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14718 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

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REVIEWS OF Melt Bar and Grilled IN Ohio

Taylor Mierau

Right when I walked in Haley was super courteous. She let us know about wait time for food and the table. It really showed how much Haley cared especially if we came in starving. Honestly, Melt is a place I would wait for any day and it meant so much more that Haley respected our time. Tara was our server and she was equally as awesome. Also, the environment is fabulous and packed with Cleveland memories. Our food was outstanding. Highly recommend Melt.

Erica Moses

Delicious heart attack in your hand! It was sooooooooo good. I created my own battered and fried sandwich...Can we say YUM! And they give you a mountain of fries. If you leave there hungry, you've done something wrong. Word of advice, if you get the fried Twinkie dessert to go... Make sure to ask for the sauce on the side!

Lauren Jones

Worst experience to date tonight at a Melt, let alone any restaurant I’ve ever been to. I would be rating lower had the option to give a zero star been available. My party arrived at the restaurant well before nine and was sat on their patio not long after arriving. We were forgotten about, I assume, because it took one of the group notifying the servers over an hour later to get our food which is was *cold* and *some parts we ordered missing*. After receiving our checks we tried rectifying the situation, at least to make sure items we we never received we’re not charged , and then making sure the bills were charged to the correct card. The closing manager made vague threats to a member of the group before giving us our bills back. We will be notifying the corporate office of our disappointment with tonight’s service, we did not ask to be sat on the patio, we did not mind waiting the extra couple of minutes to sit inside the restaurant. The fact that we were treated in such a manner after bringing these grievances up to the supposed manager was completely disrespectful and we will never come back to this location again. If you forgot about our table at least own up to your mistake, all I wanted was a warm meal no matter when it came.

Amanda Albert

Visited on a Sunday afternoon. Moderately busy, very fast friendly service! Ordered 4 different dishes. The half kindergarten add ham for my 11year old son, classic meltbuger for myself, broccoli, chicken alfredo for my daughter and the Monte Cristo for my husband. Everyone enjoyed their food very much, except my husband who felt the Monte Cristo had a strong deep fried aftertaste. By far the broccoli chicken alfredo mac and cheese was the best meal at our table!


4 Star Macaroni!

Mother G

Ooooo the vegan options! Indulgent!

Ron M

Melt is one of my favorite restaurants and I've been to all the ones in Ohio now. Always good food nice people and quick service. Will always go back if I'm in the area.

iicloudi i

Great service and food super good!!

Leo Ampie

Food was awesome!!! I recommend the max and cheese burger thing.

David Johnston

Portion sizes are wild. Food is great. Service was excellent.

Mitch Schmit

The choices were so varied, it took us close to 30 to decide. But it was well worth it, as the food was spectacular! We sat at the bar, the bartender was very nice, told us the favorites and such. Definitely will come back when in that area.

timmi-jo Pashuta

Oh my!!!!!! Such a fun place. Great staff, great selection, fun art. This was our must during our Cleveland visit and it did not disappoint.

Michelle Franca

It was my first visit after wanting to try it for years and finally moving to the area. Our server was fabulous, but it seemed like she was overwhelmed with tables. Our food took a pretty long time to come out. I suspect mine had been sitting a while waiting for my sister's and daughter's to be ready because when it arrived my Kindergarten was hard and cold. And my chicken chowder was ice cold. I enjoyed my salad, but was full before my replacement came. I guess I would be willing to give Melt another try. But not anytime soon.

Ervin Corley

If you have not experienced the Melt Bar and Grilled.....What are you waiting on! If you love grilled cheese sandwiches this is the place to be, oh did you say you’re vegan? There’s a full menu that cater to vegan and vegetarian. The 4 bean spicy chili was delicious and the vegan burger. The sandwiches are giant size, so you will be asking for a carry out container. Yummy homemade fries with chipotle ketchup the perfect spicy “kick” The menu is a album cover, The decor is something to see. Our server was Danny and was on top of his game with a great sense of humor. I look forward to going back again.

