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REVIEWS OF Rivers to Reefs Aquariums IN Ohio

Louis Hang

Really like this place. Owner is friend and staffs are also friendly. Great selection of salt and fresh water fish. All of their animals are very healthy. I never had any problem with them. They also have 2 cute ducks walk around the store. Omg they are so cute :). A great local business! And I support local businesses!

Katelyn Rhodes

Absolutely my favorite aquarium/fish store and I've been to many many aquarium stores! Always kind and knowledgeable staff. I know I'm getting quality stock here so I'd rather spend my money here any day. It's definitely worth a trip.


You will not fine a better fish store then rivers to reefs the Employees are very helpful and knowledgeable in fish. The owner is very cool he will help you with any problem he can an if you were looking for a Fish there’s a good chance he can get it for you I have been able to fine some really nice plecos from here

Rick Robinson

This is a smaller store than others, but what I really appreciated was the knowledge and friendliness of the staff. I was left with the feeling that they love what they do, they love the hobby of keeping aquariums, and they want you to enjoy it too. Both times I have gone in, they were very interested in listening first and then giving thoughtful advice.

Kevin Bentum

Good place. With reasonable prices as compared to other fish stores. Very knowledgeable staff and helpful too.. talked to Anthony. He is a great guy.

Debbie Randall

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Joe Whitfield

Awesome store, will be back. Talk about vast variety of fish, along with a knowledgeable staff makes this a must stop for hobbyist of all skill levels

Brent Keating

Great selection and helpful staff.

Brad Kaes

Consistent new, rare, and healthy fish. The best staff.

Stephen McNulty

3.5 stars, really. The coolest freshwater oddballs in Ohio hands down - BUT half the fish aren't labeled and it feels like the owner whips out a price based on if you're friends with him or not. The staff are young and have to refer to the owner constantly, but treat the customer as if they're absolute novices who need their approval to buy something. Most of their fish are thriving and healthy, but there are also an inordinate number of corpses drifting through their various tanks. Overall it's the most professional collection of species and supplies in Ohio, but the buying experience is definitely lacking.

John Dempsey

Small shop but extremely friendly staff... They offer tank drilling and that is a plus... Good amount of fish on hand and a fair amount of tank supplies...

Josh White

Always an amazing selection and staff is very knowledgable

Ann E H-Lint

They have a nice selection of fish suitable for most tanks and are very knowledgeable. Two pet ducks roam the store.....they are sweet.

Krista Kealy

Really can't beat their prices here. Really healthy looking fish and plant life. Staff was very helpful. Store is a bit dirty, but will definitely be coming back! We were driving all the way across town to Hilliard, but we won't be having to do that anymore! Thank you!

Matthew H

Very knowledgeable. Saved me on a purchase by telling me how my outdoor fish didn't need to be fed in the winter. It is also conveniently stocked with all kinds of aquatic wildlife for little ones to look at

Jason McLarty

Nice selection friendly and knowledgeable staff

Robert Beals

Great place to buy fish And salt water fish the staff there knows about the fish !!

Greg Higgins

Great place, great people!!

Jeff Jackson

Very good selection of fish! I came looking for a Ghost Knife and left with one!

Eric Hanas

I always get my fish here. They are very knowledgeable and they take care to make sure you know what's going on. Love them!

Demi Beckford

Great selection of fish and supplies.

Charley Betz

Love this store! So many fish to choose from and a great staff. Aaron is great.


Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Decent prices

Olivia Raymond

Obnoxious and rude staff no help at all. Dead fish in many of the tanks and dirty small store not worth the trip. A lot of fishes overpriced and found cheaper at petsmart will never go again and will make sure my friends with tanks don't waste their time like I did

michael keeler

My experience here was fantastic! I went in for the first time today and received help from a very knowledgeable staff member right away. He worked with me and answered all of my questions (I had many). He also seemed like he was excited to help me with my project and that he enjoyed being there. I will be back for more supplies for my aquascape projects for sure.

Shane Poynter

Amazing place and great selection of quality fish. Definitely worth taking a browse around. Staff are super friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Awesome place for a beginner or a fish expert.

Michael Daugherty

The only place I will purchase fish or supplies from locally.Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Five Stars!

Sonya Darst

Super friendly staff, well educated, fair on prices.

Charles Burke

Wonderful people, good selection, but wish they had more saltwater tanks.

Lucinda Conkle

We recently made the trip to this fish store. Excellent care in packing for our new critters and very knowledgeable staff. They have a nice selection of fish and some rare things as well. We will visit again soon!

