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REVIEWS OF New Sandusky Fish Company IN Ohio

Michael Waddle

Best fish in town. Wish they used a brocetta bun though

Marvin Blaney

Good food, good service, friendly people, this week, which is better than last week when an employee smarted off in another employee didn't give us anything we ask for during our order and we had to request the condiments again, so kudos to them for making the right changes to provide good service like they always have except for last week..

Rusty Zeller

Perch was over cooked and dry. They put very little sauce on it which made it worse. Fries were good.

Mike Oney

Great fish, you must try it.

Rol Johnson

A great place to get local fish take out as there is no inside seating. They are closed in the winter.

Chris Overholster

Found this place by fluke but I will say, hands down, best chicken tenders I have ever had in my life. My wife's perch was also to die for.

Richard Dittenber

Perch sandwich was excellent

Michelle Herold

best fish in Sandusky

J Miller

This place has some of the freshest and best tasting fish you can find in the area. Perch and walleye are fantastic. We live about an hour away and make it out at least once a month

Libby H

Great food

Graham's Dad

This place has awesome food priced right. Its fresh from the lake and the people are great.

Les Baldwin


Bill Griffin

Best food and service around. If there is a line, wait. It's worth it.

Mark Cousino

Outstanding perch dinner. But be prepared... all orders are "to go". However, they have a very nice outdoor area overlooking the lake.... very nice, weather permitting

Trish K

If ever in sandusky or just looking for a good spot, this is an absolute must.

Lyn Gagnon

I was not overly impressed with the fish sandwich it wasn't cooked all the way and my 1st bite I hit bones .If you like fish bones will turn anyone off.

Linda Mills

The service is the greatest. The people that work there are very friendly

Jayke Brown

Always good food. Today wasn't the best but I will always visit this place when I am in town!

In pmBeth Hass


Brian Lindsey

Amazing fish sandwich!


Awesome fish sndwhichs, combos and dinners. Best fish in town!

Kevin Strecker

Hopefully just a bad day. Our fish was half cooked & fries were soggy. Ended up throwing most of it away.

matt f

Local favorite.


Good place for fresh fried fish, but a bit expensive. $22 per pound for friend perch, c'mon. Bait shop on the other hand is fairly priced for minnows, always has been.

Johnny Macario

Very rude service.

Renee Ruffin

Judy and the rest of the staff were very helpful and friendly. Food cooked perfectly and quickly

Jerry Allgire

Awesome! Best fish anywhere.

John Lewis

No Doubt THE BEST !

Nicholas Pletcher

Best fish in the area. Never disappointed.

Jerry Lay

My first time to get perch sandwiches and definitely won't be my last. Convenient location. The Monday I was there, parking was at a premium.

Brad Webster

Awesome as always !!

Patricia Pepitone

Perch always delicious and fairly priced. Usually a line with a wait, but worth it.

Vincent Hampton

It was ok

Douglas Dean Jr

Great perch sandwiches

Mark Guynn

Perch sandwhich and fry ! don't need to say nothing else speaks for itself

Jamie Lemke

BEST perch sandwich in Ohio!!!! This sandwich needs nothing other than the bun it is served on and MAYBE tartar sauce to lightly dip in. ☺

Cariston Edmon

The food is amazing but the staff and the owner so she claims she is the owner Chris is very rude on so many different levels that really brings the company ratings down alot

Dianemarie Rhoden

Their dinners were Awesome! Best Walleye I've had in long time!! Only 5min. Wait time!!

Dan Roadhouse

What a delight.

Jason Opp

Very good perch sandwiches

Dale Holiday


Bernie Wilfong

They have the best fish in northern Ohio, I love that place!!


Fast friendly service fresh food always prepared to order

Barbara Stentz

Excellent perch sandwiches. Very efficient service.

Mickey Menkhoff

Love this place. Staff is fantastic and very knowledgeable.

Robin marquardt

We love it,we make it a habbit to stop when we're home.

Deb Kiszak

Great fish sandwiches an onion rings

Matt M

Great fish. A bit expensive but worth the $$. I prefer their perch over the walleye. Not a bad idea to call before heading's a seasonal place.

Tamika Thomas

Great little place by the water. You can grab food and sit at the benches next door. Friendly staff at the counter and in the kitchen, even gave my kids quarters for the candy machines and popsicles while we waited. Ate here twice during our stay

Shelique Lacovey

We come to Sandusky once a year to visit our families and each year I drive downtown to the waterfront for a perch sandwich perch ever

Susan Dewey

I had the yellow perch and my husband had the walleye. Nothing special. I've had comperable other places. Prices were good.

shawn morris

Great fish sandwiches.