Daniel Hinman

I used to love this place but, it's not what it once was. The fun and rough edges are polished smooth into a bland version of its self. The quality of the good isn't there anymore. The last few times I've been have only disappointed me and yet I keep hoping there next time will be different. I loved this place but not anymore, fingers crossed they can get back to what they were.

Mark Cosgriff

We dine at Melt about once per year and have since they first opened. We have consistently enjoyed everything we've ordered. Their signature is huge, cheesy sandwiches on thick cut bread served with a pile of fries (though they have other menu items). Just about everything is around $15. Bar selection isn't deep but it's a decent selection. Staff is always nice. Plan on waiting a short while for a table. I have to say, though, it's disappointing to see the food slide from what it once was. The sandwiches, though still big, are smaller than they used to be. The bread isn't as good as what they used to serve. For years they served a vinegar slaw with a sandwich which is now has to be ordered separate. And, the fries used to be fresh cut and now they serve factory fries. The more they expand, the more corners they cut. It's just sad to see it become a shadow of itself. But, Melt is still good and I am sure we'll be back sometime.

Noreen Wolf

If you love cheese, this is the place for you!! Great customer service

Andrew dutt

I used to live in Lakewood and frequented this place quite often when it first opened. It was awesome, food was great, options were aplenty, cool scenes with the record menus and their beer selection was unreal. They had all sorts of stuff to select from, lots of belgians and everything else on the spectrum. I took my six and three year old there today and wanted them to experience the first melt that opened. I was saddened to see that they have sold out in their new effort to go corporate. It was awful, it reminded me of any other franchise only they use Texas toast. Their food has become a watered down load of blah, and their beer selection was awful. They literally took everything that once made them great and sold it down the river. I have no reason to go here anymore and hopefully they find their inspiration again and go back to being what made them great, not some run of the mill franchise that just wants to expand and get cheesier and cheesier (no pun intended, as their sandwiches used to be cheesy but they even cut that down).

William Rogers

The food was excellent. I ordered the Korean War Pig and fries. It was a great sandwich. I was stuffed by the time I left. Some people might want to get the half sandwich. The service was super friendly and attentive. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a great sandwich. They have quite a menu.

Michael Gilbert

Not a fan. Food quality was poor. Not sure what grade of beef they use, but definitely not worth $14.50. Fries were soggy and over seasoned. Bread on the burger was soggy and not toasted long enough. Will not return here.

Felisa Alvarez

Definitely visit again...staff was very pleasant

Devin Belfour

Loved their fries. I got the Chicken & Walffles for $15.00 as a whole sandwich which is not bad at all. Food took a while to come.

Johnny Macario

Really really good food.

Tehya Deckard

Staff is super nice food is amazing and the place is always clean

Mrs Derwacter

Great food except my bread was very hard! Otherwise great place, decor and all. Just wish my $15 meal had been a bit more enjoyable. My expectations were very high from reviews I previously heard. So maybe that was my problem.

Vallen Grace

Ordered online for pickup. Had pickup time of 130 which was 40minutes after I placed the enough time to make soup and a sandwhich. When I got there the soup I ordered wasn't ready. Had to wait 25 more minutes. Finally got everything and the sandwich was cold. Won't be ordering again. Upset I pre tipped on the app.

Victoria Shea

Was very unhappy with how my order was handled. I have heard and read great things about Melt and decided to try them today. Ordered mac and cheese bits, two sandwich's and soups through Uber Eats. Go through the hassle of setting up an Uber Eats account, place my order and right away it gets canceled. So I call the restaurant because Uber Eats is telling me they are closed now-girl who answers the phone tells me that because the kitchen is super busy right now, they turned off Uber Eats and to try back in an hour or so. She apologized, but was giddy through the entire call. Was disappointed that they didn't at least try to reach out to me first to explain or have some sort of disclaimer somewhere on their website that this could happen. They lost about a $50 order and I probably won't attempt to try them again.