Nathan Holtz

Nice little shop. Staff was half nice half offish. Lots of variety for the size of the place. Better prices than some of the big box pet stores.

Dana Birrell

Small store, has gotten much better since opening and the owner is actively engaged with customers. I applaud their refusal to allow intro hobbiests to overstock new tanks.

Alex Wilson

Ive been to many local fish stores around Ohio and so far this one set the bar. Stopped in 10 minutes before they closed just planning to give it a quick look. Ended up staying past closing time by a bit and bringing home a new fish. The owner and employee we're both knowledgeable and had a genuine interest in the hobby. Being that my fish was going to spend a few hours in the bag, they double bagged it and packed it in a styrofoam box. The tanks were clean and well maintained and the selection was unlike anything I've come across. If you're into South/Central American Cichlids, you should definitely check this place out. Also had a great selection of fish suitable for nano tanks, which can be hard to find. Overall, extremely positive experience.

Matt Day

Nice place for different fish not everyone has! Love my wifes discus fish!

Corey Washington Sr.

The fish were beautiful! there was plenty of selection! the price is decent! the guy worked with me to try to get the fish that I desired! and my lady is happy

Heather Allen

Small mom and pop type of business. They have a whole other room filled with saltwater that you do not see when you look around. Great people

Lynn White

Love Rivers to Reefs!! Aaron is awesome and so is Sarah! My hubby has been shopping there since they opened and knew Aaron at his previous place of employment and really like him when he was there too.

Andy Hunt

Disclaimer: I did not buy anything here, so take my review with a grain of salt. There was either dead or dying livestock in nearly every tank. The majority of the tanks were also dirty and did not seem well kept. I found a couple fish that were decaying and have clearly been dead for a while. The setups were also somewhat crude and the price tags were few and difficult to read. I will however note that they seemed to have a good variety of livestock.

Jonathan S.

Overpriced hardscaping stuff (rocks and driftwood) and live freshwater plants are covered in algae. Looks like they mainly geared to sell aquarium kits and cater to large tank owners.

Lisa Riddle

This is a premier aquarium store. As the title suggests, the store owner (Aaron) and staff have expertise on all aquarium environments from fresh water to salt reef set ups. They can assist with successful set ups from nano to pond.

Jennifer Blackstone

I love the owner, he's very knowledgeable in saltwater but the store is lacking in space and some items are pricey. There aren't a lot of Saltwater fish stores around and especially none where we live so we drove the 50 min to this store. The saltwater side was crowded with employees and customers. Some were employees off the clock just hanging around in the saltwater area talking about what they bought and just chatting. And one employee had a huge garbage can out, I'm assuming doing a water change but I'm not sure, I couldn't really pay attention because there was so much going on. But it was blocking more of the small walkway and I think that could of waited until later. I wish the owner was there because I don't think it would of been the same experience. We left with one item but if we had the ability to browse easier we probably would of left with more. We will give them another shot just because the owner is great and I'll update my review then!

Adam Rissien

Great variety and selection. Go during a weekday though.

Gerritt Weller

The store is smaller than others in Columbus, but the staff is fantastic and the service is stellar. One of the staff members was more than happy to help me with a water test on a new aquarium setup, and then took her time educating me on a plethora of plants to help spruce up my aquarium. Once I get the plants planted and my water clears up, I will definitely be back to purchase some fish.

Randy Robbins

I live in Hilliard, just minutes from Aquatic Adventure (AA). I had been going to AA for all my stuff. That was until I decided to try Rivers to Reefs (RR). I will not make the drive across town for my needs. Are the perfect? No, that’s why I gave a 4, but they are way better than AA. Why not a 5: The store has a foul fishy odor that AA does not have. RR is VERY small and limited in inventory and options. RR is not as clean as AA. Lastly, the person who helped me at RR was very knowledgeable helpful and by no means rude, he just was not as nice and friendly as the people I worked with at AA. Why is RR way better? First, the four fish I bought cost $11 at RR, for a Fish Club member at AA (25% discount) they would have cost over $18...well over $20 if not a fish club member. Second, RR was out of a few things I needed so I went to AA to get them. Well when I got there and realized the price difference I opted for other buying options. The prices at RR were SIGNIFICANTLY less than AA, even after the fish club discount. It is well worth the drive to Gahanna to save the amount of money RR will save me.

Michael Daniels

Great place but small nice workers.

Bill Smith

Rivers to Reefs is a great LFS for both fresh and marine aquarium keepers. The number of different species on any given day is astounding, and the staff are all knowledgeable and friendly. I have been keeping marine aquaria for almost 30 years now and they still manage to find livestock that I haven't seen before. Special orders are no problem, either of livestock or dry goods. I'm not sure that more could be asked of a brick and mortar store in the age of the internet.

