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1806 Washington Blvd, Belpre, OH 45714 Located in: Belpre Plaza Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Belpre Aquarium & Pet Shop IN Ohio

Krazy KidsTV

Great selection of fish and have had good luck with them staying alive for longer than any other place I have bought fish from.

Nicole Byrd

Great customer service and they really care about everyone that is to come into this store. Definitely my GREATEST local fish store

B Bogg

New to the saltwater hobby and these guys really helped me out in my fish selection and gave great advice. Animals are well taken care of and a huge variety of fresh and saltwater fish. I definitely recommend!

Crystal Roberts

Service is amazing

Gavin Westfall

Brandon Duncan

Amazing place with knowledgeable employees

Judy Waller

They are nice and the animals are healthy

evan keel

Have shopped here for years and years always great service and excellent staff

Samantha Szymanski

Love this store

John Kirkbride

Ryan Robinson


Absolutely love this place

Grant Anthony

harry whytsell

Lonnie Chaney

Great very helpful and friendly staff new place for us to get saltwater fish

Tim McDole


Minus 2 stars for the strong stink that just about knocks you down. The fish look great; I didn't see a bunch of dead or weak ones. I can't imagine the smell coming from the aquariums, so my guess is the reptiles, rodents, and birds. I would probably buy fish here, but try to hold my breath.

William Brewer

Kylieonia Trimmer

You guys over breed the precious fur babies !!. #justiceforpip

Shae Goddard

Street Freak

Went in there the other day and they seem really cool. Have a lot of cool fish and other animals, however they lost my business when I saw that they sell hermit crabs with painted shells. Painted shells are VERY toxic to hermit crabs and will kill them.

Doug Moten

Great people and good prices

David D. Kilmer

andrea Arnott

Amber Arnott

Always very nice and helpful.

Malachi Law

Shopped here with my family since I was a little boy. Owners are extremely friendly and helpful year round. Never have had a bad experience.


I’m interested on the vacant job positions Sir/Ma’am. I can’t call you today, can I just get the email address you have? Thank You!

Andrea Mahaney

The staff is very helpful. I am starting in to saltwater so I will be visiting frequently.

T Hupp

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Very friendly and great with kids!

John Newman

Amazing place, healthy animals and a smiling face

Passiflora Girl

Great, knowledgeable family owned company!

Megan Stull

Alex Mewsaurus

If you care for animals in the slightest, try not to support this store. They don't care about the pets. Only the profits. Scum.

Michelle Young

Bob Williams

Connie Lawrence

Family atmosphere, very nice

Hailey Ball

Love this place! Staff and Owner are Always nice and super informative and helpful. We live in the Plains and drive over 45 mins to go here for our pet needs!!

John Greenwalt

Bought a baby bearded dragon from them friendly people and healthy little dragon.

Corey Robinson

Awesome place, owners and staff are amazing

dean tuell

Kellie Ricks

Love this place

vicki hayes

Knowledgeable people employed there.

Arturo Caldas


Very nice gentlemen was working today.Was eager to help and answer questions. Prices was cheaper then the other pet stores in the area.They have the cool stuff like shrimp,snails & frogs.Enjoyed my visit!Thanks

Kuri Tucker

Christopher Matheny

Angie Patterson

I would just like to say I love going to Belpre aquarium they are so nice one person named Dillon he is very nice and answers your question ready to help you and is just amazing will buy my fish products from know one but them thank you for excellent service angie patterson

Joe Mahaffey

Great place it's the only place we buy fish an accessories from.

travis mullins

Excellent people! Very good at what they do!

Vince Lowers

Andy Karas

Justin B.

Great place for fresh or saltwater fish. Also a wide variety of corals.

Ty Watkins

Christine kerns

That girl is rude

Kelly Jester

Alex Waterland

We moved here recently and found this place and it's now our go to fish store. They are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and have great prices, lower than I've seen at other stores and online.

Roy Littleton

Brandon Jewett

Really nice staff and a good selection

Handy captain

Chris Morris

I have been going here for over 35 years. They take great care with their fish and animals and very kind and helpful. I don't go anywhere else. Chris Morris Saint Marys, WV

Cat Birt

Its a good store for fish and bird's not reptiles they most likely have MBD due to lack of uv and huge dragons in small 20gal tanks isn't right I do like the staff and owner they are very nice

Kathy Gary

d marks

Julie Myers

Always have what we need.