Benjamin Haire

Friendly staff and a nice piece of fish. It's fresh and they get you through the door quickly. Whenever I'm working in town I am glad to stop by.

Donna Makay

Great place for fresh fish sandwiches or dinners!

Beth Wissinger

Great fish, reasonable prices. There's no place to eat inside but there's picnic tables outside with a beautiful view of the lake!

Kevin Gast

Great food, friendly service

Brien Warner

The Perch sandwich was pretty good. Overall, it was an average local fried fish joint.

John Smith

The sandwiches and the tarter sauce are out of this world ,my girlfriend and I visited and can't wait to eat here again

Callie Miller

Great owner!

Darrin Carver

Great place

Brittany J.

The best fish sandwich I have ever had.

Duane Cyr

Great place to get a fish sandwich at. Great cooks

P Morey

Was visiting the Sandusky area and read some of the other reviews so decided to give it a try. Got the walleye sandwich. Very good! I don't know how you could get a fresher fish sandwich. Place looked a little rundown (near-empty glass display case on right when you walk in) but the fish was well worth it.

Jerry Parker

Atmosphere. Great view of Sandusky Bay

Gail Emelko

I did the half & half perch & walleye. It did not disappoint! Ate a few bites at the picnic tables. Took most home, reheated really well, very crispy!


How do you give stars to a carry out fish house. But very nostalgic from 50 years ago with great perch

Douglas Wiedle

Had the perch combo. Excellent as always.

katlyn Mitchell

Been frequenting there 2-3 times a week since we moved to Sandusky. My family and I have always loved the food there. And every walk we take downtown you are always on our to do list. Until today, the last time we will ever visit your shop again. We ordered a chicken strips combo (w fries), fried green beans and mozzarella sticks. After they handed us the bag we went to our table as usual and noticed we were givin chicken strips and two fries instead. So my husband took a fry back in to get our mozz sticks and green Beans and the workers proceeded to argue with him saying thats what they gave us (the mozz sticks and g beans) and reluctantly and eventually they gave us our actual order. My husband came out and we started to eat our food THEN the woman running the register actually walked outside and inventoried our table! To make sure we didnt lie! Ive literally never felt so disrespected. She however walked away with no satisfaction of being able to do whatever she had planned on doing if she found that we lied. We then let our toddler finish his first mozzarella stick and then we packed up and left. Your staff is repulsive. And now as im reading other reviews for the first time I see now that the rude staff is not a new thing.

Marlene Gosser

Best Perch sandwich on Ohio's North Shore! (& The view of Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie is pretty nice, too!)

Jim steiger

Aside from the grumpy counter service this was an enjoyable experience. Very inexpensive, very quick and pretty darned good. No seating inside - a few picnic tables outside. There were some begging geese all around. This could be a plus or minus for you. They didn't bother us at all.

Joe Bartzi

Love the food here, we take it down to the park to enjoy the lake views.

Dave Clark

Best in the region!

Mercedes McAllister

Very cool little place. I got a perch sandwich combo. Very good food. Nowhere to sit inside but if the weather is nice there's outside seating right by the lake. Fair warning... the birds will beg and hop up on the table. But I didn't mind.


There is a reason New Sandusky Fish has been voted best fish sandwich for over a decade. Their yellow perch and walleye are sourced directly from local fishermen in Lake Erie. After fishing season begins, their fish are never frozen and are usually a few hours from lake to bun. Simply the best. Period.

Janet Jagos

Fresh and delicious victuals

Wayne Robinson

Came recommended by a local resident, but sorry, was not good. No flavor in food, french fríes dry.

Charles Seamon always !

Alan Bodi

Best fish sandwiches in Sandusky

carl Mounts

Good food, good service we go there every chance we get!!

Kim Steible

They close in November but GUARANTEE the locals are biting at the chomp come spring for some awesome fresh fish!!!

John Samko

Great perch sandwich, quick and friendly service.

Shelley Rutger

They suggested a pound of perch instead of 3 sandwiches. Turned out to be a great deal and included fries. LOVE this place and miss my perch when I am traveling.

Matt Williams

Best perch anywhere. Can't comment on the service because I haven't been there in a while but lived in town for 7 years and the perch is second to none. Even has Jolly Roger in PC beat because they don't fry them till you order and there's usually ppl cleaning them in the back. Can't get any fresher than that.