Nick Magoteaux

Rivers to reefs is absolutely excellent. Extraordinary service with people who are passionate and caring. Huge shout out to David, he gave us great information. Don't go anywhere else, this place is the real deal!

Carl Hamilton

I liked it. Employees looked a little parched... lol

Ben Cheek

Great Fish Store! Amazing freshwater and saltwater selection to choose from. Great prices. Awesome customer service ! A must stop at fish store in the Columbus area!

Ewan Schmidt

Overpiced fish and horrendous hours (closed Monday and Tuesday???). Decent selection of specialty equipment at okay prices though.

Michael G. Barrie

great store, knowledgable staff that is willing to walk you through novice to advanced advice. Always a good selection and fish in general seem healthy. coral selection can be variable based on inventory, and in general doesn't compete with the other coral options on the east side of columbus, but hard to be a store that does everything. For fish, one of my favorite places in columbus

Gabe Walsh

Great place for fresh and saltwater fish, corals, plants, and invertebrates. Fairest prices around and they always have a friendly and helpful staff!

Sajith Wanigasinghe

Staff is real friendly and helpful.

Shane Byers

Good selection of fish! After 4 stores finally found what I was looking for here. Should have started there. This is my new go to store!

Jeremy Crock

Great selection of fish and plants. Employees were very helpful. Was worth the 2 hour trip.

Andrew Alonso

I have a 55 gallon African Cichlid tank and have gone to every pet store/aquarium store in Columbus and NOBODY has half as nice of an assortment of fish in their store. The owner does a fantastic job of stocking his tanks and following through with special orders as well. Their staff is extremely helpful and friendly and their knowledge is second to none. Their prices are beyond reasonable as well. Simply put, you're making a mistake if you are an aquarium owner and are shopping elsewhere. I look forward to continuing to shop at Rivers to Reefs for as long as there is a tank in my home!

Whitney Reed

My fiance and I have had jellyfish for about one year and they have always been healthy and we keep a meticulously clean tank. About six months ago we started going to Rivers to Reefs for our salt water to do our tank water change. However, the last visit two Fridays ago, I went to get the salt water. I arrived five minutes after they opened and the store was packed with 8-10 customers. The sole clerk was working with a family and worked with them for about 45 minutes. Many other customers started to complain about the wait and leave. He rushed over to me and asked what I wanted. I gave him the bucket for the salt water and he came back faster than I've ever received my water before. I gave it to my fiance and he waited a week and did the water change on the next Friday (the water sat a week). He always checks the salinity of the water, is a physician and had to hurry on this particular Friday. The jellyfish were healthy on Friday afternoon and dead when he arrived on Monday morning. He checked the salinity of the water and it off the charts in terms of what it has to be (and what it has always been from this store). I decided to call them tonight to give them a chance to see if they could make the death of our jellyfish right. I called and got a female clerk who told me there was no manager available to speak to. I explained the situation and she told us unfortunately unless we could tell her the salinity of the water, she couldn't say it was their error. Luckily, we had the salinity of the water and read the level to her. She paused and came back on the line and said the owner happened to be right there and that salinity was totally acceptable for jellyfish and normal. We have done the research and even have the aquarium standards on our computer assuring us that it's off the charts for jellyfish and causes death. I let her know this and she let me know that well that might have been the case, but they couldn't say the salinity was due to their error, it could have been because of it setting for a week. I let them know we've always let it sit for 5-7 days and tested the salinity and that was never a problem. She told me it was due to evaporation and we couldn't be correct. I let her know that we keep it in a sealed container and there was no evaporation. So she then told us she was sorry we had to wait for the salt water, but that they only had one clerk and that was the way it was. I explained it wasn't so much the wait as I was concerned that he had rushed, mixed the salt water incorrectly, and now our jelly fish are dead. She said it could have been the salinity or it could have been nitrogen stirred up when we did the water change and we should bring in a sample. I said, okay we are happy to do that. When should we bring that in. She said, ... well, was the water left over the weekend that way with the dead jellyfish and we said yes. She let us know that now we could bring it in but that it wouldn't prove that it was the salinity that was the problem because the water could have fluctuated after the jelly fish died. So I said, so why would we bring the water in? She said for your peace of mind, but we won't be saying it's our fault or giving you anything if that's what you're looking for. This store has been fine in the past, but it's clear the store clerk was overrun, hurried, made a mistake, and gave us wrongly mixed salt water. This in turn killed our jellyfish. I was frustrated by the endless amount of excuses the clerk tried to make to avoid admitting fault and every time I corrected her, she would eventually backtrack but come up with another excuse. I just would never trust them with our fish or jellyfish again and feel uncomfortable with a store that clearly made a mistake and refuses to even consider the possibility that that error killed jellyfish we have lovingly cared for.