Janet Neville

Awesome shop and owner. Very helpful

Jamie Barnhart

candida salser

The owner was an absolute joy to talk to and the variety of animals was awesome. You have to check out the living coral in his tanks could have watched them for hours.

Donald McKinney

They know what they are doing and care about their pets and shopers

Zaq G

This is definitely the best Aquarium shop/ Pet shop in the area. The staff have knowledge and passion for what they do which makes all the difference.

Brian Wilson

kim balderson

Very friendly and professional...a lot of items to choose from...has been in business for a long time...highly recommend!!!

Katrina Nicole

Gig Johnston

Great place very helpful and knowledgeable staff

Jack Wilder

Great place

madison nichols

Best local fish store in the area! Very knowledgeable and helpful! Great selection of fish and coral!

Ethan Gerber

I used to love this store and now it is a disappointment. I just moved back to the area and visited it for the first time in a few years. It was dirty, smelled, unorganized, and to top it off the care for the animals was shocking! None of the reptiles had adequate housing. None of the reptiles had proper lighting with some not having any at all. When I talked to the employee there was very little response. I reported all the issues to HSOV. They have lost all my respect for a credible pet store.

Mike Bray

Staff is friendly, very helpful, and knowledgeable. Best place for saltwater aquariums.

Jeremiah Clay

fields][ridges outdoors

Tyler Hicks

Great service an great deals!

Heath Toffee Bits

Tina Jenkins

Bryan and the gang are great

Hannah Wolfe

frank jones

Wanza Giorgio

Bridgette Woodward

Dark and stinky inside. The girl that works here told me it was fine to house two Syrian hamsters together, which is terribly wrong. The only wheels available are mesh/wired wheels, which are dangerous for any small animal. Steer clear of this place.

Vale Morroway

Generally a really great place that is local and is a son and pop business. Plenty of wonderful fish and coals to choose from if you plan on having fish. There are also birds, hermit crabs, lizards and several other little critters here. Also a go to place for any reptile owner in the area as they have a good selection of feeder insects and pinkies. If you like to support local businesses and like fish and other small pets then this is the place for you. The only con is that there are generally at max 3 people working there and right after work it can get really busy and they can quickly get over whelmed. So if this is the case just try to be patient

Pat De

Beautiful Fish. Owner has a passion for Fish

Alan Millhone

A long time Belpre business. Highly recommended

Joshua W Fortney

Joseph Lowers

Love doing business with Brian and Ken. Very knowledgeable and they can order in beautiful, healthy specimens upon request. We've been doing business with Belpre Aquarium for the past 10 years during our saltwater hobby. I highly recommend them.

exposingGodforwhoheis revelation

The older gentlemen had always been very accommodating!!!! He truss very very hard to make sure that his fish are well cared for and in good health and that every experience is a great one and you leave a happy customer!!! Was even willing to drive to my house to try to help me figure out what was wing with my fish n how to fix it..... And when they got sick and died.... Even though it wasn't known exactly what was wrong or why they died.... He covered the cost of the medicine as well as basically ALL of my fish!!!! I don't go anywhere else for any of my fish needs!!!!!

Cleveland Henthorn

Good people vary nice. And a vary clean store and there fish tanks are cristol clear just love going there

Walter Robinson

Heather Nesselroad

Everyone is very knowledgeable and kind always willing to help and answer questions!! Great fish selection!!

Phil Hargus

I like this place - I often go to Belpre Aquarium for advice, or just to see what's new.

Our Blended Tribe Life

Dustin Adkins

Good selection, excellent staff. Visit a few times and you will become a recognized regular.... the kind of place where the staff get to know you and your setup, then make a recommendation from a place of understanding. Support the area's only real LFS, you wont regret it.