Alex Jackson

This is what would be birthed if Hot Topic and the Cheesecake Factory reproduced. Quality ingredients but somehow the sandwiches are dry and not good? This place ruled when it was a craft beer bar, 10+ years ago. Now it’s a gimmick. Feels like a corporate restaurant pretending to be an edgy hip restaurant. Edgy staff that aren’t that friendly and oddly scripted? Food also takes forever, every time. And to top the cake, I’ve learned recently that while opening new restaurants management hires way too many people—tells them they’re hired and start training, just to fire them a week later. After telling these people that they’ve received a job and gone through 20-30 hours of training. For me, this is unethical. It’s cruel. If you’re looking for the ‘best of the best’ for your staff, it’s your responsibility to hire responsibly. Not test drive a huge group of people just to axe half of them. Your work for community is lovely, your food sucks, and it appears that you treat your employees subpar. It seems like this restaurant turned around and became everything it wanted to not be when it started. Oh, and the beer selection here isn’t good. Treat yourself to something nice and grab a beer across the street at Sauced.

Jay Borgmann

Excellent food. Fast and friendly service.

Jason Faragher

We used to order from here regularly and the big drawback was the wait, but the food was worth the wait on occasion. Since the expansion to multiple locations we've gotten food from melt twice and the food quality has taken a nosedive. Tonight we ordered a wet hot buffalo and Cleveland cheese steak. The buffalo chicken breading was burnt, and the bread hadn't even touched the grill. The cheese steak bread as burnt black and the provolone was like rubber. At this point I'm not sure how a competitor hasnt stolen their business away...the concept of adult grilled cheese is cant miss...but Melt is swinging and missing these days. Its fixable, but not trending well.

Jason Battiston

Incredible food, didn't disappoint!!! Amazing location, awesome staff. Had the deep fried pickles and the Cleveland Cheese Steak sandwich with fries! This was the location that was featured on Man vs Food. If you're in the area and want something awesome, hit up Melt!!

Bethany Benham

Fun atmosphere. Friendly staff. Amazing food options for all. The vegan choices are absolutely amazing!

Kim Santoro

I am GF. I love the fact that I have my own menu!!!!

Alyssa Blair

The melt Burger was really good. Not a big fan of cheese so if you like cheese this is your place. Fries were average.

Rahul Gupta

If you're a foodie you've probably grown up watching Guy Fieri in SOME capacity. I saw this place on the food network some time ago and it made my food list instantly. Was not disappointed. The food was artery-clogging good!

Jason Labes

Generally, just wow. Great food (esp fried pickles!), good beer, lovely staff. Would make a point to stop in anytime I drive through on I-90.

Adrienne Njagu

The food was good. It took forever to get it and it wasn't busy

Margaret Dolinga

Service wasn't great, but she really didn't mess anything up. Just lacking personality and seemed very "shy and submissive." Which is strange because my fiance and I are sweet and not very assertive when we go out. However, when it came to the food, it just was flat out not good. Anyone with a developed palette can recognize the lack of flavor the sandwiches have to offer. Relying too heavily on the fact that cheese is supposedly "so good", it becomes the main flavor of all the sandwiches, giving it the opposite of a complex taste. The bacon on my sandwich was underdone and had no smoked flavor. They could at least use salted butter to grill the sandwiches in, because they just seemed so bland. I honestly can make a more flavorful grilled cheese with two pieces of cheap american cheese, margarine, and wonder bread compared to what we got from Melt. Having being disappointed the first two times I came here, I thought giving it a third chance and ordering something different would do the trick. But yet again, Melt fell short. I would not recommend coming here if you're looking for a savory meal. However, if you enjoy eating plain cheese with no other flavors, this is probably your spot.

Donald Hart

A great variety of food and best experience ever. Must visit this place once. good ambiance and atmosphere. the burgers and chicken here are just amazing which cannot be replaced by any of the places.