William Rupe

Stopped in to browse and buy some chaeto to kick off my refugium. They had the chaeto but I couldn't find a price anywhere so I kept browsing through the store and most fish looked healthy and had some pretty neat species but I did spot quite a bit of aiptasia in most of the tanks so I passed on the chaeto. I have been in previously and got my long spine urchin, spike, from there a few years ago and he is still kicking! I can see why some people commented on the staff being not helpful but I think they are just busy at helping customers and tank upkeep. I prefer to browse for awhile so I thought the staff were great at letting me be. I would have preferred to see more prices labeled, I don't think a single coral had a price. I will be back again for supplies and food but will personally probably stay away from livestock unless they get the aiptasia under control.

Timothy Good

When walking in was greeted by a odor of dead rotting fish. Started down the saltwater tanks floor was flooded. Went to fresh water side and withen the first few tanks was dead fish everywhere. Others were commenting about it also. Then a employee asked if i was wanting some fish he would help me get them... What he must have thought i was going to by anything from there to put in my aquarium... Get real clean then tanks and get the floating decying fish out.

Leslie Reid

Needed a heater immediately for a 90 gallon aquarium (ours crapped out suddenly). I called around most of the chain pet stores, but none of them had a heater large enough for a 90 gallon. Rivers to Reefs had several to choose from. They people there were attentive & knowledgeable. We will definitely be back!


This is a hidden gem! Incredible variety of freshwater fish for smaller tanks. They nearly always have microrasboras, scarlet badis, and other hard to find goodies for nano systems. Offer an excellent selection of tank raised and wild caught SA dwarf cichlids as well as many other rare and unusual species. A great selection of saltwater fish and corals too, but I'm so happy to have found a store that offers so much more than your typical chain store fare in freshwater fish, plants, and invertebrates. So many places are really focused on saltwater and skimp on freshwater selection but not Rivers to Reefs! Staff is attentive, informative, and will go beyond expectations to help out a fellow fish enthusiast and insure customer satisfaction. Pricing is a bit higher than online pricing but fair and you really can't place a value on the ability to visit a brick and mortar store and cherry pick your selections based on health and color. I hope this place is around forever. I don't shop for fish anywhere else!

Eric Thomas

The staff was pleasant and helpful. There were too many dead fish in the tanks, though. Enough dead fish to make me double check their return policy should something go awry. I ordered a couple types of plants and when I got home, while I was charged for two bundles of a plant, there was only one in the bag. I called and was advised I'd have to come back into the store for a refund. Nothing could be done over the phone. That adds a wasted 40 minutes to my life

Allison P

Always amazingly informative & helpful staff! Excellent selection of fresh & salt water fish, snails, plants, coral, live rock, & tank supplies. Our go-to for aquarium advise & stocking in Columbus.

Tankaholics TV

If you enjoy keeping fish please go else where for your aquarium needs. Staff rarely answers the phone when I call the store to inquire about stock. Was told by the owner himself that he would look into ordering a species in special and I would receive an answer if it was possible within about a week, that was a month ago and have never heard back. Female employee is incredibly rude and condescending, doesn’t seem interested in helping out fish keepers and would rather tell you everything you are doing is wrong. Take it from me, this shop and their employees need to take a serious look at the customer service they offer and improve greatly.


After reading the reviews and talking to people I know, I was so excited to go. I was welcomed by one guy, he was helping someone else. I then wandered and looked at fish for 20 minutes waiting for someone to ask if I needed help. Finally I decided to go up to the front and interrupt the employees conversation, which felt very awkward. The guy who got my fish was condescending for some reason, it was odd. I can't give lower than 3 stars because the store was very cool, the fish were healthy, and the guy who rang me out was friendly. Maybe I just came on the wrong day at the wrong time, I'll definitely give it another chance. I hope the owner reads these because a lot of people would not return if they experienced this.

Valeria Potts

Rivers to Reefs should be the #1 place to go for aquatics enthusiasts in Central Ohio. They have a large variety of both freshwater and saltwater fish, inverts, good supply of aquarium food and supplies, and the staff is SUPER knowledgeable. You will find regularly new species that you can't find anywhere else. Definitely check them out and leave the big box chain stores behind.

