's a place you must go.

Julie Gajtka

Craig Doyle

Jennifer Hall

Absolutely loved this place. Great selection of fish and some amazing larg fish owned by owner that are so cool. Great customer service. I will be back!

Ernie Oinkerson25

I've passed this place a lot in my life, and as I glance through the windows it looks really nice inside. But there's something off about this place, it's a little odd. Almost suspect. Kind of suspicious. There's something... Fishy about it

Matt Myers

Absolutely nothing like it in town. Old school mom and pop shop with their fish and their tanks in excellent shape, well kept after and clean. Super knowledgeable staff and surprisingly fair prices. You'll get ideas from their established tanks in the lobby and you can get your own fish on the sales side. Not much in the way of plants, but the diverse selection of freshwater fish and the walking encyclopedia staff make up for that. I also got a brief show of the basement where they do a lot of their breeding and quarantine and these folks are serious about their craft. Highly recommend you visit the shop. Only thing that's a little odd is the business hours that seem to change often, but after one visit you'll be okay with that too.

John Audette

Very knowledgeable staff. Great customer service also. Highly recommended.

Noah Morrison

Charles Maynard

Something Fishy cleaned my pool in early June. The work was done in what I thought was a reasonable amount of time. It appeared to be a good job.However,after a few days the pond water turned dark. I could not see the bottom of the pool or my koi fish. I went to the store at least four or five times seeking a solution to the problem. Each time I was given suggestions including draining the pond to a low level and refilling it. Nothing worked yet no effort was made on their part to follow up. On one of my visits, speaking with a staff member, he indicated the loss of bacteria sometimes creates such a problem after a cleaning. He said I needed to take the matter up with the person in charge of maintenance. At a subsequent meeting I did just that. He would not hear of it. He came up with yet another worthless suggestion. My complaint: There was little interest to follow up on their work despite the fact a problem existed. I finally did get help from a friend familiar with pond care and also from another vendor. Yes, the removal of bacteria was the problem.

Jenny Fa

The place looked very nice and we'll kept and the people are very nice there to

Tim Sysak

Been a customer for years, but the new store is horrible from service to hours open. They took 15 mins to ask me if I needed help when I was looking at three people helping 1 other customer. The lights were shut off in the back so you couldn't view any fish and fish purchases are by appointment only. So I would say go to another store if you want to shop. This store seems to be for people that want them to build our service tanks not for hobbiest. Customer lost.

Paul DiSegna

Kurt was very helpful and knowledgeable

LazyBrosVidz .

Bought a pump to replace my old pump in my tank. Along with that I purchased salt r/o water and I did my 30% water change and little did I know the water was high in ammonia and other bad chemicals. Sure enough I went to work for 9 hours and came home to my entire tank dead corals I've spent big money on snails crabs shrimp but most importantly a fish I had for over 14 years who was healthier then the day I first got him and it died hours after a water change. Been a costumer there for about 4 years? Go every Monday and I will never go back again

Jay Jay

Hands down the most knowledgable staff and pristine tanks you will find in New England. The prices are high, but you receive excellent service and the livestock available to you is guaraunteed to have no sickness whatsoever. I was very impressed and had a wonderful experience.

Jose perez

prices are insane some fishes cost double what they cost in other stores

gary alheit

Enrique Figueroa

Great, knowledgeable service from genuine people

Louis Videc

Love this place I just started a 55 gallon fish tank about 2 months ago and I must say Dave and his staff are very friendly and give great advice. I first went to Petsmart and RMS because I didn't know about this place. A friend recommended Something Fishy to me and I'm glad he did. I must say Dave and his staffs knowledge far exceeds the competition. I will never go anywhere else. 100% recommend this place.

Michael Cottage

I don't own a fish but Fish taste great.

Paul Nerlich

Loved this place!!! So far, the Blue Moscow Guppies had fry and are pregnant again. All.are alive and healthy and 20 or so fry made it to where they cannot be eaten anymore.

Sue Q

This is hands down the best freshwater aquarium fish store in town. They have a huge variety of fish from puffers to chiclids to rare and exotic plecos. Be sure to grab a free doughnut when they have them.

Stefan Nikolic

Amazing place, only fish store you'll ever want to come to!

Tracy Diamond

Wesley Jarvis

No response to phone call for inquiry to buy.

Tori Colbert

The staff was very helpful

Daniel Reyes

greg lawrence

Always knowledgeable always helpful

James Howard

Wow Great place, staff friendly and very knowledgeable. I drove 1 hour to visit this place was not disappointed. Thanks for the new Cichlid now at 9, I'll be back for more as soon as the new tanks ready.

Andrew Boals

Best fish store in Ohio! Best customer service. Can't wait to visit again

Melissa Lewis

Tiana Hughes

I love this place. Cheap and affordable for my needs. I took my kids there, and they loved it, they couldn't get enough of this place. The guy working there was so very kind and helpful. I will definitely be going back there again. See you soon, I need some more platy (Mickey Mouse fish). I wish it was open on Sundays.