Kurtis Kuhl

Stopped in this joint on a whim while in Lakewood. I've heard good things about it and the good things were right on. I personally ordered the mac & cheese sandwich with tomato soup and it was awesome with every bite. The prices were reasonable considering the quantity of food you get and the staff was very attentive and friendly. Definitely worth the month I might have taken off of my life.

Donna Mclean

Chicken on garlic bread was very tasty. Fries are real yummm.

Pimpin Co. Films

This place is down-right awesome. From the cool vibe as you walk into the famous cultured restaurant to the great service. Don't know what you want? No problem. The Melt offers countless varieties of freshly prepared sandwiches and Mac 'n cheese with just about any ingredients you can imagine. The prices are quite reasonable and the portions are plentiful.

Stephan N

Just another 5 star review for the place that deserves 6 stars. Though, could y'all start making the buffalo tofu wings the way the were years ago? The new ones are just not breaded enough...they feel like a consolation prize in contrast to their former selves.

Harley Marsh

Always love to visit melt while in CLE. We came here Sunday after getting engaged.

Emily Slusarz

The Melt was very nice! The food was absolutely delicious. The atmosphere was casual, the wait time was a little long but nothing too outrageous. The only thing was our waitress seemed a little distracted, but that could be just because it was busy. Overall, I’d highly recommend this place!

Julie Mearing

Service was lacking. We waited for the waitress longer than we waited on the food. We were there at 2:30 and business was slow. There was no excuse. The food was great as always!

Neftali Montanez

Got the Mighty Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Gouda. Sounds amazing on paper.....but.... it isn't a very good sandwich. It wasn't worth the calories/Price. The bacon was lost to the point the sandwich was...Bland... I have been here once before (had the Cleveland Steak and cheese..which was good) and honestly cannot find a reason for why this restaurant is so popular. The Fries are really good. The ambiance was cool The parking lot charges $1 an hour.

mohammed sayf

Food was terrible. Made my stomach feel terrible. No flavor . Great customer service

James White

All the food taste great and big portion sizes

Anna Kolar

Pro tip: there's a parking lot hidden in the back here! There's only a few available spots (and make sure to part in the ones labeled MELT or you will likely be towed) but they're a godsend when you realize you don't have coins for a meter. Melt is one of those places you always drag out of town visitors to. It has great food (a celebration of cheese, really) and a quirky atmosphere. The band posters, the custom drawn advertisements, the menus in vinyl covers - there's just nothing like it. And no matter which location you go to, the servers are always attentive, and the food is always phenomenal. (My personal favorite is the Monte Cristo, for the record.) This being the OG location, I expected no less and I wasn't disappointed!

Matthew Anderson

Food was good portions are far to large. Overall however I enjoyed it. The service could have been better we waited a long time to get our drinks. Will return if I am in the area.

Maddox James

Had to wait 10 minutes for one beer. Waited almost 20 minutes for one order of fried pickles. The server didn’t even I.D. He had no personality. Awful experience. I do NOT recommend this location.

Edward Hobbs

My first experience and Melt was AMAZING. The food was fast, filling, and D E licious. They had good music playing. Super friendly staff. Kayla was super knowledgeable and Awesome. I will definitely be back thank you for the wonderful experience....

Emily Winter

They've introduced Mac and cheese on their menu and it is AMAZING. Specifically, the buffalo chicken Mac. They've also updated their decor which is a nice touch.

Jeremy Orcutt

Went in on a Saturday evening around 8pm. The place was busy, but we were seated at the bar immediately. Ordered the fried pickle appetizer, Cleveland Cheese Steak, and the Big Fat Gyro. The portions were huge. The pickles were crispy and delicious. The dipping sauce was tasty. The melts were huge and overflowing with ingredients. The cheese oozed out of every edge. It was exactly what was advertised: gooey, cheesy goodness. The staff is super friendly. I will definitely seek this place out again when I return to the area.

Amber Kryger

The Food is so good! I had the Southwest Salad! Delicious and filling!