Jeff Hadsell

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Nice selection of fish and equipment

Rat Mischief

We went here two days in a row and no one even acknowledged us. The first time we figured they were just really busy. Second time they weren’t busy at all. They have an interesting variety of fish.

Matthew Schmid

Love the new spot. Always quality fish

Bill McCarver

Excellent small store. Tanks are very clean. Knolegable staff.

Jason B.

Never had a bad experience at Rivers to Reefs. They have a great selection of livestock for fresh and saltwater.

The Dead Man

"Best fish store in Columbus. Very knowledgable owner that takes great care of his fish. They do a great job screening the fish they get from wholesalers to ensure that you get a healthy fish. Please support this small business, it is a true asset to the hobby.

Tom Nguyen

Looking for your new local fish store ? Well look no further because this place is AWESOME !! On first impression I thought what most people thought , "oh look at all the dead and sick fish " which if this is your first experience with an aquarium store is a fair assumption , but just wait till you go to other pet stores and see that their casualty rate is through the roof. Most places aren't as popular as RTR so they have the time to fish out the dead ones. If you'd step back and looked at the bigger picture you might understand that , lots of tanks , two or 3 people on staff , and lots of locals who come in and want to talk for an hour+. (Myself included) leaves you very little time to tend to every tank . Their customer service has always been above and beyond from my experiences going there ( been there everyday for the past week and a half) and not one time have I ever had to return fish . Aaron and David are two of the most knowledgeable and cool people in that store and will take care of you from questions to concerns about your tank(ASK DAVID HOW MANY TANKS HE HAS) . Also for those who are concerned about them not labeling their fish or livestock please know that they turn the sign around if they're treating a tank for sickness . They will let you know that they are treating the tank and nothing in there is for sale . Also if they mislabel something for the low , JUST BUY IT AND RUN!!! As a working adult who lives in Gahanna , I have several options for buying fish and aquarium products I choose rivers to reefs because its like a bar for fish nerds like myself . These people have passion and dedication to this amazing , painful , expensive , stress relieving/stress inducing thing we call fish keeping . These guys speak from experience and have been a huge part in my success with my 3 tanks . This is a place for people who like people who like fish , so if you are coming in as a novice please don't get offended when they tell you something you don't want to hear . Thanks for everything RTR ! Respectfully , Tom N

Sean DeWeese

Found this place after a bad experience at an over priced aquarium place in Hilliard and glad I did. Fair prices and extremely helpful. Will be doing all my fish and coral shopping there.

christy given

Always helpful and very friendly!

David Hilbig

Great variety of fish, and very healthy looking! Prices on supplies we're good too which isn't usually the case for smaller stores. Can't wait to go back when I have room for more fish.

Jeffrey Joseph

Place was dirty and there was dead fish in every tank..

Shayla Sias

Beautiful fish and beautiful tanks

Elizabeth Vermilyer

They really know their stuff. The staff are always helpful in selecting the right fish for your experience and interests. Every time I go, I see fish I've never seen before. Fish are always healthy and sturdy. They are also the only store that sells the live aquatic worms- without Rivers to Reefs my eels would starve.

john howard

Always love stopping here, aquarium plants are impressively priced. Selection of freshwater and saltwater fish is amazing. And the amount of supplies and materials is perfect. Very well presented and friendly knowledgeable employees who seem personally invested. Amazing place I'm here almost once a week.

Corey Dobie

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff, fair prices

James Baer

The people at this place are top notch!!! Although I was unable to make a purchase, they bent over backwards to accommodate me and the issues I had. I would highly recommend this place to any and all. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and helpfulness.

Anthony Meadows

Very helpful and informative. Efficient to come from a better supplier than the other fish stores in town.

John Kollar

They have a large selection of fish and supplies for saltwater tanks. The staff was nice and helpful.

Tyler Chambers

Small place. Nice place but small selection

Dan Kester

Very knowledgeable staff and a wide variety of fish and shrimp for good prices. Trades also available upon request.

Kanda Ritchie

Very nice place. Great selection.


Very knowledgeable staff. Excellent rotating inventory. A clean and easy place to shop for fish and aquarium supplies.

ashley davila

They always have what I need and will order it for me if they dont!

Corey S

Everyone was very kind, and offered their best advice to help me and my betta. I thought he had fin rot and wanted treatment, but the dude that helped me showed me that his fins were just damaged because of the fake plants I got at another store. My only dislike of this place is that it was pretty cramped, however they certainly have a wide variety of fish, equipment, and accessories to choose from. They also had nice decorative example tanks for viewing, which was cool to see.

Carolyn Norris

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William Sutherland


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Joshua Murphy

Great staff, very friendly and knowledgeable, wonderful selection and prices. We shop there often.