Jeff Ramey

Wasn't as good as before but maybe they were having a bad day.

David Smith

Best perch sandwich in Sandusky. A must stop whenever I'm in town.

Jim Johnson

Nothing fancy, just great fish. Perch or walleye. Lake Erie classics. YUM!

Raymond Klein

Amazing food and staff. Very clean inside also. Nice curb appeal and the picnic tables and benches are perfect to eat by the water.

John Wiedle

Best perch around!

Karen Leedom

Good perch sandwiches right by the lake

Elwood Kyle

Food and service excellent five star

Jonathon Limber

THE BEST LAKE ERIE PERCH AROUND! If you're traveling to the Sandusky area and you say, "Where can I get something 'local'?" This is the place! You can carry out your food and eat right on the coast, and you are steps away from the excitement of downtown Sandusky.

Samuel Smith

Best fresh fish I've ever had period.

Cody Murray

Gr8 hush

Thomas Kutz

Fish and onion rings are the best

tom h. mitchell


Jordan Miller

Best fish sandwich in town!!

Travis Lane

You eat outside by the water but they do not have public bathrooms

Sean McNutt

Best local fishery period.

Mike Christiansen

I go here for their perch every year and the food is always good.

harry greiner

Great fish large portions decent price. I wish they were open all year

Brenda Harper

They fish is ALWAYS fresh and FABULOUS! I get there once or twice a summer. Well worth the trip. The never endinf construction is ridiculous, but it doesn't deter us from eating the best fish around. The staff us also terrific!

Orlando Burgos

Great fish combo is the best!

Tim Adkins

Totally awesome perch and walleye sandwiches. Would recommend to anyone. Service is pretty fast. Just a awesome place. Always stop there when I'm around Sandusky

Mello Old Soul

Not a fancy place by any means, but the perch are outstanding. The best we have ever had. We go there first on our way to Vermilion Ohio.

Linda Goretzki

The woman took my order was not friendly and let me know she didn't NEED my business. Perch is very good. But I will go to Demores from now on for better customer service.

Wierder One Here

Perch what else is there to say?

Andrew Viana

I am a big supporter of this place but I would like to share my last 2 experiences which were very disappointing. Last year (2018)I purchased a meal there and the perch was like over fried with hard breading in many spots. Also there were alot of peices of perch that didn’t have the breading on it either, the pieces were bare and plain and other parts were hard crispy almost liked its was over-fried. So naturally I contacted the place and explained how disappointed I was with the meal and told them about the issue. She ofcourse told me she would tell the owner and that he would get back with me. Well, NEVER heard from them. I decided to let it slide and give it another shot and try their food once again. A few weeks ago (now2019) we decided to go and get some perch and once again the same problem over-fried chunks of batter/breading and bare perch in my styrofoam box. I did not call this time around so now I will leave them a review with 2 experiences in hopes that the owner reads it and addresses the quality issue. The quality isn’t there anymore, its a sloppy product being put out by staff workers who look like they are very unhappy with what they are doing, so it seems. I did notice this last time I was there that the fish is pre-breaded from hours earlier, it comes out from a Tupperware container from their fridge and directly into the fryer. So maybe thats why the perch is not holding its breading. I would like to mention that Port Clinton’s Jolly Rogers breads there fish fresh every time just before it gets fried and the finished product is a far superior one. Jolly Rogers perch has the whole perch completely sealed with the breading. (This is in NO WAY a plug for JR only a comparison) I think that the owner of New Sandusky Fish needs to address this quality issue and correct it fast. Because people will eventually catch on to this. Most people don't even realize probably cause they are so juiced up to get their perch from that place and don't even catch on. I think that every place has room for improvement and not take for granted the awards that were won in the past. They do serve fresh caught perch but its not freshly breaded like it should be. When you spend $24 on a meal I would think that at some point quality control should a factor. I love eating perch and don’t mind at all spending $20 to $25 on perch but I want a “good” product, and New Sandusky Fish is moving far from a good product. Owner, look into this!

Joyce Wagner

Best perch fish sandwich on the Lake Erie shoreline. If you are in Sandusky, this is a must go to place. It is carryout only but there is a picnic bench next to the building.

Floyd Keck

Great service

David Francis

Great perch sandwich! You won't go away hungry!

Kellie Black

The fish has a good taste but alot of bones in the walleye. Fries would be good if they were fresh and not double dipped. We would probably come again

Joe Hire

Best perch sandwich I've ever had!!! I highly recommend it!!!