David Drescher

Wow! I cannot even put into words how amazing the food is. It is down right comfort food. My table shared some things so we could get a good feel for the menu. My wife is plant based and the plant based menu is a must for anyone I. The vegan world they are also alive to make recommendations based on dietary restrictions.

Lauren Nichols

About a 30 minute wait during a summer street festival so absolutely not bad at all. The food was yummy, the server was really nice and happy to help and everything was pretty great. This is a really solid Melt location, especially considering it's the first one and a very busy one. Sidenote: both bathrooms are unisex and have baby changing stations which I thought was really considerate and helpful.

Shauna Smith

AMAZING food and great staff!!

Martin Lutz

I did not care for the foos I ordered... It simply didnt taste like what I was expecting. I have heard about this place... The decor was nice, staff was great. Just the food.

Lolita Bridges

The food is great! The service is good. The atmosphere is comfortable and I feel relaxed each time I'm there.

Wee Cheeky Monkey

Service was outstanding and the food was awesome.

Kevin RedBear

Delicious food served with a smile which is always a plus in my book, priced nicely, environmentally safe

Kerry Sessler

Love the Rosemary Aoili it is amazing. They should sell it by the Quart!

Tom Blankenship

Food is always fresh and service is top notch.

Chris Weck

Hands Down my favorite restaurant. It's no question. Do yourself a favor and get in here.

Tory Thompson

My family and I have drove too the Lakewood original location for years to enjoy the food. But this visit was the last for a long time. You can tell the corporate vibe has gone to their heads. The cozy fun feel of the location is missing now as they have changed the design, removed the old School games, and have not stuck to their roots. We loved the character of the original location old record case menus, grudge feel, large portions, fun bar, long waits with the fun name tags-all are missing now. Change is typically good but this change will not draw our family back to drive over an hour to eat. If you enjoy a corporate sandwich place you will love this place.

Jeffrey Birman

Portion sizes are smaller and more expensive than I remember from the last time I was there a few years ago.

Jennifer Hernandez

Amazing vegan options! Staff is really nice and quality of the food is great.

Lucas Buchanan

Not the same as it used to be, the menu size has increased, while quality of the food has declined. Fries and other sides were cold, service still a bit lacking, tried to seat a party of two at a dirty 6 top when there were plenty of 2 tops available. Had to ask to be moved after being sat. Also, server had a bad case of hot breath. Could have done without that.

Stacie F

Been here twice. First time was back a few years and it was great! Food was yummy, server was good, place was packed, excellent visit. Second time was completely opposite. Food was terrible and we were not all served our meals at the same time, no one was eating but us. Not what we expected.

Ross Stein

The service was good. My sandwich was hard. The fries were delicious.


I'm glad the menu has changed from a few years ago. I wasn't a huge fan of the slaw that came with the sandwiches and it was difficult to navigate and find vegan/vegetarian options. There now is a vegan/vegetarian menu you can ask for and this really helps narrow down your options and fries are a standard with the sandwiches now. I'm also a big fan of $2 Tuesdays for the kids. Worth the money!

Britten McDowell

Food was excellent. Great atmosphere an fantastic staff. I had the dude grilled cheese which was fried mozzarella and a meatball. My wife had the Korean War Pig which was korean bbq ribs, kimchi, and a pear slaw. Both are highly recommended!!

Mw Deerin

Meh. Underwhelmed this visit. Maybe it needs to be crowded to bring out the best? Didn't seem a fresh (esp fries)


Good food and good atmosphere

Sarah Juniewicz

So much cheese! The staff is always super friendly and the food is delicious if a bit too big for my mouth. Also, definitely get the fries. The jalapeno popper sandwich is delicious if a bit spicy for me and the chicken and waffles are amazing, though I wish they would use the waffles as the sandwich bread instead of adding white bread to the mix.

Jeff Faber

I really like the addition of the Mac & Cheese to the menu. The Grilled cheese, while delicious destroys my weakling stomach but the mac and cheese is much more manageable.