Shelly Gannon

Everyone there is very friendly and helpful.

Danielle Jaycox

Great shop, visited once when they were starting up and wasn't very impressed, prices seemed a little high and it looked like they rushed to open. I'm so glad we decided to make the drive and visit again, the store was clean, everything had settled nicely and they seemed to have found their rythm as there were amazing rare corals for great prices but also something for someone on a budget like myself. Customer service was awesome! Will definatly be stopping by for future coral and fish purchases!

Randy Darst

Best fish store in Columbus! Very fair pricing, healthy stock of live plants and marine fish. Aaron is very knowledgeable and I am always impressed in the way the staff has no problem admitting when their expertise is limited in a given area and defer to him. I am always impressed when an owner treats his staff respectfully as he does.

Fins & Things

Nice shop and helpful bunch.

Marilyn Poindexter

Great selection of fish and other things for aquariums.

John Maiden

Best fish store in central Ohio.

Britiny colvin-kazee

If you own fish this is a great place to buy them. They're always healthy, and ALL of the staff are very knowledgeable about fish and aquariums. They have an interesting array of fish and will even order fish for you if they don't have what you're looking for in stock.

William Bilski

A lot of nice fish, to far to go even once a month. I visited the place because there was an auction. Wanted 1 catfish and they put a ridiculous price on it.


Owners are knowledgeable.....rates are pretty decent. Quality fish food with decent price.

Chris Matlak

Great selection and knowledgeable staff. Get on their email list so you get a weekly email with their new fish and corals for the week.

john ellingwood

Best fish store in Franklin county

Adrain Campbell

This is my favorite fish store in the city. The staff is very knowledgable and extremely helpful. The prices compare well to other stores and they have a good saltwater fish selection.

Gary Law

A throwback to the specialist aquarium shop

MarGola Jane

Perfect place for any true aquarium enthusiast.

Michael B

I'm only into freshwater fish and they have a huge selection. They do have some rare and hard to find fish too! Great prices and VERY knowledgeable staff. They'll even tell you if certain fish are new and not out of quarantine yet. That's a huge plus and definitely not common to find at local fish shops! I stopped buying fish online because of this place. Thank you!!!

john burke

Don't go chasing waterfalls

Countryside Aquatics

Great selection of fresh and saltwater fish. Worth checking oit

Jordan T

Update: I went back to give Rivers to Reefs a second chance recently and it was a much better experience, there was positive customer service, they had the fish I was after and I will be back for additional stock for my aquariums. I saw this place and thought it was exactly what I was looking for in a LFS(Local Fish Store), the reviews looked good, their social media looked promising and I finally made it around to checking out Rivers to Reefs. The store was exactly as expected stock tanks with fish, both marine and freshwater. There was a good selection of fish and invertebrates and all looked fairly healthy. So now for the bad, the customer service was non existent, when I went in I was given a very standoffish "hello" at no point was any kind of service offered. I noticed 3 employees working one customer. I very much would have liked to acquire some fish to stock my tank, but alas no one offered service and I did not purchase any fish. I left the store disappointed and I won't be returning. If you need to stock an aquarium I'd recommend ordering your fish online as there don't seem to be any passable fish stores in Columbus.

Zach Worton

Good selection of fish supplies and staff have a lot of advice to give, but it swear every time I come in to look at guppies/Mollys or other freshwater fish, they either have dead fish in the tank, show signs if illness or both. A large reason I haven’t yet bought anymore fish here. Maybe the vendor? Who knows. Kinda expected a better presentation in freshwater compared to a big box store

Anna Fang

This is a great local fish store. It's that LFS experience that you miss when you go to corporate stores. All of the fish I've purchased here have been healthy with almost no losses. My otocinclus are still going strong, even though losses are common with this fish. The aquariums have algae, but the inhabitants are healthy. Everything is individually filtered so you're less likely to get an illness, though proper quarantine is still good. They carry common fish you'd expect to see and rare species as well. Prices are competitive and fair. My only complaint is betta fish in jars. Most betta fish do well in community tanks and they love plants, so I'm not sure why bettas in stores are kept in such small containers. Though, contrary to corporate stores, the betta appear to be cared for and healthy. Most of the staff here are knowledgeable, but like with any hobby, do your own research before you buy.

Tammy Windle

Awesome place has the best products and knowledgeable staff

Nicole Johnson

Very knowledgeable about their fish.