Gary Lester

If you want a good pearch dinner this is the place to go eat

Good Fred

Fantastic perch sandwich

Walt Junovich

Food's good. Bald guy running it was kinda creepy though.

Jason Johnston

The perch is awesome

Carl Guyton

Best perch I have ever eaten. Hole in wall place but great perch.

Michele Skinn

Excellent perch sandwich, lightly breaded and fresh, if in Sandusky, make this a stop!

Marissa Kelbach

I drive an hour just to get their fish. They have picnic tables next door. Or there is a nice park just down the street.

Jason Ball

Excellent dining at a fair price.

Shannon Overholster

Best perch! And my husband said best chicken fingers he's ever had (and he's really picky). Staff came to check on us before they closed up which was really nice.

Greg Swan

Sandusky Fish Company has the best perch and the best walleye I have ever eaten anywhere. I will say with confidence that they produce the best fish sandwich of any kind that I've ever had. It is fresh, deep fried to perfection, lathered with tartar sauce and cheese, and in just the right honey touched bun. The fries are very mediocre. New Sandusky Fish Company could adopt skin-on hand cut fries and step it up another level I feel, and I would love to see beer battered in-house fried mushrooms. But we're really coming here for perch and walleye, nevermind this nonsense about fries and mushrooms. Clam strips are also perfect. I will visit New Sandusky Fish Company when they are open and I am in town for the rest of my life.

Akahdrin Fireal

Hell yes. Eat here. Go right now. Get the perch and be thankful you made the best choice you will likely make all week.

Jan Good

It has the best fish in the world

Clinton Garber

Delicious and very fresh fish couldn't have been better!

Stephen McQuait

2 fish sandwiches, 2 sodas... $21.00 No fries, chips or even a pickle! 21 bucks!

Billy Hood

The best perch and walleye sandwiches around!!!

Mary Edwards

Got some fresh perch to go to cook at home. It was AWESOME!!

Travis Burke

U don't get fresh fish like this at fast food places

John Ali

Fish good, best if ask the fresh catch of the day.

Anthony Lucente

Clean nice employees

Kolton Black

The fries were good. The chicken was good. The outside area is covered in goose poop and smells. They ran out of burgers. The one lady working had a bad attitude like she did not want to be there.

Paulette Cotleur

The fish is out of this world DELICIOUS!!!

Eric Marquardt

Awesome fresh perch & walleye.

Sandie K

Drive 45 minutes several times each summer... perch is the best!

Robert April

Best fish anywhere

Cash Lawley

The perch sandwich is always fantastic and tried the deep fried green beans today, those were good too

David Haines

Took an awful long time to get my order then I got fries instead of onion rings

Kenny Rodgers

Rude! Absolutely astonishing how rude the people are there. I have a service dog and entered the line and was told I couldn’t be there with a dog because the staff was allergic to dogs! Really?! You work at a fish company and your allergic to dogs? I highly doubt it. Then I see the same lady lighting up a cigarette right outside the store and spitting on the ground. Real classy!

Denise Kuhn

Fun and friendly folks! Oh... and great fish! Thanks for the cookies too!!

RClark Digital Art

The food is pricey, no flavor, and eating outside with

Marcus Moreno

Amazing perch and tartar sauce. Worthy detour from the turnpike

Jan Miller

This was our first time trying this restaurant. It was good.

Rob Doersam

Best perch in town.


My first try with the local lake erie perch and walleye. It's really good, they took good care of us. The geese outside are a p.i.t.a. though and that's not a type of bread.

Morgz mum dies

Fresh fish and more than enough selection.

Mark Tebbe

Great perch sandwich and fries.

James Tomko

Best fried perch I've ever had plus munching while watching the lake from Jackson Street pier. I am hooked and go 2 or 3 times a month!

Robert Frobisher

Great fresh fish fried and served, hometown favorite for perch.

Fabian Good

Best perch in town!

Marisa Barto

Best perch sandwich ever!

Gale Nickens

I had a yellow perch sandwich, there no tomatoes lettuce on the sandwich I was very disappointed.

Gerald Kilgore

Good stuff here get there early!!

Doug Zbikowski

Favorite fish in Sandusky.

Chase Hunter

They were serving fish. I don't like fish.

Diane Wantz

Best. Perch. Sandwich. Ever.

Fred Craig

Get the perch

Tamara Blake


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