Tony Ritson

Went for the first time in years a few days back and I was not let down at all. You definitely get what you pay for and you wont go home hungry

Nathaniel Dawson

Pretty average service, pretty average sandwiches. Fries are good, and so is the awesome sauce.

Terri Roberts

Took a trip to Cleveland to watch a game. Stopped at Melt Bar and Grilled. Have a great vegan menu and plenty for you carnivores too.

Nilmeyda Fulgencio

Was visiting from New York and had an amazing time... their Margarita was perfect... and my kids loved their Mac n cheese... I enjoyed their chicken sandwich and had to lick my fingers... delicious! And their staff, extremely friendly... when in town again, will definitely come back...

Benjamin Toth

Good service, and the Lakewood one is the classic experience. I haven't been to a Melt I didnt like and the Lakewood one is exceptional for sure.

jeff weunski

Was a bit over rated. Food and service were good. Had to wait about 40 mi. For a seat on a Tuesday.

Angela Rice

The bacon cheese fries were amazing and my order arrived faster than I can explain. I was told I could take my drink outside the backdoor to have a smoke. When I went out it was only a concrete divider wall and the entrance way. To the right was a gate entrance with table and chair (a patio) so I went in there to sit smoke and drink with my husband. The bartender came looking for me because he thought I left with their glassware. I was informed that's not where he was directing me I was supposed to sit in the entryway Im assuming. That was a little embarrassing and made no sense but it was nice I guess.

Ted Isaacs

Amazing grilled cheese sandwiches! Definitely a place to check out and try.

Jefferson Ford

Best grilled cheese I've ever had. Try the one with chorizo and potato, you won't regret it. Also really appreciated the ambiance with the music theme.

Scott Eble

Delicious vinegar based coleslaw, weird but tasty sandwiches, big tapline and huge bottle list. Bring your appetite!

John Shaffer

The food was really good, but a little pricey.

Santiago Rey

It was a pleasant experience I just enjoyed my food I highly recomend

April Jo Blackburn

Whenever I let my son pick where we go for lunch we and up at Melt. My go to is the Kindergarten grilled cheese and tomato soup!

Tim G

Delicious and unique grilled sandwiches. Huge portions. Plenty of good beer options. Limited seating with parking out back. We visit almost every time we are in Cleveland, and it never disappoints.

Sherri Vanek

If you don't mind a greasy meal every once in awhile, it's worth it. Yummy food!

Moe Money

Awesome food and service

Sherryl Robinson

My grandson has a grilled cheese tattoo because of y’all best discount ever

Schalana Mayo

First time eating here. The staff were super friendly and knowledgeable. The food was amazing!! A half order sammich and fries was more than enough to fill me up. So much flavor!! This is a new favorite and is saved in my Google map! If you get the chance you have to try it!!

Victoria Witty

Wow wow wow, if you are looking for a gigantic fried sandwich, this is absolutely the place for you! So much food, not bad prices and interesting atmosphere. I’ve also heard if you get a melt tattoo you at free sandos fa life!

Bryan Toney

1st time there. Great place. Good food. Staff very friendly and helpful. Will return.

Shelly Frisch

Good food, large portions, excellent atmosphere, reasonable price.

zane havlin

There grilled cheese is always the best and 5 here new menu has some great selections! Also the French onion soup was probably the best I have ever had!

Lukas Bandza

Unfortunately it seems ego got the best of this place. Hitting it big on food Network led to them neglecting quality control. Pretty much every time I order takeout it takes an hour for them.. I arrive early and sit for my food to be ready.. I get the food and it comes cold and soggy.. not sure how thats possible but it happens every time. The most recent time my mom complained and they remade it. Was still soggy and barely hot. They really need to focus on their quality and get it together. Unfortunately most people couldn't tell quality if it smacked them upside the head and are willing to Shell out hundreds for this mediocre service. So it's doubtful much will change.