Jenna M

I had a great experience shopping here. I don’t remember the name of the woman who helped my dad and I but she was very knowledgeable. I so appreciated that she didn’t try to upsell just to upsell too. She genuinely wanted me to get the right tank / equipment for the right price. She explained everything I would need to do when performing maintenance on my tank as well as showed me some really cool plants that I could add in as decoration. She explained the nitrogen cycle and what I would need to do to help my tank thrive. She was extremely helpful and made my dad and I’s experience shopping here great. I will definitely be back in the future!


I was really looking forward to going when we were in town and they had some amazing frags at great prices but the female employee had a terrible attitude and when we mentioned a few of the saltwater tanks had ich she kept changing subject and gave me quite the attitude. We still bought a few frags but not really impressed with the amount of ich in the tanks

Jamie Loudermilk

This Store is amazing !... They have a huge variety of fish, plants and supplies and they are all so helpful and knowledgeable. They also do a really good job to make sure they sell you healthy fish.

Tabbie Davila

Absolute best Aquarium store I've ever been too!! Owner is a wonderful man and the staff is so caring and they truly know the business!!!

Guy Stevenson

Best local fish and aquarium business I know of. Although this store is small, it is filled to the gills with beautiful and healthy fish. They have a knowledgeable staff and the owner is always there and always friendly. Don't be fooled by the size of this tightly packed boatload of fish, they have an impressive selection. Freshwater, saltwater, and brackish fish are always in stock. They also have a beautiful display of coral species. The fish are never over priced, like at those large retail stores, and I always seem to save more when I go there, which for me still goes to them in the form of an unexpected purchase. Some of their supplies are not cheap, but this is because they don't sell junk or low end equipment. Only top of the line is sold there. My only "gripe" is their narrow isles, but that isn't much of a bother and shouldn't be a mark against how a business operates. I would advise to wear light clothing or prepare to downgrade layers of clothing, as it is a bit warm and humid inside. This is primarily to keep the fish happy (helps reduce loss of heat and moisture of the many aquariums). So, if you're looking for a new addition and not sure what route to go, stop in and see Aaron (the cool owner) and he and his staff will happily assist you in your next purchase or just answer any questions you may have. *DISCLAIMER* I am not affiliated with Rivers To Reefs Aquariums, as I'm sure my overly enthusiastic post may suggest to other skeptics. I merely LOVE this business and all they have to offer to the community. Take pride in buying local.

Alexander Williamson

Very friendly knowledgeable staff. My first choice for Fish and aquatic purchases.

Marty Groseclose

Rivers to Reefs offers an excellent selection with a friendly & knowledgeable staff for all your aquarium or pond needs. I highly recommend Rivers to Reefs to anyone as it is the best live fish & fish supply store in the central Ohio area.

Shane Bauerle

The staff is super helpful. The place is small but they stock and incredible variety of freshwater and saltwater life from aquatic plants to mantis shrimp.

Brian Fairbanks

This is honestly the best place ive ever been to large and unique selection of fish and plants and Aaron the owner is beyond knowledgeable and willing to help you learn and succeed in the hobby he went above and beyond when I was frist getting into the swing of things and was always there to help and give advice no matter how much I stopped by or how many questions I had he was very informative and the prices and selection and just the atmosphere can't be beat this is the type of place you can go and trust you'll be taken care of as a customer I wish I could put mlre than 5 stars honestly

Russ Johnson

The best livestock husbandry in Ohio. Excellent customer service.

zac herr

Great selection, knowledgeable staff, and great prices. The selection also updates frequently! For sure the go to place for fresh and saltwater fish.

Aaron Ro

Far and away the most interesting, hobbyist focused aquarium store around. Professional, but very friendly and low key, staff who know what they're talking about, and who are more than willing to take plenty of time to help you. Many of the animals and plants are species you just can't find in other stores- lots of rare types. Most of the tanks are self contained too, so in effect the fish are quarantined from others for better control of their health and environmental needs. The prices are way better than that big store on the West Side, even when that place runs a sale. RTR provides high quality livestock and equipment without gouging the customers. This is definitely a store to check out, and is well worth even a long drive from outside Columbus.

Tina Childers

A friend recommended this fish store so thought I would stop while shopping in Columbus. I was very disappointed to find out they are closed on MONDAYS! Why would a business be closed on Mon OR Tues? Its about a 3 hr drive so be awhile to chance it again.

Alex Henderson

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, great selection of fish (fresh and saltwater) as well as plants.

Rachel Bush

If they only sold fish my rating would be much lower. The fish selection was great, but I saw several sick specimens for sale, including two blue tangs with ich and a wrasse gasping for air and laying at the bottom of a tank. The corals all looked very nice though, in separate display tanks. they had some nice live rock, but other live rock covered in hair algae. I would consider buying frags here but would steer clear of the fish, especially the marine fish.