Caleb Alawat

This store abuses there animals and has very little knowledge of animals. They keep the Guinea Pigs in plastic storage bins with pine bedding and no hay. The male rats they have are very overweight. They had a dead mouse in the tank and it looked like it was in a fight and had been in there for a long time. The gerbils barely have any bedding to dig and they keep adult animals with babies. This store has to many animals together. All they sell is crappy low quality animal products such as food with poor nutritional values and wire and mesh wheels. They don’t know anything about exotic animals. Do not support this store until they stop selling animals. Chain pet stores like pet supplies plus take better care of there animals than here.

Brittany S

Love this place. Employees are always ready to help. Tons of fish & supplies. Also have birds, reptiles, & some small mamals. If they don't have something you're looking for they are willing to order it. Been going here since I was a kid, hope to continue going here for many years.

chris philpott

Good as always

Marjorie Rogers

Love it best place to go get supplies fish, turtles, and other pets and things. I have been going there for 30+ years.

Robert Barker

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Freshwater, saltwater, reptiles, birds, and small pets such as hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs. Excellent selection of pet supplies.

Daniel Rowley

Tim Chadwell

Staff is very helpful


The best

Doug Tackett

Great selection of fish, nice store and nice people! Will go back there from now on!

Kaylee Woods

Wanda Turner

rick pettit

Amanda Chichester

Heather Ridenour

Trisha Bland

Penny Channell

Great helpful place

Sarah Pifer

Best betta selection and prices in the mid Ohio valley!

Michael Moses

Deborah Cassimore

I get the best meal worms and crickets for my gecko!!!

Christine diamond

Love this place always there to help and gave what I need most of the time

Xavier Horn

Friend of mine says they know where the reptiles, amphibians, and other animals come from (Reptiles by Mack, one of the most infamous large-scale reptile breeders), and continues to order from them, resulting in more mistreatment. Best to steer clear and go to a Reptile expo or find a breeder that lives nearby

Mark Frame

I went there for sushi. They would not sell it.

Caz Halsey

Excellent service frome everyone there, the quality of their plants and animals as well as the prices are just unbeatable! If I could I'd give a 6 star rating for just how great this place and how good of a job they're doing.

bobbi scott

Jason Washington

This is the best aquatic pet store in the area. Always very helpful,take the time to explain any and all my questions, No matter how simple or complex!

Mirandy Buffington

Great place to spend money and get insulted while doing so. They offer a wide array of fish but not much knowledge. I’ve dealt with these ppl for many yrs and know some of them outside of the business. The owner is a nice guy , however, he’s not there much . I have a fish I bought from here that stopped eating and I got my water checked elsewhere ( it was perfect) but my baby still isn’t eating so I’m calling a place in Cincinnati and having a guy come to my house . Big money but worth it ... I called Belpre aquarium before contacting Ohio, to see if they would be interested in coming to check my tank . Guy didn’t let me get that far . So educate yourself and be prepared for blunders. Seek education elsewhere , it will save you the embarrassment and frustration

Era corder

I have a lot of fish and saltwater fish if you're into those I have a huge tortoise that usually runs around on the floor if he's in the back you can go back and see him.. staff is very friendly and helpful

Ashlie Kovaleski

Great people that know what they're doing. Healthy clean animals. Highly recommend

Kevin Whitby

Very knowledgeable of tropical fish. It's a local business. Ken,Brian and staff are always helpful. I've been a customer for over 40 years.

Jason Parmer

Knowledgeable staff. Some great deals on fish. Some very nice folks. Best in the area.

Bill Steelsmith

These guys are probably the best aquarium shop I've ever been to in my entire life

amy moffitt

Tammi Fouss

Sam Cheng

I like to take my daughter to see the little animals and gold fishes.

Kelsie Davis

emtcoffeejunkie brougher

Great little local pet store with knowledgeable staff. I'll definitely be back again!

Aaron Westfall

I really enjoy this shop. I mainly deal with Brian or Dillion. I’m a new reefer and they make appropriate suggestions for my tank. Always willing to get something I want that may not be readily available. It’s a family business the actually cares about the customers who come in the door. If you like the aquatic hobbies — this is the place for the MOV. Especially for saltwater.

Jared G.

Long time customer, great place with a great selection. They even helped me out in a time of need when I couldn't house a pet after moving, they found a home for him. That was incredible.

Sandra Johnson

Great friendly place to shop

Vicky n emmett Mobberly

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