John Ridge

Got the BBQ chicken sandwich and it wasn’t bad but 2 of the 3 sandwiches at our table were lukewarm and the “sweet” coleslaw wasn’t that sweet. Service was good though. Could have used more BBQ too but that’s strictly a personal preference.

Robert Richenburg

Great Food, wonderful service. Love the Cleveland theme. I can remember going to concerts at many of the venues mentioned in the posters. Great time. Looking forward to going back.

Masked Hellspawn

Lets just say any time someone wants to go to the melt and they invite me along, im gladly taking that offer. The food is delicious and very very filling. Service is also super amusing and friendly. I overall enjoy the experience, food and atmosphere here. Easily a 5 out of 5 for me

Amber J

The quality of the food has been dropping for the last three years. The sandwich and portion sizes have been shrinking, but this last time I was there, the quality was also significantly worse. I really liked their tofu wings, and one of my favorite quick dinners was getting an order of the BBQ ones to go. What I got this time was rubbery in texture and just not good. I won't be going back.

Bill Neuman

The best Cuban sandwich I've ever had!!

Brenda Mccoy

Good food, good service, reasonable prices

Adrienne Busch

For a restaurant called “Melt” my grilled cheese was not melted. Also the chicken on my Buffalo mac & cheese was rubbery and woody. Would not recommend.

Kaitlyn Butterfield

Not as good as I expected. It was so greasy that I felt sick the rest of the day and I didn't even eat all my food. Plus their fries are no good. They have tons of options which is cool I guess.

Jason Hill

Delicious food in a fun atmosphere.


A very unique experience. I had the cowabunga. I never thought pizza rolls on a grilled cheese sandwich would taste so good!

Celina Sanabria

My waitress was amazing. I ordered the brisket nachos and they were scrumptious!

Ryan Cleary

The Melt remains one of my favorite Cleveland establishments-- I've been going since they first opened! The Monte Crisco is a must-try and I'm glad to see that they've brought back many of their core sandwiches and the staff seems more engaged than in the past. Hope the momentum keeps going in this direction!

Steve Johnson

Just get what sounds good to you, cause it will be!


Melt Bar and GRILLED?? Don't you mean Melt Bar and Convection Oven Toasted? My voodoo chicken sandwich never saw the grill. Maybe lightly toasted bread now turned soggy and wet for $15?? When this sandwich first came out, it had shredded chicken. Now it's big blocks that easily fall out all over the place and it HAD NO VOODOO DUST. Geez. Try actually grilling your sandwich.

Danny Medley

One sandwich big enough for 2

Trese Huber

First time I was ever at this place good atmosphere good food good service

Paul K

Great service and great food! We had the gyro grilled cheese and the macaroni grilled cheese. Both were delicious but I'd recommend only get the half mac and cheese because it's very filling! The deep fried pickles were the best I've ever had by far!

A The

I ordered take out. I picked it up, Stood up front no one greeted me. I walked up to the bar they asked if I had an order. Got a dirty look from a black dude in the kitchen. Walked out with no no greeting. Not sure why I tipped. Customer service was garbage and workers were not friendly at all, they were sitting at the bar on their phones. Got home my Mac and cheese was old and clumpy. My sandwich box was covered in sauce whoever boxed it up was sloppy about it. Wasted my time and money also did not get a good meal. Just some advice, I work in the service industry, customers are how you get paid at your job. If you aren’t gonna do it well then don’t work with people or their food.


The food is amazing. The portions are huge and they always have something new and creative on the menu! The atmosphere is great. The new renovations made things a lot more accessible and eliminated awkward seating situations. Drinks prices are very high compared to other restaurants in the area. It is rather discouraging. The service is pretty hit or miss, but in our case usually miss. We've been seated with other customers (to be fair, this was prior to the renovations when they had the awkward corner booth). We've been given the wrong order for carry out (we drove back and they swapped our food out. That was it. Cold sandwiches and mushy fries). Finally, most recently, we were made to wait 25 minutes for a table even though there were 10 available and it was a very slow weekday. Overall, while they have great food and a wonderful atmosphere, they would benefit from a service revamp and alcohol price adjustments to more closely match competitors in the area.