Kyle Daniels

Great service and good selection

Lindsay Marinelli

Great selection that you can't find at other stores and reasonable prices

David F Kessler

Excellent service. Tanks are healthy. Bought cherry shrimp, they are doing great in their new home.

Donald Allen

Great place good service

Richard Severe

Always a good selection!

Tracy Masters

Great value for the money!

John Coleman

One of the few aquarium specialty shops in central Ohio. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Selection was decent with little bit of everything, a healthier selection of food, chemicals, accessories would be nice. There are some excellent specimens in the store with selection kind of all over the place with a chaotic feel to the setup. Parking is very, very tight, visiting in the middle of a weekday around maybe 2pm about 90%of the entire parking lot was being utilized, I had to park 2 or 3 buildings down. Prices aren't terrible, about what is expected for a brick and mortar specialty store. A little work and this place could absolutely shine, printed fish prices and names instead of handwritten index cards, more thematic grouping of the species and more consistent tank setups like sand substrate for salt tanks and gravel for fresh water would improve the overall look and in general make the experience more user friendly. Glad I visited and look forward to returning, a good aquarium hobby shop is getting very hard to find and online resources can be spotty, worth a visit if you're in the area.

kathy milburn

Staff was awesome fish were happy and in great health

Gabrielle Vanca

Staff is knowledgeable and they have an amazing selection. However, the staff treats you with arrogance if you don’t have sufficient knowledge of aquariums (I was asking questions on how to start an aquarium) which turned me off from this place.

Kyle Nagel

High quality live stock at competitive prices. Friendly and knowledgeable staff that will take the time to truly help you. Overall the best local fish store in the area for both fresh and saltwater.

Torrel Cannaday

They have different fish then the major chains.

Alex Stambaugh

Heathy fish and reefs

Lynne Francisco

Nice LFS with friendly staff that know their stuff.

Robert Lorentz

Great prices knowledgeable staff very helpfull

Marcus Christy

An exceptional place to buy fish and plants for your aquarium they carry both fresh and saltwater into freshwater section they carry a lot of rare and hard to find fish I highly recommend them.

Sue Thompson

We loved our experience at this aquarium store! Aaron the Elecrtic Eel Guy was extremely knowledgeable and willing to work with people that had no experience and answering our dumb questions over and over again. Great prices as well! Thanks Aaron the EEG and the rest of your crew!

Jamie Foresta

Awesome staff..

Judy Decker

Best place now in Ohio to buy rainbow fish and corydoras (my two favorites). Rivers to Reefs always has an excellent selection to temp me -- fish I haven't seen at any other aquarium store. Great customer service- Very knowledgeable. I stop in when I visit a friend in Columbus --and even make special trips just to check out the fish (almost 2 hour drive). Have bucket will travel. Updated: Made a special trip - and came home with exactly what I wanted/needed. Two of the best looking Sterbai cory cats ever -- and a new Neon Dwarf rainbow. If you like rainbow fish, stop in to see the handsome Picta rainbow! I don't have room for him (he will get to be about 4" when full grown). Get on the store email list so you know when new fish are coming in.

unicornlife 101

Amazing selection of fish, plants and all the other things that go with them. Knowledgeable staff and way better prices compared to that Hilliard store!

Kevin Eble

Knowledgeable and nice selection of fish and rare finds.

Aaron Westfall

Excellent reef shop. Very informative and patient for someone just getting info the hobby.

Don Gleckler

That's where I got my axolotl

aaron carey

Nice little store

Jose e Rodriguez


andrew merk

This is the only fish store you need to go to in Columbus. They have a great variety of fish/plants/equipment with very knowledgeable staff. Questions are always welcomed, and if the staff don't know an answer, they won't mislead you. I've been coming here for years with never a bad experience to report.

Sarah Newman

My family and I went there one day before a big sale. We went in and we're interested in an anemone which was $80. The guy at the counter told us the next day they were going to have a 25% sale. So we planned to come back the next day to buy the $80 anemone and get an additional 25% off. Aso we went back the next day, they increased the price to $99. So we asked about it and they said that, that was the owners price and he really couldn't do anything. We told him we came in the day before and it was marked $80. He said there wasn't anything he could do. Place is definitely shady to make up prices to have a sale and so really it wasn't a sale. They should have honored the price as it was marked $80 originally and then they changed it to $99 the day of the sale. We made an extra trip out there the Second time for no reason. We are not going to support this unprofessional business. So we left empty handed. First time we had ever been there and won't be back again.

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