C Potter

Loved Something Fishy. The owners are very knowledgeable about the fish the carry. They will even take the time to explain to you what you can and what you shouldn't put in your tank. No salt water fish for those who have those aquarium tastes, but plenty of fresh water fish.

Alan McHugh

Awesome little place love the set up and huge personal aquariums they have running as decoration. Nice staff and alright prices, wish they had more variety of fish + crayfish so cool. Might be my personal fish care shop since it's so close and I enjoy the shop so much.

bernie niederst

Staff is incredibly knowledgeable and puts forth a lot of effort to help you with your tank set up and stocking. I’m really happy with my first few purchases and look forward to more in the future. So much better then anything I’ve seen at the big box stores!

Jeanne's Aquatics

Love this place! Clean tanks, huge variety, something for everyone here! I don't mind driving an hour each way for quality! Thanks Dave!


Best place I have found for cichlids

Kyle Daniels

Amazing selection especially of cichlids

daryl oehlstrom

They were extremely helpful! We were just setting up a new 20 gallon fresh water tank and Adam gave us all the important information that you wouldnt get from a regular pet store. You can tell that they actually care about your tank and not just trying to sell you everything you point at! Plus they will test yoir tank water for you to make sure your water is at the proper levels to keep your fish healthy. We will always go here for our aquarium needs!!

Lola Corrigan

Really nice clean fish store

Chris Biggins

Very clean fish tanks and help full staff.

Crystal Gates

This is our new favorite fish place, hands down! The fish selection here is unlike any other in the Cleveland or Akron area and the customer service is outstanding! They even engaged with my active 4 yr old and she loves coming to something fishy now. Also follow them on social media! They do lots of updates and offer tons of knowledge online too. Great people!

Ivy Cichlids

Very knowledgeable owner, provides excellent service and has a great assortment of freshwater fish.

Rick Davis

It wasn't a blow my socks off kind of place but it sure blows away the other fish stores that we've been to in the Northeast Ohio area. Much more knowledgeable staff than a Petsmart or other box store and friendly for the most part. We've been to many LFS in the area and this is probably the cleanest. Kudos on that for sure. I looked in each and every tank and was very impressed by how clean and healthy everything was. It shows that they take good care of their stock and that is the kind of place you want to buy live fish from.

Zelma Strong

The owner is very informative about fish. A good place to get what you want..

Jeff Reichert

Nice store mostly africans but lots of plecos and some central and south too

apostolos theodorou

Love this spot, not only do you walk out of there with HEALTHY fish but also a HUGE variety! Will NOT go anywhere else to purchase fish. The difference is substantial when you compare the product from a pet supplies plus or any other pet store. Employees are extremely knowledgeable about all fish and makes the process alot easier to select fish. Thank you Something Fishy for having a great family owned shop in Cleveland. If you have not gone to check this place out, I strongly advise you do (even if you go just to look around, there is alot of cools things there..huge tank in wall, tank in floor, and very exotic tanks). Thanks again for everything you guys do!

Marcus Christy

I absolutely loved this place. They have all of your bread-and-butter fishes plus they have an extremely large selection of the more rare hard-to-find fish. They have both freshwater and saltwater. They have a large selection of plants as well not just your comment everyday aquarium plants but some of the more harder and rare types to get as well

James Pido

Jose Gonzalez

Great place, good fish quality

Danny Cedeño

All sorts of African Cichlids, Aquariums and supplies are sold here.

Brittany Gracie

I feel the need to say that the owners/employees are great at what they do. I have gone to "Something Fishy" a few times and from my observation, they know what they are talking about. Although the employees may not be the best quote on quote "people persons", they do care about their profession, and tell customers the truth. I had frogs and bottom feeders ( purchased from other companies) dying left and right. I went to "Something fishy" looking for new fish and some guidance. The employee on-shift(don't know his name) wasn't the warmest person I have ever met, but he was knowledgeable and helpful, and cared about the fish he was selling. He also explained to me that bottom feeders like pleckos and catfish,as well as dwarf frogs require a higher protein diet than your standard freshwater fish. I changed the diet and most my fish/frogs thrived...until we bought fish from petsmart and rms that contaminated the whole tank with ich. As an animal lover, I do miss and mourn my lost fish and fogs. As an animal lover, I only plan to purchase fish and frogs from "something fishy" because I actually trust their judgement.

Shawn Greenaway

Awesome place for cichlids!

Nathan Patterson

Stephanie Frost

We drove an hour to come to this shop today because we saw some beautiful fish on the website. We were very let down when we got there. The older guy acted like we were an inconvenience and kept interrupting the younger guy with rude comments about our tank, talking to us like we were toddlers who knew absolutely nothing. We were so uncomfortable and offended that we had to leave. Luckily, we had a plan B and found ourselves at RMS Aquaculture. We had a much better experience there. Unfortunately, I would not recommend going to this shop.

ryan collison

The best looking livestock tanks in the area and that really is saying something. If you're looking off the beaten path fish wise this is your place for sure.

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