Willie Siu

Great melt sandwiches, the bar is great too, good place for meet for drinks and a bite.

joe potts

The sandwiches are huge!! I love this place and the drinks and beer menu are very good to. MUST TRY

Nicholas Sarn

I’ve come here a lot and the food is usually pretty good. I’d say the best bet are the sandwiches. Mac and cheese wasn’t that great, chicken was very dry and chewy, hallmark that it had been frozen. Tried several of them, and they were fairly flavorless and bland. Get the sandwich, avoid the Mac and cheese!

John Rattoballi

Great sandwiches at reasonable prices with very friendly and efficient staff. Go there hungry, the sandwiches are big.

Josh Jackson

It’s good food but seriously I ordered online and they didn’t have a item and without asking me the additional charged me for something the melt recommended... how bout we ask our customers before we charge them for stuff you don’t have

Prasad Kamte

I usually go to this place, their food is really good. But the service is awful. They take forever to get your order. And this is the third time they have done it. Go to this place only if you have a plenty of time and if you don't mind waiting for an hour to get your order. I waited for my Mushroom Melt Sandwich order for 35 minutes and still nothing came out. After asking about an update of my order, the girl said, "it usually takes 20 minutes to make a sandwich, I'm sorry you had to wait". I mean, seriously guys, there were barely some people in that restaurant by the time I went in. Never going to this place again.

Kelsi Podgorski

Able to accommodate a large party (19 people). If it had been 20 people, they wouldn't have been able to do separate checks for us. Jelly Donut drink was delicious! Ordered one of their summer special sandwiches and was disappointed. It was more of a chicken sandwich with cheese than a grilled cheese with chicken and didn't have a lot of flavor. Mac and cheese was a little dry.

Bruce Phipps

Was there this past june for my Birthday very good atmosphere good people and great food well worth an out of town experience.

Clarence Shawver

The food was cold. Sent it back and got more cold food. Very disappointed in the quality and preparation. The service was very good.

Bob Loblaw

Delicious food and great staff here. I will come back next time I'm in the area.

Rex 1

Melt is a great restaurant to go with groups because it has something for everyone. My husband likes all of the meats so every time we go he gets something different that has meat. I am a vegetarian so I usually get a basic grilled cheese or now they have Mac and cheese. The service is also great.

Jessica Rose

Took my brother here after our uncles funeral and he really liked it. Very groovy atmosphere. Enjoyed our time. Definitely recommend going here if your near. I also highly recommend the macaroni and cheese bites.

Grant Gegorski

In my opinion, if you want "real Melt" you have to go to the original location in Lakewood. I've been to some of the other locations & the food just is not the same. But I have never had a bad meal at the Lakewood locations. My favorite is the Cleveland Cheesesteak or the Prime Rib which is only available for a short period during the winter.


Monte cristo was absolutely amazing. Awesome staff!

mike Harper

Definitely plenty of portioning for the food and not a badd price .I went when it was busy so the service wasn't the greatest but I still enjoyed it

J. L. Jacobs

I waited 5 years for this particular dining experience. Sadly, it wasn't worth all the hype. I ordered half of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. The best part of the sandwich was the quality of the ham. It was very good. The ham, that is.... But the rest of my sandwich was dry and so was the side of macaroni and cheese that came with it. Very dry actually... Like it wasn't made fresh but had been part of an earlier batch. I only ate a few bites and left hungry. Bummer.

Helana Headley

Not the first time I've been to melt. But their sandwiches are so good! The dessert I had was a first but amazing! You must try the electric blueberry lemonade bread pudding! Make sure you add on the bread pudding part because they have a drink with the same name.

Debbie Jay

Good salad. Bacon vinaigrette was excellent!

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